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REVIEWS OF Regal Aviation Mall IN Vermont

Lock3D Down

I love this theater. Electric reclining seats, great screen and sound. Only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is the price. I understand it's a theater and the concession sales are where they make there money but they are extremely excessive even for a theater. For 2 people to see a movie, buy one popcorn and one drink to share your spending about $50 . And the popcorn also tasted bad and caused us both to get a stomach ache.

J Lescault

Awesome recliner chairs and plenty of room.

Terence L

Love the seats and the small theater sizes make it feel more like relaxing at home.

Richard Henry

Clean mall and theater.

Matt Phillips

Love the seats since the renovation. Really comfy. If you're a cinephile (movie connoisseur) then you won't be terribly impressed. But for regular folks, it's great. Good selection of food at prices no more jacked up than the next place.

Meghan Lucia

The seats here are the best. They recline, so it's always super comfy.

Renee Capozucca

Staff was friendly. Theater was clean and inviting. Times and prices are clearly posted.

Angelica Paluch

The longe seats were very comfy. They need a table or something for popcorn bucket as there is no place to put it.

Kathy Miller

The seats are soooooooo comfortable. Bathrooms are always clean.

D Scott

This was one of the worst movie going experiences I've had. Watching a film on my cell phone has been more pleasurable. I'll post a photo of the small amount of screen you could see from my seat when looking straight ahead. I think I need a chiropractor now. The AC turning on and blowing was loud and very distracting, and there was significant sound bleed from the neighboring screen. Do not recommend.

edward Hunt

Clean and confortiable

Paul Hales

No 5 dollar Tuesdays? Oh well

Sabina Noel

Quiet. Nice meeting place.

suzanne zaher

Comfy seats, small theaters.

marie crandall

Movie is very long and I'm very cold

Bobbie Andrews-Brooking

Comfortable seats, it makes sitting through a three hour movie more enjoyable.

zombi 71

Great day at the movies with my kids . We bought our tickets on line reserved our seats . Got a coupon for free popcorn. And save a bunch of money by sneaking in candy . We also brought in folding camping cups and only had to buy 1 large soda and got the refill as well . Clean and nice Cinema. The fun is seeing how much you can bring in with you. Makes the movie so much better and thrilling.

Brian Artis

Nice theater and in the mall.

Scott Gilbert

The reclining seats are the best! Popcorn was great too.

Spammi Bou

Dopest theather ever lazy boy seats arms that go up for primo snugs and out of the way. Needs more signage

Janel R

I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because I absolutely HATE the bathrooms. There is no room to move inside the stalls so trying to just close the door and hang up a bag or coat is a pain. The faucet to one of the sinks wasn't even secured to the counter. But the theaters are very comfortable and clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Dave Mitchell

Nice screens, good sound, great luxury seats.

Ed Brooking

Love the new seats. Wish there were more 3d options.

susan brown

Love the recliners... super friendly staff

Alex Gauvin

I'm big and I was sitting very comfortably !!

Richard Cole

I hadn't gone out to the movies in almost 10 years because most of the theaters I had been to in the past were very uncomfortable and dirty, had Dr appt sound systems and the movies were often projected out of focus. This theater was nothing like the old theaters I remember. It was clean. All of the chairs were new electric full reclining seats with lots of space between the rows. The sound system was amazing and the picture was crystal clear and perfectly sharp. It was a delightful experience and it was reasonably priced at just $13.50 per ticket. I will definitely be going back!

Barbara L

The new seating is wonderful, but they really need to improve their restrooms.


Very nice theater with reclining seats. Wish all regals would make this upgrade.

Hunter Brunelle

Perfect seating and selection (Some Staff Could Improve With Service) But Overall Good!


Love the reclining seats! The cinema is the best part of Aviation mall!

Alex Diffee

Best theater ever. Concession workers are always nice and attentive. The best part is honestly the cushy reclining chairs. Its clean, the screen is perfect, the sound system is perfect, reccomended to anyone and everyone.

Elizabeth Williams

Not a whole lot left but still a nice place

Lucas Elwell

Have fun every time I go.nice reclining chairs

Jennifer Little

Love this place! From the reclining seats, to the walking space between chairs, to the food options available, to the opportunity to purchase your exact seats before getting there (so you don't have leave hours early to stand in a line)... it all leads to an incredible experience!

jim cole

Really like the improvements, Prices were standard for the area. Popcorn could be better, but still good.


Absolutely the best in movie comfort individual electric reclining seats never have to move for someone to squeeze past you

Slon a

Empty but great memories

Johanna Fish

Saw Alladin. Comfortable seating, courteous service at snack bar. Snack prices a bit high for my liking.

Jodi Morris

Seen Halloween! Movie was great.. ! And apparently we haven't been to the movies in a long time.... cause we had no idea they have big comfy recliners!! Wooohooo! We will be back there soon!

Louise McGuirk

Love the seating arrangements: big, comfy, and reclining! Great picture and sound. Everyone was very friendly and polite. I enjoyed a wonderful evening although the previews seemed to last forever!

Bryan Lalone

Theater was clean and comfortable. The staff did a great job

halez _monster

It was great, the seats were really comfortable but the audio was REALLY loud even for most movie theaters.

Carolyn O'Brien

Small theaters and reclining comfy seats are the best! Great way to watch a movie on a big screen.

Stanley Miller

Needs to be more than one register open when there's a line. Otherwise, enjoyed a good movie with the grandkids.

Suzanne Zafran

Great seating!

Alondra Garcia

The BEST regal movie theater EVER!!!!

William Morgan

Have not been to the movie in a while. Loved the reclining chairs. Much better and roomier than old ones.


They Still play endgame. Good Customer Service

Brent Murphy

We had a great time here. Recliners were very nice. Great Lake George rainy day alternative.

Owen Steves

Great seats!

Matthew Plumley

This is the closest multi feature theater to my home. We come here more than we go anywhere primarily because of the different movies showing. The popcorn is always hot and delicious. The assigned seats that you pick yourself recline and are very comfortable. The sound quality is wonderful. The experience is expensive in any theater but I feel that it's worth it. They do midnight showings for the real popular films and I have been to some of these as well. Great for spending time with the family and enjoying an experience together.

Eric Hatt

A dying mall...but the cinema is comfy and spacious. You no longer feel awkward sitting next to someone you don't know. I thought I'd hate it...but I've come to actually like it.

Wendy Weed

It was an amazing movie!! AVENGERS END GAME

Jason Fedler

Awesome seating. Prices decent.

edward benway

Awsome rambo was awesome again

Zack Dean

Initially I thought these theatres were too small, but the amazing seating makes up for it! Everyone is in a recliner! We are planning a trip here to watch Downton Abbey in the high class seating!

Bridget Bundrick

The cheto popcorn is so amazing

Lindsey Skellie

It is a nice theater, they re did their seats and it is more comfortable. However the prices are not family friendly. You're looking to spend no less thank $12 per adult ticket.

Patricia Smyth-Lawson

Handicapped accessible!

David Ballard

Just wish the doors would open automatically for wheelchairs. Great movie theater!

James Banner

Expensive. Is all I can really say.

Chris Leipfert

This is one of my favorite movie theaters. They always have the newest movies in as well as extremely comfortable seating. Their new chairs recline allowing for increases comfort while watching the film. The prices are a little high at $11 a ticket. But it is worth it for the seating. The snacks are where they get you, more often than not the snacks are more expensive than the tickets to see the movie.

Robert Charlton

Really nice place. Employees are friendly.

Philip Lape

Good movies

Tristan Weaver

The quality of the film's were amazing, the chairs were comfortable and the food is great. It is a good-sized theater. It has many other theaters and plays new movies. Every time I've come to this theater I've had a great time.


Love the seats. Prices are very expensive for tickets.

Gary Thompson

Great facility; very comfortable!!

Jason Beckwith

After the remodel everything is wonderful. Amazing environment. Wonderful staff

Bryan Shannon

Going here to watch Pet Sematary tonight.

Bruno Guerrera

The theater is super comfortable!!

Michael Burkley

Everything is clean, neutral smells, comfortable recliners. Employees are friendly

Heather Blowers

Love the reclining seats, wish the snacks weren't too much. Overall a good time!

Amy Behnke

I had sworn off going to the movie theater for years because the prices were so high I didn't see the value. The new large reclinable seating and foot rests definitely increased the value!

Janice Jeremias

Great new seating. Very comfortable!

J Sutherland

Took three of my boys, seating is spacious and they loved it glad to have a great local theater!

Allison Casertino

Theater was pretty empty for a Friday night. Seats were so comfy and everything g was clean and professional

Juan Trinidad

One of the best movie theater ever. Seats are amazingly comfortable, also reclineable and still have enough room in from of you for people to walk by. Prices are very good.

Sosanna Blocker

Movie was good. Sound was just right. Lounge chairs nice!! Prices for a kids matinee too much money.

carol Dee

nice & clean cinema. good seats that recline. I'd pass on the beverage. $5 for small water. That is just ridiculous.

Nicole Kingsley

Needs a food court and better stores

Brendan Duffy

Horrible customer service, employees and manager extremely rude. DO NOT RECOMMEND

Stephen Hitchcock

Nice new comfortable chairs

Lucas Turner

Very comfortable but over priced

Nicole Candido

We saw Venom in 3D. The movie was great and the theater was better!!! We LOVED the reclining comfortable seating. I was able to reserve the seats we wanted on Fandango.

Catie Barnier

Such a cool place to see a movie. So comfy. Wish we had one closer to home....but it makes it all the more special when we visit Mom in NY

Megan Norton

Better seating than before, better snack options. However, the food is still expensive. The staff is very helpful and nice.

Joshua Williams

Great place to see a movie

Lily Nicholson

Gives me headaches

Roy LaPree


Sue Jock

Went on a shopping spree. Great stores.

James Briscoe

Nice seats and clean

kristopher schaefer

Pathetic excuse of a mall.

Cody Hinkley

This is my primary place to go see movies if it’s not something I feel needs to be seen on an IMAX screen! You won’t find more comfortable chairs around! If I’m being picky, I wish they’d let you put butter on your popcorn like bow tie cinemas but it’s easy to look past that with every thing else they offer

Michael Wallace

Great place to see a movie! Wide, comfy power recliners to sit in! Very nice!

James Adams

The seats were great! We had a fun time. The snak bar was pretty pricey but expected.

Christopher Baldwin

The assigned seats makes it so much better now. Seats recline. The cinema is usually always clean. Popcorn there is terrible but most cinema popcorn is

Nancy Trackey

Amazing they finally turned the volume down a bit!

Andrea Elliott

We went as a family outing and wasn't disappointed. I haven't been to the movies in over 10 years. Wow, have things changed for the better. Popcorn was amazing, sodas were heavily carbonated. Seats were electric reclining and very comfortable. Clean.

Stephanie Woodard

My husband and I have a date night usually every Friday night and we go to Regal Cinemas to watch whatever new movie is out!! This theater knows us by name and they are great there!! They greet us and always ask us what we are watching this time and if we are getting dinner to take in with us. They know what we like and usually don’t even need to ask cuz we have been so many times!! Great place super great employees!!

Jody Volpe

Good movie, great seats.

Patricia Towers

Every one is very friendly. I liked the atmosphere and the comfortable recliners.

Holly Kramer

This logo is the coolest logo yet. The movies here are great, loud, and the seating is the best. The service is friendly and everyone seems to be having a good time. Sometimes pre relases are here.

Jerry Hodges

Most comfortable seats I've ever had in a theatre. Never crowded. Awesome


The movie theater has very comfortable chairs! Loved the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. Room was a little cold.

Emily Welsh

The recent renovations are a huge upgrade. It was much needed and much appreciated. The facilities are much cleaner and modern. However, the women's bathroom could use an upgrade...clean but a bit dark and definitely outdated. Overall, it's much nicer in there these days!

Daryl Hurlbut

Very nice theater. Love the sests! Many snack choices. A clean and welcoming experience.

Debbie Davis

Love the comfort of the theatres! The snacks ate too pricey.

Jessika Erickson

They have super comfortable reclining seats that have really improved the experience. It's my favorite theater now.

Tanya Hall

Comfortable seating. Clean theater. Friendly staff

Roberta Krom

It was spaicious and comfortable.

Shannon Smith

Very clean. Nice reclining seats that make one feel as if your more a part of the movie.

Jaydeep Adhikari

Comfortable seats. Friendly staffs.

Rachel Castellanos

Completely renovated. We sat in couch seats!

James Swanson

Great seats, wish I could butter my own popcorn like Bowtie

Adam Sheerer

MAJOR improvements over the last few years make the prices ALMOST seem worth it. That is this biggest down fall of this place. Between my kids, wife and myself there is 6 of us and it's a 100 dollar trip just to see a movie. The new chairs they have are nice and comfy but the prices for anything and everything is outrageous, for what you pay they should cater to you a lot more than they do sometime your waiting for staff just to give you attention and with assigned seating you have to get there hours in advanced just to make sure you can all sit together. Hard to give more than 3 stars for a place who has improved a lot but some improvements are more detrimental then beneficial to clientele. To much staff convenience

Jose Cruz

Súper Nice sound on IMAX!! Real comfortable chairs and clean!!


Love the assigned seats. An how comfortable reclining chairs are.

Chris Boggs

Nice seating but screen could be slightly bigger

ID IE IM O IN Last Name

The movies! No problems buying tickets or food. Friendly and polite staff. The food is a little pricey though. I feel like I should go home and light a cigar with a Bennie or something ya dig? And like I wouldn't even feel that crazy after paying like 20 bucks for a popcorn and a soda. Oh yeah, deff pour me some xtra butter on that bruh. The seats recline almost all the way back, like they want you to fall asleep and miss the movie. Then you gotta buy more popcorn for like 20 bucks when you go see the movie again. But they are super friggin comfy and much better than the old seats. I also hate that stupid fake "movie" made by the teens before the previews, that's actually an ad for Regal Cinemas. Like I'm already at the dam movies. Geez.

Linda Ki

Movie theatre, nice staff.

Anne Castle

Much improved since its beginning. Staff extremely friendly and helpful. Great variety in movies considering, this is not city life.

Jesse Brooks

I watched endgame and loves it!!

Rebecca Burgess

Comfy theater! Never crowded, and awesome employees!

Sally Wachowski

Love the seats and air conditioning.

Tyler Bruce

Overall this is a dying mall. It's main features are Target, Regal Cinemas (small, but new reclining seats which enhance your movie experience) Victoria Secret's and that's about it. Very bland and not exciting. Need new management to take over and try and turn the mall around. If you live 30mins + away, you're not missing out on anything by not coming here.

Coach Brock

Very enjoyable experience. Loved the room for each recliner seat. Popcorn was good too.

Desiree Christine

Seats great but price is outrageous.

Albert Butchino

Good popcorn, but the best part is the powered recliners that are just amazingly comfortable. Like watching a movie at home but bigger and better.


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