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Where is Red River Theatres Inc.?

REVIEWS OF Red River Theatres Inc. IN Vermont

Shira Griffin

Great indie theatre with good food/ drink options.

Gerry Gan

Non-profit art house theater is a cultural gem!

Kim Donovan

Very good place to see a film. Excellent film selection. Online ticket purchase is cumbersome.

Lisa Neefe

Can’t get enough of this place. A charming theater that shows beautiful films that mercifully skirt the mainstream.

D Loso

Wonderful theater

Tarah Lynn

Love this place


The best date spot.

Adam Kingsbury

I'm giving this place 3 stars. The theatre istelf is fine - it was everything you'd want from a movie theatre and it looks like they have cool and interesting events and films all the time. Honestly, this place is a great idea and other than my personal experience, I think anybody would have a great time here. But. I arrived to the theatre with a 6 pack of beers. I didn't purchase my own tickets to the event and was told it was BYOB. When an employee asked me to return it to my car, I complied and returned it with no problem. Then I came back and went to purchase alcohol, and this is where my night was ruined. The employee at the register tells me she has the right to refuse any customer alcohol. I asked why, and she repeated the policy to me. The movie was beginning in three minutes, my wife was waiting in the theatre, I didn't want to make a scene, I clearly had no power in the situation, and apparently I had done something wrong, so I just walked away. It wasn't that I wanted alcohol so badly that not having it ruined my night. I wasn't drunk when I showed up, I was actually to be my group's DD (the beers we're for my wife more than anything). What made me angry is that this employee, who I thought was the manager at the time, just decided that I was being a problem and applied a policy to me with zero oversight. I approached the employee after the movie and got the same repetition of the policy over and over. I told her I understood the policy but wished to know why it was applied to me and asked for a manager. The manager was very nice and apologetic. I regret not asking for her before the movie at this point, but she refunded my wife's money and was very understanding. It's not like I want the employee fired, but I think the theatre needs to revamp how they apply this policy as essentially accusing me of being drunk when I wasn't was embarrassing and ruined my night with no reason or recourse. I understand not wanting already drunk people to get more drunk, but I also don't think I presented myself as drunk when I arrived and watched moviegoers getting refills all night -pregaming is not ok here but getting tanked at the show is. I understand that liquor laws are strict, but you can't just arbitrarily let employees alienate customers at their own obviously flawed judgement.

Tough Ninja

It’s nice, but a little crowded

leon Parker

Great venue for movies not normally available. Went to see RBG, a good tribute to a judge i usually disagree with but who has done great service throughout her career fighting discrimination in all forms. Red River membership is inexpensive and even for none members prices are a bargain.

Chris Moore

Awesome theatre with great independent films. The seating is comfortable and they sell beer AND popcorn... What else could you need?!

Linda Sims

A comfortable theater with not a bad seat in the house. Red River comes as close to feeling at home as possible....with only your PJs missing!

laura Miller

Local community minded theater with great films

Marie Labrie

Lovely theater with unique movie options. Clean, quaint and upscale.

Howard Horn II

A nice clean theater and great movies that you do not find at the other theators.

Kenneth Beauchmin

Small fancy art theater. Very nice atmosphere, well maintained.

Nathaniel Abbott

New Hampshire's "Art House" theatre, there could not be a lovelier venue.

Donald Maurer

Clean, well run theater with great seating and sound.

Lauren Duquette

Great experience! Quality programming, great food and drinks!

Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs

Such a great, comfortable theater!

Sarah Robinson

RRT is the pinnacle of culture and community coming together. Their staff is conscientious of their platform and use it to give Concord reasons to celebrate together and have new experiences together. New Hampshire is lucky to have such a jewel in our midst.

Richard Fitts

A very nice small theater

Matthew White

Fantastic theater. Plays the smaller (better) movies you won't find at the bigger theaters. Just get there a little early to get a decent seat.

Jennifer Schelly

Such a cool little independent theater! Hidden away in part of Concord's downtown. Cafe has a few sandwiches for lunch, popcorn, and candy. They even have local candies.

Richard Kleinschmidt

Thank goodness we have Red River. They show the interesting movies.

NH Strategic Marketing

I love movies and I love this venue. Its clean and they have drinks available during the movie which is a nice plus!

Jacki Fogarty

Such a great place to see a film! Comfortable, intimate, clean, friendly staff and solid technology.

mary Tilton

Excellent! Very nice people, comfortable theater and great show.

Kyle Taylor

Favorite cinema in the state. Doesn't show big budget blockbusters, better suited for independent films for movie lovers who appreciate the art of film making. Local beers, good snacks and spotless theaters.

Jonathan Richardson

Wonderful small theater, always an enjoyable experience, neat to see independent films get some recognition!

Zig Hooker

Great local theater showing a wide variety of film.

Alan Ouellette

I love this independent theater. Go there, they have Great seats, concessions including beer and wine and they get films the big theaters don't.

Carole Soule

Love Red River Theatre! They have the best seating AND you can drink wine while you watch great movies. A marvelous experience.

Alexander H

The screens are terrible, the concession portions are petite at best and the theaters are small. What I DO like is that Red River frequently has special events and cult classic showings that are a blast to attend.

alice maitland

Great movie house. Comfortable, clean, with a great selection of films.

Walter Atigian

Great small venue for limited release art films. You can see many excellent independent productions that may not see wide theatrical distribution.

Joan Ryan

So comfortable. Seating for handicapped people is the best. Friendly atmosphere.

Linda Krzywicki

Mature movies

James Vayo

This is one of my favorite places to spend down time.

Peter Osiecki

Gem in Concord!

Susanne M.

Saw a film in the Simchik Cinema at Red River Theatres and was impressed with the intimate setting and extremely comfortable seating. Fantastic place, so glad it's here!

Cierra Sipley

Great atmosphere, smaller screens and less seating, but nicely taken care of. Wine, beer, chips and salsa, and even mac and cheese are offered. Red River shows movies you can't find elsewhere, has a specific day/time that new mom's can meet up with their babies to see a movie, and even have special events such as a red carpet Oscar party with dancing, food, and trivia!

Michelle O

Very comfortable seating and awesome atmosphere. Loved sipping wine while enjoying the movie in a quiet setting

Jon "maddog" Hall

Small, excellent theatre with multiple screens that shows interesting movies "outside the box". An added plus is being able to order and drink beer and wine in the theatre.

Carol Drew

Many unique shows.

Geoffrey Kilar

This is one of the coolest places in Concord. Great independent movies, comfortable seats and an awesome atmosphere!

Stacey Gifford

First time here, we went on a Saturday night, highly recommend advance tickets, only 24 seats in the theater!!I intimate setting, comfortable seats, some had attached tables, you can have wine/ beer as u watch

Megan Kilar

Best movie theater in the world.

TD R57

This is a great place to see independent films,...seating is spacious and comfortable in a "stadium" style seating structure. I especially enjoy having the popcorn and a beer while enjoying some amazing films (Chef; Brooklyn; etc.)

Susan Terry

Great films, comfy seats sip you wine,drink your beer and don't forget the twillers. Great things happen in the dark!

Veronis O'Brien

Clean theatre and great staff!!!

Robert Dukette

A great place to see some wonderful independent films. Mellow atmosphere, beer, and wine. Great for date night.

Andrew Mack

What's not to love: good movies, wine, comfortable reclining chairs, and the best movie theatre popcorn. Really nice place, never had a bad experience.

Jefferson Aniapam

expensive, for sad films, white upper class guilt and occasional good films

Mark Tierney

A great venue for Indie films. The seats are comfortable and the concession includes beer and wine along with cinema staples and quality sandwiches provided by a local sandwhich shop.

David Varney

Small theaters, relaxed experience, very clean

Thomas Kuhner

Wonderful theatre with great stadium seating so every seat has a clear view no matter who is in front of you. They have great movie choices. Just saw Black Klansman by Spike Lee...a must see movie of our times.

Zach Naylor

Great local theater that provides access to artistic, edgy and interesting films. Alcohol is served. The location is easy to find, we'll managed a great overall experience.

David MassageGuyNortheast

Love the space, comfortable seats, great sound. Love it here.

Peter Capano

Red River is the place for great movies in intimate settings. Not just standard Hollywood fare but films that can make you think. Right downtown in Concord

Bill Wheeler

Very cool place that shows indie films.

Jeff MacDonald

A great little theatre.

Caroline Boyd

Awesome place for Indie movies you can't find anywhere except Cambridge and (sometimes) Wilton. VERY comfortable seats. Handy to many restaurants. Love this place!

Marie Patrick

Much more comfortable than I expected

Dino Romano

The newly renovated semi-circle theatre has poor sound and a lousy picture. The sound was horrific. Not worth the trip to Concord.

karen rines

When "everyplace else" is showing the same stuff, Red River consistently shows something interesting!

George Duke


Justin Bradley

Truly the perfect movie theater for any movie buffs. They play all of the Indie movies from Sundance and Cannes that go on to win Oscars that you can't watch anywhere else. Everyone there appreciates the art to the full extent so you don't have to worry about disruptive people. The atmosphere is relaxing and the beer and wine is great.

H Junkin

Great theater locally supported.

Susan Delaney

Enjoyable movie theater, good popcorn; however, not fond of the "co-ed" bathroom situation and it would be nice for us more conservative people to ALSO have a choice of not sharing "every" experience.

Darvi Rosenberg

Small local theater well priced they use real butter for the popcorn. The staff is always friendly the theater is always clean the seating is comfortable.

Calvin Finemore

Concord is lucky to have a place like this. I have never been to a movie here and regretted it. Excellent selection of films and some of the best popcorn I've ever tasted. They also have a great selection of local beer and cider.

Amy Friedrich

Great place for independent films!


Punches above their weight

Robin Bailey

BEST new indie movie venue in our northern New England area. Only 28 ? seats in our theatre! I believe they have 3 screens going. Leather seating was modern, spacious, very comfy, also each chair has a swivel table for all your goodies... beer, wine, EXCELLENT coffee, the usual movie-candies, and lovely choices from Granite State candy, yum! Very fun new venue, matinee at 3:30 was so inexpensive! Love this place!

Lifes Amazing Journey

Love this local unique spot! They have a good deal if you purchase 2 or more ticks you get a decent gift card for a nearby restaurant! Good deal.

Dan Swacha

Wonderful movie theater with top notch film selection.

John O'Connell

Great little place to see an indie film.

Big Al

Refreshments are pretty standard but they melt real butter on the popcorn! Nice and local. Lots of small/indie style movies you can't find at other theaters. I'd recommend visiting.

Virginia Pinard

Always a pleasant place too while away the hours. Bistro, wine and beer, always top drawer movies, big and indie.

Cassandra Mason

An independent cinema on the Main Street of Concord. See movies you can't see anywhere else.

Dick Bergeron

Great theatre and the staff is so friendly!

Donna McGrath

Such a GREAT place. The bathrooms & the whole place) are so clean & they have REAL butter for the popcorn. Always such a wonderful experience.

Susie Goodwin

Very nice seating, ambiance, sound and screen size. Clean interior/yard needed some sprucing up. Friendly and helpful staff. However, paying 4 bucks for a 12 oz soda is a BIT TOO MUCH. Didn't bother with popcorn or candies and if your rate for concessions been more reasonable then I would of given a 5 star rating.

Sandy Found

This was my first time there and it is a cute little theater with some great movies

Jean Barbato

Love the Red River Theater: Can You Ever Forgive Me was a great movie! Melissa McCarthy was superb!

David Schlesinger

Clean, excellent sound and picture quality, great staff and snacks. Always our first choice.

Rico Raccoon

Awesome small local indie theater. Nonprofit too!

Justin Normand

Awesome. This place is a treasure and you can tell the people behind it are really passionate about what they do. They definitely show the off beat movies that aren't going to be shown at your nearest megaplex theater but also put on a number of special events and special features throughout the year. Ordering beer/wine is an added bonus


Great lesser known movies!

kim keegan

Givrs us the chance tp ser independant films in NH


Lovely art-house theater in Downtown Concord. Very happy to know this place. Perfect for foreign and indie films. Thank you.

Amber Nicole Cannan

Not only do they sell local chocolate and wine in their concessions, but they open a real velvet curtain for the movies shown! Seats are comfortable and tickets reasonably priced. This is a real community builder in addition to a modern theater experience. Clean bathrooms, fun decorating. If you haven't been you are missing out.

Bill Nichols

Best movies, great atmosphere.

Rick C

Cute intimate theater. Popcorn seemed a little stale though.

Taryn Jewell

Love this place, staff is very friendly and theatres are clean and comfortable

Heather Carbone

Great venue, great movies

Jessie Caldwell


Joseph Hoffman

If you like local and Indie films, this is the place for you!

Russ Aubertin

This is the best theatre in the area, movies you won't find anywhere else

Kathleen Helms

Comfortable theater with high quality films.

Jerry Ochs

So very good. Easy access, excellent little theater this time and will try for the larger one next time, good snacks and great help. I will return lots--it's now my 'go to' theater!

Meg Trainor

We love this theater!! The movie choices are great, the staff is friendly, it's clean and you can access it directly from the parking garage.

Sam Pepin

Cozy movie theatre, great for events and Indy movies.

Abigail McShinsky

A fantastic place to support the arts and watch great films. Beyond that, they offer great events and fun themed nights, including a BYOB night - Bring Your Own Baby! A comfortable movie going experience where parents can bring their babies without worry, watch a film with other parents, and enjoy a night out even when they can't find a babysitter. Pretty neat!

Joni B

Best independent film facility in the area. Love the intimate theaters too.

Kathleen Caulfield

See RBG!! Great Flicks...

Linda Sue

Great venue for movies. Local artist have paintings/photos hanging. Wine and cheese.

Timothy Parsons

Shows a lot of indie films. Serves standard and non-standard fare.

Stephen Nolan

Had a wonderful time. Their staff are very helpful.


Well it was cozy in the Simchik theater, more like being in someone's living room than a theater. I'm afraid they should have turned the volume up a bit, because some of the softer dialog was impossible to hear. This was compounded by the fact that chairs were being dragged across the floor at the restaurant upstairs the whole time. We really enjoyed the movie, though, and the concessions were good and quite reasonably priced.

Jillisa Solomon

Home away from home. Where the discriminating film goer goes.

Roger Simmons

A great spot to catch the independent movies not playing at the mega cinemaplex. A class act.

Karen Newman

Love this place!

Julie Mosher

Red River is much more than a "place to see a movie". It has a more personal appeal from the films that are showing to the community involvement that is unique to Concord and beyond. The staff aren't just taking your ticket stub- they are present if you need anything from information to the concessions. If you haven't been there yet, I recommend checking out the schedule of films. You will be pleased...

LJ Shurpik

Best indie thearte in Nh.

Michael Bolton

Independent films, beer and wine, what's not to love!

Nancy Betchart

Great event sponsored by Five Rivers Conservation Trust in collaboration with Red River Theaters that included short films focused on interesting people and activities in beautiful places.

George Lincoln

Thoroughly enjoyable experience! Comfortable seats and an atmosphere I prefer over big box theaters

Danielle M. Breton

Fun place

Laurie G

The Mustang was moving, thoughtfully done and worth the afternoon.

Gretchen Felker-Martin

Red River Theater is a big part of the revitalization of Concord's arts scene and a lovely theater in its own right. Go! See things! Drink!

Eric Woudenberg

The only art film house in the area. Generally a good selection of interesting films.

Sam Dixon

Great little local indie theater. Clean, comfortable, great.

Kristin Rossi

Nice setting. Great acoustics. Real butter on the popcorn.

Kimberly R. Edwards CPA

Very nice theater, but since it's usually an older crowd, you have to be completely silent or the people around don't tolerate anything above a soft whisper and can be rude. It's nice to have food &wine in comfy chairs!

Madison Wilkins


Douglas Ingham

Nice, old timely movie theatre that has more up-scale feel to it. Right next to some nice restaurants.

charlie M.

Nice little theater complex. Plenty of parking in the attached garage. Every now and then has unique films. Very comfortable. Concord coop is accross the street for a little organic nosh if you like. Walking distance to some nice shops.

Steven Lundahl

We are so lucky to have Red River Theatres. We love the mix of films it brings to Concord, the special events, the intimate atmosphere and its unique and affordable concessions. It is one of the cultural treasures of our community.

Sara Laboe

My favorite theater! Great atmosphere.


Beautiful place with a great atmosphere

Carolyn Egan

Great theaters with comfortable seating - stadium style. Lots of good movies, some not shown in the mega theater complexes. Quality entertainment within walking distance to many downtown restaurants.

Christopher Jewell

Nice quality movie experience. Small, but super clean and priced great. Great way to see some movies that don't play in the big theatres.

Shay Cameron

Best selection of films that you can't see in most other theaters. Three beautiful theatres and very comfortable. They have fun and interesting quote along and sing along events that are great with props and trivia! I have been a volunteer there for over two years and I highly recommend Red River Theatres.

Lanette Mannisto

Great independent venue


Great theatre, great movies...

Sherry Blanchard

Great place. Excellent movies! Be sure to park in the parking garage nearby!!

Kristopher Amar

Don't listen to Dino Romano about the sound. Every time he comes in, he's sloppy drunk and probably doesn't hear the employees asking him to put his pants back on either. This place is great, and you'll be sure to meet the next love of your life there.

Deborah Spencer

Great movie theatre

Matthew Bishop

Small two theater venue in downtown concord. Great offerings at concession including fancy chocolates and ice cream sandwiches. Some special showings include adult beer and wine, be sure to bring your ID for these or they wont allow you in. Comfortable seats and great staff. Very clean

Matthew M

Good theatre.

Chris Jackson

It's all about the atmosphere. If you love film, especially smaller run indie type stuff, this place is phenomenal. Plus, you gotta love enjoying a beer with your movie.

Bill McCarthy

Great venue

Michael Robinson

Love this place. They love movies and care about the community.

Rick B.

A terrific alternate to junk movies. As well as a nice atmosphere, comfortable seating, and watching a good movie with good sound while sipping a beer and eating buttered popcorn.

Matthew Dempsey

Smaller theater makes for a more intimate experience. Seats recline and are comfortable. Alcholic beverages served at the snack bar. At $11 per ticket it's less expensive than a big theater.

Pamela Williams

Great seating, love the movies!

Daniel Walsh

Concord has improved significantly since I was a kid and Red River Theatres was one of the first places that started to help Concord go in that direction with more local activities. They have great movies and events, some with film stars attending a questionnaire panel.

David Winegar

Great theater that only shows great, intelligent, movies that inspire and make you think!!!

Matthew Young

Friendly staff, fun selection of movies, very comfortable theatres, and lots of butter on the popcorn!!

Christine Demers

Quaint and cozy

Karina Kelley

The best! They have wine and the best popcorn. And play only indie movies you can't see anyplace else. This is not your traditional movie going experience with teenagers loiters and people drinking 30 oz. of mountain dew - much quieter atmosphere. Highly recommend it!

Christopher Sill

I went to see The Last Black Man in San Francisco. The man at the counter was incredibly helpful and provided excellent customer service. The theater was almost impeccably clean, the popcorn was decidedly fresh, and the fountain machine tasted like it was freshly cleaned. I have never been disappointed by this theater and this trend continues to this day. Please keep up the good work!!!

Steven Foley

A great place to see movies that may not be in the mainstream. Great tiered seating arrangements in the main theatres. Friendly staff, good refreshments. Good variety of movie genres and special events.

Val K

Terrific! Great seats, good popcorn, fabulous movie choice- Apollo 11 !!!!

Jane Davis

You can't beat this place for comfort, affordability, tastefulness of film fare and location. If you're anywhere in NH, it's worth the trip due to mid-state location and films you won't see anywhere else.

Steven Rainville

Great place to see a movie


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