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REVIEWS OF Picture Show IN Vermont

Josean Pedraza

Fall River definitely did a good job with this theater and plaza in general! For the place that it used to be and now to this, bravo!! Great work

Aleah Marie

There have been several rat complaints from guests.

Brian Sullivan

Makes Tuesday kind of awesome.

Michael Marshall

Assigned seats, great picture and sound. Comfortable and roomy. Plus the Coke choose your drink refill stations. Still pricey to go to the theater but I am not fighting over an armrest.

Kurt Partridge

Great place to see a movie, friendly workers and clean theater..

Melina Sainz

I have seen so many movies there, food is a bit pricey,tickets are a reasonable price.

Caitlin Macomber

Picture show is the only cinema I’ve been too that consistently Is terrible. 1- we went to see Aladdin and in a room full of children, we started seeing horror trailers all of which were rated R movies.... and then they accidentally played John wick 3! showing the credits with guns and blood. Took about an extra 20 until the real Show came on 2- went to go see IT chapter 2, and the trailers played, then the lights came on. People on the side of us told us it happened 3 TIMES! We left without even getting a refund because the line was too long. They weren’t playing the movie at all, just the previews. Giving it a 5 star review because I feel Bad for the kids who work there that had to deal with the angry crowd of pennywise fans. My aunt also said she got hit by a critter

Ken Grant

My chair was broken and was unable to put chair up due to it being stuck half way. I propably will not recommend this movie theater to my family or friends.


Someone showed me a picture of a mouse in a popcorn popper allegedly taken at this venue the night I went to watch Aladdin with my family. May 24, 2019. 8pm. Theater 10. I laughed it off. But as I sat near the the edge of the aisle I seen something from the corner of my eye. A mouse! Scurrying up the steps and suddenly stopped. It startled me back into my seat. Omg my gf hates these things. It soon vanished and I was shocked and worried I would have a hitch hiker back home. Not going back again. Sorry. Hire a professional exterminator for crying out loud. Its a nice place but that’s embarrassing for the theater and city.

Derek Bao

Just happy to have a movie place in fall river, they did the comfortable reserved seat model which much better the fold chair one. Good prices, discounted days, the popcorn butter area is usually more dirty then it should with popcorn everywhere but once they get that in check I have no problems with this place glad its here.

Allyson Beauregard

Great theatre to watch a movie in & very clean.The recliners are very comfortable and it wasn't crowded even on the Tuesday night with his special pricing for movies.

rai nai

Beautiful place! The staff are so so nice! They helped me when i spilled my popcorn on thr floor! Lol also helped me carry my drinks!

Thomas Pedro

One of the better theaters I've been too. Eat too sneak in snacks.

Matthew Lindsey

Was unable to buy tickets through their website so I called the theater directly. Extremely rude over the phone. Was told to deal with the site being down and wait it our or come in to buy tickets. Even though in the past they have allowed purchases over the phone. Cleanliness of the theaters also very hit or miss.

David Belezarian

Theater is very nice, only issue is lack of employees. Waited a very long time for someone to finally be available to serve beer and wine. Wasn't even someone collecting tickets to enter the movie. I understand most things now are automated like the ticket counter and the self service coke machines, but you still need some employees available to your guests.

Jon DuPonte

great place to see a movie comfy seats and polite staff. add the clean theaters and keeps me coming back ....

Sean Ramsure

Not bad. Free refills for popcorn is a plus

Sarah Broadbent

Great new theater with great prices (big savings compared to AMC for a family). There is so much leg room, even when fully reclined people can easily pass by you. The chairs are more narrow than at the AMC in Dartmouth and the center arms don't go up, so you won't be doing much romantic snuggling. No complaints, we all enjoyed it.

Moid Attarpour

Loved the recliners as traditional seats replacement a lot more comfy.

Kevin Machado

Enjoyed the movie. We are never gonna watch a movie here again the place wasn't clean and my son and I saw a few mice running around

Kathy Domingos

Never been wanted my points

Ralph Mace

The theater is great. Comfortable seating makes it easy to see the screen and the sound system is excellent. The AC was set a bit too high. Prices are a bit steep, so go before noon.

Jessica Spauone

I love this place it's so beautiful so comfortable remodeled lovely the recliners are so awesome and the space to get in between the the Isles just enough love it always clean bathrooms always clean people are very very friendly their the workers are very awesome I love this place my son's favorite spot

Chris Sigman

clean, big reclining chairs expanded menu and drinks. good place to catch a first run movie

Craig Perkinson

The reclining seats are awesome!

Mark Dalton

Comfy assigned seats, ok prices. Had a good time.

Peter Miranda

Always have fun with the family for movie day

Sophia Chaviari Borodemos

Affordable and nice... could do better keeping the theater clean ( found half emptied drinks and cookie wrappers on our seats from the previous show time)


This place is fantastic. They have the leather seats that recline and best of all their prices are reasonable if not less than most other theatres. You can get hot foods like fries and burgers along with the usual popcorn and soda. They even have a small bar that serves alchohol. The staff are friendly and the General manager John is outstanding.

derek amaral

Very nice theater. Comfortable recliner seating, clean interior, helpful staff. Only problem I had was that the self check in kiosk was having technical issues.

Jacob Dexter Coffey

Really decent location. great movie experience. Amazing surround sound. Very great pricing. Movie was excellent quality. Definitely worth it over the big name theaters to save a few bucks.

Danielle Letendre

Comfortable reclining seats. New theater but as usual it's expensive.

Brittney Carvalho

Seats are comfortable but prices are high for popcorn and soda

Ian Tompkins

Always a great seat, even in a packed theater, staff is helpful and it's always clean!

Robert Cross

1st Time there, definitely will be back. Most comfortable movie seat ever and very clean

Barbara Cory

Picture show is ok A little chilly in there bring a swearshirt

Amanda P

Place is awsome clean great seats very nice comfortable

Roberta guilmette

Very nice theater self serve tickets and very comfy recliner seats priced right

Abe Hummel

Comfortable seats. Good picture and sound. Not very clean. I came home and took a shower. Oh and be on the lookout for mice!! I saw one run right past me up the aisle. I will never good back.

Kitsune Erikku-kun

Great place very comfortable and great prices on the weekends (if you order your tickets online and do so to go at before 3:00pm).

Jackie Pinheiro

Nice theater. Clean and very reasonably priced. Would recommend.

Chrystal Hunter-Tanner

My favorite place to see movies!

Lisa Wilt

Great seating, clean facility friendly staff

Tim S

Nice seats good movies

joe gouveia

We love it here.. Seating is Great. Friendly staff.. Recommend to everyone

Susan Cordeiro

Good place to watch a movie, close by has recliners and unlimited refills on beverages. Audio is great. Also serves alcohol

Eduardo J López Morin

Nice cinema! Theaters are small and cozy. Come here on Thursday so you get half price.


Great place watched the addams family wasnt to loud, service was great nice peopel!

Lisa Medeiros

Excellent theatre...very clean...helpful staff

Mike Caban

Excellent location. Quick ordering kiosk for your tickets. You can also pickup your tickets at the concession stand while you order your popcorn at the same time. Awesome, sounds with State of the art speaker system for a dynamic sounds experience. Wall to wall screen for optimal viewing. Highly recommend it!

Joshua True

Nice theater. The seats are the new stadium style recliners, which I like. I just hope people don't trash the interior.

Jenn Christy

Great theater, awesome chairs. The kiosk ticketing system is a bit clunky but picking your seats is nice

Linda Borden

The seats are so comfortable!

Binky Bones

During certain hours on Tuesdays, the tickets are only 6.50 so I went and saw SpiderMan cheap during the day when there was no crowd. The seats recline here.

Kelsey Preble

Very nice theater with very comphortable lay back seats. Prices also very reasonable and have discounts on tickets every Tuesday. Very pleasant experience.

Dana Ross

The place is awesome. Well worth it! Just got a little warm near the end of the movie. They were very helpful. Plus they have handicap seating .


Seats were kind of uncomfortable compared to other theaters. They don't fully recline. Food was prices. Staff was kind.

Cynthia Fenn-Coley

My 1st time going since it opened here and the reclining seat was very comfortable, floors were not sticky and were very clean, and the staff was very pleasant. This place is great!!

Robert Gomes

I love how the seats recline

Mike F.

Great cinema. Very clean. Staff is friendly and hard working. Prices are reasonable. Wide variety of shows and food/drink offerings. A definite bright spot in the city of Fall River. I will continue to support this theater frequently!

Karen Deleon

Everything was great except for the temp in out theater.

LC Rod

1st time here n it's really is a nice place loved the soft reclining seats

SNE Weather

This place was a disaster and should have numerous health code violations. There was food everywhere. No matter where you stepped there was good on the floor. As I went to fill up my soda, the floor was sticky. There's nothing more annoying than walking on the floor and hearing your feet sticking to the floor because of the drink station. When we went into the movie there was someone in our seats. Talked to someone about it. Instead of asking the people to move, they told is we could sit in the handicap area. However, if someone else came in that was handicap and it was their seat, we would have to move around. The only good things is that the picture and sound quality was amazing. Otherwise, I would have rated it 1 star.

Linda McAllister

Nice but a bit pricey

Stacy Masse

We went to Dumbo with someone who was in a large wheel chair. First of all if this person was not with us she would not have been able to open the doors. Her wheel chair only made it through the door way into the actial theatre because we forced it. Same in the bathroom. This place is a fake handicapp access. Not happy.

Owen Bradley

The seats are super comfortable, they recline with leg rests. The theaters are small, but it's not a problem at all because it's very easy to get a seat, not that busy there at all. Food is a bit pricey, but the tickets are a good price

Erica O.

Absolutely love it here. Bw prepaired for parking. It can be tough, but you'll find one. This is NOT a 3D/4D movie theater. However, it does have recliner seats. It is clean, and it has good options. What I love most is the matinee and "early bird" prices. It's an affordable place to go. Doesn't attract a toxic community and truly in a nice area. Experiences here have been always pleasant.

The Telsa kid

Nice comfortable seats

mark thibault

Enjoyed my movie experience place was clean and quiet excellent seating.

Sandi Warner

Hands down my favorite movie theater. Super clean, other than under the seats which I discovered looking for my keys. Piles of candy and popcorn and spilled soda. I hope they get a handle on that or this wonderful theater will age and get dirty fast.

Elizabeth Bassett

I didn't know that it was independent until I tried to use my showcase starpass. Otherwise, I like the place. Recliners are hard to beat.

Sarah Maguire

Price is comparable with regular movie theaters but theres a better drink selection, decent alcohol selection and comfy leather recliners!

John Wong

I am absolutely disgusted and wont be coming back to your theater. A few weeks ago a family member of mine attended this theater and told me he saw a mouse climbing up the stairs of the aisle. I didnt want to believe. I attended the 7pm showing of john wick tonight in theater 6. Got an aisle in the last row and to the left of me noticed multiple holes in the wall. Just as the movie was about to start a mouse popped its head out and starred at me for 10 seconds before running under my seat. I am never coming back. To the owner if you're reading this you need to get on this problem asap

michael thomas

Had a great night with my wife. It was clean and even though it was packed I had plenty of room.

Mike Bot

Visited here several times sense they opened chairs are comfy and sometimes they don't work at all. Had one recline open but not close. Been to dozens of movie theaters some real old an some brand new but never had this happen. Just tonight went in seen a movie only to have 3 mice run across my feet. Told the manager he was pleasant an understanding. I won't be back there again. He offered me a gift card to come back or go to another location but declined. Out $22.25$ but i didn't want money back just a good movie to watch. Not very clean theater for being new. food still on the floor when I went to sit down. Food under the recliners which is where the mice went. They need to clean 100% and hire staff that cares about there job an not a check

Mark Araujo

It's clean but the prices i'm not comfortable with.been there few times.


Comfy seats...courteous service nice atmosphere will definitely come again....

Carollee Rioux

We went to a movie that was supposed to start at 7:50pm but they had trouble with the movie starting. Needless to say we never got to watch the movie.


It's good, apparently they have mice in their popcorn tho.

Young Kitty

I really like the fact that Fall River has a movie theater again. It’s usually a pretty great experience. I do feel like I need to bring up something though because it’s happened the past two times I’ve gone to see a movie. I like to order my tickets ahead of time especially if I know the movie just came out and it’s a busy night. But the past two times I’ve gone there someone has taken our seats. And it doesn’t really make sense to me considering that’s half of the process of getting a ticket is choosing which seats you sit in ahead time. The second time it happened we confronted the person who took our seats (mainly cause at first we were like seems like no one wants to sit in their right seats so we sat somewhere else and the people who bought those seats kicked us out) the ones who took ours gave us a hard time about it even though we had physical receipts of which seats we picked. It was a group of three and one ended up moving my guess is that they had slim pickings when they chose the showing and thought that they could just get away with sitting together. I really think it would be a great idea to get extra staff especially on busy nights to make sure people are sitting in their assigned seats because if not I’m honestly better off going to amc where idk rules matter? Sorry it was just really awkward experience i almost wanted to leave

David Jones

I really like this theater. It has always been clean. Popcorn and drink are normal price but they have hot dogs for about 1.00. You fix your popcorn however you like with butter or salt, dispense your drink. I'd like to see the fixings area bigger. It can handle 2 to 3 people comfortably at a time

Brenda Lemaire

Nice and comfy. Clean facility. Staff was polite. would go there again.

kendra harrington

The people were really nice and helpful, the seats were very comfortable, the temperature was perfect, and the movie quality was great (screen and audio). I would definitely go here again.

Christine Boardman

Beautiful clean facility with all the amenities! Super comfortable recliner seating with plenty of aisle room. Adult beverages available too!

Richard Irish

Great reclining seats - plenty of legroom

Tracy Timmons

Love it, very nice, clean and comfortable seats. All in all the place is just great nothing bad to say at all.

JoAnne Bergeron

Nice place to go watch a movie. Comfortable recliners. Movies before 12:00 are $6.50.

Sarah Miller

The chairs are so comfortable!!! We wish the bar would have been open during our showing, but it's a really neat feature. Military discount is an added bonus!

Mya Biello

This place is very nice. The movie theater was designed well, nice on the inside and out. They have assigned seats and good snacks for the movie. I’m impressed to see how well they turned this plaza around

Kadu C. C. Peres

Great cinema... So comfortable!!!

Luz Vasquez

The reclining seats weren't working. I talked to the supervisor and they fix the problem.

Kyle D

I've waited a long time for a movie theater to come back to fall river. The picture blew away my expectations. They do everything a good theater should, plus they have a bar, and they have reclining seats. The only reason they didn't get 5 stars was because for some reason, their design choice for seats requires the arm rests to be shared. They should have doubled the arm rests and reduced the number of seats or created love seat style couches to compensate.

L Gilchrist

I like this place its clean you don't smell the bathrooms. Like most movie theaters. Everytime I go it's not over crowded. I'm glad they put this place closer in fall river ma going to Dartmouth Mall is a hassle when you don't have no car!!!

Felicia Sousa-Wood

Cozy theatre great recliner seats

Jaison Ragnaught

It was honestly a very good place well kept and excellent service but I did happen to see a mouse scamper by as me and my friends were talking after the movie.

homebound 1968

This theater is fantastic. I hope they keep up the fine service and clean seating. Sound system is great. Seats are awesome. Picture is crystal clear.


Good screen and sound, surprised price difference because of larger screen theater. Went from $6.50 to $8.50.

Vernon MacPhee III

Nice theatre, comfortable. Not cheap at all tho

Al Lepage

I love picture show, great seats, great consessions and a friendly staff

krayman bauer

Very clean, friendly staff, great screens and digital projectors, amazing popcorn and the comfiest seats this side of the equator

Connie Allie

Very very clean, comfortable seat and large concession stand, I will return

Jason Rosario

Absolutely love this place. Missed having a theather in the city. Definitely a favorite place of mine. The seats are awesome, plenty of room, nice large screens, beautiful layout and good prices. Been to numerous movies since it has opened including 2 this week alone. Bumblebee and Spiderman

Jomika Williams

One of my favorite theatre's. Very friendly nice and courteous staff. Deals are good here. They show movies before other theatre's. One star missing because they don't play any christian movies as of yet.

John Souza

Great theater. Excellent staff and the seats recline. Just get tickets early on the weekends because it tends to fill up fast.

Linda Hayes

I very much enjoyed going to the Picture Show. Haven't been to that theater before. It's beautiful! The seats are comfortable. Tickets are inexpensive. I coupled the event with eating at the 110 Grille, so I got a discount for that. Also, I got the Senior discount and went before 4pm. Great way to spend a day.

shelley almeida

It's really comfy if u drink u can order alcholic beverages like how cool is that for fall river the whole plaza looks like your in Newport I love it n wish the whole city would do more kids things than always opening bars n restaurants how about the old Shaw's turn into a great but fun center for 15 an down like roller skating n then another connecting wall w are arcade games n rides like seekonk an another connecting wall for older kids like 12 n up to go in a dark room n find clues to get out of the room n find out what happened n then have like a pretty decent food court w burgers n fries pizza cineese n healthy like idk subway kinda healthy or Panera so theirs all ages n all kinds if food n it would bring in tons of $$ right off the highway n everyone accommated just a suggestion which I think people would agree n i see a trampoline park coming I think that's great but Shaw's is huge so def open it up for all ages each section

Hugo Sainz

Long time without theater in the area pretty cool with those reclining seats plus is near home for me even better

cooked magikarp

It's amazing how good the movie quality is and the seats are nice


Nice new comfortable theater for a good price only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because I’ve noticed the cleanliness in the theater itself is starting to lack went to a show for its first showing of the day and it was not clean popcorn on the floor and smelt dirty understood for later shows but first show of the day it should be clean

Michael Roberts

Love the morning shows starting at 9:30am on sunday

patrick jordan

Great facility for a local late movie.

Alejandrina Carrasquillo

Love going to the Picture show great space, seating, and food.

Alan Jacobs

Great theater. Has wonderful seating and a bar. Also nice decor. Was very happy with the experience

Lorri Ferreira

I really enjoy having this theater in our city. We go regularly. They have half price Tuesday. It's always clean and I like that they have the bar.

Nicole Tillery

Great theater! The seats are comfortable, good audio and visuals. Very friendly staff and convenient show times

Chris C

Just ok. Everything was just ok. It's s movie theatre. Clean but the food was nothing to right home about. Drinks were overpriced by a lot.

Mary Anna Arruda

Excellent movie venue. Very spacious. Staff courteous and helpful.Comfy seats. Ideal location. You won't be disappointed.

Zoe Johnson

My biggest problem with the theater was it wasn't very clean. We went to an early show around 1 in the afternoon all the people working there we're just standing around the snack bar. It was very quiet there were only two other people in the movie theater where I went to view a movie. Considering how there were very few people in the whole place someone should have been cleaning up the mess. I also don't find the chair to be very comfortable but that's probably just me.

Nadya Barandica

Pleasant theater. Very nice staff. Excellent price comparison to other theatres.

Sarah Grealish

Fast check in with online tickets. Vey comfy reclining chairs. Love oour new theatre.

Sarah Murphy

We were impressed by how nice this theater was. The seats were very comfortable, the theater was super clean and everyone that worked there was kind and helpful. We stayed until the very end of Thor to watch the extra scenes and no one rushed us out and the gentleman cleaning the theater thanked us for coming. Prices are comparable to any place around here. The only thing I would possibly add are some arcade type games.

Kimberly Snow

So far we gd

precious Brennan

The picture show is beautiful movie theater,why does this theater stand out from the rest? Because of snacks,no. Hospitality yes. Self serving soda machines, a seating area across from the bar,what? Yes I never that before. It's a huge theater. Pick your seating, special surround sound, 3D, pictures.seats are reclining,very spacious great experience,top off the price of the showings are super reasonable,cheapest theater around with all these extras. I go at least 1-2a month now .


Amazing clean and just all around pleasant experience without breaking the bank

Donna F

Have been twice and good experiences both times. Helpful staff, good theater seating and projection experience. Nice location with stores and restaurants nearby for before or after. Recommend.

Todd Fredette

Clean, comfortable seating, friendly staff members. Will return!!

Jaed Mendoza

great service great seating and sound everything in that movie theater is the best i could live there if i wanted to :-)

Madison Bosse

It was a pretty good atmosphere, and the employees were quite nice. I enjoyed the fact that you could portion and refill your cup of choice with many different types of drinks from a multifunctional drinking machine. There were a bunch of choices on the menu, and close to about 12-13 different candy choices. A problem I had was that there was constantly maintenance needed in the bathroom, and the counter that held the drink machine was quite unclean. Overall it was a good time, definitely recommend it for some family fun on a rainy day!

Channa Hope

This was an amazing experience the seat upgrades has made the whole difference. It's great to watch a movie on a huge screen in a full recliner position

Aubrey Trahan

The sound and seating is great but they 100% need to work on cleaning better. There has been rumors of rats and its believable when you walk in and theres still trash everywhere from the previous showing.

Cynthia Konchar

I went there for the first time to see BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY last night, what a fantastic Theatre and an "excellent" movie! The chairs reclined and were leather like, the screen was huge, it was like sitting in your own living room! And in my opinion we had the best seats in the house!! Row F, seats 6-8. I am hooked on this place now, although I do have one complaint! The row in front of us had 6 or 7 young kids who were totally out of control. They were laughing at the kissing scenes, dancing in the aisle and TEXTING on their phones!! I wanted to report them to the manger but I was so into the movie that I didn't want to miss a scene!! Some guy finally yelled at them to "SHUT UP," but the movie was almost over by then. When the lights came on there was popcorn, cups, and empty wrappers ALL OVER THE FLOOR where they were sitting, and also by the door! Question? Where were the employees who are supposed to come in from time to time to make sure things are under control?? Cuz there WEREN'T and THAT upset me as well! But other than that ... my first experience there was good, despite the despicable minor BRATS that were seated right in front of us! I give the threater itself an A+!!! And "I'll be back!!"

Jennifer Zimmerman

Loved this theater. The reclining seats were so comfy. Buying the tickets threw me off a little bit. There was no one at the desk and you have to buy the tickets from a computer kiosk. It was easy enough but I got a little backwards as to where our seats were. I'm sure it was just me. Luckily it wasn't crowded so no issue. Didn't know beer was available until I saw someone with them. I will certainly partake in that next time. Food was pricey but that's expected.

Mike Oliveira

We recently visited here to watch captain marvel and it was a great experience, all the staff were a pleasure to deal with and the facility was really clean. I love the reclining chairs in the theatres they were extremely comfortable. Will def watch another movie here

April Thompson

Would of been 5 stars but they charged us an extra $2 per ticket because the movie was in theater 3 & that theater has surround sound (it's the only one that has it & cost more) I didn't mind paying the extra $6 but it had an aweful buzzing sound through half the movie that sounded like a few thousands bees buzzing over our heads. At one point it was so loud it made it hard to hear what was being said in the movie. If they're gonna charge extra for the surround sound then they should fix the speakers when they need fixing. Next time I will make sure the movie isn't playing in theater 3.

ian kelly

Great spot clean and awesome layout. Definitely going back. Just don't care for Fall River area but won't let it influence interview.

Willie Caldwell

Had great Time at the movies avengers is a great movie must see

Randy Aguiar

False advertising on Tuesdays. Advertises movies at 6.50 all day and night but this is not true.the last 3 times I've went there on Tuesdays I've been charged 8.50.i complained to manager who didn't seem to care but said oh it's because it's in a bigger speaker room.just such a incompetence answer.probably after this last time won't be going back.i spend enough $$ going in the evenings all the time and then try to take advantage of this so called special on tuesdays and its 8.50 not 6.50 what they advertise.dont recommend!

Karen Dapp-Reardon

Great pricing on movies,never overally crowded,friendly staff.... I would give more stars but the place is always trashed... it seems like they wait until the end of the night to clean and Ive heard they had rodent issues.I can believe it the trash cans are always overflowing and trash is left in the theater. I dropped my phone once and had to get the seat pushed up and it was losded with food and candy.

sam Im

The worse experience I ever had in a movie theater. Not the actual theater put seemed like two people there never been to the movies before. Talked the whole movie and loudly


Was very cool. Saw the motion picture in action. I saw a kid who lost his phone and had to lift up the chair to get it. 4 because I heard there were some rats

Fred Kelley

Nice, clean theater. Movie prices are reasonable. Will go here again.

Michael DiGregorio

Great place to watch a movie and very modern seating inside each room. The screens are very high definition. The concessions are nice and they have an indoor bar area. Centrally located at the SouthCoast Marketplace.

justin santos

Seating was much better then the old cinema at harbor mall. Clean and well worth the visit. Close to home and service was fast.

Gabriel Pagan

I have been multiple times with my wife and kids and so far We have had a good experience. Staff seems friendly and facility seems clean. I just hope they can sustain a nice clean place for my family and others to continue enjoying.


So before I had came to this location I had never heard of picture show, I was honestly very skeptical. I couldn't be more satisfied with a local movie theater. Very clean and well kept, always good service, and also very affordable. Movie theater seats recline and the theaters are always well kept. I have had nothing but very positive experiences here.

Nicole n

I love this theater. Always clean. I got popcorn and an icee this time. It was fairly far as movie concessions go. The popcorn was refillable so that made it definitely worth it!!! The seats are really comfy and you choose them yourself before you go in. Cool place!

Mike Robidoux

Comfy seats, decent cleanliness, nice to not have to go all the way to Dartmouth or Taunton to sit in a recliner and watch a new movie.

Johnny M

Have been to several shows at this theatre. It's very clean, good service, reasonable pricing & delicious popcorn. Seating is comfortable, clean, great picture & sound. Would highly recommend to families and friends. Go and "support Picture Show Theater" in Fall River. Note; Keep the bums out who steal salt & pepper shakers, or cause damage and ruin everything nice in our area. Silently use you're phone and take photos or videos of the culprit(s), report it to police. Its their job to serve, take a stand.

Nathan Araujo

Absolutely love this place! I am so happy that they are in Fall River. Always clean, comfortable, and decent theater menu! All in all, there is no place else I'd rather watch a movie. Close to home and convenient!

Sandi Parquette

Great movie, great seats, love this place.

Brett Maciel

Awesome theater. Little pricey but definitely worth it

Denise Russo

Awesome seats. Very clean

Andrew Anderson

Great modernized theater. Individual reclining seats plenty of Room very comfortable.

Michael Ferreira

Good movie ""ChildS PLAY""

Roberto Aponte

Exellent place to go to the movies !

Sty Belvy

Great service. Clean rooms. Good audio sound system.

Lam Cynthia

Place was disgusting seats ripped floor had food, spilled candy,trash... tge bathroom out of soap and nasty...tge sound quality was off way to loud to enjoy

Brittany Venezia

Always a great experience


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