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REVIEWS OF Phoenix Theatres Beacon Cinema IN Vermont

Terry Babij

Saw film in upper level renovated theatre. Big lounge chairs with tons of room to pass in front of and stretch out. Great sound and very comfortable, might induce sleep!!! Confections as in most theatres appear overpriced. Maybe memories from different time??

Lois Prew

The only problem was that my seat would not recline. Otherwise everything was fine.

Lisa Polidoro

Lion king was fantastic and I love the seats however I got overcharged, first by about 10 bucks so I questioned it and then after finding out much actual prices are realized I still got overcharged and because the manager didn't see it there was nothing he could do! I never thought I'd need a receipt for the movies, especially cuz we're there all the time but tonight they were just rude and unapologetic ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT or don't expect to get help from anybody there

Randy Stein

Great local movie theater...Good prices

Mark Perry

I love this place! I love the fact that you have a new modern cinema in downtown by using the existing historical building. The heated reclining seats are awesome. It is very clean and the staff are very friendly. Thank you for the experience.

Eric Rice

Seats are comfortable just dont fall asleep

randall gould

Nice theater; good seats. BUT WHY SHOULD I BUY TICKETS Online when you can’t reserve a seat as you can in similar theaters? $2.50 extra per seat to wait in line then run to get a seat like a Black Friday sale?? I’m never going back to this theater and nobody in my line will either!

Candie Jornov

Lovely place! Comfortable and clean! I will be going here from now on!

Rami Massoud

Fantastic to see a theater with sane prices on both tickets and snacks! The actual theaters are awesome, prioritizing an overall great movie going experience with nice (recliner) seats, and spaced out seating so everyone is comfortable.

Jay Bell

Very comfortable electric recliners, good sound, great prices. Cool building and multi story layout.

Cassie Gomes

New and improved for an amazing weekend price. Definitely worth it.

roberta hover

Comfy seats, good movie, enjoyable family night

Leigh Olsen

Went and saw Predator, just as awesome as the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pretty cool.

Lisa Andersen

I'm new to the area, decided to take a break from unpacking boxes, and found this little gem. Reasonably priced, reclining stadium seating, and even adult beverages to wash down the quintessential movie popcorn. Lovely historical building with modern amenities. Just perfect, in my book.


Extremely on point with the family and or friends, dates, couples. Lay back, feet up and relax. Heated back seats


I Go here every other week with my Boyfriend, I love this theater so much! The seats are amazing (And heated), Prices are good and They have late shows!!!! Very fun place to go with friends/family, Staff is always so friendly, Thank you for making each visit a fun and memorable one!

Warren Hodges

Had the theater to ourselves, it was super comfy sitting with our feet kicked up...fully reclining heated seats made the movie experience more home feeling

Frank Ciuffetelli

Nice theatre with very comfortable seating and nice snack and bar.

Jaclyn S

Love this theater with huge comfy seats and great prices!

Robert Horner

Well priced for a theater, but they don't seem to show many movies in 3d.

Kevin Jordan

Nice new seats but the heat was way too warm. Would be nice to select your own seat by reservation. People left single seats scattered in theater. Staff was friendly. Theater was clean.

Ethan Torrey

The prices are amazing compared to the competition. This is far and away the cheapest way to go to the theater at the moment, and during the day prices are even cheaper. The problem with the new owners comes from the lack of assigned seating, something which the original owners had. The trouble with this comes from not knowing if a showing is sold out, and having to move to accomodate more people who show up. With the previous owners, you selected your seats from a screen which showed which were already taken. This system was effective in ensuring that there was a seat for everyone who attended a showing. The new system is you come in, look around for a seat, and if you can’t find one you’re screwed. It’s really first come first serve. The other problem is the lines to get into the theater. Once you buy your ticket you have to wait in line till the theater is done being cleaned. They don’t indicate which line is for which movie, so when the employee eventually calls out which line’s which everyone has to switch what line they’re in. This is a problem easily solved by some sort of sign and more staff on hand. Other than those couple things, which are both relatively easy to fix, my experience at the theater under the new owners was pretty good. TL;DR The overall experience is the same as it always has been, but a lack of organization drags the theater down a few pegs.

Ed B

Since the new owners took over, it has gotten better. $5 matinee are unbeatable. Seats are great, the employees are helpful and screens are good. The only thing I miss is reserved seating.

Shawn Herron

Cheap tickets and fantastic reclining seats. Only downside is there aren’t many seats per theater so you could end up sharing a love seat with a random person (there are arm rest dividers) and every time I’ve gotten a beer there they only fill about 2/3 of the cup. The manager there is a young snarky guy who really brought down my enjoyment of the experience as well.

janice clark

Saw the movie A Dog's Journey. Was great. Other than walking into a dark theater all was good

Aeris Mckendry

Younger staff but friendly amazing seats

Theresa Brams

It was nice we saw John Wick the heated seats were a nice feature

Lisa B

Great local theater, best seats in town. Smaller individual theaters than competition. Parking is available and easy to get to.

David Scott

Prices are fare, seats and sound are amazing! Only thing I wish they didn't take away since taking over the beacon was the ability to purchase assigned seats.

Sheilla Hopkins

We had a great night!! Friendly employees ! The prices went up but not to high

Abby Bloch

New lounge chairs make viewing very comfortable.

Charles Smith

Where I get my meds,really fast service.

Phil Baruch

Great service and seats. Heated seats was a new experience.

Cal Lefty

The new management wont let you reserve seats on line after paying a $2.50 fee...seriously? You have to LINE UP AND WAIT to get in the theater even if you pre-purchase tickets!!!! So come early for the privilage of watching ads, Comfy seating, low ticket prices, great staff, clean facility sre plusses. Let me reserve a seat and charge me an extra buck, ok?

Annie Lindsey

Second time the schedule was wrong so no movie today 7 of is went.

Jon May

$5 matinee tickets, super comfortable heated seats, and the theater seats half as many as most theaters so it's never too crowded.

Cassidy Tatro

Id really give this zero stars because it never shows the movies that are currently playing or the showtimes. You have to wildly google or just call the Beacon with a pen and paper like its the 1990's again. Not convenient at all.

Haley Diamond

I loved this theater before Phoenix took over. While ticket prices are still good don't like that management got rid of reserved seats and made the popcorn sizes smaller and more expensive I think they might lose some business to the mall since they still have reserved seating especially for the first week or two after a new movie comes out because reserve seating really helped with that.

Matt Stockman

Very nice place

Paula Kohler

Best most comfortable reclining heated seats

John Karper

It is great historic theater with comfortable seating.

Lisa Burnham

Theater was clean and air conditioned. Seats are really comfortable.

Patrick LaValley

Friendly staff, comfortable reclining seats with heated seats, no seat reservations but I'm fine with that.

Beth Whitney

They always have room

Dawn Brady

We love this cinema. $6 for a matinee is affordable

Jessica DiTomasso

Much better now price for tickets are affordable

Faith Manary

Good theater!

Neal Burton

Enjoy going to the movies at the Beacon. Seats are incredible.

Kathy Crowe

They stopped showing the Met Opera in HD!!! They claim all the money goes to the Met but my friend there says not so. The theater was always full with a regular crowd. Angry beyond words.

Bill Rusher

Theater 3, 1st row seat buttons didnt work

Matthew Gaylord

Really nice power recline seats however the seats is not ment for larger people and small selection on the candy the beacon is very different now than it was open 9 years. Candy that i prefer is Mike & Ike or Dots. I know this is not a common thing but is there anyway you can make a small display of sour candy since you have a lot of chocolate items so why not make a sure display candy if you did that it would make you different from your local competitors.

Donn Testa

Excellent theater! Spacious reclining seats, beer and wine available! Pretty reasonable ticket prices!

Amanda Babcock

They have good seats and a nice view they are great people thanks

Michael Lodowski

Great theater prices , the chairs , the food , customer service.

Melissa Phelps-Utter

Nice movie place. Dont like the seats as I dont watch from a laying down position. Like my feet to touch the floor. But they have great movie prices. Take my grandson there a lot.

joseph racicot

Great place

kayla keefner

Great relaxation during the movie

Jeff D

Great place to watch movies.

Tara Bouchard

Always love going here. The new seats are amazing, even when you get stuck in the first row which has happened the past 2 times. But still an amazing experience!


Heated and reclining chairs are the best we travel a little farther for this theatre because it's worth it and they also sell beer and wine the tickets are pretty cheap they also do 3d movies

Jason K.

Support local business. They have those big comfy chairs that every theater is starting to have and they just lowered their prices. No reason not to go.

michael vickery

It has good service

Bonnie Dean

Very friendly very clean very up to date on new movies

Danielo Calderone

Excellent installation.

Dave Hover

Best to see a movie

Linda-Jo Diamond

Love the movies on a super hot day!

Mugsy Bennett

What a great inexpensive theater.

Fred Fiske

Incredible value. Very comfortable

Lynn Myers

Downtown Pittsfield. Creative repurposing of older downtown building and great movie experience complete with recliners.

Logan Crosier

Go here regularly. Excellent seating, amazing prices, great audio quality, and good service. Highly recommend.

Chris Temkin

Not loving the new management. No reserved seating so forced to sit through commercials or you may not get a seat. Today, 25 minutes after advertised showtime, commercials were still running — commercials, not previews. I finally left and got a refund. The manager said commercials were supposed to run until 15 minutes after advertised showtime, and that they must be running behind. Even still, who wants to sit through 15 - 20 minutes of commercials.

Felisa Selene

Always have a great time here. The BIFF event they had was awesome! I got to see two films that I would not have seen anywhere. It is always clean, comfortable and the sound is terrific there. The staff are courteous and helpful.

Erik Anderson

Comfortable seats. Nice audio. Friendly staff. Clean. Nuff said.

Katherine Park

They have HEATED reclining seats. Staff is very friendly. My favorite theater in the berkshires!

Elizabeth Stein

Place is clean and seats are comfortable. I was on vacation and we ended up going here for a movie. I got my tickets on line and it was easy to print them on site. When I was about to go into the theater the atendant said I could not bring my purse in to the theater and would have to stay in the manager' office. I did not have time to go back to my vehicle to leave my purse there so I had no option. I would have been OK with them inspecting my purse but when I offered this option she declined. She stated it was her manager''s rule and my purse would be in her office. I did not have anything in my purse that would be a risk to them. I had to gather my important documents from my purse and the cash I had at the time. There should be a statement when you buy your tickets on line that explains the fact that if your purse is in the shape of a small back pack you will be asked to turn it in to the manager. I was very disappointed with the way I was treated. Now days we have grown to comply with security checks but in a theater custumers''s personal belongings should not end up with the manager .

Charlie B

Great seats but somewhat small theater s

Renee Carl

Good first ever visit, but wish for healthier food choices.

Paul Ward

Great movie experience love the new reclining seats

Wild Rover

My #1 choice when I want to see a movie! Comfy seats, great ticket price!

Melissa P

Best place to see a movie! Amazing seats, great prices.... Don't recommend anywhere else!

Justin Scaduto

A great movie watching experience in a solid location. The seats are comfortable and spacious, as well as reclining and heated. They have good matinee prices and movie times. Also they sell beer which is pretty sweet.

Michael Lawlor

Very good seats are comfortable popcorn is tasty

Brenda Provencher

Loved the surround sound and the seats

Laurie Hendrix

The theater is very clean, the staff great! We watched Spiderman and Marvel did a great job, but the sound is really loud within the movie itself.

maria rodriguez

excellent place the manager and all his team are really nice and kind, thanks for such a great time, the heat seats are really confortable and are the best, the sound is high quality, everything is clean

Carol Bush

Comfortable and great prices. Will return

Santos Pizarro

Fairly awesome cinema with reclining chairs, savystaff is actually good, but I'm not as youthful or interesting, my standard advise forward is that in the future more events and additional security is a large building, but it's not patrolled well. There's some reasonable areas for rent and lot for parties, concerts or to relocate some of the mall shops downtown,a new arcade with DDR, laser tag, and H&M clothing or Victoria's Secret would,honestly add more revenue to the theatre and nearby restaurants especially

Justin Calemmo

Best theater ever! Kids love it. Parents as well. Large reclining seats, plenty of room. Beer and wine. Easy to sleep through a kids movie if need be. Highly recommended on cold winter day.

Tyler Simmons

Now with 5 dollar matinee tickets it's hard to pass up going to the movies! Plus the heated and reclined seats! Most comfortable theater I've been in.

Joni Olsen

Nice huge seats, and good thing, we arrived 30 mins prior to the show, bought 3 tickets and since you can't select your seats, we were faced either sitting apart, or having our 4yo sit in between us, where the armrest goes up. Really disappointing and frustrating that they took away the pick your seat when you buy. The tech exists, so why not use it?

Bobby Brown

Great Cinema. New owners are putting an emphasis on cleaning and it shows. Seats are amazing and heated. They are working to update the systems. Bernard and Devin are great, friendly managers.

john maliawco

It's great value for the price. It's visually pleasing. And it's clean. Great place for everyone. And it's in downtown. A real treasure. Update! Has new recliner seats that are electric! Super big and comfortable. No need to go anywhere else ever again. Prices are still lower than the mall. I'd give another star if I could.

Bau Na

Good experience.

Glenn Wheeler

Great seats and sound system!

Alex Hopkins

The best theater ever

David Handler

The Beacon is a terrific movie theatre and just newly renovated. A great place to enjoy a movie in downtown Pittsfield!

Ken Schoenberg

I have increased my rating from four to five stars as these folks are really creating a great place to see movies. Their new seats (electric recliners are very comfortable and their prices are low. While, I wouldn't say the snacks are a bargain - they're movie house reasonable. The theaters are clean and the screens and sound are also good. My only wish is they had real butter for the popcorn. There is plenty of parking right behind the theater with an accessible back entrance. Overall, this is a great movie theater with reasonable prices and a friendly staff. Update: I really wish the popcorn was made fresh. They prepackage it and it tastes bad.

Meryl Enerson

The Beacon Cinema is this area's best film viewing experience, with small, well-designed theaters, large reclining seats and ample aisles. You can order a beer or a wine, stretch out, and enjoy the movie. We always go here for big movies with effects, especially 3D. Highly recommended.

Megan S

You can't get any better than this. The prices were low and quality was superb. The recliners made watching a movie while in a cast a pleasant experience.

Michelle Doucette

Having been to the Beacon once before I have to say I am looking forward to a return visit. I appreciate the friendly staff and atmosphere.

Nicholas Swendsen

Great new seats, affordable tickets and concessions that beat out other theaters. Can't go wrong when coming here to see movies. Located near a ton of restaurants in down town Pittsfield as well

Cindy Halpen

Nice to relax and enjoy a cold beer while watching a movie

Jason Reynolds

Me and my large family love the beacon it’s wallet friendly for a family of seven even after snacks popcorn and soda we will be back shortly andddd if your lucky your movie will be upstairs in theater six best theater we love the beacon!!!

Scott Tillinghast

My new spot! Well done guys and thank you for making such a place and not charging 25$ for a ticket. And the popcorn is not overpriced!

M. Fares

Went here for the first time tonight. It seemed like an overall nice theater. The movie audio and video was fine, the price was right for a matinee. I really liked the recliners, very comfortable and easy on the back. I do wish North Street Parking, or parking behind the theater were more readily available. There is a lot, but it's a paid and permitted lot (I dislike those being on fixed income). I was surprised to find the actual theaters split on multiple levels, but there was an escalator to go up. Sadly there was no escalator down, and the elevator was a bit of a walk to reach with a bad leg. The main lobby was different, I am so used to arcade games and pinball machines in theaters since I was a child, but this one had a player piano - though soft jazz (I think that's what was playing) isn't my thing, and it was a little louder than I would have liked for a lobby. I get it though, they are trying to set a mood and fit in with the nearby cafe's and restaurants. I will more than likely see another movie here again, it is far nicer overall than my last experience at the mall. It almost brings back the days of my childhood when there were several theaters on North Street.

Marisa Burntitus

I went here last week with a friend to see a matinee. We were told the movie "wasn't downloaded yet". Out of the handful of movies they were advertising as showing, they only had one. We were turned away and I have never been to a movie theater before that wasn't showing any movies advertised on their own website. Really strange, and I'll stick to the triplex in GB.


Best theater around. Comfy chairs and amazing audio and video quality. Plus they have more than your regular candy and popcorn at the concession stand. Even have beer

john Murray

Love this place

Rob Stumbaugh

Heated seats enjoyable place to see a movie

Marilisande Montes De Oca

Solid theatre. Went to a Saturday matinee.

Art Corriveau

Good sound system, clean

Ella Austin

great new heated seats !! any movie b4 6pm is 5 bucks !! cant beat that

John Mckenney

Great place, just was better when going with someone to be able to pick seats online. New owner does not have that but otherwise great theater.

Steph Ricecake

Amazing seating, cheap prices on Tuesdays and great staff. Highly recommended.

Christie Amlaw

Beautiful clean theater!


Totally enjoyable. Great prices, going to the movies is becoming a weekly thing in our house.

Isis Cabrera

I love this movie theatre very local and fair prices on literally everything .

Dawn Hertzberg

Very comfortable seats and an enjoyable time

larz stephenson

Grand ole theater, pretty much completely remodeled. Nice recliners, beer and wine...and the least expensive theater around. I

Bonnie Berry

The Theater is very nice and affordable,but the only thing I thought was absolutely awful was the fact they charged me for my infant who was in an infant carrier. My infant clearly wasn't going to the movies to actually enjoy a movie. He didn't take up a seat. He slept in my arms the entire movie. I just was very disappointed that they charged for a baby?


absolutely we love it we come back for second time in the week, the quality of the sound is really good the reclining seats are the best, the cinema is updated, the manager is really friendly and also his staff, we really recommend this cinema everything is very clean and like new, amazing experience, we really enjoy our time here and also in the town, thanks to everyone

Paul Gross

Excellent place to watch a movie in comfort.

Jake Miller

Used to be great when it was locally owned. They got rid of the pick your seat options and the move selection has become more blockbuster less Indy movies.

christian tenczar

Affordable tickets with a home town charm. This place has also been recently renovated to have reclining seats and new carpets and paint. The sound and picture are pretty good, although some of the seats are at odd angles to the screen. Still, you cannot go wrong and it doesn't have that "corporate America" feel to it as many other chain theaters do. We will be coming back again soon!

Teesha Murrell

Theatre was very nice. Loved the heated seats. Staff was accommodating.

Alicia Kenyon

Very reasonable prices. Good atmosphere. Reclining seats very comfortable

J Sayers

New recliners there were nice, but the people in the audience were the problem. Put a theater in the ghetto (North St. Pittsfield) and it's bound to be filled with ghetto. The tow in front of us all took there shoes off.


Great movie theater. Very nice seats and there is not a bad seat in the building.

naki doshu

It's comfortable and affordable. Usually a great place. This time there was only a small group and they forgot to turn on the movie. Once we let them know, everything was great.

Erin Schlueter

Super cool place! Wish I lived closer!

Vinicius Lamego

The renovation looks amazing and the new chairs are very comfortable! With affordable price, great surround sound, awesome screen quality and great hospitality Phoenix Theather is awesome. Just which the seats where numbered and could be picked online because you wouldn't have to get there early for a good spot!!

Bruce Gaspardi Jr

The new seats are great! And the prices are very affordable

Nathan Bates

Very nice, clean cinema with two levels of theatres and an available bar for beer and wine. Friendly staff and decent prices with deals on matinees, even their 3D matinees. Seating is comfortable and have electric reclyners in all. Wheelchair accessible seating is also available here. If you are taking young children though maybe bring some ear muffs of sorts as the theatres are smaller and the sound is loud and of great quality.

James Noble

Reasonable prices and comfortable seats. But I miss getting beer and wine during the films

Richard Johansen

Very nice and comfortable.

tremayne derr

Great place and great prices and nice warm comfy seats. Don't fall asleep

Paul Smith

Went to a Sat am show, early times, SUPER cheap prices, easy to get to, plenty of parking, comfy seats, BUT you could hear the other movies!!!!! Conflicting scene music, conflicting conversations etc. In a "sad" part of the movie I went to see you could hear the laughing from another scene, in another movie, in another theater!!! If this gets fixed then this place is amazing

Kathleen Lapointe

They changed owners recently it seems, and there is no longer reserved seating. A little disappointing if you were used to getting to pick your seats already, but otherwise the theater is still one of my favorites. I absolutely love the reclining chairs.

Cathy Fisch

This movie theater is a family favorite! The prices are great, the new chairs are comfortable and the location is right downtown. Also, it's easy to use the online ticket reservation, which is helpful in the summertime or other busy times, so as not to drive out and not be able to get a seat or seats together.

Randee Fitzgerald

Love this place!

samantha serfass

I miss beacon! Reasons why I will not come back: 1.cant pick seats kore kids combo 3. No more slushies 4. Staff rude and unpleasant I did like the heated seats but I wont come back .

Julee Voll

The reclining chairs were comfortable and functional. Had to choose a seat prior to the show which guaranteed your seat. Tickets before 5 pm are $6.00 Centrally located. Public parking is metered until 4pm on weekdays. Free after 4 pm and on the weekends.

Luz Morales

You can't get any better than this. Reclining seats, not over crowded, best prices, clean bathrooms. $19 for new movie for 3 +1candy. How can you go wrong. This is what going to the movies used to be.

Joshua Nunberg

Great seats. Rarely crowded. Poor movie selection.

Leh-Wen Yau

Fully renovated with extremely comfortable reclining sofa seats, and very attractive ticket prices. Best values for a wonderful movie Cinema experience anywhere!

Pagan Guy

Nice theatre but expensive snacks.

Nicole Blascak

Better prices than Berkshire mall cinema. Friendly staff. Good popcorn. Free flavoring for the popcorn. Love taking my kids there.

Nancy Gilbert

Wonderful seating, perfect viewing of the screen. We'll be back!

David Van Bramer

Reserved seating was removed unfortunately but otherwise the best picture and sound quality in the area.

Juan Molinari

Surprisingly luxurious for the prices

Brian C

Nice and clean, but could use a bit more than one employee staffing in lobby.

James Foyle

Apparently just re-opened with a name change. Right off the bat, $2.50 to buy Ticket online, and General Admission, no choosing seats. A show stopper for me. Pun Intended. Get a grip Pheonix!

Kermit Goodman

Price is good but, if you are shorter, like me, the new seating is very uncomfortable.

Mia McDonald

What a gem! We ended up at a movie after our plans to go swimming got rained out. For less than $60, 5 kids and 1 adult went to a movie with 2 large sodas, 2 jumbo tubs of popcorn AND 2 large candy boxes. The chairs were all big comfortable recliners with heated option. The only drawback was due to the small theater (and kids who don’t know how to politely save seats) we all ended up spread out in individual seats. Get there early if you want to sit together.

Cassie Holmberg

It was Great! Love the new seats! Very comfortable. Just wished they turn on the lights when the credits came up. It was hard to see trying to gather up your 5 year old.

Jake Hall

Great independent theater! Love the reclining seats and reserved seating. Decent sound and picture as well as excellent prices.

Graham Tulett

Very comfortable seats. Matinee prices great


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