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REVIEWS OF O'Neil Cinemas IN Vermont

Juliana Sullivan

Usually a nice theater with comfortable seats, but when I went the heat was on although it was pretty warm outside. I usually expect (and dress) for a movie theater to be well air-conditioned so I was pretty uncomfortable during my visit.

Alex Coonor

Me and my family’s favorite movie theaters such great staff awesome customer service. Great food and reclining seats are amazing comfortable. We love it here drinks food snacks and pop corn amazing amazing

Cindy Maillet

This place was huge, we went in the Grand Deluxe room. Got a large popcorn and a large drink. For 8. 50.

Dorian Mohar

Great looking movie theater for movie I was excited to see! I wish a small popcorn and a small drink could be $10. Then my movie and food would of been $20 which I find reasonable for 2 hours of time. Maybe add a smaller option for $10?

Moe Ryan

This place looks like it's from the future! Full reclining seats and an amazing screen. I've seen a dozen movies there now, always a great experience. The food could be a little better, but it's a movie theater, don't set the bar so high. If you don't want to eat there, the movie theater is located in a huge shopping plaza with so many great options for food and drink. Cheaper on Tuesdays too!

Gabe A.

Stunning venue with amazing electronic recliner seats and meal service delivered to your seat. Meals excellent too -- great burger and fries!

sharat menon

One of the best movie theaters in the New England area. The seats are comfy with a retractable table which is perfect to keep your phone, wallet, keys etc.. I wish they start showing Indian movies here..

beth stuerman

Please clean the lobby carpets, currently very uninviting. Theatre space still very comfortable and enjoyable .

Ashrit Shetty

Love their IMAX offering which has really stunning audio and a super huge screen.

Scott Champa

The seats are very comfortable in the dlx thearter. The surround sound is awesome. The food is crazy expensive. A box of m&ms was $4.75 and a large drink was $6.75. The matinee ticket was $13 for the deluxe cinema. Unless there is a groupon for this place you can spend about $100 for a family of four. It is not worth that and you can find cheaper place for sure.

Lindsey F

Great theater! Seems brand new and very clean!

Leander Ferebee

Give it a 4 out of 5. Because a 5 would be home in bed. Myself and grandson had a great time. Will be going back in the future.

Cintia Andrade

Theater is nice comfortable reclining chairs, clean bathrooms, beautiful facility. Downfall: not allergy friendly. We asked to see ingredients list for food items they did not have one.

James Morrissey

Very comfortable seating, good sound

Luz Rodriguez

Beautiful place, great seats, good customer service!

Matthew Chrobak

Perfect and modern movie theater that brings food right out to you!

jeanette lundgren

Best seats ever! And food delivered to you in theater.

Charles Sutton

A great movie theater. My experience was colored by their Tuesday special: $6 tickets, and half price for a large drink and a large popcorn. The seats are recliners, with a table attached. Snacks include hamburgers and hotdogs, and some other sandwiches. Tickets assign seats, for good or ill.

Rachel R.

Awesome. Recliner seats with trays and cup holders. Wait service, huge menu of everything from the standard fare to burgers to pizzas to salads with shrimp or chicken. Well staffed, clean and comfortable. Also a full bar - I'm not a drinker so I'll leave that review to someone else.

Anna Petersen

Reserve your seats! And so comfortable. I have not had the food, but they do deliver to you in the theater before the movie. There is also a bar, but I have not gone in. The ticket price is reasonable considering you can reserve a seat where you want and the seats are cushy and recline.

Victoria Lane

My favorite movie theater. The staff are friendly and helpful. The theaters are great with reclining seats, table trays to set your food on. The negative is that it can be chilly in there sometimes.

Liz Fine

Comfy seats, good picture/sound, and the soda doesn't taste like Windex like every other theater.

Aamanda Tarbell

Exceptional place...comfy seats, clean, friendly service


Nice theater but it seems like they mostly just play escapist junk. I would gladly spend money at this theater if they started playing real movies and not just Avengers part 12 and Spiderman part 6 and movies like that. I did see Hereditary here which I’ll give them credit for but the last 10 times ive checked the selection it seemed really bad every time

Barry Black

Only went once, not impressed with meals. Their meals can not be brought into the theater. Basic hot dogs and hamburgers from the snack bar can. Theater was clean and comfortable.

Kim Fleming

Really nice theater and easy location. Tons of parking. The seats are so comfy and you even get a tray for food and drinks.

Venkata Raghavendhra Chowdary Maddhipatla

We drove like 35 mins one way to reach the theater reading all the awesome reviews and we came with high expectations and we must say we loved the movie experience here and this definitely exceeded expectations. We have plenty of movie theater options within 15 mins driving range but we are definitely interested in coming back to O'Neil for more movies. Hope they keep up this gold standard experience for more and more movie days coming forward.

Luis Toro Jr

Organized, very clean, very comfortable seats, excellent customer service

Dan Flood

Awesome theater! Food in the bistro before the movie was excellent. Big comfortable recliners! Will definitely be back soon!!!!

Laura Casello

Can't say enough positive things about the staff at this cinema. All were so polite and very helpful when i ran into a problem recently. The reclining chairs are great with good accoustics. It is also very clean.

Amr Hafez

The place is great, the seats are super comfy. Would have given 5 stars, but the bathrooms could have been cleaner. It was a crowded time, so they could not keep up.

Eric Cheng

A beautiful theater in a great location. Comfy power reclining seats. Very clean and modern. Would definitely recommend! The movie started about 10 minutes after the posted start time which is nice. Not a whole unnecessary half hour of previews.

Aman Sharma

I like O Niel better than AMC theaters. For a large popcorn you get refill for free.

Kannan Subbaraj

Nice comfortable recliner seating, decent screen, food served. Restaurant in the same complex

Diana Phillips

Best movie theatre around! Huge screens, always clean, perfectly spread out aisles and seats so you can always see no matter where you sit. Nicest staff ever, wicked good food. This is my favorite theatre ever.

Blanca Diaz

I enjoy the atmosphere! Always nice service with a smile. Highly recommend!

Jon De Alderete

Great New theater with a bar and reclining seats. Close to some decent restraunts and a climbing gym. Tuesdays they have 5 dollar movie tickets which is the best deal on a movie for the whole region.

Dennis Phillips

Best theater I’ve ever been to. Big screens, nice seats, and CLEAN.

Brian Leslie

Great cinema, all the seats are very comfortable

Loyalty Roofing Solutions

WOW! This movie theater is fabulous! People here are so friendly, very clean place, seats are so comfortable. They serve margaritas. I don't think it can get any better than this. Never going to another movie theater again.

Andrew Carvalho

Hands down my favorite theater. I don't see us ever going elsewhere. Great seats, great screens and audio, clean, nice staff , it's all good

John Mandel

Great theater with food options and comfortable seating.

Joshua Rosen

They have comfy chairs that I don't find comfortable because the back isnt vertical enough. The chairs can recline until they are almost flat, that's great for teenagers who want to make out at the movies but not for seniors like me.

Diane Potter

We love this cinema. I like buying tickets ahead of time and getting the seats we want. All the seats recline very comfortably. You can buy adult beverages and bring them to your seats. The popcorn is fine snacks are the usual too. I'm not giving it a 5 because delivery to the seat is hit or miss. The person who takes your order types in the seat location next time I will check that. My daughter ordered a plain pretzel after 30 minutes I had to leave the movie and get it myself.

Micarla Erasmus

Went to O’Neil Cinema at The Point tonight to catch a movie with a friend. The theatre is in a great location, easy on and off 495 but nice for the locals as well!! The restaurant/lounge really should be marketed!!!! Biggest screens I’VE ever seen with just a few people and can’t believe what a gem is sitting almost empty!!! The food is really good and quite a range of choices. If you’re lucky you may also be treated to some amazing card tricks from one of the many fantastic staff members here!!!! The theaters are so comfortable and spacious, giving you a nice comfort level while relaxing and catching a movie. Love it here and am planning my next movie definitely MA!!! WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS

Cait OBrien

This is one of those new theaters with fancy seats and booze. Often crowded with limited seating options. I would recommend buying ahead of time especially for the blockbusters. Also the food and sodas and popcorn are of course very overpriced but that's pretty much to be expected at any theater. there's also a birthday room I'm not sure why you'd have a birthday party at the movie theater but hey do you. I highly recommend if you're going to see a children's movie, pop on over to the bar and grab yourself a nice big glass of wine or ice cold beer.

Danny M

I enjoy this movie theater a lot. The seats are roomy and comfortable. The lobby is clean and well lit. Service is usually great.

Nathaniel Hollander

Awesome place. So comfy to sit in the reclining chairs and enjoy the movies! By far the best Cinema we have been to in Massachusetts.

kelli kelley

Great seats, great snacks, great sound... TRIPLE CLEAN EVERYWHERE, including restrooms

Ann Curington

Love love love this theater! Reclining chairs and in-cinema service. A little pricey by definitely worth it!!!! My husband took me to see Bohemian Rhapsody and of course I sang the whole time lol! Perfect place for a date night, family outing or even a company event. There's a nice restaurant/bar next to the confessions that is so modern and sophisticated. The staff is nice, very prompt a willing to get things done for you. Do yourself a favor and go to O'Neill Cinemas!!!

Lori Holt

I like that you can bring your drink with you into the theater. And the seats are quite comfy.

Paul Gokin

I won't repeat all the positives others have mentioned: assigned seating concept, seats themselves, cleanliness, bargain Tuesdays including the bargain popcorn/drink combo, etc. I've been going to O'Neil Cinemas in Littleton exclusively since it opened: there's no reason to go to another theater in the area. I didn't notice the contrast issue noted by Chris F a few months earlier. In fact, contrast was amazing; much better than in a film projector (from what I can remember). The Dolby Atmos setup sounds fantastic as well. However: 1. During yesterday's showing of Spiderman: Far From Home in Grand DLX I noticed a significant amount of flicker in all moderately bright or brighter screnes. It was noticeable to the point of being distracting. My wife noticed it too. We have a projector at home and recently replaced our OEM bulb with a cheap off-brand version at 1/4 the price and the replacement started flickering after only about 100 hours. Maybe that's what happend at O'Neil. Avengers: Endgame looked fantastic on May 2nd. Was the bulb replaced after May 2nd or around that date? What was it replaced with? Please look into this. 2. Another picture-related item is the thin vertical line in the middle of the screen visible in bright scenes. Screen construction to blame here? 3. Ok. The last one will seem picky, but in one of the other theaters (I don't remember which now), the red exit sign at the front right of the theater was bright enough to cast a red glow onto the bottom right corner of the screen. It was only really noticeable in dark scenes and may have been fixed since I noticed it when I saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in that theater. And finally, it was a little cold in the theater. In the Summer we don't wear layers of clothes so when we sit in an air conditioned space without moving for 2+ hours wearing just shorts and a t-shirt we get cold. Not a dealbreaker -- I'll just bring a jacket next time. Guys, you have a great theater here: good enough to take business away from other more established chains. But please make sure you deliver on the promise of Grand DLX for your pickier viewers.

Cat Doucet

Nice theater.. but the popcorn and sodas are insanely over priced - even for a theater. I paid $15 for a large popcorn and soda but the popcorn was like the bottom of the barrel. It was all teeny tiny bits. I don’t think I even ate a quarter of it because it was just popcorn crumbs. I was so displeased with that I almost asked for a refund. The seats are great.. big and comfy recliners.

Ed Ford

I think ordering tickets on line should not cost extra. Other than that all was very nice. Very clean cinema thru out including restrooms.


Seats are good, more arm rests would be better. The bartender was late, so no beer with the movie.

Lucella-Thetis Bennett

This was my first time! I loved it!! I got to have pizza delivered to my leather reclining chair, sipping on a tequila sunrise while enjoying a movie in the theater!!

Bob Marion

I love this theatre ! The huge screen is great and they deliver you food and drinks right to your seat !

John Bell

Loved the theater, but the website wasn't working right when we bought tickets online. You have to choose your seats when purchasing, which we knew, but it said only a few we're available, so we ended up in the second row, which we really didn't prefer. When we got to the movie, half the theater was empty, and could have sat in a more preferred section. Considering the reclining seats, we had a great experience anyway... Would have been 5 stars if the website was accurate!

Stephanie Staszak

Wow this place is amazing! The seats are amazingly comfortable. They go back and the feet come up. Of course snacks are pricey.

Nicholas Comjean

Wonderful cinema, comfortable seating, friendly staff, and extensive menu options. Enjoy!

Nicole Gilford

This was a fantastic experience. This was out first time going and we've been to other theaters were the seats recline. This place is so much more. The seats are larger, comfortable and most important, clean! The rows are spacious so if someone needs out or there is a pizza being delivered (yes you read that correctly) you dont have to move your seat. Back to the pizza, a plethora of staff popped in and out before the movie started bring delicious smelling food and drinks. We will definitely have to order some next time, we just didnt know how to. Movie was great and when we left there was an army of staff members wishing us a good night and ready to clean. They waited until everyone left the theater to go in too, so no pressure. So polite, a decent price and so clean! Will be going back, possibly on a Tuesday because they have crazy deals.

Michael Willard

Great DLX theater number 1, the sound and picture is one of the best in the state! If your planning on seeing a new movie, make it O'Neil cinema. You won't regret it! My kids absolutely love the seats and the overall experience.


I think this is by far one of the best movie theaters I have ever been too! But there are a few consistent annoyances within the movie theaters, for one example the movie didn't start because there were a bit to much advertisements. One time, it was because the screen wasn't even on. But now on to the numerous good things I have to say about this place, the first thing is it is honestly beautiful and always has a nice movie selection for kids and adults! The next thing is the nice staff, they have feelings but they have their moments. The seats are leather and can keep you cozy and you could probably go to sleep in them! They are amazing and retractable. The food however is overpriced, just because it's a movie theater. The screen is always amazing though, I remember going to see something with some Grand Screen something? It was just beautiful and amazing. Along with everything else, because of the few negativities I rated it an honest four stars, without those it would've been five. Once again, good job.

Jessica amy

Seats were comfy and from any view you can see fine. Its not to loud and employees made it run well.

Rosemarie Andrews

Best way to watch any movie in comfort

Mike downey

Amazing theater and grand DLX is almost as good as a IMAX screen

Gina Casamenti

Beautiful cinema! Reclining seats are super comfortable, the screen is huge, the sound is crystal clear, and the whole venue is very spacious and clean. This will definitely be my new go-to theater.


Great Tuesday deals. Great spot just off highway, very easy to get to.


Love this place. Clean, plenty of room, Great people. Highly recommended going.

Oleg Burakov

Decent cinema; relatively new; very comfortable chairs and temperature; friendly staff; common selection of recent movies; no issues with parking, a lot of places around to eat before or after movie; not so crowdy

Josh Bulger

Clean and contemporary; food is what you'd expect and the bar is half decent.


Love the theater and employees seem nice. Compensated me for a bad experience with Endgame in the Grand DLX projector broke

Felix Alonzo

I was a little worried about going to this cinema since I have been let down by others in the pass. To my surprise I have to say this place is the type of place I see myself visiting again multiple times. Very very happy with my visit. Everything was just wonderful. The staff, the seating, the location, the beautiful inviting entrance, the food, the service, just wonderful. Highly recommend it.

Jaykay Linda

Very clean theater. Employees are always nice. Always a good experience!!

Jon Rego

Love this place, good service and great seats

Matt M

As far as the movie theater, I felt it was clean, presentable and for having 4 kids with us, we had a great time! However, the reason for 3 stars is for the bartender at the backstage lounge - he was very pompous and held a condescending attitude towards a beer that did not taste fresh. I've happened to have purchased 25-30 4 packs of the beer in question, so with a fairly tuned pallet, I can candidly state that I know what this specific beer tastes like. This gentlemen had a very rude response to try and "prove me wrong" and even the waitress/server was embarrassed at his demeanor. For someone that has worked in the "front of the house" as a bartender, server and manager; I won't be returning to the backstage lounge. However, the movie theater itself was very pleasant and I have no problem showing my patronage there.

Chris F

The place is very nice and new but the main screen has horrible contrast. Dark scenes are gray and washed out. You can't make out any detail. They're charging a premium price for the worst picture I've seen. If you care about picture quality save your money and try another theater. I saw Black Panther and figured maybe because the place was new the picture hadn't been calibrated yet or maybe you were still breaking in the projector but when I saw Captain Marvel last week the picture was still low contrast. Not bad during bright scenes but really bad during dark scenes. The sound was great, the seats and facilities were great too but if I'm going to pay to go out to a theater picture quality is the most important thing. I can get good sound and comfy seats at home, I go to theater for an amazing picture. IMO you doing everything right except the most import part, the picture.

Kathy M

Great date night!

Cynthia Dawn

Customer service is outstanding here. Theater is the PERFECT setup! This will be the only theater I visit from now on. Ticket prices are great considering the type of theater. Even snack prices are great. Theater was clean. Very spacious. Loved every second of it!

Joseph Walsh

Great cinema. Incredible sound system. Comfortable reclining seats with cup holders and mini table. Easily accessed off rt 495.

Teresa Mitchell

Toy story 4 was amazing!! Excellent customer service. But front carpet has to go It's nasty!! And bring down the small POPCORN and small drink prices!!

Aniketh Sharma

Very good cinema, but can be a bit expensive

Tommy Farnsworth

Best theater in Massachusetts! Highly recommend, plus they have excellent deals on Tuesdays! See you tonight!

Aaron A

Nice theater, great reclining seats and you can drink a beer while you watch!

Christopher Selway

Everything at the cinema was wonderful except for the movie, "Isn't It Romantic". Apart from a good performance by Rita Wilson, I'm wondering why the movie was ever made! If watching it proved to be difficult, making it must have been frustrating knowing how banal the product. Better luck next time Rita.

The Krypton Gaming

I absolutely love this theater. They have really comfy seats and a really nice atmosphere.

James and Adrianne Niall

I love this comfy theater!

mark meninger

Love the ability to choose seat when buying ticket

Peter Noland

Best theater in the area, huge showing areas inside, fully reclineable leather seats. Tuesdays are 6 dollar tickets, and half priced popcorn and drinks

Greg Narinian


Robert Govoni

This place is awesome! Brand new theater with table service! Great seats that recline back and state of the art screens and sound. We just saw John Wick 3 and it was the perfect movie to see on the big screen. All kinds of food choices and a bar to eat and drink at before or after the movie. A matinee ticket was $10 what else could you ask for.

Philippe Prochasson

Great movie theater, very comfortable reclining seats, great sound! Make sure you reserve ahead of time, usually pretty busy! Food and in house restaurant available as well as different restaurants located close by.

Madmatt D

Went to see Once upon a time in Hollywood. What a nice new theater, good variety of food, burgers, pizza etc, delivered to your seat. You can even have drinks before and during the movie! Awesome reclining seats, I could've fallen asleep if not watching an interesting movie! Great place, highly recommended.

Tyler Hoyt

after buying tickets for avengers endgame with my friends we arrived and were told that the DXL theater was having problems. We were asked to move to a different, smaller theater to see the movie. After that we were separated and instructed to sit down so they could get a count and then fix our seating which never happened. About 20 minutes later we were given coupons for a free movie. Not being able to sit with my friends in a movie that we have been planning to see since it was announced was very disappointing. I don’t know if I will be returning to this theater. Update- after leaving this review I was contacted by O’Neill’s. They were very apologetic and compensated me for my inconvenience. That is the type of customer I like.

Marianne Woodworth

Nice and clean! Very welcoming ticket taker on Saturday morning. Polite answered questions about restaurant and grand theatre experience.

Stefan Patch

Love this theater. Reserved reclining seats are awesome, and I've never had any issues here. Plus you can get food and drinks delivered from the bar area to your seat!

chickie haute

Really cozy seats and very large screen. I was impressed with the sound system too. This theater has a restaurant. My first visit to the theater, I saw many people coming out after the previous movie was over with pizza pie boxes. My next visit, I will be sure to try the pizza!

Brandon Hriniak

Best theater in the area, but you should reserve seats in advance. Decently expensive, but worth the cost. I just wouldnt bother with the food given the nearby options.

Emily Sorensen

The best theater is MA!

Kelly Perez

This was the first time I went to an O’Niel Cinemas, but I had an excellent experience. The theater was very clean, the staff was friendly, and the food was delicious. The reclining seats were a lot more comfortable than AMC recliners. The quality of the sound and screen was great as well. I would definitely return in the future.

Solid Snake

Great theater experience. Staff is great as well. Any chance of a monthly theater subscription similar to AMC A-List or Showcase Subscribes?

Benjamin Williams

So much better than Showcase. Actual real good food, delivered to your seat at a reasonable price. Full bar, with regular bar prices, NOT the super inflated drinks you find at Showcase bar. Luxury amenities throughout. Incredible.

Karla Paxton

Good food and drinks delivered to your own personal lounge chair. Huge screens and awesome sound.

Smruthi Sahukar

It's got enough parking and it's nice that they can bring your food to you. Comfortable, reclining seats.

Kay Crawford

Movies for adults, food and drinks.. win win in my book. Also during storm, they were open for those that ventured out to not be stir crazy... Thank you

Nick Vosburg

Amazing cinema. Now the only movie theatre my family and I go to.

Terence Young

DXL and awesome chairs make this my go to cinema!

Esmail Dhilla

Very pleasant and comfortable seating in the cinema hall

Masa Kol


David Sutton-Brown

Great place to see a movie and they delivered our pizza to our seats. Ultra comfy seats as well with swing away table

Joey Schunemann

Great theatre, comfy chairs, theatre food and drinks available. Unfortunately the chairs have built in tray tables for eating which could be nice except that they cannot comfortably be set to the side, so you will be fairly consistently bumping your knees on them while you're reclined. Overall good experience.

Damien Fox

Love it. Especially the Grand DLX. If only they served coke products instead of Pepsi

Mark Dufresne

Great place, powered seats, good food, the screen and sound quality are top notch. Love them.


Wow. This hidden gem is awesome. In a new construction open air mall (is that what they're called?) At the very end of the curving road, sits this movie theater. As part of the theater, but separated by 3 walls, it's a full size bar/lounge area. Not sure if they sell food in there or not. Concession stand sign read that food could take up to 30 minutes and would be delivered to your seat. This is new construction. I never thought that a movie theater could look like a fancy hotel. Check out some of the pictures. The hallways are very elegant. That signage are digital screens. The seats are reclining and have little table tops that swivel out of the way, with cup holders. It still has that "new car smell" and very clean!

Amie Humphrey Facendola

This place is great and it's not overpriced. Super comfy chairs, clean, plenty of room to relax. They bring your food to your seat and the pizza was actually not bad.

Sean Sharon

the chairs are incredibly comfortable with plenty of space between seats and I love the reclining chairs. you can sit down and order food before you go in and the Turkey burger , burger, and chicken sliders are delicious. you can also order food and have it delivered to your seat during the movie which is great. however, the movies are INCREDIBLY loud - so be aware when you go: I would really bring earplugs next time I go.

Jessica Lombard

Love choosing my seats online, and wide comfy almost full recline seats. Great picture quality and sound. Food delivery to your seat! Makes going to movies great again, honestly we had stopped going out to movies, but this new experience has us hooked again.


the movies are great! popcorn is pricey too, but that's just movie theaters for you

Christian Walzel

The DLX cinema is probably the best place to catch a block buster movie. Picture and sound are state of the art. Being able to watch your favorite movies while drinking a beer or cocktail only makes it that much better.


Very nice new Cinema. A little pricey all around, but which theater isn't our days. Great location.

Lynn Kerkmann

This place was a total delightful suprize! $10 matinee and clean modern seating! You can order your snacks at the counter and they deliver them to you at your seat! Ive never seen that before! There is a tray table attached to your seat. What a brilliant idea! 2 thumbs up here!

Mario Christianto

Nice theater, building fairly new. Recliner seats, reserved seating so no need to rush. Standard concession stuff, good popcorn, good hotdog. Clean restrooms. Ample parking space. Good decent place.

Stephen Simons

Not a fan of this place. Dont get me wrong it's clean and the employees are friendly but...I'm just not a fan. I cant put a specific reason to it. Sometimes you like a cinema and sometimes you just don't.

Joseph Campo

Wonderful seats that recline. No one blocking your view or kicking your seat. Super sound. Huge screen. Saw captain marvel. Prices high but good deal for 62+ wed or low price Tues. Highly recommend.

Jonathan Caruso

Very nice setting, smooth transition from walking through the doors to walking out the doors after the movie. Have been a few times now.

Vaishali Mahesh

It’s very clean and spacious and we had a wonderful experience watching toy story 4.

Devang Parikh

One of the best cinema experience I have had

Robert Deignan

Very nice and super clean venue and good so. Great screen but the sound is too loud. The grand dlx screen is worth the price but you can't hear yourself think the sound is so loud and the movie was Marry Poppins!

Chris Joyce

Nice new modern theater. Food options are great and an amazing cinematic experience.

Yash Bharatula

The Reclining seats are very comfortable and the service was quick. The food is pricey but it is to be expected for service during a film.

Don Frye

Clean, friendly, deluxe seating, sound, and picture. All-around excellent movie experience

Kelly Gardner.

First time at this theater and I thought it was terrific.. I will most definitely go back.. the reclining seats we're the best..

Ayman Alam

Had a great time when visiting the theater with fam, although I had a few issues regarding cleanliness. Not sure if it was because of the time the movie started (almost 10 pm) and the employees got tired of cleaning, but the grand dlx was pretty dirty with a lot of popcorn on the stairs and floor. Some stuff was even on the seat armrest. Popcorn was definitely not the freshest, but was alright. Definitely come here for the experience though. The screen was nice and huge, the dolby atmos surround sound is amazing, reclining seats were comfortable, and the ice cream is delicious. Will definitely come here for more movies!

Chris Rodriguez

Awesome experience! Loved the organized lines, food was great! Seats were comfortable! And it's located near other stores and restaurants :) definitely going here again!

Brian W.

A premium theater experience. I won't see movies anywhere elese. Yes, it's more expensive, but you get what you pay for- comfort and luxury. Highly recommend.

Bala Subra

They deliver concessions to the seat! Awesome reclining seats. Family friendly and modern

Daniel Demers

The ease of buying tickets was amazing. Also, it was quite cheap;6$ a ticket. I guess I like the comfy chair seating but it makes it seem that there are hundreds of people buying tickets. However, the seats take up tons if space. The real negatuvesl the fact that I had to change my baby's diaper next to the sink instead of having a baby changing table. That was just horrible.


It's worth the trip and money to see a movie properly. And this place does it perfectly. The ticket price is absolutely fair and food prices are high but that's the catch cheaper tickets for cost of food/drink so eat before or be prepared for food cost!

Duncan MacLeod

Very comfortable seats, though having been here 3 times now I have to say the projection feels dark. During darker scenes or night scenes I was struggling to see fine details.

Helgi Edwards

Comfortable seats! Nice clean place. Ordered some burgers, popcorn, fries. Was good, not great but good.


Very clean and always a good experience. Food is delivered quickly as well.

jared garfeild

I haven’t been to a movie theater in 12 years or more, but I’m confident this is one of the best theaters around, if not the entire state. 1. The chairs... they’re like $1,000+ chairs that recline and have a swivel table. I hear they even have couch chairs. They also have couple chairs that are segregated from the others, offering more privacy and you can talk without bothering people. Every chair has ample room, and the rows are spaced far apart. You won’t be squeezing by people to get to your seat or struggling to see over people. 2. There’s a bar and you can bring your drinks to the theater. 3. There’s a restaurant/bistro located in the theater as well if you want some fine dining while enjoying a movie. 4. The sound is amazing, even in the standard theaters. It’s more like 360 sound rather than surround. When it was a rainy scene I could hear the rain above me. The floors are the only place sound doesn’t come from. 5. The projection was amazing, I was not expecting it to look that good. Great 1080p image with vibrant colors. 6. Every part of the building was extremely clean and well maintained. I couldn’t find a single light out. The only thing I didn’t like was the volume of the sound. Sometimes it’s too quiet sometimes it’s too loud, they need to level it out a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong though it was still excellent but I’m a perfectionist. It’s clear O’Neil does not cut corners and every thought was about the customers experience, not about jamming as many cheap chairs into a room as possible to increase revenue or raise profit margins. Just look at all the responses to reviews from the owner, another good sign that they care about the customers. Snacks and Drinks are expensive like you’d assume, but the ticket prices are very fair. I might go buy a movie ticket just to nap in the chairs. (Just kidding but it would probably be worth it lol.)

Eric Caron

Clean and super friendly staff. Best theatre staff I've come across ever! And I have been to lots of different theaters. Fresh popped popcorn rocks! Not a huge fan of the "desk" trays on all the seats. Wish those could be dropped down out of the way. Otherwise, definitely a great theater!!!


Service and Staff is Good.Recliner seats are comfortable.Kid friendly and Good Rewards program

Jack Moran

The burgers would have been better if they were cooked. Mine and my son's were medium rare after telling them medium well and they said that's the only way we cook them. Well they were med rare

Michelle Shine

Great movie love the discounts!

Joe Lemaire

The seating is amazing! Being able to get your tickets online and pre pick your seat is there best! And reclining with a side table - are you kidding me?!?! It made watching a 3 hour movie feel like I was at home! Best movie expert ever!

Kyle Javorsky

This place is amazing! So well done.


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