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REVIEWS OF Nugget Theaters IN Vermont


We love our little local movie theater!

John Phillips

Always have a great experience at the Nugget. I'm very happy to have a theater close by when something interesting comes out. Definitely recommend.

Ninad Kumthekar

Will Burns

Nice theater's, clean.

Joann Pickering

Very cute small theater. Friendly staff. Fantastic popcorn!

Alveena Zulfiqar

Rhiannon DeRemer

Theresa Carter

The best around our area!

Penny Wiltz

Always interesting offerings for films. Price decent..commercial theatre down in Lebanon is >$10 a film. So, don't complain about price. Selections at concession average (they do have Snickers). Wish there was good coffee. Have always found it complaints .

Kurt Johnson

Ann Fahlbusch

We love the Nugget Theatre. The people are fantastic.

Timothy Fraser

Jeffrey Temple

Wonderful little theatre. Concessions are so much less expensive than other theatres in the area and I love that it's locally owned and operated. Well worth the drive.

Jane Carpenter

Pleasant help. Cleaner then many theaters

Shawn Hutchins

Just another movie theatre...nothing special. Overpriced as usual and yet they still charge a dollar for popcorn refills. Air conditioning gives a nice break from the humid weather though.

Neerja Bakshi-Sharma

AFAIR, this is one of the oldest cinemas in the entire country. Bill Bryson, the famous author of A Brief History of Nearly Everything, wrote about it in his book (not that book, the other one. Called I'm a Stranger Here Myself) It's adorable and cute. I wish I'd come here to watch movies more often but alas, you only know how great things are once you're a thousand miles away from them. For such a tiny building - they do have a large number of screens, and for so many screens screening different movies, the halls are rarely filled to the brim. You can get good seats quite easily, and ticket prices seem to be lower than normal too. Also, if you're a resident of Hanover - you don't actually have too much choice in where you can go to watch a film either, do you? But for what it's worth - Nugget has this adorable, little charm which I've yet to find in other cinemas in bigger cities.

Mateusz Was

David Henderson

Great community theatre. Wide range of movies, not just the multiplex stuff. Fresh popped popcorn is great.

Davide Buck

I like this movie theater, it’s clean, next to Morano gelato, in Hannover New Hampshire, I enjoy going for walks in this area.

stacey wilson

Grace Solsaa

Very nice

Bev Owen

This theater has been around for quite awhile and has made some improvements over the years. It's seats are comfortable. The staff is really friendly. It's a good location. Not too long a drive from most of the Upper Valley. Walking distance from the college. There is parking out behind the theater as well as in front. Good selection at the concession stand.

Brett Tofel

Always a great movie experience. And now composting popcorn. Great idea.

Amanda White

The theater was cold to be sitting still for 2.5hours. It was nice and clean and the staff was friendly.

xitiz bhatia

Nice little theatre to catch a movie in Hanover.

Gretchen Stokes

Not certain community-run theater. Good movie selection. And they compost popcorn remnants. Of which I never have any.

Alex Brown

Hands down the best theater in the area. Great service and atmosphere. Always kept clean and looking good as long as I've lived here (19 years).

Eric Zimmerman

Luke Walthour

Very clean theater! I'm pleasantly surprised every time I go by how well kept the location is. Historically The Nugget didn't show many AAA movies, instead favoring more "artistic" films... more recently they've been picking up more mainstream content, which I appreciate!

Benjamin Ferguson

One of our favorite local movie theaters. Venue is nice and clean and everyone is friendly!

Mac Booth

Closeness and good movies

Anne Stanton

Great little theater

Sue Taylor

Most comfortable movie house in the area!

Malcolm Silver-Van Meter

A wonderful theatre in a prime location. The concessions are great, and most importantly, they always show excellent movies.

Neil Hurst

Small theater with good sound and picture. Clean, friendly and not expensive

Edward Fielding

Great resource in a small town. Theaters are small but they are clean, recently renovated, state of the art technology. Great downtown location with plenty of restaurants and ice cream nearby for before or after, perfect combination for a fun night out on the town.

Fernando Iglesias

This is a great theater. The screens are on the smaller side but the sound system is top notch. I come on the week nights and it's always nearly empty - which is awesome. The only downside is that they don't always get the new releases.

Kristen Currier

Lauren Goodell

Such a clean theater and comfortable seats to enjoy watching a movie in. The popcorn is really great and fresh tasting every time I get some. The movie selection is pretty good too just wish the nugget was a little bigger so they could show more movies at once.

Gerry Stark

Nice and clean, very small screens, good sound. They put real butter on the popcorn. Parking can be a challenge. Two tickets, popcorn and two sodas, $32.50

Edward Childs

Pleasant comfortable place to watch a movie with a friend.

V Y Soni

In the Lebanon-Hanover area there's a really limited choice for theatres, and this one is, for sure, the better one. But then, I just found it much cleaner. The theatre hall isn't too large, and the overall movie experience was average. Seats are adequately comfortable. The popcorn wasn't fresh. So I'd just contemplate over spending on it. Customer service was great

Kao San

Clean and friendly but no variety of snacks at concession stand. Nachos! Please!

Aidan Marshall

Melanie McDonough

Clean, great atmosphere, and awesome popcorn!

Ridwan Hassen

Good theater. I enjoyed going here in Hanover. Very quaint and usually got a good seat for movies.

Kevin Mabey

Quaint movie theater in Hanover that runs 4 screens. Very clean and comfortable with the best new releases. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Ryan Nicholson

Nice thearte with great snack selection.

Anayda de jesus

Great venue . Very friendly staff.

Hannah Ferguson

This theater is small and lovely. Always feels like an intimate experience, and they usually screen the films I'm most excited to see. Also right next to the best gelato place.

Jennifer Surlet

Unique little theater

Elissa Brown

They need to have more kids movies available

Jacob Slaughter

John Sherman

Nice independent theater with a good mix of the usual blockbusters and lesser known independent films.

bruno korbar

Old school cinema with decent movie selection, but rather horrible theatre halls.

Wei Styer

It's not the biggest of theaters, but it's nice for what it is. There are only a few movies showing here at a time, so a lot of students prefer to go to one of the larger theaters outside of Hanover. That said, it's very conveniently located, and students do get a discount on their ticket.

L Roberts

Garfield Goodrum

Customer service is great and very polite! Cozy little theater near shopping, and plenty of great food places.

Bhavana Rao

Daniel Pinigin

They have blankets and Leb doesn't so...

Ethan Barry

Best theater for miles........!!!!!

James Napier

Best theater in the area by far. In great condition and very clean. Just wish the screens were bigger and a bit lower.

L. B.

Cute little theater! I've been here a few times and have had all good experiences.

Drew Ross

Not the best but good screens and comfy seats

Eric Newson

Great local theatre

Riley Roach

This theater is the perfect size with great seats and nice big screens. The popcorn is amazing. They either have three or four movies playing, which is the perfect amount. There is always a movie that somebody will enjoy and all the movies are new.

Dan Vercruysse

Fine place to watch a movie and enjoy a clean peaceful theater. Middlebury theater is my number 1# around so I took 1 star from here.

Nick Arvizu

Love the small 4 theater experience. Usually has the more Oscar bait and art house type films, but has the main Blockbusters too. Good seating as well.

Stella Pence

Catherine Nigro

Cute, old downtown theater.

Paul Ashton

Lovely little theatre, always showing good new films. Service is also quality.

Will Johnson

Almost no a/c on a hot day, didn't open the theaters until five minutes before the movie started, and the manager was yelling at everyone, as if it was OUR fault they hadn't opened the theater or given us any place to be. I used to think the nugget was quaint. Now... I'll go elsewhere.

Dan Madison

Sophie Connor

Very quaint, but still has a good selection of movies.

Binyam Yilma

Paula Allard

Cheaper than a really nice movie theater

Donovan Cole

Very nice, comfortable seats, good popcorn.

Gabe Geller

I have always loved this theater, it's probably my favorite theater of all time. It almost always shows films that I am eager to see. Popcorn is great and it is a fantastic environment for everybody. Staff is always friendly and I Iove the old fashion vibe it's rocking. Most definitely recommend for anyone.

Didi Pershouse

Kathleen Geraghty

Clean with comfortable seats . Part of The Hanover Improvement Society which gives back to the community .

Micaela Tucker

Cozy theater with nice seats, good technology, and tea on the menu!

Zeke Baker

Movie selection is horrible, especially for a college town. College students need to be able to rely on the Nugget to show the movies they want to see, but they can't without being let down.

Caroline Kittredge

Good picks in films. Nice intimate small venue. Fun restaurants, bars, shops right near by.

Isabella McFarlin

I like The Nugget. They often play the only worthwhile movies in the entire area. I can't see why some of the reviews are so fussy!

Ken Pace

Reeks of liberalism. Doesn't show films that some might find " OFFENSIVE". Liberalism is a disease infecting our way of life.

Jenique Richards

A great small movie theatre, perfect for a small town

Paddy McCarthy

Small local theater. Sound was good.

Valentina Navarrete

Jordan Morano

A quaint small town movie theater that keeps up with the big ones: excellent sound and shows 3D films. The facilities are kept clean and food selection standard. The only caveat would be the limitation in movie selection though they tend to have some really good films.

Kaia Randolph

Best little theater in town, a little pricey, but keep in mind it all goes back to the community. The concessions are great, the theaters are clean, and they always have great movies for the whole family.

Cecilia Murphy Murphy

Clean, efficient and family friendly

Jim Rubens

Clean, contemporary, well-maintained, locally & non-profit owned/operated 4-screen theater consistently showing best major and selected art-house films. 25 restaurants within 2 blocks. Can't be beat by anything between Burlington and Concord.

Michael Sofis

Great little theatre. Very clean and impressive movie selection.

Thein Htun Aung

Cool & nice

rafael hashiba

Sierra Tabor

I go to this theater often with family. It always has a nice selection of films and the staff is always very friendly. There's nothing that really sticks out about it, either good or bad. It's a nice comfortable place to go. The only thing that is unfortunate is the fact that it's sometimes very difficult to find parking in that location of Hanover.

Fernando Vazquez

Colleen Newton Pause

The best place to see a movie in the Upper Valley!

Logan Wich

Jama Robinson

Best around that I know of!

Akiko Ujiie

Nick Alexander

Good place to catch a movie on the weekend!

Christopher Yu

Small screens, but the chairs are relatively comfortable and ticket prices are low.

Cheryl Cloutier

Cool theater.

William Murphy

Olde but a classic.

Undercover Donut

Its great. IM THE 200TH REVIEW

Ty McCarthy

Nancy Lindsey

We've been going to the Nugget for years! It's so much better than the megaplexes and great to support a 100 year old community theatre.

Andrea C.

I love this little theatre! Great staff, patrons, snacks and comfortable seats. We will go back again.

sandra carney

Best in the area for choice and staff!

Seth Bonnett

Small,cozy, and clean theater. Popcorn meets the expectations!

Ben Lazar

Name another first run theater that doesn’t have a half hour of previews and commercials for cars and soda.

Caleb North

Very small and cozy, and great location!

Toby Leong

Very nice, clean, convenient theater. Friendly staff and good show times. Also situated well for dining or snacking before and after movie.

Max Schwarz

The Nugget is a theater that genuinely cares about cleanliness and customer service. They show great films and are always welcoming!

Persia Nelson

Griffin Stotland

Pretty expensive

Chris E

Alan Collins

Everything you need a theatre to be. Lots of screening times and a decent number of screens. Parking is usually really awkward though, so allow 20 minutes before the movie to cruise around Hanover looking for a spot

Aidan Low

Key feature of Hanover.

Jennifer Schatz

Beautiful here


Small town movie theater with a few small screens. It usually shows a a balanced selection of movies and is a very family friendly option if you don't leave to far.

Tsubame Zhang

Small theater playing some interesting films. Screen is small and somewhat outdated.

Carter A

Only theater in NH considerate enough to use real butter on their popcorn! Right in the middle of downtown Hanover NH, it’s a cozy little spot.

Isabella Fiske McFarlin

A fun movie theater and a great restaurant!

Kevin Stuart

Great theater, with good eats...

Marion Settle

Nice little movie theater

Will Prusak

Great small theater near Dartmouth, lots to see and do nearby!

Rebecca Heffernan

I choose this theater over Lebanon whenever possible. Clean theater, friendly fast staff. One thing I really love is that they use real butter on the popcorn. Once or twice I have popped in to just buy popcorn, that's how much we enjoy it.

Robert Wohlfort

None of your business!

George Aceto

James Ronan

Pamela Fidler

Clean, small local theater

Robyn McAllister

Movie was great (Widows), but theater very cold.


I love going to this theater. It's always clean, the screen is nice, and it's in such a great location. I was disappointed last time that the popcorn tasted gross and stale.

Carissa Prasch

Best movie theater in the area

Crystal rich

Richard Liscinsky

Intimate with comfortable seats. We needed to keep our coats on, however, since it was cold enough to "sit on your hands".


Great little theater! Very clean. Polite efficient staff besides the guy whom was cleaning that was perturbed I entered the movie early and said " that's what the sign said in the lobby". I did not happened to read the fifty signs everywhere. good sound great screen

Giovanni Tabor

The Nugget Theater is a great community/family run theater with the best 3d experience I've ever been to.

Wil Michael

An amazing small theatre experience. The location is absolutely perfect downtown and right next to gelato when the movie is over.

J Villa

Only game in town... Small screens.

Robert Stolz

Smaller screens and intimate theaters. Vintage feel.

David Doherty

Small comfy cozy place. Standard fare for admission and concession. Pleasant and polite staff.


I don't know what it is about upper valley theaters, but this one is now worse than the Lebanon Six. Upon several arrivals, I have always been greeted by rude, snarky, punks who are more interested in the angle their elbows lean on the counter, than the patrons entering their buisness. And if they're not helping you, then it is the rudest manager I have ever met at a theater. The only reason my friends and I go here occasionally, is that they get a decent selection of independent films. But no longer will they receive our patronage, after the last time we went there. The theater was fifty degrees and they refused to turn the heat up; the bathroom was filthy with urine coating the walls, and the picture quality of the film was not cared for. Not to mention, the overpriced tickets! These are prices I would expect in the city, but I guess when you have rich college kids, you don't have to cater to everyday folk. Dirty theaters, rude employees, and poor presentation far outweigh good films, which they do play on the occasion. Take the time, and wait for it to come to the HOP in Dartmouth, or take the drive down to the theater in Springfield VT, both places that are cared for much more than here.

Robert Knight

C Fish

Our favorite date!

Roger Hallman

Christina Swenson

I have been waiting for Ready Player One to come out for a couple of years but when it came out, I was very sick and unable to see it. Today one of my students told me it would be leaving theaters on Thursday. I really wanted to see it on the big screen and went tonight by myself. When I got there I had unknowingly went into the wrong theater. I was alone and playing on my phone waiting for it to start. Once the movie started is when I realized my mistake. I went into the hall and the girl who sold me the ticket was there. I told her I went into the wrong theater and asked her to show me where my theater was. I looked at my phone and said “oh no, I can’t believe I missed the first 20 minutes” I was mad at myself but willing to suck up my mistake. I was the only one in the theater and after being there for a minute, the movie restarted. The manager came in to let me know that they restarted the movie for me and told me to enjoy the show. When I left I wanted to thank them but the staff was all gone and everything was closed and dark. I wasn’t disappointed in the movie I waited so long to see, but I was more impressed by the theater staff. Thank you.

Raymond Gagnon

Upper Connecticut River Valley's best movie theater, located in downtown Hanover NH.

Katherine Mayerovitch

It's not the biggest, fanciest theater anywhere, but it's comfortable and shows the movies you want to see, so what's not to like? It can get fairly packed when waiting for really popular films and there is no reserved seating, so you'll want to arrive early for the latest blockbuster. You still need to go to the counter if you've bought your tickets online. Again, it's not the most modern place, but it's clean and the staff is friendly, so that's what matters most.

Loriston Fennell

Simply put, go to the Nugget have a great time, go to Entertainment Cinemas in Lebanon, be disappointed, and concerned for your health. Nugget Theaters is a small, quality establishment surrounded by great (but expensive) places to eat and shop. I always opt to go here for my movies, unfortunately they don't always get the big name blockbusters, but I have always been pleasantly surprised by the lesser publicised showings I have seen their. Don't get me wrong, they have big movies all the time, you just might lose a few to EC down the road. The staff is nice, and they keep the place clean. The snacks are typical for a theatre, and the sound systems, and seats are nice as you would expect for a quality place.

Jessica Hohlbein

Seats aren't comfortable

BigzigFitness Soboleski

Matinée was way overpriced.

Gavin Veasey

A little more expensive than some other theaters around but I love the atmosphere so I keep coming back.

Maurice Dunne

Could hear other movies while in my theatre. It does the job though

stephen barton

Small theaters good sound decent screens. Play interesting smaller movies occasionally


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