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981 Northfield Rd, Hinsdale, NH 03451

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REVIEWS OF Northfield Drive-In Theatre IN Vermont

Thousand Dragons

I love the movies they play

Angela Fish

So much fun!

Abby Ericson

Love this drive in! You get to see two popular and current movies while sitting under the stars. Reasonably inexpensive ticket prices Reasonable snack bar prices and so many good options, including many vegan choices They allow leashed pets too! Their staff is always courteous and friendly.

Susan Arnold

Very nice. Brought back memories from the past. Well maintained

Noah Paessel

We had a lot of fun. Great audio and video quality. Come early to get good spots. Make sure you have FM radios and chairs.

patrick jackman

Linda Poirier

Wonderful memories there. Been going there since I was a little girl. I won't say how long that's been (a long time ago lol) Great Place

vicente cabriotti

Perfect place if you arrive early you can get a great spot and while you wait you can play at the play ground and your car holds your spot. Double win!!!

Tim Rocks

Mario Capolongo

The best drive-in and worth the trip! Love coming here! One of my top 10 favorite places on planet Earth!!!

Albert Ouellette

Love it

Holly Attesi

Bryan Hemingway

Johngirale 2600

I love this place. I have visited this theater most summers since I was 6. The theater is good. The only issue I ever had was when somebody never turned off their headlights and I blinded my whole family.

Emily H-C

Fun outing for the family

rehe Perkins

Best burgers fries and fried pickles. Loved the movie Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation! (We left as the second one started caz our son spiked a fever, summer flu) loved that they have smoking parking and non smoking parking. Everyone is super friendly. (Yes even the security guy that has the rope in his pocket for tying down the hatches was joking with my son about how it was magic rope) Saw a rainbow during a little sprinkle before the show.

Tim Moskal

My favorite place in the world to catch a movie. There is no better way to watch than out under the stars. The staff is friendly, the concession prices reasonable, and the food is good. Cannot wait to go again this summer!

peggy hernandez

Was a great place to go with the family love it

ann garfield

Kimberly Blake


Amdrew Patterson

The nostalgic drive in lives on at the Northfield drive in. Anyone who has never been to a drive in movie should check it out.

Louis Poirier

Freindly Family Drive-in

Michelle Burback

Great place for the whole family

Kelsey Manley

Worth the easy drive down 91 to the drive-in with the best service and atmosphere and a great mix of movies!

Abby Lastowski

Loved it! Fantastic food, especially the vegetarian options.

Paul Achilles

One of the only drive in movie theaters left around love going there

M.J. Weagle-Bruso

Always fun.

cathy Steiner

You never have any adult movies, both movies are geared towards children. Why not a child’s movie and adult too hold the interest of all age groups .

Elizabeth Frangioso

We've been coming here for years. We always have a great time. The owners and the staff are so friendly. Our daughter lives play on the swings before the move and then walking around saying hello to all the dogs.

Rich Aldrich

Excellent place,great people,good family environment

Eli Smith

It was a great trip! The experience is unlike any other!

Ron Goodwin

The only drive-in left, plays all new movies on digital.

Karl Menard

Been there many times in the last few years and have a blast 2 movies for 1 food and snacks....drinks....or bring your own stuff.....Fun time with family and friends

Billie Hudgins

It's a good ol' fashioned time.... Family friendly àn fun. I've been going since I was a baby in the back of my parents old beat up Chevy truck.... An been going ever since. An I'm getting up there in age.

Lily Faille

Cathi Bills

Always a nice time with the family!

kelly Hilltown

Old time drive in venue, one large screen, good movies

Riven Runedeil

Rosalind Liebenow

Always a pleasure

Dennis Carlson

So so so so fun to bring the family to! Do it while you can as you never know how long places like this will continue to be around.

chris White

Great drive in!

Damien Azure

Very cool to have a drive in theater. The double feature is great because you get two movies for what you would normally pay for one. The food from the snack bar was wonderful.

Seemata Smeeth

Absolutely my favorite place to go in the summer, if I could attend every day in the summer I would because they are just so awesome

David Escobar Uribe

Best experience ever!

Will deBock

We always go to the drive-in at least once a summer

Shaun St.Clair

Manny Class

Excellent family time.

Drew Lydecker

Emanuel Dejesus

The experience was good. The food was good, and the staff was very friendly. I definitely recommend this theater experience...

Steve Estelle

Who doesn't love a drive-in and this place is classic. The Northfield Drive-In shows two shows a night. First show typically starts at sundown. It has a playground and a snack bar. $11 per adult and $7 per child Under 12. They pay back in $2 bills. Pets are acceptable provided are quiet and calm.

Luke Pellerin

Eric Willis

A great summer evening with my honey :)

Patricia Collette

Was great, new movies, felt like old times but now you use your radio for sound.

Chris Arnini

Great drive in with super kind staff. Been going here for years, great picture now that they switched to digital. Usually a couple classic pictures at least once a season, a great added treat. Note :Cash only for admission tickets but the concession stand takes credit xards.

Jamie L. J. White

The Northfield Drive-in is such a great place for everyone. We especially appreciate the vintage Drive-in commercials and intermission animation. This place is full of charm.

Jennifer Matheson

Easy to get to. Everyone is very friendly and the food is good and reasonably priced.

David P

Outstanding, great family fun place with awesome staff!!!!

Rick Holden

Great place to go with the kids or on date night

Liam Theis

Simple pros and cons: Pros: - Cheap tickets and concessions - Not too hard to find a parking spot - Play structure to keep kids busy Cons: - Cash only - No speakers so you must use your car radio - Lines for bathroom and concessions can take a while It was a great experience and for $11 I got two movies in the comfort of my own car. I'm pretty satisfied.

Waldemar Kohl

this was trash

Chad Cadran

Possibly the only drive in. The best drive in.

Pamela Adorno

There are those few things that we always look forward to, once summer has begun; The opening day for the Northfield Drive-In is at the top of the list. The staff there is always so welcoming and kind. Everyone piles into the allotted spots, and interacts with their new "neighbors" as though they were long time friends; sharing snacks and drinks, and stories of last years trips to the drive-in. Nothing makes my heart happier! :)

Becca Blust

U go for a drive-in experience and they deliver!

kenneth sorber

Been coming here since I was a kid! I enjoy being able to take my son here! Always an amazing time

Daniel White

One of a kind. New digital projector is incredible. One small issue is that people may smoke next to you when you are with kids. I hope this Drive-In lasts forever.

bruce clauson

A good experience

John C. Vance

J Osit

Fun, historic, clean...a great time.

Gabe Shakour

Not many drive-ins left and this place is a real gem. Plus, they also have a snackbar with great food and snacks. Try to arrive early on busy nights so you can get a good spot.

Delilah Kelley

Jimmy Doherty

You can smoke weed on one half of it great environment fun for the whole family

Sam A

Love this place. I wish they would play throw backs once a month. It would be amazing and might bring in more people!

Richard Zane


Respectful and relaxing environment.

Valerie Maietta

I love coming here with my family. It’s a favorite place to go. Tonight was not so enjoyable. There was a group of Unsupervised kids that were aloud to sit in front of the snack bar and talk through both movies being very disruptive. Ruining the movie for others and they weren’t asked to go back to their parents. This was not the norm and just wish it was handled better.

Hope Robbins

Always worth the visit. Price to get in is good. Staff attentive. Variety at concession stand. Picture is awesome

cathy hagan

Always a good time !Excellent for children young and old !


Great place with history, fun date night

Caitlin LaPlante

Fun place to go with family and friends

Judith Sorel

Love this place....

Philip Buffum

Rain made it sticky and buggy

Anna Duca

I have been going here for about 30 years and still love it.❤

Michael Pernerewski Cedeño

One of the last authentic drive-ins.

Theresa Chase

Amy Loewenthal

A really fun local experience. Pleasant place, good snack bar with surprisingly varied options.

Tim RackyNH

Had an awesome time. Prices. Food. People everything was awesome.

Bryan Lothrop

Every time we visit has been great!

SJA999991 florence

Best place on earth! Good food and selections, the owner is super!

Trevor H

First time ever going to a drive in and it was a great experience. Super friendly staff, great snack bar, and the video production of the movie was great; very high quality. Overall it was a really good time. Worth every penny. A+

Saera Hanlon

Fun, clean, kitschy ads, reasonable pricing. Minimum of 2 people/$22 per car, but if you're willing to park your car on the side and sit on a blanket, you can go as a single person

George Bahlke

Always a great time!

Diana Bell

Great for families, pet friendly..and very cost friendly

BestFork NitePlayer

Best drive in ever

Michael Newman

Northfield Drive-in is the best drive-in around.

John Sears

Always loved this movie theater. Sound is broadcast over 88.1 fm. Great place for a date!

Michael Currie

One of our area's best kept secrets. You simply cant find another one of these, run like this one, around for hundreds of miles. The gentleman that owns this place has been running it for a long time and loves what he does and it comes through 100%. The snack bar, the sound box poles, the video presentations are all worth every penny and take you back to when drive-ins were in every town (mine was in Marshfield MA). My kids loved the experience and piled every pillow in the house into our SUV.

Paul Morehouse Jr

Awesome place! Worth the trip!

Devan Blake

Vapor 365

Will definitely be back The fryed bread dough was perfect Great service. Nice people. Everything you could ask for


Small setting. Big spaces.

Robert Cortes

Great time, atmosphere.

Tina Prentice

Love watching movies here!

Big Chief

I love going here! I wish they would remove the old speaker posts

Linda Edwards

Having to park in the back row because we owned a truck, I get it, but hard to see screen.

Angela Davis

Love this place ;)))

Sara R

Dgn Myst

Such a great place been coming here since I was a little kid and been being in my kid since he was a baby now hes 14 and still loves coming

Sandra Stomper

Love this place!

Matt w

Been coming here for years allways a great time

John Dunn

Lots of fun, $18 for two people, both movies. Good snack bar. Only downfall is the lines for the bathroom.

Victoria M.J. Read

I love the drive-in and the memories it brings. Nostalgic and wonderful!!

Kurt von Finck

If you have a nostalgia itch, this will scratch it!

Declan Merrington

First Drive-In experience in the US. Great atmosphere at night with fireflies and stars, games before hand and everyone settled down. The choice of film was...interesting but overall the place is lovely. Snack bar very good also!

Alex Duso

Great family environment

purple unicornpee

The dude is so rude

jon richard

Great concession menu, nice tiered parking spaces, not a bad view of the screen anywhere, cheap prices for double feature too!

Kay Farrington

Looking for a retro-time out ? You found it at the Northfield drive- in

Alicja Ant

Super coool

Stacey Mortimer

Fun, good snack bar, no issues.

jim borst

Maryn Hyer

First time, everyone was nice and an overall great old fashioned feeling

Rebecca Hunt

Christine Downing

Love the Northfield Drive-In. I remember watching the first Superman with Christopher Reeves as a child. We would have 3 or more cars parked in a row. All the cousins would lie down on front of the cars with blankets and pillows. Now I go and bring my children. My 2 adult children go there with other friends and family. If like to Thank the owners for giving me and my family good memories. Keep the Northfield Drive-In open for 70+ more years.

Ryann Buzzell

Love this place!!

steven domurat

Kyle Thompson

I have been going to the Drive-in for so many years now. I'll never forget when I was first able to bring my own car here. It's such a unique experience and I would recommend everyone to try it out. Bring some folding chairs. Bring your portable FM radio or just use the one in your car (unless it doesn't work). Don't forget about the bug spray, blankets, and pillows. Just be mindful about where you park. Please use some common sense if you have a big vehicle (park closer to the back). The snack bar is really cool and they make some pretty good food! The place is simple and amazing. Perfect for friends, the whole family, or a date. I mean seriously, It's a Drive-in. What's not to love?

Mike Horton

Cheap (vegan!) snacks, and cheap movies. What more could you want? You can even bring your dog!

Gary Reich

Rose Stone

So fun!! Nice staff

Tim Jackewich

An American classic!

Daniel LaFond

Great place for t he family. Very inexpensive, especially for a larger crowd of people. I usually have 6 people in one car, under $60 for 2 movies.

Robert Herron-Jones

I love it here ... Been going for 38 years ...

Deborah Marshall

What a great experience! The staff are great the food is great & the ambiance is awesome!!! Loved it!

Laura Dow

Donnie Mason

April Gomez

Great price for two movies and a nightl out without the kids.

Darlene Stowell

A great Family Place to go. They do an awesome job of keeping the rowdy people out and keeping a nice clean place for you to go enjoy a movie. I love that I can go on Friday night and pay just $10.00 to see 2 movies. I take my dogs with me and we camp out in front of the car. The snack bar is so reasonably priced and the chicken tenders are awesome. This is the place to go..but bring bug spray cause it is buggy being in the woods.


Bobby Generik

Classic Drive-in experience. It's like reliving my childhood. Love it!

Kevin Klaiber

Me and my family enjoyed it

Sherry Gregory - Girard

Great time, movies were great and people were friendly hope it will be there for years to come

Allen C Riffenburg II

I absolutely love this place. I found it through Drive-In Fanatics Fan Club back in the 1990's and relived childhood memories of going to drive-ins with my parents here in Massachusetts. This place is historical. I wonder how many patrons of this site know that this place was used as a location scene in the movie "The Cider House Rules" with Tobey Maguire and Charlize Theron. I will always have fond memories of this drive-in. It's an O-Zoners paradise in this era of cyberspace and media stress. For anyone who hasn't been to this oasis of enjoyment, please go, and enjoy new memories with yourself, family, or friends. Just as the stars above continue to shine, may the NORTHFIELD DRIVE-IN THEATER continue shining for everyone for years to come also. Enjoy!!!

Darrell Graves

Great place all around

Sir Meliodas

Amazing it's a historic landmark that's always a thrill to visit

Amy Radder

Great for an old time drive in movie feel The bathrooms, however, desperately need to be updated to accommodate modern use.

Savanna A

Awesome place

Shawn Webster

This is a real throwback to the '60s and '70s. The only negative of the experience was the usher is an extremely cranky old man who can't understand why I drove a six wheel drive military troop transport to the drive-in.

james liss

Ella Fleurant

Haven't been to a Drive-in since Mohawk in Gardner MA closed. I loved the Retro concession stand & atmosphere. We will absolutely be back.

Michelle Boyd

Family fun all the time.

Zachary Mabb

Gwen Schillinger

Gionna Martocci

My absolute favorite! Always make for the perfect summer night out.

Kim Sherman

Love old school

Tj Ellis

Everything is good there expect there are alot of people who are inconsiderate and leave there trunks wide open blocking ur view

Mario Gonzalez

Paul Elwell

why does the driving show the same movies two weeks in a row.

Virginia Ward

Great drive-in experience!


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