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222 College St, Burlington, VT 05401 Located in: Church Street Marketplace

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Where is Merrill's Roxy Cinema?

REVIEWS OF Merrill's Roxy Cinema IN Vermont

corey albertwilkins

Nice, clean little theater. Prices like an other.

Ryan Gonyea

Burlington's only in town theatre.

Lynn LaGrone

Love this place. Fantastic film selection and a great old school vibe.

Travia Childs

Quaint place but I like movie screens that are directly in front.

Tatiana Gladkikh

nice local movie theater.

David Call

The phenomenal experience

Jessica Thomson

Right in the heart of down town, the Roxy always had a solid mix of contemporary and art house films playing.

Valerie Beale

Great experience!

Jasmine DeLude

A bit pricey, but I love the classic vibe! And mid day shows you can sometimes have the theater to yourself!

Alex Whitehouse

It was horrible. The grafics sucked but ya it could be better

Jane Day

Love this theater, Indy movies and top rated films with a fantastic local theater feel.

Jane Swift

Always showing cutting edge movies!

Kelsey Banulis

Went a few weeks ago and had a weird experience. My friend bought a seltzer and immediately dropped it. It wasn't opened yet, just shaken up. She asked at the concession stand if she could switch it out. The girl working gave her a lecture about personal responsibility and how she could, but it was my friends fault. The drink could have been resold later but my friend just didn't want to open it and have it fizz over/cause a mess. It was really uncomfortable.

Chris B

Great place to take a date, or go see a new action thriller!

elizabeth minor

Small and perfect

Steve Burt

Great small theatre. $5 movies from 1000 to 1100 on Tuesday morning's. Good deal.

Don Sheldon

The movie was good; If Beale Street Could Talk. The theater actually smelled. Not sure what of but it felt like the place hadn't been cleaned up in a while.

Pat Ryan

Nice little theater in the heart of downtown Burlington

Ryan Keighley

Want to see great indie and low production movies? : awesome Want to talk to some great staff? : awesome Wants some stale popcorn? You got it! Tiny screens so you really feel like you are up close.. always. Old, needs some updating but nevertheless always air conditioned and the staff is always great. Cheaper than Essex, but you get what you pay for I guess.

Rachel Alberico

Good popcorn. They play the only movies I want to see and it's less than a 10 minute walk away.

Alex Marker Pittock

Always has great movies, but you can sometimes hear traffic from outside and it's not completely ideal for movie watching, but it's not all the time.

Willa C.E.

Tiny theatre, so it's adorable but often doesn't have popular movies.

Dinesh Mamoria

Nice theatre but there is no dedicated parking.

Jonathan Tornabe

Bit small but shows a variety of movies and close to get to.

Tony Stanley

Leaks in the ceiling, distracting!

Tommy Smith

The theater is a little small, but it’s not a bad place to watch a movie if your already downtown.

Glenn Parker

Best movie house in Burlington with the kind of personality that comes from being a locally owned and operated theater.

Tom Condon

This theater always has the best movies by a long shot

Fisher Evans

Everything you want from a movie theater. Close to places for dinner and lunch. Modestly priced tickets. Great selection of showings, more indie than main stream. Don't expect I max quality screens or audio.

Ryan Lacher

Super cute. Really takes you back to the good ole days when going to the movies didn’t break the bank.

Eddie Sacks

Great theater, good ''movie goodies"

stephanie kokes

Great independent cinema!

Phillip Detweiler

Super cushy seats, plenty of legroom for a 6'6" gent like myself. Prices are average, but their movie selection is excellent!

Oliver Beauchemin

Best theatre for art films

Bert Crosby

Nice selection of flicks

Kyle Ross

Interesting, quality flicks and the best movie joint in town.

GrAhAm FiNlAySoN-fIfE

Very very good!

Joe Wehry

A mashup of art house and pop cinema. Arrive early to get a pick of seating in small cinema. Decent priced refreshments - the trail mix is a favorite. Google's data source for this cinema isn't always accurate. Double check Roxy's site or call cinema to verify times and offers.

Jacob Dubois

$5 movies on Tuesday morning!

Albert Liguori

A great venue.

Ethan Garceau

If you're already downtown and want to see a movie, this is the place. There is a great "dinner and a movie" deal with Daily Planet nearby too!

Daniel Delgado

Clean and friendly. Looks kinda hole in the wall-ish but you won't be disappointed.

Diane Latulippe

Always enjoy seeing movie here!!!

Mike Grill

My favorite cinema in town, I've seen numerous films here. Most recently I saw "Call me by your name", a touching film involving homosexual romance.

Roderick Moore

Great movie theater.

Tylor Mayfield

Small and cozy experience

Callie Aube

Nice funny cashiers


The cinema is everything an independent theater should be. The personalized customer service, the owner and manager are approachable and open to ideas from their customers, the vibe in the theater is homey and welcoming. What I didn't realize is the theater-owners also benefit the community by hosting charity events, premieres and live-stream cultural entertainment (e.g., the Majestic holds a "Live at the Met" Opera series, etc.). Burlington is lucky to have such a wonderful independent theater in their community and The Roxy fits perfectly there. A must visit and worth following to see their events and shows.

Lily Leveret

It's a weird place in that it serves tea and the candy might be 5000 years old but it has interesting options

Fred Rice

The one and only complaint I have is that both bags of popcorn I ordered were stale. While I'm sure it was made on the same day, it doesn't seem to be stored properly or have enough preservatives for it not to be made upon order. Otherwise, it's a nice little theatre with new movies and a nice atmosphere.

Donna Neftin

Fine local little theatre.

Hallie Mcevoy

Great movie theater with excellent sound.

ratsoff toya

Not bad! Just small

Andrew Mills

Great little local theater


Half the projectors display crooked/warped images. This theater no longer masks (covers the edge of the image with a curtain) which only draws more attention to how warped the image is and allows BIG streaks of light from the projection room along the side of the screen—really lazy and embarrassing. A very simple thing to fix, but apparently proper projection isn’t a concern here as this has been an issue people have been complaining about for a long time.

Kenny and Kristy Dye

Cool old movie theater!

Lori Fetters

Great place to see a early matinees for a cheap price. Snacks are really expensive.

Stephan Kanga

seating is too crowded.

Jamie Braun

Dan MacNeil

No issues , pleasent slightly quirky vibe. Some indie movies

Gregor Curtis

Great place to see great movies and the people are great too.

Patty Crichton

Great local theatre so close to everything downtown and showing the most recent films. Very comfortable seats as well.

Niklas Gick

Nice theater but not very accommodating for tap water. They want to charge me for a soda just to have a cup that’s not 2 oz. I understand that cinemas make money on concessions but we had already bought popcorn.

Dean Jerry

I. Love. It.

Diana Franco

Completely unimpressed. So pricey at the concession stand, not worth a $10 ticket.

Jesse Gaboriau

Sick of the crowds and exorbitant prices at trex and majestic or just want to stay in town. Roxy is where it's at! They've always got a great selection for reasonable prices. Plus, their staff are way nicer than the folks at the other theaters.

Jason Powell

Good movie selection. Small theaters with sharp edges in the arms of the seats which kind of bothered me. The combo they advertise rings up as a kid's combo. They should be more straight forward about it being sized for children.

Jason P. Lorber

Diverse selection of artful foreign, domestic, independent, and often hard to find quirky films. Friendly staff, and reasonable prices.

Dierdra Michelle

Great selection of films

louis blondin

Great theater, great movies.

liz cress

It was an ok movie theatre. It was clean and the seats were comfortable. It's an older theatre so it's in pretty good shape.

Reid Gamble

Prices were fair and the staff moved quickly. No assigned seating, so get there early for popular showing times.

Derrick Dubois

It's okay. Movie selection isn't always great. Prices are good.

Amos Byrne

Clean area, reasonable prices, friendly staff

Patrick Woods

I waited 20 minutes for a refill.

Gabe Geller

I saw It here. Only been here once but it was great. Great food and a great screen. I will surely revisit soon.

Scott Croft

Douglas Hood

Cool spot downtown. Gets crowded. Can buy tickets online ahead.

Kathryn Wyckoff

My favorite movie theater around! I love being able to support my local community through film. I also love how they have student discounts.


Amazing theater that brings amazing indie films to the area that we otherwise wouldn't get to see in theaters


The Roxy is a great place to catch a movie either after a night in downtown Burlington, or if you want to catch a matinee of a film. They get most of the popular movies that are out in theaters on Fridays.

Paddy McCarthy

Great theatre. Sound was good.

Nancy Gunther

This is among Burlington"s finest theaters ! It has the feel of the old- time movie theaters with billboards and photographs tastefully placed around the theater. which is most appealing to movie lovers from way back. The film selection is superb, appealing to lovers of many film genres! That being said, this theater is a favorite of mine- reminding me of the avante-guard film selection of Yale University Theater, and far surpassing that theater with both its variety of film and its interior architectural design. The theater staff is always informed, educated, as well as helpful and courteous no matter how busy they are. This theater is highly recommended ,

Ron Lewis


Cam White

Small, clean theater within reasonable walking distance for most of Burlington. Good quality screens and sound. Popcorn is best when it's busy, when it's slow it can sit around for awhile. Wish they had a couple local beers on tap.


An ok place to catch a movie. The day we were there (Saturday) there were only two people "working" and it was quite slow, especially since our movie was starting within a cpl minutes. Once in, the seats were comfy enough but, the sound from the movie next door was a bit over powering the sound of our quieter movie, a little annoying and hard to hear at times. The thunder storm going on outside part way through the movie was hard to know the difference of it being part of the movie we were watching or an actual storm over head right out the door to the right of the screen, then all the firetrucks leaving the firehouse. A lot of commotion outside somewhat interfering with what we were trying to watch inside

Jeff Parker

This place is really chill. I remember it was the nickelodeon theater when I was a kid. The staff is friendly, concessions quality and variety, venue clean and tidy. I guess I mostly liked the cozy inviting atmosphere. It's refreshing to feel comfortable as yourself these days even when you are paying. OH ya and the only place in the state with the movie I wanted to see > the dead don't die Hilarious

Jordan Morano

Classic decor and small town vibe. The best part of the theater is the proximity to Church St, the strong movie lineup, and no crowds. It's not stadium seating and the price reflects that but overall a bargain with some great movie experiences had.

Kiara Kirkland

Their movies are awesome I just think they should put more kids movies cuz there's Edmunds Elementary right around the corner and some kids might want to go there after school to see a movie.

Gregory Hogan

Shows movies you won't find elsewhere. Clean and friendly.


It's not a very popular place, and the quality is better than usual, so be sure to come here for when new movies come out

Kristina Wilhelmson

Cute. Nice staff. Good popcorn. good pic/sound. Bring layers, it was cool in our theatre.

Derek Rycewicz

Local and easy to get to, but always feels a little...moist.

Randy Morris

Pretty good.

Jeffrey Riehle

The staff is cool and nice, the theater has cushie chairs and they recline a little with spacious isles they have mountain dew but no wifi .. pretty magical in the afternoon..

Scott Ryll

Always a great line up!

Mike Zak

Great prices, good movies, friendly people

Ibragim Genjiev

Not the best cinema but pretty good


Love this little theatre. Very cozy and comfy. Lots of pre-eating options and they play a lot of movies that don't make it to the big theatre's. Tonight...Peanut Butter Falcon..doesn't tell you much about the movie but definitely worth the watch.

Andrew Swift

The local Art House cinema featuring foreign and independent films as well as some major releases.

Emilio Pérez Mitre

Nice local cinema. If you are a UVM student check "CAT at the movies" on google and there are free tickets every week.

Harley Hughes

Nice theater but uncomfortable seats I think

Chris wan

Theater is small and about he size of a super good home theater. But not the size of a full movie movie theater

Holly English-Payne

A theater which caters to more than the average film goer - They have a more diverse selection of offerings between the Roxy and their sister theater Palace 9. Nice staff and they have a handicapped bathroom right at the entrance.

Hemlock Hattie

Any independent movie theater that can survive in today's digital world deserves a lot of credit. Running a movie theater is VERY expensive. Some customers don't realize/appreciate this. Not only does the Roxy keep their prices a low as possible, but their staff is very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this theater. If there were no independent theaters left, I would never go out to the movies again!

Ildiko P

Cool old school movie theatre,great selection of movies,thought wish they would include showtime for kids as well.

Mark Winger

A quaint theater and good place to cozy up and watch a movie.

David Cobb

Great theater with unusual movies - courteous staff.

Jonathan Stevens

Small comfortable theaters. Good handicap accessibility.

Adam Dyer

Solid local movie theater.

Jenn Stein

A little pricy, but good independent film selection. Student discounts are awesome, and it is pretty cool that they offer bulk trail mix and candies.

Eva Schweber

Great theatre, but parking sucks.

Krystal Speed

Neat theatre. would recommend

Mac McGill

Been going there since I was a kid and I still love it. Great mix of blockbusters and artier films. Especially on premiers a crowd of regulars tends to go who are respectful of the experience. No phones or chatting.

Mark Nadeau

Sarah Stearns

I'm so happy there is a movie theater at this location. Its really nice and not always very busy. I also like their unique movie selections that not all theaters in Vermont have, yet it also plays the headlining movies.

Hunter Wasser

Decent little theater. Was pleasantly surprised.

susan moore

Beat place for different off beat movies

Elizabeth Golden

Local theater in downtown Burlington showing feature and special films. Easy to walk to.

Peak VT

Slightly small theatres but up-to-date sound and projection. Convenient downtown location.

Karen Peterson

Super cool theater

helia zamprogno

Great movie theater! One of our local treasures!

Nathan Phillips

I've had great experiences at this theater - it's in a great location wit a great selection. Yet, on my last visit, the film that was supposed to begin at 12:50 didn't even begin previews until 1:18, instead playing local commercials for 30 minutes. Then another ten minutes of previews.

eli jager

My favorite movie theater in Vermont. Been going here since I was a little kid, back when it was called the Nickelodeon. Friendly staff, good popcorn and snacks. It's not a mega theater like the majestic in Williston, and that's precisely why I like it. It still feels like I'm in Burlington when I go here.

Shane Orr

Staff and facilities are great. Just a little dated.

Max Thauer

Craig Bushey

Standard movie theater with regular prices

Joanna Cole

The Artiest Theater in Burlington. Most important for us and our cultural tastes.


Nice and clean

Ann Ely

I love this theatre. It is right downtown in Burlington. It is not a huge complex but it does have several screens. Has the usual choice of candy, popcorn and drinks. I guess I like it because it is local. Sometimes films will be showing here and nowhere else in the area.

Hulet Askew

Small but decent

Isabella Fiske McFarlin

Great theater

WJ Patry

Not a large selection of kid movies.

Jay Dubberly

How is the tiniest little indie theater the warmest in the area?

Toliver Kahn

Martin Gold

Fun, intimate, local venue in the heart of town.


Janice Root


DC Foss

Can see different assortment of matinees

Christopher Hill

I have been going there for decades. There is always something worth watching and the staff is consistently friendly.

Deborah Blair

The Roxy is a small, but cozy Vermont theatre. It is not as modern as many of the big Cinema Plexes - but that is its charm. Over the years I have seen indie and foreign films here - and for those in town or staying at one of Burlington's great B&Bs - or hotels - you can walk here and get the feel of small town. If you want big screens - then its best to drive out on Route 7 -

M Kane

Best small theater anywhere. Great staff, excellent selection of blockbusters and small release films. It's our 1st choice in local theatres.

Edward Shepard

A smaller theater but well maintained, great selection, fun downtown location, and great staff.

Richard Reed

Good selection of films, both mainstream and less well known.

Ronni Carson

Easy access clean good bathrooms easy to walk to

Jason Cooley

A Burlington icon for sure, but I'm surprised they still have the two ridiculously tiny theaters on the left. If the movie I plan on seeing is in one of those rooms I don't bother. Mainly they really need to crack down on cell phone usage by customers. I often find myself switching seats repeatedly, and actually had to leave recently because of it.


Pretty much everything a theater should be. Good prices, good movies, good time options, clean, pleasant, and a great experience. I love this place.

Lindsey Merkel

Quaint with nice popcorn

Rod Whitney

Only theater in down town Burlington

Grandfather Whitebuck

Great Movie Theater...good seating and plenty of leg room..concessions are really high...but nice place

Nina Rizzi

Awesome local cinema, always showing the newest releases plus special features of cult movies and indie films

Bill Stratton

Support your local independent theater. First of all, its good for everyone. Karma, if you're into it. Economy if you're not. Second of all, this place is pretty great. Friendly people, good popcorn, and reasonably priced tickets. Seats aren't huge, but they aren't as small as some others. Sound and picture quality is good. What else do you need?

Zhi Guo

its a community friendly theater, not big not fancy, but very relaxing. went for 2 movies, Jackson's This is it and Alice in wonderland. Suggested to go.

Joseph Kill

Smaller theater in the Burlington area, lots of seating, not so rushed

Joshane Jackson

It was OK, I kinda like the scene... Needs more customers and stuff

Kris Ahlstrom

Somewhat quirky non-megaplex. I liked it

Lindsey Bessette

Great selection of indie films & friendly staff! Nothing like it in Burlington.

Matthew Fioti


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