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Where is Mendon Twin Drive-In?

REVIEWS OF Mendon Twin Drive-In IN Vermont

Alex Reed

Food is alright, bit overpriced but thats expected. Great feeling of nostalgia, love the 2 big screens

Ebony Penn

Plenty of space for kids to play, very easy to navigate around. Having more than one movie option is awesome and the employees were super nice!

Louca Crendell

Conflicting information about if it's open or not. Said it was open "rain or shine" on website, Google said it was open, then we drove all the way to the theater just to find it was closed! Left my daughter near tears!

Brian Lynch

Great pricing for great movies! Family friendly!!

carlos figueroa

Awesome family atmosphere! The snacks are awesome! Definite thumbs up!!

Jaimie Roberts

Saw the showing of IT 2 on opening night and it’s was amazing!

eric lovstad

This is a really cool Drive-In The Nostalgia of the old days with the food that you would typically find at a drive-in they play the old cartoons at intermission and have a beer garden to wet your whistle it's kind of in the middle of nowhere but it is pretty simple to get to the crowd of attendees is always pretty decent people simple families wanting to enjoy your night out definitely go to this Drive-In


I absolutely adore this place. Two movies for not even the price of one. Keeping nostalgia alive with a drive-in theater and only one of the few left of it's kind. I've been only a handful of times, but I must say this summertime tradition …

Kevin Rodriguez

Very retro! Double features and pay by the car so affordable!

Despina Fitzpatrick

I love this little bit of my childhood memories

Laura Rosario

It was our 1st time. We had fun and were able to rent a radio for 5 bucks. The food is good, we think a bit pricey but good. Sooo worth it.

Marie Walcott

Bathrooms are small but the Beer Garden is a nice added feature! Haven't been jn years!!

ProjectLove Boston

Love it cant wait go back

Yussuf Nasri

Very fun experience

Kyle Adams

7/14 Another trip to Mendon and another good viewing of two movies. The picture was good and the sound was on point. It was a full house so we couldn't park directly in front of the screen but it was still a good viewing angle form the far right, facing the screen. The was a delay in starting the movie; online said 8pm the film didn't start till 850 including previews and there was an extra 10 minute delay in between the films due to a lot of people being in the restroom and at the snack shack when it was supposed to start. This made for a later than normal evening but was still a good night.

Andrew l Jaffee

This is the throw back experience we all deserve. We went to see the Lion King with 500 other cars and it was a total blast. The place is a mix of families, nostalgia seekers and a few love starved couples all looking for an evening of …

Karen Howard

Concert/ Movie Night Event for the Greatful Dead. It happened to rain on & off all day on the RI / MA border & we got rained out w/ so many storms passing through all afternoon & early evening that the Band wasn't able to set up, & their equipment was getting wet. Eventually the rain did stop- & they finally put the movie on from a 1989 show & we were off & running. It was still a good time. I did not buy any food; only wine, which was $7.50 & I believe the 6 Beers & Sangria was the same as well. I also bought some earrings, stickers & a pretty pink stone & an amethyst. They are allowing us all back again for Free on Sept 8 so we can do it all again with our saved receipt, so that we can hear the Tribute Band - who was originally going to play 2 sets. A good size place with plenty of parking. Will definitely return for that & again in the future.

bryan josue yerel arizandieta salazar

Best place ever , you're allow to bring your own food or. Buy it there too

Jamie Hopkins

A good place to see a movie. They enough titles where you will most likely be able to find something that interests you.The ticket prices are better than you would see in a typical movie theater. Concessions are on par with movie theater prices. If you like that nostalgic drive-in vibe...check this place out.

Supernatural Girl

Great picture quality, huge screen, clean restrooms, snack bar and fun activities for the kids.

Mia Inglis

We came to see secret life of pets 2, and a dog's journey. We we're first told several times to move, as they needed us withing " inches" of the pole.... Then the food, food was terrible. The prices are outrageous, that's where they get there money for sure. The ice cream didn't even taste like really ice cream was weird. The motzeralla sticks were dry and tasted like rubber, the root beer floats had flat root beer in them. Food just was terrible. During the movie they were still letting cars in and due to the lack of space there were several times my kids were almost run over. Will not be coming back. Not a good experience at all......oh p.s. If you don't bring STRONG bug spray, prepare to be misqutoe food. Sorry Mendon twin, gotta be honest. Not a great experience.

Bill Boozang

Great family fun. Good food, affordable evening out.

Christopher Barney

Great family or date night outing. Plenty of food and beverages, including adult beverages. Love this place.

Mike Huffman

People there are really nice

Patrick Grassey

Best drive in in all the land! Will be here every chance I get. Thanks to the Andlemans.

kyle gagne

Great drive in flat ground ...clean bathrooms

Melissa Skinner

The price is right but the crowd is ridiculous!! During intermission hundreds of women stood in a line that wrapped around the consession stand waiting to use 3 filthy toilets. It was chaos trying to find parking! Staff parked 3 trucks in the middle row blocking the view to cars behind them. We traveled an hour & a half from Cape.. will keep going to Wellfleet Drive-In instead. Not worth saving a couple dollars at Mendon Twin!

Jaki Selwyn

The staff at this place are sooo nice, from the ticket booth, to the cafeteria, to even the the guys that rope down your hatch! I was just so pleasantly impressed by the friendliness of all. And it's a truly beautiful drive-in that is in a rural area and surrounded by trees.

Tamara Farrell

Had fun

Jan rygr

We were able to see and hear the movie well, although some cars in front of us kept having their taillights etc on which was distracting & some other people being noisy annoyed my kids, who were sitting in chairs in front of our car. It was …

devin dumont

Pretty reasonably priced, and the area is nice, but the bathrooms could use some work. Also the bathrooms have no changing tables in the mens room

Mike Shaw

First time going, and had a great time. Great value for the cost! Definitely will go back!!

Weber Amaral

This is a great drive in it's very well kept up with many amenities, food, rides and of course two first run movies other drive in's in the area should take notice

MaryAnn Mackin

Always a great time! TIP...Bring your own food, candy, popcorn and drinks. It will save you at least $50.

Stephen Bissonnette

Nostalgia at it's finest. Drive ins are awesome.

Natasha Czerepanyn

Definitely worth the drive from Rhode Island. Its cleaner and the food is great. Over all we have a good experience every time.

jill landers

Love going to the Drive-in. Up to date movies. Perfect place to go see a couple movies while little ones are asleep in the car.

David McCollum

Nice drive inn you get two movies for price of one

Ann Lowell

Love to bring my family


2 movies, $27/car, can't do that at a movie theater. Food is good. Family friendly. We love it here.

Kenneth DuCharme

Nice Drive in.

anurag ray

This was my first drive-in experience. And I must say it's worth every penny. Going with the other reviews I tried their food and it was seriously amazing. Just to let the other readers know, screen one is much better than screen two. Unfortunately screen one gets completely booked frequently.

Jan Andrews

We went to Mendon Drive In, for an, event. Outstanding, customer service, and, great snack bar. Clean, kid friendly. Cannot wait to return!

Duane Lindstrom

Great place to watch a movie and they have amazing food shack.

Joseph Thakar

A little dim tonight.. Didnt use to be dim on the screen.. Still loved it!!!

Kahli C

This drive in is AMAZING! saw the beetlejuice/rocky horror double feature and it was awesome! I spent way too much money on food but I gotta say its not bad and the staff was very nice! It was all around a great experience! And they check their facebook regularly so they can answer any and all of your questions there!

Leah Studer

This is a good drive in with 2 screens and a snack shop. It's a fun summertime event!

Paul Soucy

Super fun retro night

Liz Young

1st time there! Very clean, we never made it to the snack bar though, it was a little chilly.

Remi Lanoie

Awesome Drive-In lots of fun the movie screens provide a great picture

Andrew Gavin

Great family fun! Show up after 6pm and you have 2+ hours to relax and eat tasty food. Great weekend activity !

Magno Rodrigues

We always go to this place on summer. It's a time travel when we are there. It's cool.

Joy Larner

excited to see this place is opened for the season. Concession prices are high, but always a fun time.

Jennifer Tully

I love the Mendon Drive-in. It's been a family tradition to go at least once each summer. I would have given 5 stars if the food was better. The pizza was like cardboard and tasted reheated. The burgers were thin without much flavor. The …

Heather Ulfves

Clean, well stocked restrooms but they will stalk you if they think you are trying to switch screens.

Dave Butler

Always a fun time

Melinda Watts

My Husband took me here on a surprise date. We had so much fun! It reminded me of when I was a little girl and our whole family would get into the car and go to the drive-in movie! The snack shack had good prices and even the beer and wine prices were good! A must for anyone who loves the drive in movies.

Tim Dyer

Great drive in, very clean, safe for children. Highly recommend this place

Donna Thomas

The place is nice, but if you don't want to listen to the sound through your car radio, or bring a radio to use, then your out of luck hearing the movies soundtracks so what. Also their beer and wine place was a bit loud with their music. Prices are a bit high also. 5 bucks for a cup of fries is bad but thrfries tasted great.

Rachel Bayliss

The Andelman brothers have greatly improved upon this iconic landmark which I didn't think would be possible. Keep up the great work and we'll keep coming back.

Shamira Sanchez

Everything is great about this. Seeing 2 movies at the same time for a low price. Food is mediocre. Its the normal stuff for what you need to watch a movie and it does the job. The only downfall are the bathrooms. Some times the women's bathroom is down So the line up for men's bathroom had to be used as well. Otherwise, it's your typical drive in with a great view.

Marcelo Sauerbrunn Portugal

Entry is cheap, and overall experience is a lot of fun, especially for families!

Lee Lassow

great place to see the Dead

RJ Morrison

Classic. Good mix of old school drive in flavor with modern amenities. A great place to watch great movies

Dan Schonman

So far Customer Service is dropping the ball. Emailed with question 4 days ago and still NO ANSWER. My Fiance is on a portable oxygen concentrator. In order to see any movie I need to run my car engine to keep the concentrator running. Or I can run an electrical extension cord to the nearest outlet. Can I either get permission to run my engine or hook an extension cord to keep concentrator running? Your rules say I can't run the engine.

Sarah F.

Food is expensive. You have to park so close to each pole to fit 2 vehicles in. Bathrooms were horrendous. One sink didnt work, soap dispenser was far away from the middle sink. Whole set up sucked.

Marco Almeida

Fun experience. Food not as good as expected. I had seen the phantom gourmet and they raved about it being restaurant quality food. It was cafetaria quality food at best. The nostalgia of the experience was well worth it though.


Mendon drive in is the perfect way to see any movie. Let me list why- more affordable than the movie theater, way better food and snack options, ability to enjoy movie in privacy [in your car], it becomes movie night and hang out get together. I love mendon drive in!

Jaykay Linda

How nice that they charged my battery for me. Thanks for being so kind!! We had a terrific time and looking forward to going back.

whitney vaughn

I used to love coning here. Now i do not. Thr custoner service had plummeted annually. I used to be left alone in my car when I pulled up. Not i have to park with in INCHES of the pole or the staff will threaten to kick you out. Rudely at that. In the dead if winter they interrupted my step sons first experiance to ask we kill the BATTERY on my car becauae rules are rules. Thank god we brought enough blankets because my step son was 14 months old. I cannot believe how rude they are to customers about rules that "have always been rules" but have never been enforced. I am APPALLED at the way i have been treated on multiple occasions. Guess its time to find another drive in.

J Hornig

Food was typical, bathrooms were clean, staff were helpful. We bought our tickets online which was very convenient. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we'll definitely go back.

Carrie Milinazzo

My first drive-in, pretty great experience. Show up early, parking runs out quick.

First Last

28.00 per car,(might be up to 6 ppl) seen 2 movies, front row spot & we didn't get there till about 8pm. There's an old school giant slide ,3.00 per ride or 10 for a wristband unlimited rides ,no age limit. Sound is broadcast from your car radio. You can buy tickets online, however if online is sold out they should still have plenty for sale at the gate. Had a good time was worth the cost. Even food prices were average.

Kimberly Waldron

Can't beat the drive in!

Amber Marini

I always have a great time here. Really nice new additions to the menu too!

Rhody Ginger

Absolutely worth the visit when it's in season. Nice, well kept drive in theater that makes the experience worth the drive, with a full snack bar available as well.Just remember that it's a double feature for about $30/carload, so check what's playing before you get there.

Mike Pickwick

Great drive-in! I've been coming here for years and it keeps getting better. From the beer garden to the concession upgrades (pizza shack), they keep adding new things. For a time when movie tix at the superplex run $16+, you can't beat $30 per carload ... For *2* movies! Fantastic for kids big and small.

Liz deFaria

Great place for family fun or couple's time.

Kristen Olson

The bathrooms were disgusting and leaking all over the place. The movie picture went out for 10 minutes and the movie sound came in very staticky. The fries dough however, was really good.

Ron Brown

Grateful Dead night is amazing. Just wish the PA was a little louder other than that it was a perfect night

Chrissy Stjacques

Horrible staff, asked one of the people working if they could ask the car in back of us to shut off their light and they didn’t even bother. Never going back

Jamiah Shaw

My go to place for the latest flicks in the comfort or your own car! Well worth every penny

Norm Speciner

Family and pet friendly community experience. A treasure from the past.

James Spencer

Great place for a movie

Lily Heslin

Love watching movies here! Always a great time!

Nadine B

The owner Is a jerk. His ego is about as big as the screen, and his manners as little as the smoking section you will find in the back of the lot caged in like an animal. It's supposed to be a family place, but he couldn't care less about anyone of us. Everyone is just a big dollar sign to him. He made it clear when we were told to move our car , which wasn't any bigger then any other SUV there because his personal friend was parked behind us in a sports car and couldn't see. Well, it was sold out so my family (4 young kid's) had to leave while their cousins and friends stayed to watch. He did offer our money back, but in a condescending way! Customer service is the worst

Marco Pires

Good movie night experience

Michael Stackpole

Good family outing. Nice friendly folk there

xb0x wid0w

It's a great place, food is good. Bathrooms could use a little more pressure in the toilets. You stand there hoping your child didnt put too much paper in the toilet because they flush so slow.

Sean S.

Classic drive in. Bring a hot date

Crystal Roselund

Had a great time with the family!!! Perfect weather and just enough space for the little ones ❤

Anonymous Anon

Support your local drive in movie theaters, not too many left!

Jose Gonzalez

Always a great time for the family

Cassidy and Marissa

The movie experience is great but not the food its not that great and you end up having to wait in the line for 30 minutes. I recommend to go there for the movies but I would bring your own food.

Magno Araujo

Make sure to arrive 45 min early. I prepaid for my ticket online, arrived 30 min before showtime and was told I could have missed my spot. Great family atmosphere. However, the food could be much better.

Emile Plaud

Very good value for your entertainment dollar! Family fun at it's finest!


Awesome, great for a summer night out with family and friends.

Greg Quilop

Great movie theater and always have had a good experience with prices, environment, and staff. It can be difficult to see movies if they are dark in color, but that is based on the movie. Be sure you have a good battery, but they can jump your car if needed.

Shee Mez

We love Mendon drive inn. The slide is my sons favorite part we always get the bracelet for it. We usually get there when gates open so we buy dinner at the snack shack. The mozzarella sticks are good, burgers and dogs are standard to any …

Amber Ryan

Awesome experience. My husband and I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi there last weekend, and the experience was fantastic. I was concerned because it's December, but honestly, it wasn't that cold. You are not permitted to leave your car running, which makes sense, but the car holds the heat well regardless. Couple that with the hot chocolate and popcorn inside, it's just like having a private doing of every movie. Perfect for date night.

Donna Rivera

A great place to take family! Bring your own food instead of high prices but nice to purchase once in awhile inside if available

Keith Anderson

Always a fun and exciting time! I have been going to movies at the Mendon Twin Drive-in ever since I was a kid and its always fun to go and grab some great food and watch a couple of movies from the bed of the truck! FYI to anyone who hasn't been get there EARLY! you'll regret it if you don't!

Ted jesus

First time there I love it. Small but plenty of space. Beer and good food

Michelle McDonald

Love mendon drive in. The picture quality is great. Better pucture quality than showcase cinema. The food is good. Not great but good. A tiny bit overpriced but I can bring my dog and she loves all the smells. Great place to bring the family. Great customer service. Will start your car if you wear out the battery. Will rent radios $5. And the have a golf cart going around tying down hatchbacks so they dont block the people behind them. Employees seem happy and eager to help. Says a lot about how well the place is run.

Matteo Gambino

It's just a normal drive in, nothing too special about it... Prices are high, you're going to pay 12$ for a small pizza, just keep it in mind. And Maleficent wasn't that good - Angelina Jolie could have done really better.

Jennaral Zed

I love this place. It's a great place to take the kids for movie night or go with friends.

Steve Pelland

How can you not have fun here? 2 movies for a carload of folks? Cannot be beaten anywhere

Jacky Perez

Good but you have to get there early because it was so full

Aaron Silverman

The area is always clean. The bathrooms are kept in decent shape. The food is always good. Get there early and borrow one of the radios at the snack shack. Love coming here.

Andrew Walter

Great fun to go with a few other people, cheaper and better than AMC

Maria Lozada

Great drive-in. Nice and clean.


Suppppper fun STILL! As a kid this place was the go to, now with a child and 15 years later it still is that place. The staff is extremely nice and so family friendly! The golf cart guys went out of their way to make sure we had the perfect view and i thought that was amazing of them. We played some frisbee, listened to the music and, enjoyed 2 great movies. Money well spent! P.S the snack bar prices aren't bad at all!!

Michael Furmaniuk

Great drive in! Hard to beat the price for a movie under the stars the way it used to be.

Patrick Noenickx

Wonderful destination for a family night out. There are some rapscallions participating in more lazie fair actions and activities, but so long as your tollerant, or separate yourself then it should not matter. If your goal is a nice family night out, this is a wonderful choice.

Crystal Kiklis

Besides the bugs.. this is by far the best way to watch a movie.. it brings it back to when I was young lol everyone must go at least once in their life to experience it.. fav place ever

tybalt Sleven

2 movies for a food price, and you sit in your own car or bring a chair and enjoy outside. Best drive in I have been to so far.

Maggie McDowell

Easy to get in and out. Parking spaces are nice and big and well labeled. Staff was friendly. Don't expect too much from the food quality from the concession stand.

Kyle Stephens

loved watching the movie on the big screen. The snack shack food was solid enough and the radio sound was good. Had a great time.

Toluwalope Aderogba

Great place to go with your family for the outdoor cinema experience but don't try it when it rains

Patricia OHara

Beautiful ride, very scenic

Dan P

Love this place. The food is good and it's super economical especially for a family. It gets busy on the weekends especially opening week of a kids movie, so buy your tickets online if you plan on being in that situation or get there early. They also do throwback movies sometimes.

Bob Smith

We had a great time people that work there were cool food was good but for the old gentleman that work there was very pushy and was rushing everyone out he pushed my 5yr old grandson to the ground and scrapped his hands he should never ever do that it really pissed me off and the other thing was with people dacks up it's hard to see the screen you need to raise the screen higher so everyone can see it all

Hanne Richardson

A drive-in movie is a fun way to start the summer! Really enjoyed it.

William McConnell

The drive-in itself was a lot of fun. It was nice to treat my kids to that old fashioned experience. We brought chairs, blankets, a boom box (for the sound in the movie so we wouldn't drain the car battery), and a citronella candle. The food was kin of basic and nothing special. It was all prep-prepared stuff like burgers, hot dogs, and that sort of thing. Seeing as how the Andlemans run it, I figured there might be more of a food experience. The bathrooms were clean and the staff were helpful. Of course there were some guests that tried to keep their car running or their lights on, or smoking by their car (instead of the designated area) but the staff did their best to stay on top of it.

Katie Emerson

This is a fun, casual experience for hanging out with friends and family. You can show up early and just chill before the movie starts. It's a friendly atmosphere and it makes you feel like you're on the set of The Outsiders.

Reality isnt A choice

It was a great time

scott schwendenman

Fun place to go to. Worth the trip. Food and drink prices are a little high but you can bring your own so no problem.

Irish Bunny

Great experience with the kids. Prices as expected for stand food (high.) Bathrooms weren't that bad even by the end of the night. Most people followed the rules and it was fun.

Mackenzie Bertwell

The best drive in!

Cori Hathaway

Always a great place to go for good movies

mike gillis

It was fun havent been in like 10 years and it was nice to sit in the jeep and watch a movie. Popcorn was nasty though

cello man

The butter for the pop corn was rancid.

Jeff Cahill

Got to love this place. Getting in early is key. Even getting to the lot 2 hours before the movie starts can be tough to find a good spot.

James Dufault

This place is an awesome family brings back the nostalgia of the good old days....the food is better than you used to get, and they've got a upgraded beer garden. The only downfall is the bathrooms....there's a huge line for the women and the men's room is too small as well, no dividers between the urinals...that part is a huge mess

Doreen Bain

Had the best time last night!

steve a

The mendon drive-in is an absolutely marvelous place. Its more than just a drive-in , it a destination, a placeholder in history. The mendon drive-in preserves the history of a true drive in, even keeping most of the speaker poles and "bumps". It also adds subtle but modern amenities such as the beer garden and upgraded snack shack etc. Drive-ins in general are a great staple of American history, mendon drive-in preserves this and will give our youth an experience to carry to future generations

Celese Walter

Great place for the movies but as usually food prices are high for less than mediocre food.... still you cant beat watching a next movie for $28 6 people

Cat McGowan

Had so much fun!!

Elizabeth Foley

So glad this place is still around. Always a positive experience!

Anthony Huntington

Unique way to see a movie when the weather is nice. Our kids love it. It has gotten pricier in terms of food (comparable to concessions at indoor chain theaters) under the new management but can't beat the ticket price for a large family.

James Rose

I think it's a great place because every year they do the Grateful Dead meet up at the movies, What an awesome time !! Great Grateful Dead cover band DEAD BEAT , And a bunch of friendly people .U almost get the feeling of going back in time !

Gabbie Bernier

Place has gone way downhill since new owners, WAY over priced food and it's not even good. They park people WAY to close to one another. My door got scratches from kids too close to my car opening the door a thousand times, and when I asked a staff member for assistance they never showed up. This is not the Mendon I grew up knowing and loving. It's all about money now. We miss you Linda!

Andre Allard

Mendon Twin Drive in has only gotten better with age and the innovation of the new ownership.

Christine G

Place was great! Affordable movie experience and food was good!

Lydia Morales

It was very nice family atmosphere very well staff I recommend it highly for family to go

Shaw Miller

Fun experience. Staff make sure taller cars and hatchbacks don’t obscure the view of cars behind them. They play current movies and it’s a great price for an evening of hanging out. Be prepared to stay late- second movie usually doesn’t start until around 11.

Jennifer Wigley

I use to love this driving its went down hill. to I got to find a new driving.

Elizabeth Moore

Love it great movies for a great price but the snacks were a lot of money. I couldn't find the way out of the bathroom. It's been one week since anyone looked at me. I'm constantly cocking my head to the side. Are they angry at me. It's been 5 days since I heard the sound of my child's laugh. I'm sure they want me to come back and see them. For 3 days this has been my living room. I realize it all my fault but couldn't tell you. I thought I was forgiven yesterday. But it will still be 2 days I say I'm sorry.


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