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65 Main St, Middlebury, VT 05753 Located in: Middlebury College

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REVIEWS OF Marquis Theatre & Cafe IN Vermont

Karina Lucia

Best theater around!!!

Gayle Grim

Jennelle Smith

Tyler Hanley

Pamyla Hendricks

Rob Life

Thayer Osborne

Great local theater, with very good southwestern food or popcorn, at a reasonable price!! We are lucky to have them.

Stephanie Allen

Rose Mott

Where do I start pricing for tickets were ok food pricing wow way to pricey over $6 for a medium stale popcorn you could clearly tell it was either from morning or the day before. Me and my husband walked into a dark theater we had to use cellphone to see anything...& the advertisement before movie think it needs to be updated. rather pay the gas money and go to Rutland or Burlington.

Rebecca Manley

Matt Coffey

Henry Dora

Lily Williams

Jason Broughton

A very busy and eclectic local theater. The staff are amusing and witty. The cafe has great appetizers and has free old movies to view or stand up comedy near the bar area.

Alex Crumb

Cool local movie theater with tacos, drinks, and couches in the main theater. Also a live stage for music and events.

Roy Minton

Brad Heck

Brett Axelberg

Historic. Great food. Love that there is a full bar there. Several free events. Unusual entertainment. Stadium seating. A boon to Middlebury!

Michael Tester

laura king

Great ambiance at this theatre, with comfy couches! Also, we had a tasty dinner prior to the.shpw

Chris Mazur

i love this movie theater. i love that it is also a Mexican Cafe and you can buy tacos, burritos, nachos, etc (as well as standard movie theater munchies), and beer, and eat them in the theater. i love that it is an independent, family-owned business. i love the special nights they run (trivia night, comedy, movie roast night, etc). The only thing i don't like about this theater is the size of the screens - and this may simply be a factor of my age - when i go out for a movie, i want the pre-multiplex, large screens of yesteryear. Despite that, i still go to this theater for all the other reasons.


This is a fun and quirky little theatre. It's a great time and they have an awesome menu- I love the pork tacos and homemade salsas

Sofia Stefani


Great cozy theater, has a nice atmosphere. Don't go there for the Mexican food though.

Tena Bougor

Very nice with the food and bar. Seats are very comfortable.

Mzwakithi Shongwe

Great vibe, great staff and a very charming setting.

Keith Ellery

Beth Green

Zach Nevins

Will Strickland

Marcie Hoenes

A fun local theatre, with a variety of seating options including couches and comfy chairs. Not your typical movie theater food in general.

Hayden Heffernan

Jar Jar is a Sith lord.

Eliza Jaeger

Wonderful little theatre with good atmosphere and good food.

Thomas Ahern

Cassandra Franklin

Santa at Marquis Theatre!! Staff was accommodating and friendly! #VeryMerryMiddlebury

Jake Cotto


Dana R

Charming little theater, cozy, not overly crowded and comfortable. Clean too which is rare for smalltown theaters.

John Coburn

Fun movie theater with sofas in front and great nachos and beer as well as traditional movie snacks.

Rose Swinton

So nice to have a local theater.

camila van order gonzález

The tacos suck but ya kno you gotta get what you can get when you escape from prison XD jkjk its ok there i guess, there are nice people

taran veerman

Great theatre and restaurant. The new southwestern style food is amazing and very reasonably priced. Definitely a place I will go to more often.

Jennifer Huestis

Food and movie! Who could ask for anything better! Sofas are so comfortable too!


Eden Prim

Blithe Milks

Food is great. Staff is friendly. Love every trip here

Shawn G

Quaint, but pleasant movie theater with couches and traditional seating. Prices are good, screen quality was good, snacks were good. Not much to complain about! There is a bar and I believe a restaurant as well, but I did not end up trying them out. Good times!

Scott Wittmeyer

Had both of our kids birthday parties their...great time!

Thereal Jaskaransingh

Jen Peterson

jim Meyersburg

I'm so happy we have such a dynamic member of the community! Aside from the current movies, they participate in our film festival and they often screen independent local films. They also serve food and drinks which can be brought into the theatres.

Mark Grossarth

Geoffrey Ginos

Lisa Maloney

Brock M


R Me

Elise Shanbacker

Lori Fetters

Great theaters, and goods comfortable seats.

Brian Orleans

Comfortable setting with great food and great staff.

Shannon Hart

They are very understaffed and over sell their seats. Their poor head chef was running around like crazy to help all of the other workers. They don’t have enough seats and people are very prone to laying across their couches in the theater so they take up 4 spots to themselves. Food is always delicious. We used to love this theater but they have no idea how to accommodate a large showing.

Kristin U

This place is awesome! Visiting from Connecticut, we had a great evening eating and watching Ant Man & the Wasp. Such a cool, cozy place. We'll definitely be back when we return ti the area.

Will Rockell

Nice food and nice seating.

Brian Lacharite

Jill Phillips

Will Wright

Watch a movie while drinking an adult beverage and eating a taco? Sign me up! This is such a great experience it's a destination. The taco was fantastic, and there is a full bar that specializes in tequila. Sharing a couch makes you feel like you're at home. The picture quality and sound are quite good too. Get there early enough that your food is ready before showtime!

TommyI'm q I Dickison II

Dan Vercruysse

Doug Campbell Speaks

Awesome food! Awesome people! Awesome Movies! What more could you want? Oh wait there is more.... but I guess you will have to go there to find out :D

Matei Goina

Brian Lisko


Mary Majerus-Collins

Alison Hans


justbeforedawn July

Brandon Porey

A bit pricey but being the only movie theater in town you get what you pay for.

Tina Curler

Nice place. Can't wait to try the food.

Derrick Dubois

Great bar. Decent food--lots of cheese.

Kaia Rayne

pretty cool

Will Siegel-Sawma

Kathryn Byrne Grossarth

Morgan Busier

Marshs Barber

Great Mexican food, good movie--a very positive experience.

brian wright

Sean Roberts

Malisa Jones

Christopher Johnson

Erin Smith

Maxwell Fazioli

Sweet ticket prices, amazing seats in the theater to the right,amazing mexican food to enjoy if popcorn isn't your thing too!

Stephanie Valley

Great food, snacks and drinks. Staff is always super friendly. Great place.

Angela Bjork

Tacos and beer and/or a flick. What's not to love?

Glenna Ryer

Kris Jarrett

Love this place for movies, food, and bar, or just a movie, or just food, or just the bar! Friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere, great food (pork tacos are a standout) and comfy couches and chairs to see a film. The Marquis feels like going to your friend's place to watch a movie if your friend had a fully stocked bar and a professional kitchen.


Expensive, small screens and not even stadium seating. At least the staff was friendly.

Adam Fasoli

Cortland Fischer

Timothy Bosworth

Margaret Korda

Good place to meet friends, good food and drinks. Travia on Thursday night 7pm ish. Challenge!

Tirzah Hescock

Sas Carey

Really comfortable and community oriented.

Daryl Hurlbut

Nice theater with traditional and casual seating choices. The bar food is nice. The snacks are the norm for a standard theater. A bonus is that they offer Coca-Cola products. We go here a few times a year as we enjoy different experiences at multiple thraters. Each one has it's own unique offerings. I like the fact that I can have a beer or two with the movie. Our local theater doesn't offer that.

drew bovell

Comfortable and relaxing family environment

Kylee Roberts

Great food and great staff, a very good place to have a dinner and a movie date. I highly recommend coming here.

donna centore

Elizabeth Golden

Convenient local movie theater, with comfortable sofas at the front of the main level cinema, affordable food, and a little nightclub, which is also available to rent. They show a variety of movies and do special showings for community organizations and local filmmakers. Both cinemas are small, but cozy.

elliott cross

This place has all your small town needs in a theater. Great little bar that you can bring your drinks into the show with you. And a little Mexican food joint in the theater as well with rotating specials. You can bring your meal in on trays also. Plus various special nights, like a comedy night and a MST3K style show. Let's go to the movies!

juan brenes

Always great service and great food

Colin Whitehouse

Cool little local movie theater.

Kierstin Kemmerer

The absolute best theater I've ever been to. Couches, burritos, candy, popcorn, alcohol. Great food, friendly staff, good prices!

Holly Goodale

Hard to get around in with my wheelchair.

Nick Myers


Very chill, free Saturday movie playing on the background, very nice bartender/tacomaester on the scene, salvo of taco sauces ready to blast you off to spice factor 5!

Michael Breyette

Great nachos, nice selection of beers and mixed drinks, plus enjoy then while watching the latest movies!


Matt Takas

Cool little movie theater in this small Vermont town. We dropped in for a matinee on a Sunday afternoon (Captain Marvel) and the service was quick. There is a small Mexican cafe inside the theater that we ordered food from, which was very tasty. I can appreciate the difficulties of keeping a theater like this open in this day and age. For how things were there, everything was good. The theater is showing its age, but by all means don't let that sway your decision to see a movie there. They also have comedy shows from the looks of it, which I'm sure are pretty fun to attend. While things could be updated, they are good enough as they are now to have a fully packed theater (as it was during this visit). As long as we keep going to theaters like this one, they will continue to provide the kind of experience that no home theater will ever be able to replace!

That Guy

Kristi Arredondo

Often overlooked. Must see. Must visit. Delightful treat. Nice get a way.

Kyle Hutchins

Lexi Ratkovits

I had a hair in my burrito it tasted like Suave

Mike Compagna

We were very disappointed last night. Service was terrible, we waited for 15 minutes for someone to show up to the front counter just to be told Good Dinosaur wasn't playing. Both their website and the schedule on the front of the theatre said the movie was playing. The front desk person told us he was sorry but he was a kitchen worker, only one there that night and it was his first night running the theatre on his own. Such a disappointing experience, we will not be going again.

cathy woods

Neil Boylan

My son and I decided to go see Deadpool 2. Rather than head up to the Burlington area, we decided to make the short drive from Vergennes to try out the Middlebury Marquis Theatre. What a pleasant surprise! Before we arrived there, we discerned that they offer Southwestern food (tacos, burritos, etc.), a bar (beer, wine, mixed drinks), as well as the usual movie theatre offerings (candy, sodas, etc.). My 16-year-old son enjoyed his two chicken tacos and a fountain soda. I didn’t partake, but look forward to trying out the food the next time we go. And that’s the thing...we WILL go again. It’s a casual, two-theatre set-up with movie seats + comfortable leather couches down-front in the theatre in which we sat. The sound system was remarkably good! Note: We moved to Vermont from Silicon Valley, so we got used to proper, surround-sound systems out there. The Marquis’ system is rather good — to the point of making mention of it here. We give it 4 out of 5 stars for being a pleasant, casual, and tasty movie experience, right here in quaint Middlebury!

Laura Kearley

Phenomenal Nachos

Pete Goetz

Violy McCausland

Jim Hock

Nice theatre. Good value.

Shannon McCall

Rachel Smith

Our favorite place in Middlebury! 2 screens so there's always a new release showing and the Southwest cafe serves good food. Their comedy events are definitely worth checking out.

Thatcher LaPrise

Jennifer Ruddy

Laura Napolitano

I love this little theater. With only 2 screens, they really know how to have a brand and presence in the community. They participate in the annual Middlebury New Filmmaker Festival, host monthly events with Big Guys Entertainment, have family friendly screenings in their café, allow their own food to be taken into the theaters, and have comfy couches in the larger theater. Their staff are hilarious and the cafe is a great place to just hang out with a meal and/or drink. This is more than "just a movie theater" or "just a café."

Ray Rizner

marc axelberg

Awesome, historical, small town theater that serves beer and food. Ben does a great job making everyone feel welcome

Kevin Uznanski

Great place to grad a bite and a film.

Vanessa Sunderland

Arianna G. G.

Tim Porter

Best home town movie theater!

Griffin Condon

Small, no 3D, but the atmosphere is amazing. If you are allergic to synthetic fibers, like me, this place is good to get to early as they have leather couches up front. (Though they fill up fast as they are also very comfortable).

Ad Ban

GG Johnson

Real butter and comfortable seats in old style theatre. Good sound too.

Sarah Young

Debbie Nesbitt

Stan Payne

Marquis Theater is a small venue which is a movie theater, live venue and a restaurant all in one. They have a concession stand where they serve traditional movie theater popcorn with butter, candies and fountain sodas. The restaurant serves southwestern and Mexican style food. In the bar area of the restaurant, adults can order beer, wine or cocktails and stay in the bar while their kids watch a children's movie. The adults can even bring their adult beverages into the theaters while watching a movie if they want to. There are even live events such as stand up comedy, concerts and movie roasts. If you are going to see a movie or a live event, it is best to check the theater's website or call them to confirm to see what's playing or who's playing. The owner of the theater is a super nice guy and if something is not right, he'll make it right and would do anything to have you satisfied.

Kimberly Palmer

justin boncher

Good beer and good tacos!

david Devine

The past few weeks, we have been seeing the award nominees. They have good food and drink, and three viewing venues. Right downtown too!


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