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REVIEWS OF Latchis Theatre IN Vermont


Expensive and don't go on a warm air conditioning and it's like an oven!


This theater did not play any Tyler Perry movie, Did not show the best movie out this summer in Straight Outta Compton.

Angela Fish

Great historic theatre

m m

Small theaters, short of leg room. But nice old atmosphere. Clean!

Liz Gesler

Just a beautiful piece of movie theatre history!

Deborah Gay

Ian Appleby

These guys would not let me and my son on to the movies because we didn't have cash. We came in from out of town, and even though I checked their website and read the about page unless you actually click the "ticket" tab you would never new. Having two credit cards but no cash we where sent away... The place owns a motel but could not find any way to let us in? I hope the place gets busted for tax evasion and shut down. What kind of way is that to run a business as the only movie theater in the area; their business model might work for them but not for me. They should have plastered all over their website and first thing when you call their number "cash only." Yes I called the number too and after hearing my playtime hung up the phone. I wonder how many shmoes have suffered my same woes.

Peter Rukavina

One of my favourite movie theatres. Get supper next door at the coop, and stay upstairs at the hotel!

Richard Thackston

Beautiful old building.

Drewbag Shaw

Trevor Champney

Amanda Young

This is a good theater. Everyone that says it sucks and don't know how they make money. It is an old building and the got better movies since the other theater in town closed. They try and people need to remember that it's a very old building. I agree it could use some maintance, it does get chilly. I have been in some really bad theaters and some really awesome ones. This one is old and feels that way. If you don't like it go somewhere else where people are rude and jerks.

Acorn KC

Abysmal sound system.

Patrick Noyes

One of my favorite things about can go to the Latchis on opening night of the new Star Wars movie (or whatever blockbuster suits your fancy) and still get great seats in a beautiful theatre. Popcorn is affordable, people are friendly... everything a small town theatre should be.

Daniel Smith

Seth Gooding

bailey kuk

I like the small-time charm all but for the one theater that is basically a pull-down screen and a projector.

Brad Heck

Willow O'Feral

Aaron Howe

Love it

Paul Marlisa

Great place

Tim Ferguson

A truly remarkable theatre, just wonderful.

Donald Stolpp

Richard Schwarz

art deco old style theater

Igor Popstefanija

Old cheap theater with nice atmosphere but not exactly cutting edge

Deborah Sampson

Sweet theater for a concert. Good sound system. Intimate venue. Clean and comfortable seating with good legroom. Reasonably priced refreshments.

Starr Bruce

I went to see a movie tonight and it was great. But the delicious cookies they had up front were not, as I bit into it and a long dark hair was baked into it. It was caked into the point where I couldn't even remove it so it wasn't mine. I didn't complain because I get that things happen but people need to know. Also, I saw a mouse crawling into the seat...again, I understand this is an old building but come on. I've had better experiences and this wasn't one. I'm pretty understanding but if this happened to another customer they may have made a huge stink. I wouldn't let the girl baking these cookies not use a hair net again because it could really be an issue next time with someone else...

harmony birch

Beautiful old theater. Kind of small though and no air conditioning.

Heather Poor

George Michas

My only complaint is it's cash only. Good prices, neat building, friendly staff.

Rio Daims

The Latchis is a very nice theatre. I have been there many times and I am always at least fairly comfortable and warm, despite what others have said. They show good movies and the price to get in is fair. But the downside is that the popcorn and other complementaries are really expensive for their quality.

Shaun Leete

Adrian Dix

Fairly expensive.

Paul W. Bud Blanchard

Great old historic theater

Laurel Shortell

I enjoy the old part of the theater and am glad to see it still in use.

Robin Rieske

Love going to the latchis!

Megan Pennell

Doran Hamm

My local theater as beautiful architecture wise as they come!

Will deBock

Lucas Tomolonis

What other movie theater offers nutritional yeast to put on your popcorn?!?

ILivLive 2354

They never have kid movies

Raphaela Bolivar

Katherine Morse

Restored old time movie theatre and, since it has a stage, concert venue.

Wylie Carlisle

Great historic theater. Beautiful inside. Seats are not very comfortable, but that's the only negative.

William S.

Nice ambiance, friendly staff, clean, not the most comfortable seating.

casey silverberg


Lucia Rose

This is an amazing theater ! Thank you, Brattleboro! :)

holly zaglaniczny

Lovely theater in downtown Bennington. Reminded us of our hometown theater in the 60's, balcony and all. Watched "A Star Is Born" which I believe is the 4th remake. Thanks for a fun night in Vermont!

Mark LoGiurato

Historic theatre playing current movies.

Griffin Bliss

Rosemary Rosinski

Movies as they were intended. I've never been to a theater that better recalls the heyday of cinema going. From the gorgeous architecture to the real butter, the Latchis Theater has it all.

Martin Corbin

I've been seeing movies at The Latchis for 30 years. They have consistently shown high quality films, even when they're not that popular, and always get the best crowd pleasers as well. The smaller screen rooms upstairs obviously aren't as impressive as the big main room but Latchis still gets a solid 5 stars from me!

Oliver Anderson

No cup holders. Seats are uncomfortable. Audio and video are rather decent.

Shaun Lahey

Jeannette Seward

Beautiful place!

Brynn Casamassa

Catherine Nemchek

Live in HD was wonderful!

St. John Arnold

So done with this theater. Honestly not sure how they make money.

Ariel Berger

Small town movie theatre


Abigail Martin

why wouldnt you play love simon you sinners

Eric Craven

Great old theater with friendly staff and very reasonable prices comparatively.

bruce clauson


Heather Hier

Gabe Shakour

Great local theatre. Screens 3 & 4 are little small but the vibe is nice.

Alex Stinson

Amazing small town theatre, with really nice architecture.

Caroline Hubley

Cheap and good

Toby MacNutt

Mieke Hella

The best historic, amazing theater in the area. Also runs a good art program besides showing movies. Winter carnival in feb has $1 kids' films, so remember not to miss out.

Jeffrey Snyder

Awesome. Love seeing movies here.

Ben Sasso

Josh Burns

Beautiful historic old theater with modern digital AV upgrades, but the best thing about this place is the phenomenal popcorn. I toss some nutritional yeast on there. That's just the wild kind of guy I am.

shram bhanti

You have to visit to know.

Ryan Bird

Great theatre, with cheap prices. Mainly for local people, wouldn’t drive more than I need to to get to this theatre if there’s a cinemark, but if your around 30m away, or less, I’d recommend it for just a good time.

Jim Pecora

What are incredible and Historic Landmark the Latchis Theater is in Brattleboro Vermont. Constructed in the 1930s in a wonderful Art Deco fashion It's a wonderful local resource for numerous venues such as live theater & music. Plus the attached Hotel. If you are taking in the decor be sure to see the hotel lobby too.

Tony Leonard

Neat old theater, recently renovated... Great for the nostalgia, although the sound quality of the films can be so-so.

Carter Kinoy

The speakers in their main theater are blown out, so you will have extreme difficulty hearing movies at times.

Lori Hathaway

Beautiful old theater!


Classic old theatre. Family friendly

Steven Morlock

Wonderful old theatre

Tiffany Dorey

Anna Duca

Charming theatre with affordable prices and snacks. Not cutting edge, not trying to be and interesting. I would suggest the main theatre.

Kira Peale

Oliver Olsen

Alfred New

An amazing restored art deco theater with a strong commitment to its community

Thossen Kent

The only theatre around

Laura M

Love this theatre. It's a landmark. Great shows and movies play here!

Tiea Zehnbauer

We love going to the Latchis. The main theater is amazing, the fountain (#3), and the balcony room (#2) both have some great spots to watch movies and be comfortable. We don't attend often if the movie is being played in #4 (very tight seating, uncomfortable room). Very nice staff and we can usually find a movie that we want to see! Enjoy!

Merlin Katz

L Pan

Omg very nice theatre. Takes you back in time. Not that crazy IMAX stuff. They have a beautiful little piece of history. Seen toy story 4 with the kids . Loved it .

Michelle Cassidy

Love the movie

eric anderson

Our favorite local theater to watch movies on date night. Enjoyable place to see performances.

Nikki Fontaine

I love it here

Patrick Murphy

Very relaxing place to stay and they offer a weekend package, movie and dinner at a local restaurant. The main theater is a trip back in time. Dog friendly hotel!!

Jess Magnuson

The main theater is beautiful, but the other ones are definitely sub-par. It's inconveniently cash-only. Concessions are over-priced.

Linda Alvarez

Cool theater downtown.


Great for movies and live performances, although I gave only four stars because it seems like the vast majority of movies that are shown are R rated, or if not, they still have plots or themes that I don't go to to avoid watching something depressing and/or violent. I'd love to see more movie shown that aren't going for the pulls of death, explosions, terror, torture, etc. What happened to comedies? I personally enjoy going to the movies and laughing. Otherwise: realistic and reasonable ticket prices with nice deals on the 'matinees'. Of course, snacks at a theater are always expensive, but the Latchis has more reasonable prices within this realm. Once I learned that the entire ticket price went right to the production studio for weeks if not months of the beginning of the showing of a film, I was much more relaxed about the snack prices. Great acoustics and beautiful restoration of the main theater. I very much appreciate that Brattleboro has been able to keep this gem.

Chris Gates

Whenever they decide to have a popular new movie when it first comes out, they will have lines forming outside the door. Instead they VERY RARELY play the most popular movies that are coming out until or that have just come out until 2 or 3 weeks after they release; which makes them not get much profit from those movies. They have a very poor choice of movie selections when it comes to new releases. I wish this place closed instead of the other theatres in town.

Dina Spice

Very cool, well-taken care of, old theater...and staying at the attached, art deco hotel was perfect on a cold winter's night. Loved our visit and will be back.

Jamie Newer

Eric Davis

Great staff!!!

Forest Zabriskie

Beautiful historic theater. Small, cozy, part of the heart of Brattleboro.

James Maynard

A historic, beautiful theater with an amazing staff! A small-city movie experience the way it’s meant to be!

Gary Fields

A great place to see a movie or a show. The nain theatre is like going back in time to the old time movie/vaudleville theatres!

Susan Campbell

liked the movie it was very exciting scarry to watch i had an awesome time with my sons

Rena Woods-Pratt

I grew up in Brattleboro and have been to Latchis an unimaginable amount of times. Lastnight, I went with my mother and my daughter and we decided upon Latchis as the 8:55 pm show was a perfect time for us. The quality of the screen and movie was good, but we were seated in theatre 4 which was a room I had never known to exist. The theater was literally thrown together in like one day. The maybe 40 seats were like those that one would rent from a Party Rental vendor, and the stairs were cheap and metal (also like those of a rental vendor for an amusement park or something). Everytime someone got up to use the bathroom, they had to walk up the extremely noisy metal stairs which was SUPER obnoxious. The only thing that saved the night was that the movie was good. I rarely go to the movies and was looking forward to doing so, but if I had to see one in theatre 4 again, I would DEFINITELY pass. Pretty disappointing.

Terry Bourn

Awesome art decor theater.. kept up beautifully

Melinda Chase

Excellent with nostalgia in abundance!

Hawkers Burn


Brandon Palmer

I love this place - very cozy. Love that it's cash only! Wish I had something like this closer to home.

Miles Anton

Pretty sweet theater . Great place to go on dates. Popcorn is legit

Tamara Shipley

Very nice little theater in Brattleboro. Good prices on snacks


good selection of movies but prices are high compared to other local theaters

Nastia Stevens

We go to the latchis all the time and it's a great date night idea too. Movies change ever Friday so just know that. And all larges have free refills.

Pauls Android

So glad this treasure is preserved and used.

Jack Criddle

Beautiful old Art Deco theater. Best film going experience in three states. A real favorite.

April Hastings

Great beautiful functional place of history

Clay Turnbull

The Latchis Theatre is a historic building and a must-see for anyone wanting to experience what the "old days" were like in large theaters. Operated by a local arts non-profit you can feel good supporting a local operation. Next door to SuperFresh organic vegan restaurant and about a minute walk to the Brattleboro Food Coop where you can catch dinner before a show. Bring CASH as they do not accept credit cards.

jennifer parker

The Latchis is a charming theater. Friendly local staff and a snack bar with handmade cookies and brewers yeast to add to popcorn! Upstairs theater could use a seating upgrade. But overall I highly recommend.

luke stafford

Historic splendor.

Lucas Burkhardt

Horrible seating, but the atmosphere makes up for it. Quality of screen, and sound were good.

Jason Stover

Amazing building. Definitely want to see movies in the main theater though

Earline Nixon

Love movies at the Latchis! Can't beat the ambiance and the sense of time travel back to the golden age of films.

Brandie S

I look foward to seeing movies right in the heart of my community in a friendly atmosphere, and great popcorn to boot!

Jamie Hallengren

Needs some TLC, but a beautiful theater nonetheless.

Megan Bentley

Loved seeing plays and movies here while we were in Brattleboro

Lexi's Aesthetic

Wonderful beautiful theatre! It's small and has no.A.C. but other then that they play the good movies, just get in while the gettings good!

Rebecca Eisenhandler

Brianna Hickey

The seats are spaced for tall people

Ben Schaeffer

The Latchis is one of my favorite classic movie theaters anywhere in the country honestly. I grew up in between nearby South Newfane and Brooklyn, NYC, so I had been going to see movies at the Latchis since the late 70's. BEFORE they subdivided upstairs into the smaller theaters, BEFORE the renovations, and BEFORE the Hotel re-opened. My favorite elements have always been the Grecian relief murals and the Zodiac ceiling fresco. I remember in fact, before they renovated and the ceiling had all these horrific water stains, and the fresco was more black than blue and the interior was dingy. Nice to see it restored to it's full former glory. Brattleboro is one of my all-time favorite small towns, and it's appropriate that The Latchis should be located there.

Cecil McLaury

The film was too loud. I had to leave about 30 minutes in to the movie. I sat around the lobby waiting on my wife and no one asked me if I needed any thing. There was a dog eating popcorn though, it was entertaining!

kaye cassidy

It's a great the other but the seats are a bit uncomfortable and it tends to be a bit chilly in the winter


Quality popular as well as indy/art house films shown at reasonable prices in a clean, comfortable environment restored to its beautifully sculptured historic grandeur. Occasional film festivals and special weekend presentations add to the mix. Tasty pastries for sale. This would be a go-to venue for a quality film experience anywhere in the country (NYC included!).

rekr back up

Great old fashioned theater with nice staff never too crowded.

john kennedy

Ariel Brugger

Love this theatre! This is a great community theatre that runs matinees' during the kids school breaks and always has fresh popcorn with REAL butter! Thank you, Latchis!

Mark Eggert

Beautiful art-deco theater. Sound system could use an upgrade, though.

Liam Fitzsimons

A beautiful historic theater, incredibly comfortable and fairly priced, polite staff

Patrick Ayotte

Cynthia Megyola

Nice little theater. Cash only.

Tricia Holliday

Absolutely beautiful theatre! And the staff is AMAZING!!

Savanna A

Cool place, good prices

Shanna Hall

Love the atmosphere. And such reasonable prices. Can't beat the experience!!

Jefffey Clevelanx

Great theater, very nice people

Frederick Learey

Lovely architectural and social character, vibrant with community 'life'. Not superb from a purely theatrical perspective in that the screen is not as big as many theaters, and the sound system not as modern. But the overall experience makes this a top notch theater.

Bailey Whelchel

Really great place for a date, the seats are small but comfortable enough if you have your arm around someone. It's definitely a down home local theater where it's never that crowded and it's never too expensive. I highly recommend it, if not for the great affordable cinematic experience, then for the beautifully restored astrological artwork hiding in every corner.

Sean Ashcraft

Love this theater! Old school feeling, but great quality.

Santiago Guzman

Matthew Bonanno

The theater is small and nice but the seats make everything feel awkward. There were no cup holders for drinks and the screens were awkward. Nice if you like historical businesses but if you like seeing a movie try going to a bigger movie theater like an AMC.

GypsyAngel Butterfly

Was awesome reallly cool Decor older theater but history makes up for it and the prices

Matthew Young

Great theater and help. The hotel is pretty nice (bring your own pillows).

Adam Daigle

Beautiful venue

david d

Best place to go in Brattleboro to see a movie. The theatre is realy nice and the tickets are very reasonably priced. You do have to pay in cash tho. They do have an atm if you need it. There popcorn is good as well.

Paige Gale

Good movies but not good snacks or seats

Dante K

Jeff Garceau

Awesome old theatre.

Misty Watson

The main theatre is very beautiful!


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