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REVIEWS OF Keene Cinemas 6 IN Vermont

Jane Thomas

Movie was great sear/chairs most uncomfortable.

Louis Kolivas

Kudos to the new management team. Website rework has improved. Counter staff is knowledgeable and polite. Like the cleanliness all around. Popcorn is fresh, candy still pricey. Overall improvements well accepted.

Amanda Bragg

Great place to enjoy a movie and the owners are wonderful and working hard to rebuild

Gail Connelly

Very comfortable but disappointing hearing the other movies while watching ours.

Peter Rukavina

A surprising gem: what was once a sticky and sad multiplex has had new life breathed into it in recent years. The seats are comfortable, everything has a fresh coat of paint, the canteen's been updated, and the programming runs from art house films to first run. Don't be put off by the plaza location: this is a fine place to see a movie.

Sandi Card

Great place to see a show.


It was good., seems to have changed a lot. No complaints

Wendy John

Impressed with the work that the new owners are putting into the building. Seem like a nice group of people.

Todd Hollins

Great place. Family owed. Great prices and the staff will go out of their way to help

Jennifer Majoy

I hadnt been there in 15 plus years and I loved the renovations they had done❤

Justin Tacy

I've been going to this theatre since I was a kid. Alot of memories have been made here. Always looked kind of dirty, and not well taken care of. But recently there has been a change in ownership. The owners have been tirelessly working to make the theatre look cleaner and more attractive and it's been showing! The only little nit picky thing I would say is I hope there are plans to renovate the enterance, as it doesn't handle large lines well.

Em Kelley

Amazing staff!! The new management has done a great job cleaning up the place

Oliver Nonuka

The progress this theater has seen within the last year and a half is amazing considering its dark past, the new owners are doing amazing at improving this place and have already made it one hundered percent better than it was and Im sure will continue to improve it until the theater is comfortable and enjoyable for anyone who comes in.

Kevin Schock

Very nice theater. It is Clean and the employees were very nice and polite. We used the men's room when the movie was over and it was also very clean. The pop corn was Delicious and fresh and everything was very Reasonably priced. I would recommend this theater to any one.

Kate Reed

First time here, saw the First Man. Prices were decent. $17 for two people, $14 for popcorn, soda, and candy. My only issue was I could hear other movies next door and the kids playing at the games. Will come back, better then Brattleboro VT cinema.

Richard Bennett

Comfortable seats, lots of leg room. Great movies! I would give them five stars but they are cash only so only four stars. ATM machine next to the ticket window sometimes runs out of money.

Jessica Jones-Nagle

Nice locally-owned theatre. They have made many nice improvements ver the years.

adam Miller

It's a good clean theater with a good staff.

Alexander Rodriguez

Clean friendly place

Stephen Topa

Nice renovation, attentive employees, and went all out with the movie props

Jonathan Westland

So out of date. I drive the distance to Cinemagic or any newer location.

Jr Grey

Nice place..clean..great folks.. but not very accommodating when it come to asking for popcorn with no salt.. their response was" we don't add salt.the oil has salt in it"..poor response

Patrick Keating

Clean, comfy, friendly staff. Has the movies I want to see.

Ashley Leslie

Only thing to make this place better would be if they were more like chunkys serve you for and drinks with better seating (cozier)

Edmund Appel

Needs work... kinda of dated......

Jon Brock

The new owner has fixed the place up nice and is still making changes

Michael Warner

seems a lot nicer than it use to be

Douglas Dahlberg

Small but very nice..

Aidan Tarr

Very nice and police staff.

Allie 209209

I loved it before the new owner. It was a little messy but now the colors just don't fit and the videos at the beginning of the movies are so bad. The 3D quality is bad too. It was blurry with or without the glasses

Jen Cormier

We enjoy going there. The only thing that bugs me is the overhead lights they leave on during the movie. We go to movies atleast once a week if not more. The place is much nicer and cleaner than it used to be. The owner is a very nice man.

Tartan Fox

Such an amazing turn around with the new ownership!

Jacklyn Sands

They really need a makeover! And the front sign is annoying! You can't see what's playing anymore! Why!!!

Adam Moody

It's 2017. Thank you for allowing us to use debit cards. A small, yet huge, quality of life improvement for customers.

Michelle Reynolds

Place has been resurrected by new owner. And he's and his family are doing great... they have another location in Springfield Vermont. The surround sound is better then a luxury movie theater in boston. The prices can't be beat....

Jonathan Kiley

Nicely decorated for the movies you know all the lines to. The seats are old and worn. If you are the type of family/ person to get refills get the super, not the large. Large = medium at the places your used to. The staff felt like people who just came to work to collect a paycheck. They have easy parking, their entrance could be better labeled though.

Kara Penny

Cute, family owned theater with friendly staff. The theater is worn around the edges but the staff works hard to keep it clean.

Kayden Huntley

The owners are great and the theater is progressing amazingly, and I cant wait to see the finished product!

Daniel Gogolen

Under new ownership/management. Great place all-around!

Shannon Angel

Quiet place, but was not impressed standing there waiting for employee to get off phone for service.

Jay Jay

It's gotten better under new ownership. Cleaner and nicer atmosphere

Victoria Spencer

The people there are very nice whenever I attend. Fun atmosphere with the arcade games. I've been seeing movies here since I was 4 years old and if anyone would like to say anything dumb about it, I'll happily sever some heads. Good day.

Alfred Parisi

Nice Picture and great soud quality.

Lisa Dahill DeBartolomao

This cinema is old, dirty, and outdated. Very surprised for a college town.

Michael McCosker

It is a decent little movie theatre. It is not lavish, but with the tickets being around $9.50 per adult, the cost is well worth it. Also, popcorn and soda are reasonably priced. I am happy with my experiences here. The only downside is that it isn't larger, and doesn't have the same sort of amenities that larger movie theatres have.


Great place. Family business. Fun to see a movie once in a while.

Purple Dragon

Well, it's the only place in Keene to watch movies on the big screen. I never had any issues coming here and the staff is always nice. I like all the arcade games they have to play, either to wait for the movie to start, or waiting for someone in a different movie.

Stephanie Francis

New ownership takes pride in this place and it shows!! Much improved.

Doreen Rosimos

Getting so much better! Wonderful new owners! Clean, newest movies, and great seats! Popcorn is delicious also! !

Robert Kelly

Nice seats, lots of legroom, good sightlines

Kendrick C

Nice friendly staff. Fair prices for snacks too. Great place.

Kayla Jones

Workers are always friendly. Snacks are good & reasonably priced (for a movie theater). It's a bit small (something you can't help), but I just wish there would be 30 minute intervals or longer before movies so we could get seated before the movie starts, rather than waiting in the packed lobby & getting passed by people who get there last minute.

Nicolas Senak

Much better than it used to be. The owners obviously care about how the theater looks. The prices are reasonable too.

Jonas Garland

What a slam dunk !

doris martino

Friendly service and clean theaters

dan cogliandro

So me and my boys were walking into the movie theater to watch lion king right. The movie that everyone has seen. Me and some of the boys had bags and she lost it. Stole the bags and put it in something called the box office. Sounds scetch to me. Anyways she was already mad right then I went to ask my friend a question and she flipped on me and kicked me and 2 others that had nothing to do the talking. Then my friend went to order me a ride and he got kicked out for texting his mom. And she scared the s*** out of me and then told me to be quit when she kicked me out. Other than that good theater.

Ben Froling

Shows great films and often has popular movies in prerelease. The staff and service is great but the facilities are dirty. I have to give them credit though because they have fixed the theater up an incredible amount.

sara mabe

Moved back to the area recently and am impressed with the changes in the theatre! The place is overall cleaned up and are now showing previews in the begining from local businesses. I love that the new ownership has taken the time to push the theatre into a more community based environment. Keep up the good work Keene cinemas!

Bryan V

Not bad. But definitely not a great cinema. It is however the only one in town

Anime Wolfish

Nice comfortable seats. Wish they would.turn the heat up!

Rose Read

Keene Cinemas has multiple theaters, offering the latest hit movies. The seats are comfortable, they offer a nice variety of snacks and drinks, and the theater is clean. The only issue I have is the sound volume, they play movies very loudly and if your sitting close to the adjoining theater you can hear that movie.

Jennifer Lynch

Nice relaxing atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Shadow Anderson


Charisse Gonthier

Smelled clean floor wasnt sticky movie was good

Parker Ferrell

Place looks great! New owners have put in a lot of work! Seats are comfortable - sound was clean - Keep up the good work!

Karen Gagne

Place needs work. The seating is comfy.

David Warner

Seen a few movies here with my son. Always a pleasant experience. He loves the arcade games.

Kaitlin Faulkner

I little expensive for the food, but not rediculous. I would go there again. The staff was so Respectful.

Jamie Nadeau

The seats are so much more comfy than they were years ago!

Jigoku Shojo

Keene Cinemas is great!! 3D movies are quite dim, though, not sure why. Otherwise we love it

John Cook

I would have given this 5 stars if the screens were bigger, but since they offer movies in both 3D and 2D options, I prefer 3D, I am still giving it 5 stars. The owner is a great guy, and very friendly, and cares about his customers. Since he's owned it he's been steadily improving it. It is just a great experience, so that gives it the 5 stars too. All tolled, that adds up to 10 stars.

Joe DiMascio

The new updates have made the theater a lot better than the past few years and the prices are perfect for college students

Charlie Vermont

Friendly staff, clean theaters. Wife and I drive from out of town to occasionally enjoy the big screen experience. Very happy with what the folks at Keene Cinemas are doing. Two Thumbs Up!

Scott Weaver

It's nice that there is still a local cinema.

Hope Robbins

Pretty clean, nice staff and comfy seats.

Keegan Murphy

Have been going to the cinemas for years now and it seemed that recently the cinemas had taken a huge turn around from recent years. I read a few of the comments and see that new owners have taken control and that they have done some fixing up. Very pleased with what they have been able to accomplish in such little time. The urgency and care from the new owners really pleases the city of keene and is exciting to see what the next move will be.

Riley Mark

Great movies, affordable prices, and kind staff. A 13 out of 10

Robert E. Lafond

Getting better all the time!

George Brady

Small town movie theater feel - not like all the giga-plexs.

Galen Anderson

Movie selection is normally pretty decent for six screens. Projection is good. Audio is okay. Some of the screens are very small. Restrooms and water fountains are due for an upgrade. Staff seems pleasant. Arcade games are pretty solid.


Great local cinema

Andrew Freeman

This theater is under new ownership, and I see strides in the right direction every time I go there. And from conversations it sounds like they plan on making the place even better than they already have! It's nice to have a theater moving in a great direction. Keene has needed this for a long, long time.

Lori Hathaway

Love the changes that have been going on!

Sandy Hanson

They have good choices of movies to watch .

Michael Mcgloin

I've been complaining for years, but the new ownership is epic! The only thing stopping my review from being 5 star is the huge splotch on the screen in theater 3, For some reason every movie I see ends up in #3 and this is super annoying. Fix that and you get a 5 star review from me.

Morgan Baker

I really enjoy going! Clean and reasonable prices!

Kayla Carter

Love the new improvement of the theater. Some of the staff there don't have the greatest of attitudes especially over the phone when i was asking if you guys were hiring.

Zach Collins

Clean, quiet. Friendly staff, like, 6-7 screens, so usually a few good options to choose from.

Neil P. Allen

The theater was clean and comfy. Was disappointed the lights didn't turn off all the way.

Soccer Force

Great service. A little pricey

Nosie Rosie Posie

Everything was clear fun the 3D is legit and I had a very good time and all the people that work there were very very nice

Dylan Apisdorf

An adorable little theater where the young staff members actually seem to care about the customer having a positive experience. Cinema owner has decorated the lobby with a myriad of collectibles from his own personal collection, including a lifesize replica of Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy (which I offered to purchase but was told it wasn't for sale), which only adds to the charm and fun of going out to a movie. Only issue I have with this establishment is the size of the seats. It's an older theater, and they have updated many things except the seats themselves. They're a bit small and not terribly comfortable, but not so bad that it prevents me from coming back again and again.

Regina Pasquarelli

Typical theater. High price snacks. Took grand kids for school vacation. Charged sane entry fee for adult as for child. Don't agree with that one. Expensive but clean and easy entertainment for kids

Scott Lazurek

Nice small theater with decent prices.


Wish I could give it a zero. It was sooooo cold in there and dirty. One bathroom was closed and the other only had 1 working sink. I'd write more, but I really need to go home and disinfect myself.

Isis Latham

Really enjoying having this theatre to take our kids to. The prices for concession are reasonable and a matinee on Sunday is a good way to get the whole family out for fun.

Shane Goderre

Really enjoyed the movie and everything else. Only problem i had was how expensive the drinks were. Other then that, fantastic in my opinion!

John Hallengren

Very expensive for considering the layout!

Lindsey Van Zile

Great theater, there was a slash on the screen though which was a bit distracting when the film was running, but enjoyed playing the cool pin ball machines in the theater lobby!

James Smith

The new local owners are AMAZING!

Henry Underwood

It's not great but it really isn't that bad. This theater is perfectly fine. Yes, the staff are probably all teenagers, talking and looking at their cell phones. Who cares? You spend all of two minutes in the lobby before taking your seat. Cash only? Seems the case. Fortunately, if you are reading this, you now know to stop at your ATM. I recently saw a 3D film here and it was great. The sound and picture was very good, the room was cool on a sweltering day, and the seats were in good shape. I had been avoiding this theater due to some bad reviews but their complaints are exaggerated. Go watch a movie and support your local theater.

Taylor Seppala

New owners are putting alot if work into this place. They finnaly accept cash and are making numerous improvements overall things look good and you should definitely pay them a visit to watch a new film

Aspen Maria

The most uncomfortable theater I've ever been in.

Michael Munhall

The new owners have done a first rate job in fixing up the cinema. I love going there.

Chris Morgan

New owner is turning this place back to the way a family theater should be, always smiling and myself being just over 6 feet tall, have lots of leg room here.

Dorothy Maggio

Saw a star is born yesterday and the noise from the other movies spoiled the movie for me and my guest. Soda machines were not properly mixing and had to throw the two drinks out with out any offer of a refund.

DamianGaming and more vlogs

So it's a cute family owned cinema and I totally love and respect that, but if your a bigger person, your not gonna fit in the seats, the seats are tightly cramped and just dose not make for a relaxed movie experience.

Sara Campbell

New owners did a wonderful job of fixing it up. Love it!

chef lee

This place is trying to survive in a modern world. It's the only theater in the area, so it faces a lot of judgement. So many people are watching TV shows and using web apps for movies that theaters are becoming less used. The theater here doesn't get much money, so keeping it alive can be tough. It is a clean place and snacks are good, a few arcade games for extra entertainment.

Edward McAuliffe

It was little dated compared to newer cinemas.

Advertising Group

I really love the vibe and I support local business growth but there are some serious movie-experience ruining aspects... I went to watch Annabelle Comes Home and to my disappointment the audio level was very very very low, with the various big modern speakers on the wall not emitting sound (if there is its not noticeable at all). On top of that if you are watching a scary/tense movie with quiet scenes, both theaters movies that are screening from your left and right will be EXTREMELY loud and more than audible through the walls and DESTROY your mood. The sound from the other theaters was completely overpowering and drowning out the audio from the movie. The staff and everyone are awesome and I hope to come back and have this not be as much of an issue.

Charles Ayala

I give it a solid 4 stars because it is a small independently run theater, they upgraded it in recent months, and I have never had a bad time there. They get extra points for NOT having assigned seating. I would recommend they expand their snacks to pretzel bites, hot dogs, simple fried foods. They could raise their revenue a lot.

Bonnie Miaski

A little pricey but it's close to us.

Timothy Robare

Not bad. Strange seating but not bad

Kenny Lawrence

Loved the seats they were incredibly comfortable, even for the 3 hour long movie. Only downfall was the listing for the movie I wanted was still advertised on the billboard... But hasn't played for some time.

Madison Billingsley

Prices for seniors are too high; 50 cents off? Really??

Marie Finnell

Always a fun time

Victoria Webster

Some of the theater rooms dont have the arm rests that move now... one of my favorite things about this theater taken away... The overall experience is pretty good, prices are reasonably good. Also... I dont feel like I'm the only one but my biggest problem with this theater is that there is definetly a smell once you walk into the theater rooms and it's not a pleasant one or something that you get used to and can deal with. I would come to this theater so much more if that was gone. Not sure if once it was put under new management that when cleaning the smells never went away? But it should be looked into. It should smells like popcorn... not musty and just weird.

Colin CW

It's pricey but it's the only good theater around

Adrian Rouleau

I have been a resident of Keene for my entire life. I have seen this theater that I love slowly decline over time. But the new owners are really improving things. I have been to the owners other theater in Springfield VT, and it was a wonderful experience. This is a real labor of love for him. I am excited to see what he does with Keene Cinemas 6 in the future. Current updates: Accepting debit/credit (finally) New signage Better movie selection Price drop in 3D movies New hot and cold air system Repaint of interior Pros: Engaged and enthusiastic staff Clean and well maintained Interesting pop culture decorations New and entertaining arcade games New up to date website Regular Thursday night early releases Movie themed items at the consesion stand Cons: All the cons are leftovers from the ghosts of the past and are in the process of being removed in the upcoming months. There are plans to update the restrooms. Improve on the soundproofing between theaters. There is a new marque going up. Overall I would say that there is still some room for improvement at this time. But, Keene Cinemas 6 is in for a bright future if they stay on course.

Dmitri Freeman

It's really amazing how much the theater has improved over the last year. Prices have lowered, they take card now, the 3D is much clearer, and it is way cleaner than it has been in years. While there's still room to improve, just seeing the amount that's changed in such short time tells me that it's only a matter of time before those little problems are worked out as well. The new owner has really managed to turn the place around! Plus, you can never go wrong with a movie themed arcade. It's the little things that count.

Jedja Boisvert

Video games are cool for kids. Building is run down and dusty.

Kristen Pineault

Theaters are usually dirty. Seats are outdated and gross. Bathrooms dirty.

Ryan Hill

Great movie! Good popcorn too

Michael Kavanaugh

Would be better if they had wider seats but prices and movie selection is good for the area.

Jeffrey Skrocki

Nice renovation. Nice staff rebuild too. Thank you.

Braden Grayston

A place with a real personality.


We stopped here to watch "Avengers End game" The ticket prices are reasonable. The snack prices are reasonable. We found the inside to be neat and presentable. Which led us to order a few snacks. We had a tub of popcorn and a couple Sierra mist in to-go cups, 2 boxes of "sour patch candy", Checked out a few of their arcade games located inside, and off to the movie we went. This version of the Avengers was in 3D so we were watching this one over in cinema room 5 It was a couple hours long, they did a good job with the theatre room it was nice and clean, the temperature in the room felt like 60 not too hot not too cold. They did good with the lighting as well as the surround sound ( nice a balanced) the seats were clean , the seat cushions were very nice ( you could almost fall asleep on them) What a pleasant experience we had here at "Keene Cinema 6" Thank you very much guys. Definitely stop by here if you are looking for a nice Cinema to watch any new release movies. #SMASH the like button if my review has been helpful for you today

Rich Bujnowski

They are finally making look better inside.

Tech 86

Can here the bass from the movie playing beside you

Guy Calkins

Very happy they have moved into 2018 and take cards now.

Brendan Ackerman

They’ve updated this theater quite a lot and did a great job. Spacious and comfortable seats, friendly staff, and $8.50 for a matinee ticket. They aim to be the Keene community theater. Great screen quality and sound, too! Highly recommend!

Luke Kendall

Treated my son and I hreat

Abby/LittleFeet Samoya

Nice place to see movies! And enjoy good food!

Bryan McCord

Great place, it's really clean and done over nice.

cash caswell

It's a small but clean movie theater. No complaints.

Richie J

The new ownership has really taken this theater in the right direction.

Jon Marquette

not really comfortable, but adequate otherwise

Steph Court Beam

Small and congested. In process of upgrades. May need new and bigger location.

Amy Radder

Much better since the new owners took over. It's much cleaner, the staff is nice, and they take credit cards!

Rob Morancy

I hadn't been since the update, the seating is do comfortable

Scott Bergeron

Great hospitality

Heather Camp

Movies are good, seating nice, clean, staff are friendly. Fun games, love kids pack at refreshment area(perfect for little ones). popcorn is stale needs butter and salt. Theatre is freezing, bring a jacket and blankets.

Tristan Aho

Great service and vary clean

Christopher Bergeron

Had an issue with the lighting recently. Spoke with owner and he kindly explained the situation. I appreciate the fact that he addressed the issue. The cinema has come a long way and I cant wait to see what else changes. I'm glad that someone finally cares enough to make a difference in such a small town. Thank you Keene Cinemas!

Sarah Partridge

Much improved due to the recent change in ownership. Love all the decor and fun advertisements before films.

Matthew Bonanno

Decent local movie theater. Their website could use a major upgrade. Seating is just okay and is in need of an upgrade. For a small theater the picture size is nice. I am happy they provide a student discount. The concession prices are great compared to the giant chain theaters. The staff was friendly too! Overall I am pleased with my experience here. If they improve the seating, I will change my rating to five stars.

Judy Clavey

The Cinema 6 in Keene NH is very clean rest rooms were fixed up an clean employee's were helpful an polite

Lauren Ali Taha

Movie was great but it was cold in the theater. I was told by the kid out front it would be warm. Because it was very noticeable out front while paying for the ticket.

Tj Ellis

Love going there and watching movie magic

Dean Pomper

Seats need to be updated. Signage should display movies so people can see what movies are playing. People are nice though.


Much improved since the change of ownership. Better selection of movies and cards finally accepted. Mid-range customer service...just good enough to not be annoying.

Ronald Hewett

When I go to Keene to visit my grandson at collage we allways go to the cinema to see a movie. Very nice place

Caterina D'Amico

Real nice. The owners run it. Go to the movies they deserve it..and so do you

Patrick Tuz

Its Keene Cinema. You cant expect much.

Jeff Giles

This place has come a really long way since the days of grimy interiors and absentee owners. It still can't compete with high-end theaters with IMAX screens or whatever, but when you see a movie at Keene Cinemas now, it feels like you're supporting a local business where the employees care.


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