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REVIEWS OF Hollywood Drive-In Theatre IN Vermont

Chris evans

My wife and I have gone here for years and absolutely love the place. The food is great here no need to fill up somewhere then go to see a movie. Their hot foods are on point and they have a big selection as well. The last time we were here they were still letting cars in when we were halfway through the first movie and the people they let in were driving around with their lights on back and forth trying to find a spot to park. And not just a car or two. We were interrupted by at least two dozen cars. I will not stop going by any means. Love this place.

Jeannine Theakos

Great time as always, toy story 4 was awesome

Josh Seger

Awesome place to go with the kids.

Jared S.

Fun, inexpensive night out with friends or family. Nostalgic, even though the hang-on-window speakers are gone (I'm old, I remember them). But the screen and sound is still great. Americana.


Love this place! Would really like to see more classic movies played here. I can go watch the latest Marvel Hero Sequel 87 anywhere. I'd prefer something a bit different for a drive in. Great place to watch a movie though!

John Sullivan

great food for a movie place. family loves to lay out blankets and sleeping bags. remember a portable radio, and bug spray, both make it just that much more pleasurable


Wonderful place. I love hanging out in the parking field with my family and listening to the music on their radio station with my family and getting delicious food from the concession stand before watching movies on the giant screen surrounded by fireflies. We try to come every year.

Budder Kupp

We drove over from Berkshire County. There is a drive-in closer to us, but we had heard so many great things about Hollywood Drive-In, that we decided to give them a try. Our family went in 2 cars..My husband & I and 3 grandkids in one car, and my adult kids, and more grandkids in the other car. My husband and I drove up to the ticket booth first. I told the blond, slightly heavyset woman working the booth..that I was paying for both cars. She gave us our tickets, and then my son driving behind us..pulled up to the booth and she gave him his tickets. We drove into the parking area, parked side by side, and settled in for our movies. About a 1/2 hour to 45 mins later, the woman from the ticket booth walked up to my son's car and said "I need to see your tickets now"! My son said, "Okay, I dropped them between my seats..just give me a minute to find them". Then I said to the woman, "Don't you remember that I paid for both cars"? She looked at me over her shoulder with a nasty expression on her face and said quite loudly, "I NEED TO SEE THEIR TICKETS"!! A minute later, my son produced his tickets, she said, "That's what I needed to see, and walked away". She didn't even say that she was sorry. I mean she was basically accusing us of sneaking people in, even if she didn't come right out and say it. I felt demeaned and humiliated in front of all the people around us. My elderly husband & I certainly don't go around sneaking people into a drive-in. I will NEVER go back to Hollywood Drive-In. It was the most embarrassing night of my life.

Julie Consolato

Love this Drive-In! Great food and prices!

Ashley Brandley

Had fun. Very clean, and peaceful. Great place for bringing little ones.

Sanna Broyad

First time in drive-in movies. Great experience. Positively surprised on picture & sound quality. Defo going again some day.

Ed B

Love the drive in! Great experience for parents to share with their kids. The only thing I would change is the pizza, which is terrible.

Ethan M

The Hollywood Drive-In Theatre is a very fun place to go and watch a movie outside instead of inside a building. You tune in your radio to the specific station to hear the correct audio, and watch the projection outside. It is suggested that you bring blankets as it can get pretty cold at night time. You should also bring a blanket to lay on the grass if you are not watching inside the car.

Punisher QRF

This place is classic. The concession stand offers a wide array of food and drinks and I highly suggest buying from them. It keeps the place open. The projector is digital and the picture is crisp. Great memories of this place as a child and now I get to bring my kid here. In fact this is the fourth generation of family to love this place.

Ron Chesky

Boy Scout movie night with a sleepover was awesome.

Jason BroOKs

I love this place

Roslyn Webber

Two great movies tonight. Good weather, clear skies, and no bugs.


I have been coming here since I was a child and it has always been a good experience. They show two movies for a fair price and they can fit alot of vehicles in here. You will mostly find childrens movies here. The concession stand had a good varity of food to get.

Shannon ODell

Fun, clean, good food at snack bar

Marcella Helu

It was a great, I brought my dog.

Victoria Reside

Had a wonderful summer at the drive-in!

Jay Carpinello

Come on. It's a driving. It gets a five. All drive-ins get a 5 I think

rose gamer1253

Nice place. Good parking

Zac Bonesteel

Great time screen was in great shape. Snacks were awesome. Staff was polite

Röbin Shäkya

If u are going for the first time, make sure you know how to turn off your ALLTIME RUNNING DAYLIGHTS off, and ur car stereo has a good sound system. Then enjoy two great movies at a price of one :)

Patricia Lofink

Love the Old Time atmosphere. Wholesome place to bring your family. Staff are very pleasant. Have been going for years with my kids and now my grandkids.

Louis Lawyer

Love this place. Great for families.

Mickey Bauer

Feel extremely welcome every time we go. Have been there numerous times. I miss the swings down by the concession. It's great to see a family so in love with their business and their customers. I genuinely feel my patronage is much appreciated

Deborah Romano

Great food. Good prices. Brought me back to my childhood:)

John M. Gulick

Great location shorter cats in front monster trucks back by consession stand. Great menu choices including pizza, cheese burgers, slushies & icecream to go with your nachos, coffee, popcorn & soda. Check out the movie option online.

Justin Smith

Great deal for the family great selection for menu really nice experience brought back memories of when I was a little kid and went to a drive in theater glad this place is keeping the tradition alive

Chris Lennox

Don't hesitate to take your family for a great night together

Todd seeberger

Old school drive in. It's a tremendous way to watch movies. Snack bar had good food with friendly helpful staff. My family had a great time. I recommend it for anyone looking for a great experience.

Chris Liebenow

Great place to take the family and enjoy two back to back moves.

andy st.germain

Love this place, have been coming here since I was a kid and just took my son here for his first movie!

Zachary Horton

Get two movies for the price of one at a traditional movie theater. $10 per adult $5 for kids. They usually play the most popular movies in theaters, as of writing the remake of IT and Annabelle: Creation.

Lisa Kutzer

I've been coming here since I was a child. The best way to see the summer hits!! And the

Randy Harlow

I really do love coming here with my family. While I wish the picture was clear and not so dark, it may just be an issue that can't control.

James Taylor-Shaw

Love Hollywood when they play good movies that is.

Laura Masterson

Two movies for the price of one. Decently priced movie treats. A nice night out for the Family.

jayson harlow

It was a great experience for my kids. Just a bit ridiculous when they count an 11 yr old as an adult

John Collen

It's only as good as the respectful people around you. Food is ok.

Jennifer Swartz

Very nice place to relax and enjoy some good movies. It just ends pretty late at night and the food was not much of a selection. However, AMAZING french fries are sold here- don't pass on the fries if you like 'em!

Christy Wytzen

There was hardly anyone there tonight. Great people, price.

shannon s

always clean, people are very nice, we love coming here

Joan McTague

Two great movies playing and needed a jump for my car when leaving and the owner ran around in a golf cart starting everyone's car who was stuck there with a smile on his face ! Thank you so much.... didn't have to wait for AAA !

David Leite

Great drive in theatre experience. Good concession food, including large whole pizza's.

Teresa Mahlandt

So much fun. Well run!!

Birdie Smith

It's not yet started! But five kids ! This will be interesting

chad parker

I love it! I come here as often as I can every year.

Edward Toomajian

A fun place to see a movie. They have a snack bar and the owners are very nice people. The price is also reasonable.

Stacy Dobbie

There's only one screen, so there's very little ambient light to make the screen hard to see. Great visuals and sound! And the amount of grass to hang out on is such a bonus. I love it here!

Mario Mugrace

A lovely throwback American drive in movie theater. They prices are ok for two major feature movies, definitely cheaper than an indoor theater. The classic snack bar just brings back so many memories from my childhood. The food is your typical snack bar variety of hot dogs, burgers, pizza, fries, popcorn, ice cream and candy. Food prices are very good. The viewing quality of the movie and was great, looks beautiful with the forest backdrop. The sound is outstanding coming across your car radio. The parking is spacious and makes every seat perfect. The bugs can be an unwelcome guest but hey it's a drive in. The bathrooms are in need of upgrades but again it's a drive in. My family and I truly love this place, it's perfect for a romantic date or a fun night out with the family.

Diane Paul

I love this place. Great movies, fantastic employees and Great Snack bar

Amber Burns

Had a great time! The screen is Huge! The picture quality is great!!! All new Digital video. Great staff. Food was okay. I didn't like people coming late and trying to squeeze their huge SUV upfront else I would have given it 5 Stars. My son had a great time! I wish I could post a better picture.

Suzanne Maloney

I saw the first Marry Poppins at this drive in so you can imagine how I felt bringing my twin granddaughters to see a movie here, just the three of us. First, I dive a 2012 RAV 4. I should also say there was no definition of what the green bar is. When I pulled up the young man asked me if I could take my bike rack off. I said, what? He repeated the question. I told him no. He said then you're going to have to park at the green bar. I asked what the green bar was. He said it's way over on the left or the right. So I drove in on the left, saw no spotd with a green bar so I drove over to the right past very tall SUVs with people sitting on top and if front of them and found what I thought was pretty far over, the view of the screen wasn't the best but I thought I was pretty far over. There was a car about the same size right next to me. I had just finished backing in and was pulling the parking brake when the heavy set blond woman signaled for me to roll down my window. I did and she abruptly and rudely told me I should move my car behind the much taller SUVs I previously described. She said it's where the green bar was after I asked. I said do you see how much taller those cars are than mine, she said in an even more rude tone do you see that rack on your car? And turned and walked away. I put my car back in drive and got a refund. Customer service was no where in this woman's mind. No one acts that way in front of my granddaughters and gets my money. She ruined my memory, our night at the movie and this businesses reputation.

Scott Kirwan

They just don’t care anymore

Sean Brennan Jr

Low cost good food great movies

Evan Stritsman

I always love it here. Easy parking and itsnon a hill up towards the screen so your view does not get blocked. Projector brightnessnis good.


The best 1 I ever been 2

Jim Ashley

Toy story 4 with my daughter, this will never be old. It's a novelty almost

michele mickel

The movie was excellent and the food is good to made to order

Kyle Dobert

Love this place even if I have to park in the back because of the size of my truck. Always clean and friendly and great prices.

Maribeth Livingston

Staff are friendly, pricing is reasonable. With few options in the capital region for drive-in theaters, The Hollywood Drive-In is our family's go-to place. Their system for car placement (car vs. truck) is fair and the property is well-maintained. Highly recommend for a fun night out!

Kay Anne

The staff here is always informative and makes sure to enforce their policies. We've been to another where the big trucks were up front with their hatches open and they didn't care. Hollywood makes sure to let everyone one of their patrons enjoy the show while maintaining clean grounds affordable food and again enforcing their policies so everyone can see the screen.

Matt Martoccio

Love the place. It brings you back to a different time...that is until you go to buy some snacks. Staff isn't normally very friendly and the whole atmosphere is different inside the snack shack. Other than that it is a blast.

john loveangelsgod@yahooncom

Great place to see first rate movies at half the price. But the pizza was burnt last time I got it.

Tony Hill

Can't beat it! Love the drive in. Food prices are actually reasonable. If you want to sit outside I suggest bringing a small radio. Also cover up - the mosquitoes are blood thirsty!!! But you owe it to yourself to come once a year.

Kayla Williams

This was my first experience at a drive in theater. I absolutely loved it. For 4 adults and 2 kids it was $50 to get in which isn't bad at all! The only reason I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars is because the audio from the vehicles had like 3 different delays, one was even a whole minute behind, which made the quieter scenes impossible to hear. Other than that I definitely recommend it!!

Gina Mateer

Super fun time every time we go. Nice grounds. Great snacks for sale. Nice family fun.

Kevin Hansen

Digital or led picture is a little dark. Very good staff, consession is what you would expect at a Drive In theater. All in all good fun.

Hello Löveły

If there was a zero star option I would MOST DEFINITELY rate this place with a zero. The staff is very disrespectful and beyond rude. A blonde heavy set woman who came up to our car and gave a very nasty attitude towards us, we have a bike rack on our car that can’t be removed. The green bar looks very close to yellow and it was confusing, it wasn’t very clear on where to park. Our car is smaller than the others so it would be hard to see the screen. This was the most embarrassing night ever. This woman should be kicked off of staff IMMEDIATELY. I’m very dissatisfied and will never come here again.

Arthur Dellea

We had a great experience here a while back, the drive in with decent food, popcorn and drinks was hopping the night we went! What's great is you pay to see two movies in a row so you really get the value for your dollar. We live quite a ways away, hope to get back there again when our son is a little bigger so he can enjoy the old fashioned outdoor theater experience with us!

Jessica Prusky

The people are great and very friendly! The kids love it and can't wait to go again.

Sandy Brammer

Always enjoy it here. Short glitch in first movie but they got it fixed. First time that has ever happened while I've been there. Stuff happens. Lucky to have the Hollywood so close! Always super nice staff and very family friendly!

Charles Heap

Great place to catch a couple of movies for one low price. Snack bar has a good variety and reasonable prices

Kellee McHargue

Nice place

Angie Pratt

Tons of fun for kids and adults. Come early and spend time with family tossing the football or chatting. The price for 2 movies is cheaper than 1 regular movie ticket. They have a great variety of food at the concession stand.


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