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Here you will see the opinions of people who are using the services of Falmouth Cinema Pub (Movie Theater) in the state of Vermont.

At present the firm gets a score of 4.2 out of 5 and that rating is based on 309 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Falmouth Cinema Pub IN Vermont

David Tokla

What a great place. Kids really enjoyed it. Food was better than expected and we will definitely be back.

Chris Atteberry

Service was good food was good. First time there, will be back.

Elizabeth Clauson

Cheese Nachos were the best....had a layer of cheese both on top and the middle.Wish ticket prices were lower but only four tables on a matinee

Andrea Keohsne

Very comfortable, some menu options better than others, will definitely go again

Joshua Norgaar

I went here to see the Lion King. The movie was great but the popcorn was terrible. Good service.

Gail Stewart

Great mushroom swiss burger and curly fries. Pitchers of beer on tap.

Walt Skavinsky

Good prices and pretty cool place

stu corr

Great pizza, good movie theater.... I would have given five stars only when the waitresses come in in middle of movie to take orders it can be quite aggravating to try to see screen if not sitting in front

Pete Iskyan

Fun/different movie theater experience with good service. The pub part is definitely more of a after thought but it works

Dan Hunt

Nothing like hearing the other movie in the adjacent theater and printing of receipts during the silent serious part of the movie your viewing.

Steven Natividad

It's kind of worn down

Frank Catalano

Good food and movie costs are reasonable. Food was pricey but reasonable quality

James Brown

Very nice experience

Sean Harris

The theater was clean but they took our food order at the beginning of the 2hr. movie and weren't served till about 20 min before movie ended. Wait staff was nice. Think kitchen staff needed alot of assistance.

Lance Norris

An employee stole from me, not once, but twice during my visit and was very rude to my son. When I informed the owner of this, he told me to ‘get a life’. There is another theatre less than five miles down the road. You might want to spend your entertainment dollars there, rather than a place with no regard for their customers.

Jonathan Tom

Expensive, okay place otherwise


Food is good. Constant changing in staff makes it that you are always having a green horn as a server.

Annie Parsons

Great for the area. Love being able to get a big portion of hard cider for everyone to share.

Orion 6x

Food is okay don't worry about being late if it's an early showing almost never open on time

Todd Herrmann

Very comfortable with staff who aim to please. The surprise: the food choices and prep are really good. If you have been before, it's worth a return trip. We will be back for more.

Kathleen Doherty

Great place for a movie and a snack, expensive though

Nancy Dunn

Great venue for a first run movie...good food and service.

Caitlin Skavinsky

So nice, 200% recommend

Kerry Hardy

Great place for a date or birthday party!

Carol Flock

Small room with a screen and tables and chairs. Older building could use updating. Food wasn't bad for a venue, fast food type. Paid $5.00 for a medium cup soft drink, no refills. Fish and chips 13.00, just small piece of fish with just fries and some little fried things. IDK what they were? Mushrooms? Onions like buttons? All seemed were from frozen. I asked for water so they brought me out a small bottle of water which was $3.50. I wasn't expecting to get a bottle I thought it be a cup of tap water It's 11.00 for adults to get in. Expensive night.

Rita Coco

Big screen, comfortable seats, good burger, over-cooked curly fries, nearly empty theater. A good idea that needs customers

Joe Massa

Amazing experience. instead of running to the concession stand you get service to your table without missing any part of the movie awesome service.

Christine Nyari

I disagree with one review ..Seats are black leather roomy chairs I find very comfortable. As far as over priced food all movie theaters are over priced at concession

Erin Hastings

i've been going here since i was little and the prices are kinda over priced but the parking and service is great also the seats are great to relax to see a movie

T.J. Kendall

Wow! Wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. Restaurant and dining, with a bonus of watching a movie. Seats were comfortable, food was pretty good and the staff were very friendly.

Greg Holmes

Good atmosphere and a genius idea, but the food was overpriced(to be expected) and I got food poisoning from my hamburger, so I won’t be going back.

silent Pete pgl

Enjoyed can't keep good employees.

David Ray

This theater was at one time just a regular theater, however years ago it was converted into a cinema/pub. Although their food and drinks are a bit pricey the seats are very comfortable and the food comes to you so you don't have to leave the movie to get a soda. They serve beer and wine and pizza and much more. Parking is in the same parking as walmart Shaws tj max home goods Michaels and more. Burger King is located next door. They have a handicap ramp and bathrooms. Tickets are pricey but worth the comfort.

Sandra Topalian

Fun place. Food options could be better and of higher quality for the price.

Jason Perro

Comfortable table seating in the theater. They bring you pizza and pitchers of beer during the movie

Jane Baley

I enjoy the atmosphere food is good service good I think the portions and price is ok parking is good

Pauli Pendleton

Surprisingly good food and great place to see a kids movie with a room full of kids! Love going there!

Chris Deitzel

Great place for a movie and a few snacks or beers... Prices are a bit steep though... $21 for a pitcher of beer is outrageous

Diane Elliott

A/c very comfortable,great service+table/easy chair seating

Alexander Topalov

Convenient place with good staff

Thomas Curtin

Comfortable Seating, fast service, and reasonable prices.

Des Brownlie

A different experience watching a movie. It is strange at first but you get used to it. Don't know if I would try it again. Make sure there are not really tall people sitting at the table in front of you

Good Farm

First time last week, comfy chairs, friendly staff, HVAC system really loud and food quality low. Plenty of beers and popcorn though, so I would go back.

Katie Marks

Great venue for a movie, pub food and a pitcher of beer! Love it!

Kagome Higurashi

Wonderful place to go see an evening movie with dinner. Though the food is mediocre and super pricey~ but meh.


Pretty good just needs to fix arcade machines

Cody Teixeira

Food is good. Great place to relax and watch a movie

Hank Bone

This Theater is amazing. Service is excellent and the food is very good too. They have a wide selection of beer. A great time for parents and kids. I brought my family here to see Taken 3. I made them watch it 4 times in a row. the fourth time around they gave us complementary drinks. That movie is 10/10 best I've ever seen.

Stephen Swenson

Great service, great food, and of course great movies depending on your taste.

Bob Pritchard

First run movies, decent food, good beer selection. One star off for seats always covered with food bits.


Love this place. Perfectly Simple menu and Really good food. Popcorn is always hot and fresh.

Christopher Langos

I felt like I was in my living room with a bunch random cool friends. Great spot to see a film, have a beer or wine and some pretty good grub! 5 stars and I'm new to town and will be back. Cheers!

Mike Netto

Food, beer and movies - with comfortable seats.

Sharon Ferraro

Very accommodating to handicapped people

Darrien Chebator

Really cool idea, not very financially supported anymore. Still a staple should you visit Falmouth

D. Berry

Terrific fun place...good eats, reasonable prices for date night!

Owen Mullins

Great food, great movies and great service. Perfect for anything from a full meal to a normal trip to the movies. Definitely worth checking out.


Went recently with my wife and kids to see Mary poppins. The food was awesome. The only movie theatre my family likes to go to in the cape. Food and a movie are a great combo.

Crystal M.

Showtime for 8. Showed up and owner was a jerk because they changed Showtime's and they weren't playing the movie anymore. Acted like a jerk. Local and will never return.

Eileen Barlow

Awesome great movies and very comfortable seats and the help is great.

Laura Robbins

Food was just ok and very expensive. Most of food was cold and when my meal was brought it was just dropped at table and we had not sauces or silverware. I had to get up and find someone missing some of the movie. I would not spend my money here again. I could have went to 99 had a much better meal for much less and then went to a movie.

John Dolen

Good in the past..but on May 26, 2015...FIRST....couldn't redeem a gift cert with a balance on it.."machine was broken.." Second....ordered 3 burgers around 7:15 PM....they ARRIVED ONE HOUR LATER.....are you kidding?...third...the burgers were TERRIBLE...full of grissle and not like the good ones i have had there before...I would advise people NOT to order the burgers.......they were short staffed and I guess it depends on the night......seems inconsistent what experience you'll have...

amanda whitley

Great place and price for a movie. I give it 3 stars because my family only had a small pizza, burger, and 2 kids meals and spent $70 on food alone. Only other downsides of this place as well is I could see cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and it smelt a little funny and felt a little rundown


cute space, the clam chowder gave me food poisoning though so maybe don’t order that

Daniel Eling

Decent food, but seating for movie could be improved

Claire Naughton

I'm sitting and waiting for the movie to start and am being bombarded with incredibly loud commercials, cars, breakfast cereals ,hair care , body washes, deodorants and a couple of movie previews. The waitstaff said it might be a bit less loud when the movie comes on, but if it isn't they can't turn it down. The sound was lower for the movie. My advice --show up about 5 minutes before the movie starts, as long as it is not the weekend.


Interesting experience

maggie pratt

Food is not good. Rat before you go

Joe Janiak


sophie cannon

Whether it’s a rainy day summer day or a cold winter night, The Falmouth Cinema Pub is the perfect spot to be. The prices are great and the service is outstanding. Not only do they show the latest movies, they screen the Patriots games, too. This is the perfect atmosphere to bring the kid or leave them at home for a relaxing date night. By far, this is the best place to watch a movie in the Cape and is worth every penny. I strongly recommend the Falmouth Cinema Pub to anyone who appreciates amazing service and prices, and a unique movie experience.

Karen Carey


Bethany Prast

Great place for dinner and a movie!

Thomas Lyons

Excellent service and yous guys have great burgers. I have one every time I go there. The movie screens are a perfect size and the sound is clear and wonderful.

josh h

Awesome place to watch a move and grab a bite to eat. The Steak and cheese is my favorite item on the menu. They also have beer and wine. I wouldn't go to any other movie theater on the cape. The swivel seats are very comfortable unlike the theater at mashpee commons, which has seats from the 1950's. Highly recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Marg Redding

Love this cinema I take all of my visitors here, dinner and a movie what could be better?

rich ruscio

I wish there were more places like this. I'd go to them more than I for vanilla theaters. The food is okay, the physical plant is a bit worn. But I really like it, especially on a "what are we gonna do?" vacation night. I'll go back.

Fox Keri

Failed to honor free admittance coupon. Some 12 months ago, as an EMT, I donated blood in a blood drive in Falmouth and received a free movie ticket. Today, I wanted to go see a movie on my day off (and before the ticket expired) so I called Teaticket Entertainment cinemas to make sure everything was kosher....l was told they do indeed accept the blood donation tickets as I frove the 20 miles there only to be told by the manager there that they DO NOT HONOR THE TICKET for that particular movie and something about only after a movie is there 2 weeks will the then honor it......i drove total 40 miles for nothing....not even an apology...just "I'd like to know who told you we would accept it".....really?....your situation of finding the person who dropped misinformation was more important that my driving 40 miles for NOTHING and just giving the ticket to someone in line because its the only movie i wanted to see?.....I WILL NEVER GO TO ENTERTAINMENT CINEMAS AGAIN.... Written by EMT Fox Keri

Danielle Campbell

Decent food, just overpriced like every other theater. If you are used to the strict no talking rules of an Alamo Drafthouse and their handwritten silent ordering system, do not expect that here. The service was a bit slow, but otherwise fine.

Jo Ann Pierce

Great place to watch a football game.

Matt Hirsch

Good atmosphere and you can eat dinner and drink beer while watching a movie. Get the curly fries and don't be afraid of ordering from the kids menu

Dennis Murphy

We live in Falmouth and love that we have this facility so close! Very casual atmosphere, good food, decent prices, and great sound and picture for the movie. There have been many kid movies that I simply would NOT make it through if it wasn't for the beer and wine... Also - they play the Patriots games on the big screen! No charge, so it is similar to a sports bar but with a super huge screen! The pizza is decent, but the burger is really, really good.

Those Meddling Kids

When you order a pitcher of hard cider and you're by yourself, they make sure you not getting tanked. Great people really. Don't worry the chili dogs kept me from getting embarrassing

Linda Hanney

Great place to watch a movie on the cape, nothing better than being able to enjoy your movie with a nice cold glass of white wine! If your in Falmouth this place is a must try!

Falmouth Auto Center Inc.

Service poor and expensive. The idea is awsome ha e tables inside the cinema but why charge soo much?? 5 bucks for a bottle of water???? Nuts. Go Mashpe commons Cinema. Falmouth pub, change your way to do Pub ...

Clorissa DeCosta-Hicks

This is the only cinema I bother going to for years now. The smaller viewing rooms compared to the larger theaters make for a more comfortable experience. Plus the plush seats and actual food make everything more enjoyable. My boyfriend and I always get our bacon cheeseburgers and curly fries, and never had any regrets. Worth the money to get real food rather than mediocre, overpriced popcorn, candy and soda.

Emiliya Stefanova

I always go there whenever I want to see a movie. There's nothing better than watching movie and having dinner at the same time! Food is ok, service isn't always good. I miss the server call button on the tables they used to have.

thanh nguyen

Great place to go for a movie! Nice to watch movie on a big screen with surrounded sound and enjoy the food. Super friendly staff :)

Abigail Kester

I thought this place was cool. It's set up as a pub with rows of tables and comfy chairs. The volume of the movie wasn't so loud it blasts out your eardrums, and they offer a nice variety of apps, burgers, candy, desserts, and alcoholic beverages if that's your thing. Pricing wasn't outrageous. My fiance and I did a movie night there with food and it ran us a total of around $55. But if you smoke or vape and step out the front door after the last of the night's movies has started, the doors are locked so be sure to bring something to shove in the door so you can get back in.

Edwin thibodeau

Great place for the family to go watch a movie and the staff are very polite the food is great all around an awesome atmosphere

Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor

It's a nice afternoon or evening out. A nice selection of films come through. They have a great sound system and the food is very good. Definitely not a venue for cheap skates (for them I recommend a $5 DVD from Wal-Mart or Netflix and a value meal from BK or McD).

izzie murphy

incredible service & amazing food!!!

Gordon gay

Great food and comfortable seating ,the best way to watch a movie when your not at home !!!!!!

raschele patterson

My and fiance and I came here for our 5th year anniversary. They sold us tickets for Spiderman Homecoming. My fiance and I walked in there and couldnt find any seats where we could sit. Not sure why they sold us tickets when it was already booked!!!!! We asked the young woman at the counter if we could get a refund so we could come back for the next showing because the theater was fully seated already. She went and got her manager, and let me tell you.. The manager was an older women and was COMPLETELY RUDE AND NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL. She began by asking what the problem was, we told her about the theater being booked and we couldnt find seats. She then told us we would after find seperate seats because she wasnt going to give us a refund. She didnt understand AT ALL that every table was already taken. She went into the theater and confirmed for heraelf there were no seats, she continued to say its not her problem and that we should have come earlier. She then said we were stupid for coming on a Saturday during the day and asked if we ever visited a mlvie theater before! How was it our fault that they OVERBOOKED a damn theater?!?!? She humiliated us infront of the line of people behind us and crowd of people, including children to the left of us by yelling behind the counter and repeating " You should have come earlier, its not my problem." Over and over again. Eventually we understood that we werent getting anywhere with this UNPROFESSIONAL "manager". We didnt get our refund, and didnt get to watch the movie. We tried contacting a different owner the next day but no one returned our call. We will never go here again and i will tell this story to more people who plan on going here. That manager should be ashamrd and humiliated for acting like a child infront of 30 other people! She should be fired!!!

Jamie Boyce

Sometimes it's fun to sit at a table, eat a burger and fries (a lot of fries) and watch a movie.

deathscrod Davidson

The ladies bathroom had no working towel dispensers

Buttah_ Fly

This theatre was such a cool and different experience. I've never been to a cinema pub before. Me and my family loved how there was tables and chairs like you we're at a restaurant. There's plenty of room definitely more then a regular movie theater and you also feel a little more private because you have your own table. You order your drinks, food, candy etc... once you enter the theater through a waiter or waitress. Which is cool because you don't feel rushed. You just buy your tickets and go sit at a table. We saw The Lion King such a cute movie! There was only one issue us this is the only reason why I didn't give it a 5 star. We ordered a bunch of food as soon as the movie started we already got our drinks but halfway through the movie and this movie is a little over 2hrs long we still didn't have our food. I hate being a pest but we all we're starving because it was 6pm and we didn't eat dinner. I never saw our waiter after he brought our drinks so I went out to the area where you purchase your tickets and asked the girl if she could help me figure out where are food was and I was very surprised at how unhelpful she was it was almost like I was bothering her but yet there was no customers waiting? So I went back to my seat for another 25 minutes now the movie's 3/4 over. I finally saw our waiter and I asked him if are food would be coming soon meanwhile everyone in the whole theater had there food 20 minutes into the movie and atleast he was honest he said that he was so sorry he completely forgot to give our food ticket to the kitchen. I said it's okay can we just get popcorn and he said I'm going to bring you a appetizer sampler plate and popcorn at no charge which he did very quickly. He was very sorry and polite about the whole situation. He was a very good waiter and I know stuff like this happens. He made it right with no questions asked. Even when we walked out of the establishment he came outside and apologized multiply times. Which was very kind. We did leave him a good tip for his mannerism regarding the whole situation. But I definitely think whoever the greeter or cashier was needs to be a little nicer to paying customers especially with a situation like this. But other then this it was an excellent experience and I would absolutely recommend!

Neill Silva

I have had some issues with the service, can't find anyone at times but, it's comfortable the food is good and I enjoy it every time I go

Matt Agnese

I like the FCP just fine as a cinema and enjoy the food offerings as well. The staff is quite friendly, manager/owner is a very reasonable guy. The cost of a ticket is very reasonable and, the accommodations are bar back swivel chairs at tables of 2 or 4. I've always had a clear view of the screen and the facility is always clean. Parking area is common with the Walmart and Shaws parking lot, it's well lit and safe.

April Sylvia

Went to see Independence Day 2... it is the 4th after all... However, had to find someone to even pay to get in (if I knew what theater # it was in, I would've just gone in without paying as literally nobody was out front at all), then had to find someone to get served and found the only 3 workers thete were sitting on the floor near door in the hallway leading to outside, and once finally got served, I realized I had no napkin or silverware, and haven't seen my server since!! I know it's a holiday, but it's like the cinema pub has hired a bunch of crack heads who have no interest in working, AT ALL!! I came here to be served, if just wanted to get a ticket and sit, I would've gone to Sandwich cinema or Mashpee Regal as it's a much better movie experience with better stadium type seating and better sound.

David Doherty

Dont order anything other than nachos or fries. Otherwise good seats. Good theater. Waitresses could wear uniforms and not bruins hoodies and stuff. But ill go back

Priscilla Harcourt

Fun time. Chocolate lava cake tasty.

Karen Moore

Friendly staff and good service along with a funny movie goes a long way


Good food and kind people

jason yeary

Love this experience food and a show is always a good time

Linda Pereira

Loved watching a movie there.

Nathan Lopez-Mata

Eat dinner and watch moves at the same time, all the people are nice and the food is great!

Donna Lima

November 28, 2017 Dear Mr. Hanney, Thank you for welcoming our school and making everyone feel important. In the book Wonder, by R. J. Palacio, the teacher, Mr. Browne’s first precept is, “If given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” This describes what you did for us. You went through a lot of trouble to show kindness to us. You opened the theater just to show it and lowered the price so our PTO could afford to send all 550 of us. Your kindness will always be appreciated by the students and families of Morse Pond School. Thank you for being "wonder"ful! Sincerely, Mrs. Lima and Ms. Chase’s 5th grade class

farmboy joey

It was very good

Sam Brodsky

You can buy a beer and see a movie. Sweet!

Kenneth Cronin

Best food in all of Falmouth ma

Mary Avila

Take me to a movie and this place has it all including current movies!

Ed Gray

Had a real nice unique experience dinner and a movie at the same time! Big pretzel was really good.

Mary Chris Kenney

This place has had its ups and downs with keeping staff , cleanliness and tech difficulties.2 out of 3 yesterday.Waiting for the film to start for over 20 min.But plus side,good food,great staff (especially Ben)and the bathrooms don't stink anymore! We all were happy at the end.

Thomas F Quin

The food is burgers, pizza, nachos, appetizers and other munchies. Great to have dinner and drinks at the movies

Betty Smith

Understaffed. We were not given napkins or any utensils with our food. Fortunately we had orders things that could be eaten using our fingers. But no napkins left us to using kleenex that we had on us. Enjoyed the movie, though!


Great place to catch a movie and a bite!

Michael Woody

Just had my first experience at a dine and drink cinema to watch the Joker movie and it was awesome. It was laid back, it was comfortable, the food and drink was great, our waiter was great, the staff was great, the atmosphere was great, the movie was great, everything about this place was amazing. I wish there was more like it from where I'm from.

Amy E

We were very disappointed with the recent service and food. It seems as if the quality has gone sharply down hill in the recent years. I know the owners have other investments so perhaps this is where their focus currently lies. The soup of the day was brought out with 1 hot and 1 ice cold. The pizza was decent. My significant other was very sick after we left probably from the over drenched and under cooked boneless chicken tenders. The service was sub par and frankly despite it being a busy movie night (the theater was not filled) unacceptable. You have customers push buttons to call servers or managers yet no one responds when you do probably because the buzzers have not been reset as they should be by the server. We couldn't even get refills on our drinks because it took so long for them to respond. The ladies room had a ceiling fan broken with wires and other things hanging out and while a caution cone is good perhaps something that ensures things will not fall on patrons heads might be a better idea. Also the movie flyers are several months outdated and do not have the current movies featured. It would be nice if the owners took a more vested interest in this property. This theater has long needed owners who would care for it and market it and truly make it a place for the community but once again even with new owners and mgt it fails to impress.

Alana Moore

Fun place to watch a movie ...with table service!! Enjoy a snack while enjoying the movie ...pleasant wait staff ...not inexpensive to go before movie starts if you want to order from the menu ...of course price if food/drink is in addition to movie ticket ...

Richard Higgins

Very different from a normal theater. Instead everyone sits in big bucket chairs around a table

Katie Warren

We Vacation in Falmouth during the summer, and love that we have this facility so close! Very casual atmosphere, good food, decent prices, and great sound and picture for the movie. There have been many kid movies that I simply would NOT make it through if it wasn't for the beer and wine... The pizza is great, and the burger is really, really good. Also Cannot forget about the really cold beers on draft!

Michael Bigelow

Really cool theater that has table service! The food and drinks are quite good as well. My only complaint is the quality of the chairs, they tend to get uncomfortable during long films.

token remarkable

Hey, you know what? This was nice! Overpriced, sure, but it was clean and nice, the food was good, they had some cold beer on tap, and the seats were comfortable. I hadn't heard good things, but I was pretty impressed. Would go back again.

Connor G

Great service. Best movie theater seats around!

Eddie Cellucci

I thought it would suck, with noisy people eating dinner but it didnt. Trting to eat normal food while watching an action movie, made me miss a few seconds. But its very quiet when movie starts. Also having a waiter or waitress walking around is cool if you run out of something. The seats swivel and are on wheels, which is cool. Seats are well cushioned on the bottom. But only come up half way up your back. So prepare for a sore neck after. Try it out! You should at least experience it once. Would make a great first date movie experience.

Catherine Bombara

My husband and I are fans of the Cinema Pub!!!

wolf girl 25

Food is very good and large portions. Staff is very courteous. It's fun going to this movie theatre and not just the same old type of theater. Very comfortable.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Fun place for a Patriots game

Lori McGuerty

I like it here. Food is as to be expected in a dinner theater. It's a small and quaint environment with tables and chairs instead of typical stadium style.

Dj Carvalho

They have a great setup and good food

David Lakin

Great concept definitely need to hire more people only saw my waiter twice once to place my order once to pay

Michael Tucker

Outstanding!!! The service, the food and drinks while watching your favorite movies is truly my kind of theater. Customer service was outstanding and all food and drinks ordered was perfect with no mistakes. This theater has an outstanding menu and all food and drinks are delivered to your table. Yes, I said delivered to your table while you're watching your movies. Oh, before I forget there is a beer and wine menu on your table as well which we enjoyed ordering from. This is truly dinner and a movies all under one roof. I promise, you won't miss a scene unless you have to use the very clean restrooms.


I love the comfortable seating with a table, the rooms set up like a restaurant & to call a waitress you press a button attached to the table. The serve beer & appetizers, Really cool. Now for the negative side. The foods isn't great & the service is very slow because there's never enough server's. Over all, it's a pleasant experience.

Maureen Fitzpatrick

Love the Falmouth Cinema Pub, it's kid friendly, comfortable and the food is usually pretty good. It's nice to see a movie and not have someone sitting right behind you kicking your seat and chewing in your ear. Pretty comfortable atmosphere.

Rene Ramos

I wish i could say more, but based on what the area has to offer I guess this place is ok.

Fitness Fencing,llc New England

A wonderful place to enjoy a movie and food...very original and unique!

Rebecca Ty

This place is awesome! Love it! It's my go to place for a movie. It's great whether you're w a group of friends, couple, family or just to get out for the night alone. When I was first single again this place was great on any night; I'd enjoy a movie, glass of wine & some food. Always a good experience for me. Enjoy!

Sean Pflueger

Not great seating. It seemed a little run down.


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