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REVIEWS OF Elm Draught House Cinema Inc IN Vermont

Sean Fullerton

My wife and I absolutely love this place. She found it while a veterinary student at Tufts in Grafton. For the past 5 years, we've been driving all the way out from Natick to see films at the Elm. It's a throwback in the very best sense of the word. Great movies, comedy shows, inexpensive entry, cheap beer and awesome popcorn. Plus, Jim, the owner, is one of the nicest guys you'll ever get to know. Check it out.

Nathan Rollins

Inexpensive night out. Great sound system. Food is not great but decent beer selection and you cannot beat the prices. The seats are more comfortable than they look. I'm glad we discovered this gem, and we will be back!

HouseFull Of Toys

Cozy, friendly, laid back, decent movie food and drinks (alcohol available) are served!

Mimoza Xharja

It was fun,the place it's old but warm and cozy, I will definitely come back

Tim Belliveau

The Elm is a nice treat!! The staff is accommodating and fun. The prices are low and value high. Great selection at the concession stand, more than movie food.. and beer!!

Marnie Elder

I love this place. Beer and pub food for low prices in a fun and friendly atmosphere. It feels like the community’s cinema. It’s nice to know places like this can survive now a days.

Alicia Merritt

This is my 2nd time here, 3 of us came to see the newest Jurassic Park movie. What a great time! This place is fun, old fashion and packed with people! Order your food and drinks, which include beers and wines for 21 and older.... this is a family fun atmosphere and date night worthy at any age. Side tables and cushions for the chairs... the staff is super friendly, the prices far better than a regular cinema. The movie screen is excellent, it seemed like they had surround sound, but I am not 100% sure. Easy access for handicap and decent parking in the side lot. Located on the main st of Millbury. They also show the Patriots football games! THIS IS CASH ONLY, which really helps to keep their costs down. You can check them out on FB too. Highly recommend

Hezzie Hipshot

Hard to explain. You'll either love it or not. I am a YEA vote.

Joseph Pawlak

Great time with very good prices. Owner works his butt off to give everyone a good time.

All Brownewell

Great people...great prices

Pat Dupuis

Very family oriented. I was very impressed with the staff. Will bring my family back often.

Taylor -Chanel

Everything is cheap,old fashioned, and high quality.

Gregory Granato

Great movie prices, fun environment, nice people, good but not gourmet food

Kathy Phengrasamy

Small friendly Great food and price


Great cheap date! Pizza, beer and a movie!

Diane Skarin

Love the Elm!!! Jim, the owner, is the best! Great, affordable, family friendly place to see a movie! Definitely worth the trip!!!

Dave Felice

Great atmosphere love the place

Bhargav chaitanya

It was really old fashioned theater with only one screen and ceiling fans. We order food and drinks And its quiet reasonable too including ticket price, food and drinks. We ordered Pizza, its only $6 and same for the movie tickets. We can get draft beer for very little price. We really loved the ambience its really antique place, i think you should visit at least once while you are in or near Millbury/Boston. I will definitely go there again.

Barry Beaupre

Great service. Great place to watch the game!

Jason W

Great food, great prices, and nostalgic theater. Only thing holding it back from a perfect 5 star is the seats. Not comfortable for longer movies even with the provided extra cushions.

Jared Sharp

Really Kool! Affordable. And unique. Great selection at the concessions for really reasonable prices. Cash only. Bring your ID for well priced beer and wine.

Scott McCarthy

My favorite place to watch movies. It costs $6 for a movie - usually movies that are a few weeks old so still new releases. Great place for comedy with food and drinks available for all shows at a good price.

Cory Corbin

Its great! Olde fashioned movie theater with extremely reasonable ticket and concessions.

Brandon O'Neal

The best theatre around for a full movie experience including friendly staff, value priced food and beer, & old school charm; plus the theatre is upgraded with a new projector and sound.

Joel Gendler

Love this place for a Patriots game or a movie!

Joshua Gadbois

My wife and I go to the Elm at least a few times a month, we actually don't even go to any chain theatres anymore. With tickets at $5 and food and drinks SUPER cheap (like, you won't find these this cheap at any other theatre), you can't beat the price. The theatre is really old-fashioned looking which is pretty cool and he's going to be reupholstering the seats which will be awesome! The staff is very friendly and you'll see the same guys working there every weekend. I'd much rather put my hard earned money into a local business such as this one than a large chain theatre. They also show the Patriots games (for free!) and have comedy shows a few times a year. You won't be disappointed if you check out the Elm!

Holly LaConte

Best movie theater I’ve ever been to. They only play one movie a week, sometimes maybe two features during a kids vacation week, he offers comedy nights and also will play all the patriots games to watch for free on the big screen. You can order food at the concession stand, including beer wine and pitchers of drinks. It has gotten a little rundown over the years in the seating department, but don’t let that deter you because with a seat cushion and a good temperament it’s not so bad! Jim greets everyone with a smile, and makes it all worthwhile!

Greg Brunell

Tickets are only $6. Concessions are reasonable. Includes hot dogs, burgers, pizza, nachos. Also serves beer. Great place. Cash only.

Eric Lapointe

Best movie theater around central mass.

Yolanda Berr

I absolutely love this place! The owner is charming and friendly, the place is clean and fun, you get to have a pitcher of beer and watch a movie! That's perfection to me. I highly recommend this place for a low key night. Support your local businesses~

Linda Dempsey

So much fun! Prices are great. Offers wine beer and variety of foods.

Candice Merrick

The price to get in very reasonable price for food is very reasonable. The seats are very outdated but they try to accommodate with cushions you can get yourself from a box. Concession is very loud at times you can hear everything during the movie. Butt with said and you don't mind it's a great place. I used to go there as a child.


Wonderful ambiance, great beer

Thomas Courtney

Great place to see a movie for a fraction of the price and you get to see Patriots games for free. Great people great owner

Jason Cote

Fun atmosphere. Good cheap eats and beer. Nostalgic and family friendly. Parking can be rough. Friendly service. Cheap entertainment.

Walter K Parker

The food is great you can have wine and beer great popcorn my wife likes the pizza.

King Matty

Place is awesome.

VooDoo Maestro

A very old school theater experience. A movie ticket, two cheeseburgers, a large popcorn, a large soda, and a candy bar cost about the same as one ticket would at Blackstone or Showcase North. Plus they have cheap booze!! Really great prices on beer and wine. This place is really fun.

Katya Maiser

Good old fashioned movie theatre. Price is good, location is ok.

Teddicus Boozicus

Great place to enjoy a movie. Beer, wine and food make it that much better. Great date night without breaking the bank! Remember to bring cash, no cards.

Steve Palmari

Great place and prices

Izzy Trinidad

Best place to watch movies

Thomas Perry

Love this place love Jimmy

William Blasius

It's an experience. Don't expect luxury and sophistication. More of a community coming together for a beer, a hot dog, popcorn and an almost first run movie.

Carolyn Kachadorian

Great prices for both movie and food/ drink! Staff was very friendly

David Branagan

Great atmosphere. They get movies right after they leave the main theaters. Tickets only $6.00. concession food is a lot cheaper than main theaters and they serve beer and wine. Also come see ball games on a movie screen.

Katie MacDowell

I freaking love this place

Ally Guerin

Cozy home-town theater feel, to see second run films and even sports games

Jay Barron

If you have never been to the Elm Draft House then you must go. This theatre is an iconic place to see a good movie, have a good beer, and good food, served by a friendly accommodating staff for a quarter of the price of other theatres. They also show Patriots games (all 19 of them

shaun l

Cool place. Seats aren't very comfortable. Other than that, good atmosphere.

Low Profile

A really fun place

Shawn Young

Nostalgic feel, great atmosphere. Free game days, watch your New England teams on the big screen live. Typical movie theater snacks available with alcoholic beverages. This is truly an awesome gem to find.

Manny Rodriques

What can I say that the others haven't? Small town friendly service and value galore. This is an old-time theatre with original seats. Some seats have been replaced with table space, so you won't always have to be balancing your food and drinks. It also means that even with a pretty full house, it doesn't feel cramped. The food and drinks (soft drinks, beer, & wine) are reasonable priced and the Chicken Parmesan sandwich is a family favorite. As a second-run movies it gets its movies as they are leaving the large chain theaters. So, if you don't have to see a movie as it just comes out, The Elm's is a great option.

Walter Ortiz

The person running the show ask me to step outside with my baby in the heat wow this is customer services

Michele Piselli

Nostalgic theater. Not too comfy but they have seat pillows. Go for the experience. Tickets are cheap. Concessions are cheap and you don't have to miss any part of the movie when you get your snack. Staff is real nice.

Stewart Peirce

Great place for movie and a dinner.

Alex Klein

Old school theater. Severs beer and hotdogs!

Vicki Harris

This place never gets old to us. Reasonably priced tickets and concessions and the staff is super nice! Plus the character of the place is great!

Matthew Garofoli

Love this place. The people, the atmosphere is amazing, and so much better than going to the big name movie theaters. Good food and cheap drinks. Highly recommend going at least once. Plus during football season they show Patriots games on the big screen and its a great experience cheering with what is usually a packed house, it is a lot of fun.

Raymond Carlson

Besides the Ceiling loos like it's ready to fall on you

Aliza Rose Vlogs

Loved seeing a movie here, cheap snacks and food is a huge plus. Definitely check it out!

Brian Howard

Family friendly nice employees

Donald Landmesser

Great place to experience movies like stepping back 50 years

matt colley

Awesome place

Chelsea White

You can't beat the price of the movies ($6!). The theater has a lot of charm, and everyone who works there is very nice. I'm happy that a bottle of water is only $1 (vs $5 at Blackstone) FYI: it is cash only

Shannon Grasso

Adorable old-timey theater. $6 tickets, $3 burgers, wine and beer, seriously awesome little experience.

Paul Alcantara

Amazing local theater. Can't beat these prices and service. Awesome atmosphere

Patrick M

This place is awesome .

Andrew Schotte

It is a great place to see a movie that also has lots of personality

Ron N

If you haven't been to the Elm's I feel bad for you. Been going here for 30 + years and now taking my kids here as well. It's a nostalgic theater in a great area. While there are great restaurants all around and across the street, the Elm's itsf has a great selection of food and ice cold drinks including beer and wine! Their individual pizzas are a big hit with everyone! The prices are insanely cheap for admission and food and drink. Under $40 for a family of 4 for admissions and concessions. Can't beat it. Best of all, the owner and staff are incredibly friendly. If you need anything at all, just ask. Go!

Kevin Downer

This is a fun and off beat way to take in current movies. Lots of space between rows to allow for easy movement to get beverage and snacks from the concessions. There food and beer options are pretty bland though. Why offer so many mass brewed lagers and pilsners when there is such a happening scene with MA brewed craft beers. And outside of the popcorn nothing on the menu seemed too appealing. Having lived in Austin, TX I was hoping for something more like the Austin Drafthouse Cinema.

Steve Bennett

This is a great place with friendly staff. Smaller and cozy. Grab a cushion to put on your seat before you sit. The movies are out of the bigger theaters, but if you don't mind waiting to see the film, it's only $6.00. Food is good, nice select i'l on of beer, wine, hard seltzers. Prices are reasonable.

Clay Mangiameli

A truly unique theater. Cheap prices for movies, drinks, and snacks and the staff is really friendly.

Roberta Smart

Always a great time!

Atma Khalsa

The Elm Draughthouse Cinema is a hidden gem. Very friendly staff, cheep beer ($8 pitchers), and great set-up. The seats are comfortable and each row has a table-like thing for holding beverages/food. We saw an "independent" film, but it was full of A-listers and I'm not sure why it wasn't playing in the chain theaters. FYI, it's cash only.

Evan Boudreau

The owner is extremely friendly with all customers, food tastes great for the prices, and you can stop by to watch major sports games.

Mark Viens

Good place to watch a movie that has left main stream theaters but isn't out on DVD yet. Cheap food, beer, and wine. Only downfall is it's been there so long it could use a remodel, seats are lacking in the comfort. But that is how they keep it soo cheap!

J O'Brien

Cool old cinema. Great staff offering fast food, wine and beer, uncomfortable seats, but awesome ambience in a smaller setting on the cheap. Check it out!

Samantha Griggs

Where else can you go and pay $42 for admission, popcorn, drinks, candy, and nachos!? No where!!! I love this place!

Carol Wilson

Love taking the kids here, we allways have so much fun, and I don't have to take from my budget, cheap price to get in, cheap price for food and drinks, so friendly each and every time, my only choice for a movie


Grew up with this beloved theater and the place still has its charm. Make it a date night and you wont regret it. Great food, fair prices and a cool experience. Cant go wrong! 5 stars!

Melissa B

Friendly owner, great prices - cheap snacks rock! Love seeing movies here!

Fia B

Classic and fun place to go, super friendly staff, food is decent, beer and wine available, very cheap.

Brian Shultz

Went to see the Creature Double Feature. Always a great place to see any movie. I can't say enough positive things about it.

Matt Brodeur

You can actually afford to take your family out to see a movie here. $6 per person and the snack bar is very reasonable as well. BEST popcorn anywhere! And they serve beer and wine! Many of the seats are in rough shape. They are the original seats and the owner wants to keep them that way. He is slowly having them repaired properly rather than replaced to keep the authenticity and feel of the theater. In the meantime there are large baskets of seat cushions for you to use. ** Recently upgraded to full digital. ** They also have comedy nights here about every three months or so. I have been meaning to go for a while now and finally made it out to one recently. Really great time!

Jennifer Figueiredo

It only costs $6 for a ticket, their pizza is so good. You can get pitcher's of beer and carafes of wine . I've been going here for over 20 years, highly recommended

Nancy Sinacola

Friendly staff and the best popcorn around. Every experience here has been great fun!

Kristen Olson

Cute old theater

Ken Dufresne

It is not a bad place for a cheap movie. Very reasonable prices on food. The seating is very old, but not bad for the most part.

Will Kennedy

I love the Draught House. It is an old movie theater, the seats are not so comfortable but they do provide cushions. I like the to get the cheeseburger and wine. The place has a lot of character and the proprietor is a nice guy.

Tracy Jones

Great place for affordable fun!!!

Kendra Sheldon

Great retro-style theater with great staff, really good food and very reasonable prices. You can't find a deal this good anywhere else nowadays, but if you see that a movie is showing that you want to see, don't wait, because they usually only keep them for a week!

bill walker

Stellar family experience! Unexpected gem in The Greatest Showman, ***consider it a must see***, PARTICULARLY in a venue such as this, the ELM which is a gem in itself!

G Samia

Movie nights are awesome. He usually has a 7 and 9:30 show and some movies have a matinee on the weekends. Comfy and casual - beer and wine and great popcorn, hotdogs, pizza and other snacks as very reasonable price. A GREAT place to watch the Patriot games. It is like being in a section at the much fun with all our fellow Pats Fans - and he doesn't charge admission.

Ian Bedford

Super cheap and friendly with real food and beer and wine

Roger Bailey

A really fun theater. Only one screen, but there are tables between the seats. If you want something from the concession stand, it is at the back of the theater so you don't have to miss anything. And tickets were $6, so it was a fun night out.

Sean S.

Food is cheap, yet quality is 3/5. Watched a good movie. Drinks are cheap here. Very friendly knowledgable staff

Tini Weeny

Great, Awsome, Love It

Kay Habig

I actually went to EDH back in 1990. It is an awesome place to go!!


Wonderful vintage movie theater. Serves beer and wine. Great atmosphere.

Scott Pelletier

A small slice of American tradition... Local 1 screen theater where the owner gives you your ticket, works the concession stand and announces upcoming movies. Lots of charm and inexpensive prices for tickets, food and drinks (they serve beer and wine as well!).

Bob Moran

Saw Rocky Horror Picture Show here...twice. Great venue and the shadow cast troupe, Teseracte Players rocked!!!

Micah Mangiameli

A unique take on the whole movie theatre business.

Peter Murray

This is an absolutely fantastic theater. The staff is the most friendly you'll ever meet at any movie theater, and they work hard to bring you your food quick. And the food is fantastic: they have pizzas, burgers, sandwiches made to order and cheap too. Even the beer is cheap! I paid 4 or 5 bucks for a small popcorn and a Sam Adams. Granted they only show one movie at a time, but it is worth the wait for your favorite movie.

Mike Mahan

Wonderful rustic setting from way back when. Great food service, beer and wine available. Great owner and staff. Really service minded and provides a great night out atmosphere.

Pasta Tasha

Interesting place, very old, a little creepy, gave off a Salem, MA feel. It’s inexpensive and worth experiencing a show, fresh popped popcorn. However, the bucket seats have seen better days, the stuffing and nylon lining on the seats have warn away on many and they’re very closely fixed to the floor so it feels like a long way back up lol. If you have a bad back or weak knees then I don’t recommend this venue for seating but if you appreciate one man shows and corky original art then do it. I was there to watch “The Glass Castle” ft Woody Harrison hosted by the National Association Social Work for my CEUs.

Marie Howard

Best atmosphere and movie prices around. Definitely my go to place. Can't beat the pizza and beer while enjoying a movie. Plus Jim does the best introduction around!

ben bandelean

Always an excellent time. Nice people,new chairs, cheap beer and fare. If you need something more out of a movie house, then I suggest you go to Blackstone and keep your opinions to yourself.

John Auger

This place is the finest place in the area to go and see a movie or when the Patriots are playing they played the games for free on the big screen it is an absolutely amazing experience with all the people is like being at the game. Great food great service, I love this place!!!!!

Steve B

Very retro but quaint and cozy. Prices are vintage as well and the service is great.

David Webb

Wonderful place. Cheap food, cheap admission, and friendly staff. So highly recommended.

Cathy Curboy

Always a pleasant atmosphere! Great prices for a family night out!

Norm Galipeau

Can't beat this for a fun, affordable night out.

Robert C Brin

Great old fashioned theater, food services in the viewing room

Patrick Corcoran

Charming local theatre

Adrienne Hollis

Love this place & the owner Jimmy Perry! Shows all the current movies as well as Pats games a super fun place to enjoy friends & family for short money

Diane Heckler

Seat was somewhat uncomfortable. Sound system should be turn down - TOO loud.

John Oatis

Great place to catch a flick with the family. Reasonable prices and kitchy atmosphere.

John Boelke

A family run one screen theater. The movies that are shown are about 3 weeks away from being sold on dvd. It will show the New England Patriots games live and free. It is a great and friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy a game and your beer.

katherine Nordborg

I love this place so much $5 admission and cheap cheap food wicked nice service... REMEMBER $cash only$ ;)

Cindy B

Love this place! Can't beat the prices, great pizza, beer and wine.

Nianadevenir Haiowine

High Five! Dive theater. Do not expect a rose garden or a wait staff or anything fancy. This is a fun relaxed atmosphere with worn out seats and grandmas basement pillows. Cardboard cut outside of marvel superheroes. You can order a beer and pizza and watch a movie released 3 months ago or longer. Relax and enjoy.

William Bradley

Very nice,6$ movie and can have beers or wine, and owner very personable and easy to talk to.

Lizzy Ferro

2 movie tickets, a hot dog, a cheeseburger & a pitcher of beer for $20 bucks? Can't beat it! Charming little place, good variety of films, comedy shows & they show Its a Wonderful Life during the holidays - a hidden gem for sure!

michael cordella

If was fun and nostalgic. It's an old run-down theater but that's what draws you in.

Angel Felice

Love this place. Have been going there for 30+ years. Will always go there. Great owner who loves his customers and it shows.

April Roderigues

Very quaint and inexpensive way to watch movies...

Tina Adams

Great place to go see a movie. All employees are very nice. Food is great and drinks are reasonably priced.

Adam Intinarelli

Great prices! Only $6 for the movie and food is CHEAP! Great place to watch movies that just left the theaters before they hit DVD!

Greg Gingold

My wife and I went to the Elm Draught House for the first time, and we couldn't believe that movie theaters could still be this cool. We saw Star Wars VII for the second time, and it was even better this time because the sound system was better. The movie memorabilia and posters were incredible, and the size of the theater was impressive. The owner talked to us, and was just so nice and personable. The prices of food are ridiculously low, and has a huge variety of food. I want to see classic movies here but even for regular movies, I want to come here every week. I only wish I knew about this place sooner!!

Kathi Vicaire

Always a good time at the Draught House!

Joseph Correia

Love this place, laid back, cheap tickets and nostalgia.

Juliette Coatsworth

Great time! It's a fun experience and a good time out. The food and drinks are very reasonably priced and the theater is pretty neat - almost like an old auditorium. I go back often!


Great place to go see a movie for a reasonable price and have some food then drink. The owner has been making major upgrades. He has updated with sound and switched to a digital projector. The last time I went he stated that they were soon going to switch out the seats which is really the last biggest update that is needed. For me it's still a pretty much out of place since I have been going here since I have been very young.

Joshua Houle

6$ tickets, 2$ beers, cool decor. What more could you want?

Jessica Guimond

It was cool. Went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show with shadow cast there. The owner was very charismatic. He took the Mic and plugged some upcoming retro movies they'll be playing. The seating wasn't comfy, but it's an old theater from the 30s so that's to be expected. It's got charm! I'd like to go back.

Tom Witzel

Relaxed movie out, nice people, reasonable prices for food and a pitcher. Easy to get settled with old fashioned seats, spare cushions, our own little table.

Carol Leach

Excellent food...great movies

Kristin Wheeler

Great atmosphere! Love it here

Elizabeth mayo

I love going to the elm because it has the old theater vibe. The price is only $6 per person, which is really reasonable. Also the food is good and also reasonable.

Michael Pavao

All patriots broadcasts for free. Great place to watch a game and have a snack and beer.

Antonio Manalus

Loved the retro feel and cheap price!

Heather C

It's second run and cozy. Nice low prices and a comfortable place to enjoy a movie.

Rachael Hughes

My favorite place! I go with my bf I go with my kids..or my girlfriends. .or I go by myself all the friendly, awesome pizza and popcorn. .WAY affordable. ..I never go to big theatres anymore. .elm is the best!

Chris Beyer

Great place to watch a movie. Prices are affordable. Tickets $6. Candy $1. They also serve beer and wine.

Denise Arsenault

One of my most favorite places to go and see a movie. Full of charm and wonderful history.

Allison Gibbs

Fun/cheap place to see a movie. Only four stars because it was really warm in the theater, even with the air conditioning on.

Wendy Steinhilber

Love this place where else can you see a great movie, have popcorn a glass of wine and a water for $20 bucks? Nowhere around here. The people who own and run the place are personable and fun and even took a $1 off a glass of wine because they got a better price on it when they brought it in. Gotta love it. The only drawback is the seats are not the most comfy, but bring your pillow or grab one from the pile they provide and enjoy the show!

Irish VR

Great place for a fun night out

zachary graveson

Nice movie theater cant go wrong with beer/wine prices more than fair compared to any other cinema great people and really nice old timey atmosphere seats could be better bit thats the only downside

debi mangi

Fun, inexpensive place for a small budget. So fun to grab some grilled food and a drink and enjoy a movie in an antique theater.

Susan Pierce

Best place ever .. inexpensive .. food plus beer and wine .. great owner .. what more can you want

Mrbat Bat

An awesome place to go for a night out. Great prices on tickets, food and beer and wine. Old school environment with top notch service. Movies range from children's movies to newly released shows and even a comedy show headlining great comedians to also include sports playoff games . The owner goes out of his way to welcome everyone there and say than you for comming. Bathrooms are always clean. My hats off to the Elm Draught House! A++

Chissy Gordon

My favorite place...Jim is awesome

Lynn Largesse

OMG, haven't been there in years. What a great night out. Even though it is fast food it was good. My husband and daughter had some pizzas, popcorn, chicken sandwich and drinks. All were good. Thank you for a good night

Paula Ward

I love going to elm draught house comedy shows, movies and special events that Jimmy had for the military men and women who are healing through humor

chris motta

This place never disappoints.

Tim Cassidy

Great prices, great sound, recent movies. Uncomfortable seats.


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