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REVIEWS OF Cineplex IN Vermont

Simon Veilleux

My favorite cinema in Montreal. Nicely located near the Berri Uqam metro station, this place gets crowded on tuesdays special cheap cinema nights but it's well worth the trip.

KPopsicle Han

They show foreign movies (French) and plays and stuff, good but the screens are tiny

Eliseu Baldo

good for alternative/french movies

pendar shams

As all other cineplexes. What I liked better is they have a collection of independent and European movies.

Francois Cloutier

Standard cinema. Nice enough. But theatre seats that recline are the worst. Probably a good idea in theory but in practice it’s super uncomfortable. If someone happens to be sitting in front of you, their seat reclines right on your legs. Very annoying!

Eric Vanh

My first choice when I want to watch a movie in VO French.

Kevin Mukeza

They have a pretty solid movie selection of latest blockbusters and occasional anime releases. Their theatre is pretty cozy too. 5/5

Anna Urbanova

Lots of ice and never clean infront! Very dangerous to walk

Yassine Yacoubi

Good service. Popcorn tasted a bit different (my opinion). Nice theater with nice sound system and screens.

Samuel Thony

Great for students! They have a special if you present your student ID. I totally recommend this place

Nat D

The staff was okay, but some of the other movie goers were really rude. Made for an unpleasant experience.

Abby Marie

This theatre is usually dead if you get there reasonably early. There are two air hockey tables but the food is reaaaally basic. Popcorn is ok though.

Andres H

Reserved my tickets online prior to the movie. When arrived to theatre it was oversold, no seats left. Missed the movie. Manager explained it was a machine error. Happens a lot apparently. Not going back to this horror film.

Juan Carlos Diez

Glad to see more English titles in the offer.


Least favorite Cineplex cinema in Montreal.

Veroushka Eugene

Nice location! Some rooms could be cleaner and smell better, however!

Mido Mii

Not so big, it's a very small cinema. Tickets are around 12 dollars for adult or 9 for student price. It's pretty small but the waiting area is nice, there are games and you can also buy food there even if the pop corn is kinda expensive

Theo Nh

The best selections for franco films in downtown. Everything became automatic for purchases. Probably needed those to keep price down to compete with netflix.

Rebeca Polo

Good cinema, they have movies both in English and French, conveniently located near the Old Port of Montreal.

Hector Leon

Good experience, very comfortable chases, the 3d screen was stunning.


Weird seats, not very comfortable, but a good little cinema tucked away off one of my fave streets, rue Saint-Denis. A nice discovery, as I had no idea it was even there! So, great location. Staffer seemed quite flustered and nervous as he was serving us. (One hopes it was just an off night for him. )

Corinne Guala

Very comfy seats :-)

Ved O

Great place to view french dubbed movies. Seats n cine halls r comfy n clean. Screens r good. There is a arcade inside with pool tables, air hockey n more. Nicely located near berri uquam metro.

Amna Ashraf

The cinema hall feels like a place that has been around for a long time but in a good way. Very easy to get to from the metro.

Alexandra V

Good movie theater


Great place, the slush was half melted vut otherwise everything was great

George Korakakis

It is a cozy cinema. Unfortunately if you're prone to back aches the cinema seats recline and are extremely awkward to sit into them.

Fast Load

very narrow seats. . difficult to get by car...park your car away for free and use a Uber to get there.

Scott Ingram

Conveniently located near Berri Uqam Metro. One of the few Cineplex theatres that regularly plays Anime.

ultraviolet light

Good popcorn

Henri Bishop


Marie-Noel Lefebvre

Good choice of movies, nice seats, there are arcades, but small theaters ...

Allen Thang

Room very clean and the seat is perfect when you watched a movie

Loana Mons-Féral

I was here to enjoy a movie, instead the screen (which had a stain on it) was so low I couldn't see half of it, the air conditioning was really loud and the speakers were buzzing all the time. Really disappointed of this experience.

Laurence L-Cloutier

Amazing movies

Erika L.

Nice place! Although, it is a nightmare to find a parking space around...

Voiles Auxvents

i luv that moovie theater in nice location in center of montreal quartier latin

Maira-Charmaine Hamel-Bussières

Nice and clean place, not too big. Good service.

Christopher Georges


Art Hur


Hugo Vazquez

A lot of anime movies the only thing is the seats

McKain Nopr

it's nice from time to time,4 star because the guy at the counter at the problem with the machine last time I came,otherwise it's fine.


Bon cinema, bon pop corn!

Émilia Tokes

Good prices, small cosy room with excellent sound. I saw 47 meters down on première day on my birthday! Good crowd (two older gentlemen). Love it that it aired in the pm and we had the room to ourselves.

Sara Elizabeth

Saw an ENGLISH movie here!

Nixx !

great staff/movies and arcades

haniyfa scott

This venue afforded me the opportunity to attend the Raptors games, for free!!!!! Easy to access from the metro, or find a parking spot, this is a hidden gem.

Nicolas G.

Atrocious prices, but on Tuesdays it becomes correct. Great to enjoy French-speaking movies.

Whitney Shen

Few audiences and enough spaces, watching the movie feels fabulous!

Татьяна Федорова

Comfortable and modern cinema.

Déconfiture En canne

An ok theatre

Jonathan Ledster

Very good for french and now have international selection.

Danny T

Good place for movie event like anime movie

Anas Benosman

Worst theater in Montreal. Period.

Raymond Keith

Nice experience

Giovanni Camilien

The place is very clean and the staff is very welcoming and polite

Félix Arsenault

Most of the seats are just atrocious. They do have good variety of food.

Tessa Blanc

A mix of great movies and blockbuster idiocy in a mega-plex setting and the BEST seats in town--they recline!


Nice place. Not too many people

Silvia Nuñez

I like the seats very confortable

Quoc Tuan Pham

Reminder for those who order popcorn there. Unless you don't want to self serve your butter in your popcorn, they charge you 1 $ to do it, but they don't tell you that you can do it for free. Other than that, it is your usual theater with arcade.

Manuel Gauthier-Tineo

Nice place has student discount but no IMAX

omri tal

Nice place. The popcorn was great and the chairs very comfortable

Jacob Rondeau

It's a cool cinema, but the place is surrounded by hipsters from the nearest cegep. :'(

Lorena Cristi

Movies only in French

Vincent Prudhomme

They woud not let me hang around in the public area, arcade and restaurant without buying a tiquet. They pushed me away. Was concidering a movie, will never go back there.

Lily Vetsky

Very clean and great friendly employees.

Xavier Chretien

Good place to work your french on movie and if you are a student, they have a discount !!

Raul Suarez

Lots of space, lots of movie choices, perfect location to go without a car

Makhfou Nd

My first time in a french movie theather

Jeremy Ezerzer

Good theatre. Expensive food prices and vegan or vegetarian options. Has a Starbucks. All candy and prices are also expensive for a Monday.

Vincent BIRET

It doesn't have huge rooms with gigantic screens but it had decent selection both in French and English. Seats are comfortable and room are often half full so you can pick your seat.

Myriam Courchesne

My favorite cinema! Not too many people. Movies in english too

Clara Edwige Emilcar

4 stars because the popcorn is incredibly pricey, otherwise nice movie theater.

Jacinthe Lucie Moreau

I went there a few times for to see the french movies or if not; i went to Cinema Guzzo Des Sources 10 for the english movies. So, i love this place because all the employees are so kind and the food is good to eat.

Sam Totah

A cinema is a cinema! Expect more in the quality of the movie shown. Whether or not it meets your expectations! Cinema cineplex is conveniently located. Easy to reach. You just have to be in the mood to watch. Perfect for rainy or cold days! Enjoy!

Jimmy Lai

Very well located, small charming theatre. Shows mainly French dubbed movies and some hard to find gems. It was the only place nearby that screened the Frankenstein play.

Éloïse Ngoutane-Mouliom

Correct...Same old thing.

Gawbe V

I have seen countless movies there. Great location, normal prices. Easy access online.

Ran Michael

Great cinema. Parking is not easy to find. Movies only in French!


A good theater, many floors, many technologies. Movies are available in French Canadian out in English.

Boaz Lahav

Good cinema. Nice seats. 16.5$ for a 3d movie. seriously?

Francois Cote

Nice. Clean. Minor complaint - the staff, when answering questions tends to assume you know and are familiar with the establishment leading to some confusion at times. Otherwise they are quite friendly.

Jorge Trujillo

Huge theater, friendly staff and great quality movies

waleed ahmad

Sound quality was average, screen result good, seat adjustment fine

Léon El Kha

They have student prices, need I say more?

Amr TM

Great cinema. And perfect location for post shooping cinema binge

Francis Wexu

Movies are powerful and contribute to my positive focused inner compassion...

Hamza Noor

some salles are nice but some are tooo small

Sebastien Ehouan

Nice theatres but kinda expensive on the food. The movie I went to was general admission that means no pre-movie seat selection which is great when you are buying at the last minute but means you have to get in early to get a good spot.

Natalie McCloskey

One of the only places in Montreal that shows smaller and foreign movies. There's frequently something interesting playing that you haven't heard of.

Yannick L'Abbe

Good theatre, well seated, popcorn is popcorn

Marcelle Lean

Problems getting into a Festival film in spite of film industry pass. Otherwise ordinary cinema

Thibault Sequier

Clean, comfortable, nothing to add !

James piniotes

The Cineplex Odeon Quatier Latin is the Cinema to go when Japanese anime movie are coming to montreal

anna hoppe

Love their choice of international movies.

dominique bourhis

IMAX nb 1

sajad zand

Very nice for watching special movies.

Martin Arganaraz

I love to go there for French movies versions. Ideal for practice your French and amuse at same time

Nour Shoker

The food is a little pricy but the overall experience is nice Totally recommended if you're an otaku searching desperately for a place to watch anime films Just watched fate/stay night "Heaven's Feel" and it was awesome!!!

Thomas Jan Mahamad

Great place ! You can seat on chairs and watch movies with pictures AND SOUND ! Isn't it amazing ?

Julien Michaud

I went late on a Tuesday, it was almost completely empty, very comfortable seats, very pleasant atmosphere despite the construction work at the time. I'd definitely go again.

Jorge Vasquez

Convenient location for me, theater is cozy and has entertainment options for kids.

Dalila Jabrani



Situated in cartier Latin close to uqam to watch movies in french n English

Benjy Ban Quan

It was pretty quiet and the previews were a little long but overall it was a good time

Drew Graham-Smith

Comfortable reclining seats. Clean cinema. The rows of seats are such that you can see over the head of a tall person right in front of you. At the food concessions, they have a counter for the popcorn, drinks, candy, etc. and another counter for healthier drinks, frozen yogurt, etc. Close to the Berri Metro Station. Lots of restaurants close by on St. Denis for a bite to eat, or a drink, before or after the movie.

Scott Barrow

Most of the movie line up is RV ( French version) and people tend to talk throughout despite being shushed. No ushers or staff to keep people quiet . The cinema however is new and excellent quality

Teresa Day-Smith

First time there. It was four stories with each theater being small. Had very good food option - some healthy choices. Very clean and snacks were reasonable priced for a movie theater. Had both English and French options.

Pierre Bouchard


Sevan Khatchkzian

Joker!♧ The best film ever for this year!


Nice films lots in french too

Antonin Dvorak

Nice place and good choice of things to eat

C Davison

Manager is so kind. We were eating at a Resto nearby when the service was a bit long we missed part of our movie. We decided to not go anymore. He explained to us what to do. Thank you we are pleased customers

Kassandra Desjardins

Most of the movies aren't in the original languages (lots of V.F and not much of V.O.A).

Mel Lo

The only theatre I know of with student prices and it's usually not too busy. Also it's usually reserved seating which I love no need to get there early to get the seats you want.

Max Chau

Nice local downtown théâter, has everything you'd need and a Starbucks haha.

Justin Michaud

Love it here. The clientèle is older, which means that you are rarely bothered by noise and kids. The only issue is when you watch a movie that is popular, you often get the 20s crowd that walks in late and talks, which disturbs you when you are trying to watch the movie.

Pierre Licyayo

Next to Berri-UQUAM metro. Nice restaurants in the area.

Atik Blues

One of the best in Montreal

Ido B.

A pretty good cinema


Very bad place. avoid at all cost. Keep your money and go to a different movie theater.

Jess S

Comfortable seating, sweet location (as it has been for decades), but food options could be more varied.

Vg G

Good theater to watch French movies.

Dave Djsebworks

Nice Cinema , pretty clean and the seats are great Most of the movies are in French But I Saw the last Star Wars in English last week.

Nam Nguyen

Nice movie theater. Clean and good location (right in the middle of the Latin Quarter). There are self serve counters where you can buy your tickets from. The seats in the theaters are quite comfortable. Staff is friendly and accommodating. Parking is challenging but expected given the area.

Ian Tattersfield

Great French films here not found elsewhere

anil kuldip

Most of its movies are in french. Its a smaller cinema compaired to the one at atwater and mcgill metro, it has most of what the other 2 has.

Sophie Bisson

8.99$ student pricing is really worth it

Sophie Charron

It's a nice little movie theater.

Sarhagine Deslouches

Nice little place. However, not a lot of English movies and when asked, they charge a supplement. So you pay more, just because it’s in English which doesn’t make any sense. Small place, food is Okay. Good staff however


This is actually one of the better cinémas around. Great viewing rooms, excellent audio. Terrible "popcorn kiosk" tho.. They host ridm which is an amazing film festival.


Amazing comedy club venue inside

Doug Mike

They never cleaned the room between the presentations. There was popcorn and garbage everywhere on the floor and seats. We had to clean the seats ourselves before the movie. Disgusting.

Dean Ranger

Always the same in each cinema I go to. The floors are a bit sticky and not very well cleaned by the crew. However, the overall experience is great and I enjoyed each visit. There is a Starbucks and of course, the Cineplex popcorn and candy counter. For kids, there is a small arcade.

Sebastian Hoyos

Good enough, small, but good, food it's very regular, good movies, clean place.

Thiago Simiao

Good theater. Good location. Good price.

eric bellamy

Decent cinema. Big screens. No premium theaters. 90% french films.


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