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7816 Champlain Blvd local 62, Lasalle, Quebec H8P 1B3, Canada Located in: Place LaSalle

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REVIEWS OF Cineplex Odeon Cinemas IN Vermont

Troublesome Trouble

Small local cineplex cinéma in Lasalle

Mariah Hunt


Oceane Caouette

The seats really need an update

Danny A. Ignacio

it's Ok... compare to the one in Angrignon this is a 4 star place.

Phil Reid

Have to go for stars just for the prices. I get it, but still...

Chiemezuo Emmanuel Umeaka

Great experience

Louis-Antoine Caron

The seats should be re-paded, but over-all, it's good.

Paul Van Buren

My wife and I prefer this place to watch movies. It is clean and kept in good repair. Although they get good crowds the theatre still has plenty of elbow room.

Viktor Arborstone

Very confortable and quiet place. Loved it.

Daniel Bougie

Very good

christopher soriano suarez

Good staff

Marc B.

(Translated by Google) Beautiful Good crowded Noisy but very good ramen (Original) Beau Bon bondé Bruyant mais très bon ramen

Olga Osadcha

Love this place

Luca M

Great place easy parking and no traffic.

Symba S

It's a great place if you live in the neighborhood and don't want to go downtown, but it doesn't always have the newest movies. I think it's perfect for ppl with kids, because it seems to cater to families, often has kids movies. It needs a little bit of renovation magic. Look past the old and enjoy the fact that there is a cineplex on champlain. Huge parking lot. Subways, mcdonalds and the brasserie all in walking distance.

Alexandre Cyr

Kinda Old but still un good shape, Always a good amount of space to sit

Victoria Lodge



Elton John wow wow

Scott Noonan

All my expierenced are great at this cinema. Yes, the theatres are smaller, however the staff are curious, friendly and professional. Title selection are up to date, the concession stand is up to par with all other cinema chains and more to the point, Place LaSalle offers the intimate, "old school, classic" cinematic expierence of the past three decades - you don't find that everywhere.

cecilia giampaolo

It's better then angrignon that place should be shut down and renovated it's awful

Louis G

Great location written free parking and not too crowded.

Gerald Jubin

Love this place.


Good seats, friendly service and good food, but bathrooms definitely need renovations, like the faucets which won't stay on...

Nilvia Rejon

Comfortable theatres and good service

Derik Shen

Small-er movie theater lots of parking space, not the newest but nice place to go.

P Dubois

Nice place for a movie!

Henri Bishop


Rebecca St-P

The customer service here blew me away! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. A special thank you to Isabella! The theatres are clean and comfortable. I will definitely be back.

Keith Mc Koy

Old and needs a major update. Chairs are uncomfortable. Parking is good.

Michelle Morales

Most comfortable seats ever! Free parking too.

Vladimir Pashkov

My basement tv is just a bit smaller than these screens. Sound proof is bad. Good for a dollar cinema but way below standard of cineplex. Go somewhere else.

Maria Galan

Went to watch a movie and 30mins before it starts the room hadn’t yet been cleaned. They finally sent someone that barely cleaned a few rows in less than 5 minutes. When he left the 6 last rows hadn’t been touched. I went out to complain and the manager came back with another employee to « clean » the remaining rows. By this time people had already started seating down. One of the employees thought that telling me “we do the best we can when we don’t have much time to clean the room” was an appropriate answer. 6 full rows were not cleaned. From the middle to the top. Those are the rows that people usually sit in. And maybe you should send 2 or more employees to clean a room when you know you have less than 1hr between two movies. Not impressed with the service at all.

Andrea Hilton

We love this theatre the most for our family. It's never overly packed and has always been a good experience for us. Friendly staff too!

Tongxin Ji

The seats are cozy and staffs are nice. Only down-side is the theatre is small, so is the screen.

Saurabh Kumar

Nice view

Andrei Ianouchkevitch

Renovated multiple times, great place in LaSalle to catch a movie

Carol Dineen

Good theatre lots of parking space

Anas Alhadad

Very small rooms, the old fashion cinema with 10 raw with about 15 seats in each raw.and with sticky disgusting stuff on the seats. The staff is very sweet though. Pop corn was very good

Monica Patricia Ibarra-Blas De Cyr


Tropical Divine

Not bad, not bad indeed! Need to take you and your 12 kids to a movie? This is the place! Ticket prices are all right, and there's a Dollarama close by so you can smuggle in some snacks.

Sébastien Rondeau

Not the nicest cinema, ok if you don't feel like going far.

Aaron Keenan

Seats are coated in sticky unknown substances, several are out of order. Pretty gross. Wouldn't go back unless the movie was ONLY playing at this theater. Parking was easy.

Hesam Shahin

Saloon number 3 of this cinema smells old old old. #Cineplex should consider renovation for at least this saloon.

Déconfiture En canne

This place is dying, almost teenager free on the plus side!

Bertha Carolina

Great attendents

carol brouillet


Haig Terzian

They are all the same

Benoit Leclair

Went to see Venom. Screen was a bit smaller than I'm used to and the capacity was quite low. At the end of the movie, garbage cans were overflowing and the employees seemed to walk around aimlessly. Made me laugh. 5 stars.

Marcus Saylor

Good service and very clean theatre.

Henry Parsakhian

Came here on a weeknight with my girlfriend. We were only the 2 of us in all the movie theater. No noise, no waiting in line, no hassle. Employee who served us was super friendly.

Gowri Sankar Manohar

No maintenance at all.. seats are nasty and very unclean... The theatre is very old and terribly in need of renovation

t gray

Great during the day hardly any people go.

Archie Evangelista

Great place.

Eduardo Castaneda

It's ok for a Sunday afternoon kind of movie. Sound is not amazing and the screens are small. I would not go there for any action or sci-fi movie

Therese N. White

The seats are comfy. Angel has fallen is a great movie lots of action and keeps you guessing who is behind it

Francois Lachance

They don't have coke zero, the screen is rather small and so is the room, arm rests too low, go to forum or scotia bank...

Pascal Lecurieux

Sometimes, less is more. And this theatre is just that. No extra feature, just grab a good bag of popcorn and enjoy your movie. The seats are quite comfy and the staff is welcoming.

Lorrie Cloudsdale

Theatre was not clean, the chairs are filthy.

Monic Duguay

(Translated by Google) Reno needs and cleaning !! But smiling and kind employees

Derek Kirby

great theatre.

Albert Stalk


Tonya Banat

Comfortable seats...had a great time!

Christopher Poulter

Lights flickered during the movie. ( horror movie IT)

Ludmila Mitrofanova

Ordinary cinema; would be nice if one day they update the seats.

Jennifer Holmes

Parking is good. Easily accessed by public transport. Comfortable chairs. Tim Hortons , McDonalds, Subways, pharmacies, grocery stores and great food at Brasserie Des Rapids all withing 5 minute walk.

Michael Couture

I just can even ! it was a fabulous experience at place lasalle

AntiguaMan Antigua

Always a good time with my family. How's, the bathroom needs let.

Brandon Vergara

Small theatre, clean.. no arcades. Really just theatre.

Philippe Richard

The best cinema in Lasalle. Compared to the cinema at Carrefour Angrignon, the staff is always smiling and happy to serve you.

ilove montreal

I gave one star only for one reason after we enter the theatre yesterday the air was cool and comfy we was so happy I even told all my friends I don’t want to go because they always put the AC system off maybe they do that to save electricity however I accept and go to see the movie ten to 15 minutes after the movie start we start feeling the heat they turned off the air conditioning system and that what I hate they do that all the time it is not the first time and it’s so hot outside was 33 I don’t know with the humidity maybe more that not only the reason what’s made me really mad and I didn’t enjoy the movie is after 30 minutes from the movie start they put back the light inside the theatre again and they didn’t put it down I even went out and told them to turn off the light it is a horrible theatre and all teen who take care of the place so go figer however never again go to that address every summer when the weather so hot they do the same and it’s a waste of money we will go to another spot even if we have to drive more I feel so sad from all the situation plus it is a good place to hang around I’m surprised people still go there with all that happening

Brian Gomes

Better than angrignon

Bruno Ribeiro

Screens are smaller and seats are less comfortable than the cineplex downtown. But it is close to home and usually clean so I'll keep going.

Kevin Smale

Easily the best theater in LaSalle. It always had the best new movies, the theater itself looks good (it looks amazing if you compare it to the one in Angrignon), and the staff has always been friendly in my experience. The only way this theater could get any better is if they knocked out the back wall (where it's mostly parking lot) and expanded to include an IMAX theater, as this inclusion would make it the only IMAX that side of Montreal.

Cookie Doll

Nice little movie theater popcorn is

Joshua Mathias

Theater needs a reno

Samuel Brianvil

Pretty cool Cine spot to chill

Candy Lastar

It's really good but it'll be better with more space and less expensive and the popcorn it's not that much good but you are able to eat it

vanessa seath

Nice, clean, good service

Lorena GS

Nice, quiet and good. Old Cinema.


I had great time with jojo I wish jojo also had great time with me !

Arianne Chabot

Comfortable bench and nice movie present on evening

Gary OSullivan

Easily located, comfortable seats & friendly staff

Johnny Evangelista

Great service!

Soui Ping Wong

Very small cinema

Tatiana Gnedko

terrible experience. We went to see the detective Pikachu movie and the promotion said that they are going to give the pokemon cards but staff did not give him anything. My children left very frustrated.

France Banville

(Translated by Google) Cinema in lack of love! A room where the air conditioning does not work (the summer is pocket), noise in the room due to the ventilation, uncomfortable benches and dirty toilets. The popcorn counter service is very slow. Definitely this movie theater would need a good renovation or more staff. (Original) Cinéma en manque d'amour ! Une salle où la climatisation ne marche pas (l'été cest poche ) , bruit dans la salle dû à la ventilation, bancs inconfortables et salles de toilettes sales. Le service au comptoir à popcorn est très lent. Décidément cette salle de cinéma aurait besoin d'une bonne rénovation ou plus de personnel.

Victoria Pham

Theatre has a lot of movie showing options but the theatre rooms and venue overall is quite outdated. The seats are old, screens are not very large.

Daniel Del Rossi

Typical movie theater. Expensive food like always. No IMAX or anything like that but there is 3D

Jean-Carlos Lachance Caceres


Stephan Lacasse

Just saw Bohemian Rhapsodie and the sound wasn't working, they had to restart the movie, the seat are all broken. When are we gonna have a new Theatre in the South West? The old Sears maybe?

Byby Daniel

Nice and clean !!

matthew macneill

Small cozy theater where you can enjoy a movie with friends, family or a loved one.

Dario DeFelice

Seats are not comfortable and needs to be renovated. Food prices are very high.

Steve Gueli

Loved it!

Nelson Cabral

Starting to get dated, chairs need upholstering.

Arsene L

The staff this evening, from the cashier to the one at the entrance and who served the popcorn.....fantastic!!!! Thank you very much for the exceptional courtesy!!!

Nick Lalonde-Fogel

It wasn't busy so it was nice.


Cineplex is our go to theater but this place (cineplex LaSalle) needs a little updating. No issues with the film or the cinema room itself but the carpets are old and dirty and the bathrooms are too. As far as cineplexes go. It is below average.

Yulia Sel

theater was ok, staff was ok.

Francis Charette Migneault

The average cineplex compared to other cities. Most definitely the best cinema in Lasalle area though.

Yuan Fang

Went yesterday night! Watched the Avengers...

Andrés Bonilla

Good installations and very kind people working there.

Ephraim Dickstein

Usually easy parking. Generally clean. Very long lines on popular days meaning that you need to be 30 minutes ahead to your movie or you will miss it. The mobile / smart phone purchase system is not completely implemented at this location. So even if you have purchased a ticket via the Cineplex App or website you will be required to line up at the automatic teller to have your ticket printed. Basically a waste of time to buy a mobile ticket because you will have to stand up for 20 minutes like an idiot to print your ticket because they can't seem to afford the required scanner.

Micolas Nacovei

good place, but must improve cleaning department as the clients leave a lot of trash, and quite often is dirty... beside that, everything is ok...

Alex Serfaty

Often sold out but it's usually well kept up. Very small theatre rooms. Large comfortable seats. Great food options nearby.

Martin Croteau

(Translated by Google) Flagrant lack of staff to properly control the flow of people in long-awaited movies resulting in a crowd where the lose their place of waiting and found themselves stuck to take the benches right in front of the screen. When you book your tickets three weeks in advance, you do not want to have to live that. Maybe coming back with the places chosen as long ago would solve the situation. (Original) Manque flagrant de personnel pour bien contrôler le flot de gens lors de films très attendus résultant en une cohue où les perdent leur place d'attente et se retrouve coincer à prendre les bancs juste devant l'écran. Quand tu réserves tes billets trois semaines à l'avance, tu ne veux pas avoir à vivre ça. Peut-être que revenir avec les places choisies comme il y a longtemps règlerait la situation.

Raphael Lemaire

Popcorn a fond

Sum One

Nice seats, nice movie selection, great location

Maxim Beiline

A bit hot in the theater

Keith Mckoy

It is old and dated. The seats are uncomfortable. The theater is stuck in the 1990's. Guzzo next time.

Jean-Marc Senechal

Ok place. Easy parking.

cory golder

Decent not much for luxury. Food is over priced as usual.

Emmanuel Lacerda

Best day: Tuesdays. The place is empty and tickets are cheap.

Dave Murray

Parking free and easy, always some places available. My favorite part is that there is usually a low crowd, so it's quiet. And often very friendly staff that actually remember how to smile. Rest rooms are in order and always available. I've removed one star only because seats have been there for a while. From parking to being ready and seated takes usually less than 15 minutes. Clearly my favorite movie spot in south/south west Montréal.

Karim Amrani

Terrible !!! Needs a lot of renovations to get rid of this 1960ies decor !

Jordan Farray

Not the best theatre but it always has great selection of movies and parking is great.

Valerie Millican

Friendly, informative staff

Cédric Servay

You should really go to another cinema. It's small, the sound leaks, not a big selection of movies...

Darksahde Wu

its a cozy lil theater, nothing fancy. Idea for trying to watch hit movie without the crowd.

Lisa Chan

Went for a matinee, the staff were efficient and helpful. Movie 'Aquaman' was great and our group was 80% of the attendees.

Derek John

Clean, great services

name here

Connected to a taco bell.

Karen Rolling

Needs a renovation to be prettier, but the location is convenient.

Rohan Edman

Old, but seats bare comfortable

Joey Evangelista

Needs a facelift. Very old theatre

Powell Martinez

Little selection of movies great parking in and out. Just movies selection.

David Richer-Brule

I’m glad they updated their seats recently

Slinkydink Media

Cozy and quiet

Tricia Boyce

Great movies...


The seats weren't very comfortable, and a tile fell out of the ceiling while I was watching a movie there. Picture and sound were fine though.


Huge parking lot with lots of places to eat nearby. Cinema itself is a small, quieter cinema that's a bit dated, but good for those of us who like to stay local and don't want a busy downtown cinema. My biggest complaint would be that the seats in the smaller (non 3D) halls are in dire need of repair and recovering with very little back support. If you like to slouch down in your seat though, they have you covered. The entry into the cinema has a Subway who unfortunately leaves it covered in trash to the detriment of the cinema. The good? The staff are wonderful. Extremely friendly with kind eyes and willing to interact and laugh with you. Lots of stalls (at least in the ladies) and one disabled access toilet in the bathrooms. Water saving faucets that turn off too soon are annoying, but high powered hand dryers make up for it. Has a selection of both french and english movies and one automatic ticket machine. Definitely a smaller cinema that could use updating, but I'd definitely go again for the staff alone.

Steven Patone

Nice cimema.friendly staff.

Ad Teri workshop

I visit this place every month. 3d is good enough and comfortable chairs.

Ilona de Montgazon

Well kept and easily accessible. One can pay at the wicket, at a machine or reserve on line. A well stocked snack counter and decent bathrooms.

Glenn Phillips

A good sized theatre with 10 cinemas and plenty of free parking.

Wayne McAllister


Beatrice O'Donnell

I really enjoy this place, never crowded, always friendly and clean

Oleg Vorobiov

Quiet movie theatre, but very well equipped. Great for family outings, as there's never a big crowd.


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