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REVIEWS OF Cineplex Forum IN Vermont

Ethan Clark

I have never had a bad experience here, kept tidy, chairs are comfy and tilt back.

Vittorio Pulcini

Comfy seats and solid sound

N0namestart Bobby the OG

A convenient location for people who's taking green line metro. A pretty large cinema that's also multicultural. It doesn't only have English & French movies but also some international movie in foreign language with eng sub. Recommended for both locals and immigrants.

Maria Villanueva

Its convenient to public transportation.

KPopsicle Han

Nice cinema, they show lots of foreign movies and plays and stuff.

Bev wohlmuth

Oh this place is so great. Old memory of the great Canadiens hockey and to see movies and to have a coffee to just to relax.

James Wallace

Great theatre with better selection movies than most places

Stephann Etienne

As good of a movie Theater as Any. Payable parking all around. Pretty nicely accessible by metro.

Gabriel Lukuc

Good cinema overall but charging too much fees even on cheapy tuesdays. They take advantage that they dominate the market. Also, if they charge so much, they should invest some money in their website and app as they are extremely slow and not at all user friendly.


Had a wonderful time today... cool clean classy environment.

Matt Latt

Love that place ! Maybe it's just because I'm nostalgic about the forum ... go Habs go !

Kevin K Perso

Awesome place to go, it redefines meaning of going to the movies. Everything in 1 spot for a 5 stars night. Way better than any theater! Thanks

Calem Bendell

A quieter alternative to Scotia Bank featuring a greater variety in films sometimes at the expenses of bigger blockbusters. No assigned seating as far as I know, but always well maintained and usually not too crowded.

Ksusha Moreira

Great variety of movies, easy to go by metro. However, the cinema room was so empty that I felt kind of lonely - it was only me, my husband, a grandma and a couple of more people. We go to cinema for the experience, to watch the movie with others, to feel the company, not to feel empty and bored in a desert. That made me think: why do the people avoid Cineplex? Is there something there that I still don't know? Folks, please help me, I need an update.

Shimmy Roxx

Great movie theatre! Super spacious. Shows more movies than Scotiabank downtown without being crowded and cramped.

ultraviolet light

Comfy seating and they don't rush you out before the credits are done.

Alex Sylvester

Overall good theatre hall. Could do with more rooms and better selection of movies.

Danya Gagné

Love that place! The decor is so nice and they have a lot of arcades!

Nima Sotoudeh

A very good multiplex with a wide selection of movies. The cinema is less populated than the Cineplex in Sait Catherine, so it's a more relaxed place to watch a movie.

Daisy D

Today, I visited with my 5 yr son. Before the show started, above 1H to 1H30, someone through down a metal water bottle from the elevator which connects main lobby and B1. The water bottle crashed on the floor (My son asked me if he can play there just couple minutes ago). At the beginning of the show, the screen showed sparkle and some massive data or graphics... then I have to go out to find someone to fix the problem. One of the employee told me he was going to fix it. I planed pick up my daughter after the movie. That movie delayed 15-20 minutes, so I almost got rush hour! During the movie, after it started 30-50 minutes, IMAX 3D turned to 2D. My son lost his patience and told me he doesn’t like it. Even I suggested him to eat popcorn, it didn’t work. He refused to wear 3D glasses when 2D turned to 3D again. I have to hold him during all the rest the movie. That what I got after I paid $27.98+$9.18...

SER Eiffel

It was surprisingly empty for the day before Christmas. I ride the massive elevator, which I don’t recommend if you are scared of heights. Great place.

Arvin Sethi

The quality of the seats are average. The mall is usually uncrowded.

Erika L.

The theaters are big, comfortable chairs, decent food. It is a nice place to hang out.

Sebastian Diaz

Pretty good but they don't have the newest movies

Sonali Uttam

Great theatre, lot of movies- Bollywood too! Nice location, just outside Atwater metro

Lori Taylor

Great staff..not very clean...but very understandeable!

Marcel Krause

The old historic Montreal Forum converted into a Cineplex and Museum to the Canadiens.

Hallan Singh

Feels great to have indian movies in Montreal !

David Astrof

While this is not a repertoire movie theatre, it comes pretty close. There are certainly some Hollywood blockbusters, but there are also a lot of movies that you would not normally see in major theatres. This coupled with foreign films from India Pakistan and the Philippines among other countries makes for one of the more interesting theatres in Montreal. Public transport, with the subway right there makes this place a convenient go-to entertainment venue but if you feel the need to take your car, parking underground is only $6 after 4 p.m.

Bill Boyd

Good cinema with the latest releases and many small foreign movies


I never wrote a bad review in my life and never thought I would ever do but had to share my experience..... Bought our tickets, popcorn and they check out tickets and showed us where to go. Movie was great! At 18:40, today; We tried to figure out how to leave. Me and my partner tried to open the exist door but it was quite heavy. Thinking it was locked we turned and tried to look for another way to exist. One of the workers at the cineplex approached us and accused us of trying to enter without tickets. We showed him our tickets and explained we were trying to leave but doors were locked his response was in a very sarcastic way "I believe in you". Very Rude! Unprofessional! Honestly what kind of Customer Service is this? You should seriously pick and choose the people that deal with the public or at least send them to some kind of course maybe it will teach them some manners!! Would definitely not recommend this place to anyone!!!!!!!!

Jasmin Couture

Perfect place to see a movie with all the old forum thing around. Very nice.

Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

All the latest movies as well as some favourites are held over. Spacious seating. Too bad the snack counter is only on the main floor.

Patryk Klus

The place to go watch independent movie in Montreal.

Mateo H Casís

One of my favorites in Mtl. Usually showcasing have the no blockbuster.

Domenic Gullaci

The IMAX rooms are fantastic great experience for a movie going experience, but catching a general admission showing at this movie theatre is ROUGH, usually there is no AC and it gets VERY VERY HOT. Not ideal

gurdev singh pannu

Lisghts were not switched off after starting the movie in Cineplex 12.

Arsil Vahora

good place.not too much crowd and can get all type of movie

Ricardo Fernandez

Pretty standard place to go on a date or with friends. Tuesday's evening is a nightmare tho and line ups can be pretty long on self serve machines and the ticket clerk as well. The service isn't very pleasing tho. Sometimes you get a good person behind the food stand but more often I've found some unpleasant careless characters working behind the food counter. Clearly training their staff isn't a priority. Overall my experience here was acceptable and definitely coming back.

Nilay Gabani

Chain of Cineplex Theatre’s Cineplex Forum located close to Station Atwater between Atwater Avenue and Wood Avenue. I went to watch movie Captain Marvel in 3D and it was worth every dollar. Pros. ➕ 1. 3D quality is amazing. 2. Sound is excellent. 3. Neat And Clean. 4. Leg space is great. 5. Cheap popcorns, drinks and food. 6. You can also sneak your food items if you wish. Cons. ➖ 1. Seats are a bit cranky.

Veronique Roy

the bar with the arcade is pretty nice after a good movie.

Yunpeng Fan

Movie is good. But no Timeplay is shown before the movie.

Nikita Nayyar

Rating is for the fun we had bowling. Pool table is good too. Food is average,could be better (expensive too) But the staff was very courteous and friendly. I did see them demand a tip from someone (literally the staff were arguing next table because the guests didn't tip them, I dont think that's correct) My personal experience was good. I ll recommend for a fun bowling night with beers (served at the bowling area as well) , I wouldnt eat much though since it's expensive for the taste served.

Samantha Jae Tacay

Bit outdated and a lot of the games weren't working. Pool table were 1-2hr wait and bowling.. didn't even bother.

Nick Koutsaris

Not much there except for the theatre. I wish they upgraded it.

Franco Huynh

SECURITY GUARDS ABUSING THEIR POWER... So today, me and my friends decided to hang out around and take some photos around the complex without any intention to cause any trouble. Suddenly, there was an agent who came to us and asked us to not sit on the floor, so we kindly agreed and continued our photoshoot session. We even decided to go to the third floor because it is mostly quiet and therefore, we would not disturb anyone. The agent actually followed us for X reason and was keeping an eye on us from the elevator. He caught my friend *sitting* when he was actually *squatting* for the angle and position of the photo. He came to us and kicked us out since he told us beforehand to not "sit" . We just couldn't do anything else but to follow his order since apparently, he is the supervisor of the building. I just want to precise that there are actually no specific rule that forbids us to sit on the floor... even the students from Dawson tend to do it when they are waiting for their next class and they certainly did not get in trouble for that. I just felt that the agent was not acting professional at all. It really seemed like he just wanted to kick some random people for random reason, also it was at 10pm approx. so there wasn't many people around. You guys should truly reconsider keeping him as an employee to be honest... it was a very unpleasant experience for all of us. Me and my friends will make sure to never come here again.


This is a good movie spot, though the theatres are small. Avoid the concessions. Coffee was gross. Stale popcorn.

Rajdeep Singh

Best entertainment point

Cederic L.

I like walking around here, nice little place with food, drinks, pool, arcades, cinema and a comedy club all in one area.

Stanley Cooper

Exvelkant theater to see a movie. Very comfortable.

Shaun Leslie Turriff

Clean, comfortable, and good customer service on our trip, which involved a lost and found incident. Very helpful.

Luc-André Grégoire

There are small and big screen, you just doesn't know before buying the ticket if it is a big screen or a smaller one.

Hugo Haumichtot

Best theatre for movies in English. Many other Mtl theaters show badly dubbed French versions of original English.

Olivier Labrie

It is a good place for a Flix, just next to the metro station and in front of the shopping mall. There is an A&W and a Mandy's Salad restaurant in the entrance for a quick bite before of after the movie. Also a sport bar on the 3rd floor. Please make sure to check movie availability before getting in, not all the popular movies are available. It seems some Bollywood movies can be seen here also.

Habibur Rahman

This is my 3rd time watching movie here. The place is really clean and tidy. Theater is also clean.

Zankhana Patel

Big movie theater with lots of screen having all new release from all kind of language.

Yash Mehta

Watch a whole bunch of movies, love the area clean and friendly staff


their AVX feels like im watching in an IMAX cinema

Juliette Fong

I would give it a 3.5 stars very good screens & sound but I hate how they left so little seating in the lobby area. What's with that the population is aging needs it more than ever. This is the #1 cinema that mom & I meet at, it is hatd for het to stand or try to climb/scale the tall stools.

M Taufik

Bad experience. Nobody at client service desk to complain. While watching Hotel Mumbai, there was a viewer constantly tapping feet on the floor, shouting, warning the actors each time gun fired or explosion or suspense builds up. Movie became a joke. I walked out after an hour in movie. Got my ticket refunded from ticket counter, still lost money in parking and overall wasn't worth ruining a movie experience and an evening.

Celso Jr Salon

Clean. Not too crowded. Easy to navigate.

Sam Totah

Movies! Always a pleasure specially if the film fits your mood. Try to go on a rainy day. Or when bitterly cold outside. Read a couple of reviews before also understand the language of the film. Take a good seat both for viewing and hearing. Hopefully there won't be in front of you a huge hat. Otherwise change your seat. Watch the whole movie. Take a break at the end having a light meal or a drink. The movie will affect you next 24-48 hrs. Discuss or tell someone your impressions. Enjoy your outing that's what movies are for!

Yan C

Spacious comfortable and quiet with a great variety of blockbuster and Asian movies.

Ian Ruthven

Less busy than the paramount, greater choice of films.

Marijane Moreau Peterson

This is my favorite place to go watch movies. They have everything you want and need. Seating are amazing, and sometimes it's possible to reserve your seating. They offer Regular, Imax, 3D, etc. version of movies (when applicable). They have the classic Pop Corn, but they also have hot dog, poutine, natchos, ect. In Montreal, it's by far the best place to watch movies!

rahul soni

Better experience than other places

Pats Bhravux

They have a good spot in the second floor, you can go there and read a little or share with friends while you wait for your movie.

K. M.

Fun and entertaining for all ages. A historic building where the Habs used to play for many many years before they moved to the Bell Centre. Always feel a bit nostalgic when I enter the building where they won the Stanley Cup in 93’. Many big screens available to the Cineplex with a variety of movies playing from Hollywood to Bollywood and many other international movies. Clean and well managed. Parking is cheap and easy to get around.

Tracey Lafontaine

Enjoyed the experience throughout the staff is helpful and well informed. Popcorn and drink was fresh and tasty. Chairs are clean and cozy. Would recommend. -The washrooms are a disaster, even though going to the movies isn't about the washrooms. This part for hygiene deserves only one star.

Kevin Smale

This is probably one of the best theaters in all of Montreal, mainly because a lot of rarely seen newer films and foreign films play here on top of mainstream films. So you can see anything here from a popular anime film to a Bollywood film to the latest North American film. The theater is generally quite clean, for a theater, and it has this 90s look to it with the colour scheme.

Julien Tessier

Run of the mill cinema. The entrance is too small for the rush but aside from that great experience.

Maarten van Hell

Great place to spend an evening, friendly and easy going staff.

mushroom boy

Ooooh my pp big when I see thanos

Ajay Johnson

Great theatre....could be cleaner but hard to keep up with clientele

Prankur Dave

Nice movie experience. Confortable seats.

Matt McKillop

Unbelievably loud volume settings on the previews yesterday, to the point where the loudest parts physically hurt my ears. Never had a cinema experience so unpleasant in my life. Either the employees/systems are stupid, or just neglectful of everyone's health. I'll never go back.

Etienne Portelance

It shows movies that don't play elsewhere. The couches are nice, the screens are good.

Rémi Larose-de Billy

Not only an excellent place to go see a movie, but also for any entertainment: great arcade with lots of games, along with bowling alleys and pool tables, which can be rented at a very affordable price (14$/h).

Chelsea M2

If you want a more relaxed, less populated movie theatre, this place is for you. I find it the perfect place for a date! You have privacy, the theatres are always clean, and no line ups. Also, it’s right next to Alexis Nihon shopping centre. You really can’t go wrong!

Alejandro Aspinwall

It's my favourite movie theater in town. It's rarely full and it's always clean. The staff is nice and efficient. If recommend getting a SCENE card to take advantage of the promotions they have. You can get free tickets quite often.

Yang Dol

It is always clean and very convenient as well. Most importantly the staffs are very polite and reliable. Yesterday I forgot my phone at the counter while paying for my soft drink and popcorn. Behind my mobile case my ATM card and metro card is also there. I realized after an hour that I left my phone over there so I ran out to check with them. As soon as the team who was there at the counter called the manager and he came right away with a smile to handover my phone along with my two cards. It was a great relieved. Thanks to the cineplex team for showing their integrity at work.


Only place to go if you want to watch chinese movies! Fun to go.

dexter patlk

Typical downtown theater, go early and you'll find seat, come late to a new film just coming out and you're going to have to sit in the front row

Ammy Gurm

Collections of wide cinemas❤️ comfortable seats.

Stephen M

The area surrounding the facility isn’t the nicest. Once inside this formidable old building you will forget. The theatre is built into the historic ice level and basement of the Forum. More than 10 auditoriums with IMAX means every movie is available. Lots of space to move around. Contemporary stadium style seating.

Manohardeep Singh Gill

Nice theatres

shalin makhecha

If you get a chance must visit Dolby 3D ATMOS here

Tamana Mehri

Good cinema, easily accessible buy public transportation and by car. Indoor parking also available.

Ravi Singh

Very good place to watch films

Molon lavee

But the sound was WAY too loud... deafening loud.

Vanessa Gibeau

The poor place is dead. No restaurants. Nothing...

Ali Yar

The sound was very good and everything else was as you would expect from a good movie theater.

pankaj kumar

Good movie watching experience in Montreal. Cinema hall was clean and well maintained.


Movie theater is worse than scotiabank, and the arcade is pretty trash. There's a cool spot with pool tables and bowling though.

Christophe Leblanc

Love this cinema! Central location and before or after the movies you can play(in the same facility) pool, table tennis, bowlings or simply have a quick bite and a beer.

Ewa Spoczynska

This is a place to see good movies that you will not have a chance to see anywhere else. It's a big place with up to 22 cinemas and other venues like restaurants, shops, big pool game place. Next to Alexis Nihon metro station and shopping mall. Parking indoors.

Maria Gomes

Perfect indoor parking only 6$ after 4:00 !

alexandra koliakoudakis

Very cool place to see a movie

Shan Roy

Its ok to me because I found the seats so uncomfortable. Its like not enough room to extend legs and cant control where ypur seat goes. Its normal or 'll the way back. Almost went to just go sit on the stairs to be honest

Vanesa J

Where the good movies are, not only the mainstream ones.


The arm rest go up for maximum snug

Gurshran Virk

Awsme near downtown...seats are comfortable food is tasty everything is too good

spin doctor

Great place to watch a movie

Anna Kwon

Always good place to watch a good movie. Near the metro station. Cozy theater. Many restaurants in walking distance. Cheap parking in basement.

Steve Rubino

Cool place, though I wish there was a few more things to do while waiting for your movie. Screens are good, sounds are wonderful, but give of us who like to get there early a couple more arcade games or something!

Alain Cacchione

The movie theatre is ok. I like going to the movies and it is the usual Cineplex set-up. However, I find directions to find the movie theatre are lacking for people who do not go there often. I am a Montrealer and I had a hard time finding it. There is likely underground parking, but I did not check. You can get there with the Metro. There is also parking on the street with park meters.

Nate Neel

Love it, I mean I love all cineplex. The forum shows even international movies if your into that as well.

Jean Berchmans

Clean, professional design and an enhanced atmosphere for movie enjoyment.

Beautiful Mariel

Good place to relax! Not too much people ! Good for big groups of friends!

Cat Woo

Very spacious complex and very large cinema areas

Tara MD

The last 20 of July 2019, something happened that makes me think, people should know about this. There's no chairs now on the theater (I don't know why) so... If you want to sit at some place the only option you have is the Floor,.. I sat on the floor for reading and wait for my time to go in. Immediately, a security guard came and told: "you can't be sitting there, if you want to be sit in some place you need to go upstairs".. I was literally : "what ? This is the floor, for God are telling me that I can't even sit at the floor here?" ...He said: "that's what the owner is asking for "... No reasonable explanation, nothing... I just wondering what's is happening with the "free" country we used to have before. Now, we are loosing the right to choose even the floor you want to be sitting on. Or maybe on the future that "owner" is going to start charging you for sitting in his "space"... Not proud of being Canadian when things like this happen.

Liciani Vargas

Good option for more alternative movies

Nicolas Montreuil

The place to go to see older movies and foreign films not available anywhere else. Friendly staff, comfy seats, expensive concessions.

Sebastian High

Great theater with an awesome staff! I lost my phone while I was watching a movie, and I went to customer services and reported it missing. They gladly took a description of the phone and the wallpaper, and made sure every employee was aware of the missing phone. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they took my issue this seriously, since they must receive reports of missing wallets, phones, etc dozens of times a day. I then went home, and was really disappointed of having lost my phone, but just two hours after I reported it missing, I received a call informing me that an employee had went and searched for my phone, and a few other missing items, and actually found it, and notified me immediately. The theater itself is as good as any other, but the staff is really friendly and competent.

Combat x

Popcorn was great, seat and sound is also great and comfort

Andie Năstac

Really comfortable chairs!

Devendra Suthar

All in one place for all types of movies such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil , Punjabi , Urban Gujarati.

david chris

Seats are not so comfortable as I taught had really bad experience


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