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Le Mail Cavendish, 5800 Boul Cavendish, Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4W 2T5, Canada Located in: Quartier Cavendish

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REVIEWS OF Cineplex Cinemas Quartier Cavendish IN Vermont

Jay Arsenault

Honestly, this place isn't trying to be the ultimate theatre experience, clearly: The theatres are small and few in numbers, and floor is flat so you can find yourself looking over peoples shoulders. The snacks are still ludicrously expensive but this is an industry standard. That being said, this place does well what it intends to do: be a small, unknown place that's close to home to see new movies without the crowd, and old movies you won't find in mainstream theatres. If you can put up with sticky floors and an audio video experience that won't blow you away, this is a pretty good place to see a movie in cote-st luc.

Angel Villegas

Marc-Eric LaRocque

This is where the tail end of theatre showings come to die. If you still want to see that movie on the large screen and it's been out for a while, it will likely be here. Tired, but still ok.

Stephen Lemish

Debby Jean-Francois

(Translated by Google) Very nice atmosphere nice place to have fun and relax. (Original) Très bien belle ambiance belle place pour se divertir et ce relaxer.

Leslie M. Lengyel

Loved the movie. Lots of scientific techniques. I love the inter action between the scenes where putting land and ocean

Chantell Brown

the_special_ gamer

(Translated by Google) It is too beautiful (Original) C'est trop beau

R. Shultz

Inexpensive, convenient, comfortable Because this cinema is in a mall, there is plenty of parking. The theatres are comfortable. I can't speak of how modern they are, it compares favorably to other cinemas I have visited in the last year. The prices for films are less than downtown, and the staff is friendly and helpful

Sandra Di Marco

Ok shopping. Restaurants mediocre.

Jo Ne


All the seats are leval making it hard to see the screen when somebody is sitting in front of you. You are paying 10$ to see the back of some guy's head, and get your feet stuck in soda and popcorn that somebody left on the floor.

Océane Noël-Fournier

elena zhbeli

Amaresh Bala

Jaci Ganesh

Small screen

Alicia R

Old theater with often sullen staff. But at least its often empty and conveniently located.

Brent McLennan

Filthy toilets and very lackluster projection and sound quality means that this cinema is due for an upgrade sooner than later.


Its an older cinemas and honestly love it for that but teenagers need to learn to shut up during a movie.

Charles Stein

It's clean it's spacious and I've always had a enjoyable experience there

babu loseo

Great theatre because most people don't know that it exists here. The mall isn't too bad either. You can buy drinks or food from the nearby IGA or mall and sneak in food into the theatre.

Mason Mintzberg

Firooze Karimi

Jorge Diaz

David Sorokine

Worst theatre I have ever been to. Shity screens. Shity people. Shity food. Shity prices. Don't come here

Judith Konrad

Good selection at food counter,good quality of sound,visually sometimes "jump", clean restrooms.


Good theatre, friendly staff.

Marlene Roseman

Saw "Bohemian Rhapsody"... Excellent movie, super Tuesday price, great to have a comfortable neighborhood theatre!


the punk calling himself vinnie gambino trashing your rating is david miekle from montreal, a mouthy worhtless excuse for a human being that google allows to run his mouth like a rabid dog

Cristian M

As expected

Liseth Figueroa

Small and old but staff is nice

Jason S

If you hate crowds then this is the place for you. Sunday 1:00pm 2nd week that Deadpool 2 was released and there were 8 of us in the place. The seating isn't bad but the arm rests have no padding and are very hard on the elbows. Typical sticky floors and standard high snack prices.

major trout

Great location that is easily accessible from different parts of Montreal. The staff are very friendly and helpful and you always can get a great seat if you show up on time.

Phillip W

Nice and bright outside.

Camilo Amaya

Nice and clean theater, lots of parking spots in the mall

Anthony B

(Translated by Google) An excellent cinema multiplex for Côte-St-Luc (Original) Un excellent multiplex cinéma pour Côte-St-Luc

Brian MacKenzie

Hesam Shahin

Clean and family friendly environment but small theatres.

Micheline Healy

(Translated by Google) Clean place and courteous staff! (Original) Endroit propre et personnel courtois !

Tanya Babiuk-Henry

Decent cinema. The screens are not as big as the ScotiaBank theater but it's definitely cheaper and less crowded. Good selection of movies

Mahdi Hosseininia

Price almost same as other cineplexes but small screens and older generations of audio and video components. Avoid if possible. But staff were ok. So i gave two stars. Audio/ video need major upgrades.

Bernice Loretha

A dumpster.

John Mcleod

Friendly staff and very clean cinema

Benjamin Cohen

(Translated by Google) Horrible cinema, old-fashioned, room not really clean, seats not comfortable. And worst, the children behind you who spend 2 hours talking with their friends or playing during a movie without anyone saying anything (Original) Cinéma horrible, à l’ancienne, salle pas vraiment propre, sièges pas confortable. Et le pire, les enfants derrière vous qui passe 2h à parler avec leurs amis ou a jouer pendant un film sans que personne ne dise quoi que ce soit

Liliana Romaní

I like this cinema. It's small but it's always quite and the seats are really comfortable. Fast entrance, no lines to buy pop corn and as part of the films before the movie they show you the première events or comments of the actors about the movie. Nice!

Sarah Shea

Gustavo Jarquin

Best movie theater in Montreal, it's never crowded and the staff is always nice and friendly!

Monica Lugo

(Translated by Google) Good facilities (Original) Bons installations

Andrew musano


Oussama melki

Pascal Larin

(Translated by Google) Okay for the sound. A bit stronger. Otherwise, warm like place (Original) D’accord pour le son. Un tantinet plus fort. Sinon, chaleureux comme place

Silver 2350

Wasn't packed and good services!

Kevin Lamy

Pretty good, but the place is getting old. The place was accessible for wheelchairs.

Lynne Darroch

Mahmoud ElMarakshy

The theatre was empty, easy to find reservation and parking but felt a bit old.

David Carci

It's just like your next door cinema! Seats are ok, and usually have the latest movies!

Jody Hersh

Cavendish mall is horrible.

William Moncada

Matt MMM

Its not the newest or biggest theatre but that's the charm. It feels like a small cozy home town theatre.

Sara Rahajason

John Boone

Fixed seats and close rows (limited leg room). No surround sound.

Cédric Lam

Max Ten

You get 4 stars because the movie was great, nothing to do with you guys! My God the theater needs a real upgrade from the 90's! Place is too small and the seats are mad uncomfortable! Come on now! You can fix this easily!


Venell Stapleton

Quinn Barnes

Worst Cineplex I've been to.

James Azrael

Small quiet theatre inside of a mall.

carolina veas

(Translated by Google) Excellent movie (Original) Excellent film

Jai Molloy

Not a bad theater at all. The arm rests are worn, but that is the only problem I can think of.

Vinny Gambino

The theatre itself isn't all that bad, the ignoramouses that frequent the theatre are insufferably rude. It's as if these jerks have made some pact to treat the theatre like a coffee shop and to talk nonstop and loud throughout the movie without shame. Cellphone useage is apparently fine with them as well. Cote Saint-Luc has a particular ethnic group which should explain this if you get my drift.

Thomas Daras


Julia Gilbert

Small, but a good experience.

Carl Tremblay


robin goodman

My son tried to go with friends to see a 13yrs +movie. They are all 15yrs old but 1 kid forgot his id. I went in to vouch for them but the manager still wouldn't let them in to see the movie. Next time we will travel the distance to a a theater that caters to their customers & that wants our business.

Coumba Line Keita

Costa Dimakis

Great movies , great place ! Childhood memories !!!

Bruno Mallette

Ralph Alfonso

Great place for movies


The seats are really bad, they aren't leveled so you often have someone's head covering the screen. The screens are very small. Despite all that the prices in this cineplex is the same as other cineplex locations that have far better seating and screens. It's not worth the money. Not to mention the popcorn, drinks and candy are ridiculously expensive. The only upside is that it's placed in a mall, with tons of parking space.

Sébastien Lemieux

(Translated by Google) Not the most modern cinema, but nice. I wish the sound was louder a little. (Original) Pas le plus moderne des cinés, mais sympa. J'aurais souhaité que le son soit plus fort un peu.

Stephen Mastromonaco

Karim Kuperhause

Always very friendly and helpful staff!

Bojan Samardzic

Mick Aoun

Kicked me out for being obese.

life Canada

(Translated by Google) Yaaassss (Original) Yaaaassss

Gilles mondoux

Comfortable seats

Renegade N Studios

So much love when you get there


Judy Miller

Ticket prices are cheap and loads of free parking. Seats are comfortable. Easy to get to by car or bus. No traffic cones!

Angie P

Needs updates but is usually nice and quiet which I love. Never had an issue with staff or food

Nicholas Proulx

Really not the best cinema around.. The floor right in front of the cash was super sticky. The seats are not that comfortable and the floor layout is pretty flat so you better hope it's not too busy in front of you. But the worst part is that, for some reason, one guy from the staff came in 3 times during the movie with a flashlight to write something on a maintenance paper or something right beside the screen! And he came back to clean the floor the second the credits started to roll.. For the price we have to pay to watch a movie, they should at least not disturb us while it's playing..

Nancy Ferland

Louis Felix Trudel

Good for an old school feeling. It looks like theaters used to look before multiplexes came around. Screens aren't that big, it's not super comfortable, but it's there if you don't feel like facing huge crowds at the theaters downtown.

Minh Chau

Love that movie theather. Very convenient,its in the Cavendish mall. Perfect to go watch a nice movie after doing your grocery or shopping. Its also good to go there after your lunch or dinner. Its a Cineplex so you can accumulate Scene points there. Its awesome!

Roger Mingole

Unlimited butter for popcorn!!!

Stéphane Merour

(Translated by Google) Tonight, I had a very bad experience in this cinema. Towards the middle of the film, the fire alarm was triggered without any announcement being made. The cinema team never took the time to reassure us about our safety. People came out of the rooms quickly in a general chaos. After 10 minutes, we realize that it is a water damage. I'm trying to get a refund but it's clear that the film crew prefers to force people to take passes for another session. And all this in a general panic. Finally, I manage to be reimbursed after 45 minutes of waiting. Never, the manager has made announcement to explain the situation and to guide the spectators. (Original) Ce soir, j'ai vécu une très mauvaise expérience dans ce cinéma. Vers le milieu du film, l'alarme incendie a été déclenchée sans qu'aucune annonce se fasse. L'équipe du cinéma n'a jamais pris le temps de nous rassurer sur notre sécurité. Les gens sont sortis rapidement des salles dans un chaos général. Au bout de 10 minutes, on se rend compte que c'est un dégât d'eau. Je tente de me faire rembourser mais on voit clairement que l'équipe du cinéma préfère forcer les gens à prendre des laisser-passer pour une autre séance. Et tout cela dans une panique générale. Finalement, je parviens à me faire rembourser après 45 minutes d'attente. Jamais, le manager a fait d'annonce pour expliquer la situation et pour guider les spectateurs.

Mendy Konikov


Renee Bresinger

First run movies, quiet lots of parking

Lucie Bispo

The cinema is small and not really clean; the drinks, popcorn and candies are really expensive for their size; a lot of old people in the theater room not much of families; The majority of the staff is friendly.

Alain Sakha

One level seating means you have to look up the whole movie and hope no one sits in front of you.


Nicholas Zakem

Quiet area. Nice theatre

Nives Degano

j prizzy

Ioana I. Mocanu

This mall will always have a special place in my heart. It's been shrinking considerably over the past decade, but the Cineplex is still there and still in good shape. No complaints about this cinema location. Clean, not too busy... Low prices on Tuesdays ;)

MahD Mor


The cinema is clean and the sound was terrific

Mireille Pasos

(Translated by Google) I liked these rooms a lot. I also liked that when the person at the entrance could not read my e-tickets, the manager came quickly and resolved everything without any kind of drama. (Original) Estas salas me gustaron mucho. Además me agradó que cuando la persona de la entrada no pudo leer mis boletos electrónicos, el gerente vino rápidamente y lo resolvió todo sin ninguna clase de drama.

Tracy Xiong-Morel

ChrisTian Larcheveque

(Translated by Google) What more to say, the comfort, the ambient sound and the immensity of the screen, make this place a pleasure for all our senses solicited.Prévoir an expensive expense if you buy food on the spot .. it is expensive ! (Original) Que dire de plus,le confort,le son ambiant et l'immensité de l'écran,font de cet endroit un plaisir pour tout nos sens sollicités.Prévoir une dépense onéreuse si vous achetez de la nourriture sur place.. c'est cher!

Adam Jacques

I don’t love the location of this theater is hard to get to I find. Along with it being inside the mall, not to mention you get destroyed if you even bring a water bottle In. Nonetheless I’m a movie freak and they have special movie screenings here sometimes which is a plus.

Geneviève Sabourin

Gopichand Veldhi


Inexpensive yet still fairly good.


2 nights ago there was a stabbing !!! not sure about the details but i think the guard got stabbed or something ( correct me if i am wrong ) so either increase your security measures ( because of the pot situation ) or remain a 1 star my advice ! definitely STAY AWAY IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE

LaMiss Lafleur

The place is clean. The seats are one level so good luck if a tall person is sitting in front of you. Not sure if all the rooms are the same but I know room 6 is like that.

Eli Lumbrosi

Andrey Mitrofanov

KJN Artemis

Great place to go watch a nice movie

Conor DeSantis

Great cinema, would recommend if you happen to be in the area.

Fraida Stolberg

Kent Conover

Nice low-key, neighborhood cinema

Husker Fox

It's a great place to go to because a lot of people don't know it's there. You can get in to see popular movies without a problem. I saw a Avengers endgame about 3 days after it came out at that theater. The only problem with the theater is the seats are too small and you're all kind of cramped in there but nothing's ever perfect

Tara Gerrie

Needs a huge renovation. Seats are horrendous.


Pro - Perfect for a bad weather day if you live in the area. That's the reason we go - we live 2 minutes away. You can arrive as the film is starting and there is usually plenty of room. Never any problem parking either. Con - older seats/screen - no inclined seats as in Guzzo - we go there when driving is good.

a bd

Older theatre when compared to Guzzo but on a positive note lots of free parking!

Brendan Schwartz

Okay, but seats are not comfortable and the arm rest's cussion is not there anymore. Also, most of the time, people have their phones out or are talking during the movie.

Makayla Tefian

Bernice Tayong

Joseph Seif

Old but really good

Harley Nadler

You can almost always get in with zero wait and a practicaly empty theater. Unfortunately, the lack of air conditioning can make sumer movies a bit uncomfortable.


The theater itself is fine, and has an old time feel to it....however, the locals tend to make watching a movie very painful. Cell phone conversations or in person, the people have no clue as to what is normal etiquette. Almost every movie I have seen here at Cavendish was very much like watching a film in a grade school cafeteria. It is unreal.

John Robinson

Seats hard and uncomfortable not even close to their Laval and west island locations it's worth drive to go there instead this place makes the dollar cinema look like Carnegie hall

Kai Chen

Domagoj Osojnik

Aaron Shervan

The staff of this theater is absolutely horrible. They are not friendly, give you attitude I feel totally uncomfortable to come here...

Andrewleen Layne

Alejandro Martinez-Ramos

The Dude

Nice movie theater in the heart of Cote St Luc. Friendly staff, clean theater and although showing some wear here & there still was a good place to catch the latest flic.

Hooman S

Helpful nice staff.

Roger Kovessy

Very small, old theater

lidia palermo

Just because something is older it doesnt mean it shouldnt be supported remember NO ONE escapes that road maybe if it had more support popcorn wouldnt be so expensive.....


Stephen G

Ok, but not a modern cinema.

Richard Anthony

Needs major Reno!

Ajadan Gareau-MacDonald

I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens here in 3D. It is an older theater, the screen wasn't crystal clear, but I had a great experience. There was practically no one there and tickets were around $10 on Tuesday. Staff was pleasant, but I wasn't really talking with them much. I did not experience the issues others were complaining about. I will be going here again, on a Tuesday.

Zachary Rappaport


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