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4825 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave, Montreal, Quebec H1V 3V4, Canada

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Where is Cinéma StarCité Montréal?

REVIEWS OF Cinéma StarCité Montréal IN Vermont

Art Eldridge

Was the worst as no english movies so why do we have to be bilingual when in quebec they dont have to show english

Sandra Sierra

It is my favorite cinema, of East city. Clean, nice environment, easy access by every kind of transport.

Michel Touzin

Good place for new film

Marleny Salazar

Good movie theatres This location is most in FRENCH, so check before you choose to go!

Orlando Sanabria

Good place and parking not much expensive

Ruben Dario Caceres

Nice place

Xavier Bechard-doyon

Excellent for more than 20 years, zero complaints. Sometimes there are big lineups, but it always goes fast enough to catch the beginning of the movie!

Richard Paquette

Great food options! They have sorbet ice cream!! The seats are amazing! So padded.

Eric Patterson

Small theater that does not show all of the current movies. Often no English films available.

Stephann Etienne

What you expect the movie theather to be. Be careful when paying for parking. To validate your ticket so you get the discount if not you will be paying 20$ for parking.

Chloé Tousignant

Seats are comfortable, the toilets could use some more cleaning.

Waheed Alizada

Great location but paid parking :(


Close to my home. I went on a tuesday and it wasnt packed wish was amazing. Easy to get around to.

Manuel Bruneau

The actual Cinema is very good. However, I cannot stand the clerks greeting me with "Do you want a trio" each time I want to order a popcorn or soft drink. I'm sorry, but if I need help deciding what I want to buy, I will ask. Maybe the management should work a little and find a better way to increase their sales. Thanks

Manjot Singh

A lot of parking available near by, paid.

eric verreault

Good if you like 3D movies but dont understand why anyone do unless you want to go at 4pm

Felix Bourbonniere-Clement

Slow and condescending services from some of the staff members

Nicole Gablay

As with other cinemas, food here is absurdly expensive. Also, they need to expand more on the variety of movies that they show. Kudos on keeping the facility clean though. A note to Starbucks coffee drinkers: they do have Starbucks here (I was surprised) but with a limited menu.

Bruno Bonvini

Excellent !!

Luke Keller

Good movie theater to go to. It has the usual bells and whistles one would expect; including the overpriced food.


Seats and service are good. Is comfortable and really like the location.

Amanie El-Hajj

Best place to watch French movies and great seating. Really crowded on Tuesday night, so it would be better to buy your tickets online.

Steph Akittay

2 starts because I went to buy my ticket and the cashier was picking her toe nails on the counter. I understand it was not busy but that was the most disgusting thing ive ever seen happen while buying tickets. Thank god I was carrying hand sanitizer. Once in the room for the movie I just see broken seats and snacks left by the previous clients. I've been coming here ever since I was a child but it's been getting worse and even more worse.

Sebastien Roland

Good prices


the parking is 20$ what a scam


Place always FuN!

Amanda Keller

Nice accessible cinplex theater primarily French speaking theater. The movies a little are less expensive here than downtown. The parking is expensive but easily accessible. Street parking is very difficult to find nearby. The metro is very conveniently located as its directly in front of viau metro station. There are a nice number of games inside. A good number of snack bars. The bathrooms are clean and sufficent but the tap water in the bathroom sinks during winter is unacceptably cold. I recommend you bring handwarmers on days like today of -22. Starcite is also very close to the biodome and the planetarium so it's a good place to stop by with the kids.

Andy Shih

Need to pay for parking, which is ridiculous... Person in front didn't know how to scan his ticket, made a huge queue to exit the parking lot. Otherwise, movie theatre is fine

Eric Lee

If you come here at night on a weeknight, you might get the whole theatre to yourself. It's located conveniently close to Viau Metro so it's not far by any means to downtown. Would opt to come here for any crowded downtown theatre anytime!

Prince Torres

I like this theater for the arcades, timeplay and low attendance in english movies. Food price is exaggerated even for a soda pop. Parking should have a roof.

Dwayne Joseph

Cinephile only lol

George Arvanitis

Overpriced movie prices like all theaters. Overall ok clean and service is fine but nothing exceptional.

Jaun Van Deventer

Not the cleanest of places where food and drinks are being sold.

Luc Collin

Great theatre. Mostly for french dub movies but still usually one or two rooms for english viewing. Good service and has a Xscape arcade (uses a card type paying system, same one as "La Ronde") thats well stocked with recent games. Consider that its in the Olympic stadium vicinity, so free parking might be annoying but its still possible.

Barbara Kalvin

I highly recommend this place.

Y. A. Dejean

great movie theatre. french movie showings only.

Rebecca dePencier

It’s a movie theatre and it’s neither worse nor better than any I’ve been to before.

H Santos

Clean place Great to go see a movie with the family

Remi Boulanger

Geat place to watch movies in both French and English. Theyhave IMAX cinema room and lots of food concession. You can find parking in the adjacent Streets on non-busy evenings, but most of the time, you have to use the pay parking. They are right next to the metro if you are using public transportations though.

Andres Carrillo

Nice, very comfortable


Always a good place to relax and enjoy a movie.

Jonathan Vanasse

Not enough english presentation and I feel the arcade system was way easier before. Otherwise good cinema theater.

rakikieakisi n.n.s

Classic overpriced food end they don't have the incredible in English

Stephanya Tellez

Good place for kids and adults.

Ivan M

Good quality

Roberto Rochin Suarez


Tabasco Crimson

You can hear sounds from other rooms, sound system sucks...

Damain D Amazin

Nice place

Stevo Trann

Its a great place to go watch a movie! Right outside the viau metro station, and they also have english movies !

ismael brassard

Needed to pay the parking

Charles Charest

Montreal best place to enjoy an American movie on a big screen. Comfortable chairs and clean floors!

Khawla Bekkaoui

John wick 3 was excellent


It's a movie theater idk

Eddy Mourra

Always clean

Captain Straight

Perfect place to watch movies at any time. Staff is very open to their clients and Tickets are nicely priced. Food quality is good. Seat positions are optimised so you hear and see everything that happends. Highly recommended.

Catherine Toussignant

Nice place. Seats, sound and place are fine. But snacks are a bit pricey

Craig J

Really want to like this cinema. Location is good, prices good but the quality of the screens is all over the place. One has visible vertical lines (banding) down the screen noticible in daylight shots and others the picture is so dark even the day shots feel like they have a night filter on them. Only go when no other option sadly! Hope they fix or upgrade their tech soon. Other cinemas have much better picture.

Hubert Pilon

This noob eating beans in my theater

emric imprevert

The food is very expensive. For exame, a hot dog cost 5$, the ticket is also expensive, and the overall experience is. That being said, everything is clean and the quality is good.

Aida Monterrey

I went to see Avengers End Game and it was amazing, but you have to get there in advance if you don't wanna get your place stole! (someone took my place but we told an employee and he resolved the problem immediately)


They rarely have any movies in English

gabriel thibault

Great clean theater

michel mondor

Great movie theater. Great staff. Opérations go as planned. Seats are comfortable. Parking is good. Place is easy to go by car or by public transport. Popcorn taste good. As in all the theater the refreshments are a bit pricey. But overall a nice teather

Jean-François Hénault

Nice selection of movies. Pricey though


Visited to watch End game. The staff is nice but the place was really dirty and the seats were uncomfortable.

Max Gaetan Carrenard

Relatively Few movies in english

Anna Maria Pinotti

Went with school children. A member of the staff was present upon our arrival and movie started as soon as we were seated. Nice

Mathieu Moore

It’s a fun place to watch movies

Zack Steele

French and English films. Clean and well put together

Emma de Haan

Great cinema

Pika Tchu

Nice place good stuff

Drium Yrvak

Good but overpriced food. Sneak in your own.

Aline Esquembre

J'adore. Mon 2eme QG

Daniel Le Blanc

One of the best cinematic experiences in Montreal. The only two reasons they don't have 5 stars: people who bought a ticket online still have to wait in line for credit card verification (why??), and restrooms are incredibly badly cleaned (if at all).

Kev Gélinas

Fast service and great but when you at a premier and the room is full for 3 hours, please start the AC

jaylex youtub

The classic cinema of montreal

Suki Cotnoir

Good good food seat price games

Amal canada

Different from other places, for those who like calm I found it a good place to watch a movie by myself.


Good place to watch movies

Nadi Nadim

Always nice

Mathias Pageau

This place is often less busy then the other Cineplex, so it's great if you want to watch a movie on a quiet atmosphere. Be careful though, the films are mostly dubbed in French.

Gabriel Vaillancourt

Outrageous food item prices especially considering the very poor quality, but that's to be expected in a movie theatre. Despites being a major theatre brand, the variety of movies playing unconvenient playing is quite disappointing at times and has lead me on many occasions to select a different theatre to view the movie I wished to watch.

Paranoid Mexican

Has the latest French and English blockbuster movies

pablo emilio castiblanco

Access not easy. Construction, reparation.

Kim Nethersole

Good place to see a movie, good spacious seats...

Montreal Uber Driver

Good price only 5 cad the ticket and clean

Nicolas Nick

Good. 5$ parking and long line up.

Felilesio Theriault

Seats are eh, but other than that it's as good as any other cinema!! Big too. 5 stars.

Mike Jo

Good choice of movies but price is just ok

zoey honey

Ratchet but perfect

Alexandre Tenta

Good food, arcades, 17 cinema rooms.

Delph A.

The only cinema I go too. Comfortable, reasonable prices Nd always a good movie selection

Jean Levesque

Very nice

Luis Caisse

Dear moments to share in family or friends

Patrick Julien

Really nice but wish parking was fully free


theater is cool but i didnt win that rainbow garfield plushie i wanted. plus they have a wonky arcade system. also like all of their movies are in french (which is u kno....ok, but im not abt that dub life bbey)

Jean-Pierre Godbout

Although the decor seems like it's stuck in 2001, the cinema is generally clean and the staff is friendly. Of course, you may want to remortgage your home if you're bringing the whole family for an evening as the price for concessions is ridiculously high. But then again that might explain the rise of home streaming services ... All in all, for a move going experience, it's ok. Take the metro and on-street parking available, but not always.

Jonathan Registre

Is going great for me

test 1

Clean and good

Floren Andrades

Good place and good food. Bonne ambiance

Ali Mac

Nice place. Real big and huge

Normand Tellier

New arcade, great movies, tasty food, and comprehensive staff, a must go for having fun! ( a machine had broke and stole us 6$ but the manager gave me back all the 6$ )

Michel Chevrier

Nice place with arcade to help you wait for movie

Shefali Wykes


Jen Jen

John Buckmaster

It's a Cineplex.

Jean-Olivier Gagnon

Nicely designed theater but getting a little old. Some broken seats in the projection rooms and the food selection leaves to be desired (especially at those prices). Nice venue next to the Olympic Stadium though :-)

Linda Charbonneau

Super cinema. Nothing bad to report.

Catherine Boutin

Dated movie theater with disgusting bathrooms. Bathroom is dark and you have to go in near complete darkness, which is probably preferable as they are FILTHY. You'll find cleaner facilities at the gas station across the street. Will not go back for that fact alone.

Stephanie Ayotte

Was great

Oliveira Rui

Very good location and good times I spend there with couple movies I had watched. But one thing .. they should definitely put better machines to play if you wanna have some fun before or after the movie .. other than that, it's a good Cinema


It's ok if you don't mind 3D movies being forced on you.

Elizabeth Martinez

I feel like people in this movie theater talk way more during the movies than other places

Laurent S

Cheaper theater than the others and their seating is always comfy. Rarely are the rooms overcrowded. Street parking is always tricky tho, but when in a rush there is always the indoor parking which is a nice perk!

Laurent Paquin

Very nice I like

ismael zouhair

This place used to be amazing when I was younger and now it features 500 movies in french and only a few English representations.

Luc Poirier

Good cinema. Sometimes the lineup are huge and slow, so arrive early.

saint louis darwinson r.

Best place to watch movies

Steefan Raveenthiran

Good movie theatre, the entrance gets a little crowded on big movie nights, seats are comfortable and spacious

Tina Santoianni

Went twice...parking lot advertises 5$ but machine to pay doesn’t I’ve paid 25$ to park twice...lesson learned...won’t go back

Frédéric Marquis

Close to the subway makes it easy access. Prices are regular for Starcity cinemas, about12$ regular and 15$ for 3D.

Dava Bergeron

The theater experience keeps on deteriorating.... I don't think the food qualifies as food anymore :-/

emmanuel hunter

That's a good place to relax

Steve Daigneault

Been coming here since 2001. English and french movies which is good

Brian Fisher

Nice cinema. Shows are generally francophone with the few exceptions here and there. Arcade is cool.

Richard Bourassa

I had to sit in the front which would not be a problem if the seats in that row weren't so terrible.

mike b

Going to the movies is already expensive and now you have to pay parking . When you go watch a movie in the avx room you have to reserve your seats in advance it is not first there first served not my best movie experience

Cong Lu

The selection of movies seems fine - action, romantic, family movies can all be found here. But if you want to watch some Hollywood movies in their original version, your better bet would be Forum or Scotiabank. But the parking is more convenient here - quite a few free parking spots just across the street in the residential hood.

John Evans

Would enjoy my times at the movies even more if they wouldn't force me to watch a French movie if I go there and wouldn't smell like old popcorn

Mauricio Tamayo

Cheap easy parking, nice food options (being a cinema)

Joe Dirt

Not bad, if you like 3D & french movies shoved down your throat.. More english movies couldn't hurt...

Kelvin Yeng

Decent movie selection and good overall screen quality, but ladies and gentlemen... stay away from the restrooms. You've been warned.

Mikaël Morin Leblanc

Great cinema with nice seating. Has some self-serve ticket vending machine. Food is costly as with any cinema.

Trebor Trahkcol

Good cinema and a great atmosphere to watch movies in English and French , very polite staff , my only problem was hard to find parking.

Guillaume Trempe

Good cinema screen and sound but good is awful

Bassem Harb

Nice place to watch movies. The only inconvenience is to find a parking. There is parking lot but too expensive. So you prefer to find a place on the road. Which is not easy!!

Jess S

My go-to cinéma, even when I'm across the city. I'd rather travel twice the distance and time to get there and enjoy a movie in quality seats and sound than any other theatres in the city. French being the predominant language of this place, the English options are still good. As of lately though, they have been having a lot of issues with screens not projecting until the movie is just about to start, skipping all the games. Speaking of games, they lowered the scene point rewards so much it's now pointless to play at all, though this affects any cinemas using scene and timeplay/powerplay. Despite the small issues, still 4 stars for the overall quality.

Tom Daniels

There is no way to tell if movies are in either french or english online. Both times i tried to watch spiderman far from home, it was only available in french.

That Strong Blade

Ofcourse is one of the greatest place to bring friends and foes

lenique domeaca

The best place to watch a movie!

Jason Ngo

Really like this cinema because of it’s location, it’s big and it’s near a metro station which is great but it’s movie selection is pretty limited compared to the Scotiabank cinema in downtown which is why I stopped going there and another reason is that there are movies that are not in English but only in french.. It is a good cinema to go though if you live close by.

Russian Lxrd

Cool film

Olivier Parenteau

Used the ATM to buy my tickets... No issues there. The concession stand's food was adequate in terms of quality. Quick service. Had the usual Cheese Nachos and Popcorn. Staff was courteous and helpful. The place could have been cleaner though. No free parking unless you park in the street.

Mike Seara

Lots of people during Christmas break. Movies got sold out quickly..

Andrée-Anne Lorrain

Parking sucks. They give you a coupon for a rebate on the parking fee (which is 18$ now...) otherwise its a normal movie theater.

Yannick Grégoire

Nice cinema with amazing seats

adlai Medastin

My favorite place

Ian Tattersfield

Good mix of concessions, comfy seats, good eng/fr options

Gabriel Hache

Nice comfy movie theater

scargot P

The theater is clean the sound was perfect and the movie amazing. Dragons

Sarhagine Deslouches

Over the years, the prices of food increased while the quality decreases. Moreover, less options are offered for food. It used to be a nice place. Not always clean. The staff offers a normal service. Bathroom are not always clean. Movies are well displayed

Pierre-Olivier Gagnon


Valérie Desjardins

It's a good place to go see a movie. I been there at least 10 times and its always clean. the service is quick and good. you can watch all movies in french and 1 or 2 big movie in English. it's nice to have both choice in the same place.

Julia Kushnir

Great experience. Love Aladdin...

Zenab Armand

This place is nice the seats are larger than other locations and you have more space. Its right by the metro so you don't need to drive and now you can just get your tickets scanned on your phone no more line ups. Saw The Nun midweek so it was like the whole theatre was mine. Will come again.

Macamo Bula

Great vibr

Cora Stanton

Great location. You can go to the movies after spending the day at the biosphere

dann james

This place is the worst please place to go watch a movie everything is wayyy over priced and plus you have to pay for parking ............


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