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Carrefour Angrignon, 7077 Boulevard Newman, LaSalle, QC H8N 1X1, Canada Located in: Carrefour Angrignon

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REVIEWS OF Cinéma Famous Players IN Vermont

Angela Reily

I was surprised by how small the screen was. Not really worth the money. Just go to Scotiabank theater to watch the movie. You'll get more band for your buck

tre m

Old school theater with a vintage feel. They have a good selection of films, but compared to other cineplex locations, the screens are smaller and the sound quality is sub-average.

Francis O

Really hard to suggest this cinema. Bad accoustics and old equipements. Is due for a makeover

katrina Adams

It's was awful, no where to put your drinks, it's was very very dirty, I force myself to stay just for the kids and it cost me more then Guzzo .

Henta Tenta

In my opinion, they really need to renovate their rooms and change the seats. Sometimes, the audio is too low. But besides that, it's a generic small cinema in a plaza.


The snack bar is verry pricey

justin mcleod

Had a good time watching bumblebee movie an the service here before the movie was fast an friendly

David Buttle

It should be better updated

Danny A. Ignacio

Where to begin... Small screenS, horrible sitting, bad picture/sound quality, no Time Play!! , way too expensive for this theater and also... No refill for soda or popcorn! least but not last... staff is very indifferent, including the manager!

Laurie Savard

This is an old movie theater. There's about 15 rows of seats, no time play game, a small screen and old seats. Not at all state of the art. But there's not as much people and for big movies, it's easier to go without a jammed packed theater.

Flossy Beats

Everything about this place smells. My drink was flat and the pop corn smelled..... odd. Walking to the theatre the hallway carpets smelled like mold, when I sat down in my seat all I could smell was stale sweat. I don’t go to movies very often so it sucked to have this evening ruined by such substandard cleanliness.

patrick kaczorowski

Overall good seat and screen would need some updating

Rick Cantwell

Clean and staff extremely polite. Loved it.

Jason Mackey

Can do with some better seats

Name change Chad

This place is a dump and retardedly overpriced. Chairs are as greasy as the floor, poor management.

Jean-Philippe Moisan

They show good movie

Random Person

Very dirty, gums on half the seats. Sugar and popcorn and the other half... Seat where so dirty it gave the back of my neck a rash... Screens are soo small... You can hear the movie playing in the other rooms. This cinema is dated and should charge less for the poor quality

Andre L

Big screen good seats great sound

Tyler Wylie

Really nice small theater, a blast from the past as the decor has not changed since the 80s -90s

dev boit

Not that exciting


Like it, nice staff most of the time. Sometimes not so great.

Gracie Tosi

We will not go back. The theatre is old, dated, and the seats are uncomfortable and dingy. They keep the volume down until the movie starts, you can’t even hear the previews for upcoming movies. I’d give it less than a one star if I could.

cecilia giampaolo

Dirty and uncomfortable

Justyn Mcbrien

Friendly staff, clean, comfortable and air conditioning.

Missy Roy

Comfortable Large screen Clear audio Tuesdays are great deals

Shannon Laforce

Watch out now searches bags! Horrible exprience!


Very friendly service and good theatres. It's not as new as some places but the seats are very comfortable and the height of the seats is adequate to see the screen clearly, even with people sitting in front of you. Free parking is great, using the shopping center's lot at Carrefour Angrignon.

Vipul Chauhan

fun place

Ricardo Trejo

Good prices, old cinéma needs renovations

Geh Ewan

Customer service is degrading. No smiles nor approachable attitude. The employees just want to do their job and get rid of you, except one nice lady. That is the impression they gave us. This is not a single experience. We were more than 5 to have the same service. I had a talk but all I got is excuse and not a solution.

Philippe Thibeault

Go there every week with my girlfriend and it's always a good experience.

Colin Pu

Worst service, small sites,worst experience I had, never come again

kaixiang wang

Workers gave a very bad service, very bad experience, never watch a movie here again

Mario Cappella

Completely dislike this place and its for one reason only, THE SEATS!. Can't make it thru one movie without having my ass in pain or my legs because of such little leg room. The number of people i know that refuse to go to this cinema because of the seats that live in Lasalle its ridiculous! This place would get alot more revenue if it did some renovations! How many times do i hear " Oh no way movies at anrginon, i rather drive downtown or to the west island then sit in those horrible seats". This is a very known fact about this cinema with the Lasalle community! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! ITS FOR YOUR BENEFITS!

Sab GK

Watching a movie from a laptop screen, while sitting on the couch the neighbours trashed last week would probably feel the same

Spooky Ice

Seating was okay, food was great, vision was good but sound was just WAY too loud.

Nicolas Bedard

Very nice staff, the rooms themselves in dire need of an update.

Mathieu Dufresne

This an old theater. Screen are a bit worn off , no enormous screens, good old fashion classic theater without all the fuss.

Louis Marchand


Tropical Divine

Old school theatre. French and English options. Clean.

Peter Deer

I seen 5 movies here. Nice staff

Shawn Hicks

Love the big screens. Also a quiet theater not loaded with people like some other theatres

Gabriel Antenucci

Classic staple of Lasalle, this theatre has been tried and tested and still after 20+ years serves up great popcorn.

mr. nihilz

Saturday night. 9pm. 1 cash open. Solid.


This one is really clean lol

Felipe Perez

This is an old movie theater and the individual theaters need a facelift. Screens are relatively small but it's never crowded so you get plenty of space. They offer movies in French and English so the selection is not diverse but it's good that they have both languages. For having the same price as the Colisée Kirkland and the Scotiabank theater downtown, it is not the same quality. However, it's easy to find and the staff is nice.

Marcus Saylor

Friendly service, but it really needs a good refurbishing.

D Morton

I've been here a few times and in comparison to other theatres it is average. What is good however is that the location is convenient, parking is easy to find. I can usually show up 10 - 15 minutes before the movie begins get my ticket, buy my snacks and get to the movie before it begins. I have no complaints about this cinema but nothing outstanding to give it credit for either.

Dawn Herman

quick efficient and good options

Patrick Cross

The girl at the concession stand either did not hear me when I only wanted one drink from a 2 drink combo as I was alone...nor the no ice that I asked and had no carrying trays....might be a good idea to stock up for the weekend no??

hebert daniel

I wish they were better equipped for the hearing impaired

Geta Hailu

It's a nice place for watching movies

Zoir Radjabov

Very good place for kids!

Silvia Nuñez

The chairs are not confortable and one of them was broke

Adeola Adefuye

Theater is centralized in mall, clean theater and washrooms, , great service, understanding staff and management.

Therese N. White

In Angrignon Mall Fantastic customer services all around. Upgraded is needed with the theater seats very uncomfortable

Monique Thompson

Comfortable and good service!

Shashank Srikanta

The seats are semi comfortable and the maintenance is decent. The movie experience is good, with the audio and video not being too piercing. Would go again.

Van Z.

Too crowded... staff is amazing and food was good

pasquale di rienzo

Price is growing too much

Ziad Boulos

Too old needs a update and the screen had lines in it.

Karl Blanchet

Horrible seat, small screen, bad sound and it smells weird.

Dane Hammer

Ticket prices are a bit high for the state of the theater. Seats are not well maintained.

Kim Hayes

Dated and really needs repairs to the seats, but it plays the current movies and is comfortable enough.


we need somethingBIG, big screen....imax 2019 lol...

melissa brown

The seating is not stadium style so if someone tall sits in front of you, you will not be able to see anything. The theaters are often not very clean.


Ugly, old and super cold inside the theaters.

Winnie Izzard

Movie theater was clean and people were curtious

Steve Garner

If you like sticky floors, this is the place for you.

Roxanne Duhaut Goudreau

Had an issue with a coupon for free tickets, it got solved super fast, excellent customer service!

Renato Oliveira

I've been going here since I was a kid. I can't even tell if this place has changed at all. I can tell you that right now the seats are old, the floors are breaking apart. It's like watching a movie in the middle of boulevard Pie-IX. Really. I only go here as a last resort.


Staff are very friendly and nice, but the night manager is very rude. I was stading in line to get my popcorn and while the cashier was serving me he told her to do something, but in an intimidating way in front of everyone and when she asked a question he responded kind insulting her intelligence. I felt bad for her she seemed embarrassed. As a manager he should have a different approach towards his staff especially in front of clients of not all the time.

Navin Jawanda

Doesn't always have the best selection of movies

Jennifer Holmes

Chairs are not very comfortable.

Troy Tagg

I would give a higher rating of they would update this place. The service is good but, they need bigger screens and better seating space-wise and for comfort.

Five Stars

Nice place. U can buy your ticket electronically or at the counter.

Alex Di Monaco

A cute gentleman by the name of Joseph gave me amazing service. His cute little smile and mesmerizing eyelashes made me feel like a young girl again. I will gladly return to this cinema just so I can be near his big strong arms again. Forever yours, Esmeralda

Scott Smith

Uncomfortable seats and screen had bad burn in (hall 8).

Viviane Bonneau

Very nice for uncrowded movies. Comfortable seats

Jovette Whiteman

Very good nice cinema

sheila B P

One of the worst cineplex,It stinks,so disgusting and dirty,the floor is sticky.definitely will not advise to go to this cineplex

Claudio A.

This place was state of the art when the movie Twister was in theaters. Since then it one of two options in LaSalle otherwise it's downtown. If you can go downtown, you'll get more food selection, bigger screens and better sound.

ilove montreal

It is is a nice place for family to have a kids movie or for couple to go out have some fun we went to see a movie but the cinema was super hot and warm , we complain , the employees said the system is to old need time to cool down the place it was cinema Nomber 7 We didn’t enjoy much the movie not because the movie was bad , the movie was super cool but it was hot inside the movie theatre was not comply , never do it again in a hot day, very bad when you pay a full price to see a movie, they should give us a free pass.

J Philip

Not the best venue for movie quality


Worst theater in Montreal How does this even exist?

Samuel Fauteux

TL;DR I would not recommend this cinema. below average cinemas but horribly indifferent staff. We were greeted by staff socializing to the point where they had closed the front till to chat more. The young lady reopened after sharing she wasn't supposed to have closed it. Then I stood at the snack booth for 5 minutes while all the staff chatted in the backroom. Someone noticed me on their way out of the conversation. He shouted someone's waiting. I tried to greet her with a joke (got any stale popcorn you're throwing out or just selling it? :D) answers "no" then walks away. Stares at me from about 15 feet away sucking and smacking a lollipop. I then asked ”how much is a medium popcorn?” she picked up a bag and proceeded to fill it. I interjected to say I did not order one, i just want to know how much? She stared at me and barely removed her lollipop and said $7.50. I told her i would not be buying any snacks. Her attitude was dismal, and indifferent. The cinemas are older. I was dissapointed with the appearance but it didn't distract from the movie once it started. I will also not attend this Cineplex ever again and reccomend you do not either.

Brian Gomes

Better experience at the others. I hope they will soon change the seats like the other cineplex.

Jamie Benoit

Cost more for food them to get in

Olivier Bontemps

Must raise the standard as other cineplex. Lasalle cineplex also has low standard compared to others.

Georgina Guerrero

A very long opinion: It was my first time in a movie theater in Canada, and it was very different from my country and the last country I lived in. I've liked it so far besides these differences such as the seats are not numbered so you cannot choose your desirable seat. Another is the theater is not new, so the seats arrangement is not stadium layout, so it is not easy for kids or very short people like me to see if you are sit behind of a very tall person (or with a hat). Anyway you can move, if there are seats available, and you can use the special boost for the kids. And my last impression was that people are friendly and kind. However there was a guy who showed up at the end of the movie (we always stay until the last line of the credits), and he kindly asked us to leave because there was no extra ending. That was weird for us! (We stayed anyway). Maybe it was just this movie theater because I haven't been in any other theater, and it was a regular presentation. Anyway that was my first experience in this movie theater, and we are here to check in other theaters and presentations.


Way overpriced


Nice place

Swiss Pirxte

Verry nice

Kevin Smale

Nice staff, that's it really. The bathrooms are often broken, the theater seats are often broken, ripped, or dirty, and the theater as a whole feels like it hasn't been renovated since the mid-90s.

Alexie LeBreux

Cheap price for the tickets but the screen is really small and the sound system is "meh". The seats are not comfortable at all.

alireza ziarizi

,good services the cinema is cleaning but if you go late night (after11h) the service is not at his best


Pretty old and run down, but sound and picture were fine.

Bander Kutbi

Flat area (hard to see the screen). Old old chairs with a musty smell. Went once and will not get back there again.

Jean-Francois Murphy Filiatrault

It's a good place to watch a movie without a crowd


they dont have the best selection

Rob Ribot

Ok cinema ,but the hall did smell like urine

Cecilia Xie

Extremely ghetto. Old seats, small screen, seats leveled in a way that you can't see the bottom of the screen.

Niven Comilang

Sure is better than the cinema in carrefour angrignon

don ridley

In desperate need of repairs

Lorena GS

It’s old but not crowded. I like it.

just another single mom



PRO: Large parking space CON: Small cinema screens

Mustapha Laghzaoui

Ok movie theater.. needs some renovations

Johnny Evangelista

Great location. Been going here for years!

Valentin Backofen

Seats are terrible, sounds and screens leave a lot to be desired. But perfectly fine for a shopping center cinema. Location's King so it dies the job just fine in a busy family life

Domingo Amarillo-Brillantes

It's dated, it requires renovation and upgrades.

Michael Brown

Screens and rooms are quite small. Insonorisation isn't great, I could hear explosions and rumbling from the screen next door. Will most likely not return, not worth the ticket price

Joelle Cout

Always clean, comfy seats, lots of different movies in english!

Marc Bouffard

Probably the worst theater in Montreal. Short staffed. Bad screens. If it wasn't so convenient it would likely be closed.

Marius Pudzan

This place needs badly a good renovation. Very old installations. Seats are not comfortable. Staff was very friendly.

John Kavaney

Terrible cinema, old and uncomfortable. We had been bought a coupon for two tickets 1 popcorn and two drinks. Through the show the movie lost picture twice and then the power went out. Went back and they gave us free tickets but refused to reimburse us for the popcorn and drinks. Manager Elizabeth very unprofessional and unhelpful in the scenario. Not going to be returning any time soon!

Ivaylo Madzharov

If I had to use 3 words to describe this theater, I would probably choose Old, Small and Nasty.

Tyler Lichacz- Collins

It's not the best cimima I been to but it is good enough


Screen is super small

Nelson Cabral

Starting to feel a tad aged


The people working here are usually friendly. The bathrooms are the cleanest I’ve seen at any theatre. The seats are small and uncomfortable and the floors in the theatres are always quite sticky. They don’t always put the right movie poster with the theatre it’s being shown in so it can be confusing at first glance. Standard price for tickets and food but the drink sizes run smaller than other theatres.

P. S. Dupont

It's pretty awesome to have the options to watch the movies in French or in English. They always have the latest movies. The rooms are pretty big in generally clean. The stuff is pretty pleasant. There is a self serve where you can buy your ticket to accelerate the entry. There is generally not a waiting line maybe a couple of people before you but that's it. So overall it's a great place do visit to go for a movie. and if you are in a tight budget but yet would like to go watch a movie Tuesday night or generally cheaper you can end up being half the price of the regular price! There is a snack bar where you can buy popcorn and hot dogs etc. Their policy is that no food is allowed. So enjoy and have a great time!

Xavier Langevin

Honnestly a good place to go catch a movie ! Only weak side are the seats that are a bit rough on the butt.

María José Daza

Overall a pleasant experience

Sara X

Small screen. Old place. You better go somewhere else if you have the option...

Yuan Fang

Watched the movie QUIET PLACE today. The seat was ok! The movie was a little bit short. Anyway, still spent a good time.

Dr Stutt

It's dirty and has old broken seats.

Alex Serfaty

Often understaffed and dirty. The staff there is usually nice though.

Enoch W

Old seats, disgusting floors!

Bruno Abu Hanna

Clean. But needs remodeling and modernization!

Maxim Beiline

Lovely place

I R12

Very worn down movie theater... Horrible seats, smells like mold. Sound since 10 minutes before but no picture- went to inquire and was told to wait 10 more minutes - it's already 15 minutes and still no picture only the sound... Not able to watch previews :(

Carole McKee

Staff was polite and efficient. The theater was clean as was the washroom.

Antoine Gaudreau Simard

A renovation is greatly needed at this theater. Most cineplex(es) are comfortable and clean, this one is generally the opposite. I usually end up driving to the south shore or west island to see a movie instead of coming here.

Erica Mallat

Highly dated old seats, a bit musty but nice sized rooms for seeing older films. Service here is amazing and friendly and the concession is fresh and tasty. Expensive, but all chains are. Wish they’d update seating and sound but it does the trick!!

Mathieu Despatis

Older cinema, but ok for kid's movie!

Davide Ventrone

Small but very clean

Carin R

Good selection of movies

Damiano Minuto

Theater is a little dated and surfaces are showing their age. Bought tickets online ahead of time and after waiting and trying at a kioske to print my tickets, it didn't work. So waited in line at the counter only to be told to just proceed straight to the theater entrance booth. Some clearer indications would have avoided lots of wasted time. Minus 1 star.

Ludovic Bouchard

ON EST TRES MAL ASSIS . HARD FOR BACK BONE sit move side to side and make lots noise not much costumer no SERVICES at all you wait 10 minutes with 2 peoples in front of you for soft drink???????????

Alexandre Masse

Why do you put a phone number and it's only a robot speaking. There's no option to speak with a human and ask questions that is not answered by the robot. Bad service, not enough french movie.

Leo Arseneault

No problems but the popcorn could be a lil better

Funky Filter

Good movie !

Kurtis Edwards

A little run down, one of the speakers was crackling during the movie I saw.

The Dude

A nice quiet theater to catch the latest movies in the Lasalle area. Not the most up to date but still decently clean and a friendly staff makes it a good experience.

Powell Martinez

Movies selection good, seat pretty uncomfortable.

fernando defino

Movies are overpriced now

David Richer-Brule

Love going to the movies. Just wish they update their seats every few years to keep em comfy.

Slinkydink Media

Good selection of films.


If you're looking for a sparkling clean, modern and popular cinema I'd recommend downtown. This cinema is not that. It has a few things going for it though. It's a lot quieter, the location is great (at a mall too) and it shows a lot of non 3D showings (for those of us who don't like 3D). I always go very late at night, usually the last showing and it's lovely and quiet and peaceful. The seats are quite small and could use an upgrade, but overall the benefits, for me, beat out the negatives. I go downtown when I want a big cinema experience and here when I want a quiet, non-3D experience in a non-packed theatre.

Jason Arthur

Great theatre. Excellent seats. No way anyone will block your view. I would give 5 stars but the amount of ads they show before a movie is quite extreme. With the profit from these ads they should at least be able to provide reasonably priced Coke and popcorn.

Renee Taylor

Comfortable chairs easy access

Mathias Paris

Mediocre cinema experience. It's nothing fancy but they convenient movie times.

Ron Russell

Seats are old uncomfortable, sounds too loud.

Zachary Jutras

Insane food prices, but that's every theatre these days.

Wayne McAllister

Did not go

Beatrice O'Donnell

Like it there very much. Friendly staff, always clean


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