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9350 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B3, Canada Located in: Quartier DIX30

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You will see all the information of people who consume the services and products of Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Brossard et VIP (Movie Theater) near to the state of Vermont.

At the present the business has a score of 4.3 out of 5 and this score is based on 3213 reviews.

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Where is Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Brossard et VIP?

REVIEWS OF Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Brossard et VIP IN Vermont

Janne Willis

Good movie theatre, large choice of food, even a Tim Hortons. Big parking but arrive a little early on Fridays and Saturdays.

Andreea Rosu

Clean toilets, and believe me it is a plus as cinema's are very crowded places. I dont get the food ordering as it can be bothersome when your neighbor orders a bunch of drinks and food during the movie...but overall it is a nice experience.

Olga Karpenko

Nice cinema with a video games area for children and adults


Watched the endgame it was great.

Anton K_K

3$ early Saturday mornings. Great sound cinema and good inside activities.

Bernardo Maldonado

All good

Arthur Morgan

Great place to bring the kids and watch movies

Rommel Serrato

As my first experience at the VIP theater, I thought my money was worth as much as a regular cineplex theater. Pro Tip: if you don’t want to be one of the last ones to get your order taken when seated at the theater, you can order straight by the bar so that you don’t have to be the last one when lights go dark. The food was not worth it at all. Big prices, small portions, slow service. I love going to the movies, I just don’t think the VIP experience is worth the extra effort.

Haha MTL

Watched Toys 4 there yesterday, lots of fun. It is a good cinema, with easy parking.

irisdee irisdee

Great place for a girls day date. Awesome 8 year old fun.

Akian Chainey-Raymond

Great place! The seats are comfortable and the sound is perfect. Only real issue with this place is the weird layout that leaves you confused if you don't go often. A plus is also the fact that it's fairly cheap compared to other widely popular cinemas

Daphne Min

Service no good

Charles-Olivier Sylvestre

VIP experience, maybe a little too much though

Ashley Lawson

Love the choices of food. Very very clean!

Francois-Xavier Caron

Great place, the prices may look kinda steep, but it filters unwanted audience members that could be disturbing.

Carlos Giribaldo

Also good for families with young kids and babies on Wednesdays. They even supply diapers and a table to change them at the front. Perfect for parents in need of some time together without having to find somebody to take care of the baby.

Sylwia Ewa Elsodany

Good choice of movies. Sometimes there you can find one where is nowhere played yet. Lots of screen rooms and parking lot, as well as gaming machines. Nice area to visit after cinema. You can walk and take a cup of coffee or a meal.

Kristan Allaire

Arrived 20min early and enjoyed a cocktail at the bar. We looked at the menu and preordered the food to our reserved seats in the theater. Finished the cocktail and found our seats. We recieved our food before the movie started. Great dinner and a movie experience.

Carolyne Saj

Clean, proper, great place! I would go there more often if more English version movies were available!

Super Charged

very clean cinema. much cleaner and better than guzzo. little more pricey but enjoy your outing instead of saving a few bucks

Marie Pierre Stansens

Great variety of films but perhaps too many translations of original films, for my taste. Prefer to watch movies in their original version. Ample parking. Great snack bar, etc.

Robert Chagnon

The perfect place for entertainement

Jos Verlinden

Nice place. Expansive drinks and food.

Martin Lariviere

I love this movie theater. The service is great. The actual movie theater are very well maintained. Good food and not just the popcorn. They also have individual bathrooms. Once you experience this type of service you will never want to have any other.

Dwayne Joseph

Great choices of food n cocktails.

michel bouchard

Expensive but worth it

Brian A. Williams

The movie was great and the staff was nice but the theater floor was sticky af thanks to someone's split beer from an earlier movie.

GaMeNe99A BlackMage

Classy, roomy, table service, front row is full electric lazy boys, all other chairs are rocking chairs with little table for the "verre de vin", individual bathroom etc, this is the V.I.P. part =/= normal odeon


They even have a vip movie theather

Flavia Onel

A bit pricey but u get amazingly comfy chairs,great food u can order from your chair while waiting for the movie!

Julie Eccles

I like this place! Clean, and the line ups at the food counter are not long compared to other places

Kenny Sousa


Bernardete Siqueira

I just went to the Cineplex complex, DIX30, and it's ok, comfortable chairs, great sound what makes the experience much better! And you have the possibility to watch the film in French or in English! That is really great!

Fernanda Lueiza

The place is big, I bought my tickets with the self service they have available, super quick. But I found the pop-corns and menu in general excessively expensive.

Mathieu Chartrand

Abysmal service coupled with insulting prices...

Guillaume Pilon

Place is clean But food is nasty and so overpriced

Francois Charette

Good number of screens, the VIP section is best for adults, not only does it save you having to deal with kids during certain films but the seats are way more spacious and comfortable.

Claudia Velez

Good size of the salon, great sound, very comfortable seats, movies are in English and French options,

Alain Ayache

Best place to go out with kids on a very cold night

Marcus Saylor

Very nice and clean theatre, but they really need more parking in the area. VIP theatre is a very nice experience if you're willing to pay for it.

Minh N

It's over a year now and they didn't care to replace the defective projector in Showroom 16! I went to see "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" yesterday and the projector is so poor i.e. the whole movie is dark like watching with brightness set at 10%. My eyes hurt so bad after the movie. After the movie I met another family that noticed the same thing. We complained to the floor manager and he gave us free tickets for next time! I honestly don't care about the free tickets. The whole thing ruined the movie experience. The same problem happened last time I went there to see Thor Ragnarok which is like a year ago in same showroom. At that time, I did complain to the floor manager and it seems they didn't do anything since. The floor manager did confirm to me the projector is very expensive to replace so as long as the cost of giving out free tickets is negligible it might stay that way for awhile...WOW! I think I'll avoid going to this theater next time. I don't want to end up on showroom 16 again!

Serge Roy

Nice theater but realy hatd to park

Alanna Albert

An amazing experience. Little difficult to park. It seems like the parking lot is not large enough for full theater. Have a great time. Best way to see a movie.

Karina Gauthier

Best place on the south shore to watch movies in english

benoit Rousseau

Food is a bit pricey for the quantity but its good and a nice place.

Michael Fenton

Been to this place 5 times during basic it's super nice

Samer Haidar

Lovely experience if you like your food served to you while you are watching

Ranna Sangani

Never staffed right on big opening days or busy days . Always long line ups when purchasing tickets or food. Apparently, Management is aware of this but hasnt done much to improve the situation as per my numerous visits.

Khavazh Dudayev

Very good cinema good popcorn they have IMAX wich is nice and it's a good premium cinema

Glen Mac

First time going and I loved it. It's expensive for what it is but at least you don't get the normal riff Raff when you watch the movie. Seats are large and comfortable, the ones in the first row recline but I don't suggest sitting there. You have a private lounge where you can eat and order drinks. You can also order drinks and food to your chair before the movie starts. Single stall private bathrooms as well, don't find it necessary but it's a nice touch. 18 and over so no kids. Check it out if you want to view a movie in luxury.

Janet Symmers

Had a VIP movie night there ..different and a great time !

David Leclerc

God I love that place... And BEER !!!!!

Kemar Spence

I went to go see the new Avengers , 11 PM time. There was barely anyone in my theater so my friend and i sat comfortable. Unfortunately my wallet with all my information and documents were in there. Mind i tell you that I'm not from this country so its really difficult to retrieve personal identification overseas and i have a flight booked in a couple of week. Went back to the theater and to my location and i couldn't find my wallet to no avail . I was sitting in the far back seats in the top corner in theater 11. The manager and i looked on the security camera and you could clearly see me pull out my wallet and pay for the ticket. Now i'm stuck and making a million phone calls. Worse movie experience ever second time i lost my wallet , first was the Fort Mcmurray wildfire and now this , talk about life ehh !!


My favorite spot for movies. Except for food. Took nachos for the first time...and ot was the last. Chips were kinda greasy, like if instead of heating them in an oven they has put them in the fryer. The cheese was under the chips in big chunks. Homemade guacamole was good... Hubby took a ceasar salad. Good even if not enough dressing... Note to self...go eat in a restaurant before the movie... But will definitely go back for movies there. Seats are comfy. You have room. Not cold either inside. Toilets are super clean. A very good movie experience.

Ralph Jean

Went for the 1st time to the VIP experience to see Avengers Endgame. The vip concept is great, the execution not so. The lounge once you enter is nice and well set. The private bathroom however were all somewhat dirty, trash can overfilled, floor dirty etc. The seats are really not comfortable, too stiff, too straight, heard it was better before, but now I’ve seen normal cinemas with better seatings. Now the main reason you come to the vip is for the food & drinks delivery service. The service was alright, the drinks were good, the food was bad. Everything we order was not hot, not fresh, felt like eating leftovers reheated, big disappointment on that part. For two, with tix & all we spent just shy of 150$, for that price you’d expect way better. Might give it a 2nd try for the concept and see if I just came on a bad day.

Robson Braga

Very good entertainment place. We watched Captain Marvel and Avengers End Game. Just awesome!

Fabricio de Vasconcellos Baessa Antonio

Really good experience for kids

Mariano Lando

Best movie place

Julie Audrey Provencher

Great location in Quebec province to see a movie in English. I'm born and raise in Quebec and speak French, but my boyfriend is from Alberta and only speak in English. With this location we could enjoy a movie together when we visit my family in Quebec.

Neville Christina

People sitting behind me were kicking the seats throughout the movie. I moved over 2 seats and they talked loudly to each other throughout the entire movie. Staff told me go get an employee next time... not happy and never going back.

Marco Marone

The only VIP Cinema in the Montreal area so far. Clean and quiet cinema that is ideal for a cute date. This 18+ section gives you access to alcoholic drinks and food option that go beyond pop corn and nachos. Tickets have a pretty steep price tag of $25 per ticket. I was a disappointed that the changed the sofa / loveseat style chairs. The new chairs are stiff and the back support is too straight.

Eric Labrecque

The 2 stars comes from the manager. He is not accommodating and does not try to give the best service. Cineplex Odeon should give management courses to their manager. Otherwise, there's a lot of rooms and parking. Food is good and the place is clean.

Matt MMM

So I ordered a drink and waited an hour. Went out to see what happened and the Margarita was sitting in a pitcher on the bar in the pitcher. It was suppose to be in a glass. The bartender was fully aware it was there, never sent it and offered it to me as seen in the picture. I requested and refund and had to wait ten minutes for the manager. So my drink and my film were ruined. They didn't offer any other compensation. $24 bucks for the drink and 24$ for a film. Not worth it especially at this location under such poor management. Never coming back.

Shannon Adams

VIP side is not what it used to be. We got cold and burnt food last two times we went. We had to pay for the replacement food. Not to mention the price increase on the menu. I went to the snack counter to get chocolate. The employees were talking in the back. They gazed at me then moved out of my sight to continu their conversation leaving me to wait. We will not be returning to the VIP section.

scott king

cancelled advertised family favourites for 3$ and replaced with full fare movie. no apologies from staff. very disappointed family who wont be returning there and strongly considering boycotting cineplex.

Anne Masson-Cassista

Pricey, but gives you a great experience. You can pre order the tickets and dont need to wait in lines. You can eat and drink more than just popcorn while watching a great or not-so-great movie. To try at least once in a lifetime

Jane Doe

Best place to watch a movie! VIP all the way!

Shennel LJ

I love going to see movies here. The VIP experience is amazing. Being able to order your food to your seat is amazing! The individual bathrooms are kept very clean. The fact that you can combine A great movie with a martini and a medium popcorn at the same time is fantastic as well! After you’ve had the VIP experience, I do not know why you would ever go to a regular theatre again. The seats are kept very clean and are very spacious. There are no sticky unidentified substances on the ground of the theater and the customer service is great too.

Omar Quintero

Big screen, great sound

Charles Tawa

Great movie complex. Movies can found in either French or English. Had walked into the theater room but the clean up crew had not gone through yet ( man can people be real pigs ... clean up after yourselves). The clean up crew did a rather good job given they had less time than expected. Bravo!

Cindy Marcone

The VIP is completely worth the price. You have a comfortable amount of space and the service for food/drinks is so fun. It’s definitely a little of a pricey date but such a nice experience.

tracy limon

Food keeps coming once the movie starts. Seats comfortable but needs a upgrade

Annabelle Sammy

We always have a great experience here. If I'm going to an "adult" movie (instead of one with my kids), the VIP is always the way to go! It's usually clean, friendly staff, and lots of options for snacks and food. There is even a Tim hortons in the cinema for your coffee fix! It can often be very busy on the weekend, but you can always go on their website and purchase your tickets in advance. Overall great atmosphere for a fun family outing or a nice date night.

hugo rollin

Big cinema next to many restaurants. It's relatively new. Even better if you can afford a VIP ticket as you can have food and beverage delivered to your seat.

Viviane Bonneau

I always love coming to this theater as it is large with many food options. The VIP is especially swell when you want to watch a movie without the presence of children (movies aimed for them so presence is high) and food brought to your lazyboy like seat with comfortable distance from others.

Shelly-Ann Green

Very good experience. Love the fact that you can get an ice cap from Tim hortons

Sandra Young

Love VIP food I'd good, seats are so comfy!

Aldo Auleebux

Although the movie was good, the theatre was dirty, food, lollies, etc stuck behind the seats. Dark Phoenix promo cup wasn't available and gaming area wasn't well stock with prizes. Staff was friendly on the otherwise.

Jory Rediker

Love this place. Wish there was more english movies.

Chantal Boyer

It's very busy , because of the heat outside

Tanya Loiello

Movies are ok but the restaurant service sucks major. Tim hortons has practically nothing and Resto part sucks

Yannick Lescure

It's a Cineplex cinema. One like many others.

Sylvie Lachapelle

La creme de la creme. Nice to be able to order from my seat a cocktail and bite to eat while waiting for the movie to start. Nice comfy plenty of room and the best sound.


Great seats...

Samantha Powers

I normally have good experiences here. But was just there tonight and ordered the crispy chicken sandwich and the chicken was very very undercooked. They gave me my meal for free and I got free donuts but now im a hot mess waiting to see if I'm going to be poisoned or not.

Samuel Giroux

Perfect and fun experience at the VIP theatre. Yes, prices may be a little stiff but that's what you should expect out of a VIP cinema. Had two great drinks at the bar-lounge before the movie. Seating exceeded my expectations. Will be back!

Francois Cote

Pricy but a great experience

Bladimir Sanin

My favorite place to see a movie. It is a commercial place which offers all kind of services, restaurants, bars, fashion stores and more. Dixon 30, is very nice. Cineplex has in this place around 18 movie rooms, vodegames and free service machines to buy tickets.


Clean theatre however they need to specify if movies are playing in the vip or in the regular theatre. I've shown up to a movie thinking it's at a specific time. Just to learn it's in the vip area and only playing in the regular theatre an hour or two later

Sandy Tavares

Staff is friendly. Facilities are clean for a movie theater!

John MacLean

The start of summer vacation, it's holiday weekend, there are 20 screens but only 2 cashiers!?! You better get there very early!

Mathieu Demers-Armstrong

Very comfy seats but the service was pretty slow

AlwayznForever NuNu

I wanna thank Cinthia M. for giving a 1000% service to my family and I after we were poorly served at the VIP theatre. She completely turned our night around when we came to the cineplex odeon theatre dix 30 to see what men want. She really is in the right domain and I give her a huge thumbs up, she’s awesome, thank you so much, we will be back. Thanks again Cinthia M.

Kevin F

Had a problem redeeming a certificate at the automated machine, so had to wait forever in line to get human help as there was only one person available despite it being really busy. By then the movie got sold out (and wasn't updated on the screen). Had to pick a later showtime (plus in 3D at an extra cost). Then we had to wait forever in line for the consession stand. I haven't been to a movie in a while, but somehow the prices got even more ridiculous for popcorn and drinks. Theatres in Toronto give free butter (at least used to) but here that's extra. Movie was decent but not worth the time and the 100$ this all cost. I can do a lot better for that type of money.

Michael K

Worst experience at the vip cinema we got movie seats and they neglected to tell us the seat you choose on the screen are reversed meaning the rows up of the screen is actually down at the bottom and they didn’t even tell us its 3D... we order food and 1h later it still hasn’t come yet and they tell they forgot to bring it out then we ask for them to pay us back and they refused and told they could give us movie vouchers that arent even worth the 25$ cost each ticket we paid !!!! OVERALL HORRIBLE CINEMA !!!!!!!!!!!


Huge cinema with lots of options, VIP is definitely worth trying out! Wish there were more choices for snacks but overall your ideal cineplex cinema

Alex Louka usual, comfort

Jamal Abdallah

The VIP is great. The service is awesome, so are the chairs.


The facility can use an upgrade. The seats need to be cleaned better.

Jean-François Autate

Seats are worst than a conventional cinema and we could hear the other movie in the next room all the time. The only good thing was the fact that it is 18+, you have private bathroom (But they are not clean at all) and you can drink bear while watching a movie.

Robert Lemieux

Had a great time watching the Lion King with my children and their friends, even though nostalgically speaking, I still prefer the animation version of my childhood. But, the cinema was great. Nice comfy chairs. Buttery popcorn. Not as many people as I would have expected. Good for parking as well.

hatel0ve x

No complaints, good comfortable seats. I've never waited in line more than 2min. Prices are same everywhere.

cxlpurnla is cool

i cannot believe that the tokens have been replaced with a card!! i’m very disappointed. plus the card costs 5$? and the machine doesn’t even work. once again i couldn’t have been more disappointed.


staff is rude to teenagers, they always think we want to sneak in without paying and they don't let us use the bathroom, it is very disappointing because i go to this movie theater very often and spend most of my money there and they still treat me poorly. Prices are expensive, but if the staff (manager mostly and workers) was nicer to teens such as me who do go and pay all the time, the high prices would not be a big issue. They also demand an ID for 16+ and 18+ movies which annoying as well, because i did not have ID and had to watch a movie I had already seen since i went to the cinema. I even spoke to the workers there and told them that i was of age because i had a job and i come often, but they were still rude and did not care. They also do not offer IMAX, but i enjoy D-BOX even though it is pricey.

Jasmine K

Great theatre, definitely an interesting experience. However both initial times I’ve been here there were issues with the movie and/or projector and the movies were either delayed or cancelled. Compensation was provided but still frustrating

Sana Nakhleh

Easy to park. Friendly and welcoming staff! A variety of films in both French and English.

Daniel Bezerra

Great and perfect for kids

Billy Chan

Very bad. Nothing was clean in the theater. No toilet paper or paper towel in bathrooms. I had to clean the popcorn off my seat. The stairs was littered with garbage. No one clean up after each showing of the movie.

Jessy Hayes-Bédard

Really comfortable place with a lots of room and viewing times, but services is a bit slow at the counter everytime I went there, mostly because of a mismanagement of staff. Otherwise, everything is as expected from a Cineplex! The arcades is disappointing a bit, but that is not the main attraction of a theater anyway.

k and a wb

I saw Angry Birds 2, need i say more?

Paulo J. Blanco

You should put versions in English too in Ultra AVX.. That would be awesome.

Shanna Frechette

There's nothing VIP about this. They redid the theatres from 2.5 yrs ago and the room are so pack now with seats that it feels like a normal theatre. Very disappointing and did not equale past experience.

Girish Acharya

VIP for name: No reclining chair and the stewards forgot one of my order.. But look wise it is nice..

Talyse Watson

I would rate this 5 stars, but the food on the menu does not taste so great. However, you kind of go here for the VIP experience, not a restaurant one so for that reason I love this place and recommend it. The seats are comfy and it is nice to have someone serve you while you watch a movie. The staff and service is very nice too. The whole experience altogether is very different from a regular theater and worth the extra money.

Yan Berg

Love the VIP.

wahab ali

They should update their website. the timings on their website and at the location is different. I was expecting to get a normal ticket but they only offered movie in 3D. Very bad...

Nicolas Hébert

Bad call service, no one answer the phone.

Imran Arthur

Went to the VIP theater and I absolutely love it there . Its soo nice and comfortable

James Plante

Downton abbey excellent

Francis Charette Migneault

16 rooms with high-end quality screens for many movies. This cinema got movies later than most other places (starting up to ~11pm).

Chris Black

It's good. The only critique is the admission process. It's incredibly inefficient. Once inside though everything is nicely organized.

Mark Rattray

nice place. good snacks. comfortable seating.

Calvin Bratrud

Good theater, parking is usually over packed

Antoine Jacques

Aside from Imax being too loud many times, great theater

Tamara Tepox

Great way to watxh the movies. Very comfortable and squeaky clean.

virginie martel

I work there and its really cool ^^

Alexandre Debargis

Came here to watch the lion King. Good size theatre, loads of parking

Manal Ammar

Is it called VIP just because they take your order while seated and bring it back once the movie had started and obstruct your view until the person who ordered pays (it took more than 5 mins)? . Honestly, you should study the VIP theaters concept closely (or see what is done elsewhere) and then call yourself VIP. Sooooo many flaws (food, customer service, sound system, SEATS, screen) at this theater, very disappointed.

TravisM80 A Nerd

English movies the day they come out are priceless for me

Sadissa Babeni

Very clean! The DBox seats are great (I feel all sore

Stephane Beaulieu

Great theater facilities and food court


It's excellent

meba esdras

The VIP section is great with good foods

Émilie Boucher

Nice and cozy but overpriced menu

Tina Brisson

Love this movie theatre. It has everything you want, including a Tim Horton ' s! The vip is worth every penny!!!

Jeje H

Very nice theater. Good 3D effect. The Dbox is fun but will not repeat the experience.


This is definitely my favorite place to watch movies on a big screen. Their prices might be a little bit higher than other theaters, but the Scene rewards are making up for it and it's completely free to subscribe to. They also have different options to enjoy the movies even more: the AVX lets you buy your tickets in advance and reserve your seats and the D-Box option gives you an immersive experience with special customizable seats that moves and vibrate, following the movie of course. Now let's talk about the VIP section. The VIP is really different from any other place I've been to. It's perfect if you want to treat yourself or someone else, but keep in mind that the prices are high. The sound quality is the best you'll find and the seats are super cozy. There's a waitress/waiter service where you can order food and drinks from your seat and they will bring it directly to you. The seats have a small table-like shelf to let you eat comfortably and put it away once you're done. There is a lot of other stuff I cannot tell you about since I've only been there 2 or 3 times, but it's definitely worth the experience if you can spare the coins.

Gilles S.

Saturday night, food missing from the limited menu and your told after you order and pay. The food is below average at best and it’s prepared by people who don’t seem to care that someone is going to eat what they are preparing. How hard is it to put a chicken sandwich together, I wanted grilled with cheese but no grilled chicken and no cheese. They grab food with bare hands when there are gloves right in front of them. The employee slid the pizza from the carrier to the warmer oven pulling with his gloveless fingers. Good thing I didn’t order pizza. Order 393, July 14, 2018 if management cares. Then my Coke was 50% ice. Finally at the cinema room, no glasses we had to go on a 3D glasses hunt, cinema room 1 was filthy disgusting, I asked the ticket taker if they are planning to clean the room and she said they are supposed to. I guess today they left free popcorn all over the seats and garbage all over the floor to make us feel like we should have stayed home. I added a picture of the rooms cleaning procedures list to show how many times the room was cleaned that day. It costs over $120 for a family of 5 at the movies now a days but Cineplex doesn’t seem to care about anything but the bottom line. I think I’ll stay home next time and rent a movie. The only reason for 2 stars is the movie, Transylvania 3.

Victoria de Martigny

What an awesome movie-going experience at the VIP Cinema! First of all, I love that their menu includes vegan options, like the Beyond Meat burger - which was delicious! My husband had the falafel and really enjoyed it as well. The luxurious seats inside the theater are so comfortable and it's a nice treat to have a server bring drinks to you right at your seat - and to have a handy little table for everything. I only wish there was a VIP cinema closer to home since it's a bit of a drive to go all the way to Brossard from the West Island...

Jason DeRive

For a cinema located in the dix30 I was surprisingly disappointed. The cinema was clean and there were no issues, but I somehow expected so much more. Half of the arcade units were not functional and the selection was lacking. My kids have been to many cinemas and they shared in my disappointment. Guzzo on taschereau is a much better experience. But centropolis is a family favorite

Pulp J.몬댁

Great place to hang out during the weekends or Tuesday (they have a special sale for Tuesdays). We watched How to train your dragon 3 an it was really fun. Great popcorn and ok food (pizza, burger, etc.) We wanted some poutine but there were a few technical problems so some meals weren't available. Overall it was a fun experience and I'd love to go again. I recommend it.

Michelle Cole

Nice theatre and clean

Mesbah Panahy

Best movie experience in Quebec! Vip has a lot to offer, food services in a very open lounge area, bar services with a variety of drinks and beverages and In-Seat services so you don't miss a minute of your movie! Great cast, very experienced, welcoming and very polite!

Bob Gianna

The VIP section is very good more quiet and less crowded. I always go there to enjoy a movie in a confortable seat. The place is clean is well maintained. The price however is expensive but it's worth to use the scene card and redeem points.

Victor Lee

A great theater to go watch the latest movie releases in both Ebglish and French. However, he sure to leave a good amount of time before the movie for finding parking. Traffic can also be pretty bad in the area because of the amount of people who visit Quartier Dix30. There is underground parking in a mall area to the left of the theatre which isn't too far to walk.

Antoine Dénommée Pigeon

Place is clean and screens are good.

uriel zegbe

Good food games for the kids


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