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977 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W3, Canada Located in: Carrefour Industrielle Alliance

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Where is Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal?

REVIEWS OF Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal IN Vermont


Comfortable theater. A go to for bigger movie releases. The new ticket kiosks are terrible. Highly recommend you just use the app.

Henry Avare

The theatre inside is super nice. It is very clean and I like how big the screen is. The whole room is well put together and everything works. However, the prices are a bit much. The tickets are super expensive as well as the food but it is also a more high end place.

Joël Morin

Great movie selections. Clean and convenient. Full range of movie product options from IMAX on down

Jean-François Racine

Very long line to buy the ticket. Poor guy was alone! Cinema is not bad, not great, i think a few renovations could help too. The movie didnt have any ads, which is great..

garv arora

Great place to hang out nice and great cinema screens

Paul Van Buren

Simply love this place. Easy to get to by metro and huge. Love it.

Angie Rodriguez

There's a Scotiabank ABM on the 2nd floor. IMAX concession stand is rarely staffed, so better to buy downstairs or eat beforehand at the Carrefour Industrielle Alliance food court at the basement for more alternatives.

Robert Gray

You have to wade through frantic crowds to reach your theatre, but the projection is generally quite good.

Angus Bennion

IMAX was great and there are lots of food options inside for a movie theater.

Blake Snow

Respectable Cinema. Has great selection of movies, and comfy chairs.

Bernice Wong

My go-to for movies! I come here all the time, and the staff are nice.

Ben Reinerth

Awesome! Because I went to see Good Boys with Billy and Dad

Dean Alves

Always great service and good prices with the movie tickets. Love my scene card and they have a Tim Hortons upstairs so great for a coffee during your movie and it is the only decent priced food.

Andrei Korovkin

Nice theatre! Have been there quite a lot

maxime Vincent

Late reprenstation are really appreciated !

Phil B. P.

Nothing special about the place except that the seats are dumb and you have to be 6ft to not have to slouch.

Clément Lelong

Simply one of the best Cineplex in-town. Anglo only. Movie selection is more adventure-action and comedies rather than drama and indy. Food options are your regular junk, but not in a bad way ;)

Ella M.

I like this movie theater a lot, though the food pricing is way too high. Once in a while, when I want to watch a blockbuster film, I'll go to this location because it's downtown and the screens are big. If you can, eat before or after the film lol

David Gagnon

Joker isba great film.

Marc Couture

One of my favourite movie theaters Easily accessible as it in the heart of the city, and there are plenty of restaurants around and underground (in the underground city). Also has some restaurants in the movie theater itself (but offers cinema pricing so everything is obviously expensive) Also offers IMAX, AVX and regular screenings I go there almost once a week and not planning to stop

Momtchil Hardalov

Located downtown, with plenty of screening rooms, this is one of the better movie theaters around Montreal. They have a very large and conformable IMAX screening room. You have a few average arcade choices and multiple counters sell your …

Simon Kaloujine

Nice and clean just like my whistle

Gabriel Houle

It's a big downtown cineplex experience, and that's what makes it great. They do have some indie film screenings and the Imax theather is IMO the best one in Montreal.

Aliya Sahota

IMAX Screen is great , u will get food of every type, seats are little conjusted , it's a great cinema overall.

Jason Lipskaia

Great Place for Movies Lastest Ultra film or Screen tech here anyways

Antonin Brunet-Cardinal

Nice and big movie theater. But be prepared for it to be crowded, obviously because its in the middle of downtown. I was also disapointed by the seats , they are not very comfortable.

Leah Russell

Dress got stuck in the escalator. Be careful?!

caro philli

Favourite theatre. Comfortable seats you can actually lean back in. Big screens, great sound. Idk what else you want from a theatre.

Keilla Costa

Very good cinema. Confortable seats.

Samantha Velandia

So we reserved our seats three days before the movie and when we arrived they were taken. In fact, the theater was full and there were other people having the same issue that we had. We were told it was "human error" and given tickets for another "time". To me, this is unacceptable as I am 100% sure our seats were taken by people that weren't even supposed to watch that movie, but since no one checks on that people don't even care. It's just useless to reserve a seat if they cannot guarantee you'll have it. Very disappointed.

Henrique Pena

Real IMAX screen size and wide UltraAvx screen. Sound and Image quality is good.

alberto s.

Convenient location, downtown Montreal. Which means it can be busy at times and some fellow customers may leave their mess behind them when leaving. Nothing too major so far but I would just keep an eye on the seats before sitting down, …

Aman Rastogi

The best theatre to be if you are from some other country, as movies are available in English. Other theatres mostly have it in French with specific timings for English. Price in quite low and theatres are very nice and seats comfortable. Public WiFi available. Snacks available just outside the screens. Food court just in the base floor.

Nima RP

On Tuesday I watched Toy story 4 which was a great movie. The 3D glass or projection was a little bit below my expectations. I am not sure if it was about the cinema or the movie. Great screen and it was crowded. It would be better if you can reserve your seat at the booking.

Daniel Rosich

Awh. Toy Story 4 haha ... Memmmmories

Marie-Lyse Laroche

Good place to see movie in English! We always buy our ticket online. They always have the promo items like big cup of the movie we going to see! Which for a geek is fantastic!!

Pippi Kelvie

So freaking huge... Stacked. Crazy. Pretty cool though. Wish they had some more real food options but that's not typical for any theatre

Joey Rouges-Truchon

Great cinema. Hidden with special features on every level. Special days bring special things... But let's talk about the seats: comfortable.

Francis Shore

Good place. Third floor no popcorn place so you had to go all the back down to get your goodies.


Our favorite movie spot in the heart of downtown. Connected to the underground city. Rain, shine or snow, you can always come here for a night at the movies.

Patryk Klus

Great movie theater. Nice selection of movies, nice screen, comfortable seats. Only a couple of bad experiences with people talking over the many times over been there.


Tuesdays often gets sold out. Show up 50min early if you can.

Jan Courvoisier

Cheapy Tuesday’s lets gooooooo.

Judhy Germain

I always enjoy my visits to this movie theater and never had any issues. The only thing I had to say was fixed right away :)

Meaghan Mackenzie

It's big. Very similar to other Scotiabank theatres. Multiple floors although sometimes a couple floors are completely empty. Theatre 9 had awesome, comfortable seats. I dont remember the other theatre being quite as comfortable. No complaints.

Jean-Francois Loirat

Awrsome place. The foos is good and the nachos are just great. Seats sre a bit peculiar at firsr but you get accustomed to it. 10/10 will go again.

drs bassir

Good quality but my chair was a little loose

Johnny LRM

Very exspensive popcorn.2 drinks 2 popcorn $36

Sergei Li

Cold and windy when I was there. But I went to watch a movie and the theatres are great! Love the place, nice and comfy seats. The popcorn is amazing. I suggest to get a large one, the previews can be long sometimes! Download also the Time play game and win Scene points


Awesome cinema. Snacks are way too expensive though.

Michael Nemes

Excellent theatre. But $ 14.00 for a small popcorn and a water ? What's happening to the prices.


This is where I go for most of my movies. Good sized, comfy theatres. There are a few restaurants you can order from which is great, especially the Tim Hortons. They get all the first run movies, all the blockbusters. They are centrally located with quick access to two metro stations, Peel and McGill.

Jimmy Iserhoff

The place to see movies. Don't forget Tuesdays are half price.

Nicholas Francis

Quick and simple, chairs weren't the new ones that I'm used to in america, but I enjoyed it

Matt MMM

One of the best theatres in town. I prefer ultra avx screenings over most other types. It's very rare that you'll have blown out audio or poor picture quality here.

Vincent Messina

Best theatre in the city. Only one that offers true 70 mm imax, and for standard movies the screens are huge and seats very comfortable.

Marc LeGuen

Good theatre with 12 regular sized screens (most of which can do 3D or AVX) plus 2 IMAX screens. The food stands are centrally located on the first floor. Bathrooms are big enough that even when there's a line, people cycle through quickly. There's a Tim Horton's inside the theatre and the prices there are the same as the franchise's external locations, so you can get affordable snacks.

Ian Steel Matheson

it's fine. Tuesdays are cheap.

River Bank

Wonderful place to catch a movie. Great city veiw and always clean.

Gabrielle Le Blanc

Nice movie theater, I just wish they had less adds before the movie begins. Sometimes I wonder if I paid for the movie or the adds.

Greg Kokjian

Went with a friend to watch a movie, bought 2 tickets and they gave me on the scene card just the points for one ticket; I asked why, the person working there answered that's the way it works. If you buy separate tickets, they'll give you points for 2 tickets. So being honest at Cineplex doesn't work, I'm super disappointed. I learned my lesson! You are already charging so expensive for movies, prices keep going up, and this is another way to give less for the money we spent. Not good at all!! So my advice to people is don't buy the tickets all together, buy them one by one to get the scene points you deserve.

Hernandez Elisa

Giving it a 3 stars cause they have the new movies in English. Though the place screams for an update. Its been the same since the late 90's...

Francis More

My favorite movie house coming here is always a treat for me ❤

Mavith O. Hurtado

I love going to this theatre. It's clean, the staff is courteous and their fast food is just as fine as going to another fast-food in the food court located in the lower level.

Antonio Herrera

Good quality movie theater, with the newest and most popular films. You can have a different choice of food instead of the traditional movie snacks, they count with fast food and Tim Hortons inside of the complex.

Sourav Bhattacharya

Awesome place. IMAX screen is massive! Scene points make buying food a bit cheap. Most days you can walk in and get tickets. Online booking works like a charm as well.

Shan Srouji

This cinéma is for me one of the best in Montreal. The old building has a nice hall. The subdivision of the theater are a little bit too far away from the counter because it's expanding on 4 floors. Anotger great thing is the multiple food places that you can find. All the theater a really big and the chair are comfy for most of them. And you get a great choice of projection time throughout the day.

Kitana B.

The better cinema in downtown montreal, but arrive early to movies on tuesdays because it gets crowded due to half price movies.

Ismail Faruk

Could be better with a subway or healthier food inside. Staff are great.


Very good cinema. On Tuesday it's very cheap. The food is too expensive though but that's how they do business I guess

Pats Bhravux

Is nice to have a good place to go when you want to see a new movie.

Danko Vassev

Only place with a 72 mm IMAX screen in Montreal. The rest of the screens are not bad too, but this the only place where you can get true IMAX experience. Parking is not easy but on the flip it has direct access from the metro.

Benjamin Espinosa

Right in downtown . good sound and the pleasure of the big screen.

Tony, le Lavallois

I've been going there for quite some time. It's a really good movie theater. The prices are like many other movie theater. However, what's special about this one is the fact that there's a Tims Horton inside! You can watch a movie while enjoying your ice cap. It makes the movie experience a lot better!


Clean, spacious and in a prime location. Great for access and lots of activities for pre/post movies.

Tracey Lafontaine


Very good cinema. In comparison to other older cinemas that we've visited in the last few months we found that the screening rooms are modern, clean and well kept. The screen is large and quite clear and the sound is good also. They had a …

Bob W

Like the place so clean love to go see movies I go there twice a week


Clean theatre, always a good place to see great movies. Seats are nice, comfy and reclinable. Popcorn is really good and fresh. Ask for extra butter, otherwise it's tastes of nothing. Prices are not so bad.

Chan Laen You

The room ventilation wasn't turned on until towards the end of the movie. People were sweating which you can smell and it was hard to breathe as there was no draft and extremely humid. The ventilation only came on towards the end of the movie but even at that, it was too little, too late. It was an uncomfortable experience.

Lob 12

Worst popcorn ever, dry with no taste. At that price it could at least be on point.

Mikael Bauer

Nice theatre, good seats. Tickets were 7,5$ per adult.

Kate Hammer

Can get a bit windy going up all of the escalators, some sure you arrive early, but had great time with friendly service

Moshe Nayman

Nice theatres, comfy seats, always clean, but can be a bit expensive

Lorena Acosta

Nice place, love the arcade and game machines, nice to play while wait for you movie to start

dan hodgson

A downtown cinema. Clean and convenient. Popcorn is popped.

Mario Bittencourt

Convenient and with ample options to eat inside the theater itself. Be prepared to spend extra on those options as they are not super cheap. I would recommend if you live nearby and can take the metro.

Chelsea M2

There’s always something crazy going on near this location. That’s one of the main things I love about Montreal, but sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and watch a great movie. Friendly staff, comfy seats, and vast variety of munchies. I once had an issue with the payment of my movie ticket, so the manager compensated me with 2 free tickets with the option of VIP theatre. I was 100% satisfied.


Great spot, nice screens and comfortable seats. Carpets are about 15 years old, literally

Bryan Ortiz

I just love the location spot (downtown), the space, the vibe every time I come here! It’s clean, comfy seats! Popcorn/food stands on each floor! Movie selection pretty much up to date.

Mushi N

This movie theatre is at the centre of downtown so there will always be crowds. They have comfortable seats that lean back. A mini-arcade area. More pricey than guzzo.

Iyad Aswad

Great location and good movies. Being located at the heart of Montreal downtown makes it easy to reach by walking or by riding the rental scooters which available everywhere at the downtown. Of course the best part is that located just next to best restaurants where always yummy food are waiting :)


It is the 2nd best cinema I have ever seen

Francesca Fraraccio

Nicely keep theatre and not too many people. Lots of choice seats

chris frenette

The seats in the IMAX are really squeaky.

Jocelyn Deguise

Top of the line cinema experience: IMAX 3D is unbeatable. My number one venue for the past decade.

Yulia Toncheva

One of the best movie theaters in Montreal. The rooms are big, clean and the seats are comfy. Popcorn was very good too!

Jay Ma

Good if you want to see a cheap movie in a Tuesday.

Russell Vaz

Best confortable large cinema experience in Quebec.

Beanie Taylor

I was expecting more. Still, huge screen and deafening sound. As you would expect at IMAX. Good 3D glasses. Very effective overall.

Keith Jones

They really need to get rid of those front rows that are practically under the screen. It’s impossible to watch the movie and you get a neck injury as a bonus. If you are on the side of the front rows you get a nice abstract warped fish eye mess to enjoy though

jAsiL jOsE

If you have scene card, use them and trust me you'll have a great experience. Good sound, great screen. If you can book DBox then it would be even better. But last time I went the seats we've booked were taken by someone and they refused to …


I ordered ice cap in side This cinema's Tim Hortons. It tasted like if the employee added cocacola inside. It's really not funny for the customers. It was impossible for me to go back and complain.

Rob Loeub

Great cinema. Large screens. Modern amenities. Better food options than other movie theatres like Tim Horton’s with reasonable prices.

Jonathan M

Very dirty. Sinks are broken, no soap yet they charge 10$ for a popcorn.

Sophia Quach

Well maintained place. It’s my go-to cinema when I want to watch a new movie. I also like the butter dispensers so you can add butter to your popcorn by yourself.

Kayrouz Abou Malhab

If you’re going to overprice your food, try giving out fresh popcorn instead of stale ones. Impolite staff too

Kevin Collie

One of the better cinemas in Montreal, but man, 15$ for a movie, that's terrible. Only recommend going to the cinéma for a movie you'd really like to see.

Balde saifoulaye

Well located , friendly staff , and always a good selection of movies !

Richard Radwinski

Very cool multi level Cineplex with a wide selection of current movies playing. Popcorn can be purchased at concessions on the upper levels which are usually not as busy as the concessions on the lower level. Nice and central and easy to walk to when staying central Montreal.


Comfortable seats and a really nice theater, much better than Guzzo theaters

Francisco Maximiliano Dives Gallardo

Horrible experience. Guy next to me was stoned high baked af. He was snoring, coughing, and even tried to lean on me. I went to complain with the manager he said there was nothing he could do because it was a people problem and not a sound , image or tech problem. Worst customer service ever.....

Francisco Ávila

Les ve this theater! Best one in Montreal!

Fulvia D.G.

Love to go watch movies here. However, I think they need to renovate. The seats are mostly cracked. I was wearing a skirt and the seat ended up scratching my leg. In addition, I couldn't keep the seat straight. Ended up watching the movie almost lying down.

Williams Riley

I love going through this it's very well put together with plenty of of concession stance. The theatres themselves are quite comfortable so far receipts go, cool in the summer warm in the winter. Great place to snuggle up with your boo and watch a good flick.

Enzo Inu

Love all the different options of viewing. Imax by far being the best!

Mahwish Khan

It's lively and best part is you can grab a ice cap unlike at Atwater cinema. Lots of screen and time options. Lots of options for snacks.

Simon Landry

It's a bit expensive for what you get but it's really worth the extra money. The seats are amazing, the popcorn is usually good and there are rarely kids at the screenings. Although it does get a bit crowded, I have never had a problem finding 3 adjacent seats for my friends and me.


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