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151 Coliseum Ave, Nashua, NH 03063

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REVIEWS OF Chunky's Cinema Pub - Nashua IN Vermont

joseph bertocchi

Had free tickets, great food, great movie

J Narducci

Who doesn't like to sit comfortably to enjoy a movie. Food is decent but what I truly appreciate is I don't have to worry about having blocked viewing from someone sitting in front of me. Staff at both the Manchester & Nashua locations are almost always very accommodating. Frequent customer

Keith Fair

Great time with good food and movie!

Ann-Marie Lowe

First time,food was good. Seats aren't the most comfortable but it was fun.

Cynthia Cunningham

Love this place! Quick drive and great service

Ron B

Comfy chairs, nice pub atmosphere for movie night. Does not offer any discounts for students, seniors, or military.

Glen Lord

The best place ever to see a movie , comfortable car seats and good food

Karyll H

The aisle lights (depending where you sit) the brightness can interfere with your comfort level of watching the screen. Our food order was pretty good. I don't think the chairs are as good as some other movie places, there's no foot rest n chairs are not plush n cushy.


Was ok. I took my 4 yr old son for his first time to the theater. We saw the grinch and I think he loved the experience. Overall the place was really dirty, my chair was never cleaned nor were the tables dirty.

Jamie Hare

It was our first time going , we went to an 830 movie , was never informed the kitchen closed at 845. We sat there for a good half hour 40 minutes wondering why no waitress were waiting on us because they were busy with everyone else , when I finally flagged one down it was the manager who apologized saying they could only get drinks or desserts that the kitchen closed ag 845 I informed him that I was on time no one helped us and it was our first time he sent out hard chicken and fries on the house and made us pay for our two drinks 45 minutes into the movie. I was not impressed at all.

Kara Bernasconi

I have been going to Chunky's for years and the service has always been decent, like an average of a 5/10, and the food has definitely gotten better over the years. However, tonight was so bad....the service was a 1/10 and the food a 3/10. I had to go get my own appetizer plates and napkins and our drinks finally arrived, after asking for then 3 different times, with our food! I will only be going back for the cheap movie tickets and make sure to eat before I go or bringmy own stuff!

Kathy Musiak

The food was not very good. My burger was supposed to be cooked medium rare and it was basically a hockey puck. We were first given someone else's food, too. It still is a great way to watch a movie though and it is definitely good for kids new to the movies because they have food and movie so there is less distraction. The seats being able to turn and connect is great with kids and couples alike.

Megan Lindsay

Our first visit here to see Dumbo. With a few minor issues we ended up having to be moved to another theater and were compensated with passes to movies. The staff went way above and beyond to make our visit turn out great for the movie not being able to be played in the original theater.

Nick Probolus

Fun. Take the kids, have a greasy meal, watch a movie in car seats on wheels.

Lorien Green

We just had our second birthday party at Chunkys Nashua and as before, it was a massive hit across the board. The communication ahead of time to plan the party is stellar, and the party package itself, which includes food, tickets, cake, and party favors is a FANTASTIC value. Literally nothing but good things to say about it. This is the best Chunkys location. Nice wide tables, great seats, and plenty of parking.

Brenda Wilson

The food was awful. We received it and it was cold what a waste of money. Don't order the Nacho's or the pizza or onion rings basket. Could not even flag down someone to let them know. Movie was good.

Peter Uliano

Prices are very good, food is bad low quality and since you can't see it in the dark who knows. Service was terrible I waited 40 min for mustard so my hot dogs were cold. Screen had a huge scratch on it and sound quality was below average. I was in theater 5.

OMalley Omega

The guy that was bringing out the food was mixing up orders left and right. The food is ok but not really worth the price. The wait staff kept standing in the way of the screen, I recommend getting there 30 minutes or so early to order and getting as close to the front as possible.

Justin Tacy

Awesome place to see a movie. Comfy seats. Food gets delivered to you. My only recommendation would be to NOT get appitizers. Mozzarella sticks are $1 each. Not worth it.


Tables are positioned in a way that's going to leave you with an ache in the neck after a 2 hour movie. Dont go for a 3hr unless you love your chiropractor

Julie Cepeda

The space was large, drinks were good, food was so-so but the seats were really uncomfortable

Ryan Powers

I've never had a problem with service or food or movies at Chunky's, but the showtimes seem to be all wrong today. There were about 8 people outside trying to figure out what's going on. No ability to get a human on the phone, no notice on website or Facebook of schedule changes, etc. Could be a mix up on their part, could be someone slept in. Regardless of why it happened, it's something avoidable, and they messed up. The second star is because all the other times it's been good, and I'll probably keep going back.


Felt like i was in a large confrence room. Movie screen was small and the chairs are old car seats. The atmosphere was less then pleasing. To loud from other movie goers but the food was great. Overall i enjoyed myself but i wasn't comfortable and could barely find a seat. And when i did it took me to pull aside an employee just to get any service. If you want to get a good seat and good service you HAVE to show up super early. Won't be going back.

Michelle Marcopoulos

Food was cold , service was slow, it has gone down hill Iver the past year.

matt clarkin

Showed up for a movie one afternoon when it was showing as scheduled and purchasable through their website but no one showed up to open the place. Probably a miscommunication on the websites part but there were a bunch of people waiting outside for a movie that never happened, not a good look, that being said on a general basis I love chunky's and am surprised the general theme hasn't caught on more.


Its a great place to go to and watch a movie if you're hungry they have a menu. The only thing I did not like is the workers did not do anything to stop a kid screaming around the movie theater. Then they still did not give us any sorry even know they ruined the entire movie. but everything else was fine

Lee Eastburn

Good service. Low ticket prices.

Chris Marko

Seats are comfortable, food is somewhere between typical movie theater faire and a chain restaurant, and plenty of space to stretch out and recline back. The beer selection is great, and overall prices are competitive with other theaters.


Inexpensive, comfortable .staff is a constant bother while your trying to watch a movie you paid to see.constantly hounding you about a order bill 30 minutes before the movie ends

Kristen Harden

I love this chain. I looked up times online. I packed my family up and drove to Nashua. Well they weren't open but no signs and no mention of the closing online. I would rate them lower but many years ago I really enjoyed my visit and assume I would have loved it still if they were open.

John vonGoeler

Great place for movies combined with food and adult drinks

Captain Minecraft

Awesome place to see new Marvel movies!

samuel galarza

Great food. Very nice sized screen. Great servers. Great price.

Danielle Hall

Went to see the Lion King opening night for a 21+ event and it felt like everyone was on their first day on the job. Drinks came after the apps and they gave out “special” drinks that was basically juice with a splash of vodka for $9. Food was fine. Everyone was sitting around once the movie was done to pay their bills. It is not like how it was before when you paid your bill during the last 15-20 minutes of the movie. Very disappointed in the level of service for such a big planned event.

Anamika Usman

Have been coming here for years! Tickets are cheap, but food gets pricey. They always have the newest movies available and the seating is good no matter where in the theatre you sit.

Bruce Denner

Food pretty good, drinks reasonable...

Rosalie Prince

Great movie, good seating, extensive menu but short on service. It's not the waitress staff even with an hour plus advance seating we were served 10 minutes before movie started, why does it take 50 minutes to cook a hamburger?? I can't really enjoy dinner in 10 minutes can you?

Todd Richardson

Bit dirty and could taste strawberry in my chocolate icecream.

Jolene B

Normally I have a fantastic time at Chunky's. But this time around the service was sub par. Order was taken very late, almost by the time the move started at 7:30. Drinks were given after the appetizer and the main meal. My salad had no dressing until we reminded the staff we also didn't have our drinks. And when the movie started, the door to the theater was left open. I could hear the conversation over the movie. I love Chunky's. I think they had a bad night. Movie was great.

John Wheaton

great place to go. inexpensive and good food comfortable seats.

Nicole Romano

This place is awesome!!! Was so well put together. Service was great!!!

Bryan Heald

Went to see avengers end game on a Friday night. We've been going to this chunkys for years and have been a bit disappointed the last 18 months or so. They have recently really turned things around. Our experience the last couple times we have been has been great. Food has been coming out correct and timely, movie sound is good, and they are putting money into the general look and feel of the place. They always do a good job with the menu. Don't expect gourmet, but they have a lot of good options on par with most good quality chain restaurants.

Keiri Day

A great place to watch movies and enjoy a good meal while you do it. The seats are all very comfortable.

C Klep

Best movie theater ever! I have so many memories and have seen countless amazing movies! I'll never forget Chunky's!

Ann Lowell

I love Chunkies and wish there was one in the Fitchburg Leominster area, I think it would be great for the family's to enjoy as well as for everyone

Kana Draguns

This place is awesome! They have great food and the service is awesome and u can watch movies with a snack!

Miguel Arroyo

A great date night experience for folks of all ages. Swiveling retro car bucket seats are where you sit, you eat good American comfort food at a table. Wait staff service all throughout the movie. Tickets are reasonably priced, but the food and drink are a bit pricey. Nevertheless, an excellent experience.

Life as Keira

It was great. The movie I saw was Ralph Breaks the Internet and it wasn't crowded at all like at I regular movie theater. I ordered the Kevin Bacon Burger and it was really good! I got a side of fries with it and those were good as well. Overall great experience for my family and I!! ❤

Raymond Smith

Enjoy going to the movies, food is OK. Onion rings are good... When they are served warm.

Julio Fundora

Fun family night.


Watched some amazing movies here! The food and service is amazing!

Dominique Styln

Great food and comfy chairs. Servers are so nice too

Tracy Robertson

I love the idea of Chunky's, but then there is the reality of having people walk around during the movie, lights from phones as they try to work, food that takes far too long to be delivered...seriously my popcorn took over an hour, had to be requested a second time, and for five dollars was a ridiculously small bag without a drop of butter! I wanted to see the latest Avengers movie, but next time, I'll wait a day or two and see it in a proper movie theater.

Curly Cue

Love Chunkies. Great new movies and great food!

Christiaan Vigneault

We arrived at 4:10p on Saturday for a 4:45p showing of Predator. There was a good selection of seating. We were given menus and a service blinker. Within a few minutes we activated our service call to place our dinner order. We waited about 10 minutes and saw no server in our theater. I walked out of the theater found a Chunkies staff and advised that we would like to place a food order. A server was not available. A non server staff member returned and took our order on a napkin. We were served our meals about 4:55p. I had ordered The theory of everything patty melt with French fries It was delivered warm, but it was really greasy on the outside. Overall, we felt the service was slow. It appeared that the theater was understaffed.

Liz Piantedosi

Cute local spot for movies, the seating is more of a 'communal' or 'group style' seating than typical theaters. Inexpensive tickets so you get what you pay for.

Kevin Gagnon

Lunch was good given the venue. Had pulled pork mac and cheese.

Paula Furlong

Fun place to eat comfortably while watching a movie. They even have breakfast now. Gluten free options on all menus. Craft beer and fun kids drinks too. Kids love it here! I gave it 4 stars because if you want to focus on a movie it can be hard here with people ordering during the movie and paying there bills.

Lisa Binachi

Service needs help but food is good!

E Ferrick

Fun family place. Food could have been better.

Renee MacLaren

Went there 9/7/19 to see Lenny Clarke comedian who was great btw. Ordered drinks with all my friends ALL of our beers (draft, bottles, bucket) was NOT cold as usual for this Chunkys.. food selection is always great but food IS NEVER HOT and to say the least Mediocre, I dont know who's running the kitchen back there but my goodness get it together! Dont waste your money buying food here unless you expect to be disappointed!

Desirae Chicola

Bathrooms filthy and mold growing on walls. Table where you eat was dirty and sticky

Nicole Syngajewski

Ever since moving to Billerica, this is one of the few cinemas I now go to! My boyfriend and I love date nights here - the seats are so comfortable and it makes it easy for us to enjoy a delicious meal while still enjoying the movie. Sound and picture quality is excellent, and movie choices are contemporary (which may come as a surprise when you initially hear what this location is all about). Waitstaff are attentive, while not being pushy and annoying. If you have the opportunity to do so, I recommend the Pulled Pork Melt - it is amazing! The Rey Cookies & Cream Mousse is delicious and light, so even if you're full from your meal, it is definitely worth keeping a little bit of room for dessert.

Jennifer Maszczak

Love seeing a movie at Chunky's. Chairs are super comfy, and food is good. Nice to be able to get an adult bevie while watching a movie. Issue is that it all adds up quick.

Denise- Marie

Reasonable prices, improved customer service, foods not that great

Rae-Anne Munoz

Great experience every time I go!!

robert townsend

Food is good but needs improvement the theater is well kept and clean

Michelle H

We had a disappointing night. Went to a comedy show that was advertised as 120 Minutes. It was 60 Minutes at best. The poor comedian did not have a technical soundcheck before hand and had to wait at least 15 minutes to get the microphone to work. Not to mention the lighting system wasn't to his liking and was used as an excuse throughout the whole performance.

Paula Lalmond

Went to a movie with my daughter today February 2nd and absolutely no one came to take our order at all. We didn't like the movie so we left early but all the time we were there we had the light on calling for service and got no server or any employee at all even coming near our table at all. Extremely bad service because there was no service.

Lucas Lopez

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Sokchinda Yen

Food is surprisingly good. Better to go before movie starts giving you time to order because it's very dark and hard to see menu after. Or go early if you don't like getting disturbed during the movie for your order.

Nicholas Diehl

Food is ok but servers are distracting during the movie

lorinda.maria Franklin

Nice concept, especially for a group; food pretty reasonableable. Comfy seats.

Dawn Martins

The movie was great, The server was nice but didn't listen to the order completely so food items were missing. But the real problem was when we were getting ready to leave, both my daughter and I got massive stomach cramps and barely made it to the restroom. I do not know what was in the food but it had a laxative effect and we were both left in shock.

John Blanchette

I like going to chunky's for me the one drawback is having people always in front of me serving food when I'm trying to watch the movie

Marc T

I used to like this place but the chairs are so old and worn out. I checked like 5-6 chairs all around me and they all tilt too one side, yea they are lopsided. It hurts my back. The pancakes were huge and very good but they only gave me about a tablespoon of butter, yes equal to about one tablespoon. I asked for more and she brought me the same size. I then asked a different girl, can I have like three of these then she brings me three golf ball sized scoops. It was quite comical. Home fries were just frozen low quality breakfast potatoes that were deep fried - pretty sad actually. Why not care more about the quality? Oh I know - because nobody sends them back so they must be good. Coffee was excellent.

Christy R

Kids Always have to hit this place when in NH visiting their Grandparents. Such a fantastic concept and the food is actually really good!

Luke Ciarfella

I definitely would not recommend!!!! Go to dinner or lunch and then to a regular movie theater. The service, cleanliness, food and seating was all very subpar!!!

Hope Robbins

Thanks for an awesome time. The chair next to mine had some sticky soda on it but other than that loved it.

Holly Wilkins-Fleck

The food is never very good. Stick to popcorn.

Jean Barowski

We went to Chunkys in Nashua last night and we would never return or recommend it. It was absolutely without a doubt the worse place we have ever gone.paying to get in was gone, the person who took our tickets was fine, we went in and sat down. We hit the button for our waitress. IT TOOK HER 20 MIN. To respond . We ordered a beer and I had asked of she had a glass. She came back about 10 min later brought a glass it was dark, I picked up the glass and it felt sticky so I ddnt use it. Then my husband wanted another beer, and this time 15 min. For her to come ( mind you there is only 6 people in the movie) he orders a beer she brings it over as the movie has ended.the lights come on, I look at the glass and it was disgusting !! The glass I told you felt sticky ! Well it had a film on outside and dark brown crud on the inside of it around rim and it was a Mason jar, no handle absolutely disgusting!! Then while my husband drank his beer i went to the bathroom and every toilet but one was filled with pee, shot or both, handles to the toilet were broke, cigarette but on back of toilet. I walked out and saw nobody around to talk too. I took a picture of the glass and will reporting to board of health.. a little advice do not waste your money here

RogueVidja 92

My only problem was the limited food selection. The movie quality was phenomenal and the seating arrangement was a little awkward considering I had a family of strangers sitting behind me with a child who kept talking but that's not the establishments fault. The idea to have food is a good idea, but the probably could have executed it better, the "arcade" is kind of lackluster but overall I had a great time and would go again.

Kurt Groves

Very good service. Nothing fancy, just food to fill up up and a movie.

Tracy Hastings

Food was good, portions were good. Service was slow. Movie was a bit too loud. Perhaps if we had sat in the back it would have been less ear splitting. Overall, I would definitely go again.


I think it's a pretty good time "'Over there chilling and watching movies and having a snack""You give it a try and see

Jason T. Murray

Great place to watch a movie having food and drinks.

C Simons

Next time I will be there earlier. It was a little bit weird eating in the dark.

Cheryl Jacqueson

This was the 2nd time in about 6 weeks that I went to Chunky's both times were miserable experiences. The first visit was my first time ever going to this theater chain. We sat at a table, ordered our food, the food came, no silverware. I hailed a server to ask for silverware and she reached over to another table and grabbed wrapped silverware and threw it at me. I took my grandchildren (ages 2 and 5) to see a matinee showing of Dumbo. The kids wanted ice cream, both wanted vanilla and one with fudge sauce. Tough order? Right they got it wrong not once but twice and of course never provided a spoon. I ordered the chocolate mousse with oreo crumbles, yep no spoon. The kids had a meltdown, other patrons began screaming at us, no one did a darn thing. I got so furious that I got up asked for the check paid and left. You would have thought I wouldn't have been charged, wrong! I asked for a manager, his response, what theater were you in so I can coach my servers. I will never ever return and plan to tell everyone that i know exactly how horrid this was. Thanks for ruining my grandchildren's movie day, Wonder how the movie ended, we will never know.

Bethany Tozier

This theater is a great place for movies you want to see, but don't mind being interrupted during. Great prices for a large selection of food, and decent seating. Also great for group outings.

Cheryl Stevens

Great spot to watch a movie. Good food.

Mark Robinson

Comedy night! Love the other things they do besides movies. Food, meh.

Jessica English

Never had an issue here as far as gluten free eating. I always feel like the staff is very knowledgeable about Celiac Disease. I love coming to this movie theater!

Johnelle Pfab

Awesome place for families. The food is yummy and the wait staff is on point! Would probably be a nice place for a date as well. We will be back the next time we are in New Hampshire!

Sean Griffin

Chunky's is on FLEEK. Chunky's please, please show all the Bruins games. You did it once and you ruined it! Absolutely ruined it! Nothing but being at the game even comes close to how awesome it was watching Chara checking people on your screens.

Mike Pucci

Interesting place. Seats are automobile seats that recline mounted on casters. Food service to seats.

Robert Lavoie

Service was strained, rushed. We arrived 115 minutes early so we wouldn't have to eat in the dark. Food cell out. Lights went out. Roast beef ah juice was all over dish and soggy. Won't eat there anymore. A disappointment.

Rick Ferron

Very good atmosphere and the waitress was awesome

Krys Kenney

So, I've had two bad experiences here. Once, a waiter spilled a whole tray of drinks on me. No over-exaggeration. I was completely soaked in red and blue sticky liquid. The guy said he'd be right back, and just left. Like, left the building. Didn't say a word to his supervisor or coworkers. Another time, we were the only people on the whole theater, and didn't see a waiter until the last 20 minutes of the movie, despite going out to the lobby to complain that no one had waited on us... However, we have had very good experiences here with our kids multiple times, and they made it right both times that we had issues. They have a wide selection of good food, and you gotta love that you can have a burger and a beer while you and the family watch a movie on the big screen. Well be back again and again.

Vernon MacPhee III

I love the place except the service sucks 90% of the time.

Gary Waters

I'll tell you right now, don't go for the food or the service. Other than that, it's a gun concept with comfortable seats and you can order a beer to watch the movie. That is of course, if the wait staff come around, and no guarantee you will get what you ordered.

karamerica abuello

I love going there with my family only because I do not drive in the bus stop right in front of it but because I get to enjoy breakfast lunch or dinner while I'm watching a movie I haven't have no problems with my food or who is wearing me plus you cannot beat the price of the movie tickets

Dean Shelden

I love going here for movies. Great limited menu. What more could you want than no noisy kids.

Wendy Grose

First time in the NH Chunkies...we got the nachos..I was surprised at how little nachos there were I was expecting a huge mound..very disappointing. Service was good. I ordered the Dude which was a Kahlua drink . It was good. Kids got dino chicken and lava dessert cake. Both very delicious. Always a great time at Chunkies. You pay much less for movie tickets but make up for it in meal cost. Great menu. Nice variety of salads burgers apps Bathroom was a soap broken hand dryer.

Denise Paquin

Prices are good. Seating is comfortable. Drinks are made well, but the food always sounds more delicious than it is. Always check that it's not still cold as some items are kept frozen. Nice large space, clean. Good for large groups as well.

Morgan Copeland

No better way to see a movie.

David Hebert

Been going every week for years. Needs some updating now but being able to shoot back have a beer watch a movie with friends. Awesome

Martin The Fisherman

Not the cleanest place but, good service.

Nadeau JW

We could tell they did not have enough staff because it took them 45 minutes to come into the theater to take our order. This is the first time it has ever happened. Hopefully it never happens again

Chris Tompkins

Chicken and waffles are excellent!! Very good prices. Excellent place for date night.

Clarence Saunders

Me and my son watched Captain Marvel great food great beer.....

Prachi Sharma

Nice pace to bring kids for movies and dining. The screen isn't very big. The staff is friendly.

Tom Okeefe

This place is great! We will definitely come back. The server was a young lady with red hair. She was quick and friendly. She told us her name but I can never remember. Our burgers and drinks were delicious. The cooks did a great job and the service was awesome.

A Google User

I really love this place! Always, always happy with the food and service and the seats are very comfortable. Plus, the owner seems to be all about the community which is important to me.

rosco 78

Worst place I’ve ever been to for watching a PPV event. Talk about incompetence....they couldn’t get the PPV to stream correctly for over a half hour. This was not an ESPN issue either. Whoever was operating the notebook pc projection screwed up royally and simply couldn’t figure out how to stream the event “live”. I walked out after the shenanigans persisted of replaying the same portions of earlier fights on the card multiple times over. There’s no excuse for a franchise to charge $15 to watch an event like UFC 239 and then not even follow through with having the stream work correctly! Totally unacceptable and I’ll never go back to that dump!

Michele Gonzalez

Love being able to eat while watching a movie. Food is good and staff is great!

Christopher Preston

Good food, friendly staff. The movie? Well that depends on what you chose.

Brianna Tucker

Absolutely appalled with this place. Every time I come here with my baby to enjoy a movie with my family they turn me away. I am not allowed to bring my baby in a stroller. Not allowed to bring my baby at all. There’s always a problem when I bring my baby to this theater! I will never come back here again! There is always a problem that doesn’t allow for my family to enjoy a movie! So angry and disgusted with this place!

Joshua Kubiak

great fun at a reasonable price. arrive early to get best seats

Pine Apple

Horrible dirty and super outdated don't know why people still go here

Chris Joyce

Great place for, literally, dinner and a movie! They have a good selection of beer and wine and great pub style food.

Kisha Gervais

Staff was rude food not good

Michael Bigelow

Really cool theater for watching a movie with a group of friends. There are several tables in the theater room that are surrounded by movable chairs. These chairs are actually customized car seats, and are quite comfortable. As for the food, they have a large menu that you can order from during the movie. You recieve an led light before the show starts and you can turn it on whenever you want to order more food or drinks. Overall, I really like this place and can't wait to come back. Definitely worth checking out.

Stephanie Nelson

A good Chunky's location. Clean and well kept with good staff.

Jennifer Tramack

Great place to grab some food while watching a movie.

Amy Featherstone

40 minutes into the movie, we still didn't get service so I had to leave the movie I was watching just to find someone. Stood by the kitchen doors for a few minutes until a guy, who I assume to be in some sort of a manager role, came out and was very apologetic and got us a server very quickly. Food was good (for a movie theater) and came quickly. Besides the wait time, I enjoyed my visit. Oh by the way, 4 dollars for a plastic container of cotton candy is a bit crazy.

Unicorn Girl 2007

I would highly recommend having Chunky’s host your child’s birthday party! Our birthday girl had a wonderful day with her friends. The service and experience could not have been better :-)

Virginia Wilson

The movie was great in the chairs are comfortable and the people work there very nice the only thing I did not like is the popcorn was too salty with no butter and the prices are very high

Mary d

Everything was good expect for the fact they have no large drinks and my fish and chips I didn't get the coleslaw and tartar sauce.

Gene Tallman

First time going there,will be back, clean and friendly place, food not bad,prices not to bad too

Astral Fiction

Really good food and attentive staff. Ticket prices are decent too.

Patrick Kirane

Love Chunky's! Their selection of movies seem to be getting sparse though

Sterling Freeman

Great place, food is always made well! I love the Car seat atmosphere, like a drive in.

Michelle Andon

Great placd to see a movie with kids


Amazing VIP salon.... Amazing food..

Karen Legee

Service & food were great. Comfortable seating & reasonable prices.

Rene Sanchez

See great place for a movie and dinner with great food which can make any movie alot better.

Michael Findley

Not the best place to see a movie, or get food, but still a fun blend of both experiences.

sheri richard

We were very pleased with our Birthday party experience at Chunkys. The kids had a blast and Mom and Dad enjoyed showing up and having everything already done for us. From the food to the cake and even the flavors.

Jen Bishop

I had my daughters 12th birthday here and the service, timing and individual care was beyond what I expected. For the parent, sitting back and letting someone else choreograph the food and the cake and the parting gifts was a gift in and of itself. My daughter had fun enjoying her friends without Mom hovering and bothering her with questions about who needs what! We will definitely be planning another party!

Larry Settles

Horrible cinema. Cant put your own butter on the popcorn. Got served butterless over salted popcorn. Menu items overly priced for shitty food. Tho their burgers are yummy.


Very convenient to be able to have dinner with the movie!

Christina Levitan

It's the first time we have been here in years. Well, mostly because once you have children it's impossible to predict how your little one will act in a movie theater. We had a great time as a family. I was VERY sad to see the Chicken Run Wrap was no longer on the menu. That's how long it's been though. Also, the place looked comfy but where on earth did all the awesome games go? Air hockey is gone? Nothing like a good husband and wife air hockey challenge before a movie.

Pamela Ramos da Silva

Friendliest staff, nice place to go if you want watch a movie for a cheaper price. Like a pub with a big screen. The food is good as well.

Marc Fisher Jr.

Went and saw Ralph Wrecks the Internet. Great movie! I love Chunky's as well. Service was really good. I got nachos and they were spot on. I wish that the Haverhill location didn't close as it's so much closer but I very rarely have an issue.

Jailene Lopez

Absolutely the worst customer service i have ever received. The waiter got the drinks wrong twice. Half way through the movie comes over and gave us the receipt for our food WHEN IT HAD NOT BEEN SERVED YET. The manager was also no help. I absolutely did not want to pay for the soda but the manager insisted and my boyfriend got charged for the sodas TWICE. This was so ridiculous. I will never visit a Chunkys again. To think that i traveled 45 minutes! NEVER AGAIN!

adam boisvert

The movie projector failed. I get that things happen but this was the second time coming that there was some sort of issue with it. We got free passes which is why i gave them two instead of one. The reason you arent getting three is because the food orders got all kinds of messed up when we had to change theatres. I get that things happen but youd think that youd have a solution to this if its happened more then once. If my next expirience here is great ill modify this review but with my last two visits i wont get my hopes up.

Jay Aunderson

Buffalo flatbread pizza is DISGUSTING. No idea what kind of sauce and ingredients are used on it. Fish and chips isn’t too bad. Not the best but edible. Waitress service is awesome. Hospitality is awesome. You get what you pay for I guess. Food is mediocre but everything else is pretty nice.

Adam Wuoti

This is a rather unique experience with tables throughout the theater. All the seats are repurposed car seats which are very comfortable.

Wesley Young

Always a great time!

Andrea Brooks

Comfy seats

jun wang

Good place to bring kids

Jose Mandujano

First time there good food

Jenn D

Dishes were dirty and waited over an hour for our drinks. Thank god one male server was very nice and helped us take care of it

Marc Nolin

I've been going to chunkys in Nashua since it opened. The food has certainly improved over the years but it's still not much better than a chain restaurant. I'm impressed with the local beer list that's a great step forward. They have Lincoln leather chairs but customers like to rip the handles off and you're left with a bare metal bar to adjust your seat with. It also sucks that the theatre floors are flat and people get in your way easily on crowded showings.

Carl Cramm

We've had a good experience in the past but this time the food order was messed up twice and have of what we ordered was not available ☹️

Anthony Francis

Classic Chunkys atmosphere. Great establishment and good selection of classic American grub.

Kathleen Moscillo

Very fun place to watch a movie and a good meal.

Tyler Ladebauche

This place has gone so down hill wish I didn't have to leave any stars. Used to go once a week and gave it one more shot yesterday with the family and probably wont go back. Got to theater 1 hr before movie started and didn't see the drinks until 20 min left of movie (3 hr later). It was like this for almost everyone in the place. Would have been nice to have a drink with our meal. Worst management we have ever seen. First time we have never left a tip at establishment. We have been to this chunkys well over 50 times and will not be going back.


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