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REVIEWS OF Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas® 11 & BTX IN Vermont

david rodriguez

Great theatre, plus you can reserve your tickets ahead of time to get the seats you want. Lobby: spacious well structured good for gatherings. Concessions: great selection of snacks and alcoholic beverages and wine. Screening Rooms: large, very good leg space and comfy seats. Bathrooms: very well kept and spacious. 5/5 stars for this location

Janice Wold

Only been to the one in Wilton before, which is nice, but think we like this one better. Friendly staff. Comfortable seating (leather type seats that recline back a bit). Usually I'm fidgeting in my seat after 2 hours, but after watching a 3 hour movie, I was still very comfortable. Will definitely go there in future.

Jaclyn Adler

Our favorite place to catch a movie! Great experience every time. Big screens, good sound system, comfortable seats. And we love picking our seats out ahead of time.

Chris evans

First time here for my wife and I. Very nice theater,. Seats are a bit small but I'm a big guy too. On the flip side of that the armrests fold up and out of the way. Very clean and they serve a small choice of beers and wine, not horrible. Very friendly and helpful staff. Sound quality is great. There was a small bright spot on the screen during the prescreening of Aquaman that kept getting my attention. I dont believe this is the normal as the facility is super clean and very comfortable.

Havilah Dieterle

Very expensive theater,but the only chain in the area so your forced to go. The seats aren't great at all, and the concessions are expensive too. But they sell alcohol so that's cool, but you have to consume it in the lobby, not in the theater. So that's pretty weird.

Braeden Arthur

Tuesday tickets are super cheap :)))


Really great theatre! The facilities are great as well. Only wish is that the seats could recline because those are the best.

Dawn Williams

We saw the Lion King here. A matinee show. Very nice Theater staff was friendly and attentive. The the theater was clean seats were clean very soft, roomy and reclined. Sound quality was GREAT. Only downfall is the prices at the concession stand were way too HIGH. I have a family of 6 and small popcorn was $7 per person. I'm from Long Island so a large popcorn is $8 and you get free refills. Otherwise good experience.


I watched toy story 4 here with my litter brother and it was a great place very sanitary food/popcorn was great plus great prices I recommend going there!

Robert Ross

Great popcorn and soda, clean theaters

Karina Dalton

I went with my boyfriend to see angel has fallen, keep in mind I’ve seen the other movies in that series of movies, and it wasn’t gruesome or anything. My sister bought us the tickets because we’re 16, not 17. We get there to have the guy rip off the ticket and he says we can’t go see it because we’re 16 and don’t have an adult.

Saratoga Custom Cabinets LLC

BTX Theater. Great seats and quality sound.

Phil DeCelie

"Insert praise here"

Cathy Laurent

Comfortable & clean with a very easy on-line ticket buying process where you reserve your seat in advance. Perfect movie-going experience & Rocketman was terrific!

LarryLee Fiber

It's really a 5-star place. It's just that being 55, it's hard for me to go to the movies with a friend and pay $28 for tix, and then another $20-something for a couple drinks and a shared popcorn, and maybe some M&Ms. Old-school, yes. But $50-somethin' dollars! Dude!! Theaters are lovely though. Super-comfortable seats, generously sloped to ensure screen-visibilty, even if a tall girl with a beehive hairdo sits in front of you. Lol. Great surround-sound system. A little chilly sometimes, so bring a sweater or something, just in case. You'll love it!

Stephanie Derusha

Fun experience with excellent seating. I truly loved being able to have a meal during my movie. The large order of like a soda or popcorn is ridiculous. They're ginormous. It's great for sharing. Saw mortal engines and the movie went by flawless with zero interruptions from anyone.

Andrew McKelvey

For some reason, and I'm sure it's not a good reason, you can't bring alcohol into the theater. So tell me, what is the point of selling it then? It's not like people are going to hang out in the lobby and drink.

Rally Tasker

Great theater. Love location easy to get tickets

Jaime Noble at Whalen Chevrolet

Love this place! Serves beer and wine with could you not like that! Comfortable seats too


I love this cinema! They show indie films that other theatres do not show. The seating is very comfortable and the sound system is amazing! Concessions are fresh and delicious. They also have a deal on admission every Tuesday.

William Shaw

Comfy seats. Insane prices for food.

Janice Reeves

Beautiful theater. Seats are comfortable, and I love the fact that you can reserve your seat online before the movie. It's nice to know when you walk in that you won't get stuck searching for a seat in an overcrowded theater. Staff is friendly and helpful. This is always our first choice of where to go when we go to the movies.

Nancy Morrison

Always clean, well managed. A great experience.

Space Pirate Gaming

I like how clean the movie theater is. One thing negative I have to say is the concession stand. I had a free small drink and thinking they would take it off the total but they didn’t. He was trying to act surprise by saying the system refresh and now I see it. I checked before going to the movies tonight and I know I had a free small drink. They should start being honest with people about what points they have and what you can get. Instead of Lying.

Nick Shelby

It's a movie theater. It's clean, has good staff, and the popcorn is good. There's not much to it.

Dana Vanburen

Theatre was fine. Bathrooms could have been cleaner but what got me is that they allowed people to bring full size luggage into the cinema. No bags were being checked while I waited for my food. Unsure if the luggage was but to me that is a HUGE security issue.

Authmn Finn

Clean, fun , comfy movie night with the fam and super pleasant and friendly staff

Kathy's D

Very comfortable for my 78 year old mom who climbed the stairs with no problem. She can't wait to go back

Murray Eitzmann

Love 7$ Tuesdays night at the movies. BEST popcorn.

Kristofer Sens

Clean, nice staff, great sound, comfortable seats.

Patti. Lynne Sicluna

Super nice staff, super clean venues (and restrooms)

Heather Taft

BTX screen is large, but makes for your seat selection tricky. A little loud for my taste, but over all. Not bad.

Finding All Of Me

atmosphere was nice, bathrooms clean,friendly staff ,only complaint was the burger sliders i ordered,not so great.

HG Modlin Jr

Great place to see a movie, though management & staff need to be a little more on point sometimes; there have been too many times when a movie is out of focus or the 3D is off

crystal rivera

Comfortable seats,clean and really good screens. Good concessions stand and very friendly people.

Tammy Chandler

Dave Y. that was working at the ticket counter was a great help with what I needed


The fact that this place employs the handicapped is beyond amazing! I loved being here and seeing such a diverse group of employees. Very well maintained theater and decently priced food. Had a great time here!

Ms Capear

Screen could have been bigger. But good for the most part.

Matt Redding

Easily the cleanest movie theater I’ve ever been too. Always have a good movie selection and comfy seats to watch them in.

J Visconti

Stadium seating that can be reserved in advance. Atom app to order tix made it super easy ordering and checking in. QR code is scanned at the ticket counter rather than printing tix.

dave norton

Bright and clean lobby, plenty of comfortable seats. Stadium style seats. Choose your own seats and know what to expect. Good looking snacks

Denise Rutledge

Friendly staff, comfy seats and the sound doesn't knock you out of your seats. Very nice.

James Fisher

Very comfortable theatre, you can get beer and wine here too.

Sean Bruceter

Very nice movie theater! Most theaters are all the same but this one has a unique location, extra clean theaters, offers alcohol at concession, has older movie classic evenings, and is always a treat to visit!

Matthew Rivers

The theater was clean and looked awesome and the customer service was perfect.

Christine Cook

We love the reserved seating. And the staff is very pleasant. Everthing is nice and clean.

Paul Schaeffer

It is a great place for movies, clean comfortable. Saw Judy which was great.

john seltenreich

A nice theater. Clean and very comfortable. Plenty of parking nearby. Downtown Saratoga is two blocks away.


I like the theater fine. Hoped they would show more independent movies. Also wish they charged a lot less for tickets.

Alberto Matos

Great place awesome ser6

Harry Downing

Decent, free parking. Modern and clean lobby, theater and bathrooms. Large selection of food. Alcohol in lobby only. BTX screen was impressive with good sound..

Eva Nentwick

Bathrooms need more attention

Jay Oare

Best theater around. Comfortable seats, affordable tickets, great food and great service. Can't recommend it enough.

Eugene Luczak

Great big roomy seats, sound system is awesome, great excuse to eat a lot of candy and buttery flavored popcorn and soda, oh yeah the movie was good too.

Victoria Morrison

Faebook posts are popping up that the General Manager mocked and made fun of a client with disabilities. This manager should be fired immediately. I will not be returning until this is done.

Jennifer Clute

Love going to the movies here. Always have a great time. Yummy popcorn.

Sherri Farrell

Best comfortable seats ever.

Aaron Kingery

Good price. Good snacks. Nice seats, screen undersized compared to other modern theatres

Kathleen McGowan

Great movie experience.

Tamara Nieman

The large seats with cup holders are very nice and being able to pick/reserve your seats is a nice feature. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the bathrooms were messy- pieces of toilet paper on the floor and no tp in 1 of the stalls, etc. Dcp

It's roarific!!! There couldn't have been a better time or place to see the first showing for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!!!! Great vibrant sound boxes and epic graphic visual effects on a big screen set in a exquisitely colorful and comfortable theater! The higher I sit up the isles, the better the view! I couldn't ask for a better movie theater to watch a franchise I love or something I am yearning to see as it premieres! I highly recommend it for anyone!

Hailey Lappies

I went there to have fun and whatch it chapter 2 it was really scary lol

Michael Lindsey

Nice clean place, not as fancy as we had been told.

Annamaria Nicolella

Loved it, first time there,def going again

ILovePuppies AndKitties

Really nice staff. There was a new guy working and he was very polite about his mistakes or having to ask for assistance. We were in no rush because we went on a Thursday at night so it quite. Also very clean

Jake Fried

The facility is beautiful. It is clean and there are high ceilings so you don't feel claustrophobic. Staff is generally kind and helpful. I know that movie theatre food is in general overpriced...but I found when ordering food at this theatre is was much higher than the norm. One other picky thing: we asked for extra butter on the popcorn and they said that they don't add it, and we had to go add it ourselves. Minor thing, for sure, but its the details that add up. Seats were comfortable, bathrooms were clean.

Stephen Jackson

Needs better seating uncomfortable chairs

Michael McLaughlin

Minus the fact that finding parking is tough the theater is clean staff are friendly and the prices seem better than what's at the malls. The screen in theater six is best viewed in rows less than L

Sinead Corrigan

First time here with my daughter and it was amazing the service was friendly and the cinema was comfy and clean will definitely come back.

Joseph Ratzer

Best theatre around. Very clean. Comfy seats. Only weird thing is that they sell alcohol, but you can only drink it in the lobby. Who wants to do that?

Vince Hannon

In at 1130AM. Popcorn was wilted and flavorless. It was obviously yesterday's leftovers. Pretty disappointed in that. Viewed in Theatre 11. The projector is open to the lobby, so there was a light through the projector window (besides the movie) that illuminated much of the top of the theatre, with reflections of cars and people moving about on the ceiling. Very distracting. Otherwise, exceptionally clean, and the staff were pretty friendly.

Eric Whiting

The return of the downtown theater...wish they would allow the beer to be had in the theater...not just a weird side room.

Simbia Campbell

It was amazing the popcorn

Michael Wallace

Very nice place! Love the stadium seating! Lots of movie screens inside the theater!

Georgia Fitzpatrick

This theater is always clean! The chairs are awesome, the staff is helpful and friendly, the popcorn is amazing, they have discount options, tons of choices, great sound and screen. And it's always clean!!!! Best theater around!

Katerina Healey

Great location for a movie theater. Always well kept and clean. Parking garage conveniently located across the street.

Eric Cruz

Quick food service, clean, and friendly.


Screen too small and the kid at the front forgot to give us the 3D glasses.

David Mason

Really is a nice upscale theater with an excellent variety of movies to choose from. Their seats are extraordinary comfortable and are inclined higher-than-normal allowing you to always have a good view of the movie. Tickets are a bit more expensive and there food and drink prices are outrageous but what the hell. You get what you pay for. Note: go online and reserve your ticket and seat ahead of time. Works like a charm

Stephanie Scuderi

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody today. Great movie, theater is comfortable, BTX is impressive. Usually go on Tuesdays because prices are much better, but had a free ticket with my current card, so decided to splurge!

Raymond Ortiz

Clean environment, friendly staff, lovely theater overall.

morteza hakimi siboni

This a very nice theater located in a nice area of Saratoga. There are tons of free parking very close to the theater. There seems to be lots of good restaurants around which is a plus.

Liz L

It's a movie theater, nothing more, nothing less. Took my grandson there to see the new Godzilla movie - which is aweful. I had been warned by my daughter to bring food because he's going to want to eat. I'm sorry I didn't. Over $4 each for a hot dog, (he ate the hot dog I ate the bun), teeny bag of m & m's, regular apple juice (12 oz maybe?), and I think almost $8 for popcorn. Be warned Bow Tie, I will bring my own drink & candy, if there is a next time.

Mike Byington

Love the place I go there for all the big movies I want too see and they have great service

Margaret Sabatino

Excellent customer service... comfortable spacious seating..good popcorn. Lol

Gary Moon

Great comfy seating and every seat has exceptional sound quality because it's a Dolby certified theater. Not sure if they are Atmos or not but they may be. Top quality experience. Every once in a while it's worth it to be robbed for the overpriced concessions and see a big screen blockbuster action movie in 3D with deafening sound. I'd like to catch one of their special broadcast presentations or events sometime.


Always a great and comfortable experience...only downside is the reserved makes sense at night but during matinee hours on a weekend not so much.

Michael Brooks

Elegant. Relaxing always a fun place to go.

Hilton Webb

Very nice theater with good sound and a decent screen. Also, the bathrooms are spotless.

Richard Johnson

Great atmosphere, comfy seats,friendly

Marte McCalla

Usually not too busy. Sound system is great, it'll rattle your filings! Concession stand is pricey, but they do have specials to save some money On Tuesdays, all films, and showings are only $7! Great value!

Scot Prehn

Reserved seating is nice at times but a pain in the rear when you want to add people to a party... Or kids buying tickets separately... It is nice and new and clean. Great location but could use more parking. At times the lots fill up and then you have to hunt for parking.

Jamison DalSanto

The Bow Tie Criterion is much better than Regal Cinemas. They feature more affordable food, and much more. I would recommend BTX if you're looking for a fun experience.

Michele Hamlin

Truly love this cinema. So fresh and updated.


Clean, easy parking, great seats, just plain perfect!!!!



Austin Glassford

A very pretty theater, clean, and well staffed. Also very advanced when it comes to purchasing tickets. Becoming more of standard feature with most theaters, but they offer the opportunity to purchase tickets online and you receive a scannable QR code, therefore expediting the whole process. On the down side initial trailers before the movie in my experience can be up to 20 min long, as well as very pricey snack and drink prices, I believe 4 stars is fair all things considered and would be more than willing to come back if these things were addressed.

Megha Sharma

Helpful Staff and good atmosphere


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