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38 NH-25, Meredith, NH 03253

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REVIEWS OF BarnZ's Meredith Cinema IN Vermont

G Mensing

Small theater with small screen and older non-reclining chairs. Not a bad theater mind you, but I've been spoiled by the big awesome new ones. It's okay and that's not a bad thing.

santiago moughty

Nice little place to catch a movie !

Steve Roberts

excellent local theater

Heidi Lawton

Great movie theater, comfortable seats, good picture, and good sound!

Kiera Russell Ladman

Convenient and great selection. Seats could be more comfortable, though...

Elizabeth Sloane

Love the new chairs but I feel like the sound could've been a little bit louder in the theater. Overall we enjoyed ourselves :-)

Richard Nolan


Exalent clean friendly theater always enjoy going there to watch movies

Thomas Carder

Miller Krauss

Clean, we'll run, seats could use an upgrade.

Glenn 8D


Diana Germain

great experienxe decent snack prices..good sound during movoe

Josh Kuhn

Artist Tara Bryson

It was great matinees haven't been busy when we go and my little loves it there

jamie Gilpatric

Super friendly staff. Clean.. and wonderful place for a nice movie night

Christine Burkholder

Pascale Roy & Jonathan Busby

Very cool place

Lucas Patten

Very much worth the time and money to go to to watch clean.

Leandro Malvigne

(Translated by Google) The cinema has the classic style combined with modern super comfortable seats, it is small almost homely, the best place to immerse yourself in the fantasy of the story that we are going to venture. (Original) El cine tiene el estilo clásico combinado con moderno asientos super confortables, es pequeño casi hogareño, el mejor lugar para sumergirse en la fantasía de la historia que vamos a aventurarnos.

Roland Veasey

I've been to this theater several times and overall I recommend it. The staff can be a bit unwelcoming (not rude, just not very good at greeting you or really much enthusiasm). I think the quality of the projection and the screens could be a bit better. It's kind of blurry/image could be sharper. I've been to a few different theaters in the area and I always come back to Barn Z's. It's got decent prices and it's never too crowded.

Dave Foss

Nice little gem on the lake, especially on a rainy afternoon. Very friendly staff!

Tim Hodge

New seats are awesome

Jamie Swift

Love the new power reclining seats

Bob Chapman


Zach Oswald

Great theater

Paul DeMasi

Melody M

Small and close to home, ac works great!

Susan MacDonald

Wicked comfortable seats.

Fred Ellliott

The new seating is amazing

Linda Nave

Recliners were clean and comfortable.staff helped me find my car keys instead of leaving it up to me by my self

Alex Nevers

only three theaters and movies at a time, but the place was well kempt and staff friendly. also, no trailers before the movie when I went, which was odd, but it was nice to have the movie start on time.


Great new seats.

Kevin Gibson

14$ for two tickets middle of the day? Helll yeah

C Goddard

Wow! If you haven't gone lately, you should because this place has had an amazing renovation with luxury leather recliner seating where you can truly stretch out and relax! The only downside is that you might just fall asleep.. Excellent cinematic experience!

Heather Frost

We were so impressed with the new recliners. They are comfy. We dont go to movies often but if we do I'll make sure to make it a Barnz movie.

nathan theriault

The best theater around. Nice reclining chairs, intimate sized theaters, and traditional movie atmosphere.

Tyler Jordan

Nice place

Gregory Meena-Vanasse

This movie theater is always amazing. And after the upgrades to the seats it's even better. The service there is also top notch

Jackson Wang's Thighs

Amazing and the new seats were amazing aswell

Heather Dunham

Good service, clean, love the refills on the popcorn!

bob s

Seats didn't recline much

Kimberleigh Gray

I did like it...but the seats are a lil i couldnt get out of it lol it was eating me...but the movie was great. Not a huge place but big enough

W Jacobson

Small theater with recliners. Get there early if you want to sit more than 2 people together.

Alex Cole

Standard movie theater with a hilariously low budget don't talk before the show video

Charlie Strong

Nice recliner seating. Senior discount.


Clean, small, great location, but limited showings due to size. Might have to drive to Lincoln or Gilford to see what you want.

Elaine White

Wonderful local Cinema with comfortable electric recliners.

Michelle Medeiros

A small 3 cinema movie theater thats nice, quiet, peaceful, and never crowded. The movies, however dont come out for a while past release date sometimes, which is ok with me. Its right next to Hannaford.

James LeBaron

Comfortable seats and friendly staff.

Sean Garrity

For a small cinema, it was very nice. Power recliners, fully stocked snack bar. The men's room smelled like the dumpster at the beach, but aside from that, no complaints.

Craig Moore

Small but Great theater

Kenneth Fenn

Ok somewhat clean. traditional seats


laurel c

I have been traveling 2 hours, one way, to get to a theater that is comfortable. As a gimp with a service dog, I am so uncomfortable in traditional theater seats, and I hate having my dog sit/lay squished between narrow seats on an alarmingly sticky floor. Problem solved! Barnz in Meredith has all new seating. Each oversized chair is extremely comfortable, and they recline just like a "lazy boy" type chair. They even have leg-rests! There's lots of leg-room, and on my first visit the theater is wonderfully clean. They have designated seating for disabled people, with plenty of room for my service dog. The arms of the disabled seats have arm rests that tuck away, which really helps if you need to transfer from a wheelchair. Great popcorn, great prices, and very nice people working. I am thrilled to have found this theater!

Scooter Ahlers

GREAT place to see a movie. Very intimate place and super friendly staff.


Great if u don't mind, trash seating, mean staff, cold vents, expired food, lowered down seats, small screen, too expensive and I could go on, so if u wanna get more money, use it wisely on improving your theatre.

P Easley

Don't listen to people that complain about it being small or the seats . It's just fine it's a small town theatre that is great. No crowds . Good pricing and the staff has always been great

michelle Greene

Love the comfy new recliners!!

Amy Giguere

Awesome.. New seats super comfy

Debra Bouley

Cute, friendly, close to home, and doesn't break the bank!!

Norberto Diaz

(Translated by Google) Small (Original) Pequeño

Travis Slocum

Paul Caron

Very cordial staff just inconvenient location and parking.

Jeff A.

Good small theater with the exception of the rugs in the Theaters, they need to be cleaned, they smell awful

Jacob Swartwood

The new seats here are awesome fully leather reclining chairs

Tyson Amburg

You will probably sleep though the movie because the seats are so comfortable.

Shawn Pelletier

Small independent theater. Older seats but sound and screen excellent. Nice to have a local movie theater in the area.

Pearl Kessler

Very good place but the seats are not comfortable

Andrew Chehayl

Paul Slaney

Gail Andersen

I went to see Downton Abby. Movie was great. First time I have experieced the reclining seats, very comfortable. I was I'm with the theater.

WWE Themes and more

GREAT, It has soooo comfortable leather reclining electric seats and lots of types of food. And the seats are wide with huge armrests and head rests that fit perfectly. Absolutely great.

Paula Milbourn

Nice little theater. They changed all the seats to recline and so now it is much more comfortable great popcorn usual stuff you can get at a movie theater but very comfortable oh, but get there early because the theaters fill up fast

Ron Blake

Loved those seats

Peter Gale

Sue Ashey

Very comfortable and clean!

Heidi Alana

Small hometown cinema-always has great movies playing

Dave Donovan

Great theatre, never had too big of a crowd. Theatres are clean and well kept. Been going here since I was a kid and I've never had an issue.

Michelle Reasoner

Great movie ,great sound ,a little expensive

Jeff Levesque

Love the new seats.

Connor Benoit

Cold but, everything else is fine

Tanya Heath

Nice theater

Nathanael Mathieu

Best cinema in the area, hands down. Only comparable experience is the Magic Lantern in Bridgeton. I would much rather go to BarnZ than any other big cinema. Magic Lanter for the cheap tickets, BarnZ for a excellent experience

joanne parsons

Went to BarnZ's to see a star is born ...was very delighted with the new recliners with foot rests! Very comfortable, my theater of choice for lakes region!

Rebecca Bense

Seating is kind weird. Not the cleanest place. Staff was excellent.

joanna Felch

Great place to watch movies

Kellie Cheney

Seats where awesome! They reclined!

Jennifer Jurczynski

It's the closest movie theatre if you live in Holderness, NH (My Hometown). With that in mind... it's a very small and usually empty but we're thrilled to have an option that's within a 30 min drive.

John Jenness

Best movie theater in the area. New seats are awesome!

James Butler

Great local movie theater

Tristan Olly

Good prices, nice clean theaters with comfortable chairs and good quality screen and sound.

Bryan Thurston

New seats are great for movie watching

Kim White-Feather

Wheelchair accessible

Tom Brown

Great theater - comfy new seats and fair pricing. We thought the audio needs improvement.

Lisa Bates

Seating is awesome I really enjoyed myself

cameron verspyck

Been going here for a long time and always loved the theater and with the new seats its a lot nicer..... but Endgames ending was completely ruined and washed out by whoever was on shift because the last 20 minutes was trash bags being whipped around and vacuuming right outside the door. Not tryna get anyone in trouble just dont ruin my $30 per person movie experience with literal trash sound effects i dont wanna hear. Hate to be real and ya hate to see it happen

George Soundis

New reclining leather seats very comfortable

John Strickland

First time back since new seating was installed. Like it a lot.

Michele Windsor

OMG! The new reclining seats are soooo roomy and comfortable! They get some of the best movies. Sound system is excellent for a smaller theater. Go there often.

William Robinson

Great place to watch a movie

Haley Pimley

Amy Brown

A small theater. Clean. Staff is great.

mike skiinghousedad

Great seats!

Case Merrick

This was probably the smallest theater I've ever been to but don't let it's size fool you. The seats were very comfortable and the sound and picture were fantastic! It's the closest real theater to Plymouth where I go to college and it was completely worth the 25 minute drive. The employees we're very kind and ready to serve. They also helped me get a bit of a refund on some other tickets that they did not have to do! Great place

Jeannie Heath

Love this place!!

Brett Varnum

Recliner seats are awesome!


Inexpensive and comfortable reclining seats.


Expensive candy. At least four dollars for a box of candy, when you can get four boxes with that money from the dollar store. Except for that, everything good. The atomsphere is clean, very quite and fun

Elizabeth Odiorne

BarnZs has done a lot in recent years to upgrade their theater. While they dont have some of the amenities of big chain cinemas, they are a solid local/independent movie theater. the recent upgrade to reclining seats with footrests is a game changer and makes the experience a lot more comfortable than normal seats.

Tristan Emerson

Amazing theatre! The seating is very spacious, and the seats recliner, making it a very comfortable experience.

Melinda Limoges

Wicked FRIENDLY employees, CLEAN and VERY comfortable RECLINING chairs!

Jane Elliott

The theater has been completely renovated. It's fantastic. The new seating is amazing, the seats recline and are very comfortable. If there's any movie you want to see, see it here. It's worth the trip.

Nikki Thomas

Nice cozy theater big comfy seats

M Fahey

Close to home; clean; recent movies

Barbara Hartig

They updated the theatre, now they have reclining seats...pretty neat!

Kurt Schaffner

Great seats

AJ Salamanca

Great movie venue. Recliners!

Kerry Lynch

Very comfortable, clean 3 screen theatre with good selection of food and snacks

Oliver Salmon

The people were nice and lines short. It's pretty small with only a few screens. The heating system was not amazing and it was a bit cold inside in the winter.

Jeremy Tetreault

Great plenty of room great sound and screen

Jessie Lee

I have gone to see movies here since I was little. Small town movie theater ,clean and cozy.

Jo-Anne Marino

Great movie theatre... The reclining seats are crazy nice! Great staff working there.

Kristen Boisvert

Nina Steele

Saw Downton Abbey the chairs are so comfortable! And the popcorn was fresh!

Sharon Hubenthal

Small but the comfy recliners were awesome

Robin Royal

Loved Detective Pikachu. The chairs are so comfy.

Ruth Neidhardt

Love this theater. The new seats make all the difference. Very. Omfortable to watch the show.

Crofton Marshall

New reclining seats are great

Kevin Laurent

Great place to catch a movie.

Rob Horace

Great Electric Reclining Seats

Hanna Hahn

Sherri Covell

Staff is always friendly, polite and helpful. Seats are super comfy! Love movie night in Meredith at BarnZ's!

Thomas Thorner

Love the seating! Comfy and cozy. Bring the family

Phyllis Sapp

This is the first time that I have been to this establishment. Upon entering. It is the normal buy tickets, concession stand, walk to the correct theater. NOW, entering into the theater, you are greeted with......RECLINERS! Yes , correct, recliners. Recliners, with a drink cup holder, kick back with feet elevated, and watch your movie. (Be careful that you dont fall asleep)...the recliners are that comfortable!

Call me kitty

Kyle Luce

Sandra Davis

Great movie theater. Awesome popcorn Very comfy seats that recline.

Nancy Cail

Great small theater with nice reclining comfortable chairs

Matthew Bishop

Great theater, wicked comfortable seats!

Jill Pruyn

Viewed Dunkirk...Great movie. Nice small quaint theatre. Staff very friendly. Popcorn delicious. Visual and audio great. We're from Town in WI, Midwest. Of 60,000 people. BarnZ"s is as good as the ones in my hometown.

Mark Krider

Great little theater. Friendly staff.

Zachary Smith

Intimate, clean venue.

Lesley Charalambides

If you’re fed up walking miles from the cinema door to find your screen, if you’re tired of being cramped up in an uncomfortable seat, this place is for you. The seats are fabulous, wide comfortable and they recline. The rows are spacious and the screens are just a few steps from the door. No steps, good disabled access, friendly staff, great popcorn. What else can I say? I won’t be going anywhere else. From now on. Oh, and the screens and sound reproduction are great.

Callahan Bryer

A nice place to watch a movie on a rainy day. Only downside is that the concessions are very expensive, but that’s the usual case in a movie theater.

Lisa Gauldin

Best theater experience, the new seats are wonderful

Lisa Prince

Reclining seats are nice, but this theater is always too cold. It is really kind of unpleasant.

Lori Jean Davis

Great people and new chairs are great

Charlotte Robinson

Fabulous new comfy reclining seats

Leigh Shipp

Awesome seats

Sean LaPlante

Bob D

horrible seats. they smell and are uncomfortable. time to refurbish this place

Zephyr N/A

Pretty good, its in a small town though so there's usually not a lot of people there

Xiomy Andújar

(Translated by Google) Very friendly and nice comfortable very clean everything was nice our visit (Original) Muy amable y bonito cómodo muy limpio todo fue agradable nuestra visita

Danielle Lavorgna

The seats are comfortable

Samantha K

Love coming here when we get the chance. It's small and cozy. We never come during an opening night because that's just crazy talk. But when we do go it's quiet. Except for that one time when 3 teenagers kept talking through A Quiet Place. That really irked us.

Elizabeth Brennen

Only cinema in the area, other than Gilford which is 20 minutes away. One of the smallest cinemas I've been too, but very clean, staff is good, and good quality screens.

Trever Gumbs

Theater empty, loved it.


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