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586 Calef Hwy #1, Barrington, NH 03825

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Where is BarnZ's Barrington Cinema?

REVIEWS OF BarnZ's Barrington Cinema IN Vermont

Jeremy Whitcomb Sr

I love this theater it's one of the only places I can carry and have no worries that they will kick me out like Newington

Ken Rollins

Great community movie theatre

Kaitlyn Stefanski

It feels like going to the movies as a kid. None of the fancy things that aren't necessary and drive the ticket prices sky-high. You go, you pay a reasonable price, you don't have to get specific seats, you can get your popcorn/soda/candy, and watch the movie. It's what I'm looking for when I'm going to the theater. I don't need the crazy sound quality, gigantic screen, or crazy seating. I just want to watch a brand new movie on a big screen for a low-key date night with my husband. I love this place!

Paul Little

The new seats are awesome!! Prices are hood and the people are very friendly and helpful. They even layered the butter on our popcorn. Great place to see a movie!

Kevin Libby

Nice local theatre great movies and reasonable prices.

Don Holmes

Not too big and not very crowded. I like it, we'll go back again.

Marc Blanchette

We had a great time! The movie was great and the concessions were awesome! Always like going there! It's not as big as other theatres, but sometimes that's a good thing! Will always check out the movies there before anywhere else! :)

Stephen Farrar

Good place to go to the movies affordable

Margie Turner

Clean and comfortable recliners.

Michael Moran

This place is old, the chairs are uncomfortable and it smells. I will never go back.

Shauna Bailey

I'll definitely start going here more often. Smaller for sure, but just as comfortable with their new seats. No throngs of people to contend with in our 10pm show, on a Friday.

Linda Paul

I love this little cinema. Great prices and very cozy.

Jane Casselberry

Mary Poppins was a great movie.

Dick Dearborn

A small but clean multi screen movie theater that is very convenient for the local communities.

Molly House

Small Town theater. It feels like the ones I went to as a kid.

Mike Cleary

Cheap films, relatively cheap snacks and drinks, nice easy parking. Can't go wrong.

Ron Zangari

Cheap prices on everything and comfortable seating

Jo Wiscarva

Nice place.


Great seating, good movie, a little cool in the theater.

olivia willson

What a great place. My husband and I went to see maze runner death cure at 9:50pm. It was quiet the prices were amazing. Its also a plus that we live a 3 minute drive up the road. This place is a treasure in the rough for sure. The only thing I would want people to know is if you are a plus size person the seats may not be the most comfortable. Other than that A+!!!!


Overall terrible place. Disgusting upholstery-perhaps the most uncomfortable cushions I've ever sat on-with no leg room. Another point of contention is the service here. The manager is so lazy and probably could not care at all about her job! The atmosphere is reminiscent of a musty, filthy dumpster. Would not go here again. Ever!!

Elice Laughner

Nice local movie theater. A little stinky though.


Great place. This is NOT your local megaplex with 80 theaters and every bell and whistle and every obnoxious teenager within a 10 mile radius. This is the way theaters used to be, small, local, owned and operated with pride.

Robert Anderson

Local movie Theatre with all the modern movies.

jim M

Great place to catch a movie

Lisa Ralston

Love BarnZ's. Good matinee prices, great popcorn

Julia George

Great value, easy in and out. Nice old cozy place. The only reason I gave 4, and not 5 stars, is that the last time I was there, I was well dressed for winter, even doubled up on socks, yet I was miserably cold. I felt like my hands and feet were going to snap off.

Stan Tomlinson

Big reclining chairs. Good sized screen. Audio clear. Nice staff.

Stewart Keefe

We were looking forward to Rocketman based on good reviews and accolades by friends. Unfortunately, Godzilla was playing in the adjoining theater and the noise level drowned out our onscreen dialogue. Bummer

Ellen Chartrand

Family friendly, mostly budget friendly. Helpful staff. Bring a pillow to make those old theatre seats comfortable to sit on. Reminds me of the movies as a kid.

Kelly Goodwin

Smaller movie theater but always nice to go here, prices are good and snacks are a little less than Regal.

Ann-Marie Lavoie

Pretty good. Nice food choices but seats could be more comfortable.

Zack Ruddy

Good prices

Cheryl Toussaint

Not the most up to date but they didn't keep me waiting in lines and I was able to get in and settled quick with my daughter. The people were friendly as always

Lee Giffen

Mgr. was knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk to. Sometimes the volume of the movie is low and people have difficulty hearing movie. If an usher could check during viewing more people would enjoy movie. Popcorn and soda special would be nice.

Kelly Brooks

Good prices and clean!

John Dejesus

Cool and affordable price for tickets.


Great movies great food but some of the movie theater places where you watch the movie smell

Ryleigh Janelle

After the movie ended the lights never came on, so we had to gather ourselves and leave in the dark.

Corey Britton

Went to see Avengers Endgame here, two days after the opening. We were able to get tickets for half the price of other theaters in the area. Still a best kept secret. Most definitely will be back.

Matt Glidden

It's nice to go see a movie and not have it cost an arm and a leg!

Claire Doyle

Nice theater. Small and cozy


Great small Cinema. I wish they had more food and drink selections.

Tamara Simonds

Power went out a customer told us what was happening. All they did was give us a pass to another movie.

shawn esparza

Easy to get to

James Gotti

Suprisingly comfortable for being a small theater seats are new leather and recline a diamond in the rough

Emmanuel Baker

Nice place. Different form NYC as far as the matinee show times. But inside very clean and very organized.


Smaller scale it's nice. Terrible parking lot be careful pulling in your likely to meet a tire eater!

Donna Russo

Rundown facility,they don't have a dedicated person selling stand in food line to buy tickets, even early afternoon movies but reasonably priced...

Zackary Sweeney

I was not really a fan of this place. the seating arrangement as terrible, very slight decline so if you had somebody tall sitting in front of you you wouldn't see the screen very well. The whole theater is not very big at all. the popcorn tasted like it was stale and the pricing wasn't great either, over all I would suggest going to one of the chain theaters over this one. So yeah 2 out of 5 stars.

Tom J

Small movie theater for reasonable price. Around 6 movie rooms. You can have fun with whole family or as a couple. Popcorn, candies, soda and other snacks. No seat order - first come first serve.

Ellen Wood

Small theater, pleasant staff and starts the movie on time. Maybe some commercials as it gets closer to start time but otherwise great choice. Oh did I mention no lines

Amber Tomblin

Compared to bigger theatres they have a great rate for tickets. In comparison paying double isn't worth having a different type of seat.

Cheryl Clement

Comfy seating, close to my home

Marty E

Clean new reclining seats. Good prices

Janet Richards

Easy parking, no wait for tickets and seats are comfortable

Rebecca Inglis

The new seats are even better than Regals.

dr jman

Not bad minus a few of the new seats arent hooked uo so u can recline

Sterling Hager

A worker named Abby made our trip to the movies amazing I've never had such professional friendly service at a theater before. Very clean atmosphere and a cozy theater with great food and service. I would go back again and again I highly recommend this place.

Gloria Jo Roth

Saw a current release , handicapped accessible & very pleasant staff

Tracy Long

Always enjoy seeing a movie in this well cared for family theater. A blast from the past, but comfortable, updated, and the screen is great. Affordability for tix and snacks. Wont break the bank. Pleasantly surprised and definitely recommend.

Samuel English

Worse time ever. Went to bring a friend to go see Advengers EndGame and they told me it was sold out. Got my ticket a few hours before because I just missed the showing. But after being told it was sold out I payed for him to see Shazam when I saw Endgame. Went in and there was more then 7 open seats right in the first few rows. After asking why this happend. Without mind you mentioning the first few rows had open sets. I was told by the manager We Have To Say That. For last minute viewers wanting tickets. The hole thing didn't make since and I felt lied too. Worse of all my friend and I couldn't see the film for the first time together. This picture will never be out for the first time again and they made it a bad memory . Will be going to Smitty's in Sanford for now on. They got food and drinks and adlut drinks too. So brimg your IDS lol and say no too this place

Anthony Bourdain

I love this theater. It may not be as plush as some theaters but then again the tickets are 40% cheaper and there is never a wait.

Meca Loaiza

This place is very dated.

Stephanie Whitehouse

Clean, well-priced for a budget! Super nice staff!

Dillon Powell

I always liked a good old fashioned movie theater That being said if some of the kids working the place were a hair more motivated to keep the place tidy and stocked, I'd have given it a 5 star

teresa johnson

Love the new seats super comfy

Mary Houle

Been going here for ever. Close and convenient.. but it seems to be getting a little run down.

Michelle Lemay

Nice place good prices

Bruce Tucker

Great atmosphere and beer with your movie is all ways good

Brittany Wright

Great prices and decent seating

Patty Baxter

Its perfect on a wednesday to take your 3 yr old grandchild to to watch a movie. Its cheap and small perfect for little ones.

mary weeks

The first show of the day is 7.50 . Great deal!

Jim Stevens

Great price for a movie. Cool chairs.

Mohammed Zafar

Movie screen & theatre size is small. We decided toeave & Emma at the ticket counter politely refunded our money. Will consider coming back for a different movie.

Jess Jabour

I love that the prices are great (especially matinee prices all day on Wednesday. Where else can you watch a new movie at the theatre for $6.50?) The theatre is clean, plays new movies, the service is friendly, and there's basically never a line or only has seats left. Sure, it doesn't have late night showings, or all the new movies, but it's hands down the best for bringing larger families out without having to go in debt to do it. Love, love, love this theatre.

Kelly Murphy

Been going for years cheapest movie around. But now they have updated seats that recline like regal. It's a small theater but it is so nice to pay half the average price to see the same movies.

Caroline Kittredge

Clean, nice little place to catch a movie. Daily mattinees.

peter casella

Great little theater. Never really packed solid which is nice. Good prices. Good nachos!

Rick Gagne

Really like this movie theatre. Cheeper than others, don't need to pre pick your seats, the way movie theaters used to be.

Jill Royer

Theater,clean, roomy, Sound, loud but not too loud, Price, very reasonable. All around great place to see a movie. I was thoroughly satisfied. I give it 4 stars. I definitely would recommend this theater to my family and friends.

Barbara Claridge

Clean , comfortable, great popcorn too!

tj barbour

Good price but seats are not the most comfortable

T Allen

Great value. Great staff. Always reasonable prices. Love it!

Lynn Colwell

I love the convenience of a close-to-home location with affordable pricing without sacrificing selection of all the latest releases and availability. Friendly staff and a clean facility.

Davita Fortier

I love Barnz! It has the feel of a family run theater and you dont have to pay a ton of money to enjoy a great movie!

Greg Downing

Absolutely loved my experience here affordable and the new seats are a bonus....highly recommend barnz keep up the good work staff and food are Awsome

Denise Wilcox

Nice reclining seats! Great movie choices only downside was being able to hear sound effects from the theater next door some of the time.

Thomas Gates

Like pulling teeth for senior rates..and don't apply to food here!!movies are reasonable for this place

Animations Sophie

Saw Godzilla the place is updating loved it

Douglas Campbell

Nice quaint theater!

Bobbi Gagne

Great small cinema

Tom Chase

Friendly staff. New reclining seats! Screen a little small. Great family place.

Denise Woodruff

Great place to watch a movie


It is exactly what you would expect from a small cinema. The place is clean, staff is friendly and rooms are free from outside noise.

Dana Blackman

Family friendly theater. We camp nearby and BarnZ's has been our go to place on rainy weekends.

Skip Smith

Very comfortable, convenient to Rochester, quality screen and awesome sound!

Bob Gould

Nice clean facility, great seats!!

Colin Powers

Good prices, good food. Decent seating, but if you want to really experience a movie on the big screen, you might want to go somewhere else.

Randy W

The staff is always nice, the theater is clean. We've never had a bad experience.

Michael Daly

Small movie screens and theaters. Service was nice but the size if the screen was an issue. With the size of TVs at home it's not worh paying full price to see a movie on such a small screen. The screen for our movie was 1/4 the size of a normal screen. We decided last minute to go see a movie and this one had the only times that fit our schedule. I would not make the decision to go here again.

Dan B

Great place for a date night

Laura Gauthier

A great place to watch a movie- without all the unnecessary frills! So glad we have this theatre near by

Matthew Johnson

BarnZ is a nice, often forgotten cinema located conveniently in Barrington, close to major routes for Rochester, Dover, Lee, and Nottingham. The theater itself is on the smaller side, so you won't get the extra fancy features cinemas in Portsmouth may offer, but you also won't get nailed by higher prices as well. Probably the best benefit of this cinema is that there tends to be far less of a crowd, which means you can get better seats easier.


The most affordable theater around and all new reclining leather seats. Friendly staff and a clean safe environment.

Larry D Peterson

Friendly staff. New release movies(Endgame opening weekend). Fresh popcorn. Love going here.


Comfortable seating, great sound quality. The food is a little pricey, but that's to be expected with movie theaters.

Russell Plumer

Reasonable prices, friendly staff

Karen H

Great way to see a first run movie so close to home.

Luca Logan

Great place great theatre good selection very clean

Mary Welch

Love the new upgrades!

Pam P

Recently upgraded seating to recliners. Nice!

Jacob Green

Comfortable seats

Penny Moore

Old but good. Cheap prices and nostalgic. I prefer going here as opposed to the big theaters. Friendly staff. Seats and bathroom could use some updating

Stephanie Wiechert

Small family theater. All employees are really nice & helpful. The snacks are reasonably priced. Bathrooms are clean. The price is right for entrance fee. Overall experience is great.

Glenna Oliver

The seat are so comfortable!

Nicole Gravallese

They upgraded the seats thank God!

Maxy Shepherd

Amazing prices! Just.. comfort wise? They need new seats

Nunya Bitness

I like the smaller theaters here. Smaller crowds are much better than the larger entitled millenial crowds that don't feel like they have to be quiet or shut their phones off during the movie.

Jamie Clunie

We love this movie theater. It's the best bang for your buck for sure.

John Robertson

Ok place clean and ok pricing but not the large format you come to expect from theaters these days

Leslie Bacinelli

Best place to see a movie!


This place smells like urine, the screens and sound systems are subpar for 2018. Goto another theatre if you're excited about watching a new movie or wait for it to come out in 4k HDR Blu-ray.

Joseph finnegan

Extra small seats, smallest theater I've seen since my local pixie theater

Viki Champagne

Love the new chairs!

Deb Correia

Enjoy the prices of this theatre. Staff was pleasant, place was clean. Will definitely go back.

Guy Harvey

BarnZ's is not exactly a five-star movie theater in the way you would usually expect. While it doesn't have the most fancy seating or large up-to-date theaters it does have reasonable prices for movies and it's always easy to go see what you want to without the hassle of wondering if you can't get a ticket. It's comfortable and the staff is really nice.

Chad Bickford

Great place to movie


Always smiling faces and shows are on time conssesion is great food!

Tom Pringle

I love BarnZ. It's clean, quaint and the staff are exceptionally friendly/supportive. The seats are comfortable, the screens are clear and the audio is well balanced. Finally, the price for a movie is very reasonable. Awesome time as always. Thanks BarnZ!

Erin Goodnight

Not deluxe, but great prices and good customer service.

Brian Dillard

Every time I come here I realize that I should have driven over to O'Neil cinemas. For one, they're never clean, half the time their employees are rude, and right now I've literally just sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes waiting for a kid's birthday party to start, in which the person opening the doors was late, making all of these second graders wait outside in 15 degree weather. I would definitely never recommend having a birthday party here, and it might be good for a quick visit to see a movie when you don't feel like driving to Epping, but other than that, it's not really worth going to.

Jessica Steele

This is a close place to see movies for us. There is other reason to choose this theater. It has not been updated, the seats are disgusting and the theaters smell like locker rooms, but you can see movies without having to drive to Newington or Epping.

Mike So-fly

Small town theater. Not all the crazy perks or stupidly loud sound systems like other places, but I have never had trouble getting a good seat. Staff is friendly.

Sean Cook

It's good for what it is, a cheap hole-in the wall theater. Don't want to pay $14 to see movie at cinemagic? Tickets here are under $10. Movies here show after they show in others theaters. It's not the cleanest but it's not super dirty either.

Mary Savickas

New seating, very comfortable!

Trains Of New England

Love that there redoing all the chairs and making it more comfortable for the customers

Don Newman

Great theater. Small with awesome screens. Tickets are affordable, Plenty of parking. A must for families.

Janice Riley

I went on the 21st to the Uber movie and when I was going to get my ticket there was no 4:10 showing. I was told oh ya we thought we would have that room done. Well if that's the case post it on line. So I don't drive to find out the theater was not ready even though it said showing at 4:10 online.

Timothy Avery

Older place but picture and sound were good and not crowded

Joseph kennedy

I simply love this place. It's the theater that I like to go to. The prices are right. It's the theater experience that I prefer. I like it because they're not overpriced in fancy and don't have all the bells and whistles. I like that it's the theater experience that I grew up with and enjoy. No seats that recline back, no stadium seating, no reserved seating. This may be a drawback for some but if you're looking for a simple theater the way that you used to like it then this is the place.

david flagg

No fancy screens or seating, but ticket prices are reasonable. $7 matinees as of February of 18

Kevin Burgard

Great new seats!

Darlene Kilgallon

Always a great experience.

Lew Daddy

Great place big screen

Chuck Byers

I like the theater in Barrington. It's not stadium seating, but it's a nice place to see a movie and you can't beat the price anywhere. I live near by so it's convenient for me. There are not too many of these theaters around anymore. I'd recommend you checking them out.

Maxx Lapham

Very cheap tickets. The upgrades are so awesome!!

David Morgan

Nice spot.

bernard liberi

Good movies and reasonable priced.

Dwayne Wojtysiak

Me and my grandson love this place plus I grew up in Barrington.

Aaron Jones

This theater is one of the cheapest around. If you go during the weekday matinees, you almost have the theater to yourself. Highly recommended!

cheryl smith

Nice place to watch a movie and not send n arm and a leg.

Deborah Flagg

Always a good time! Reasonably priced for the matinee. Popcorn always fresh.

nathan smith

Well priced. Decent to good on everything else.

Frank Reynolds NH

One of the better theaters around if you don't care for large groups of people

DaveIn NH

Clean, quiet, less expensive than Portsmouth, and closer to home. BarnZ's has become my favorite place to watch a movie.

Russell Toothaker

The best movie theater around, nice staff.

Paul Grant

much lower prices than Portsmouth theater


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