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265 Reservoir Dr, Athol, MA 01331

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REVIEWS OF Athol Cinemas 8 IN Vermont

Heidi M

Comfortable seats, small area to watch movie.

Cory Courtney

The comfortable seating in the theatre is well worth the price. The staff was very friendly toward us while purchasing out tickets and snacks. Overall the placr was very clean as well which is to be expected with a brand new building. The only drawback to me was the minimal selection of food and beverages

Christine Blair

Luxury reclining seats in small hometown movie theater. Lower price than other venues with reclining seats.


Went to a later movie on a Sunday. I love the convenience of buying my tickets and concession all together and not having to do it as different transactions. Chairs are super comfortable, they are leather reclining chairs and give you the comfort of being right at home. The theater I was in could have used a little cleaning before my movie, on the floor, butbover all a great place.

Maddi London

I love the recliner seats and it’s very nice

b w

Little pricey but has great seats and sound in the theater

Kristin R

I want this cinema to succeed, I really do, but I have yet to have a good experience. Today we went to see a movie at 1:00 pm, only to find out it was no longer showing... even though the website and THE SIGN ON THE DOOR state the movie plays through tomorrow! There seems to be a lack of management and organization, not to mention promotion, and I fear that the cinema won't last a year in business.

hayden Shampine

Attitude from the lady serving us the candy drinks and popcorn. Overpriced as all heck. Would not recommend for a weekend activity or an activity at all.

Moe Ryan

This cinema is a hidden gem. Power recliner seats. You can put the arm rest up if you wanna be snuggled with your date. Reasonably priced and the snack choice is good, free refills on sodas


Most comfortable theater around.

Joseph Cowburn

The seats here were pretty nice, and the picture quality on the screen was great. The people here were friendly and genuinely seemed happy to help. It was my first experience here anywhere other than Walmart, and they left a good impression.

papcelie rodas

Comfy chairs but very expensive.

Lawrence Sprague

Excellent theatre with no bad seats. Never seen it packed to a point I was forced to sit a particular seat. Typical pricing.

Jeremy Madore

Best theater in the area, unless you want to fool yourself into thinking that driving an hour to go see a movie is cost beneficial.

Denise Crowl

Seats are very comfortable, staff is very friendly, its always clean. The only complaint is the volume of the movie I wear earplugs. I have been there several times and will go many more times

André Bedard

First time trying out this new cinema and I will not go back. I went on a Sunday morning to see the Avengers with my wife and daughter. The young girl working the ticket counter never greeted my family to the cinema or even said a word for that matter and had a disgruntled look on her face. I greeted her and asked for tickets to the early showing. Understandably the first few shows were sold out. I stepped out to call another cinema close by to see if they had sold out as well which they had. My wife had now suggested to go back into Athol Cinema and get tickets for a later showing. As I was standing in line the manager said she could help the next customer in line at the popcorn counter with tickets so I headed to her. After stepping out of the line I was in she told me she actually couldn’t help me there and put me in a snack line behind people picking what sodas and food they'd like for their movie. At this time I’m now watching the rude young woman from before ringing through a few groups of people that were originally behind me and by the time I had got to purchase tickets they had no grouping of three seats for the rest of the day?!?! I was never apologized to and the manager could clearly tell I was wrongfully bounced around and should have gotten tickets for at least one of the days showings. If I could rate a zero I would.

Gabby Martin

Overall the theater is a wonderful place, but sadly the GM needs to go. She is always making nasty rude comments towards staff and customers. Popcorn is kept in back rooms overnight and reused the next day, mice droppings have been found and just covered up. Mold in the soda machines. Just take your money somewhere else till she is replaced.

Erin Schindler

HORRIBLE!!! first... walked in to buy my ticket, and stood there for about five minutes waving at one of the cashiers who was clearly in no where land. She was staring at nothing and didnt even look up at the counter. Had a little time to kill and thought I'd play some arcade games and maybe take a photo in the photo booth, they dont even have any racing games all they have are two cheesy claw machines and the photo booth was out of order .Went in to the theater and there was still trash from the previous screening, there was nasty old soda "syrup" in all the cup holders, grease and butter all over the leather like it was dripped there and never cleaned up, some of it wasnt even smeared...just gloved up all over the arm rests. There was not one clean seat. Absolutely disgusting. To top it off there's a bright green exit sign blaring onto the screen the entire time pretty much just putting the cherry on this horrible experience. DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDING THIS PLACE AT ALL. Lame

Sue Weber

Great seating! Good location! Would give 5 stars if 3D was an option. Sad that 3D is not offered.

Caroline Guillemette

I arrived 1/2 hour before the movie. It took 20 minutes in line to purchase tickets. I waited in the ticket line while my husband waited in the concessions line. There were 3 employees working concessions yet it took 25 minutes to receive 1 popcorn, 1 candy and 2 cups for soda. Went to the soda machine and the only available soda was diet coke and vanilla rootbeer. I asked 4 times for help because we already paid for the sodas and we didn't want either flavor. I was told " wait wer're to busy". I said our movie is starting and we already paid for the movie and the drinks. The said come back later for your soda. I asked for the manager's name , again I was told they're to busy to deal with this. I had to miss part of the movie to go back to get our soda while the movie was playing. I called the theater 2 times and left 2 detailed messages about our experience (they do not answer the phone) asking for the manager to return my call. I have not received a return call. There is not a way to email them either. When I use the email icon on there website it's just a popup to enter your name and birthdate. They lost my business

Shawn Pack

Very comfortable with the recliner seating. Need more kiosks for buying tickets. Bathrooms are rather small. Best place for a movie for me living in northern Franklin county.

Mike Bosco

Very nice! Very comfortable reclining chairs! I will definitely return!

Angela Rossi

Clean, nice movie theaters. Very friendly employees. Prices a bit higher than most places but, you definitely get what you pay for!

Holly Hache

Honestly I didn’t even what to rate a star at all. Yes I have been there before to see a movie and enjoyed it but tonight driving 30mins and arriving 12 minutes late for it made a huge difference. Since no one was there to watch that movie when it was advertised for a set time they just shut it down completely. We wasted our time and gas to drive there and unable to watch anything. Never heard of such a thing. If the theater doesn’t get a lot of business on curtain night why have so many different times for them. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Spoke with manager to see if we could get some kinda discount even some free popcorn which they trash at the end of the night what’s left and got a no. Customers come first? Not here.

patrick horrigan

Great sound, comfy seats

lillyanna deluccia

Will not to be going to this theatre anymore. There’s a lady that works that counters in her mid 50’s, with short red hair and tattoos that should not be handling customers. Wish I caught her name. She was extremely rude to both me and my friend, condescending about not knowing that a showing of “La Loranna” at 7:25 had been cancelled even though it did not say so when I had looked. She yelled at me for my ID, other customers were even staring, and then again to pick our seats when we did not hear her the first time. 0 bedside manner. We drove to the Gardner Movie theatre where we were treated with respect later that night. Totally worth the extra 30 minute drive.

Deborah Linnus

So beautiful the seats are beautiful like your in you're own livingroom Recliner style hard to snuggle with your other half only prob. Lol

Donn Deane

Fantastic movie and the seating is great!

Steven Daniels

Third change of rating for this establishment. Rating is now a 3 due to the towns people getting together and firing the more than rude GM Terry. Have noticed an istant increase in flow of business the second word got around.

Maryann Bigwood

If I could rate this as zero I would. Stay away, dirty, unsanitary conditions.

Chris Capuzzo

Great new cinema in my hometown. It's a great addition to what they're building there. The cinema was clean and the staff were friendly. The seats were very comfy and reclined which was a relief when you're watching a 2 hour showing. Its definitely a theater to watch a movie at

SpringCat HV!

Nice cinima with reclining seats. Thanks Athol Cinima 8, very cool.

heather norstrom

General manager needs to be fired.

Bob Costigan

Love the seats!! All is great except food prices... what else is new!!! Lol!

STRONGER Michelle Long

Loved it, will definitely be going again soon!!

katie hubbard

Great seats


Excellent except bottled water $4!!!!!!

Kingsman Gaming

chairs are very comfy, each one you can remove the middle arm to turn the chairs to loveseats, they also recline.

Marlene H

Went here for the first time with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago, we got a soda and medium popcorn. If they are going to charge $10 per person for tickets I don't think drinks $5 and snacks between $4-10 that is outragious and you wonder why people bring their own snacks. Over all it's a clean place and the chairs are comfy

Erica Parviainen

Theater was extremely clean. Staff was nice and the popcorn ans soda were good. Not to mention the reclining leather seats are to die for

Sharilyn Guyotte

Nice sitting also comfortable chairs lots of seating options

Susan Sherman

Went to see 12:30 pm show of Rocketman theater #2. The movie was hard to hear because the people put Godizalla right next to it so all you heard was the backround noise from that movie and the sound overshadowed Rocketman. I told staff about my complaint on the way out and all they said we've already lowered Godizall 4 decibals. Won't be going back to that cinema. Caution see whats playing next to each other in the theater before deciding which movie you watch.

Catalina Lugo

Bought tickets for my parents and I online for a 1pm showing. Got to the theater 5 minutes till but since they only had one person at the ticket counter we were stuck in line for about 15 minutes. When we finally got to our movie we not only found out that the tickets I received were not the ones I initially paid for but that people were sitting in our assigned seats. The manager offered to remove the people in our seats but at that point we had already missed the beginning of the movie and didn’t feel like staying. On the plus side, the staff was friendly and they did give us a refund.

Trevor Kearns

Comfy, friendly, inexpensive.

John Zempa

Seats are GREAT. Movies are GREAT. Popcorn needs some work or to be made for movie not before

Kym Bodkin

This movie theater is great. I have been multiple times already and have never had a negative experience. Yes, the prices are SLIGHTLY higher than Gardner movie theater.... rightfully so. It is more updated, has mores options, and much better seating. The drinks are free refills. Each cinema is beautifully done and very clean. I have also never had a bad experience with the staff. People need to stop comparing this to the Gardner theater because this is a completely different business and if you want to go to Gardner so bad, no one is stopping you from going. Athol is very up and coming and completely different that Gardner. All in all, give this movie theater a shot. It's great for the area.

Debbie Frechette

The manager was rude and someone her age shouldn't roll her eyes at a customer when asked a question. She should not be working with the public. Will not be going back until she has been fired. This is a picture of their freshly popped popcorn stored in the back room. Guess it's not so fresh. If you look closely you can see the chew marks from the mice who live their. Absolutely GROSS. To see the picture, go to Google Maps, click on my name to see the picture.

Melessa Lafleche

They saw that I was in a wheel chair and brought my food to my seat for me and they held the doors for me so I could get in and service I've ever had

Liz McClure

Great Theater, comfortable reclining chairs.

Brian Geddis

Cinema was clean and the seats were very comfortable.

Tammy Soucy

Nice reclining seats

Nick chelseagrin

Been here all of twice won't come back until the GM is removed very unprofessional about her job. Last time I was here i was given stale popcorn and when I made a complaint about it the GM just said that was the last batch and didn't offer a refund. I've heard horrible things about her mistreating his employees especially ones with disabilities, not a establisment i want too be part of.

Liana Tau-Golden

Great establishment. Comfy seats friendly service.

James Fucile

Really hate seeing all the negative reviews. Have been going here for most of my movies and have not had a bad experience at all. The prices are reasonable and the seats are super comfy, what else can you ask for? I don't see Gardner having reclining seats. Don't listen to the negativity, great theater.

Matthew Singh

Good service, awesome chairs, good image and sound quality.

Jessica Knox

We went to the athol cinema for the first time last night. It was so lovely. The theater was clean and the staff were friendly and polite. The seats were spaced out, comfortable and reclined. The screen was great, S was the sound system.


Rude staff, outrageous pricing, dumb seating, stale popcorn.


Great seating and seating arrangement. I love how they have name-brand dispensers for drinks. Snack options are great. Friendly workers and decent popcorn. The theater quality is great. They make sure people trying to move through have room to get passed the recliners. They also make sure everyone can see the movie. I don't know what a 5 star movie theater is if this is not.

Jeremy Whitman

Awesome theater!!!! Great seats for just 10 bucks, friendly staff and a beautiful Movie theater. I highly recommend this theater. No more going out to Hadley or Gardner. Only 2 dollars more than Gardner but it's 50 times the movie theater with a luxury experience that is worth the extra 2 dollars. We will certainly be going back!


four words. chose your own seats.

Ed Gvegas

Nice comfy seats that recline with touch-buttons. The centers fold up for easy cuddles... So its like being on your couch at home. Only like 50 seats in each cinema, so it never feels overcrowded. All for around 10$. Well worth it & the drive.

Danielo Calderone

Excellent service.

Christina Whaland

Love this theater. There seats are awesome

Derek F

Nice seats, very clean.... But I had to choose my seat at the ticket counter. Pfft! So I left.

Catharina Pero

Nice to have a modern theater closer to home. Very comfortable recliners to sit in. Screen and sound system nice too. Is also nice to have dinner and a movie option all in one area too. Very easy access right off to RT2 which is really nice. So many other stores right in the same place too if you need anything. Grab candy at Market Basket nearby before going to the movies.

S. Art

Extremely disappointed. A theatre that’s finally in our area is ruined by the inappropriate actions of the manager. Bullying employees and sanitation violations are inexcusable. I stand by those speaking out. Too many sources to deny their truth!

Annastasia Chester

Why do I love this theater? Let me count the ways

Irene Hayes

This theater is the cleanest movie theater I have ever been in! The seats are extremely comfortable and the employees are friendly.

Marcos Severino

Great place to expend with the family!!!

Mackenzie O’Leary

if i could, i would give it zero stars. my friend and i went to see a movie. it was rated R and we were 16. so we came back the next day with my mother and the policy is that she has to stay in the theater for the entire film and if we are caught without her, we will asked to leave. that is the dumbest policy i have ever heard of. no movie theatre i have ever been to has had that. the prices were also very steep; $10 for an adult, and $8 for a matinee, a popcorn and two drinks was $17. i can assure you i will never give them my business ever again.

Crystal Blake

I’m not one to every leave a review, but I was disappointed on my first visit to Athol Cinema .I order my seats online knowing it was going to be busy , at no point did the say that my seat don’t recline or have a cup holder ( the whole reason I drove to Athol v Gardner). To add ,,when I ordering my popcorn (3 kids /2 reg )the young lady forgot to give my my reg size popcorn. When I asked about it she gave me an attitude. After a few attitude minutes and going through the compute. She said “ o , I’m sorry you were right” still with an attitude. I spent a total $108 between seats /popcorn / drinks I was disappointed........


The prices at the cinema are a little steep compared to Gardner but compared to the Regal Cinema in Marlboro it is priced cheap. So I guess it depends where you go. The seats are extremely comfortable and they are electrical reclining. There is a lot of legroom which I did enjoyed. The reason for the 4 stars is because When you do go in you have to pick your seats, which is both a curse and a blessing. If you plan on meeting friends there make sure to either buy the tickets ahead of time or meet all at once because you might not get to sit together. The theater is very clean.

Cheryl Ramsdell

Friendly staff, very clean and comfortable.

Jim Curran

Finally a local Cinema! I can't say enough about this place. Great film selection, right amount of screens and above all the spacious reclining seats. The place is always clean. I have never seen it dirty. Another big plus for me is that the screens are not over crowded. It is a nice, more intimate setting that makes the screen bigger for sure.

Wayne Harnois

Drove a half hour to get here ended up a few mins late for the 7:20pm movie. All the outside doors are locked and the employees were unresponsive and would not aknowledge our attempts to inquire. What a disappointment.

Shannon R

SO COMFORTABLE!- They had recliners for EVERY seat- u could even lift up the arm rests so its like couches and loveseats! My only negative would b that it was expensive- 2 sodas and large popcorn was $17, and the matinee show was $8. But if u r lookin to b comfy while watching the movie- this is def the nicest ive been to out here

jay halsdorff

Great place to catch a flick.

Tyler Sweeney

Athol needed this place! Love it! Great seating and and sound!

Barbara Eriksson

Clean theaters with comfortable reclining seats. Good popcorn too!

April Amidon

We really enjoyed the movie theater. Nice seats that are very roomy this made our expirence much more enjoyable than an average movie theater. We looked up movie time online & it was played right on time. The picture & sound were of great quality. We had NO problems hearing movies next to us like others mentioned. Price for popcorn & 2 drinks was overpriced. Overall we really enjoyed Athol Cinemas 8 and will be going back..

Angela Raymond

The theatre is plush, seats are comfy. The food could be higher end considering how plush the theatre is. Like gourmet pretzels (Check out Harlow's Pub in Peterborough to taste what I mean), real old fashioned popcorn with real butter, fresh nacho chips with option of salsa.

Don Bellar

Have not viewed a movie here yet. Went in; saw $8 matinee price, and same for seniors too high. One can go to Gardner Cinema and pay less; just as comfortable and good popcorn there too!

marlene saucier

These guys are doing a great job! Such a clean building and prices are reasonable.

Kellyann Needle

This place is ridiculous it's overpriced it's unknown why you have to pick your seats before you even get into the theater. Seriously, makes no sense!!!!! they had two employees on to purchase tickets from and happened to be vacation week that we visited we stood in line a half an hour to get a ticket and it wasn't that busy it was just that they were so slow the only reason we visited was we had one free ticket as a gift... The seats recline, big deal I was unable to recline due to the big giant bar that's in front of you when I did it obscured the whole bottom of the screen not to mention being able to hear the movie playing next to us louder than the one we were watching.... the 15-minute ride to Gardner Cinemas is so worth it....

Barbara Viencek

Very comfy

Matthew Ziemke

I really love having a Cinema in town and this one is a great fit. The pricing is extremely reasonable, comfy leather seats, Coke freestyle and good popcorn what more could you ask for?!

Raquel Gauvin

Very nice & comfortable chairs & really clean

Kathleen Sadler

The movie we went to see was sold out. So we saw a different movie. Popcorn was inedible/stale. I noticed the bathroom floor was grimy and the floor drain was coated in hair. My child dropped something under the recliner and I looked under it to find a disgustingly dirty floor. I would rather travel a different direction than to visit this theater again. Movie sound was way too lou .

Tom Sullivan

Comfortable clean great reclining seats nice theatre


Great theater good price super comfy

Chris Uminski

This theater is dirty. There were mouse feces in my popcorn. I also overheard the manager yelling at a teenaged employee and making her cry. That makes me feel uncomfortable and makes me not want to give this theater my business anymore. I've heard bad reviews get deleted from google by managment so I am screen shotting this review in case I want to show people.

Amin Lotfi

I am a student of a boarding school nearby, every weekend we go on trips and we can safely say that athol cinema 8 is the best one. Comfortable seats ✔️ Food✔️ Staff kindness and patience in dealing with hyperactive teens✔️✔️ And might i add they offer a great selection of posters at very good price All in all i love this theatre and will keep on coming

Ozzy Moore

Great power reclining seats, very clean place all around, and the projection quality was far better than any cinema in the area.

Mike Glazier

It's new, it's clean, it's comfortable. Just saw a movie and we were the only people in the theater. Comfy reclining seats and $7.50 on Wednesdays. You can drive farther and pay a bit less. The soda is pricey as well as the snacks but that's how movie theaters make their money

Alena Rajaniemi

Nice small theaters but definitely over priced.

andrew stone

Comfortable reclining seats and small theaters. Expensive concessions but when we went we had the whole theatre to ourselves.

Cathy Ann Tanso

If I didn't live so far away this cinema would be my favorite one. .. It will be when I come and visit my friends and family.....very comfortable and clean.

Ike Thrasher

The manager Terri was completely rude to me and my friends with no reason at all and the seat picking idea is stupid a good theater with a terrible manager.

Shawn Vaillancourt

this place has been a joke since day one now to hear what has been going on. get them closed. prices are horrible. staff is less than friendly or attentive.seats are comfy, that's the only good thing I can say.


GREAT prices AND Reclining seats? What better way to watch a movie on the BIG screen?!

Kyle Newton

Great place. The prices are more than worth it with the spacious and reclining chairs they have. They also have free refills and great popcorn

keith maki

Athol cinemas are always clean and very comfortable. The staff makes the purchase effortless and very pleasant. I always get the second bucket of popcorn free deal along with unlimited beverage. Totally worth the experience with my family every time. Thank you. And the reclining seats. Tops it all off.

EvelynD4 doTERRA

Bit pricey but clean and comfortable seats. Did not like online purchases as we tried to reserve 4vseats and woul not let us. Kept trying to make us buy the 5th seat as we were 4 people .

Michael Currie

Nicely surprised! What a great addition for our area (RTE 2 North Worcester Hills). I think they need a few more games for kids to play while waiting, but wow, for the money, this place is great. It's small, but feels good. Now, if you havent been to a new theater in a while, I will tell you that the seats were amazing! Extremely comfortable RECLINING seats. It felt like my own personal theater at home. Oh, and its always too loud, but that's me. :)

Justin Singley

Great little theater. They don't have a great movie selection due to there limited theaters. The seats are so comfortable and there is a ton of leg room.

Michael Landry

Paid $74.50 for 4 people and minimal concessions. The last time we came the movie started 1 hr late, so they gave us passes to use in the future. Of course, they wouldn’t honor the passes due to it being a Disney or Sony movie. So if you enjoy inflated prices, this is the place for you. If you want a good movie experience travel to the Gardner Cinema that is 15 minutes away.

Kevin Erickson

A new movie theater featuring nice wide leather power recliner seats. As you would expect, being a new place, everything is fresh and clean. Due to the bigger seats this limits the number and possibly could result in sold out shows. I would buy tickets in advance or come early for future opening night (or weekend) blockbuster shows. Prices are a bit higher than the neighboring Gardner Cinemas also likely due to limited number of people each theater can hold. Over all a nice addition and needed movie theater in the greater Athol area.

Brandon Russello

Hey guys so I actually worked for this establishment. While working there I witnessed many incidents that were not only unprofessional but also inhumane. Even on my first day I saw co workers being treated unfairly. The GM refers to her workers as “ Little Shits” She treats anyone beneath her as if they have no meaning to life. I saw her countless times tell workers they were slobs just cuz they were doing their job and made a little mess while doing it. Working with popcorn makes messes that’s normal. The messes were always cleaned right away by the person to. I saw the GM go off on someone just cuz they were singing telling them they should save the singing for the professionals. It’s like working for this place you couldn’t be yourself. If you tried you were punished for it. When I left i had only been there two months but in those two months I saw enough to make me not want to be there and be a part of what was going on. The GM also had cameras posted. She stated it was for security purposes but she had a camera aiming right at the concession and told a worker she’s watching us. Another camera had audio which faced down the main hallway. She listened in on customers conversations but also the workers and never posted signs about cameras in use. That violates people’s rights and also violates the wiretapping law. Who knows where else she put cameras. There was moments I’d be working and the Audio plus movie would cut out during previews while people were watching. One day it happened to be a veteran. A guy who just wanted to bring his son to see a movie. The guy came to concession to get a refund because he said it was the third time happening. She said wait and I’ll try and fix it. He said no i just want my money and I’m going to Gardner. She gave this man such a attitude, a man who’s fought for our country. That’s when I cut ties with that place and left to find employment elsewhere. I wasn’t gonna be a part or a place that condoned that type of behavior towards people.

Maggie Balins

Not a fan of choosing your seat in the lobby when you get your tickets. Is it really necessary on a Wednesday afternoon 5 minutes before the show with an empty parking lot? "If you would to change seats come back" to ticket booth/refreshment counter!! Comfy seats but...

Just Random

Listen... I know your scrolling past this so let me start this off by saying if I could give it 0 stars I would. The Employee's are all Finally speaking on the Athol Cinemas 8.... This place is Filthy...... Dirty... Very unsanitized.... Some people get Sick cause certain works pick out of the Pop Corn using just their bare... Dirty and unclean hands. Did you hear about the Person up their a Employee Recording people without the Persons permission? Yep it's against the Massachusetts laws to Secretly Record someone without their Given permission. The theaters get like a 5 minute cleaning after each showing of a Movie. Poor Management... This place needs the Board of Health...

Cecile Stlouis

My husband and I come here very often.. We love this place.. We're very happy to have it in our area. The theaters are very clean with all great seating.. Prices are reasonable. Staff seem nice.. Wasn't pleased hearing about the manager being awful to employees which caused a protest before corporate did anything..but glad to hear that person was fired..

Tanya Bourque

Was very upset when we showed up to the cinema 30 min before the movie started and realized the cinema still wasn't open yet.. We wanted to get tickets and play games. The manager saw us standing outside and came out and rudley said "we are not ooen yet why are you hear so early we still need to get set up.." Ugh you would think the cinema would open a little bit earlier than when the movie starts. :( we waited outside in the cold..

Leona Labor

Very modern theater with great seating

Benita Dykeman

Awesome place with friendly staff

Benjamin Johnson

Staff is great but the GM is completely awful and mistreats customers and employees. She needs to be removed from her position and the company itself.

honeycombs harley

New theater, it was my first time going i enjoyed how clean everything was. The only down fall are the seat are so square and uncomfortable. Needs more cushion and to lean back. Handicap seats should have and option to be seated in the middle . not on the sides,

Kerry Cormier

The manager, Terry, has a terrible attitude and should not be dealing with the public. Extremely unprofessional person and not helpful at all. The seats are very comfortable but the sound system comes thru from the other theaters so you can hear/feel the bass thru the walls. The concession stand is very pricey....$4.00 for a 12 oz water. eeek. I will go back but hope that Terry is not there....she reeks miserable.

DamianGaming and more vlogs

Love the seats, big recliners, friendly staff, small tho, because of the bigger seats less people. Which I personally love.

Sue Britt

Very nice place, only issue, the last 3 movies I saw the volumn was very low..had trouble hearing is I kept going back....wondered if anyone else had this issue...thanks..Sue

Kathryn Tyler

Despite the prices between tickets and food, I accepted that. However what I don't accept is how I was treated by the GM when I was ordering and paying. She was rude, disrespectful and showed no happiness. To me, it felt like I was a burden to her by being there. I will continue taking my business elsewhere until there is a new GM.

Lauren Gardner

This is a local gem! Comfortable reclining chairs in small theatres. You can reserve your seat ahead of time too! Love this theatre!

Miriam Tudman

We had a wonderful time. The theater is beautiful, the seats comfortable and the popcorn was good. I'm thrilled that we finally have such a nice place in Athol.

Holly Tatro

Reclining seats, comfy atmosphere. New favorite theater

Rachael Renaud

The Cinemas 8 in Athol is the nicest theater I've ever been to. They have all the new technology from their soda machines to reclining chairs in the rooms!!! I will go back again and again, this is my new favorite theater❤

Rob Quinn-O'Connor

Very nice theater. Small so get tickets on line or show up early. Snacks aren't too outrageously priced. Seats are amazingly comfortable.


This theater is our favorite. We drive 40 minute to come here (we have one that's 10 minutes away) for the comfy reclining leather chairs. The staff are great and the popcorn is delicious. The self serve soda machines are neat, too.

Scott Pralinsky

Very comfortable! I love being able to order and pay online, and to reserve seats. It's also great that the seats recline! The price is higher than other theaters. Concession prices were also a bit surprising. Overall it was a great experience.

Lakota H-C

Amazing seats, amazing employees, clean bathrooms, and all around beautiful place to spend time with your family. Highly recommend. Will be going back!

Salli Knechtel

Expensive for my 3 year old granddaughter and myself at 1:45 pm movie. It was $16 for 2 tickets. The theater lights never turned off. We watched the movie in brightness. Not the best first experience there for my granddaughter.

Olivia Hurlburt

Disgusting. Dirty. And the general manager is extremely unprofessional. Not to mention the fact there was mold in the soda machine and the popcorn was old and stale amongst mice. Might look good now but the fact it had to take the board of health going in there shows that she has no care for the saftely or experience of the customer. If i could give 0 stars i would and will not be going back there

Lisa Durant

Can't stand that you can hear all the loud bass from other movies playing at same time.... it's super distracting! New theatre, you would expect better sound proofing from theatre to theater. Staff needs courtesy training! My young son accidentally knocked over small popcorn bag when reaching to pick it up from counter. Counter server was clearly very frustrated with him, rolled her eyes, walked to sink to clean counter. I apologized and she rudely said "its fine"... so we took the 2/3rds full bag of popcorn and left... had to go back when we realized she never gave us the slush we ordered. 2 stars as it is very clean.

Angela Cucchiara Quinty

Great experience. Confortable recliners, lots of isle space, clean bathrooms. Friendly staff. Lots of movie options.

Zachary Currier

Seating in the theater is awesome. Very comfortable powered recliners with plenty of leg room. Great viewing experience and the ability to pick and reserve your seats ahead of time. The lobby is a little small, especially for opening night crowds. But overall great place to catch a movie.

Todd Blake

This is a nice, new movie theater. The staff is very friendly. The screens are not too small. The seats are very spacious and they are recliners.. .making them the most comfortable movie seats that I have ever day in. The sound is excellent although I did notice some sound bleed-through from the movie playing in the theater room next to our movie. Wednesdays offer matinee prices all day and night; which is nice. Overall this is a nice and welcome addition to the area.

michael mastaler

It was a very enjoyable experience... the first time......but this reserved seating is BS , spend 60 bucks and have to sit in the front row thanks for the neck ache , how about first come first serve if you want a good seat get there early, who does this???? Not going again if this is the way things are going to be, very disappointed...

Melissa Arsenault

Great seats and friendly staff. We've been multiple times and the staff has always been courteous and helpful. The seats recline making the movie experience great. Having this addition to the Athol/Orange area is awesome!

Dana Tandy

Beautiful theater

Ryan Perry

The seats are leather and recline. They are super comfortable. The price is a little high. Also, the lights were not working in the mens bathroom.

Anthony Kuhns

Very kind staff who love movies, always helpful and curtious

Douglas Blair

Great relaxed experience every time I've gone, nice clean theater with comfy seats. There's a couple of nice places to eat nearby also, glad to have such a nice place so close!

Dalena Rice

Brand new movie theater. Seats that recline. Plenty of room. Small theaters. Can order your tickets on line and pick your seats. Very nice. Highly recommend it.

Candace Gore

I thought it ridiculous being charged $5 for an empty cup

Paul Chiasson

Great Theatres, now almost next door. Clean, comfortable, affordable

Heather White

Clean theatre, very comfortable reclining seats, nicest staff... On the way out had a staff tell me to have a wonderful evening!! Sounds system is great

Lissa Campbell

Personally I love this theater. I'm not understanding everybody's complaints about proces. Go to any other theater and you pay more for everything. I'm a single mom of two and afford movies and snacks no problem. My only complaint is it would be nice got earlier movies on weekends

Paul Doucette

Nice cinema, best theatre in the area...couple bucks more than the other option but worth every penny

Mike Riveccio

Every time me and my girlfriend go in there We can just feel the tension around the manager. The manager even made me feel like an idiot because I prepaid over the internet and when I got to the theatre I had the screen with the confirmation code up and, with an attitude, the manager was like "I just need the card you made the reservation with" and kind of rolled her eyes. This lady needs to go ASAP.. I mean, a whole community is asking for her termination. I won't be going back until she is gone and hopefully others do the same thing. I went to Gardner instead yesterday and spent a total of 45 dollars on tickets and food.. Im just glad Gardner got it and not the lady at Athol cinemas!

Carmen C

My husband and I went there in January (first real date night post baby). We were not greeted when we walked in to an almost empty lobby. No big deal I can brush that off. There were only two visible employees when we walked in; A young woman and a middle aged woman with cropped hair behind the counter, we later learned the older female is the General Manager. The young woman was busy at concession with a customer so we bought our tickets with the GM, then she started taking our order for concessions. She seemed frustrated that I wanted a soft pretzel (I had my heart set on one), told me it’d be a while so I decided not to get it, but before we could finish our order she walked off with out saying anything to us or asking the employee to finish the transaction. We looked at the young woman who looked just as confused as us. I audibly said something along the line of, “wow, is she serious?” She left us to sell tickets to ppl coming in the door. Mind you it wasn’t busy. Minor in comparison to what we’ve heard since, but we both immediately got the vibe from her that she’d rather be anywhere than dealing with people. Customer service goes a long way for us and the GM made us feel like we were a burden rather than the paying customers we were, so we haven’t been back.

Dan Curdy

Great seats great sound system new and clean

Bud Wilbur

Wonderful seats, clean, friendly staff, great sound. Right at the exit to 2 cant ask for more.

Sean Lloyd

We initially thought the popcorn and soda to be on the pricey side ($17 for a large bucket of popcorn and two sodas), but that changed when we got to the counter and found that that price included a free refill on the bucket of popcorn and all the soda you could drink. The chairs were covered in a decent quality pleather and reclined and the theater, although on the small side, had good sight lines and a good sound system.

Jaimie Arsenault

This is an excellent theater!! Always super clean and very comfortable reclining seats. The sound system is top notch. The employees are very friendly.

Carl Cramm

Great New cinema, nice reclining seats and smaller theater so it's more intimate. Wednesday is the day where the ticket prices are reduced. The one thing though is I personally think the butter for the popcorn is better at the Gardner theater. Over all though we were happy and will go here for movie's first.

Sarah Kilton

GM is rude to employees in front of customers and popcorn was stale... definitely will go to Gardner from now on!!

Lisa Lamore, RN

Love the luxury loungers!

Asansol The Editor

Stale popcorn as expected that late at night. Ended up cutting my leg open on one of the reclining chairs. No employees within sight to notify of this issue before I left.

rebecca tata

Spacious, very friendly.

Dan LeBlanc

The Theater only has about 50 seats, that makes it quite cozy, with a good sound system.


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