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REVIEWS OF Apple Cinemas Cambridge IN Vermont

Ira Kuznick

Movie theater great; however, need more restrooms!

Zachary Kleinerman

The seats werent inclined enough so some people's heads were in the way but other than that the seats were very nice and it was very clean.

Jagruti Desai

Good theater to watch Hindi movies. Completely renovated and new. Ticket prices are great for all movies- not just Indian movies.

Samara Peters

This place is a gem. I love taking the kids here. Nice comfy seats and it isn't a giant multiplex--very personal. Good popcorn too!

Clayton Smalley

Place was beat up, kiosks are shoddy, front steps had a homeless person's cart on them when we went in, when we left it was moved to edge of parking lot. Little stuff like duct taped together toilet paper dispenser, peeling laminated floors, all in all place was beat. It's like it was abandoned but nobody told the employees so they kept coming to work. The movie played fine, the employees were nice and helpful, and the seats were in ok shape, that was all good.

Jamie Lai

It's not that clean. Dusty, and the check in process is confusing (no one checked if I had a ticket).

Kevin Mccarthy

Comfortable full reclining seats. Small theaters marked by spacious but intimate ecperience.

Gabe A.

Great seats, clear picture, reasonable prices for tickets and snacks. Screens are on the slightly smaller side. Bathrooms are a little dirty. Otherwise nice local theater.

Diane O'Neill

Great price for a movie on Tuesdays $4.75 a ticket.

William Mcdonough

A good "feel" in this family/community oriented theater...

Dave Ekrem

I love this place. It's just the right kind of run down. I mean I don't know if I've ever been to a movie theater that didn't have sticky floors and overflowing trash cans, but there's just something about Apple cinemas that makes it special. and I love anything to do with fresh ponds. I'd love to live in one of those towering apartment buildings looming over the little strip mall there. Maybe someday.

Sanjiv Kumar

Apple cinema is very good place to watch new Bollywood movies, ticket prices are decent and they also have Tuesday ticket special for around $5.00 a ticket. They just renovated(recliners)the place and it looks great also the staff is very friendly specially the ticket seller person ( kris)

Robin Suarez

Very well kept customer service was awesome

Mathurshan V

Screen one and two are more the size you'd expect from a theater. The rest of the screens/rooms are small. The front seats in this small theaters are not great. We definitely had to crane our necks a little. The tickets to this theater were cheaper than normal though. If you have a middle seat, then it's still enjoyable, but, depending on what you're looking for, it's not as dramatic as some of the larger theaters.

Xqua Xqua

This is one of the left over of an era ! Definitely a movie theater to support and go to. The screens might not be the biggest but ! The seats, ohhh the seats are just the confiests ! It's just so nice to sit down in those reclining fluffy chairs. I just wish their programming was a little more artsy. It's a great cinema overall.

R. W.

Wonderful reminicents from my childhood! Still great prices and glad you're still there! Thank you so much from California for your love of community and family entertainment.

Eric Connelly

A great movie experience. The sound was not to loud, unlike other theaters. Tuesdays are 4.75 a ticket.

Marty Fried

The price was right as the tickets for Hans Solo were very reasonable considering the price I pay at other theaters in the area. The movie projection and sound was fine. The seats were comfortable and the temperature was as well. The theater was clean. The drinks and the pop corn were fine and also more reasonably priced than other theaters in the area. The main negative was that the common areas were rundown and much in need of an upgrade.

Don Nolin

Affordable Cinema. A little offbeat and just my speed.

Sudeep Sehgal

Best option near Boston to watch bollywood movies. Seats are fully reclining wits lots of leg space.

Chris Fernandes

excellent small theater. no bad seats

Tafsia S

Cheapest cinema I have found, love the Tuesdays bargain deals. Initially thought all screens had reclining seats, but depends in which screen you go to I guess - that was a bit unclear. Don't be late - movie starts very soon after movie time, not many ads!! Accessible - less than 10 min walk from Alewife t-stop, sad when it rains though...

Nidhish Jain

Seating could be better. But otherwise good.

Meenakshi Shinde

So i went to see gully boyz movie here on one of Tuesday..apparently they forgot to play movie and i with other viewers had to remind them to start the movie...apart from this place is nice

Praneeth Bellamkonda

Nice recliners and friendly staff. Please improve sound quality in auditoriums

Chandra Teja reddy

Absolute disastrous screens. Feels like you are watching the movie in a BUS , long and far away displays. Funny side is though the seats in the front are infarct better than the middle or last rows , at least you will feel like you are in a theater.

Gardite Fougy

They treated me and my family so well! They are nice down to earth and I'll be back there again!❤❤❤❤

Atalia Bennett

I love the small theatres and the cozy seats. The staff is always very pleasant.

jayant sharangpure

It plays international movies and has decent seating after the revamp. Screens are small and sound quality is quite average.

Richie Sajan

Small screen. Huge comfortable recliners. Popcorn is costly!

Rajesh Gunage

Watched 'Bhai'...loved it. Apple cinema never disappoints when it comes to show time, seats a d sound quality!

Katelyn Howe

Theater is very small and I don’t know if it was the theater we were in, but it smells like pee. The seats were sticky and ripped. Although, the popcorn was good and the prices are great

Manpreet kaur

Horrible theater!!! No sound in the back speakers!!! And the screen size was so slow. Wish it had zero stars!!! Worst experience!!!

Brad Turner

This place is the best! Very friendly staff and great snacks.

pham huyen

Comfortable seats,nice staff, cozy environment

Mahadevan V

Improved seating... Sound could be better.

Guru Harsha

Only place in Boston where they play Indian movies, decent place

Kirthana G

Only closest theatre in the city of Boston where you get to watch Regional language movies from India. Tuesday’s they offer 5$ tickets! Book via online just to get good seats and is usually crowded on that particular day of the week! All seats recline! Reserved seating! And captions available for all other language movies!

Alex Barga

Comfy seats, convenient self serve atmosphere. Probably my favorite theatre.

Alex Stoyanov

This place is in a convenience spot, and has many things around it. Also, inside Therese are a couple of movie theaters, with automated reclining chairs. The small amount of people per theater makes the viewing experience even better, and extremely comfortable. I really enjoy coming to this place.


What a bargain on Tuesdays! Theaters are small but cozy. Could be a little cleaner and area is a bit shady.

Calvin Do

Reclining chairs, reserved seats, clean theaters, overpriced movie theater food, what is there not to love!? This theater is a good venue to view the newest movies, highly recommend going here for a comfortable experience watching your newest movie! Can buy tickets at the kiosks at the front as well as online.

Fred Josey

It maybe small and not up to date. But they people that work there are nice an its always. Clean have been there 5 times in the pass three weeks. Enjoyed each the prices are great. To see a first run movie. So go have fun people.

Angelina Claireau

The seats are nice but wc and hall were dirty

Kathleen W

Hidden jewel. It was super quiet even though it's recently been remodeled. Seats are enormous and comfy. Wish they had these all over the country!


The theater is good I would say better than AMC seating wise but sound was low and the food options are not good

Mukul Singhal

Poor sound quality and small screen! The backside speakers wouldn’t even work.

Avni Joshi

Good place to enjoy with friends

Jay Y

Place is honestly fantastic, better than your average AMC/Regal cinema with seating/pricing and if you buy online, you can get $5 popcorn/drink combo. Not sure when this place finished renovation because I don't go out for movies much but before renovation it was 3/5.

John Tobio

Great seats, chill. I go on Tuesdays. Great seats!!

M Kelley

This place just got a major update and it needed it. I have no problem making the drive to this theater to save me upwards $20/$30 on a movie experience for typically three people. I love their popcorn! Everything is moderately priced and they even have the comfy reclining chairs like the big wigs.

Anil Asser

A good theater with around 10 screens. Lots of choices, reclining seats and computerized ticket sales and bargain Tuesdays with shows half priced. They could improve on signage!!

Dodo Bird

This movie theater is cheap, but the theaters are not very good. There really tiny, so it's kind of claustrophobic, and the floors/seats are messy. The seats are comfortable, and they can recline. The whole theater is okay overall, and if you cant go to an expensive theater, go here.

Sam Anderson

Pricey but well worth it, luxury seats, great food. We very much enjoyed our movie going experience and will be returning.

Glenda Naff Jaswal

Good prices for movies but only if you go on bargain Tuesdays. However, if you snack there, your savings will be gone. Not the cleanest place but you’re not going to live there so all in all, this is the average movie theatre.

Shadnan Asraf

Usually isn't overcrowded which is nice. Theaters are clean and seats are comfortable. Some days they have deals for the tickets which is awesome. It's a movie theater so the food is pretty over priced, but the food here is a lot cheaper compared to a lot of other movie theaters which is nice. Overall I had a pretty good experience here, not many cons. Staff is nice. Very good theater really. I've been to 6 movies here over the past 5 years, and NOBODY has been loud and annoying while the movie was being played so it's pretty good. One problem I had was that they ran out of some food, which isn't very big. Overall this was a great place to be at!

Joe Gallant

The food was a little old prepared awhile before start times and left in a heater. The theater was small and a little cramped for a movie theater the sound and screen quality was mediocre. Plus it's the only theater with good titles that's not 15 miles away.

Brittany Lynch

Super efficient popcorn line and comfy seats! Awesome deal.

Alma Love

nice theatre, convertible seats are really nice

Chris Taylor

$5 Tuesdays are the best.

John-Christian Foster

This place was gross, I have never written a review for a movie theater in my life cause I have never felt this strongly about one. Rats, cockroaches the whole deal. The staff even told me not to get water from the soda dispenser because it was likely toxic. Please if you go here bring wet wipes, wear covering clothing and take a acid bath once you go home. And if you happen to ingest any of the food from this establishment expect a hospital visits immediately prior. Thanks

Krishna Kumar Kancharla

Great place.. Good interiors n luxury recline sears in every row...

Sri Aditya Vardhan Musunuri

Has all international movies, but bad sound system and bad seats. Food options available are good

Suvro Shahriar

Great seats (with recliners). The 3D is okay. Don't get the first row seats if you wanna watch 3D

Ruth Ryan Allen

Great price...only need to update all Seats to have controls

Prasant Ghantasala

Went there a few times before the renovation, and wasn't too impressed. Went there again recently and was pleasantly surprised by how well it was renovated. Now you have online reservations and reclining seats for a very cheap price when compared to the big chains. It's also one of the few places that shows Indian language movies. I used to be disappointed if this was the only theater showing a specific movie, but now I will definitely be looking at Apple first for when I'm looking to watch a new movie.

Nadya Styczynski

Smooth quick service. Online ticket combo is a great deal (includes small popcorn and a fountain drink for a few extra bucks). Very comfortable recliners (at least in the second-story theaters).

Pamela Byrnes

Theatres are small and dingy old recliners they have movies on Tuesday nights for 4.95 not a bad place

Julian Massari

Great cinema! In a little bit of a sketchy area, but great quality movies, really comfortable seats, and tasty snacks. A little underemployed, however, kn my experience, very nice staff. Enjoy your movie!

Javier Avendaño

Great prices, latest movies, morning passes, easy and free parking

Rosemarie Komorowski

Love this movie house best seats ever

parag patwardhan

The new and improved apple cinemas is really impressive. The seats are great, reclining and the overall quality is great. The theater also has Indian movies which are mostly unavailable in other Massachusetts locations (Marathi movies). Overall a very reasonable and comfy place to visit.


Great place, used to go every Tuesday.

Dan Kramar

Love this place! Better prices than competitors, plenty of free parking, and never too crowded. Even for the biggest movies you never feel like your in crowded movie. With their new powered recliners, it's even better. They don't have a huge IMAX and their screens are on the smaller side, but I've never found IMAX to be worth it. This place is truly a great place to blow off life for a while and relax.

Kylie Hansen

Tickets are very cheap. They have bundles where you can get food/drinks with tickets that are also well worth it. The seats in the theater are the highest quality I’ve seen in any theater, but the theater is small... so give and take. The sound is fine; screen, like I said, is small. Make sure to come early-ish to get the best seats.

Telesh Mervin

The folks are wonderful and the seats are comfortable

Estefania Reyes Bricio

I LOVE this place. Apple cinemas definitely doesn't get enough credit considering the ticket prices and snacks are dirt cheap, the staff is wonderful, and the seats are super comfortable. Apple cinemas, you are my ride or die. I refuse to go anywhere else.

Aaron Welsh

Cute little theatre offering big screen experience at an affordable price

Steve Weissman

This place was awesome even before they renovated - now it's our go-to place for movies!! And tonight the manager Kris recognized us from previous visits and took care of us indeed. Amazing service and wonderful experiences!!

Mike Fairfoull

Great seats. Nice staff. Really chilled atmosphere

bree hudon

The theaters need to be cleaned but all in all it was good


Good sound quality than the other I went

Aditya Pawar

I guess the screen feels little small but recliners beat it all!

Alyssa Lowder

Really small theater with nice reclining seats.

Duy Nguyen

Good cinema for the price. The theatres are a little old, but tickets are relatively cheap. Make sure you make use of Tuesday discount

Madeline Bennetti

Tickets are half off onTuesdays! The seats are so comfy, too. They are like big recliners for each person. Ordering tickets online is really easy, and the lines don't get too long at the box office.

Paul DeFilippo

Not the fanciest of places, but still pretty good.

Jack Shuai

Great prices with decent promotions ($5 Tuesday and $5 for students on Wednesday’s). Quiet theater. Especially love the seats. Big, with plush leather, and they recline as well!

Laurie Singletary

Great seats!

Nathan Barwell

I heard this place had been massively improved, and it's true. Will be going back. 8pm Saturday ticket for Aquaman, which came out yesterday, was $10. Parking was great.

Anna Kelley

Great theater for the on line combo price - ticket, sm soda & sm pop corn for $15. Power reclining seats. Place was very clean .

Inga Bellach

nice movie theatre. $4.75 all day Tuesday. new reclining seats. easy parking, everything nice.

Amin Lotfi

Fun story when the first star wars movie came out in 1977 my father went to go see it at this theatre. In 2015 i went to go see it at this exact same movie theatre. The seats are comfortable and enhance the viewing experience to make it one the single best movie theaters in the direct cambridge area

Sonya Lodge

Small, local, clean and easy for granny to get to and see a movie with grandchild. Could be better could be worse but hey for locals needing to stay close to home it's better than nothing.

yan chen

Screen is a little small, but seats are very comfortable. They all electric recliners.

Harsh Shah

Had a lovely experience with the movie . Even front row seats are great

Manoj M

One of the best movie theatre in Boston location. They have changed completely from scratch.

Alan Mathiowetz

I love this theater because parking is plentiful and the movie prices a relatively inexpensive.

Luise Phipps

Fantastic employee, I believe his name is Chris! Seats are so comfortable, The best I've ever experienced!! Movies are great, I am really impressed by this Apple Cinema!!!

it's ur boi Quintin PVP: ME

Great place. Good prices on certain days

Amy M

Seemed like one man was running the whole show. Stopped in to see Captain Marvel with the family. The theatre is clean and we did enjoy ourselves. The one man running it all was very friendly.

Ajay Karri

Hadn't visited it in along time. It's way better than before with it's recliner seats. Still it's uncomfortable to sit in the front row, the screen is way too high, the reclining seats helps with reducing the fatigue on the neck.

Liam Caramello

Much better recently, since they got reclining seats

Kavita S

Only place in boston for hindi kanndda malayam telgu movies

arun kumar

Awesome seats. I go here for the seats mainly. It's a premium luxury feel.

Jared Brown

The people are nice. The seats are exceptional.

Issac LaBrasseur

This place has "old school" bones. They've updated the seating with leatherette recliners - but everything else is 1985. Comfy theaters, convenient ticketing and easy parking/mbta access. This is a decent option for students and families.

Nathan Giordano

Old-time feeling theatre with big red leather recliners and excellent surround sound in every room. Rarely busy, yet always have the newest movies. Comfy, but understated. This place is a hidden gem.


Definitely 'cozy'. It's like going to your friends house w a home theater. The tiny screen is also way too high. The seats are pretty large and balling though, and recline all the way. Decent but not my idea of true cinema experience for the money.

Haripriya Naidu

Can watch most of the Indian movies. Seating not great just average

Eliza N

Argh! This place is full of rowdy teenagers that hassle you when they sit in your purchased assigned seats, get all loud and obnoxious during the movie, and you can't enjoy movie.

Amey Paranjape

The seating is amazing for the prices. Some of the rows (I think first 2 rows A, B) are recliners at the same price of the normal ticket. Also it is the closest theater screening Indian cinemas, so I pretty much go ta least twice a month!

Sepehr Madani

Theater 4. Not the greatest sounding and picture, but adequate, with real comfy chairs.

D. Graham Curry

Need a lower price theater? Make this your pick. No frills. Just fun.

Ray Chow

Older theater, but still good, and relatively well priced.

Rebecca Medeiros

there was a very rude man in front of me and my friends and while me and my friends were watching to the movie whenever we laughed he told us to "shut the hell up", mind you we are only 14 and this was a CHILDRENS MOVIE, i'd suggest getting better staff.

Amanda O'Bannon

I went to see Captain Marvel and it was fantastic, nice staff, clean theater, comfy chairs and I love how I can pre-order the tickets and know exactly where my seats are. Reminded me of the good ole days as a teenager crossing the tracks to get to the movies.

Jessica A

Great hidden gem. Self serve ticket kiosk. Awesome $4.75 Tuesday deal and for $5 more you can get a regular drink and popcorn. Plus they have reclining seats. Can't beat that.

Susanne Behrisch

Our absolute favorite cinema! It’s affordable, cute and very cozy. We always go on Tuesdays, as a ticket is just 4,75$!!

Charlie S

I really enjoyed how cozy it was, my one complaint is that I could hear other movies in my own theater. Not enough to be annoying but enough that I noticed during quiet moments.

Marie Harrington

Great movie's recliner seats 10 screen's. Different types of Snacks. No real meals they Have nachos, popcorn, etc. A little pricey almost. Every Day of the week they have Different types of specials Birthday parties, HALLOWEEN Specials, SENIOR discounts, School discounts etc For more information call The APPLE CINEMAS AT THE FRESH POND IN CAMBRIDGE TRANSPORTATION MBTA BUS & TRAIN CALL THE MBTA FOR INFORMATION. THERE IS ALSO A SMALL SHOPPING PLAZA. FROM WHOLE FOODS TO AC MOORE ( COMING SOON) Plus office's call the management office for complete Information & directions. By Car, bus and train

Akshatha Joyis

Small local movie multiplex. Not many seats in screens. Decent experience.

Joey Gelpi

Staff don't seem to care and the lobby is basically covered in popcorn. But the seats were nice and the screens were good in our theatre at least. And that's what you're there for after all. Also really cheap compared to how expensive other theatres are in the area. I'll take a messy lobby if I don't have to pay 30$ for a movie and some popcorn

Kimiko Wittkopp

The recliners made this a true cinematic experience!

Karthik Mahalingam

Amazingly comfortable recliner seats. Great $10 tickets. Excellent audio and video. Definitely a repeat.

C.J. Williams

Good prices, quiet spot, eclectic and standard film line-ups.

Mehdi Raoufi

Cheap and fun. Not the cleanest, but I've alwayshad a great time.

Chaim Double u

Amazing staff!!! For just 15$ you have the movie & a popcorn & a slurpee or coke that's cheap!!! Amazing seating!!! Screen & sound is very good

Md Saiful Arefin

Price is reasonable. But you get what you pay for. Have been going to Regal Cinemas for 3 years. Regal is far better than this. The screen size is really small. The seating arrangement is also not good. The view is obstructed by the seat in front of you if the person in front of you does not recline.


Good screen. Self serve popcorn.

Sam Bronstein

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Josh Smift

The big comfy reclining chairs are big and comfy. The self-service concessions can get a little bogged down when people don't know what they're doing.

Srinivas Kothapalli

Good theater for Indian movies. Very comfortable recliner seats.

Matthew Brisch

Inexpensive and small town theater feel. Online combo pricing is unbeatable.

Hasim Khorakiwala

The location is hidden, the structure needs some TLC. The seats are comfortable and the food is decent. Ample parking space and on Tuesdays the tickets are only $5.

Brian Griffin

The seats are sticky, non-reclining, and too low compared to the screen. Go to AMC for a better viewing experience.

Krishnaveni Raman

Great Indian movies can be seen here. Good theater

Tim Eigenfeld

Great sests that recline and allow you to put your feet up.

Dinesh mohan Rajaveeran

Much better now with reclining seats. Courteous staff and helpful. Movie experience is decent, with some decent sounds. Overall, much much better than back in 2012.

Say Tin

People sneak in easily and frequently

shahnaz abbasi

This place is awesome!!!!! Best seating, awesome food and what more can you ask for!!!!! Keep up the great work Apple Cinemas!!!!!!!☺️☺️


Where else can you go see a movie for $8.00 and on Tues it is only $4.75 comfortable seats

Alexandra Gladwell

Best popped popcorn this side of the Charles. Confused by the cheesy-caramel option, but that’s my one concern from my movie going experience. [Thanks for the popcorn!]

Levon Brunson

Cozy atmosphere, large comfortable seats.

Ariana Hajmiragha

Gotta love $5 movie tickets on Thursdays. Not the swankiest space, but has good seats, really reasonable prices, and a good selection of movies beyond blockbusters.


No security here. Feels weird

Jean Lehoux

It's a little bit run down but that doesn't mean it's not a great theatre. Affordable to people who are short on money. Great films. Comfortable and relaxing. It's just great on many levels.

Ty Tremblay

The Tuesday bargain deals are great. Seats are comfy and the popcorn is fresh. It doesn't have the latest and greatest screen technology, but that's not needed for every movie.


It was a nice cozy place to watch movies and one of the first cinemas i've been to where the front seats were one of the best seats in the in the room. Its also pretty small comparing to a theater like amc in downtown. But overall it was nice and a fun experience there. Really recommend.

Nicole Brooks

Affordable...friendly staff....comfy recliner chairs...close to Alewife Train station & stores...$4.75 tickets all day every tuesday...great deals on popcorn & drinks with refills...only movie theatere we go to!

Mr. T

Me and my family just watched The Lion King and it was awsome and it bringed alot of memories of me watching the original Lion King cartoon when I was a kid. The quality of the movie was also good.

Uday Kumar

We walked into the theatre and there was ppl and no one checked our tickets we found our way to the room we watched the movie in . Still no one checked our ticket . We left the movie theatre wondering if anyone except at the food counter worked there . No problem as such nonetheless it seemed like a cool social experiment

Kit Parker

The popcorn is not hot but the seats will help anybody over 40 to sleep while they take their child to a movie. The full recliners are pretty nice. There's plenty of parking. Not a bad theater. Even though it's close to the red line it is a brutal walk to get there from the Red line station because you have to cross one of the busiest most dangerous thoroughfares in the greater Boston area. So don't be fooled..... You are not taking the T to see a movie at this theater.... And if you dare to do it, do not try to cross that street with children

Shivika Nayyar

Really nice cinema with reasonable prices. They screen Bollywood films and have two for Tuesday deal. It’s going under renovation right now. We love this place

Kartik Chanana

Now has recliner seats. Very average sound quality. Some theaters only recline in the back. Only useful for the $4.75 price tickets

Soumya Singh

Close to my place and puts up all the Hindi movies so works great for me. They could do some more improvement in the cleanliness of the lobby and toilets.

Renjith Prasad

It has improved a lot... Good recliner chairs and offer 4$ tickets on Tuesday

Andrea Kauppila

The theatre seats are comfortable and reclining. There was only seats for about 20. Parking is convenient and handicap accessible.


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