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REVIEWS OF AMC Tyngsboro 12 IN Vermont

The Red Knight

Ten times better than showcase, never had sticky floor or seat problems. I like that its not staffed by an army of teenagers who think there about work!

James Card

I have been a long time movie goer. Still love the movie experience. The addition some time ago of assigned seats has really enhanced the movie experience as you know well before hand if you want to wait for better seats or not. I still have to believe more people would buy goodies if they were a bit better value. I find myself skipping the soda and popcorn and candies more it of principal than anything else. I was worried about the addition of alcohol some years ago but that hasn't seemed to cause any problems at least the times I went. I was worried that some people would get drunk and cause a scene and ruin the experience but so far so good on that.

Rachel Bastien

If I could give zero stars I would. Tried to use movie passes through work and were told you must see guest services. Ok? Go to guest services to be told the movie passes are frozen? I Had just received these tickets!!!! I was so disgusted at the lack of customer service and the rudeness of the supposed manager at the service desk! Thanks AMC I’ll take my business elsewhere!

James Simcock

Josh at the bar was awesome and a great example of good customer service! The theater was small and made the viewing experience weird.

Vinayak Graves

Really an excellent experience, with luxurious movie theaters. Ordering tickets online with the AMC app is effortless, and each experience is amazing. Theaters have comfy reclining seats, and the sound system is on point. My only complaint is that the food and drinks are sky high expensive. A bottle of water is like $4, and you can easily spend more money on the food than the tickets.

Rhiannon Longley

It's always messy when I come here. The drink stations are constantly broken, you can see into the neighboring stalls in the bathrooms, and employees are always disgruntled.

K Corbit

I love the seats here, prices not so much but they are on par with the competition.

Meaghann Guilmette

One of my favorite theatures. The seating is super comfy, with reclining seats. They have a wide variety of food at the concession stand and a mini bar as well. You can order tour tickets online and reserve the seats you want.

antonio mafera

pretty standard theater, they have about what you can expect. theaters, bar, overpriced popcorn, etc...


Went to see captain marvel. It was a nice convenient location. Good sizes for concessions. I was happy with this location.

Bryn Dews

Friendly staff. Good matinee prices. Comfy recliner seats...but don't sit on the front row... It's too close to the screen. You are looking almost straight up. To be fair the ticket agent tried to warn me, but the Showcase in Lowell front row isn't this bad so I thought we would be ok.

Brian Moore-Carvin

First time there... Loved the seats!

Janielle Monbleau

This theatre is great! The electric recliners are spacious and comfortable. And we love being able to grab an adult beverage at the bar while enjoying the show too!

Jason Foss

The movies have come a long way now that you can order alcoholic drinks at the bar. The reclining seats here are very comfortable. You can order food to be delivered to your seats when you use the app to purchase. The only loss of a star it that I loaded gift cards onto the app and there is an error when I try to use them. The $5 ticket Tuesday’s make being a Premier member worth it!

Gretchen Schultz

Reclining chairs, smaller theaters which I liked. Standard snack bar.

Danielle Luz

The place was a dump, barrels over flowing, no toilet paper, for 5.99 for a regular soda, they should be able to maintain the facilities better, so aggrivating

Sandra Petersen

Comfy and relaxing. Love the bar section. Havn't been in years.

Shelly Duggan

My child's favorite place to see a movie. He loves the chicken tenders and curly fries. I like being able to put as much butter on my popcorn as I want and the many drink choices. Choosing your seats online at home and buying the tickets online is great too. Great big cushy reclining seats are a plus and I like the seats that are together so you can lift the arm in between. Very comfy. I do recommend bringing a blanket as I often find it to be chilly but it makes it more cozy.

Trevor Wood

Amazing movie theater. Lots of movies with lots of showtimes. I can order tickets and reserve seats ahead of time, even order food and have it delivered at a specific time during the movie! They also have one of those really awesome fountain drink kiosk machines with a big variety of options and different flavored versions of drinks. The seats are incredibly comfortable, they're like big cushiony couches that recline and tip back - plenty of legroom and good cupholders! You can also lift the divider between the seats if you'd like one big seaYou My only complaint is that this theater, and especially the food, is crazy expensive.

Chris Thibodeau

Great theater with an amazing selection of snack Bar and regular bar items. Large plush reclining seats make even the second row center good seating.

John Abrahamsen

Nice chairs, good sound system, air conditioning.

Lisa bostic

They always have the new movies on time, place is always clean. Awesome customer service!

Will Deo

Really comfy chairs clean .

Christy Lepine

Considering the fire alarm went off during Endgame and we couldn't finish the movie, I'm a bit frustrated. Yes, we did receive a pass.....that may charge extra for 3D....which is what I paid to see...we will see how it goes trying to redeem the ticket.

Patricia Grenier

Nice time of day. Not crowded and not much of a line. With this in mind, the women's bathroom should have been clean.

Colin Scovil

It was awesome great movie great service

Samantha Ingersoll

Brought my toddler daughter to a daytime children's viewing of a movie, I love that they offer those! She doesnt sit still for a whole movie but neither did the other kids there so I didn't feel bad about bringing her. Super comfy adjustable couch like seats, no awkwardly bumping your neighbor's arm anymore. The concession stand is $$$$ but it's fun and tasty, and they serve booze at this location!

Kim Dale

Charged my credit card, confirmed by bank then said it never went through. Had to pay again and wait for credit. Place was freezing. After selling my daughter a large icee non of the machines were working. Frustrating. Not the first time I had had troubles there. Will be finding myself a new go to theater

Joy E

Good theater, nice seats. Good temperature. The sound was really good.

cythina chapman

I loved this AMC theater. It was a wonderful place to watch movies, it has a nice bar, it’s pretty big and mostly clean. The bathrooms weren’t bad. The chairs were recline able and you could adjust how far back or forward you want on the chair. The service at the front and the bar was good. Overall this is an excellent place to watch movies at. You can also use fandango here

Felix Stone

My experience here is amazing. I return here constantly. The seating is very nice and comfortable. With reclining seats and good but pricey food, but all theatres have pricey food haha. Anyways, great place. I recommend 100%

Erin Masson

Really nice theater. Always come here with friends and family. This amc is one that I will always choose over any other one in the area. Food prices are kinda high but the seats are very comfortable. One thing I would say is that the bathrooms should be cleaned more that once at night, especially when it's busy because it gets very nasty at the end of the night.

Tom Cox

Good atmosphere however recliner seats a bit small but comfortable!!!! Popcorn was burnt when making popcorn you have to pay attention or you get what I got @8 dollars burnt not acceptable

Zach Prescott

Cons: Seriously disappointed with the quality of the theater since I last visited. Trash was on the floor in the lobby and halls, bathroom was a mess, seats were so greasy that we chose two new ones on the side. The food and drinks are as overpriced as an amusement park($11 for two 20 oz smartwaters that normally cost $1 at a grocery store). Pros: Can pick and buy your seats online. The seats recline very well and are divided into loveseats with an option to put an arm rest down. Very comfortable when there isn't grease all over them.

Doug Reed

Seats are comfortable people are nice

Paul Ratty

Convenient location. Afternoon movie, not crowded. Expensive concessions.

Felicia Dunn

No complaints. Always a great visit. Clean and organized.

Yleani Munoz

Good movies great seats great food just a little overpriced

Brian Jackson

7 Dollar small sodas and half the people play with their cellphones in the theater. Movie theaters are a shill of a business and this place is a perfect example.with its lousy corporate food and atmosphere. Go to the smaller independent places instead. The seats were WONDERFULLY comfy through however they aren't worth the price of admission. No need for any form letter corporate feedback. That's a sham too

Ted McMichael

Probably the best theater in the area around Nashua. We will definitely be back there again!

Crystal Jeffries

Always comfortable and clean reclining seats, temperature is great. We opt to purchase tickets online since the theater seems to sell out on a regular basis for the movies we like to see. If you are in the area, consider purchasing your tickets ahead of time at the box office if you don't care to pay the online service fee.

Dennis Phillips

If O’Neil didn’t exist this would be our favorite spot to catch a flick.

Crystal Joyce

always so comfortable there

Kevin Domenech

Avengers Endgame was phenomenal to watch in this place.

Dean Brewer

Fun inviting staff with a love for movies I took my fiance here to see toy story 5 and hd an amazing time. But could have more spacious seating


Solid theater, comfy seats, good food but pricey

Victoria San

I ALWAYS COME HERE!!! The seats are great, the theater's are huge, and it's very private and respectful. So if you're looking for a good place to recline and hang back with your loved one on a date night, this is the perfect place. I kept all my tickets from every visit. Worth the splurge.

Lelo Reeves

This is a great theater! The best seats and I love putting my own butter on my popcorn

David Barnett

Okay screens but bartender service was really good and the place was clean.

Paula Furlong

Love this place! Very relaxed, clean, soft reclining seats and good popcorn. There is a bar for the big kids.

Cameron Brown

We always have a good experience here at AMC TYNGSBORO. Clean, very curtious employees and very comfy.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Neil MacAloney

Great theater, went to see avengers endgame yesterday and I had no complaints. Although the reclining part of the seats took a little instruction from my seat mates to figure out, they were comfy and overall was a great show.

No Name

AMC is a great chain can be pricey though. This theater is on the smaller side but great seats and food options.

Theresa Batten

I love this theatre. Clean, good movies, more than comfortable chairs. Tickets too high prices. The senior discount should be lowered to 60yrs.

justin whitaker

Book tickets online or expect to sit in the first or second row - Second row really isn't too bad though

Bethany Willey

We enjoy seeing movies in such a comfortable theater. I love being able to purchase tickets on line, so all I have to do is show up.

Impossible Ravenclaw

The seats were comfortable, the food was delicious, and the staff was friendly! It was clean and the movies themselves were loud enough to be heard but not obnoxiously loud.

Mattias Kasparian

Awesome theater, hands-down one of the best movie going experiences ever.

deborah glazier

We just left without seeing the movie. Theater 12 smells like vomit. The theater did refund the tickets , but we had to get ready, have dinner, drive there , get popcorn and soda all to leave because the order.

Jake Lemieux

The seats are almost too comfortable...very easy to accidentally fall asleep during a movie! Great place over-all... 4 out of 5 stars as it's a gun free zone...not really a big fan of that.

Kannan Sasi

Seats and screens are nicer than other theatres around the area. But popcorn and drinks are pretty expensive, though that's becoming common everywhere. Stubs membership helps in that department a bit and also with online booking fees. Good to be able to select seats in advance. No longer have to wait for the sole ticket booth because they have many kiosks here.

John Lee

Its clean, friendly, really comfortable and The movie quality is good. The snack prices are a bit high, like expected, but the overall experience is amazing.

Rachel Butze

Love the reclining chairs. Lots of room. Popcorn always good.

Bjorn Ronaldson

The food prices are outrageous. $40 for two large drinks and two large popcorn. I would rather have gone to the drive in in Milford.

Mike Murray

Low key movie theater. Very family friendly. Comfortable seats. Ample bathrooms. Clean.

Michaelle Hammann

Very comfortable seating.

Benjamin Keenan

Love the food environment and the bar is awesome too!

Adelia Putnam

This is the best one. I love the seats. The food is always good.

Doug Knox

Comfy seats, order your food in advance. What could be better, except cheaper concessions? Check out their A-List pass. Definitely worth the money.


Great place high quality movies and not too crowded. I enjoyed it.

Sean Lessard

Theatre was great, but they didn't have 2 ply toilet paper, and that's a deal breaker.

Joseph Walsh

Comfortable chairs. Fairly clean. Polite staff. Lower priced than other large theater groups.

Ashok Warriar

Nice and cozy to catch up on a good movie

Christopher Clinton

The entrance layout of snacks and displays needs rearranging, the lines get clustered and makes it hard to get out. Simple rearranging could fix this. There is no option to buy a cup for water. They offer minimal military discounts but the pricing is reasonable. Snack options are good but not great.

John Barkalow

Like recliners. Hate having to reserve seat. Bathrooms are a filthy mess. Concessions/ candy is horribly past best by date.

Candice Erwin

Nice and clean comfortable chairs

Berto Pagan

Service is very fast and friendly

Stephanie Langlais

Great theater but a bit pricey. It's worth the price for the reclining chairs though!

Jeff Duvall

A nice theater, though a bit overpriced. It has a bar, so that's a plus! There is a good selection of food and you can order on your phone. Plus they'll deliver to your seat of you order in advance. I think a lot of AMC's are doing this to compete with the "dinner and a movie" establishments. Would be a five star rating but for the prices.


The theater is nice the seats are great, Especially if you're smart and pick your seat in advance. The restrooms are terrible! Even when you point it out to the staff you get a shrug and a mumble and that's it. So if you go for a movie hold your nose if you have to go to the facility! And don't let your kid go in there by themselves!

Lorraine DeVaux

Our go-to theater, and it's great! Book-ahead reclining Seats are comfortable, they always have first-run movies right away, and with the Stubs program, we're consistently getting money off. It's well worth the investment - it has paid for itself multiple times over.

Margaret Rushton

Comfortable reclining seats, reserved seats, full bar, decent food.

Bethany Tozier

Clean, decently maintained, and comfortable. The food options are alright, though sometimes a little pricey. AMC has done a great job making going to the movies a real event.

Rachael b

We went to watch detective pikachu the theaters are a little smaller then usual, the seats were big and reclined its pricey but what AMC isnt it's just that other one are nice although you pay a nice price this is like basic AMC at the nice price lol I dont regret it but for two adults and two children 5&6 I think 65 is a lil high I think about 45 to 50 would of been more reasonable

Denise Corey

Great seats and courteous staff


5 times throughout our movie, The Mule all I could hear was thunderous base from the movie next to us. Very annoying, hard to hear the dialogue to our movie. Not worth $28. for two. I'll watch it again at home in my own recliner and my own 75" 4k Sony, using my own Yamaha surround with Logan Martin speakers.

Hetal Patel

Nice and comfortable seats and sound system

Jessica English

My family and I always love to come to this theater! They have very comfortable reclining seats as well as a lot of yummy snacks and drinks! I was PLEASED to see some gluten free snacks (gluten free chocolate pretzels) there recently when I went! I have Celiac Disease which requires me to only eat gluten free, so seeing things like this makes me think that this company cares enough to purposely care for the needs of people with auto-immune diseases like myself!


It's a small movie theater. It looks somewhat old and it's located in the corner at the end of the plaza.


didn’t let me and my sister into a movie because she didn’t have her id we go there all the time and they never ask for ids so it was super annoying driving a half hour there and buying the tickets online just to not get in either have your staff enforce ur rules all the time or maybe make sure people know they will need an id to go and watch a movie

Pal Jeffery

Love this theater it is always clean comfortable the staff are friendly and they have great movies all of the time it's also the convenience it's within 10 minutes of my house

Peter Gavel

We went to see Avengers : Endgame. Very satisfied. I love the power seats. Wide and comfortable. It's a great way to see a movie. Buy your specific seating.

Tasha Jones

I love going here I have the monthly pass which I can watch 3 movies a week so worth it.

Daniel Macnutt

The new seating they put in a couple years ago is top notch and beer.


I've never been to a theater with such non-existent soundproofing before! It's fairly difficult to concentrate on the movie you're watching when all you can hear is the bass from the next theater. Like, literally give you a headache and rumble the seats kind of bass. How does that pass any sort of quality control? The theater gets some points for having the recliners, but not many because out of the few I've been to these were unfortunately the least comfortable. And on that note, the chairs themselves still had the trash from the last viewers, so clearly they don't get cleaned very often.

David Hebert

Very comfortable seating, easy set up, nice place to catch a movie

LoganBrownie 13

Love this place, some amazing memories, good food, comfort, and atmosphere.

William Matasker

Nice theater not too large and seats are reclining and select seats when buy tickets which I prefer. No waiting an hour ahead to make sure you rush to get your seats you want, much less stressful to watch a movie. They also have a bar which is very nice and never too crowded.

Lauren Suszczewicz

This is the best movie theatre that I've been to. The seats are so comfortable. It's like being on a recliner at home.

Harikrishna Ramakrishnan

Superb theatre. excellent recliner seats. Good sound quality too in the theatre. I also would like to mention that the caramel popcorn was really good!! Best choice if your looking for a theatre in that area

Jared Saunders

It was a good time, exactly what you would expect from a good movie theater. The seats were comfortable and can recline. The beer tasted slightly off, almost as if it was on the cusp of being bad. I don't know if it was the age of the beer or the tap lines.

thomas defosses

Spacious reclining seats with good audio and video. Even if there are people all around you it doesn't feel cramped like a normal theater. If you pre order your food and drinks they'll deliver them to your seat. I like being able to reserve seats, it's a huge benefit.

glitch glitch

Best theatre in the area. Clean, good seats, good sound and screen quality, and has a bar

Prachi Sharma

Great reclining seats. East to book in advance using the AMC app. You could also use the available kiosks at the entrance to buy tickets. I've also enjoyed several 3D movies here. Easy access to the highway. It is located close to ton of shopping and restaurants so can be easily made a part of a combined all day outing.

Ayaz Naeem

Recliner seats, great service

Jacob Lee

it sucked the fire alarm went off during avengers end game and they did not let us get back in the theater. and all they give us was free tickets but i have to re watch the first half of the movie. that sucks

Frank Collazo

Seats are super comfortable!

Michael Dinsmore

I have been going to the theater for years. The most recent upgrades to stadium style independent seating is amazing. I love being able to pre-book my seats knowing where I will be sitting in that they’ll be plenty a room for me and my family. The staff is always been friendly and the popcorn nice and hard if you haven’t been here before you definitely should try it out.


Nice theater in nice shopping area. Comfortable seating.

Melissa Rosado

I love AMC it's always clean and quiet and the chairs are super comfortable

Debbie Crecco

It was great. & we enjoyed the movie Yesterday. it was awesome. anyone who loved the Beatles should see this movie.

Raymond Cloutier2

Seats are like a lazyboy chairs saw people fall asleep right next to me.

Saifadam Pathan

Good place, clean n managed.

Sara Gallego

My kids love this theater!

Stephen Simons

A good theater with comfy recliner style reserved seats. Pretty clean as well, cleaner than most actually. Sound is decent but not the best but I consider the best a newer imax theater so take that as you will.

Amanda Imtiaz

8:45pm showing of Angel Has Fallen. I'm picky AF when it comes to movies and didn't like London has fallen but had free Tix. Actually really liked it. Plus we had the theater to ourselves so we were super comfy and the 2 year old (don't judge-she liked the explosions WAY too much) was able to express her delight at the multiple explosions at whatever volume level she found fit. Will probably never happen again, but I'll take it.

Tommy Lhussier

Need kielbasa dogs on the menu, the hot dogs are to small for the price!

Chris Morgan

Great place to watch a movie. Comfy seats and very clean.

Jason Moore

Popcorn Was Stale & Hard. Very Disappointing! Customer Service just as bad, only thing good was the theater was clean & recliners very comfortable. Not worth the $40 I spent just on my self.

Michael Cipolletta

Usually this place is great but today they created the biggest disappointment. I showed up for Avengers Endgame and it was shut down because of a fire alarm! They couldn't figure out how to turn it off and started passing out tickets to come back another time. Pre-ordered tickets 3 weeks ago in 3D. Unfortunately now I won't get to see this movie for awhile since it's sold out everywhere.

Stephanie Gaynor

Reclining seats, never too busy, serve beer!

Jennifer Tramack

Enjoy the venue, and the seats were really cozy and reclined and the company was good too. Saw a double feature with the AMC A-lister program well worth it.

Dana Beaulieu

Audio is terrible. Saw Lion King today and had to get hearing assist devices for both my wife and myself. I could hear the rest of the audience eating their snacks better than I could hear the movie. I have exceptional hearing and even I could not handle it after the first few minutes. Had a similar experience with Infinity War at this same theater a few years ago. Thought it was a one time thing but apparently not. Also, two of the three soda machines were out of ice and the popcorn was stale. Would not recommend this theater.

Danny Melendez

One of my favorites theaters to go to. Comfortable relaxing I go here all the time to see a movie and there is one closer to me in Lowell. Popcorn and candy a little pricey but that's all theaters..

Nick Cameron

Fun place. Just Wish the mix drinks were cheaper.

Austin Hamilton

Great selection and seats. Concessions here are cheaper than most theaters.

Julie Espinal

Awesome place to watch movies and be comfortable !

Todd Olson

I wish we had a theater like this in my town! Watching from a nice comfy recliner on a huge screen with awesome sound made the movie even better.

Eric Briggs

Amazing all around experience. Very comfortable seats and very polite people

Isaiah Day

We arrived and there was no popcorn. After about half way through the movie, they stoped making food 2 minutes prior of us ordering food and would not sell us any food at all. Poorest managed theatre I have ever experienced.


This is a phenomenal theater, one of my favorites in the area

Raul Arias Vargas

Good place but kind of expensive

Singer White

Love this place, my son and I go here once a month to get our geek on, sci fi and snacks,

Linda Roy

Great place friendly

Breana Coyle

My favorite AMC theater. Love the reclining seats, which are comfy and always clean, convenient restroom locations, friendly staff. Close to the mall and many restaurants.

Peter Newman

Very good movie theater. Comfortable reserved seating. Concession stand is small for a theater of this size.

adam boisvert

Always a great experience and the movie was great. Disappointed with be prepared but you cant be held liable for poor screenwriting lol.


Would be higher if the 7:30 movie started before 8. Unbelievable, 30 minutes of BS.

daun renney

Had a great time with my family. Love the seats.

Tim Hunt

Great reclining chairs with good sound system

Lisa M

Love the reclining chairs! Great picture quality

Keith Quarles

For a movie theater, it’s quite clean. But it does get expensive. Staff feels lazy at times. But overall it’s not bad

T Bradshaw

Theater was clean and comfortable, staff was friendly and helpful. You can add your owner butter to your popcorn and pour your own soda. They even have a free refill option. Restrooms are clean and plentiful. Unfortunately the prices are just crazy high. More than $10 per teen for snacks & drinks ... and my adult beverage costs over $14 with tip, not even enough booze to catch a buzz.

Janke Dean

We go tk this amc often. We do like the staff and how they work, but the bathrooms are sometimes yucky and it just feels kind of old and dirty

Vivian Rondeau

enjoy moive here with my family good place

Anthony Francis

Really great movie theater. Chairs are super comfortable.

Ashlee Cormier

Went there to see End Game that just came out and before it started the fire alarms went off everyone had to leave and they can't shut them off so thearter closed due to it never saw my movie with my husband and son but got free passes for another movie. So now traveling to the Loop to the AMC thearter and seeing the movie at 220 thanks to calling them telling them what just happened and they have 3 tickets on hold for us

Kyle Fleury

Nice theater and love the seats:) I love how the arm rest go up so I can hold my hunny:)


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