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REVIEWS OF AMC South Bay Center 12 IN Vermont

Jojo S.

Why would the architect or whoever approved the design and marketing think that it was a good idea to have number 1, bathrooms on the second floor, number 2, Have us pay for ours snacks, then walk backwards to retrieve our snacks thats dumb, then 3, someone spilled a large cup of soda on the floor before i walked into the movie room and into my seat, after the movie was over that same spilled soda was on the floor, does anyone routinely clean anything? Movie was great was not impressed by the theaterd aesthetic CHANGE IT because you will get more complaints as time goes on


The very place I saw godzilla king of the monsters

Matt Nikitas

Great seats. Fun place to see a movie!

T-Bone D III

Great place to go and take the family for entertainment and one of my favorite go-to spot when the other matinees aren't showing anything that might pique my interest

dewan shehran

It's fine. Just a little small. The theater rooms aren't massive and there isn't a lot of theaters to begin with. But no issue in terms of quality.

Stephanie Poole

I love this movie theater..seats are nice... Can relax enjoy a box of pop corn and enjoy the movie.

Jesse Swift

The Dolby theater has the most impressive sound I've ever heard, but the screen isn't much to brag about. It suffers from motion blur, color/ brightness is good but not perfect, don't think most people will notice. IMAX has the best picture, audio is really good. Entire place needs to be better cleaned. Gross bathrooms and, despite paying $40 for two movie tickets, the Dolby and IMax are usually littered.

Darly lara

The seats were comfortable, viewing experience was very good and the sound of was top notch and very well balanced. I took a star because of the low quality of sanitation. I did not appreciate the fact that the bottom of my sneaker were constantly sticky walking around the theatre.

Cecile Braun-Jones

Easy and free parking. Traditional for s selection as well as healthier options available. Assigned adjustable seats. Just want you would expect of an AMC theater. Clean and corporate

Mayra Vazquez

I must say it’s a beautiful location with so much to offer. Unfortunately it’s dirty and they lack cleanliness. Upon arriving I was amazed as to how much dedication they put in the place but when I approached the concession stand it was dirty and no one was keeping up with mess. Upon walking to the theater room were the movie was playing there’s was popcorn all over the rugs. I would consider you guys get a vacuum that can pick up faster than having someone try to sweep the rugs. Bathrooms were dirty as well, toilet paper everywhere around the bathroom. The theater we went in the trash was never emptied after the last movie, don’t know if they are short staffed but it doesn’t take rocket science that if a movie is finished you have people go in and clean. I know your theater has more to offer but maybe you should ask My favorite amc branch in Braintree how they keep up with the cleanliness. Never going back to South Bay amc. I gave you 2 stars because the place is beautiful but the dirtiness kills it all.

Chris Sett

They have a free parking garage! Also, the reclining seats are more ergonomic.

JoAnn Brown

The good thing that came out of the experience, is that the movie sold out. However, I did not get to see it. The part where I was not pleased was with the service. The line to buy tickets were long, it's 7 pm, movie time 2 ticket agents one just leaves. She said nothing. I asked what happen. I was told she went on break. A manger was called. Never showed. Is this how it is now? I have not been to see a movie for sometime.

Christopher Rhodes

One of my favorite theaters.

Yvonne Hall

Very nice place for the whole family to enjoy a night out.

Brian Arrington

Beautiful new theatre with great seats and sound systems. Not particularly well run, as the concession area is often out of items like straws and napkins. Went to a movie this Saturday and after the showing the trash barrel on the way out was overflowing and spilling onto the floor. It was almost full before the show. Again, poor management. On another Saturday we showed up for a show around 3pm and it was NOT busy. There were 2 kids in the concession area talking to each other, while my friend and I waited almost 5 minutes to pay for a grab and go popcorn. We seriously could have walked away, and they wouldn't have had a clue. Bad management. Don't want people to not go there, because it's a great place to see a movie and is a boon to the community. But the management needs to step up its game.

Annemarie Tompsen

Nice seating and neat area around the theatre but concession stands are understaffed often and the wait for snacks and food can be long.

charlene lewis

It was great,greeted with a smile,clean place ,nice seating

The Italian Mafia

Captain Marvel wasn't that good. Spoiler warning the villain of the movie didn't really have a purpose to be bad other then they were in a war, but I will say the Stan Lee Marvel thing at the beginning was amazing and I loved it

Bianca Ferrara

I loved the comfortable seats which reclined and were cushioned. I was blown away by the prices at the snack bar. One small popcorn was priced at $8.50 and one small drink was 5$, with tax the purchase totalled $15.60. The tickets were $11.50 for adults and $9.50 for children. The grand total of an afternoon at the movies for 2 adults and my 4 yr old was nearly 60$. I learned that on Tuesdays they run a special price for 5$ tickets for anyone who may be on a budget.

jay patel

Brand new. Modern place. parking garage is free. good theatre. good staff. They have Dolby experience as well.

Matt Reid

Pretty new and shiny. The reclining chairs just aren't as comfortable is there at the AMC in Braintree. But it's fine. In the parking is free.

Eric Wu

I personally like this better than the location downtown. Brand new everything.

Jeannelle Kennedy

Beautiful place but the Seats are very uncomfortable in IMAX very dissatisfied

Sean Harmon

This movie theater is very nice. The only thing that is odd is the way that they set up their snack line. If no one is in that line then you dont know where to line up to get a snack. Other than that the employees were nice enough and the place was relatively clean. The best part of the theater was the seats. Every time I went in there the seats looked brand new and they were clean. It wasnt stick from previous customers. The seats reclined and it was a very nice way to watch a movie. Been here several times and will continue to attend.

Eric Frandsen

Beautiful new theater. Exactly what you would expect. Good service, clean theater, good refreshments. Nothing out of the ordinary, but good enough to leave a positive impression and me wanting to go back again.

Stephen Borden

Gross, Dirty, understaffed, it's a brand new movie complex, beautiful in design, BUT being where it is, it is my belief it's done intentionally. I'm a Roxbury native, and proud of my neighborhood. My feelings that the gentrification of the neighborhood is being shown that we can't have something nice, and this is being portrayed as if it's our fault. When the blame belongs to gross mismanagement. AMC needs to be held accountable.

barbara Mosley

Love it! It's close to where I lives so it's very convenient to get to. And they have late movies

Cara G.

No complaints. I love having such a nice location to see movies so close by. Facility was clean and well maintained. Staff was friendly and helpful. Maybe it could be a little cooler inside? On a hot day, there is nothing better than a chilly theater. Ours was kind of warm and with the reclining seats, it made me a little sleepy.

Flex Baker

It's a great movie theatre that quickly becomes one's favorite


Bring your own popcorn. They keep running out of it, and when they do have it, you have to wait over 10min to pay for it. Shame!

shaunta jones

it was nice I had a great time

Eric Harding

So the theater itself is great. But I have to say I went to see a movie and their was a group of teenagers being loud and obnoxious during a movie around q 4pm showing. I told 2 people working Customer Service and them 2 along with a walking around security guard took about 30 minutes to check it out. And instead of actually doing anything they waited outside the theater and said, "Well the movie is going to end in 45 minutes. What good is throwing them out now?" A simple walk up to them and telling them to keep it down or they will have to be removed would have probably went a long way. Instead multiple people walked out who were trying to enjoy the movie. This happened months ago but I'm just now getting around to this review. Being an A-List member, a refund didn't really mean much. I just ended up skipping the movie all together and their lack of keeping a theater quiet still kinda pisses me off.

Michael Whitehouse

Best AMC around so far. Reclining chairs in theater 2. Not sure about others. We saw Captain Marvel and Pet Semetary both in theater 2. Been in boston 3 weeks. Going to Assembly Row AMC tomorrow. Will update soon.

Edison Peguero

Great new place to hang out and enjoy a high quality movie!! They have a Dolby Cinema room where the sound is just out of this world. An their IMAX gives incredible image on the lastest movie.

Christina Hilke

This theater is huge. There is free parking in the lots outside or covered garage parking that's free also. You pay at the bottom level then head up escalators to buy food and then walk to theaters. There is usually more availability here because not as many people rush here especially during matinee. I love that you can buy tickets for $6 before 11:30am..then it is $11 before 4pm. Also on Tuesdays, it is either $5 or $6 all day per person. Food can get expensive. So you can buy one drink and popcorn and then get free water cups. I usually get 2 water cups. Then fill them with soda. It helps when you have kids

Susan Eliot

Clean facilities and theater. Helpful staff. Good selection. Plenty of parking.

Abduala Benmahmoud

One of the fanciest AMC theaters I ever been to. Seats are super comfy.

Arianna Rodriguez

It’s nice because it’s always empty, but that’s not always a good thing, I think they’re short staffed. The Dolby theatre is great and the reclining seats are awesome, it’s always clean. The snack bar is literally always empty. The place seems like it’s barely open at 4pm bc it’s so dark and empty inside lol

Tony Crook

Nice theatre but the young ignorant clientele around the theatre will keep me away

Chris Modes

Super cool movie theater, just mad it didn't have recliners, guess amc has spoiled me

Sheilah Jones

End games brought me to this theater. Nice to not have to travel downtown for movies

Rob Stan

Great theater clean safe and easy to park, good food and great power recliners. I would go here every week if there were more interesting and family friendly movies out of Hollywood.

Mr. President

It was ok the bad part was when you get slushy there was a big mess. And IMAX has horrible seats.

Jodie Francis

Ok, this is the nicest AMC around here. Has comfy seats and Dolby too

Sara Choi

Saw the Avengers Endgame movie here in 4K. My friends and I sat in the very last row against the wall, and we could feel the vibration of the action in the movie. It almost felt like we were riding on the aircrafts with them. Just kidding, but the picture/sound quality was just that good.

Alicia Behr

I'm giving this two stars because the workers were friendly and it's in a convenient location. The housekeeping is VERY poor though. All of the floors were sticky, even the carpet, and there was trash all over the place. About half of the bathroom stalls were out of toilet paper and several of the soap dispensers were empty.

robert harris

Love the location, it is fairly close to home and I do love what they have been doing to the area. Nice and friendly staff, beautiful bathrooms, the place is also kept clean. One of my favorite locations.

Patricia Brown

Love it. Will go again soon

Debbie C

Enjoy this newer AMC theatre. Free parking is right across the street along with stores and restaurants close by to dine at before or after a movie. Joined AMC A-list and love it. This theatre serves food and alcoholic beverages. I was not impresses by ordering food online as it wasn't ready. There are also a few of the recliners (in a couple of the theatres)that are broken. Otherwise a great place.

Bell Bizniss

All screening areas should include reclining seats especially if you must sit 1st row.

Erick Barclay

In their Excellent "AMC Dolby cinema theater" the entire room shakes with the movie. Would not want to watch a movie at a theater any other way. The screen in that room is the entire front wall. Amazing!!!!

Brother Daniel 4x

It was very nice I plan on seeing a movie there on the 7th of July.

Scott Feinstein

Have loved going to AMC South Bay 12 in Dorchester MA untill tonight. Filthy, trash not emptied, trash all over the seats and floor, ushers doing nothing. I complained to the manager who was unaware of the condition of the theater, saying it would be cleaned after people left the prior show. I told him that was long ago, the new movie would start in 4 minutes and it was clear the theater had not been cleaned all day!! This is a new theater and it is a disaster now. Cleanliness has been slipping for a while but tonight it was just plain disgusting and wrecked the experience for us.

Godz Messenger

Enjoyed Shaft with my dad David Seymour

Worrell Browne

Love this place.great family place ( its a very clean and safe place to watch movies.

Margarita Johnson

I have been here several times and was very satisfied with everything. The employees are nice but SLOW. Yesterday, July 31st, we went to see The Lion King. Our movie tickets were prepaid. I waited in line at the concession area for over 20 minutes to order and pay for my food. Then another 22 minutes (while listening to everyone complaining about missing the movie and the slow service) before the cashier over to cook other people's food and then serve me my 2 hot dogs that were already precooked, they go in order by number. There were only 2 people working in that area. The hallways were filthy, food, popcorn and napkins everywhere on floor. I tried to get my drinks but most of the machines were broken or empty. By the time I got into the theater it was 6:45. I missed a lot of the movie because it started at 6:00 p.m. Thank goodness the kids were already inside the theater. The hallways and the bathroom had tissue, popcorn and empty containers everywhere. Inside the theater there was no place to put your trash, the bins were overflowing and trash was on the floor. My sister's chair was broken so she could not adjust the foot rest, and the back would go all the way down. They were very short staffed yesterday, it was nightmare-ish. I am very disappointed because this is practically a new theater and should not be looking like this already!

Ben Cartwright

Not a bad cinema, close to food options

Evelyn Cordero

Since they've been open, I've been coming here almost every Tuesday. I've never had a bad experience. The seats are comfortable. The food is overpriced but that's expected at the movies.

Alex Archambault

I enjoy catching a movie here once in a while..... The negative reviews are more than likely isolated incidents, and people are much more likely to come on to put a negative review than a positive. But, that being said I've been to over ten movies here, and always had a great experience. Comfortable recliners and they have a bar. Great time!

Manuel Garrido

Relatively brandnew property. Well layed out and spacious viewing rooms. Very comfortable seats and well contoured movie screen.

Ashley Winslow

Me and my son had a great time. Loved the movie and the chairs. Definitely will be back.

Kim Miles

Love the theater was great but the seats didn't recline as it showed. Other than that the Movie glass was fantastic the end bothered me. But would recommend folks to go see them.

Sw0bitz ruse

Clean nice seats are really comfertable

Jeff Robbins

Very good experience, pleasantly clean

Latiscia Roberson

Big place, although our movie was still advertised after it was sold out, no accommodations for the inconvenience

Alonda Hunter

I took my niece to see Secret Life of Pets 2 at AMC and i love this place!

Shanming Li

The trash bin is always full of trash. The other day I saw a black guy throwing his leftover popcorn onto a screen after a movie, shame on him. They need to improve the theater experience.

Sandeep Paliwal

The experience of watching movies in AMC IMAX and Dolby Theater has been very good. The only negative is the amount of time spend on running the movie trailers is too long.

Christine Alanis

The bathrooms are a catastrophe. It took me 10 minutes to find a useable stall. They were either disgusting, had no lock, or didn't even have a door.

Steve Mack

Great new facility. Recommend going during off hours (e.g. weekday matinee) to avoid crowds.

Jessica Johnson

I'd give it 2 1/2 stars if I could. In the summer, I go to the movies for the air conditioning. I get here only to find it's pretty warm in here. I've got a paper towel from the bathroom to wipe my sweaty face. The theatre itself is nice. The comfy seats and intimate-sized theater don't make up for the warm temperature.

Quinn Askew

Great location nice shops around the theaters

Ash Brownie

Workers can be rude at times. Food is way too expensive.

Tammy B

First time at this was not a bad experience. Really like the zoned seating! The only thing I didn't appreciate much was that the parking garage doesnt connect to the theater so you have to walk outside (wasn't a fan of this when temps were in single digits). Would've been good if there was a tunnel or breezeway.

Mitsuki Fury

Me and my son's go to! Very clean and the recliners OMGG!! Very comfortable and the customer service is great! I am so happy that they hire people with disabilities, so if you know someone who is disabled and looking for work this is their place!

Zongxi Li

Great new theater with plenty of parking. It transformed that corner from a dump to a high end shopping and entertainment center.

Alex K

Pretty good theatres. Nice curved screen. The seats don't lean all the way back like they do in some theatres. I guess that's kind of expecting a lot but... I saw they reclined and I was like oh cool but they only recline a tiny but and the legs only come out like 35 degrees or so (like a third of the way out.. so basically barely). The other thing is compared to other theatres I've been to it felt kind of cramped. Just not a lot of room to work with.

G Gonzalez

Local and convenient for me. However, it's gone downhill over the past year. Only one cashier for concession on a Saturday? No napkins, icee machine out, no cup covers, etc.

Robert Funke

Exceptionally nice theater. I loved the reclining seats! Restrooms were clean, not sparkling, but this is Boston, well known for it's policy of tossing trash wherever one desires. The staff are exceptional, they know the movies and are more than willing to answer questions. Movies can be expensive these days, but if you have the time and desire, treating yourself to a visit to the Big Screen is a great way to relieve some of the stress these days seem to bring forward.

Edelys Jimenez

I really love this movie theater


New and Nice lots of parki g and great restaurants near by like Apple B.

James S

Its not a safe place to see a movie. Guy throws something at someone else. So someone climbs on the seats blocking the projector looking to start a fight. I head out to get security and he comes charging out threatening to punch me in the face. After he calms down, he gets to go back in and im the one who has to leave.

Annia Hsu

Spacious, clean place. Go for the signature recliners, you won't regret it.

Javier Lopez

This place was awesome. Bathroom were clean compared to other AMCs. Watched the movie Spider-Man:Far From Home and it was great. I loved it and I watched it in Dolby Cinema which makes it better.

Rik Gurney

Clean,clean ,clean tickets need help on friendliness

Carrin K

They gave me the same seats as someone else. Best ice in the world besides that.

Chef Latricia Stokes Cloud9Cateringco

I love it..clean and convenient! Prices are what you would expect at any theater. Overall a nice area to catch a movie and relax after.

Dorian Guilliard

Great theater, normal movie food, great customer service, and they have a BAR!

Denise Rawlins

Bathrooms are horrible. This place is too big to have so little staff

Darren Lucas

If you want to a low class citizen just get in the regular line to buy popcorn and watch while 3 people including a family that had 10 people get in front of you because they have the premiere pass. Wow what a terrible system.

Desiree Rivera

I went there last Friday and the man at the concession stand was very rude. It was my first time there and he wasn’t helpful with finding out how to get our kids the popcorn boxes that we later found out were prepackaged and down the hall. He had a red shirt, assuming he may have been a supervisor, light skin and curly hair, not welcoming, helpful or friendly at all!

Marcus B.

My first and probably my last visit to this theater! None of the employees appeared to wanna be there. Common courtesy was nonexistent. The popcorn was old and room temp. The soda machine area was a complete mess, no cup lids, straws all over the place, soda all over the floor and counter, and the ice machine was out of order. I refused to watch a movie in such a place. I demanded a refund for my movie tickets. Because I purchased on Fandango they could only give me movie passes. I will drive an hour out of my way to another AMC theater before I go there again!! Ya'll gots to do better!!

Special K

I like the location. However the upkeep of this place is poor. Bathrooms are usually a mess, some doors are missing or some locks on the doors are broken. This theater cost slightly more compared to other locations.

Darlene Fraticelli

We enjoyed very much specially with the comfortable seats and the movie was great I do recommend this theater is wonderful!!

M. Caroline Swett

This place is a total nightmare. the service is bad the employees are rude and you never ever get what you've ordered or asked for If they arent going to let you bring in outside food they should.make sure they actually HAVE food for you to order...... 3 months ago I gave this theatre a 1 star review. Since that time they have made remarkable changes. They are staffed more adequately. The staff are polite and you can sort of tell that even though you aren't getting 5 star service, they are trying their best. They need to work on cleanliness. The bathrooms always look like a demilitarized zone. Had to change from 1 star to 3. The management are clearly making an effort.

Starr Benjamin

They never answer phones questions or are very rude and disrespectful

Krista Gottschlich

Nice reclining seats, pick the seats when you get the tickets, clean and new theatre.

Adler E

In 5 years an IMAX movie will be $25 or two tix for $40 and somehow we going to think that's a great deal. Never mine the price of a large popcorn

Carol Walston

The concession stand was dirty, bathroom filthy, under age kids in movie! This will be the last time I go to that theater! The bathroom was disgusting! Very disappointed!

Jose Pellot

Nice friendly staff, very clean bathrooms and accessible parking lot

Colin Edmeade

A great spot to see a movie close to home

Abdulkarim Salih

Very comfortable seats love it

T'Hani McBride

First AMC I've been to in Boston and it didn't disappoint. I heard this was the best movie theater in Boston and since i hear a great experience and have nothing else to compare it to, I'll agree. I wish the AMC in my hometown had a bar. It definitely made the experience better. I'll definitely be back next time I'm in Boston.

CJ LeDrow IV

Nice, New, and a pretty good idea to take a friend or your kids out for a show. However I will say this, all the movies I have seen here I have had tons of trash under and in my seats. Other than that, I think people in the area should be a little more respectful during the movies. Hard to get that level of descentcy in these parts thught.

Laura Calgaro

Service is horrible. Bathrooms are very disgusting and dirty. Garbages over filled. Floors with pop and popcorn all over. Pop and Concession stand dirty. Don't order concessions online when purchasing your ticket. I never received my popcorn/drink combo! When I went to inquire, I missed part of the movie and the gentleman behind the counter said "we were busy and must have forgot". He did not offer me anything but cold popcorn sitting on the shelf. I need a refund. Never going back.

Migz Reacts

It's a nice place for a quick flix


Very clean and great staff.

John tabares

Good movie theater. People sort of smell but has nothing to do with the theater.

Greg Kelleher

Great seats and amazing sound system. The teenager crowd is really noisy during the movies, phones turned on ..ringing phones, talking on phones, screaming to friends in other seat. This is an absolute skip, if you have other options. Need to go during the week to see if it is any better; when the youngsters are in school. I would like to be refunded.

kristen harrington

Has decent parking but theater is always dirty and some of the reclining chairs in the Dolby theater are always broken

Nana Kalua

Very high end feelings. Clean nice staff. Boys loved it! We had momma boys chat at Walhburger

Klot Klengdong

Everything there is brand new, spacious, & getting in the theater was easy & simple. The bathroom is a little weird like a maze.

Bethaney Duncan

The theater was clean and the seats were very comfortable. We were able to reserve great seats online as well as order concessions to be delivered to our seats. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Suzanne Lamoureux

Lots of choices, plenty of parking, comfy seats

Jeff Nolan

It was horrible. I got there for a 5pm movie at 330 and left line at 445 (to go home) .no closer to seeing the movie than when I got there. One person working . and at least 60 people in line. No apology, no manager, no acknowledgement what so ever of line. Disgracefully, Jeff nolan

Demichael R.

Great new theater that has several different viewing options. Parking is easy and there are also shops and a small handful of restaurants nearby if you want a meal before or after seeing a movie. I would recommend attending this AMC to anyone in the area. They even have a bar upstairs that serves beer, wine and mixed drinks. This has definitely upgraded the South Bay shopping area significantly.

Katie Emerson

Great new theater in South Bay! Awesome reclining seats and huge screens. Right near a Wahlburgers (I recommend bringing your burger with you, the food at AMC is overpriced).

Jalil Presley Rogers

Here to see Good Boys

Marc Hebert

We love AMC and participate in their A-List program. This location has a full bar, lounge area, and expanded concessions menu. You can even have food orders delivered right to your seat! Love the IMAX and Dolby theater experiences as well which are included in your A-List membership fee. Personally, this program is far superior to Movie Pass. My only gripe is that the bar is often closed. They struggle with staffing the bar and it shows. I've only seen it open Tuesdays and weekends. Why have a bar if it's hardly ever open?


This theater is awesome. Only a few months old (as of October of 2018), sparkling clean, state-of-the-art, accessible by bus, commuter rail, and plenty of parking for those who drive. The Dolby Cinema is spectacular -- worth seeking out (it's available here and Assembly Row, and I believe it will soon be featured at the Loews Boston Common too.

Nichole Smith

I LOVE THIS THEATER! For years if I wanted to go to see a movie, I had to go downtown, or to another city to see one. Then they put an AMC in Fenway, but it was still pretty far from me. AMC Southbay is PERFECT! I can literally walk there. The service is good, people are totally friendly, and the theater itself is AWESOME!!!!! GREAT MOVIE EXPERIENCE!

Nereida Villanueva

Movie was great, theater was great just the concession stand can use more employees to help out. The line was ridiculously long and there was only one person at the register. Even after the movie was over and we were walking out there was still just one person at the register and a long line as well.

Myron Stovell, Sr.

This theater was nice. Could use more cleanliness, as is with most.

Wanda Love

Great atmosphere, customer service was excellent and the facility was very clean.

Anthony Smith

Really nice place and it has a bar!!

Tricia Doe

This was one of the best things SouthBay could have done... Convenient, comfortable, Clean, and courteous... Now all they have to do is work on their Prices.. & I'm a Premiere Member

Matt Locke

The bartender John is one great bartender.. he has excellent taste and great costumer service.. the security guard Franklin was also very helpful assisting me with finding my phone!

Wissam Jawhari

What I love about this theater is that its new and clean the seats are so comfortable and most importantly is that you can actually book your seat numbers!

Odetta Wilson

The place was fifty. There was trash everywhere. The front counter had popcorn everywhere. I did not know if I should get inline first or get my food so I ask a worker and he said I could get my popcorn and then stand inline to pay but there was no popcorn available so I stood in line and waited to pay first. There was no order or signs directing me where to go to wait for more popcorn to be ready. The machines that held beverages were a mess. Soda puddles were everywhere and only large lids were available. There wasn't a clean area to put my cup down while I put the lid on. The theater floor did not look like it was cleared from the previous movie.


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Sofia Foster

Saw Joker here last night and man was that movie amazing! from start to finish it sent chills. its a brilliant film and would go down as a classic. Happy I got to see it in theaters

Carrie Monestime

1st time there no waiting took escalator to second floor. I used my cell phone to get in then right into the express line AMC member to get our food. I waited and the adult lounge for the movie to start that was a bonus. Loved it til children start arriving and sitting with their parents jumping around. Overall great experience.

Riley Skinner

It’s nice and relaxing there

l o a d i n g

See, I've been going here almost every 3 to 4 months to be honest. It's a very good place to watch movies that just came out. Oh!! I CANNOT forget how COMFORTABLE those leather seats are They have buttons to control the movement and positions of your chair so you can be comfortable while you sit to watch your movie!


Went there today, I was trying to watch joker however it was not possible. Keep in mind that the minimum age limit in joker is 15 to 16 and Im 17, and dont even look that young. While trying to buy the ticket they asked for my ID, a friend of mine was with me, he is an adult with a whole family and beard. They still asked for his ID, to watch JOKER (age limit 16)at first I though they were trying to be super professional however they asked me for ID again when they were checking my movie ticket and 2 seconds into the theater room, a security guard comes running towards me and asks me for my ticket and ID. At that point I felt so unwelcomed and attacked that I just left the theater. I don't have an ID and im not going to be carrying my passport around, the closest thing to an ID I have is a school ID which im 100% sure they wouldn't accept. Very poor costumer service, the waiting lobby is probably just cleaned in the morning because it was extremely dirty, I don't recommendgoing there especiallyif its night time. The place it self is amazing, however the workers don't take care of it, instead they do the contrary, ruin it and the costumers experience.

Anthony Franklin

Great location with lots of shops around. The inside is usually a bit messy. If you reserve a seat here, get there early because they do not seem to strictly enforce the seat arrangements

Eli Pekuri

It's fine, clean for the most part. Movie volumes are set to 11 so bring your earplugs.

kimberly turner

So happy AMC came to South Bay! Their ladies room needs some TLC. Many of the door stalls are missing locks and the scensors on the soap dispensers and water faucets need to be adjusted so they work better - currently hard to turn water on and soap dispensers to stop dispensing soap.

Amarilys Rathernotsay

This place is very ignorant, they had one cashier and no cooks and the one cook that had came to do two orders for me and my family did it at an awful manner one container barely has fries and on top of that entire dilemma there’s no one in guest services and yet we payed close to 35 dollars that’s very frustrating especially when there’s no fries and then the cook spoke in a very careless manner this is the last time I’m spending money here , don’t waste your time guys

Becky Achinivu

Clean. Parking available. Super comfy seating options.

Is_me _daniela

It’s a very nice theater they always cleaned it before letting people in

A Google Reviewer

Omg I am in love this movie theater is amazing

Lucy Ertha

I saw the Lion King at this theater and it was great

denise King

Bought a ticket from fathom events to see a 1pm show...La Fille du Regiment...Nobody here but other people who came to see show...sign on door"not open" details....some people about 20 past a man poked his head out to say the power was out...couldn't give any other details....Not cool...28 degrees here in Dot...should have given people enough details that they wouldn't have to wait in the cold before deciding what to do.....Never mind that I have a Pre-purchased ticket.

Jose Rosa

No complains!! That place is fantastic! Just wish they can keep some movies for longer !!

Rodrigo Vidal Perez

No Respect what so ever. Hanging up on phone calls and everything.

LaToya James

Love it. Seats recline. Great spot to enjoy movies with family,friends or significant other.

Olimpia Z

New location near a lot of stores and restaurants. They have a free parking in the building right across which is a great help in the Boston area. The tickets and snack are a little pricy.


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