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REVIEWS OF AMC Methuen 20 IN Vermont

emmanuel gil

I just want to point out that in the IMAX theater the orange guide lights at the bottom steps where shinning at the bottom corners of the screen that was pretty annoying, please fix, I don’t recall see in it in the other rooms please check... other than that I love it

Timothy Dorsey

The seats are very comfy, but a lot of the time the other movie goers will tell and clap which while does make sense at some parts , it can get anjoying

Vinodini Karunaharan

Online website: the are GLITCHES on the site when booking tickets I even went to atom tickets and saw the seats were available when at amc it wasnt!

Alfredo Rivera

Ok gave it a 5 star, cool... but the worker at the food cash restaurant, looking me me and my brother like he never seen Latinos in his life in person I guess, little disrespectful, but I still talked to him with respect thank you sir, and No welcome back... but it's a part of life... keep it moving and be happy no matter how people look at you... Love this place forsure... so dope, going to bring lady... soon...

nathan berard

Power reclining seats, great audio quality and a bar in the lobby. This is a good place to catch a movie. Bar and movie snacks are very pricey but hey, at least the options are there.

sharat menon

Well one of the few theaters in New England where they show Hindi movies . Reclining Seats are good.

Jaysin Boothby

Expensive but the movies always are. Very comfortable seats and the theater design makes it easy to see. We saw toy story 4.

Eliud Vazquez

They have a great deal of ticket deals on Tuesday all day good bargain for the whole family.

BostonianGunner 1776

Decent theater. Drinks are expectedly over priced. Nice assigned seating. Leather recliner chairs. Clean and well crept facility. Crowds seem easy going and polite. Area seemed a bit sketchy at night.

Ryan Mrowka

Huge but smells like that loud every time I've gone

Tony Shum

Recliner arm rest fabric is ripped and chair is a little filthy and sound system just loud not crystal clear with no bass to it. Otherwise, it is just ok

john holak

Excellent theater but ticket prices too expensive. Food prices ridiculous. Fill your pockets with snacks before going in.

Billy Cameron

Used to be good, but now has a run down feel. Three out of five fountain drink machines out of order and no ice available from any of them. I like the reclining seats, but could do without the mouse running around under my feet throughout the movie.


A Star Is Born was a terrific movie. The theater is large and is a challenge for less mobile folks to get from the entrance to some of the theaters (like #14). Typical concessions with usual high cost. Good customer service. Reclining lounge chairs are nice.

Ross Kearney

Staff was awesome and the theater was great. Popcorn was below mediocre. As someone who always gets popcorn because I love it and because I know it helps support the theater I was pretty bummed out about it. But the staff rocked, we're super helpful and nice, I drove down from Maine and had no idea anything about the theater.

Robert De Salazar

Great to have Spanish language movies with English subtitles. Serve alcohol so nice and relaxing.

Ellen Lee

This movie theater is convenient, big, and well staffed. Its located in a plaza with lots of other stores, so you can grab a bite before/after your movie. also, there's a supermarket right next door and home depot. There's really a lot to do in the area so you can make a day of it. AMC theaters offers a movie pass that makes it easier and cheaper to watch movies. With the pass you can watch 3 movies a week with is great if you love movies like I do. This theater has free parking in the front and rear so there's always plenty of space. Their popcorn is really good for some reason. You can get free refills if you are an AMC member. Overall, I think this theater is great and convenient. I would reccomend it if you are in the area.

Matt B

Good seats. Don't have to pay a convenience fee with Fandango.

Melody Escobar

Come here all the time. The service is great and good food. Very welcoming and

Ron Zangari

Comfortable seats but everything is pricey today's standards

Marisol Sanchez

Theovie hustlers was amazing, loved it

Nora Maldonado

Loved it, friendly staff, clean and the seats were comfortable and the sound was unreal. It looked like a Disney castle

Kerry Sheehan

This theater is not very accessible. When I pointed it out the management was very apathetic. There are only 4 handicap spots on one side of the building so it took time to find a spot. Then the app doesn't really give you a good idea of the lay out of the theater when you pick your seat. So it's not until you get all the way to your seat that you realize it's not accessible to you. It could've worked out of she told us about the elevator but instead she was apathetic and didn't even try to see if there was a way they couple accommodate us. So it wasted time and was too far into the movie before she even mentioned the elevator. She didn't even mention it to me. She flippantly mentioned it to my mom 10 minutes into our movie that there was an elevator all along. That only works if you can transfer. If this wasn't the second time this week that I went drove hours to find out a public place that was supposed to be accessible wasn't. Access isn't just about being able to roll through the door. Do better AMC. The ADA was passed over 30 years ago. It's time to educate your employees. They're welcome to hang out with me for a day. You'll see how not accessible the US is.

Kumaresh Prakasam

Nice seats nice theatrical experience

Dave Gautreau

Very nice movie theatre. Modern and extravagant, the building in impressive. Because of the sheer volume of space, they are able to have all the temporary movie displays instead of just movie posters. Great sound, excellent picture, and comfortable seats.

David Marsh

Really like this place. But chairs and really starting to breakdown and many are ripped and cushions are uncomfortable.

Patricia Sullivan

Nice theater. Comfortable. The only thing I don't like about going to the theater these days is that you have to reserve your seats ahead of time. You can't just decide to go "last minute"

Wildy M

Pretty clean and up to date. Only thing is that when you try to watch any movie in IMAX or higher quality and sit from E -C rows cant really see the movie and your neck will hurt. They should move seats or push the screen back so every seat gets a good angle. We still have fun and made the best of it

Jacqueline Badessa

AMC movie subscription is worth the money. So much better than movie pass


Love this theater. Very clean, very spacious, the recliners are comfy. I like the ones in tyngsboro more, they recline further. But ya, I'm on the fence of 4 stars or 5 stars. Great screens, great sound, good staff, very comfortable.

masterpro De La Rosa

The seats were in awful condition

Jennifer Sullivan

Went to see Avengers End Game, driving all the way from NH and all they had was regular 3D glasses, work said to use them. Watching preview and the beginning of the movie we knew these were not right, going back out after the movie started they wheeled up the glasses we were supposed to use. How many had wrong glasses. Seats torn, written on, missing arm rest and cup holder in Theater 10 for IMAX. And top it all off, no refills on popcorn...???? Are you minding, you have to pay to be a member to get these benefits? I will stick with my O’Neils with great perks, clean, friendly and always free refills. Won’t go back to any AMC again.


This place was nice, it was big too. That was a bit of a problem for me considering I'm from York PA. The movie watch experience was great too. The guest service was good too. It was a good experience overall.

Diggie Hernández

The armrest was damaged but the new seats are comfy. We went to a late show and didn't patronize any of the concessions.

Nagendra Narayan

Nice multiplex Watched Telugu movie and enjoyed

Kristen Harden

I got free tickets and they tolerated my teenage daughter. Doesn't get better than that.

Venkata Raghavendhra Chowdary Maddhipatla

We live in Nashua and this is our most favorite amc. Even though it is 45 mins away we always love to drive to this place to watch our favorite movies.

Daniel Cuneo

Best movie theater around. Good food too! And all the latest projection and audio technology in select theaters

Susan Berube

Bring ear plugs the movies are way to loud.

Yenika Rojas

Perfect location. Clean and great service. AMC premiere programs are the best. Sit back, order some food on your app and enjoy!

Dinora Cooney

The theater was clean. It was a very hot day so it was a nice place to cool off. Person at the help desk was great. My wifi wasn't working so I couldn't download the tickets I had purchased and the person at the help desk looked it up and called the ticket person to let us through.

Roshan Harjani

Perfect place for movies in a relaxing recliner.

Francis Tran

Overall good experience. Make sure when you purchase tickets to check the features in the specific screening room. Not all rooms have the signature chairs thats recline. If you dont want to pay for amc stubs premier then I recommend the insider. It's free and offers some nice perks especially the discount on movie tickets on Tuesdays.

Kayla Moura

Trust me if I can give 0 stars I would. I don’t remember this theater being as disgusting & over priced as it is. Every single seat was torn apart with holes in the recliner & I just felt uncomfortable, disgusting, & grossed out sitting in …

Janel Tejada

Love this Theater. Love the location. Is clean somewhat quiet n you feel safe. There's many stores close by to just go an shop after a movie n or restaurants to go. The food is kind of expensive other than that I love AMC. Best theaters ever. The surround sound of the speakers are

Jonathan Bartus

Currently my go-to theater when I'm at home. The concession area is a little strange after they converted from a traditional counter service model to a partial self serve queue like the Assembly Row location has. Biggest gripe with this location is the bathrooms being out in the lobby, which is a common feature with AMC from what I've seen. In smaller facilities like Burlington it works okay but with larger facilities like this one it's a pain and if you have to go mid movie you miss several minutes worth of film. It would be nice if they had bathrooms down near the hallway intersections on each side.

James Aldana

Staff was awesome and the theater was great. Popcorn was below mediocre. As someone who always gets popcorn because I love it and because I know it helps support the theater I was pretty bummed out about it. But the staff rocked, we're super helpful and nice, I drove down from Maine and had no idea anything about the theater.

Rutuja Dharmadhikari

Shows of all Indian movies which makes it the only place to see all Indian movies in MA. Clean and well maintained. Shopping and dinner places around too. Makes it a perfect spot to spend the day.

Jakshesh Patel

Great experience for all movie options like Bollywood too

Supal Vyas

Great AMC location overall. They probably have the best sound system for 2D movies compared to other AMC locations. Love the fact that they get all the new Hindi movies.

David Russell

Very expensive tickets. Very dirty bathrooms and lobby. Seats in theater ripped. Very disappointed.


This is one of the best places to watch a movie as its So conferrable with there reclining chairs!

Zachary G. Breland

Really nice theater. We would go there all the time when we lived in the area. The upgrades seats were awesome. Wide, leather, and reclining. I'm not sure if they've added the Dolby theater yet, but it's quite nice.

Matthew Spurr

This theatre is very poorly maintained. The theater I was in had torn seats and the cleanliness was below average. My girlfriend went to pick up some popcorn, but it was cold. Cashier gave her attitude when she asked them to make a fresh one. Manager was helpful and fixed that situation politely, earning back a star. The screen in our theater had been cleaned with a chemical that permanently damaged it, leaving a slightly visible stain that followed the center of the screen the whole movie. My second-worst experience at a move theatre.

Beth Watkins

Saw "Joker" great movie! Love the reclining seats!

Critical Mass

Great place to enjoy a drink, watch movies or even a hang out. But the seats/cup holders to watch movies needs more maintenance. 7/10 times i find popcorn on the chairs, trash between the seats and wet stuff(gross) on the seats or on the hand rest etc. My advice to AMC, put 3 people or even 4 in a theatre room once the movie is over 1 vacuuming and/or 3 going through the row of seats with disinfected spary/wiping and picking up trash. It'll be that much more welcoming comfortable feeling.

Pam Lopez

Great theatre but food prices are way too high

Laetitia Mbiye

Home theater experience! You get to watch a movie while reclined on a comfortable "couch". The downside is they run out of seats per sessions. I suggest you buy your tickets online if you can't be there at least 45 min early. We missed watching The Grinch last weekend because of this! Good location. Lots of food and shopping options right there. Cocktail bar in the theater!

Pietra Fonte

Really nice theater. Cool snack line set up

John Diaz

My daughter and I , favorite movie theater. She calls it the big show .. lol

Jennifer Robinson

Love this place for it's pre-pay seating and recliners. Love the fact that you can drink alcohol while you watch a movie but be ready to pay an arm and a leg for a cocktail.

Amy Goss

Large screens...large reclining chairs...clean...friendly staff.convenient location off the loop!

potato 098

Awsome movies

Rebekah McGowan

Our sitter took my kids to see Toy Story today. She ran out of the film after seeing 2 rats climbing up the wall. She told the ticket taker and she seemed unphased. She came home visibly shaken by the experience. She removed my kids from the theater immediately after seeing them. I Posted our experience to my FB page and others said they had seen rats there in the past weeks. My daughter was sobbing saying “but I love AMC.” AMC is everyone’s favorite theater it is such a shame. We will never be going back.

Rich Welch

Great movie theater but A-list service needs some changes. Not easy to fish for an ID to show your not sharing your membership when you have to show your ticket while juggling snacks,drinks, and kids. Then the staff gets upset when you try to put a couple things on their table to get everything out.

Rathish Shunmugum

Worth trying this place once

Flakne Family

After trying unsuccessfully to purchase tickets online (error messages) for one of the last showings of Aladdin, and trying unsuccessfully to purchase tickets through the app (wouldn’t allow me to pay), AND after speaking with someone on the phone about the frustrations, the kids and I went to the theater and tried again to purchase tickets. The only seats available were ones in the front row (have done that before and will not do it again), or random separated seats. I spoke with an employee who was zero help. So, if their website and app are working appropriately, you’ll have no issues. But if not, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get in and the employees couldn’t care less. It’s unfortunate that you have to reserve seats and the only way to do it is via their website/app (if they're even working) or taking a chance by showing up and purchasing at a kiosk. We will be taking our business elsewhere from now on.

Clifton Hughes

I really did not like AMC Methuen 20. The recliner chairs did not work well. The recliner did not recline very well and the foot rest barely rose off of the floor. The theater looks quite Mediterranean in style. Which did not make any sense to me.

David Martiroso

My son and I love coming here midweek and catching a flick. Popcorn and Butter and Comfy Seats... Definitely one of the nice theaters around here!!!

Barbara Ganley

Very clean, good movie, popcorn, customer service

Elizabeth Arthurs

We loved the movie we went to see! Seats were amazingly comfortable... however the price for a small Popcorn $8.95 ? Too much. The movie was in Dolby sound..the decibel level was too much, it hurt to listen to it. We also had to listen to people talking and on their cell phones. Could be better ....

Rick Welch

One of the better movie theaters I've been to. Big, easy to get food and drinks. They also have IMAX theaters.

Shamira Sanchez

Great deals during the week. Margaritas is actually giving away $8 movie tickets and I didn't pay a cent at the theatre. The selection of seating and screens is a plus. Reclining and being in your own comfort is great. Super clean and the staff is very helpful.

Bob Owen

The elegance of the lobby is amazing, only downfall is bathrooms are only in lobby area. If you have to go during movie plan on missing 5 plus minutes. Need upgrade

Leslie Somerville

Friendly staff, concessions are easily accessible and the lines move fast. The recliners lean back like they sink in differently here and they are comfortable. I fell asleep during twenty minutes of my movie but I didn't care. I really enjoyed this place. I'm a Stubs member so I've been to a lot of AMC's. This place is great.

S Venkatraman

Seats, restrooms and concession stands are kept very dirty

Sheryl Mullane-Corvi

I've been here 3 times -- each aggravating. Concessions are so inefficient with its 4-step process. No signage instructing what to do. Just getting popcorn is a chore. They offer more movie options but it isn't worth it. I'm sticking with Burlington AMC.

Anthony LaBrecque

We are AMC Stubs A-List Members After traveling 30 minutes and going through the bother of getting concessions my sonmwas not granted admission as he did not have an ID although he has been in there repeatedly with membership. The …

Michael Steir

Terrible. One employee at concession stand taking 5 minutes to try to process someone's purchase while a long line was waiting. Meanwhile 4 other employees were hanging around talking and doing nothing. Very expensive.

Alexander De Jesus

We went to the late matinee. The theater was clean . Good seating and comfortable. Clean place overall. Bathrooms well clean and kept up . Plenty of parking and walking distance restaurants for a nice dinner before the movie. Close to both …

Marie Pari

Im basing this review on appearance and comfort only. I went to the Methuen AMC on a Thursday 1:45pm movie. The entire establishment looked like it hadn't been cleaned in Months. The self service soda machines were filthy, spillage every where and littered with paper products. One machine had a puddle of product underneath, obviously broken. The snack/popcorn area was the same, it needed a good scrub greasy finger prints everywhere and the carpets loaded with spilled popcorn. Butter and salt island, nasty.The seats in the theater (#6) were worn and at least 25% were torn in various areas. Given the entire state of the establishment....though the recline function worked I'd recommend protecting your fingertips when adjusting.Again the carpets a mess. The ladies room reeked of urine and again looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in months. The stall doors and tile floors were repulsive! The only obvious cleaning being done was emptying of the trash cans. AMC it was 1:30 in the afternoon, three movies into the day, I can't imagine what this place will look like by evening... PLEASE CLEAN YOUR THEATER WE PAY GOOD MONEY TO VISIT YOUR ESTABLISHMENT

Kevin Ronchetti

Comfortable seat but, it was alittle cool in there...

Raul Diaz

Went to the movies with my sister it was awesome. The atmosphere was great. But I met 2 beautiful people, a father and daughter. It was a pleasure to meet them.

Stephen Priest

HUGE!!! High ceilings with impressive lighting fixtures. Bar available. Large food service area. Plenty of tables to eat at. Elevator to second level. Bathroom with modern conveniences but customers are a little rough on the men's room. Now the theater! Huge screen. Chairs recline and you can adjust posture of chair. A few chairs need the seats repaired due to rips. I didn't order any food so I have no opinion. Picture and sound quality were good and the 3D experience I enjoyed. Good amount of parking. Atom app has this theater listed. IMAX available. I recommend this theater.

Scott J. Murphy Sr.

The atmosphere was just amazing! The movie was absolutely insane! The effects were crazy.... & You can expect awesome graphics and sound... Godzilla 2 King of the monsters is a must see film! Go out and chill @ AMC Methuen.....You wont regret it promise....

Marie Aquino

Very nice update awesome to watch movie and the employee are great

Lisa Steen

Most comfortable chairs, good location, the help is friendly and helpful. They keep it pretty clean. I go here all the time.

amy gotham

It is a pretty decent theater. The IMAX is def a must.

Geovanny Rivera

I like the different types movies they have in AMC Methuen. I've seen some very good international movies and some that can't be found anywhere else. I don't like the seats on some of the rooms but overall it's good. They have a bar if you drink and the customer service is nice for a movie theater.

Abhai Pande

Good ambience, excellent reclining seats , enjoy popcorns while you see your favourite movie . Overall excellent experience.

Gabriel Garcia

Dont buy the food, I saw two rats, not mice, run through the hallways. I threw out almost 50$ worth of food.

Javier Lopez

Went to this movie theater twice already and loved the IMAX and Dolby Cinema Projectors. AMC is great.

Guneapig blogs Nina

Went to see pet cemetery and was awesome. Comfortable and clean. The food was a bit pricey but other than that it was a great experience.

Glo Elisi

Clean. Reserve seating. Print or scan your online reservation. Book movie in lobby. Chairs a bit narrower than Cinemagic and people walking in rows may need to ask to have a recliner reset to squeeze by. Still a nice facility.

Vernon MacPhee III

Place was Ok. Definately not my favorite place. Very expensive. Seats are ok comfort level but not great

Terri Given

Great actors. Action packed. A little predictable, but that didn't keep us from thinking it was a great movie!

Erick Gonzalez

Me and my friends were trying to go to see chucky but we weren’t old enough so my friend dad came and my other friend told my friend to return the ticket and the girl that work there said no and we were mad and were forced to watch toy story 4 and so we did and then my friend told me to tell my other friend to give him a twizler and a overweighted staff member came and told all my friends in clouding me and my friend call her a fat b word and she refuses to give us a refund and she kick us out and my dream is if I ever get rich I’m gonna by amc and fire the girl that Kik us out and I’m going to chunky’s for ever and she kik out almost all the people in the movie theater fire her plz

Kevin Gillespie

Nicely updated. Comfortable and plenty of viewing options.

Samartha K V

Good theatre! Saw Mission Mangal.. Great movie and comfortable seating..

Nicholas Lupoli

It was great picking your own seats online and comfortable but very expensive... Family of 5, 1 large popcorn and 4 drinks.. Over $100!!!

Mark-Henry Kamga

Nice theater with reclining seats and great space. Free delivery of good to seat of booked online. Lost one star due to quality and variety of food (which I could 4.5 stars)

Isaiah Rogers

Good clean place to watch a movie without a overpriced fee to watch the movie

Stacey Otero

Huge theater, but extremely dirty. Trash cans overflowing and garbage all over the ground. Seats are comfortable, but also dirty and very worn. Did appreciate being able to pre-order food and have it delivered to our seats however.

Raven Black

Always enjoy my AMC visits today we saw IT..

luna playz

I haven't been to the movies in a long time, and yesterday afternoon I decided to take my daughter to watch Captain Marvel. I was very disappointed in many ways. To begin pop corn all over the floor in all areas.The area where the drinks are located was absolutely filthy! Napkins, old dried up soda as well as an odor. When I went to pick up my food order staff was playing with their hair, joking around being unprofessional.

Susan Hayes

Clean place. Candy and popcorn was yummy! Lion King was awesome

Cheyenne Baxter

The staff here was absolutely awful. I went here to celebrate my birthday and I had a terrible experience. The theater itself was nice, and the seats were comfortable, but the staff ruined our experience. All of the 6 workers we dealt with, other than the young man doing tickets who was the only good worker there, were disrespectful, acted like the didn’t want to be there, weren’t helpful, didn’t offer to help us when all of the soda machines malfunctioned. We were late to our movie because all of the soda machines stopped working and when we asked a female worker for help, she looked at us like we had 6 heads and didn’t say two words to us. Should be fired...

Paul Kane

Love going here. We saw Wreck-It Ralph 2 in the Dolby Theater. Great experience. Staff is very friendly and concessions are great!

Chinmay Mahajan

This one is pretty good

iisabelle Humphreys

Really great atmosphere! Great food and drinks. Love the theater seating. I lost my wallet there and it had a lot of money in it. The usher found it and the manager held it for me they were really awesome and so nice. The staff is half the reason i love that place and i live an hour and a half away. Worth the drive

Brian Tatem

Nice to be able to have comfy seats and beverage from the full service bar while watching a movie.

Dan O'Connell

Great place to watch a movie. The prices are a little steep, but that's everywhere. The Dolby screen is excellent if you love great sound, but it might be too loud for kids or those who don't appreciate it.

Matthew Walker

Place is great, bathrooms are far away

Alfio Fichera

I love the assigned seating! Would be nice to have indie films once in a while

Cathleen Stone

Love this theater. Great seating, great snacks, good films. Best place to see a movie in merrimack valley.

Christopher LeFave

Very comfortable seats. Plenty of room to stretch your legs. Online ordering was a nice touch. If we had one issue, it was that we got an order delivery text at 10pm, for a 7:40pm delivery.

Lydia Kanu

Great theather large always a great movie experience

b. best

Clean ,comfortable,but cold inside theater, food is a lil expensive..especiallyif u go with a family of 7 .but overall ok,

Linda Martin

Love the reclining seats and the variety of drinks and they carry adult beverages. The movie was great

Ranjeeta B

Say what? U will love the place. Great movie and outing experience. Very nicely maintained but the food inside will make a hole in your pocket.

mala valentin

Bathrooms are always dirty but otherwise a comfortable movie theater. I have never had a bad experience here.

Jhonson Grey

This place is just amazing.

judi Brake

I've been going to AMC at the Loop for years and have always had a good experience. Lately I've heard stories about the cleanliness of the theaters and mice/rats. I was hesitant to believe it. However, we went to the movies this weekend and I personally saw a mouse walk down the steps into the row in front of us. (we were on the back row and I had the isle seat). The whole movie all I kept thinking about that mouse and his friends who were probably behind all the large recliner seats and the dropped food that is there for them to thrive. Honestly, I'm sure this could happen at any public venue, but it did creep me out and I will have second thoughts going there until I hear it's being cleaned up and they are addressing the mice/rat problem.

Rob G

Such a great theater and I love the popcorn there. Prices are a bit high but you can sign up for the rewards program to earn points. So that’s a plus.

Raymond Cole

Super loud, excellent video quality. Comfortable seating.

Susan W

POMS hilarious movie Theatre is comfortable and clean, nice employees. Previews are TOO loud!

kathy dolan

It was a beautiful place but confusing. We didnt know it was that they pick our seats , the ppl were angry at us. The seats were comfy . There was 4 of us for about 100 bucks. They have a bar , it was so cold my granddaughter was in tears. not likey to go back.

Virginia R

They have great customer service this is the best place to watch a movie because the seats are so comfortable

Aleigha the Unicorn

The seats are very comfortable and the movie screen is huge.It is really easy to hear the movie and they make sure people don’t talk.

Dan Given

Love the Dolby and IMAX theaters. A List is the best deal around!

Kristy Parhiala

$5 ticket Tuesday!!!! If you are a stubs member, just creating an account with your email and boom!! You get great deals! Every Tuesday my husband and I love going to the movies as a date night!! We love this theater!!! beautiful, wonderful customer service, clean, and of course the movies are great!


Nicer movie theatre but its so over priced for movies then it cost me almost 50.00 for a lg popcorn a small candy amd 2 small sodas the small sodas were 6.49 each w.t.h whi has that kind of money for a movie at 12:45 pm on a friday it should have been way less expensive so early in the day plus it was terribly cold in there


There was so little A/C it was so incredibly uncomfortable I actually wanted to leave 5 minutes into the movie. Horrible!

Harley Quinn

Love IMAX and IMAX 3D

Sony ramirez

Me and my daughter had a great time we watched alita battle angel!!!

Scott Johnson

AMC had really cool seats.....not anymore


Staff was great I haven't been here in awhile. They need more signs for where you enter for food and where you pay. I mean everything looks great it's just you need to make each copy each side when entering the theater.

Kevin Barry


Wayne Livermore

Nice reclining seats with footrests. Folding middle arm rest. You can choose seats, so no rushing to get a good seat. Drinks available in the evening at McGuffins bar. Regular drinks (coke products) at mix and match soda machines. I had …

David Nguyen

Always the best place for me to enjoy movies in town. Great services, friendly staffs and amazing quality!

Tommy Murphy

They are always nice to u no matter what

Rekha Verma

I love to watch movies in this PL make me feel goodi watch today war

Patricia Sheehan

Why is there never more than one person at the ticket register on Tuesday afternoons? You obviously do not want people coming to the theater. And the person was soooooo rude today.

Alix Wright

This used to be the most up to date and well taken care of theater in the area, but the cleanliness has gone way down. Seats are damaged, ripped and arms missing, garbage still all over the chairs when you get in for your showing, and the dirt on the seats looks like they have never been cleaned. Took my brother to a movie when he visited from out of town and was mortified at the state of the place. He couldn’t believe it was my favorite movie theater.

Krissy and Jayden

I loved being able to order my tickets, food, drinks, candy and popcorn beforehand and just show up and be served!! Awesomeness!!!

Mary Drayton

Enjoyed my movie experience. Great customer service!

Debbie Catanzarite

Nice theater, huge! Big comfy seats!

Brooklen Ashleigh

Good theaters dirty bathrooms

Tom Nguyen

Generally a good place to go for the movies, but the theater wasn't cleaned up from the previous movie and the seats are torn some now. May meed some TLC.

Aly Perez

its a beautiful theater spacious and decent food court. Very disappointed at the cleanliness. You walk in to find your pre order food in dirty seats that haven't been wiped...tell the manager n it has happened over n definitely would not go again!

Robert Luebbe

It was great seating, always a great place to see movies

Scott Evensen

Awesome seats and great quality sound and picture

Ben Boulanger

Expensive, but the seats are very nice. The food is just ok and pricey.

Vinay Srinivasan

Love this theater. Location is apt as there are good restaurants around to eat. Comfortable theater with extensive parking. They have comfy recliner seats and excellent sound system. Online Ticketing system is accurate which has seat map options and allows seat selection. Definitely one of the nice theaters around here!

james kane

Rats freely roam, everythins covered in dog and cat hair feelin mad sticky..and yall still trynna charge 12$ for popcorn??

Jane Parent

The seats are SO comfortable here. The staff is very nice and accommodating. My daughter was on crutches at the time we visited and they were helpful getting her to her seat. The popcorn, however, had a really wierd taste. All in all a nice place to visit. Good movies!


SEATS ARE DISGUSTING..........ALWAYS! They obviously don't check them after each show to see if it needs to be cleaned. I don't want to sit in a pile of grease and nastiness from someone else. I give it a one star because comfort and cleanliness is key when you pay the amount you do for a movie. Won't ever be back.

Stephen Gagnon

Always super clean and I highly recommend the Stubb's membership and the refillable popcorn bucket. You end up paying a lot less for popcorn and soda.


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