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100 Independence Way, Danvers, MA 01923 Located in: Liberty Tree Mall

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Here you will see the reviews of real people who bought the products of AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20 (Movie Theater) in the state of Vermont.

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Where is AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20?

REVIEWS OF AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20 IN Vermont

Lisa Marino

This is my go-to theater. It's definitely the star of the entire mall. Excellent service and I'm able to comfortably enjoy a movie.

Patrick Lithgow

Its decent, though not sure why the IMAX seats are so much worse than the regular theater or Dolby one .

Joel Jenkins

I come here a lot, and I understand that theaters are dying, and whatever, but I paid $14 for a ticket. Theater 11 was really dirty, candy all over the floor, powder everywhere. I understand they can basically only hire teenagers, but these are some of the reasons theaters die, when you don’t take care of them. Hope next time is better.

Ron Wilson

Very clean with comfortable seating to see a movie!

Al Rodriguez

I haven't been disappointed yet what this place I take that back the IMAX theater seats in aisles away too small maybe some day they'll correctness


Loved the atmosphere. But the place was filthy near the beverage station.

Allison Devito

I am on the A list. Love it

John Ross

Over priced. No veterans discount.

Bob Cintolo

Great venue! Reasonable prices off hours

Andrew Muttiah

Great mall with a large variety of stores. Close access from the highway. Plenty of parking available. There are many restaurants outside and inside. Great place to take kids to spend a few hours.

Jesse Dampolo

Was better before the remodel but is still pretty good.

Dylan Machado

Great place went with friends to warch captain marvel. The seats are so comfortable that i fell asleep.


Saw movie IT Chapter 2 and loved the Dolby theater

Sandra Machado

Horrible theatre. Bubble gum stuck to seat directly in front of me gross. Also. Why would a children’s movie be in the oldest theatre where kids aren’t heavy enough to keep the seats down. Worst experience

Jianna Smith

Pretty nice movie theater. Seats are pretty comfortable. But they got mice y'all. I saw one run down the walkway when I was watching US. Had me more shook than the movie.

Sharon Sherman

Wow it's been a long time since I've been here. The seats were awesome and comfortable. #reclinerseats.

Mazzle Allen

I am really happy they updated their facility. The seats are comfortable and the food choices are pretty decent. The prices however, well it is what it is. To save money though, sign up for Stubs.. you won't regret it and if you go to the movies a lot you can save tons!!!

Pywaket Pilot

Nothing particularly special - just your standard multiplex megachain theater. Seats are comfy. Prices are a little high, but not unusually so.

Cuban Rican Stacks

comfortable and awesome I recommended


Am AMC -Stubs a list member, forgot ID, had me purchase a ticket for no reason. Absolutely rude customer service. “John” is the rudest of all. Was profiled and heard my name over the walkie. Ridiculous!!!!

J. Mark Carper, Ed.D.

We went to see 'Escape Room' at the AMC plex; fun stuff fir the old (69) & young (11) guys. Great theater, in a decent mall - but a few lowbrow stores have come on the scene - a discount furniture barn and an Elvis-Art shoppe - but we love that theater, with surround sound and everything else you could want (can't wait for Godzilla 10 or whatever, in May).

Bruce Melendy

Most comfortable seats that recline. Spacious and spread pit you have plenty of leg room and personal space

Anita Jordan

Good kind of dirty

Aaron Reid

honestly, might be my favorite movie theater.

Caitlynne White

If you are not part of AMC A-List you are crazy. This is by far one of the better investments I’ve made for activities to do with my kid. On bad weather days, sunny days, whatever days you have three free tickets a week. If you use a ticket buying app like Atom you have fees processing fees waived and can use your AMC A-List with that app.

Salvador Rivas

Overall a good movie theater. Love the Tuesday night movie deals and other promotional deals AMC has to offer as well. The only thing I wish for is that they would have some sort of competitive loyalty deal for popcorn and soda or deals for other movie theater food.

Justin Ober

Very nice my daughter and I had a great time

Steve Martin

The movie theater is buried deep in the mall. The seats were reclining and comfy. The theater was clean and neat. The staff was decent. Good time!

Jameel Khader

Best movie spot in the area

Fola Ola-Ayinde

Always a great movie

Jen Goudreault

Haven't been to the movies in many years ,,Wow the seating has come a long way as well as the price but over all it was clean efficient and good quality of the movie itself .

Luis Matos De Los Santos

All rooms have comfortable reclining seats, wide selection of drinks at the drinks machine not always full and a bar for adults ,no kids zone, alright variety of food options not as much as the drinks, good service with separate help booth

Rosely Ovalles

Movie theater was updated a couple years ago. They have nice seating.

ian carpenter

Pretty empty. Comfy reclining seats. Good experience.

David Ro

Seats/recliners are smaller than showcase cinemas woburn, but the location offers a larger variety of films. Food prices are $6 for a hot dog as a baseline. Located in the mall, so food options and shopping are plenty.

Gerald Alexander

I've been going here since 1999. I was recently there and its the cleanest I've experienced. They now have a bar and reclining, very comfortable seats.

Blake Barr

Great management and crew. All very responsive when there are issues. Redesign of theater with great seating and reserved seats throughout. Great movie going experience! Having some mall shops and a food court accessible right there is fantastic for before and after.


Nice, clean theatres. Great seating. Clean bathrooms.

Tim Phillips

They really need to warn the patrons how loud the Dolby sound is ( like a sign outside to actual theatre that if you have sensitive hearing you may want to pick another movie). Been out of the movie for 2 hours and my ears are still ringing. Asked the staff if they could turn down the noise but of course they refused to do so.They guy said he didn't want "to ruin" the Dolby experience. I had my parents and my wife and my wife had to leave because she could not handle the loud noise. I will not be going back there ever again

dawn coviello

The seats recline, it puts your feet up. Most comfortable and safe that I have felt since there was a shooting in a movie theater years that we could reserve seats in advance. The only things that made me almost pass out was the price for a small drink and popcorn was $15.00!! That's crazy.

Ashley Rose

Good movies but really pricey 8 dollars for popcorn and 3 dollars for a soda


Great food, great seats, good employees.

jessica perrine

Love the reclining chairs. Spent more money on very few snacks ($30 without getting popcorn or a beverage). As both a parent and an addictions therapist, I have to say that I'm not pleased with the new addition (bar/liquor availability). I'm going to say it's pretty safe of an assumption that the majority of the patrons are driving to and from this establishment, many with children... Is liquor really a neccessary option... I'd like to believe not, if nothing else, than for the sake of society. The movie was good with comfortable seating.

Jeffrey Collins

Seen toy story 4 was great in Dolby digital

robert kintzing

Great service comfortable seats

Eric Clayberg

Great theater with reserved seating in all of the auditoriums. New recliners are in all auditoriums except the IMAX. The Dolby auditorium is simply amazing and my first choice for any movie.


The AMC at the liberty tree mall has new reclining seats with extra padding except for the IMAX which are very comfortable. They have more than 20 theaters and always play the best movies. The snacks there are very good and they have from popcorn to pretzels and more.

Dave Houghton

The concession clerk Jenifer was super nice and helpful. She made my movie experience wonderful.

R Scott Martin

Best theater experience ever $5 Tuesdays AMC stubs program can't be beat plan on going back over and over again

Molly Rachael

I went to go see, "IT: Chapter 2" at this theater. During the movie a huge rat ran down the isle I was sitting in, past me, and jumped down the stairs. I immediately got up and left before the movie was over. The seats aren't that comfortable and the AC was blowing directly down on me, causing me to have a stiff neck. I will never return to this theater.


Friendly staff, clean theater rooms, dirty bathrooms though.

Nick Albina

The new seats are petty nice, especially if you're just going as a couple. Book two seats together and you can put up the armrest in between. The new bar is pretty good. Slightly pricy, but not terrible. The concessions are ok. They always seem to be understaffed though. It's really tough when two movies start at the same time. Definitely get your tickets ahead online and do the express pickup for food. They have ready when you get there, and you dont have to wait in line.

Kit Ligand

Big, 20 theater multiplex. The seats are on a sharply angled floor to give unobstructed views. Screens are IMAX. The upside is excellent widescreen views. The downside is that the screens are close enough that big action scenes that use the whole screen may feel like a ping pong game moving back and forth. Best views are from the higher seats that give enough distance for visual frame. The theatre is large with comfortable seating while waiting for shows and good concessions with a range of movie foods. They take cash, credit, and debit cards. There are kiosks for credit card purchases as well as the human staff. Theater is handicapped accessible.

Sean Kannegiesser

Nice theatre. Looks well maintained.

Richard Hincman

Reasonably priced matinee. Clean and comfortable place to watch a movie.

Jessica Ouellette

Way too expensive for NO REASON AT ALL . Better off going to Chunkys or Revere , or basically anywhere else !

Kevlar Tiger

Good number of theaters and plenty of choices. New Dolby Digital Theater a load of fun.

Ralph Manecke

It's a mall theater. It has a bar open on weekend evenings. It has the lounge seats and a pretty good flow. I wish they had a bathroom closer to the screens so if i need to go I don't have to go all the way to the entrance but otherwise a good experience.

Carlos Sakarai

Dea the young lady at the reception desk was a great help. She went above and beyond to make our stay a pleasant one. GREAT YOUNG LADY.

Bharat Bhavsar

Wonderful new seating in IMAX . Really good sound system and screen clarity compared to other AMC IMAX I visited in past. Would recommend this theatre to at least enjoy IMAX. It is bit far from my place though. So not sure how frequent I will visit this. Overall experience was really satisfying.

Manny Janard

Since the overhaul of the theater with the added bar and reclining seats, it's a huge step up from the past. However $19 for an alcoholic beverage seems a bit steep. I understand it's the movie theater but it takes the entire idea of meeting at the theater a bit early with your date to have a drink and ruins it after getting a bill for almost $80 big ones...

Walt Lutter

Very comfy leather recliners

Zach Fox

This AMC theater was very recently renovated, and it looks fantastic! Now that they offer Dolby Cinema, this is probably the best cinema in the area. The interior is clean and well laid-out. The location within the mall is convenient. Highly recommended.

Brenda D'Eon

Great place for movies

Michael Verville

small theater room, decent sound, clear screens, awesome recliner seats. Popcorn wasn't great which is why I took a star off.


I come once a week, and for my last 2 visit, I was told to wait because the theater was being clean! Which getting inside to find the Theater so dirty in the row I purchase my ticket for! This is uncalled for especially when pay your hard earn money!


So much better now with the reclining seats. Customer service could be better though

Dorothy Sieradzki

Not your father's movie theater. Buy your ticket online to reserve your seat. Every seat seems to have a clear view of the screen. No more big heads sitting down in front of you.

Javier Lopez

I walked around this Mall and it was great. This AMC inside this Mall is awesome. I enjoyed watching MIB International in Dolby Cinema.


Been here since i was a kid. Nice theater. Not bad can't complain.

Alex Paulino

Huge theater with great quality IMAX and Dolby screens.

Audwin Gordon

Went to see Abomnable. Very nice time!

Robert Maguire

You put ur own butter on popcorn, awesome

Joe Femino

A nightmare... Tickets took 15 minutes with a single cashier. Food took 10 min with 2-3 agents. Bathroom cleanliness disgraceful. FULL PRICE FOR TERRIBLE SERVICE. DON'T GO THERE! THIS WAS 6:30 PM CHRISTMAS WEEK.

Bridget Simard

Clean good snacks clean rest rooms

Benjamin Rizzo

The best . Nice seats .

Jennifer Carlson

Good customer service, clean theater. Nice time had.

Paul Sweeney

If you don't like walking the length of 3 football fields to get to the AMC theatre for a movie then you're outta luck here....

John McCatherin

Nice, convenient, and in a good location. New seats are uncomfortable. Need like long femurs to be comfortable.

Helen Fischer

The movie theater is disgustingly dirty. The seats in the Dolby theater do not work. We paid $16.29 per seat. Garbage cans are overflowing onto the floor outside of every theater. The staff is extremely rude. They are completely understaffed causing 25 minute wait times for concessions. There was no one in guest services to speak to about these issues. For such a big name and the cost of the movies, it is completely unacceptable for how gross everything was.

September Búho

Great place!! First time here came as part of our vacation and definitely coming back!

Leslie Marston

Seats, stadium seating. Screen easy to view.

Peter Marcaurelle

The level of the sound system in theater 9 was actually painful. There no reason to have the sound that loud. I can almost guarantee that it exceeds the safe decibels level. It makes a possibly enjoyable experience almost unbearable. My wife and I had to put tissues in our ears to prevent pain in our ears and to be able to watch the Movie. Management needs to check the levels before someone claims hearing damage due to the level of the Dolby system at this theater.

Martin Nantwi

Great feel and atmosphere..Super comfortable seats

Laurie Cushing

Loved all the upgrades to the theater. Comfortable seating. Only minus was the long ticket line. Only 1 person working the ticket counter. Only 2 people at the concession stand. Took forever. Highly recommend stubs premiere card and getting tickets in advance.

Donald Muse

Great location but parking can be tricky. Staff was very helpful and polite. Seats were extremely comfortable and theater was clean. Exactly how we expect an AMC to be!


Nothing wrong with the theaters themselves, but the lobby and bathrooms were a wreck. Popcorn all over the floors, toilet paper everywhere, garbage cans overflowing.... looked like no one swept the place in a week. Looked terrible. And we went at around 1pm when it was quiet. Employees just standing around. The manager needs to get it together.

Cynthia Curley

Enjoyed movie with my granddaughter. Loved the seats and Dolby Theater. Will be back!

Kiara Anderson

This place honestly sucks. First time I went the movie turned off and I couldn’t even finish it. I bought 4 tickets and the guy was only trying to reimburse me for 3 because the 4th did not show up. The second time I went I was told I couldn’t get into the movie (19) becaue my boyfriend (19) didn’t remember to bring his I.D but they thought he was 20. Yet mind you rated R so you can’t be 17 and go in. On top of that if you are with someone who is under 25 and you are not above the age of 25 you can’t “monitor” someone even though the legal age is 21.

Michael Carnevale

They finally will get 5 stars from me because they updated all the seats to recliners. They also have an affordable snack pack options for my kids which i appreciate. Also the have a bar to get a drink!

Cathy Elliott

Good place to watch harder to find movies. Join the AMC Stubbs VIP for $19.99 and get to see 3 movies a week along with other benefits. The women's restroom was kind of dirty. I'd eat before you get there. The prices for food there are cost prohibitive. There are many places close by to grab a quick bite to eat. The theater was comfortable with large power recliners. The App is also very useful.

Jim O'Connor

Newly renovated concourse with food and adult beverages. Greatly improved.

Jacque Picariello

Movie "upside" was awsome. The young couple next to Mom, my ten year old and myself. Was inappropriate. If he knew there shenanigans was going on Yes I would have complained...he loved the they weren't noticed. It was pg-13. ☺

Kara Secher

Loved the movie theater seats, they were very comfortable and the theater was very clean and big!!

Sandra Mendez

Very nice and kid friendly. Large sizes have free refills so makes it worth the price. Customer service pretty good. Seats very comfortable.

Richard Bucko

Clean. Guest service should be more friendlier. Counter help always smiling.

Guy Catallo 3rd

Nice theather ...

Sydney Call

It is a basic mall movie theater. The staff is great. The bathrooms could be cleaner.

Hannah Davis

So awesome since they renovated.

Matthew Liptak

All they did here to freshen this AMC Theater up was put a fresh face on a dirty nasty theater. The IMAX in this place still has old ratty uncomfortable seats with no leg room and a cement floor? This is probably one of the poorest looking IMAX Theaters I have ever visited. I mean I could feel the springs through the seats thats how bad this place was. Plus its located inside dumpy Liberty Tree Mall which is a dump and probably one of weirdest, scariest malls in Eastern Mass. At one time this mall used to be a normal working mall, but now it is full of shuttered stores and vacant spaces and is a dumpy place with really just Best Buy and AMC IMAX holding the place together. It is run by Simon properties which in its own right is having a heck of a time retaining surviving malls, many which are closing or being demolished. Lets face facts, the days of the indoor shopping mall are over and it is a thing of the 80's/early 90's. Its all about outdoor shopping plazas with courtyards and fancy landscaping. They should just close this dump since it is on its last legs now. When you walk in and see a cell phone case store and a junky art store as your featured stores, its time to be done with the place. Horrible dead ghetto dump. The food court in this dump has a Sushi stand which is even more scary.

Katherine Tanner

Very comfortable, roomy seats. Clean, not too crowded, and many food options.

Ezra Reid

Great! I go to this theater all the time, great food, popcorn, etc. Recliner seats make it comfortable to lay back and watch the movie in! Overall I love this theater.

marky bucknam

good place. and ready closed captail deaf can read abd watch them.

Jilly M

Nice staff at the entrance to the shows. The staff at the counters to purchase food never seem happy or ready to actually take your order. I find that it doesn't matter if you stand in the express lines they still skip you. The theater is upgraded however, sells out fast and is always clean in the actual movie seating area. Bathrooms are always nasty, all times of day. Wish they did more about that.

Peter J. McLaughlin

Lion King was good Scenery was beautiful. How they do the live action is really good

John Tartaglia

Very nice and clean movie theater

Charles Blakeman

Comfortable reclining chairs, fresh hot popcorn, refillable drinks. Great experience.

zhenobia hyre

Nice and small, not overwhelming. Stores located on the outside of mall as well.


Audio went out mid movie, came back on but they decided not to rewind it. For 17+ dollars a ticket. They can do alot better. Haven't been in awhile, not impressed. Some ppl said they got free vouchers bit not everyone. I'd like to go back but. Not for another technical error I pay for. Movie was lion king. 630 showing started at 7 for whatever reason. 7/21/19. Recliing seatsr however there very stubborn and take many times to work. Might have just been mine. Audio and visual were excellent. Not happy about the technical error. .

Cheryl Perry

No problem with the movie but the service at the snack bar not good we were being ignored while 2 employees were laughing and talking with 3 girls. Waited 10 min. Then went to the courtesy booth and complained. They did nothing.

Kevin Hocker

Newly remodeled with assigned stadium seating. Nice and clean. $5 Tuesdays.

Nelta Cajigas

Great place to watch movies.. seating is awesome. It's always a great time when you can enjoy a great movie with your favorite drink. The added bar area was a great addition. Great selection on foods and snacks. Food prices are too expensive.

danielle elliott

. Recently they have added new popcorn flavors and the cheddar cheese in my opinion is wonderful. I really don't have anything negative to say about this particular location.

Chris Moca

They've definitely stepped up their game - upgraded the theaters, added a bar, and did a much needed renovation of the bathrooms.

Janke Dean

The theatre is in the middle of the mall. The mall isn't ever really busy. They are pretty clean. Soda machine was out of order once, but there were others so it didn't bother us. We go there atleast once a week. We had a delay on a movie once. But they informed the whole cinema that it would be sorted out in 10 minutes and it was sorted out.

Antonio Pereira

Great movie theater, friendly people. Good to get out of the city for the day

Christy Reeves

Not bad, quiet theater on a Sunday afternoon. I brought my aunt in a wheelchair. It was fairly easy to get her in to the theater

Willy Duran

Conveniently located, has a great concession stand. Seating has been recently updated are a lot more comfortable than the ones they had before. Be sure to book your seats ahead of time soccer they tend to fill up really quick. Love bringing friends and family.


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