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Jay Andre

Place was nice and clean. Screen showed the movie with great definition. The manager was a pleasure to meet

Willie Oates

A great place to take the kids and family to enjoy the movie. Concession stands not too bad but a little pricey

Dianna Hewitt

Like going to afternoon movies no one else in the theatre

Todd Jahns

Spend the extra few bucks and go to the theater in Waterford. Much better seating.

Avril Mai Juin

Just your average movie theatre. The staff is okay. Probably could be friendlier but hey I get it. It must be boring standing around in theatre all day. Anyways the food is alright. Prices are what you'd expect in a theatre...which is expensive BUT if you're a member you get pretty sweet deals so that's a good idea if you plan on going frequently. The popcorn tastes good. So are the slushies. And there are a ton of soft drink choices from their dispenser. My favorite is peach sprite. The theatres themselves are clean. Bathrooms are clean too. If you're waiting around in the lobby they also have a few games you can waste time and lose your money at too.

Joe V

I thought the employees were about as friendly as you'll get in a movie theater. As another man mentioned you can add your own butter and as the soda station is not behind the counter you are able to refill your soda as much as you want I'm assuming that you are supposed to or they would have it behind the counter. The theater itself had a good sound and viewing. The stadium seating is very comfortable and the theater itself was very clean.

Tad Varas

Theater was very clean. Enjoyed it very much

Roberta Plantz

Over priced.

Lee Howard

Went to see Captain Marvel showing at 3:15 today. Movie didn't start till 3:45. Why are we being forced to watch commercials for 1/2 an hour? 5-10 mins I can understand, this was ridiculous.

Roger Engle

I had a really nice time with my son. It is a great family experience to go to the movies

Gunny Daniel S

Clean comfortable seat's Friendly people at the snack stand. And Friendly Greeter's

yager chu

Seats are eh, but good.

Avery mott

Has great food and a great place to watch movies

Steven Lindsay

$5 Tuesdays are good if you want to bring the kids. Just dont buy any food or drinks, a little pricey

Yvette Andino

Everything was ok, except for the fact that you were in line way too long if you wanted to buy a snack or drink. Easily missed 15-20 mins of the movie!

Angel Galarza

Good place to go

Scott Suchyta

Forgettable movie theater in a strip mall area. Nothing much to say other than it is what it is...

Brian Dickinson

Horrible sound system, could barely hear the movie. Don't waste your money, go to a Showcase cinema, much better sound system.

Izabel Carver

Went to see a film with my mom and no trailers were shown and the lights never dimmed, went out to let someone know the lights werent dimmed, making it difficult to see the actual movie, and was informed that we were in a "sensory showing," which in and of itself doesnt bother me, but what I do have an issue with is that no where was in advertised that this was a sensory showing, nor were we forewarned when purchasing tickets that is was a sensory showing, if we had known, we probably would not have opted to go to this showing as again having the lights up made it hard to see the movie, and then to boot the employee was less than polite when I asked about the lights. Overall disappointed and yet again reminded why I drive to a theater a little farther away than this one when I happen to want to watch a movie in theaters.

Patty Coates

Very grouchy girl in your ticket booth. Everyone else is super nice.

Elizer Tolentino

Clean and semi reclining seats, 5$ Tuesdays are killer days.

Audrey Lee

Nice seating and not over crowded

Amita Norton

As always food is more expensive. Always end up spending over $30 between tickets and popcorn/drinks for just me and hubby.

Bluto's Bonanza

Extremely hot in the theaters.

Nancy Behrens

Never to busy when we go to the first movie. Kept clean and everything works from bathrooms to soda machines. Seats are fairly comfortable. If special movie coming out buy tickets online. The yeatly popcorn bucket is a deal if you attend movies during the year. Today they are having the 2019 bucket filled up with popcorn for 9.99. Refill for a little over 4.00 each time you go until end of year.

Elisabeth Manning

The ticket cashier was friendly and helpful. The movie was awesome! The seating was comfortable and the temperature in the theater was but not cold. Great way to spend a Tuesday night at the movies at AMC in Lisbon.

Amanda Williams

We're go every Tuesday love having a discount day!! I have a bunch of kids that I have to take separately!!

Kevin McDonald

Seats need upgrading and bathrooms are small, but theatre was clean, and screen and solid we're good quality.

Devin Delaney

Saw the Midsommar Director's cut - the ticket and snack booth was very well set up, and the staff were very much on top of keeping things cleaned up from the theaters to the bathrooms. There was however a speaker on the left side of that theater with busted bass, it made certain directional sounds tinny as though coming through a radio. It distracted somewhat from my immersion, but I'm sure it can be fixed soon. Otherwise a positive experience.

Kermit Ellison

Very good movie theater I like the moveable seats doing the movie but you have to pay a little extra but worth it

mark saucier9

The last at the snack counter was so nice and the movie the first purge sucked

Jennifer Baylor

Love the low prices on Tuesday!

Steven Rhoads

Nice place good seats

Leighton Hund

Great staff and wonderful atmosphere. A great theatre and the audio of the movies is loud and not muffled. Definitely coming back for another movie. AMCs are always great.

Martha MarthArt

Good range of seating, screen and sound quality are good, and they play all the best releases as soon as they come out.

Raude Musgrove

It's the movies I guess

Ryan Niemi

Comfortable seating, good movies, horrible snack food prices, great showing prices.

Katrina Smith

I didn't really like the seating situation there. There were too many stairs so had to sit closer to the screen than my friend wanted. I have to use a cane and it makes climbing stairs in the dark a bit more dicey.

Jason Yerkan

The best theater in the area. The staff is very kind and helpful.

Lynda Chihocki

Went and saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with my cousin. Had a good time. The theatre was clean, the bathrooms as well! The staff was very friendly and enjoyable, they deserve to be paid more for a job greatly done.

mary mccluskey

Early movie to save money. Bring down prices so kids and adults can afford a date the way they use to. The good old days.

John Paul Jones

Great theater with 12 screens. The staff are polite and the bathrooms were clean.

Jean M. Grenier

I always enjoy seeing a movie here. I just wish the volume wasn't so high. I see no need to have the sound so loud.

bingo bango

Love this small theater don't always love the movies! Lol ! Popcorn is delicious!

Peter Gruber

it was a little cold inside the movie theater last night they could probably turn the heat up a little bit more to make it more comfortable but other than that the movie was really good partial thumbs up

Mike Gorra

Great local theater plus $5 Tuesdays for all stub club members makes it a lot easier for a family to go

Christine Scott-Olivieri

Thorouly enjoyed Mary Poppins Returns...always enjoy everything about this theater!

Papa Bassie

Staff are pleasant and nice great environment I always get a bucket every year because I come often enough. Charlie was especially pleasant and nice and made me smile on a bad day

Trinis Best

I love their $5 Tuesday movies! I love how the seats are set up so nobody's head blocks your view. Nice big theater with lots of different choices for food and snacks.


Great theater, always shows the latest movies on giant screens. I reccommended joker.

jason christian

All around great place

Michael Ernest

Good for movies. Snack bar is pricey!

isabel flores

So quiet around 10

Scott Du Pont

Great service clean

Michael Miele

Great cinema.. lots of movies and plenty of snacks

Cyn Richardson

The cost for a daytime ticket was $8.68, which was not too bad, a large popcorn and the equivalent to a large soda for $1 at a few other places was $15 and change a little pricey, but manageable at least this time, probably won't splurge like that again. It was a slow day, and the ticket/concession guy was pleasant.

Joyce Thomas

Good service. Clean.

Bill Wiliams

Saw Aquaman in theater 3 yesterday. It was very dirty and I ended up in a seat with a broken arm rest. Management should lower prices if you can't lead your staff.

Francis Houle

Great place to get your emissions done. Get you in and out fast.

Guavajuice 2009

Great viewing experience decent staff

Chris Droesch

Clean, good sound, priced as expected.

Mike Goldblatt

Great movie theater with good prices, I wish they would upgrade there seating though. Some seats are broken.

William Brohinsky

Comfortable seating, good choice of spacing. Tuesday is $5 movie day if you have joined AMC Stubb's. That even goes for major new releases

Princess Anna

The movie was amazing! The theater and restrooms were clean.

Jacob Walton

Good place kinda pricey but it's a little worth it! Just not so much for concession.

Gabriel Gonatice

Decent theatre with lots of seating. Less comfortable than the competing Waterford theatre, but better for date night with more close-quarters seating.

Jaime Pagan

Decent Atmosphere, Prices Are As Expected From What I think of all Theater$ Across US

Paul Brown

A real full service place to watch flicks!

Andrew Heist

Instead of trivia or entertainment had to sit through at least twelve commercials. On top of that each commercial played twice in a row. If ticket prices haven’t lowered, then I am not paying to see 25 minutes of advertisements. Movies typically don’t start until 25 to 30 minutes after listed showtimes.

Nicholas Romano

The building is always clean. Bathrooms are in good condition. Prices are reasonable. Stadium seating with flip up arm rests mean when my daughter gets tired and cold and wants to cuddle, we can.

Richard Kalinowski

The theater is great, good picture, comfy seats, great sound. The pretzel and soda were about $22 though. Tasty, but not that tasty.

Edward Eilers

A comfortable movie going experience

Fred DeWick

Movie was good but 25 minutes of advertising is way to much. Movie was advertised to start at 7:10. Adds started at 7:05.. movie actually started at 7:30.. not happy. May not go back..

Christopher Gebbie

Love the Movies. Wish I could go every day

Mr. Vinncredible Dais

Very out dated, theatre wreaks of a very unpleasant odor. Chairs were not comfortable, visible stains on seats. Spotted broken chairs. As an AMC theatre I was shocked that the location as great as it can be with its layout design, its in serious need of an internal makeover. #NoRESERVEseats.

HB Russia

Perfect place to go on a date

Sy Wodakow

No reclining seats as we are used to in NJ.

Kathy Grant

Seat was broken and bathroom was not very clean!

Barbara Hatch

We arrived for a 6:35 movie (The Mule) at 6:30. When we were finally seated we watched 15 minutes of commercials, Chevrolet, Coke, Amazon Prime, Google.......etc. After all of the commercials we were finally advised to turn off our cell phones as the feature film was about to begin. Then came 15 minutes of trailers of coming attractions! This is totally unacceptable to come to a 6:35 movie that finally began at 7:05. I did not pay to watch commercials. I could have done this at home and waited for the movie to come out on Netflix. And we arrived late for our dinner reservation which was scheduled for 9:00. I love going to this theater but this is making me rethink my position. Is there anything that can be done?


Best movie theater in the area for a great price.

Thomas Menzano

Awesome but seating is old school

Jonathan Varga-Szabo

Eh. This theater is a bit outdated tbh. I sat in theater 6. Screen was sort of small, seats were rickety and poorly anchored, and armrests were a bit high relative to the cushion, leaving me shrugging throughout the movie. This may have been why I felt so ambivalent about it. Soft drink prices were high, but that's to be expected at theater concessions. You're conceding to pay an inflated price in return for the experience. I will say, however, ticket prices are also outdated, which is good. $11 for a plain-Jane 2D movie ticket is reasonable. Theater is otherwise clean, employees are friendly and helpful.

Phil Baton

I am an AMC A-List member because I love the staff and how close this place is. The seats need to be updated and they could add a restaurant or something but otherwise, it is always a fun time

Leonard Dexter

Friendly service always and very polite. I enjoy watching movies in Lisbon theatre

Christopher Beaudet

Used to be a Good theater, but the more we go, the worse it gets. Theaters are hit or miss - some seem very dated with small screens, while others are surprisingly modern with larger format screens. It seems more often than not that the theatre we are seated in is horribly uncleanly, outdated, smelly the moment you walk in to the point where you want to leave. This location needs some serious work to fix these small things. It's basic cleaning that isn't happening, and for 15 dollars for a soda and popcorn with the A-List discount, the theater can afford the upkeep and patrons deserve more for their money

Ernie ?

It's nice that they have handicap accessible ramps there

Krista McSparran

Classic movie theater, could use an update as the seats are getting a little beat up. $5 Tuesdays are a great deal, but make sure to get there extra early.

Keith Danielson

poor cusotmer service. went to the movies for $5 tuesday just to find that it was changed to discount tuesday without any noticed to me as the cusotmer. so i just left without seeing anything not sure if ill come back or just join the millennials and watch netflix instead

Roland Scheck

Hidden gem! Generally not very packed middle of the road theater. A few games for the kids

Stephanie Maxwell

Very disappointed in my experience today at this theater. The theater is small, the seats in the front row are to close too the TV and in order to watch the movie you have to look up at the screening! Seats were packed, people were saving seats for other people to come by putting sweaters and pockets books on numerous seats a KIDS MOVIE at that. The theater wasn't clean, water or soda was on the floor. The staff was very rude and unfriendly I won't state names. Upper Management or Corporate should take charge on this location. It's very packed tiny and unsanitary. Management needs signs on not saving seats for people that haven't entered the theater yet.

Jaclyn Pinnell

Nice theater and good selection of drinks and food.

Colleen Mulvey

Very clean and Staff were all friendly and helpful. We enjoyed ourselves very much!!!

David Conley

Good basic theater. Seats have a little recline. No complaints.


The seats are super comfortable and recline some, and the armrests can be lifted if you don't need it, or have someone you want to be closer to. I recommend going to Wal Mart to buy candy though. As with most theaters this one is super expensive. Though the salted pretzel bites are delicious.


I'm very annoyed, We payed and the sign in the theaters was incorrect. I went and they said the movie was in theater 2, and we were in there for an hour and a half wondering if the movie was wrong. It was wrong and we were very excited to watch the movie, but then waiting an hour an a half just not see the movie made us very angry. We got our money back, but we are sad we could not watch the movie we have been waiting to watch all day. Otherwise, chairs were nice, and everything was fine except for the rude and lying workers. :(

RCagna a

I have no complaints about the building.

Theresa Oberg

Very good, except the arm on my chair was missing, leaving sharp edges.

Melissa Williams

Friendly and professional staff. The theater that the movie played in was small but nice. Classic seats. Clean and comfortable.

Kevin Capobianco

Movie quality was great! Audio was good. The theater was incredibly cold, and there weren't enough seats to accommodate everyone. They should have stopped selling tickets when the theater was full

Kolby Palmisano

I forgot my kid there but the lego movie was SOOOOO FUNNY

Heather Mccarthy

Got stuck in the second row, wish they warned you when you bought the tickets that seats were limited. I went with my 3 kids and would have had an issue if there weren't seats together.

Nikoli Kellner

Saw movie, comfy chair, good sound

Sierra Gray

Clean and nice staff gone here my whole life love it

Rohan Patel

nice i loved

Crystal Bellows

Always a great time w the grand kids

Marie Perrin

The theater, as well as the popcorn and snack area, were clean. The employees were friendly and the popcorn was fresh, buttery and tasty.

Tracey Summers

I like the AMC movies they offer the chairs were ok

fernando montes

Decent movie theater with very good customer service. Sometimes the heating and cooling systems can be a little funky but overall a good experience. I would recommend this place to my friends.

molina juanita

Friendly staff clean theatres


Clean movie theater. I usually go on Tue when the movies are only $5.00.

Tomas Sr.

We are avid movie goers. This is a good theater that has a nice selection of movies each week. Tuesdays all movies are $5.00. You can't go wrong with that. If you register and become a member, you get points that you can use towards admission or refreshments. Popcorn is tasty and usually fresh.

laurie kaika

Its just a theater.. all the same. Costs too much to go regularly.

Jorge Paucar

Good experience.... Tickets are a little cheaper and seats are comfy for the price.... Leg room is good too.

Shawn Matthews

It seems to me the people who complain about this theater can not be pleased no matter what. The staff is wonderful, the place super clean and the theaters themselves are just fine. I come here all the time and though the prices are high, they are high everywhere. Tuesdays are really good, only $5.00 for tickets. I love it. I've been in really bad movie theaters, this is not one of them.

Mary Olivieri

As a former employee of O`Neil Cinemas, I have seen the growth and the changes AMC has made to this theater. Becoming an AMC member is definitely advised. On Tuesday's you can see a movie for $5 and get a combo Popcorn and Soda for $5... A movie and snacks for $10. In these days that's rare! Staff is very friendly and theaters are kept clean... Give them the chance to clean in between shows instead of rushing in and you won't be disappointed .... Very glad to support this theater.

Kenny Nielson

Rude staff and very uncomfortable seats

Lisi Gigi

Great theater! The staff is courteous and professional and you can buy digital tickets online. I love the hundred different varieties of drinks too!! Even the audience is nice. How many times have you heard "Bless you!" when someone sneezes in a theater? Love it. It's a drive from where we live, but it's where we'll go from now on.

kidsfordays !

Good service, not alot of long lines. Would go again (but the seats are otherwise)

Candy Willard

A little pricey of course..but comfy and clean!

Margarita D Moon

I went at 9:00 pm and the theater had a fan on and was extremely cold. When I complained, they were rude and didn't turn it off. Other people complained as well and they didn't care. It's also prici. Never going back.

edward velez

Thumbs up! Wish they did 5.00 dollar weekday.

Fania Rukundo

Clean, friendly staff and I bawled my eyes out watching Five Feet Apart. Definitely recommend and with the card Tuesdays are $5 tuesdays

Jeffrey Mayshaw

The theater was very dusty like the walls and the fan in the middle looked like it should have been in the horror movie i was watching also the theater was super small with the old seats no recliners i know the whole no recliners thing is much but every other theater i go to has them step it up !!

Lauren Bouchard

Great experience as usual, nice staff and clean areas

Robert Olmsted

Movie great....popcorn good but not great

chicknduck pet

Pre-order ticket should get selected seat.

Kyle Manuzzi

This is my go to theater since I live closest to it. Never really had an issue here, but, some hiccups occur now and again, nobody is perfect. Still a great place to watch movies. They have a nice staff, as well.

Jacob Piscia

Nice theater but very pricey, might we worth driving to different one nearby even if its farther away

Willie Vegas Jr.

Dope food great deals

mandy panik

Great theater, good deals on Tuesdays when you join the club. $5 Movies and deals on snacks. Great family outing.


Come here once in a while for a matinee. Comfortable enough seats. Not much choice around for theaters so can't really compare with other local theaters. Snacks as usual extortion prices

Josefina Ortega

The Advengers was Amazing . Can't put it into words how great it was.


My son and i went to see Jurassic World and we reserved box seats and for a few bucks more it was worth it. The seats moved with vibration and made the movie a more realistic experience. However a small popcorn $8.00, seriously!!!

Tiffany George

Movie was listed online to start at 8:40 PM. When we got there the sign said 9 PM. The commercials started at 8:45 PM, played each of the at least twice, the the previews didn't start till around 9:10 PM. Seats were very uncomfortable and it was tight seating. The entire screen was open for the commercials the a certain came down to cover a quarter of the scree when the previews started. Going to Regal next time for the new Avengers movie in 3D. Hope we have a better experience there.

Synthia Trickett

Pretty nice movie theater. Usually pretty quiet, and the employees are pretty friendly. Would recommend for the whole family.

Tricia Allen

Movie and popcorn night. A all-time favorite! What could be better? Right? Wish they would just keep the soda dispenser area a bit more tidy and less sticky. But all in all, a nice place to bring the kids. Movie and popcorn night. YES!

Daniel Lowell

The concession stand worker has a great sense of humor, and when dealing with my three 11 year old semi-cousin/brothers that is a feat.

Marie Mathieu

Good enough movie theatre. I always have to bring a blanket because it's sooooo cold even in the winter.

Jello Love

Nice clean they need to buy vacuum the food is price outrageously High

garrett armstrong

Averages theatre, seats are alright. Employees are in kinda constant rotation, I've been going there for years and I dunt know anyone but noones ever rude. Manager was awesome, personally went and found my wallet I left there and held onto it for me

Mark Hopkins

Management has the mentality of a squid...Moses Movie has been advertised for weeks as being a single showing only, Saturday the 16th at 6:30 pm...was advertised in the Norwich Bulletin "Go" section, was posted on area movie web sites of what is playing, was announced from multiple church pulpits as a 6:30 showtime...Guess what wasn't ... Became obvious very quickly that the theater could care less...manager was down right rude..I haven't been to a theater in many years and I was even second guessing wasting my time attending this event... I certainly will never go back to this it was a complete waste of my time...

Joseph Ashmore

Saw Instant Family and it was excellent.

Quinn Norfleet

Eat before you go and bring your own candy.

Cathy Roethel

Friendly and courteous staff. Comfortable seating . Husband says the movie volume is too loud!

Pamela Lafleche

This place had nice employees.

Elaine Ranhoff

We really enjoy the movies at lisbon landing...

Mark DAndria

Good place to watch a movie with your family or friends, excellent popcorn and soda.

Colleen Gosselin

Love the place clean and friendly!

Melinda Trippodo

$5. Tuesdays is the way to go. Friendly staff and the the lines go very quick. Buy the premiere AMC package for perks, $15.00 and the popcorn bowl and you are set. Free refills with reward card. Rewards come quick and random rewards always pop up. Clean bathrooms!!!

George Mckinney

Great movie .

Aaron Jones

Nice little theater. No recliner seats though

Cedric Cages

Great cinema to get it done but the prices of food is ridiculous. Also they stop selling food before the last viewing hours. I had a late feeling for The Avengers endgame and had nothing to eat because they were closed.

Woodrow Williams

Always happy. Great customer service and Friendly

Brian Clinton

Pretty standard movie theater. They offer cheddar and caramel popcorn in addition to regular which is cool. The add your own butter station is nice as well.

AG Teazis

Great times going to see a movie. Great theater and very clean. Lines at concession is always quick. $5.00 Tuesday is my favorite and the movie seats are very comfortable.

Myles Steele

End game great movie

Ike Hyatt

Great place....


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