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REVIEWS OF AMC Assembly Row 12 IN Vermont

robert goss

I have watched 3 movies at this theater. It always dirty inside. Even the outside windows are filthy. Looks like a run down warehouse from the street. The food court is so generic and run down looking. They actually charge more money when purchasing tickets past 12 pm. Lol...pathetic business approach. Showcase cinemas has a friendly atmosphere with better seating. All the seats at AMC dont recline.

Martins Millers

$5 Tuesdays is the way to go. No problems parking, all of the movies without the crowds. Absolutely my kind of experience. Larger auditoriums has great, reclining front row seats so they are very comfortable as well.


pretty comfy, my favorite movie theater

Kristin S.

This theater started out very nice, and the new Dolby Atmos theater is a plus. However, the tickets are quite expensive in most showings, and I feel like for that much money, they should be maintaining everything. The place is only a few years old, and already a majority of the chairs are worn and/or torn up. And they don't clean the bathrooms frequently enough. Also, they make popcorn ahead of time and put it under warmers, so unless you're there for the first showing of the day, the popcorn is likely to be stale. I do like the freestyle soda machines and the ability to reserve seats. But they have gotten grungy quite quickly and AMC should be investing its profits back into the theater.

A.J. Aranyosi

Choose your seats when buying tickets. I love the "private" booths on the sides. BYOB in your purse or cost, no one seems to care. There's usually 15-20 min of previews before the movie starts. Park on the street, or in any of various garages hidden in the buildings - look for the P entrances

Rethynha M

This place it’s great, very friendly staff. If you are a stubs member you get tons of rewards. Free refills on large popcorn. Awesome verity of drinks and foods. -1 star for the cleaning (not very good)

Steve Mathieu

This is a great place to catch a flick. They have twelve theatres including a couple of premium options. IMAX 3D is offered here, some of the seats recline, and they have a bar. Parking is not too expensive and the snack selection is self serve. No need to print tickets, just purchase online and show your phone to get in. Super streamlined, clean, and overall a great cinema experience!

Aritra Bhattacherjee

With personal fully reclining seats and assigned seating, this is one of the nicer AMCs in town. In fact of all the theaters in town I found this the nicest. It's pretty new very nice and clean, best screens and technology.

Matthew Class

This theatre is by far my favorite in Boston. I can access it via subway and the shops around assembly are so convenient. The seats recline, the theatre itself is clean, and the snacks are always fresh.

Tommy Steriti

It's a typical, somewhat recently renovated, chain movie theater. As expected, the concession meals are all pretty mediocre.

Andrew Muttiah

Came here for the first time yesterday to watch X-Men Dark Phoenix. Was really intrigued by the set up because it unique. Loved it here. Staff are really friendly. The whole theater is clean and organized. The layout is the best. Better than some of the other AMC theatres I've been to. 12 theatres with a variety of different times. Great location. Plenty of parking.

Christina Daveiga

This is the worst movie theater I have ever been to. The layout of the theater is extremely unorganized and hectic. We went to get concessions and waited in line for 15 minutes before being told we could not order food there, but only pick up the food there. So we waited in another line, and were told by the cashier "no, you have to order over there", pointing to the area we just came from. When we finally ordered, there was just a mob of people waiting to get their orders. The person preparing the food proceeds to yell out "who ordered chicken tenders?". 5 people raised their hands. They didn't call order numbers or take receipts, so anyone could just go and take food. Lastly, the condiments were empty. The system is a mess and we were 20 minutes late for our movie. Such a waste of time and the Showcase Cinema in Revere is ten times better.

Mark Sinawski

What's good what should have recliners throughout the theater instead of just up front on top of the screen

Leacie Miller

Went there twice to the movies and and it wasn't bad plenty of movie rooms and at the concession stands the lines go pretty quick.

william wall

Good theater. Parking next door is super accessable and you can bring outside grub in. 90% of the time I come here to see movies.

Dhruvin Shah

Seats were a bit torn out but functional. Screen was good, but at times so bright that it hurt the eyes. Can't say I'm fully satisfied with the experience. Showcase At Revere definitely better than this theatre. Staff is very friendly. I had a mid afternoon movie, so I asked them if there was any place where I could sit to have my lunch and complete my work.. while the place lacks a seating or waiting area for people going to the movies, she told me I could sit at one of the tables at the bar (bar opens at 4pm). Overall a good day at the movies. The trailers and advertisements, as usual, were by mind controlling coca cola ads where they merge having their product to having a "good" time. Not true at all folks. Not true at all. The reason for you needing to work out so much is because companies like Coca Cola who advertises it's products like it's okay to play with your mind. Have a better control on your life, don't succumb to these advertisements!

Fullmetal Autobot

Always enjoy coming here. I can't really say anything bad about it. I do enjoy pre-selecting the seats instead of looking for random seats.

Dan Rembert

Nice theater. Strong pours at the bar make enjoying the movies that much better. My only gripe is the length of commercials and start time. We rushed to get to here on time for a 7:30 movie and it did not actually start until 8:05.

Stanley Wawrzonkiewicz

All the seats don't recline only the ones in the front. I have been to several nicer theaters at half the cost. Very expensive. But convenient location.

Moh'd Baradwan

Great screens, location and staff.

Eric Frandsen

Great Theater, really what you would expect. Nothing really stood out to us, but we also didn't experience anything that would leave any sort of negative impression with us. Good popcorn, good service, clean theater and a great movie (not that they control the movie in any way). It's close enough to us that this is probably where we'll come for movies in the future. Also FREE PARKING!!

Marina Cheng

Went to watch Spiderman - Far from Home. Cinema 5 was fine. Great sound, nice temperature, chairs could do with some new upholstery though, my seat had big cracks and tears in the fabric. Otherwise, nice place.

Nicholas Villahermosa

Big seats, a bar in the lobby, extensive concessions. It's the Big Kahuna theater and both more comfortable and less crowded than the Boston location by a long shot.

Carole Buonopane

Comfortable easy to get to free parking for first 3 hours

David Ortega

My go-to Theater in the Boston area, never to crowded, seats are comfortable, with an AMC membership the prices are very good, and the popcorn is awesome. Conveniently located where there are shops, entertainment, and groceries. Great location for the entire family!

Jen K

It was okay the atmosphere was okay we got a nice seat even though the server told us that he couldn't get it so that's why I did not give it a five-star

David Heaney

My friends and I saw a movie in one of their Dolby theaters, and the immersive experience was definitely worth the price.

Kevin Thomas Sunil

My go to movie theater, it has wine bar! That aside, seats are fine for the big screen. The smaller screen are pretty worn out. They have a new Dolby screen, which are all recliners - the experience is good.

Ben Weeks

Really sad to see that this place has gotten worn out so quickly. A few years ago, I would have given this place a 5 star review. The past several times I've been there have been met with stale popcorn, dirty seats, and driving/parking in Assembly Row is always a hassle. The screen is still quality, and is the best IMAX theater you can reach by T. When I drive, my go-to theater is the Showcase Cinemas at the Malden/Revere border, though.


I have been coming this place since 2017 and very much enjoyed. Staff is great and movies are always good. Wonderful place for having fun. Thanks folks!

Jessica Newcomb

Got tix online (for a fee, of course,) saw a great movie. Loved it!


Watched my first movie in this cinema yesterday. Great location and nice layout. Great experience with amazing comfortable seats! Highly recommend the isolated chairs for more comfort (the seat inclines). Overall clean place including restrooms but the food ordering experience was not satisfying (the ordering and paying process is not clear and no signs or staff to help). But overall, great experience.

Adam Gibney

20 minutes for a hot dog. $15 for a movie ticket. Need I say more?

Angelyna Penta

Loved it best time ever hobbs amd shaw was awesome so action packed


this place was my go-to movie theater but the upkeep has been pretty abysmal. Last time we went all the chairs in our section worth completely torn up and as we're leaving there is vomit all over the escalator, none of the staff seem to care or clean it up (can't blame them for that)

Shannon Rudolph

This theatre is the worst in around the Boston area. The concession stand is's dirty and there is always a drink machine that has run out of drinks and the Icee machines are constantly out of order. The popcorn area is filthy..several times the napkins dispenser was empty. The staff is rude and several times the self service ticket machine on the second floor has been broken and caused us to miss getting the seats we chose because we had to go downstairs to the counter. We keep thinking things will improve so we return to find the same dirty, disorganized, rude experience. GO SEE A MOVIE ANYWHERE ELSE but here..and maybe they will make some changes for the better.

Jon Prusik

too busy, expensive, and audiences tend to be disruptive (phones out, parents with toddlers in R-rated movies, etc). nice seats


Usual I have a good time but today the bartender was super rude

abdul jilani

Decent theater to catch a flick

Jodie Francis

There is something off about this theater, but it does have Dolby.. Idk how to feel lol. It's kind of a sh*show the more I come here. If they can fix their weird supply/concessions issues that would be great. And I can't imagine where they found the seats, why are the recliners so badly installed?! The world will never know. It's not the bad though, and kind of a convenient location.

corrine chappel

A nice family fun day

Fabio Kasper

Good movie theater. Watched Avengers Endgame and had a wonderful time.

Grace Young

Came here to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi with my boyfriend. You get to choose your seats in advance on the website. The seats are comfy, if you pick the seats on the sides you get a full booth to yourselves and the seats lay back. Parking is free under 3 hours, and bathrooms are large and clean.

Dal Coger

I love this theater the seats are super comfortable especially the front seats that are like Barca loungers. Surround sound as well so 3D movies are great in here. Regular movies as well.

Joshua Pleasants

The staff was really friendly. Even though the theater was older, the seats were very comfortable and the sounds and screen was superb. I wish I saw a movie in the IMAX theater but even the normal screens were great. No a bad seat in the auditorium.

Karla Casas

Love this theater, seats are super comfy, wide choice for food and drinks.

Zac Harris

This place is conveniently located in Assembly Square. It’s right beside the parking garage that offers free 3 hour parking, there’s even an entrance on the third floor of the garage so you don’t have to worry about getting soaked if it’s raining. The seats in some of the theaters are really nice like in the Dolby theater. Several still have older seats that are really showing their age and still only manually tilt instead of recline.

Rosemary Mitchell

No place to park except expensive garage. No reclining Sears. NOT comfortable.

Chicken Chaser

Love the ambiance of the theater. It really makes you like you're doing an authentic moving going experience. Popcorn was good though expensive. If you're in the Malden/Everett/Sommerville area this is a go to for movies.

Don Daniel

Large number of screens including 2 Imax theaters make for a good movie watching experience. Although the seats are comfortable, not all of them recline.

Zachary G. Breland

Our go-to movie theater. We live down the road, but would drive here if necessary because it's so great. The Dolby theater has changed our world. We will never see another movie in a regular theater (unless it's our only option, or unless it's in imax). #AMCStubsAList

Isaac Newsome

The service is sometimes iffy in terms of people being present, but they make up for it because everyone who works there seems nice. They have the comfy seats, but they're not all recliners like the AMC at South Bay. Easily accessible by the Orange Line and lots of other shopping, green space, and eating you can do while you're there.

Michael Russell

Compared to the other AMC theaters in the Boston area This is definitely Top 3

Wesley Toma-Lee

I love seeing movies here. The theatres are all clean and comfortable. I look forward to seeing a movie anytime I come here.

Iretha Callender

It is always a treat to go to the movies. AMC gives you that treat. Stop by and enjoy the show.

Justin Wong

This is a great place to hang out, catch a movie, get a bite to eat. It's conveniently located north of Boston. However, beware that this is a very high traffic area and can be quite a hassle to get in and out as there is only a few ways into this establishment. Some of the best times to visit is early in the morning during the weekends or after 7pm on the weekdays. Overall, this is a great area to hang out, especially in the summer time.

Howard Petersen

Wonderful theater. Reclining padded seats. Clean.

Nicolas Fernandez

Overall a good experience. The seats are nice although they do not recline like the ones at braintree and that's a little of a let down. The location is good as it's easy to catch something to eat in close proximity.

Nia C.M J.

My favorite movie theater to go to. I will go out my way to see a movie here. I love the private two seats away from everyone and I love the Saturday morning movie prices!!!

Anil Asser

12 theatres as the name indicates. Lots of movie choices. Located next to a parking garage with direct exit only access.

M Langenderfer

IMAX has nice comfortable seats with space for a large tub of popcorn and two large drinks. The theater also has a fully stocked bar and a decent selection of food for a movie theater.

David Cox

Nice and Clean - They have a Bar - Parking was Free !!

Rohan Shah

Poor theater quality. Chairs hand rest was broken. It actually came out of the chair. Pop corns super salty. In area like assembly in somerville, the quality of the seats was sad. Rest other AMC's in Boston are great but this one not good.

Teodoro Armenteros

I love this movie theater... it was my go to place while living in the area. Plus free 3 hr parking in the garages

Michael Mahoney

Love the place to bad the movie was really bad but that was my pick thw place itself great

Abdulrhman AL-Ghamdi

Best Cinema theatre in all Boston. Very clean and comfy and has so many showrooms with so many options including Imax and Dolby. Highly recommended

Eric Karten

In general movie ticket prices have gotten ridiculous and the convenience fees certainly are not. This is especially true when most of the ticket kiosks don't work. Ironically, there are notices stating they are sorry for the inconvenience.

Karl Fernandez

Seats are comfy and rock but don't recline.

Samarth Merwah

Best place to go watch a movie or two.

Mark Harrington

Very decent theatre in a great area besides the fact that all the seats do not recline. Only the ones in the front rows and in the separated end sections. Typical overpriced movie theatre food, but a greater selection of bites than most places. Good bar, clean, and friendly staff. Just make sure you pick the seats that recline, that’s the only disappointing surprise here

Chi Ihenetu

MY FAVORITE THEATRE. Everything is always on point. Food, drinks and reclining chairs.

Jess Chiu

By far my favorite theater in the area. 4 stars cause I saw a staff sweep the popcorn counter that appears to have debris and stray popcorn into a large bucket popcorn, and then later handing the same bucket to a customer.

Anastasia Sobolina

My favorite AMC location in Boston! Great seating. I love the fact that they have reserved seating here, so you don't have to come super early to get good seats. Also, the parking is very convenient, you can get to the theater without even exiting the garage.

Colleen Fitzgerald

The most comfortable seating I’ve experienced out of all movie theaters! And the prices were decent.

Crissy F

Crusty Dusty Popcorn. My microwave popcorn at home is fresher, tastier and cheaper. The seats in the I max are torn and the volume is over the hearing limits by law of loud. Only if that about 4 reclining seats in some of the theater rooms. If reclining is a must go to south bay. No Imax 4D here. For the location being a new hit they need to tear this down and make it a LUX.

Mary Shannon

Don't get me wrong. The seats in the theatre are nice. The sound quality is solid, and the film quality is great. But after a soda or a cocktail, you generally have to go to the bathroom. My suggestion is, don't. Not here. The women's bathroom was a disaster. I could look through a hole in the wall and see the toilet next to me. More than half of the stalls were completely unusable, and the ones that weren't a total disaster were barely usable - here's hoping you know the gal next to you. I try to give places the benefit of the doubt, and I'm sure these folks were trying. But wow. What a mess.

Jordan Anderson

Great place to see a movie! Comfy seats, clean place. Wish they had a better beer selection though.

Ryan Durkin

Theater is generally nice. Good snack area. Good bar area (although drinks are WAY overpriced... like $15 a drink and the drinks are small). The reclining chairs are nice and comfy. But, the bathrooms are gross. Not as gross as the ones in downtown Boston (those are downright filthy), but these are pretty gross as well. Stinks b/c close to 50% of people who go to a movie theater use the bathroom. Very bizarre.

J Mahoney

Very comfortable seats. Concessions wicked expensive.

Jose Salamanca jr.

Me and my date went to this location!! All i have to say is i love the seating arrangements!! Very comfy seats. Theres even a section you can choose thats private for you and your date off to the sides. Looks pretty steep and there are recliners even to the front row..the speakers are perfect and loud, great surround sound.!! This cinema had something different to it...i enjoyed it...bathrooms are not public and there is a Bar if you want to drink. And of course all the goodies..snacks, soda, food, candy and popcorn. Take the elevator all the way up..this location has kool stores and shops you can enjoy before your movie!!! So kool and modern plaza type feel....i reccomend...enjoy!!

Kent Werth

I saw one of the metropolitan opera's HD performances. Fantastic! Be careful, parking is only free for 3 hours!

Bill Darnall

It's a great little theater and the check-in process from buying the tickets online going real smooth using are barcode from the email that we got and we went straight in. Have a decent stand for Cokes and snacks. There is also a bar bit it doesn't open until 2pm. Very expensive bar.

Kevin J

Website and app does not work properly, charged my card for the tickets twice and never got the order conformation

Claudiatouille G

Lets get into it...So this movie theater is great however...The seats should go back and the popcorn and drinks shouldn't be so expensive. Like did Beyonce make the popcorn and drinks? I said what I said. Have a great day.

Kelly Savarese

Frustrating!!!! There’s only 1 theatre that has reclining seats in the main center section. If you want recliners you have to sit in the first two rows under the screen or a couple (4) sections against the side walls. Why build a brand new theatre and not put the good seats in????? AMC charges high enough prices without delivering the same amentities from other AMC locations. Zero consistency!

Javier Lopez

I liked this movie theater, only came here for the Dolby Cinema projector and it was great. Toy Story movie was hilarious.

Apephanie Weldon

Location is nice. Lovely area seemed like it was in its own little town. Parking lots available but I'm not sure on pricing of that. I parked on the street with meters, but since it was a weekend (Saturday) meter was free. Theatre is located next door to lego land. You will see a large lego giraffe out front. Inside is about three floors with escalators. The pricing is a bit more expensive to what I'm use to paying (I'm from Philadelphia). Also seats were a major disappointment! They rocked a tad but didn't recline which I'm also use to in a AMC theatre. The side seats did I seen but it was too late my seats were already picked. If I do return major if they will need to do a bit of remodeling.

Nishith Jain

It's really good. Sometimes depnds upon which screen you are watching. Overall good and have parking facility too

Daphne Girard

Super comfy seats..a little old but they world really well still. Movies are good quality and the sound is really nice and loud and clear. Staff is fast and friendly. Good place for an evening at the movies. Not too many choices of snacks tho.

Denise Rawlins

I have being spoiled by the other Amc theaters. The seats don't recline BUT the bsyhrooms were her clean compared to the other Amc theaters.

george c

Hard to describe the extent of unprofessionalism that the manager (Katy) at this location displays, Came in to watch Avengers playing on the 3rd of may at 11pm only to find the doors locked at 11:14pm and then called the theater to find out why the doors were locked and she said for "security reasons", so basically if you are going to watch a movie late at night at this location you have to deal with the imcompetence and laziness of the manager trying to go home early because if you are like me and dont like watching extras you will have to make it just before showtime, to make matter worse its the 9th now and i have not heard back regarding my incident number given upon calling the AMC corporate, such a pooly run business its a shame they will treat customers with such carelessness.

Krista Gottschlich

Outdated theatre, def worth going to an AMC with the reclining seats. The one star, however, is for terrible customer service. I was charged $23 for a movie club which the cashier did not say a word to me about, and I've received an email response telling me to take the charge up with my bank. ?? I'm going to reach out to them again and will hopefully be able to come back and change this rating.

Akash Gopisetty

Good seats, good service, Dolby and IMAX. So much better than the AMC at the Commons

Maximilian Halus

Very good movie theatres, some of my favorite in the Boston area. I just think the so called IMAX screens are a bit of a rip-off, screens are too small and the seats aren't even raked like a real IMAX theatre. I enjoy coming to movies here. Plus, up to 3 hours of free parking.

Steven Chin

Great and comfortable seats, convenient parking, convenient access to theater from parking lot, and great movie.


It's great except that since you have Lego land next to it you have to go through 2 levels to get to upper lobby

Hector Nunez

If you are going to theatre number two the first theatre you see and the one that is behind the employees that check you in (Dolby edition) your better off paying for a regular movie. DO NOT GO if your looking for good sound. I was sitting on row K , last seats to the left near the speakers (if your facing the screen). and I heard no sound coming out of the speakers. I went to see the Lion King with hopes of feeling like I was near Simba when he roared But instead all I could hear was sound coming out of speakers in front of me. I’m not the type to write reviews but this made upset because this was a childhood movie for me...... God bless ONE, Castillo-Nunez

Kishore Sundar

The Dolby screen here is amazing! Wonderful seats, great sound, and all in all, a perfect cinema experience! The other screens are good, but sometimes lack cleanliness. The food & beverages, etc are standardly overpriced. No surprises there.

Keeping It Moist

Comfortable seating, audio/visual is pretty good, screen quality could be clearer. Very friendly staff

Joshua Kubiak

generally okay but this theater has several aging auditoriums with holes in seats. it did also take the staff over an hour to get our movie to start once. should be a little cheaper given the quality

Maria Moncada

Very nice place!

Vineet Yalaka

Watched Anabelle at this place, not recliner seats but has good seats. If you need a place to go shopping for and watch a movie after that assembly line is the best place to be at.

Nimish Sharma

Oh! This theater sucks! They haven't upgraded their seats. They don't have coffee machines (at least not when I was there). "You know how you crave for warm coffee when it is snowing outside and you are with someone special trying to watch a good movie with that homely warm feeling?" Yah! It doesn't happen here!

Elaina L.

Five stars for great, comfortable seating and convenience and movie selection. But, I'd have to say the pretzel bites were a little so-so, not too hot and not that tasty either, kind of a boxey aftertaste(a waste of money). Also, they have the yellow popcorn that seems far from being real-even if they do pop it onsite, it's yellow....the butter topping isn't that good either. It all just tastes like only unidentifiable junk food. The price of candy is crazy high, I won't buy it anymore & the selection leaves something to be desired too. I'll just have candy some other place & time. The concession lines have a "preferred member" line(people ACTUALLY pay to join, such bs) that can constantly cut in front of anyone in the main line area so you could wait, and wait, and wait... SO, NOWWW, I skip the concessions, altogether, and just watch a movie. I still love that part. Good theatre.

vinay kejriwal

This is a very good movie theatre. It is new, advanced, good screens and amazing reclining seats! Very easy to find as it is so close to t station

Jose Alas

I just love going to the theater and food places here!

Maria Loera

Great theater with comfortable seating. Done seats may not recline so just be aware of that when purchasing tickets. Jesusperla10

It was my first time going to this movie theater it was nice loved the polite staff and the recliners I will definitely recommend this place to my friend's and family

Rhonda Jimenez

Very clean and has alot to offer

Nicole Fraser

All of the theater needs signature recliners. Then would be worth 5 star.

Seth Rallo

This is one of my favorite theaters in the area to attend. the full recline chairs are super comf.

Douglas Soares

I love that movie theater. The IMAX room is fantastic

Joseph Charron

Love the theaters here. Great location with many other things to do before or after your movie nearby.

Gerald Young

Very very nice movie


This is literally the only place in Boston I'll go see movies anymore. Big theaters, comfy seats even in the regular theaters, an option for IMAX, and a really nicely designed layout and concession area (even though I'll never pay those absurd move theater snack prices).

Joseph Brassard

Theater 2 is fantastic. Wide seats, with dividers in front and behind you. Powered recliners with cup holders, so you can reach peak laziness. I haven't tried the "deliver to your seat" option or the order online ahead of time option, but it's easy enough to walk into the line, grab the candy/popcorn/drinks you want and get back to the theater. Assigned seats are so much better than the Southwest-style free-for-all of a "normal" theater. You can actually go enjoy a beer at one of Assembly rows breweries/restaurants and not have to race to make sure you can all sit together.

Roger Santos

Excellent place for excellents moments...excellents rooms...highly recommended.

Drew DeLillo

It's a great place to be but it would benefit from some kind of nightlife.


Not the best cinema. Lack of maintenance

Duncan MacLeod

One of the better theaters around. People are quiet, theaters are loud. A+ location

Stacey Fraser

Favorite theater, love the convenience of the app to experience (buying tickets, picking seats, snacks)! Being a stubs member has a lot of perks!

Vinay Srinivasan

Love this theater! Came here to see END Game. Comfortable theater with ticket reservations available, excellent Sound and amazing picture quality thanks to Newly installed Dolby Atmos, Comfy recliner seats. Theater is conveniently located in North-Boston and ample parking space available in Garage below also you can park in Assembly Square which offers 3hours free parking. Overall, it’s in a nice place surrounded with shopping malls, fast food restaurants. Enjoy cinematic experience

Edson Dias

Large sharp screens, with fully reclining leather seats that are quite comfy. Really good sound quality, especially in the Dolby Theater, although the volume can be too high sometimes. Good location right in the heart of Assembly Row. Easy parking in the garage next door. Ticketed seating. Definitely not cheap though.

Eduardo MorenoS

Unfortunately they have mice inside their theaters. Such a nice new building so it's such a shame they have this problem.

Joyce Oberholtzer

A100% better than chunkys to see a movie

Matt Murray

The theater itself is fine but driving to Assembly is a huge mistake. The streets are always clogged and finding parking takes way longer than it should. If you're going to go here definitely take the train or Uber.

Lisa Rodriguez

I would give this place a 3.5. Why... There is nothing impressive about it. The seats in the front and sides recline but not all of them. The arm rests go up... Good for a cuddle with the hubby. They have free refills in popcorn but I have not finished my popcorn to get a free refill. They do have a parking garage that is free for the first three hours. If u drive to the third floor of the parking garage it has an entrance that leads you straight inside the theatre. There is a lot of racial and ethnic diversity in the area which is lovely!!!


Amazing AMC. Nice, clean theatres. Keep in mind that select seats do not recline.


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