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912 W Garden Dr, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

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REVIEWS OF Water Gardens Cinema 6 IN Utah

Dan Latourelle

Great place to go see a movie with the kids and concessions are at a really good price


Up to date movies. Clean and prices are great! Also the concession stand is totally reasonable. Employee's are very nice and seem to like their job's.

Autumn Krulisky

This is always our go to movie theater! Such a great discount prices!! Thank you for making going to the movies affordable

Taylor Quass

Decently priced snacks, great movies, clean bathrooms and theaters, and courteous staff. The chairs were quite comfy, which is nice if you are watching a long movie (like Endgame). The chairs also could lean back, and weren't too close to the next row. Great value for the cheap price of their tickets

Annette Baird

The seating and theater weren't the best, but the snacks, popcorn and drinks are actually affordable! ! And the people working there were very polite and pleasant!! Its kept very clean & Lower prices at the movies is so rare! I'll be coming again!

Todd Walker

Great price, but very dirty. Popcorn everywhere, and hard to find assigned seats in dark. There were no ushers in sight. But much cheaper tickets and concessions which is a plus. Sodas were unbelievably cheap for a movie theater.

Andrew Arrington

Pretty good neighborhood movie theater, not the best seats or theaters, but worth it for the price you're paying. They now get new movies too, so you can downgrade comfort a bit and still see movies right when they come out for $3-5 cheaper than a lot of other movie theaters. Concessions are also pretty cheap, nothing costs more than $5, and you get refills on stuff too.

Von Stocking

Great choices of movies. Nice prices. We'll be back

wodden bowls

This place is the best to take your family to. It's cheap, nice and clean. Great Service, 10/10 .

Rick Squires

Great theater and great price. Nice to not pay 10 bucks for a drink.

Sarah Christensen

Cheap treats, cheap tickets, great service, great rewards program - this will be our new regular place!

Renon Rudy

First-run movie theater, but tickets are super cheap all the time. No R-rated films. On Tuesdays they have a deal where you get a ticket, and a small popcorn and drink for $5. Assigned seating. Older theater, so seats aren't state-of-the-art, but they're comfy.

Carey Ventura

One of the only affordable ways to take a family to the movies. The facility is clean and in good repair. It's not fancy reclining seats, but still comfortable and spacious. Only complaint is they only have Pepsi products!

T 801

Such a fun place to bring the whole fam. Its pretty run down and they have kids running the place but the snacks are nice and cheap just like the tickets.

Susannah Bautista

We have a great time when we come here because we don't have to spend a fortune to watch the newest movies. And not only is the menu reasonably priced, but we were surprised to get free popcorn and drinks on Tuesday! We still picked up a bag of kettle corn though because it is the best kettle corn in the whole entire world (no kidding)!

Beth Cameron

This theater isn’t super fancy but it’s also very affordable! The tickets and the concessions are very reasonably priced. We can actually take the whole family to a movie without breaking the bank. The seats and screens aren’t the best but you get what you pay for and it’s worth it. You can also buy tickets and reserve seats ahead of time online.

Kaci Whitby

This place is a hidden treasure. They're reasonably priced and offer deals. And their kettle corn is really really good. :) Sometimes a little dirty but it's worth the price you pay.

Renon Bradley

You can pick your own seats, concessions are all $1 - $4 I believe. Movie tickets are super cheap, and their $5 Tuesday deal comes with a ticket, and small popcorn and drink. I hope this place never closes.

Cory Anderson

I have friends who are cinephiles. They don't like this theater. But, if you are a classic movie goer this theater is a treat. Ticket prices alone are from another age, but add in the snacks, the theater sizes, and the be old school seats. It's value, it's got a great feel to it, and it's got booming audio and good picture quality. I was delighted.

Lauren Middleton

It's cozy theatre and super awesome! Tuesdays are great because they have five dollar tickets :)

Michael Patch

I can't believe this place is real! It's cheap movie tickets that are current movies. It's a good theater too, and the snacks are super cheap too! I will probably always go here from now on


Cheap prices, munchies, and decent movies at discounted rates! This is our little secret that I hesitate to share, but if it helps the business... I just have to! Check it out!

Mrs. RC Hams

The only reason that I will give a 4 is because of the prices! To be able to get popcorn, a snack and a drink for $10 is awesome! Unfortunately besides that, its pretty dingy and dirty looking. The floors in the theater were SOOOO STICKY! The crew was also pretty. Overall, if you want to go to a cheap movie experience then this theater is great.

Kyler Ludwig

Super affordable! Plus I love reserved seats.

Devin Plowman

Love to go here. Reminds me of when movie theaters were a fun activity instead of an expensive one. The concessions are much cheaper than other theatres and the movies are just as good. Plus they have 5 dollar tuesday that comes with a small drink and popcorn. Best value for your money when it come to going to the movies.

Billy Priddis

Prices are good. Selection of movies is good. Theaters aren't as fancy but are nice, and clean. Will see more movies there in the future.


Older cinema that lacks stadium seating. This place has altered formats over the years from premiers to second runs and back to premiers. Prices have fluctuated as well, including concessions. The staff has always been reliably helpful and friendly. This theater more than others attracts loud talkers. More than once I have had to ask/tell people to be quiet during the show. Parking is plentiful. Egress is getting more and more difficult.

Alex Smith

You trade large screens, great sound, and luxury seats. Cheap tickets and cheap movie snacks. Great for kids or rewatching movies.

Tyson Brinkerhoff

This place was amazing and I love the staff here because they are always smiling. The snacks are very cheap and also the price to watch movies is amazing! It's definitely not a luxurious movie theater, but for the price I would rather go here than any other movie theater in town! I highly recommend the Water Gardens Cinema 6 and you should definitely pick it over any other theater. I am definitely coming back!

David Cederstrom

I'm glad I discovered this place. Cheaper than the big theaters even compared to $5 Tuesdays. And the food is so cheap, I couldn't believe it at first. This is my new go-to theater.

Seth Southern

Somewhat cheaper tickets, much cheaper snacks and drinks. Seats are newer and in better shape than they were a year ago. Cannot buy tickets online, must buy them in person.

Donna Dalton

Amazing prices and deals! It makes me feel good to support a business who values my values and provides good, clean entertainment at a GREAT price!

Ashley B

This is a favorite. We love that they promote family-friendly movies, are closed on Sundays, and try to keep prices down. Really sad they quit doing $1 refills.

Halen Wise

Great prices and the staff is always friendly! It could use a little muscle on the cleaning crew, but otherwise a nice place.

Josh Smith

I love going to this movie theater. They do a really good job of keeping the place clean, and the staff have always been very friendly and helpful. The best thing about this theater is the price. Tickets prices, popcorn, drinks, and candy are cheaper than other theaters. They also have a special deal on Tuesdays that gets you a ticket, small drink and small popcorn for $5. This is a great place to see a movie especially if you have a big family and want to have a low cost trip to the movies.

Adventure gaming

My family and I went on a Tuesday and got the free small popcorn and drink, so that was a good deal. We went to see Aladdin which had more singing than I thought but it was still great.

Burke Johansen

It has the new movies but the admission price is less than half of the other theaters & they have other special offers that make it affordable to go enjoy a movie.

Ben Tremblay

By far the best movie theatre in Utah. Though it my not be a state-of-the-art IMAX theatre with reclining seats, the service from the employees make you feel important. They are all very accommodating and genuinely nice people. Though the best thing in regards to this theatre hands down is the price. It's extremely affordable. I'm not just talking ticket prices. Popcorn, candy, soda is all unbelievably cheap compared to other theatres that gouge you concessions. I highly recommend this local theatre to anyone and everyone.

Terence Berry

It's cheap. Not so crowded. Wish the seats were better.

Kaelie Crockett

Great little theater! They have great prices on shows and treats. I love going there but get your tickets early so that you aren't sitting front row!

Nancy Thill

Movie, small popcorn and a drink for $5. Good deal. Clean facility.

Robert Lee

Great prices for theater and food. Theater is well kept.

Rosemarie Longoria

Great Movie Theatre. Price is reasonable. Seating arrangement, Sound Quality & Picture Quality was nice. Food options are many and service was awesome. I like this place and would surely be back again to watch next movie. I had lot of fun here with my friends and the place was clean. It was my first time to be here and it was really a nice experience.

Aimee Oldham

I really enjoy coming to Water Gardens to see a movie with the family. They do show new releases and their prices are a bit cheaper then the 'big' theaters. They have prices for children, matinees, and seniors. However, it's the prices of their concession stand that is completely worth going to the movies. They have almost the same food/drinks as other places but the most you'll pay is $3.00! Their snacks range from $1.00 to $3.00 What's a movie without popcorn?! I gave 4 stars instead of 5 just because they don't have the lounge seats, although their seats aren't bad, and they don't show R rated movies. But that's not everyone's cup of tea anyway...great place to go!

Maria Griffiths

I love movies and go often to watch them here but there are a few pros and cons. Pro, snacks are cheap. Con, sometimes it's not very clean. Pro, tickets go on sale every Tuesday. Con, the rooms are small and seats not comfy. Pro, employees are usually friendly. Con, parking spaces fill up super quickly. Pro, I love movies.

Gregory Rellaford

Amazing company! They have that very family-owned friendly feel. They treat the customers right, have great prices, and they actually work on making the theater better over time. It keeps getting better and better! Highly recommend for the price and for the quality of service.

Emily Rowley

I love this place for the value. If you're sick of paying $7 for a small popcorn, this is the place for you. You can get their smallest size of popcorn and candy for $1 and the actual movie tickets here are cheaper than other theaters with the same movies. Best kept secret of AF/PG area.

Sidney Boyle

We like this theater. The floor is sometimes sticky but we don't mind for a better priced movie ticket. They are doing their best and hire local kids. They get all the new releases without the higher price tag. They have a good selection of treats/ goodies for a good price. My kids especially love getting their popcorn refilled. It's a small town theater close to home. The exterior stucco was recently painted and it looks fantastic.

Scott Richards

Great ticket prices and concessions are less than half than normal theaters. Will definitely go back!

Dallin Fairbanks

Went to watch Toy Story 4. The cinema itself isn't the newest or the nicest around and the seats aren't glamorously comfortable, but for a $5 ticket price that includes a drink and personal bag of popcorn, it was definitely worth the trip. I'd say it had a cute small-town vibe

Thomas Collett

Great prices for tickets and concessions. Kind staff. Clean facilities. Some of the theatres are pretty small. In those rooms, most seats are on the ground level instead of at a major incline like you expect to see at most movie theatres. If you don't like looking up at the screen you can reserve a seat in the back ahead of time.

Aileen Takis

This place is awesome! I’m from out of town and the first time I came, I was looking for just the convenience of the movie time. What surprised me was how cheap the movie tickets were! Then, it was $6.50 I believe for the opening day showing of Avengers End Game. Today it was $4.50 for the matinee of Toy Story 4. My large water bottle was $2. And medium popcorn was $2. Insanely inexpensive with reserved seating. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Typical movie seating but plenty of space... you don’t feel smashed in there like sardines. A great experience that we will enjoy each time we are in town looking to watch a movie!!

Brigham Jewkes

Best movie theater! You can't beat the price for tickets and concessions, and you still get a clean and professional experience. I love Water Gardens!

Ryan Johnson

Pricing is the name of the game here, and they have some pretty good pricing. I also really like the classic style of getting snacks and tickets inside the building, and that they hire a variety of different people. The guy who showed us to our theater though was not very nice however, and it was very apparent that he did not want to be there or help anyone. But other than that everything was great and very clean!

Spencer Wood

Not the nicest movie theater out there but it's always clean and so reasonably priced you really can't complain. They do have a great selection of candy and the popcorn is pretty good, everyone working was very friendly and talkative, will definitely be going there to see movies in the future.

Larry White

We've been to the Water Gardens many times. It's nice because their prices are awesome for a good movie and treats. The only reason I gave them 3 stars is because on our last visit, the air conditioning was not monitored while we were there. It was very warm and stuffy in the theater we were in. Very uncomfortable.

Zac Stalnaker

Always love coming here. The theater is always clean, the tickets are way more affordable than anywhere else in Utah, and the food is just as cheap without skimping out on quality. I've been to dozens of theaters throughout the United States and this is my all time favorite for value. This place is fantastic. Period.

Jessica Rask

Such an amazing place. Great popcorn great movies at a great price. The concessions are soooooo cheap. They are great priced. They are also have great workers. Special needs family's welcome.


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