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REVIEWS OF Regal Crossroads & RPX - Taylorsville IN Utah

Trey Greenwood

Melissa needs a raise! Had a problem with my tickets and she got me taken care of! Will keep giving this place my business!

Nicole Buffington-Paul

Wonderful movie theater. I've mostly been in the morning so I haven't experienced crowds. But the staff are always great, the popcorn buttery and salty, and seats are some of the best recliners I've sat in.

Nancy McFadden

Love the friendly people and the seats are comfy. The trays on each seat with cup holders is awesome!

Brad Aldous

I came out with my son tonight (7/12/19) to watch the new live-action Lion King movie with tickets I had pre-purchased. Lttle did I know that it doesn't come out until 7/19 and like an idiot, I didn't notice that little detail. We went to the ticket counter so they could scan my phone for the electronic tickets and the manager just happened to be standing there and informed me we were a week early. Well, needless to say my son and i felt embarrassed and after purchasing popcorn drinks and candy we weren't very happy spending money on concessions when we couldn't watch a movie. So like an excellent company would do to try and retain good customer relations, the manager let us watch a different movie for absolutely free. I didn't ask for it, they just insisted we stay and watch a different movie on the house. I'm a customer for life now!!!

Sandi Henning

Great recliners here in the theater. You just need to remember not to fall asleep in them!

Dark Tales Production

Went to this theater for The Last Jedi, and Brad Pitt's Ad Astra. The place looks fun to look in the inside. Great seats, and the food is good. Good "early bird" ticket prices

Sarah Daniels

Comfy seats that recline with built in trays. Concessions include actual meals (like burgers and such) in addition to the usual concessions. Great experience!

Nathaniel McDonald

The movie started before the posted time. They didn't have pickles. It was a comfortable seating area that's probably the only good thing about my experience.

Modi Simmie

Ample room to walk between rows and super comfy recliner seats with adjustable snack tray. Love it!

Holli Mattingly

I love the recliner seats! Plus great prices...

Browniecat Gamer

Super comfy chairs, my girls like to wear their slippers and bring blankets. With your own table. Always clean, and friendly staff. Plus it's cheaper than alot of other theaters.

jordan curtis

Nice theater i love regal I'm glad one was in Utah wish a regal was closer

Remmy Erickson

Best theatre I've ever been to. My son has a bunch of allergies and this theatre has zero problems letting me bring in allergen free foods for my son. Clean facilities and friendly staff!

Claudia Whitney

New, spacious, reclining chairs, clean, fairly priced theater. Tuesday$5 is wonderful. Love the frequent guess rewards too. Parking is always available.

Luisa L. Colán

I love watching movies Here! They have very comfy recliner seats,with a great big screen in front ! Dear Regal you asked md what movie i wanted to watch next. my next movie i want to watch is spiderman : Far from Home !


Love the recliners chair! Not variety of food most of all is candy, service not good and super slow!!! Take you time if your going to order any type of food and is not good!

Izzidy Smith

This place is great. Actually it's horrible stay away. I don't want it to get busy and have the prices go up. Seating is great, food options good, process are really fair. But really... You wouldn't like it, so stay away.

Trevor Hicken

Awesome sound quality and easy to navigate. The staff was really helpful and kind. Seating was luxurious and some of the most comfortable I've sat in. Went and saw Dark Phoenix and they had the earliest showing starting at 6:10.Would recommend

christina wilson

They have such comfortable seats awesome staff! I lost my wallet and they found it and kept it at the front desk for me till I came and got it!! I am so appreciative for that! And will always be a loyal customer!!!

David Mayfield

This theater has some of the best reclining seats I have found in a movie theater. They have a decent selection of concessions. One of our favorite snacks is the unlimited pineapple whip. Overall the concessions are a bit pricey but their reward program is actually pretty good. We always seem to be able to get something for free with rewards.

Mily Stoddard

Great parking. Can buy tickets at machine inside instead of at counter if you want. Comfy seats and tray tables.

Glen Fortin

Great theater. Nice seats.

Josh Sumsion

Best movie theater in town! Megaplex chain has ruined the movie going experience for me, but Regal has restored it to something I look forward to each time we go see a movie. Great seats, love RPX, great staff.

Mac Conder

The theatures all have reclining chairs with trays. The staff is always nice and never have a sour face. A really fun place to go with friends or even by yourself. I honestly felt like I was spoiling myself by going here. I loved it.

Tyson Hepworth

Really enjoy this theater. Good food, nicely spaced seating. Have a issues with it tho. I'm very tall, and the seats while reclined leave about a foot and a half of my leg dangling. Very uncomfortable. The seats only have one recline option. And it puts the legs out before reclining the back. For my stature, seats that recline the back and lift up the foot rest separately would be far more comfortable

G Delgado

First time I came here (around Grand opening), I got food poisoning and spent the next two days in bed. I've never had food poisoning in my life. I still tried it again, but it's just not my favorite. It's such a small theatre compared to a Megaplex or Cinemark. If you wanna order food, you better be here 30 minutes before because they take foreeeeeever. It's okay. I hope they make some changes.

Kelly Daniels

Checking out a movie for date night. A very large complex, clean and well-organized.

GyrlSmylee Ireland

First run movies, fresh popcorn with butta, a medium Icee is really a jumbo bucket. It was nice to have an Icee at the movies. Go see Overcomer, you will not be disappointed.

Joe Kool

overall a nice place to see movies. comfy recliners... but separated each one, so no togetherness...


Best theater in the area. comfy leather recliners in every theater, great prices, and rewards system. lots of great food choices in the area make for easy post movie meals.

Mishie Oviatt

Best place without that old theater smell. Fresh food it's awesome

Toni B

Extremely busy. Overall very clean. Attentive staff. Love the movie theme photo booth. Can smell the popcorn from the parking lot! Comfy chairs.

Rob Nixon

Great update to the complex. Comfy adjustable, assigned seats. Pleasantly surprised, but havent been in that part of town for a while.

Steve Hill

I only go to theaters where you purchase your assigned seat and Regal is my theater of choice. This theater is very clean. The restrooms are conveniently located and this location has a family restroom as well. The automatic recliners are 1st class seating and this location has a swing away table at each seat, handy for sharing snacks with the little ones.

Marian Elkins

Waiting in a long line to refill popcorn while your movie is still playing is not good. A refill line would be a great addition to any movie theater.

Rebecka Pearson

Very comfy seats, and I like the tables in front. However, the smallest bag I've ever seen for Cheetos popcorn??? Seriously?? And the arcade area is very unfortunate. Two actual games for older kids, older than 5 anyway, and then just claw machines. The food variety is nice though. Soda machines are outdated though. Most every other theater has the freestyle machines. Overall. Nice theater and seats, but the lack of kettle corn, and too small bags of other popcorn options have me going to Century instead.

Tawny Ingledew

$5 Tuesday's are awesome!

Starr Nelson

So, it's got recliners and that's awesome. And all the seats have popcorn & drink holders. But, that's pretty much where the awesome ends. If there is a special screening that you have to see and it's only playing there, then go! To …

Nicole McDermott

Love this place! Clean and all seats recliners. This has spoiled me for other theaters forever.


Great seats, great service. I don't love their popcorn, for some reason I don't think it is as good as megaplex theaters, but I do love their recliner seating. The seats more than make up for their popcorn.

Chris Lucas

I hate to put people in containers, truly I do. But as a theater (or a side of the Salt Lake valley) that I rarely travel to, I just have to say that the worst thing about this place is the customers, not the employees. The employees were great. The customers are not, however. The rude lady holding up the box office ticket booth was terrible, asking a million questions and generally just non-caring that huge line is forming because of her. In the lobby, there is popcorn spilled around the condiment stand, and left over food at the seating tables. It is just sad that customers (admittedly, from a poorer part of town) have such a lack of courtesy. You don't have to be wealthy to be aware of the people around you or clean up after yourself. Again, this is unfortunately due to the people that live near this location, and isn't necessarily the fault of theater, so I'm still giving 5 stars.

Erik A.

This is by far one of the best theaters in Slc. They have an awesome food menu that they can deliver to your seats. Built in table to your already luxurious recliner. Great for family outings as well. Little ones love that they have their own table. Also makes sharing items like popcorn easier.

Hannah Driggs

I really love this place. As soon as my husband and I moved nearby in 2017, we designated this as "our" theater, and were surprised we weren't already aware of it. It's always clean, including the spacious bathrooms. No sticky floors or any traditional theater grossness. Every seat is a big comfy recliner with a tray, and the aisles in front of seats are so wide that it's easy to walk through even with every footrest extended. The RPX theater has the best sound we've heard anywhere. My only complaint is that the concession line is always huge and a slow wait, but on the plus side, the snack prices are lower than other theaters of the same size. Overall, we choose this theater over any other. It's awesome.

Savage X89

For being a brand new theater, it felt older and run down. Has the air of the staff not fully caring. As soon as we walked through the door to our theater, I noticed popcorn covering the floor. Normally a theater is cleaned before a showing. This one had no evidence of having been cleaned. Also, the projector in theater 9 looks to be dying. The top left corner of the screen is fading into purple. Tinted the whole corner of the movie. This place isn't old enough for that to be happening already.

Allexis Bonacci

I absolutely love this place! The chairs recline and I just love the smaller feel of the theater. Most of the time they are pretty clean but not going to lie, there are times when it is messy. Anytime we have had an issue they always fix it.

Luis Garcia

I love Regal Cinemas. Nice addition to Taylorsville. I prefer this movie theater over Cinemark & Megaplex. There is enough space for it to be comfortable and the seats are amazing. The prices on Tuesday are great as well! Employees are always helpful and nice.

Arturo Urquijo

Those seats are super comfy and big, they recline electronically all the way down. Each one has a little food tray. It is a bargain for what you pay

Jim Hepworth

Closest Theater to my house and the RPX theater is Great!

VenomousStorm 914

Awesome lounge chairs, clean theater. Good rewards program with a special coupon every month. I would really like them to add more drink options, like a Coke Freestyle.

Marley Parker

I liked this theater, great seats, great service. Popcorn kinda tasteless. Pretzels were not that great either. Managers should be trained better with policy, guest services and get out on till or service desks when its busy and theres only 2 or 3 employees out.

Andrew Nelson

We need more Regals in Utah! They have an amazing rewards system and their theaters our top notch. This one in particular is great because every seat is a great seat! Well, except the closer ones in front but that is what it is. Every other seat though is amazing. Plus they all recline and are extra wide so even if you have people on both sides you have plenty of space to spread out. Even though we live 40 minutes away we come here exclusively. I should also mention that it's clean and nice here as well. Get a loyalty card and come to Regal! You won't regret it. Unless the movie sucks

Alicia Madrid

Amazing service love going here will not go anywhere else to watch movies love it

Chad Gray

Good theater. It's been a while since I have been to the movie theater and there were a couple movies that I wanted to see and had an entire day to kill lol. The food options have changed A LOT from when I used to go. You used to have a drink, popcorn, pretzel, nachos and candy. Now they have a full on kitchen in there! I ordered a drink and mini corn dogs. The corn dogs tested like they'd JUST been fried! (Delicious) and the drink was nice size, lasted me a whole movie. The theater itself was clean, they clean up after every movie. The bathroom was a little messy and out of order toilets but I timed it right and got in and out quickly. The seats are SOOOOO comfortable and recline! My legs started to go numb (2.5hr movie) so I had to sit up a little more. Went to a regular movie and the RPX movie...i wish i would've saved my $3 and not gone to the RPX movie. The screen was SLIGHTLY bigger and there were more speakers

Jordan Rogers

Watched Hobbs & Shaw. Saw a matinee they actually are priced pretty well. Nice comfortable seats

Katherine Doman

Nice place to see movies. Wasn't the best theater and wasn't the worst.

Blair Warren

Love the recliner seats & space. I love that you have room to move around & stretch out to enjoy the movie.

Natalia Moreno

I really like this theater. I like that you can order food and eat in the theater. The rows are spacious and if people need to get by you don't need to tuck in your legs. Each recliner seat has a tray and you can lay all the way back and relax while watching movies. My new go to theater

Dani McCulley

This is by far our family's favorite spot. They ha e the best lounge chairs and trays for each one. They will even deliver your food of it isn't ready before your movies starts. It isn't your typical movie food either! We love the loaded nachos or fries and the chicken. Sandwich! Download their app for some killer concessions discount take!

Christopher Jimenez

Fantastic seating and great experience...@reagal ur welcome 5 stars are a must! But the next film I'll see ther is most likely ,The lion King!

amaziah paul

Overall a good theater but you know you go give your tickets to someone and they will like oh it’s down the hall today there was a man standing marking people very unhappy a old white man who wasn’t letting people in their movies for small reasons I overall have good experiences there but today I was vary unhappy

Jonathan Smith

This has become one of our favorite theaters. With great seats and various food option. It a great place for a movie.

Vanessa Weis

We watched The Lion King in 3D and it was so much fun! The chairs recline and we each had our own tray for drinks and popcorn. Plenty of room between rows no awkward moments trying to make room for a stranger to get down the row. I gave 4 stars and not 5 because the arm rests don't move so that makes it hard to cuddle and the lobby was a bit messy.

Eduin Munoz

We were having trouble getting into our app, to get our points. Ryan (says she's been working for Regal since it's opening) worked on it until she could get it to work. It took a lot of her time and effort. She treated us with respect and treated us like valued customers. We really appreciated the excellent customer service she gave us. We love Regal Theater, because everyone INSIDE the Theater are always smiling and helpful. It's awesome to be able to use our points for free stuff!

Calvin Jones

Time to take the kids to see toy story 4. Good family entertainment's. Popcorn and drinks are still too pricy.

Brandy Groce

Always friendly personnel willing to help. Clean theaters. I love this theater!!

Amber Christensen

My favorite theater by far. We go almost once a week. I love the $5 Tuesday’s. The concessions are a little more than some of the other theaters in the area, but their rewards program makes up for it. We earn rewards very quickly and love getting free popcorn frequently. I wish there were more Regal theaters around, but for now my husband and I drive the extra 10 minutes to go to a theater we love.

Scott Nelson

Laid back seats when needed is a big plus for any theater. Watched a movie on one of the biggest screens they have, and that can make a big difference in how a movie feels. And when I say feels, I mean the Dolby is pounding in your chest throughout battle scenes, which is what I was watching.

Spencer Buchanan

Best place in town. Comfiest seats and I love their soda/popcorn combo. The others in the valley always bother me because they are all so big and corporate feeling. These guys are big too but they never feel big. Plus trays to put your stuff on is so needed.

LoLo Brinkman

My sons and I had a great time! Clean, spacious theaters, good customer service, fun movies, great concessions, free refills. I love the recliner seats and clean theater! We watched 2 movies and had a great day! Thank you, Regal!

Blazzy-13 Flores

Comfy seats, great sound and location, plenty of parking too, Definitely coming back.

Robyn Hoggan

Love these theaters! Went to the movies with mom and daughter last week and I love knowing my seat will always be clean when I arrive and I enjoy the roominess of their recliners. Great place to see a movie especially on Monday and Tuesday with her discount nights.

Madison Memory

This is now our favorite movie theater. Love the reclining seats and they do keep things fairly clean. The lobby area can feel a little small, but there isnt really anything that can be done about that anymore. The prices for food are also really high, but that is universal for basically any theater.

Tiffany Hakunashi

The floor was unbelievably sticky like to the point it pulled my shoe off. The people were grumpy and not friendly all the aside the movie sound is amazing and the chairs are so comfy.

Mathew Call

They have both styles of caption devices and both worked great. Staff handled it very smoothly

Matt Anderson

I live really close and have always enjoyed going to this theater. The recliner seats are great. I like to go on Tuesdays for the 5 dollar tickets. You do have to download the app and have a regal card now though so be aware of that. I can't comment on concessions as I don't like to spend the money on those but they look like they do a good job. The only thing is sometimes they only have one person out front selling tickets so it can take a minute to get to your movie tickets but I don't think it has been longer than 5 minutes.

Lisa Hall

Love the all recliner seats theaters. I have a young child who is just starting to get into movies, and having a wall in front of us, as well as a tray and thick armrests has really helped him to be able to sit still and pay attention. Concessions are what you'd expect from a theater, but seem to be the highest prices in the valley. Overall a decent theater, comparable to Cinemark.

Nicki Terry Heitz

Love that they do $5 movies on monday and Tuesday! All their seats are recliners so they are comfortable. Another move thing is You get to fill your own drinks and put as much butter you want on your popcorn. Yes, the cost of the snacks, drinks and popcorn and a lot more expensive than other theaters.

Wanda K

The seats are very comfortable. Food selection is great. The theater, itself, was clean and well organized. Management was friendly and helpful.

Mark Smith

the only drawback I had from my experience yesterday at the theater is the Caps or lids to the soft drinks. I have limited hand function and I have a really difficult time getting those lids out of their little containers to put on my drink. I finally had to ask someone to help me which is okay I don't mind that but still kind of a drag. I want to suggest that the this person who gave me my popcorn was really nice she carried my popcorn all the way into the theater with be so that I wouldn't spill any which I usually do when I try to carry my drink my popcorn and whatever else I might have on my lap into the theater. But overall it was a good

Nina Laitinen

Great recliners, cheap tickets, rarely busy. Everything you could want in a movie theater

Kay Stiverson

Great seats that recline with plenty of space for others to walk to their seats.

Aislinn Macintosh

This is a company popular back east and I enjoyed going. Comfy seats and normal movie theater prices. This one has a wide selection of treats and food too.

claudia jones

Nice reclining seats with trays for food and drinks. Very clean and all the staff were very helpful. Love being able to use closed captioning.

Brian Severson

This theater has excellent seating and the theaters are clean. Everything is new and perfect as long as you Don't want anything to eat. I Don't care about the price of food unless what you sell is terrible. We have ordered many items on the menu and it’s horrible every time. We waited for 10 minutes and received 2 ice cold ”gourmet artisan pizzas”. I have requested, several times, for a couple more non-sugar drink options. Currently, you can have water or a diet coke, and we can't drink soda for health reasons. Every other theater has the new soda machines which have sugar free ginger ale and ice tea. I am pleading with this theater to retrain the staff, add at least one sugar-free non-cola option and improve the quality the food served. I would rather have a hot cheap pizza than an ice cold artisan fancy pizza.

Rick Whiting

Great movie theater. Love the reclining seats and relaxing atmosphere. Puts you in the mood for a great movie watching experience

Puaonaona Hanawahine

Case was an awesome manager he helped me out with my member card that was giving my a hard time. Mahalo Case

Cynthia Parkhouse

This Theatre is really nice. It's all reserved seating and they are the lounge chairs. The only thing that bugged me was they had 25 minutes of previews prior to the movie

Cindy Hinds

Fun theater. We were in one that the floors and seat rumbled. Awesome effect for our movie. Great for certain types of shows, for sure. Comfy seats. Recliners. Yes, very comfortable.

Sean Moore

This is a very good place to see a movie. The decor is a little dated but that adds to its charm. The service is decent here. My favorite aspect of this theatre is the lounge chairs, they are so comfy and perfect for watching a movie.

Eric DaBell

This is my all-time favorite theater of all time but some of the staff is iffy and short-tempered and their snacks are outrageously priced. I will always take my own snacks


It's the only place that my sister and I can come, you have good seats than any theater there is in the states. You have wonderful customer support staff, so friendly and helpful. Thank you, Regal Cinema for being you. We including my sister recommend this theater to all. Please come and experience the home style of your life.

Manda Miner-Babb

Love their comfy chairs! You actually have leg room! They're leather seats that actually recline. You don't have to pay more for good seats. They also have a better theater food selection. Awesome movie experience every time!


I won’t see a movie anywhere else! Clean, amazing concessions, comfortable chairs. Great location!

Amalia Reynoso

I want to share few details about regal taylorsville. Two stars for the comfy chairs. About cleanliness I'll give cero. This is a busy place there is popcorn and dirty spots all over.

vanessa McDonald

Love the reclining chairs and spacious theater

Lacie Jackson

We had never been to this movie theater before but went on the recommendation of a family member. The theater was great and we loved the luxury seating with no extra charge. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because we didn't try any food or concessions so I can't say anything about that part of the theater.

Robert Tamayo

Love the comfort the sound top theater I my books.

gloria Acosta

The employee that was working in the outside window on 04/7 around 4:00pm is awesome! She was approachable, excellent, nice, and went the extra mile explaining me the rewards card. Congratulations!


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