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3688 S Redwood Rd, West Valley City, UT 84119

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Where is Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap Meet?

REVIEWS OF Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap Meet IN Utah

Ryan Russell

Great movie selection, well priced concessions, and overall excellent venue for a movie.

Derek Moffett

Good price. Love bringing my own food. Just a classic enjoyable experience. I'd be heart broken if they ever shut down. Such courteous staff too.

Dina Roan

It's a good old-fashioned Drive-In experience. It's a bit too crowded and people all in the driveway so you can't drive without almost hitting someone. Other than that a wonderful experience

Kylee Haslam

Always a fun place to go during the summertime, watching a movie outside on a huge screen is such a fun experience. I think $9 per adult for two movies really isn't that bad of a price on comparison to regular movie theatres.

Miriah Wixom

Love it! Drive in movie theater authentic! Concessions were good. Prices were the same as regular theaters. Saw Spider Man Far From Home. I love that it had new movies that are actually in theaters and not just old movies.

Breaking Wishes

It was a good experience at the Drive in Movies. Glad they still do it! Saw the movie IT and plenty of parking.

Derek Tucker

This place used to be great but now its horribly run and organized. Parking enforcement is a joke so people with big trucks will park in front of you blocking you're view. And now only open 3 days a week? What a joke.

Kelli Murray

I love this place. Just don't walk barefoot in the parking's not a good idea. But the movie experience is wonderful

Jared Garcia

What's a good place to go if you're looking to have two movies the price of one want some one-on-one time with your significant other

Erika McDougal

We were told that the theater we wanted was closed so we chose a different movie but then the "re-counted" and then let others into the theater. I'd be fine with them not letting me into the movie, if they wouldnt have re-opened it to later people.

Zachariah David Hales

A good drive in with 4 screens and good selection throughout the summer. Unfortunately the concessions area is not up to par imo. Also the entrance and exits aren’t great in terms of late arrivals or early exits but that’s more the fault of the idiots who turn in their headlights in your face.

Brent Goeres

Between the swap meet and the drive-in, this place is a west valley staple! Food is priced well (compared to sit down theater) and bathrooms are always clean. Please don't change anything!!!!

Renon Rudy

We've been coming here for years and absolutely love it! The price is great, especially since you get two movies for the price of one at a regular theater, maybe even cheaper than the price of a regular theater. Love the openness of it, so it's great for kids. You can bring your own good, but alcohol is not permitted. Staff is really friendly, too.

Melanie Vernon

The parking was ridiculous! We got all set up and then two trucks came and blocked our view and they weren’t even in parking spaces! The lines are not drawn clearly and they don’t have anyone directing people where to go so it’s just chaos! I missed the first 20-30 minutes of the movie just trying to get things situated so we could see the screen! The workers that were there should have at least been wearing reflective vests and holding colored light sticks or something to help control the chaos! They need to reorganize, clearly paint parking spaces and hire more people to direct traffic! We won’t be going back.

dana carlson

Always a good time with the kids. It could use a little renovating but I feel lucky we still have the ability to have one here. Lots of fun memories from childhood I get to share with my kids now.

Keiri Day

What is there not to love about a drive-in theater? This is the biggest one I have been to, and it has many screens and different showings going on. It was a really fun experience.

DS Skate

Would recommend, it is a very fun experience, but make sure you bring an SUV or truck, for the best experience, I also brought snacks and treats to enjoy the movie with. Also plan on being there for a while if you want to see both movies, sometimes they run until 2 am. But overall I give it five stars, for the fun and original experience

Kimberly Turner

Just like the old days! But many movies to choose from! I remember when I was young it was only 2 movies to choose! It's laid back! Enjoyed it very much!

Kavnotik Maile

Came to watch The Avengers: Endgame movie with the family. Great vibes all around. Nothing beats the classic drive-in movie feel. Refreshments Center and Restrooms are well kept. Never been to a drive in with so many screens before. Please obey the laws of the parking lot and be courteous to others around you. I can see myself coming here all summer long

Lisa Mapa

Drive ins I feel are good for big families. Can save some cash by by taking your own food in and children under 9 are $1 for TWO features. The only thing is you have to show up early for a good parking. Also, bring your own speaker with FM radio if you don’t want to utilize your car battery. And finally, bring everything that makes you comfortable because if you stay for both features, that’s 4 hours+. We arrived at 9pm and didn’t get home until 130am. Kids don’t have to stay super quiet, free to stand/wander, eat whatever goodness you bring.

Jennifer Gomm

Great place for a movie, just beware if you bring kids, they might be able to see the horror film on the next screen over...

Brenda Miller

Wish they would enforce the rules on SUV tailgates as well as trucks and taller SUVs in back. No one can see around those monsters. We take our truck and watch from the bed. We never pull closer than at least 5 rows back. Even then, can't see around an SUV with its hatch-back open all the way up. Otherwise would be a great experience every time.

bob nielsen

Out door swap meet Sat. Sun. Lots to look at and depending on what you want pretty good deals

Alexis Brunson

A favorite summer activity! I was pleasantly surprised how clean and nice the bathrooms were for a drive-in!

Ted Wright

Good place and not to expensive for 2 movies make sure to being a radio so you do not have to use the one in your vehicle

Lynn Tesorieri

My family and I love going to the drive in for movies. The swap meet is fun too.

Robert Blodgett

Our neighbors were smoking the entire movie, ruined the experience. Seriously, for Lion King? Who does that? The screens are surprisingly bright, reasonable concessions. Bring comfortable chairs or pillows.

Aaron Moleff

We love going here at least once a year. Be careful on weekends and opening nights for movies, you may want to get there 1 1/2 - 2 hrs early. If going on a weekday, show up at least 1 hour early to get a good spot. Also, don't forget a wireless Bluetooth speaker with the ability to hook up to an FM radio. I recommend getting a rechargeable Bluetooth FM speaker at Walmart, it will make all the difference. Also, you can bring you own food (or buy food there) and bring blankets and chairs to sit up. A great time for family or friends.

Kristin Bogopane

The definition of summer nights. Bring an air mattress, blankets, pillows, chairs, whatever and just enjoy the beautiful Utah nights watching a movie. Don't forget a radio if you don't wanna keep yours going in the car.

Ray Francom

These guys are ridiculous. They put the same movie on for the 9 o'clock show and the 11 o clock show. So we thought no problem lets just jump to a different screen so that we can see a different movie. But there knucklehead security said your not allowed to change screens. I asked why did they put the same movie on the same screen and then expect everyone to watch the same movie twice. They said that's just how it is. So we turned our car so we could see a different movie from the theater we were in. Then the knucklehead security kept harassing us saying they were gonna charge us for the movie again if we don't change the radio station back to the same movie. This is the last time I'll go there. I'd rather watch a movie on a nice theater with air conditioning anyways. Also we bought pizza from tbere concession stand. Ohhhh it wad awful don't waste your money. No wonder these places barely exist with this type of customer service ruined my night out.


Love this place!! So fun. I haven't been to a drive-in in years. Have been to this one several times now over the last couple summers. Love that we can bring our own snacks or drinks or whatever. Fun to set up a lounge in the back of the truck and kick back. If we want regular "movie food", they have that too. Big place. 4 screens, so usually an option we like.

Kye Moser

So glad that the drive-in experience is still out there! Clean facilities and good, paved parking. The drive-in will never die!

Richard Larsen

Fun this time. Lots of craziness can go on at the drive in. This time everything went great.

Cube Cubical

Utah tradition for like 40 or so years i got NES games back in the 90s here. Found tons of stuff sold here all kinds used and new. ninja throwing stars ETC ETC. ever seen that south park episode ya it like that. the people that run the shop are who you deal with like ebay. at night this is also one of the last drive ins alive and you get like 2 movies for the price of one

David Tanner

Fun place to watch a movie. If you have a truck, that’s ideal. Fill it with love sacs or pillows.

Tylen Smith

I love the drive-in! This is a really convenient location. 4 screens with good sized lots. Staff is always friendly and interactions are minimal. Be there an hour early if you have a truck/large SUV and want to get a decent spot!

Megan Woodland

I always love going to the drive in movies. I was able to see the screen well and there was plenty of parking. I didn't particularly love the movie selection this weekend, but that isn't the theatre's fault. Sound system is completely up to you. I recommend using portable speakers, but that's because I don't want to leave my truck on and drain the battery. Always makes for a fun and different date night than the regular theatre.

Jeffrey Vierig

Went with friends to drive in movie double future had a great time no pets allowed

Travis C

This is a fun experience location. Less expensive than a movie theater and you can bring your own snacks. There is also a place to buy snacks here. Airplanes pass over this location and there is the occasional noise or lights from surrounding houses. Watch from your car, or bring a chair and sit in front of your car. If you sit near the back there are speakers, or you can tune in through your radio.

Bryan Bane

Love this place, great for the family.... however I wish they'd make the popcorn fresh

Robin Rivera Tirado

3 generations of my family have enjoyed this drive in movie theater. I make it a point to go every time I go back home for a visit.

Brent Earl

Very chill laid back atmosphere. This drive end transcends through generation after generation. The more people in your group The better. Great date night spot the same.

james Mccarthy mccarthy

I was on vacation in utah. I hadn't been to a drive in since 1994. It was nice to see that the drive in still existed. It was a good time.

Helena Haddadin

The setup of parking is ideal here, and you tune in your car radio to the station that broadcasts the movie's audio so you can hear it really well and control the volume. The screen is well-lit and big.

David Poteet

It was fun but we didnt enjoy the cigarette smoke. I was hoping it would be a little more family friendly. We even moved spots for the second movie and there was another smoker blowing big clouds up into the air.

Kyle Boden

Fantastic!! They've got a great system! And the parking spots are arranged so that no matter where you are, you can see the screen perfectly! Another bonus is the bathrooms are very nice! Loved this place!

Jackie G

It's like little shops you can basically find anything you Are looking for and something's are free also things that you find in store here are more cheap so if your on a buchet you wolnt have to worry about spending too much

Elisa Smith

The website said the box office would open at 7:30. It was well after 8 when they finally opened. There was no enforcement of large vehicles parking in the back half of the lot, they were inconsistent about which rules they decided to enforce, parking spots were way too small and other people don't control their kids. Don't go unless you have an old beater car and like loud obnoxious people and enjoy people who allow pure chaos by not enforcing their own rules. We won't be back.

J Ode

pretty good little spot to kick back, back in the old days you could barbecue here and.relax but not anymore. Also it would have been nice to keep the big vehicles from working in the very front

Michelle Kirstine

As a kid I love going to the drive-ins with my family and having a good time watching movies and hanging out with my brothers and sisters or when me my friends would get together and I love that Redwood still hasn't drive it I was disappointed that they were basically playing kid movies on all the screens except for one and two screens weren't even showing any movies

William Thomas

What you need to know for your first time: -You don’t have to come so early like they say. 15 minutes should be plenty for the ticket car line. -When entering, it doesn’t matter which ticket booth you go to. You can buy tickets to all movies at all booths. So, choose the shortest car line. -So your car battery doesn’t die, make sure you start your car a couple times and run it for a few minutes during the movie to give it a charge. If you don’t want that added stress, bring a boom box. -Be courteous and try not to turn your headlights on or hit the brake lights during the movie. Hopefully these pointers will help you out. I had a great time there when I went. I didn’t buy any food so I couldn’t tell how good it is. I brought my own; that’s one of the pluses of driveins.

Marty Taylor

I love drive- ins! So wish we had one at home!

Brigitte Todd

First time taking my family here so we didn't know what to expect. It was tricky finding a place that would give us a good view of the screen without being blocked by the hatches of other cars. If we go again, we'll make sure to go at least an hour early to get a better spot.

Ron Williams

Concessions are badly understaffed and what staff it has are slow moving with little care for the customer. In general the whole place seems poorly managed.

Kelan Loch

Always a classic to take the family to the drive in, if you have a battery operated radio like a work radio it makes everything much easier. Especially when you go to leave and your car battery isn't dead!!! Plan ahead folks, I drive a diesel so good luck finding another rig with two batteries too jump you.

T White

We don’t come here too often but we usually have a great time and a great experience here. We’ve never had any problems or issues, the lines to get in move pretty quickly, the parking lots are all in good shape and are very accessible. The restroom lines can get long but they’ve brought in porta-potties to try and help lessen the wait. We bring our kids, place a luv-sac on the ground and have kids in the back of the truck and it works perfectly.

Myles Andrews

They should have better parking to see the movies. And they shouldn't allow people to park in front of smaller vehicles in the middle of the movie, it completely blocked our view. They did nothing.

Hannah Orr

Honestly, everything I could have wanted from a drive-in. Plenty of nostalgia and a pleasant atmosphere. We couldn't figure out the right radio station, but we also didn't ask for help, so that's kind of on us. Would definitely go back. I would recommend showing up early for a good parking spot!

Erik Hughes

Love this place, great place to bring the whole family. Usually bring an ice chest for drinks and a couple boxes of pizza. So much cheaper than the actual sit down theaters and it's 2 movies for the price of one!!

JT Smith

The Mrs. and I visited the Saturday and Sunday swap meet this weekend and we had a great time. There were so many different shops and vendors, you could almost find anything you could want, at a few different places. There are clothes, electronics, fresh fruit and vegetables. We even saw a man for sell for $20 bucks an hour for handyman things. And a traveling family from Portugal selling clothes and accessories. Very nice to talk to. Between the two days we spent about 4 walking around. The swap meet is also a drive in theater, so there is a concession stand with water, soda, food and bathrooms to take a nice break from your shopping experience. I would definitely recommend this as an activity to do in the local area.

Mike Kim

If you have not experienced the freedom of drive-in please come check it out. It is seasonal so it is limited to sping/summer/fall.

Sarah Petersen

fun place to take the family. make sure you get there early to get a good spot this place is popular.

Brent Craig

It is the only old school theater still around. Great place to watch a movie. Their bathrooms need attention especially the men's.

weston spencer

Cool place clean safe. Good screens and sounds. To many commercials before both shows that part was not cool we pay to much for commercials.

Michelle Nerdin

Would love to see an option like all the other theaters in the valley for butter on the popcorn it wad premade, pretty dry and asked ask the employees no one would or could add butter.... the yummy popcorn at the theater makes the movie just wish they had that.

Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha

Really fun place. My husband & I pack up snacks & drinks on a nice summer night & go see a movie. We always have a really fun time.

Derek Jones

One of the few drive in theaters left but we love to go there. They do a great job keeping the restrooms and concession stand clean. Great place to have a real Old Fashioned American experience.

norman graft

Really hot 98 degree day on asphalt dealing with people that have little money and minor knowledge of Utah English.


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