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REVIEWS OF Payson Stadium Cinema IN Utah

Hannah Guy

I've been going to stadium cinemas since I was a little girl and it has always been one of my favorite places! It's perfect for a night out with the family or friends!! They have the best movies and the coolest chairs! If you're looking for a great place to catch a movie this the place!!!

Jaisha Sego

My favorite theater by far! The staff is always so nice and the seats are great! It's a perfect small town theater.

Jaden Keyte

The best theater experience! I love the new seats and me and my had the whole theater to ourselves. I definitely recommend going to a Sunday evening movie

T.J. Ogilvie

I don't go to theaters often for a variety of reasons, but the last few times I have, it's been to Stadium Cinemas. I'm a small town guy, and I like the friendly, small town atmosphere here. Never too crowded, nice employees, and it's been very clean each time I've been. Ticket prices are right on par with the area, and it seems they recently upgraded the seating, including a few rows of recliners. My only gripe is the highway robbery that is the concessions. $3.00 for a bottle water is pure greed. Sell it for a dollar and you're still making 10-20x your cost.

Sara Olson

Nice seating, great service

Jordan Marchbanks

Good theatre great sound and gets 5 stars for serving Pepsi!

C Murillo

I go here once a week. Clean, not too cold in the theaters, never had any problems with buying tickets or snacks. Some theaters have reclining seats and some don't.

Rachel Montoya

The employees are kind. The theater was clean. The seats are not very comfortable but that would not stop me from returning.

Ryan Tolman

Not too bad, screen wasn't as color vivid as I would have liked but it was a good experience.

Ashton Kelly

If you go here make sure t où get the reclining front row seats, that put you in kind of a moderately normal fetal position to see the screen so well it's so cool. 100 percent amazing

Alex Lallas

The staff are friendly. The theater is clean and has great choices of beverage and snacks.

Trent Mikesell

We love this place. Friendly workers and good prices. Just updated their seating.

janeal kitchens

Great place to watch a movie!

David Orton

Clean, comfortable, updated seats. Reserve your seat. better prices on movies and concessions. My favorite movie theater.

Branana Jo

Been going here since I was little! The Sears are comfy and the place is clean!

Michelle Mills

I love that it is privately owned.

Marge Morgan

Love this movie theatre..persons really nice, clean everywhere

Laura Carroll

Great experience watching Creed 2 as the only two in the auditorium!

Rick Giacoma

Great movie theater nice comfortable chairs in a friendly staff the movie was great

Jasher Hilton

it cool I love it I see the Lion King 2019

Oaklee Vlogs

There is not a slot of people so it is nice. Also they play good movies

Adrian Lopez

Amazing theater! Not the best seats but if you want to watch any new movie and don't care about the quality of the seats then this the place to go. The prices are great!!

Cary Stockwell

I am a frequent movie goer, and go to this cinema location about once a month. I am glad that they have significantly upgraded the seating, audio and video in this theater, but I wish the popcorn was more fresh, and that they hadn't upgraded their pricing. I will still go there when they have the movies I want to see, but it is a bit disconcerting to me that we are paying for their new seats. Should keep the prices lower to keep folks from going to Spanish Fork! Just sayin. One more thing, teach your employees to smile, pay attention to the customers, and not just pay attention to the existing conversations that they are having when the customer walks up. Also, count out the change people! Don't just hand a wad of bills and coins back and say, "here."

Michael Fredrickson

I enjoy their recliner seats better than any other theater. They feel like antigravity chairs, so much more relaxing and enjoyable!

Nate Wilcox

Classic movie theater, great price, $5 tuesdays, not super busy, just an awesome cinema for the whole family. Keepin’ it old school. Love it.

Cody Carlisle

This place ROCKS! Great prices! GREAT staff! Very classy place! it has such a fun and happy vibe. Just when i think that it cant get better, it does! New seats, new TV's advertising movies! the list goes on! Stay strong Stadium Cinemas you ROCK!

Nikota Lee

Great theater been going here since it opened! Love their $5 Tuesdays. Bathrooms large and clean. They have peppers to put on your popcorn. Good small town vibe!

Lonny Ward

Very nice theater with very comfortable seats. They keep it clean and looking good.

Allen Sproul

Very clean. Friendly staff. Smaller theaters, but still great sounds and overall experience. Connections are just as pricey as any other theater.

Shane Roberts

It was good. First time I've been there (that I'm aware of).

Nellyn Burke

We love our local theatre. We like it more now that they got the recliners and more comfortable seating. They have preselected seating so you know which seats you are getting before you go in.

Austin Birchett

A great theater! I love coming here, and that they now have assigned seating and are putting in better seating. Bathrooms are always clean, and the local commercials and small independent vibe are great. The screens aren't as big and fancy as in many theaters and concessions are somewhat limited compared to some places, but they have what you'd expect from a regular movie theater.

Skye Evans

Love this place, clean, decent prices and usually pretty quiet

Nick Dansie

Very high quality for a locally owned theater

cooper parkin

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Margie Brown

Their popcorn is perfect and the screen was amazing. The high quality screen made the movie come to life. The movie theater was clean especially the floors. The noise is not too loud nor too quiet so they have great speakers. They are super cheap and they have a huge variety in drinks which was pleasing. This is probably the best movie theater I have been too.

Derek Hatch

Never too crowded when we go however when we went to the opening viewing of Dumbo last week and the movie stopped for about 5 or 10 minutes and then when it restarted the sound didn't work for another 10 minutes. No apologies or offer of compensation.

Heather Thomas

Have always loved this theater but now even more since getting all new seats that are comfortable and some that recline back as well.


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