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REVIEWS OF Motor Vu Drive-In Theatre & Swap Meet IN Utah

Samuel Hunt

Great times, kids love the movie drive-in experience. They keep it pretty clean.

Bill Keegan

Great experience seeing The Lion King and Toy story last night. The only thing is the bathrooms get overcrowded so gotta plan for that and lines between movies.

TheMaster Assassin

the place was well kept, still has the feel of a classic drive in. great experience for my family


First time ever at a Drive-in movie theater. I was so pleased.

Morgan Porritt

Got there at 830. Didn't need to be there quite that early for the movie we chose but the other lot already had quite a few people in it. The movie was really fun. Audio was great. I used a radio app on my phone and a Bluetooth speaker.

Toban Barnes

The Drive-In was very clean and the sound quality was good. The staff however were incredibly rude and disruptive. I saw one staff member yell at several people through the whole movie! I understand you need to enforce rules but this gentlemen was incredibly rude and never said please or thank you. The people he yelled at offered no resistance but it didn't matter, he was very impolite for the sake of being impolite. I even witnessed him bring a girl to tears after yelling at her for setting up in the wrong spot. Great drive in, would have given it five stars but if that's how they treat their customers, then it only deserves one. I would not recommend going here unless you're willing to be treated like a prisoner rather then a customer.

Aldo Godinez

Great place to take the kids. Make sure to arrive early as there will be a long line to get into the place. Once you get it they will have the larger trucks, SUV park in the back. Turn into the radio station that they have posted to make sure you can hear the movie. The quality of the radio was excellent had no issue hearing the movie. You can watch the movie in the comfort of your car, or if you have a truck you can back it up, and watch it from the bed.

Brittany Johnson

I love the Motor Vu Drive-in Theater!! It's a great place to watch a later movie in the summer with your whole family or as a date with your spouse/partner.. And enjoy the nice weather.. They also have swap meets earlier in the day on the weekends filled with booths you can buy all kinds of stuff..

Tasha Parslow

Had a great time. Saw Spiderman far from home on screen 3. Dakota the lot attendant was awesome. So polite and did a great job. My son had a great time as well.

Elizabeth Z.

You need to get here early if you want a good spot. You will also need an FM radio, the movies are always good and they mostly pair good movies together.

Native Soul

It was decent. We could see the movies from where we were. Bring some blankets. Restroom is awful!

Mama Perea

Love this place! Brings back so many childhood memories. I wish the concessions weren't so expensive, but overall it's such a fun experience.

Sara Kimber

The swap meet that is here on the weekends is what makes this place so wonderful. More specifically if you love music and collect records there are two amazing guys here that sell the best collection of music I've ever seen.

Shawn Cherry

This place has a swap meet every weekend and it's great fun lot's of great deals and a great way to recycle your old stuff instead of throwing it out.

Kevin P

Motor Vu is tons of fun. The kids loved it and I was glad they had double features that were kid and family friendly with Toy Story 4 and Aladdin.

Tamara Courtney-Webber

Well it IS one of the few drive inns left and it was fun but the opening day of Toy Story 4 so I think in general it had more than usual visitors, so it was packed. But it was a good time and good popcorn. Take note though everything at the snack bar was priced super high! BYOP, (bring your own popcorn) advisable.

Maria Parkinson

Wow it was great. Enjoy it a lot..

Justin Gagon

Uve been a vendor here for a while and they are just great.

Heidi VanWinkle

Love this drive in! Snacks are reasonably priced, lines can get long quick so arrive early for the best spot. Kids under 4 are free too!

Kyra Fjell

Went there on a Sunday and the woman working told us that in order to play the movie 10 people had to be there, we paid and waited until it was time for the movie and nobody else showed. We drove back to the booth and she said she would refund us and that we could come back the following weekend for free for the inconvenience. We went back on a Friday and we told the woman who was working the booth what we were told. She then got on her walkie talkie and told another woman what we had told her. The woman on the other end said we were liars and she never told us that and that our refund was already given back. We showed our bank statement showing we never got the refund while the woman on the other end of the walkie talkie continued to call us liars. Absolutely disgusted with how we were talked to.

The Creeper Clan

Had a blast with some friends, played some polytopia and saw some sick flicks sad Utah can't have weather that allows for full year showings.

Mark Robey

This has become our family summer tradition. We love going to the drive in. It’s really expensive though, for a movie. But we go for the experience a few times during the summer.

shelley cox

Fun way to spend your Sunday morning.

Val Hill

Fun watching movies, but battery died by the time 2nd movie was over, had to get a jump start...still had fun

Bruce Spring

Place hasn't changed in 30 years. Love it.

Aaron Mac

I went here on a date and it's a pretty good experience. As far as the movie movie goes it's obviously not movie theater quality like you would find inside, but that's not what the drive in is about. The sound came over the radio flawlessly and the picture was good throughout the entire film. You also get to watch two films for the price of one which is an added bonus. My only complaint is the concessions really weren't that great. They also didnt have a very large popcorn tub to choose from which was disappointing. I would recommend this place to try out though.

Cassi Ferree

Typical drive in. The food isn't great but the atmosphere is fun. Bring a battery operated radio and it makes it so much better to hear the movie.

Janelle Hermes

We always love when we get to come here. Multiple movies to choose from and staff is always friendly. The way parking is insures you can always see the movie.

Cody Erekson

A fun experience for the family. However, if you are opposed to your family breathing in second hand cigarette smoke, this might not be the experience for your family. Apparently the drive-in movie is the last bastion in our society for those who care more about their fix than for the health of children around them.

Ashley Aicher

Love the swap meets. Movies are awesome burgers are great

Orlando Gallegos

Swap meet is always good just be there early but drive inn little crowded on Sat and hard to see the screen if it's a dark movie being horror need to cut the tree on theater Left ,Left!

Eric DeGroot

Fun summer activity. It honestly has less to do with the movie and more with the experience. Brings back great memories from my childhood and now passing them to my kids.

Annie Weixler

We love coming here for family night and date night! The screens are clear and the audio is great!! Even the food at the snack bar is good, and the bathrooms are clean. Wi definitely keep coming back!

Sotero Garcia

Old school vibes. Everyone seems happy...

Chase D

This was my first drive in movie experience, and this was pretty great. The sound came in prefecture clear, the spots were a bit squishy, but not too bad. My recommendation would be to bring pillows/blankets/pads if you're going to watch the movie from your trunk. I didn't consider that, but in my future visits to this theatre (of which there will be many), I now know. Concessions were very reasonably priced (cheaper than the big box chains). Highly recommend!

Kenny Monson

Loved it! Parking was a hassle but definitely worth it

Nick Carpio

Old school feel as always. Family favorite. We go like 10x a summer.

Daisy Navarro

I’m giving a 3 but I do love going. The reason is because when I went in to park in the first row the usher guy told me my car is too big to be parked front row but my car is a Subaru impress same size as the mini copper next to me so they made me move because they don’t allow bigger cars in front but there were gmc terrains and rogues in front as well so I don’t understand why I couldn’t. Last year I don’t remember this being a rule. I spoke to the girl in the booth, who said I could if I didn’t find a spot but when I told him there trucks in front of us blocking he still refused to let us park.

Alan Edlund

Really fun place to watch a movie, great atmosphere. Also a good deal if you stay to watch both movies

Tiffany Allen

People in this state have no idea what a good drive in is .... if a good drive in opened up here, the place would close so quickly. We go here cause there’s no where else basically

raymond dement

We got in and got what we need to get our plates re-registered the lady was very nice and helpful

RickyThe Gypsy

Come here several times with the Sheldon to watch there drive-in movies even scored some cool stuff during swap meet day

diana altamirano

Good place for entire family! Really like it!

Rick Blessinger

4 outside screens with 2 movies each usually play and awesome swap meet with many reasonable items for sale weekend days. Love this place!

jeffrey johnson

Nice for a summer night, but they need ushers to organize the parking. It gets crazy.

stephanie briskey

Not many drive-in's still around. Glad this one is still running. Fun date night or family night

Bobbi Davis

Love the drive-in It's a wonderful place to see movies if you have young children.

Robyn Clements

Pretty awesome stuff i didn't think existed anymore

Bud Matheson

Super bugged that security policed only half of the time. There were trucks and tall suvs on front two rows! They should hav been cosistent. We were also very frustrated that there were smokers around. Signs wete posted no smoking. It is really hard on people with asthma to enjoy the show when they end up jist trying hard to breath insetead of watchong the movie with friends and family. I would rather hsve had security take care of that issue.

T Scott Rees

Great place to go see a movie or two. Concessions not to bad for costs.

crystal price

Not worth going for the swap meet.. But the drive in is cool

Krissy Lawrence

Always one of our favorite places to go. Bring your own snacks as the snack shack is over priced.

Amber Bingham

Classic Drive in Fun! Perfect way to see 2 movies for the cost of 1, get there early on new releases to get a good spot.

Eliza Kropf

I enjoy going here. However, I think they could outline the area better. People park funky, but there aren't lines to direct them. And they could do a few things to make the place look a nice.


Great place for a drive in movie. The quality isn’t as good as a theater, but it’s still a great experience. The swap meets are also really fun to go and pick up a few items.

Amanda Curtis

Fantastic experience to take the whole family. Double feature so a great deal. Concessions were not overly priced... and the picture & sound were great! Would recommend for the whole family!

John anderson

We love this swapmeet ... On a Sunday people love to buy our vintage goodies....We take 4 or more boxes of vintage goodies and come home with 200 bucks or more each time. People are collector hungry. And nice people. Love the 50s style of this place inside snack bar is very vintage decor. ....

Josephine Cruz

This is a wonderful place to watch a movie movies almost become more memorable

Hailey Clark

Does anyone know if they'll be open for Labor Day this Monday?


Great place to come with the family and enjoy a couple movies outside. One of the last Drive-ins around.

Valerie Chadee

Cute drive in tucked behind the shopping district on Riverdale. We just saw Godzilla: King of Monsters there last night and had a great time. I felt like it was a little smaller or tightly packed than the one in Salt Lake, and that was significant to me because live-action Aladdin was playing on the screen next to us, so it was a little bit of a mood killer when I could clearly hear "Prince Ali" going on the background of an intense, sad Godzilla scene LOL. Cute place though, can't wait to go a couple more times this summer.

justin orner

I love drive in movies. The environment. The people. The out doors. Just an all around good time for the family that can be very cheap. Motor Vu has 4 screens too so if you wanted to you could pretty much go every weekend and never see the same movies.

Tyler Shupe

Been going here since before I could walk it's always fun and full of surprising stuff

Adam Walker

Fun place. Always really busy whenever we go.


Absolutely one if my favorite places. There were not that many people so it was pretty easy to find parking. Tip for anyone who dosen't have a truck or a van: bring camping chairs and a blanket so that you dont have to watch it through your windshield the whole time.

tyler hamblin

It's a drive- in theater. Pretty clean and staff is friendly.

Jacob Calloway

It's a zoo. Food is overpriced and subpar. Dont expect to get a decent view if you arent one of the giant trucks everyone brings up to the front row blocking the view for smaller vehicles. On the weekends I guess is where they actually tell people to be courteous and park further back to allow smaller cars to park in the first row. I absolutely loathe this place. Take the family camping instead. This place isn't worth the trip. One of the last few drive ins and we get a circus operated by the chimps and the hippos get the best spots.

Maria Rodriguez

Loved it! Very inexpensive and a great date night idea!!

Lindsey Paradis

So fun! Grateful drive ins still exist and I hope we can go more as our children get older :) we were one of those who took our chance on our van's battery by letting the radio run... It died before the end of the movie and we had to try and explain the rest of the movie to the kids as it finished haha. We'll bring a radio next time! Luckily we had a battery jumper :)

caser vlogs

You have to go here, there are not to many left. Need to go and take a radio if you don't think your car or truck battery will not last.

nightmare eyes

I love the motor-vu and have been going since I was little. it's such a fun, unique experience. The only reason I dont give 5 stars is because it could use a bit of updating.

Kendall Brown

Watched the double feature. It was fun.

Alexandria Gustafson

I loved seeing Avengers End Game! Just a tip make sure to bring hoodies, the cross breeze gave my friend a terrible headache from being warm in the blankets we brought, but cold on her head

cody fergeson

This is an excellent place to take dates as well as families or groups of friends, I've made a lot of great memories here and highly encourage you to visit this establishment, I also happen to know the owner management very closely and you can really tell that they do their jobs because they truly enjoy them. While there are some things in disrepair or that look aged, I think they honestly increase the charm of the place. Make sure that you follow the rules for parking as well because if you don't someone will come and ask you to move. This is especially true on busier nights where they are forced to be extra strict so that they're sure they fill up as close to occupancy as possible. Other than that it's a great time at the drive in everytime I visit!

Gerri Ecord

This would be a lot nicer if they could have food trucks come in and maybe a coffee beverage service truck come in also not just selling hot dogs and a drink,they would be the first 2doit in northern Utah if it ever happens.?

Travis Jewett

Drive in movies are so much fun in the summer I'm so glad this place is around. Hopefully it continues to get the business it deserves because my family loves it.

David Cowsert

A fun family activity. Next time, I'll bring a radio rather than use truck radio. Casual atmosphere from staff and patrons added to the fun feel. Not the place if want to focus on the videography due to things like moonlight and other cars with occasional light issues. Still, good view and cozy family fun.

Andres Calderon

Fun time! Digital movie was great and the sounds was clear coming through the radio. Enjoyed this family experience.


Just remember show up early on Sunday mornings, lots of variety of people with lots of variety of stuff,. You will find just about anything you're looking for there at a decent rate. Lots of talented people with creations that you'll find …

Family Memories

It’s a fun and iconic experience and I hope they are able to stay in business for years and years to come. My only gripe is that they don’t really enforce rules about trucks and vans being three rows and back, and their bathrooms can get gross. Still worth it to go once or twice a season though.


Good screen good price but they didnt enforce the no big vehicle rule so i spent half the show with a truck blocking the bottom right cornor.

Thomas Bankhead

That drive in was big fun. Thank you..

Kyle Fitzgerald

Pretty great for a drive in movie place!

Angel Jenkins

Our family goes primarily for the swap meet. It's held Saturdays and Sundays year round. It costs just $1/ adult, kids are free! My kids like to take their money to get toys (mostly on the hunt for transformers) and my husband and I can usually find a useful something-or- other for the house. During the summer, there are some people that sell amazing seasonal fruit(cherries, oranges, strawberries), highly recommend! And there's usually an item or two that'll raise your eyebrows lol. It's a great place to take the family for a couple of hours of fun!

Pile O gOO

I would give it zero stars. Disgusting bathroom. Concession stand is in the worst possible place, right in the middle of the main screen and it has distracting lights on it. The configuration of the place shows the lack of vision and intelligence of the people running this place. The owner is a tool, but it is humorous to see a real life version of Mr Magoo. The sad little fella loves to exert his dominance in the only place he can get away with it. You better like second hand smoke. They don't consistently enforce their own rules about large vehicles parking in the front row. The food they sale at the concession stand is not good and the customer service is worse. The picture is not great and the audio is not clear. Honestly the only redeeming thing this place has going for it is that it is one of the only remaining Drive-In theaters, but that withstanding it is hard to like this place.

Alyssa R

Love this place! I've gone the past couple of summers! It's awesome! But bring a radio!

cassia gray

Cool place for yard saling! Saturdays are empty though! The people we talked to said Subdays are PACKED!!

Dylan McMinn

I usually really enjoy going here on dates. However, last night when I took my girlfriend to see a movie, I got over charged. I used a prepaid visa gift card, and today when I looked up to see how much I had in the card and my purchase history, it showed an extra payment for concessions that I did not buy. I had bought some things, and while it was being rung up, I asked to add one more candy to it, and they said they would add it to the total. So instead of the original $8 I was paying I was supposed to pay an additional fee dollars that raised it to about $11. But they used my card and payed for the original $8 and then an additional separate $11. I know this is the employee error, but it still is kind of annoying. I have always had good times here besides this one incident.


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