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REVIEWS OF Megaplex Theatres -Valley Fair Mall IN Utah

Melissa Moaremoff

Nice theatre great staff good food

Frenchie French

Good place for an excellent movie: Overcomer

Jordan Adkins

I would have put 4 but it's not that big of a deal my only complaint is that the lights didn't dim until immediately before the movie when I'm used to them dimming throughout the previews other than that great movie brought back lots of old memories

dano martinez

I love their service. Always fast and good


This theater is great. They have a good variety of seat types and prices. If you go on Tuesdays they do $5.00 movies all day. Or you can go to a dbox seat (great for Marvel movies) and spend $15+ per ticket. Parking is okay, try to find your way in on the east side of the mall, way easier to get in and out of the otherwise painful Valley Fair Mall parking lot.

Paul Qualls

The Peanut Butter Falcon is so heart warming you'll laugh and you'll cry one of the best movies I've seen in a while

John Reese

definitely a good place to catch a flick. excellent beverage selection and very comfortable seating...

Daniel Terry

Clean comfortable IMAX screen. Chairs could be more comfortable

Benjamin Nelsen

Five dollar Tuesday! Not a bad seat in the house. It was rather busy and I got there a bit late and ended up on the front row, but the seats were very comfortable and the proximity to the screen made it an immersive experience. I was initially nervous about being so close, but I might just choose those seats on purpose next time.

Serena Heileson

Morgan Solomon was absolutely fantastic in helping orchestrate our Private Screening! The planning process was easy, and negotiations were expedient. I told her how many people we had, and our budget and she tailored a quote that worked for us. She delivered on time, with no hiccups, and within our budget. The ticket packages we put together were easy to distribute to our employees and kept things very clean & simple. She provided me with a map of the theater, so it was easy to ensure my parties stayed sitting together and in their desired areas. Everyone in our group received a gift card to purchase concessions with, and their tickets, and we had not a single complaint. I can't say enough good things!

Michelle Ortiz Gallegos

Love my Mega Plex. Always a good time and very clean. The staff is always very courteous and friendly.

Libby G

The theater quality is fine although not all the seats recline so make sure you pay attention to which theater your movie is in. The concessions are terrible. I know they're teens and the jobs are low paying - I worked in a theater in high school. However the last two times I've been the customer service has been rude, slow, and unorganized. Also they advertise dole whip but the machine is always broken.

al na

This is a very nice theater. I like that they have the Coke freestyle soda dispensers. I love all the different options that those give. The seats are big and there is stadium seating so you get a good view no matter where you sit and no matter how tall the person in front of you is. They have $5 Tuesdays. I would give this theater 5 stars, but other theaters in the area have much better seats. The seats here are adequate, but many other theaters have seats that recline and are really fantastic.

Michael Gilden

Great theater, they reprinted lost tickets for me, even, and I paid with cold hard cash! They asked if I had the receipt, but I lost it while saving a sweet old lady crossing the busy street (she was being mugged as well). So, in the following scuffle and rescue, it must have fallen into a nearby trash receptacle, as I would never litter. The floors were also well swept.

James Longstaff

They've done an excellent job remodeling it. I went to a movie at 9:50 pm and it wasn't too crowded. They won't have the super nice chairs that you might find on the Eastside. This theater is still worth it though.

Izzidy Smith

Desperately need reclining chairs. That's all I can say. And what's the point of buying your ticket online if the scanner doesn't work and you have to go stand in another line, then another line? And I paid a convenience fee. Did I get a refund, no. I won't be back.

Spring Clark

We saw Toy Story 4 in the dbox seats. Probably not the best movie for the seats. I think this is the third movie we've seen in the seats an the best one was Wonder Woman - I think the more action in the film, the better the seats are. But it was fun for the kids to try out the moving seats. The movie was good and the theater was clean. The workers were kind and it was a fun morning at the theater!

Juan Garcia

I like that you can choose your seat when purchasing your ticket, restrooms are well stocked and clean, snacks are a bit pricey but that's on every cinema, the theater has good capacity, screens are big enough & the sound system is great! some seats vibrate in-sinc with the sound of the movie! if you choose one of those seats you will experience the ultimate surround sound immersion.

AChilds Haunting

Best popcorn in town. Hate the lines but who doesn't. I would have given them 5 stars if it was cleaner. This is my go to theater no matter what. Park on the East entrance, you do have to walk but always get a spot.

Margaret Atkin

My favorite movie

Terry Badry

Theater was great. Luxury seats awesome

Dennis Crotts

Very elaborate and well built and clean for a place that is so busy all the time. That shows they have a great bunch of people working for them and the staff enjoy their jobs. You can make an evening there at the mall their is a lots to see, shop for and the food court is a good size and part of it is under construction but what is open is may varies types of food from American to Greek.

GyrlSmylee Ireland

I love it when I get to go to the movies! I love romantic comedies. I got to go see Jennifer Lopez's new movie Second Act. It was really good and funny. Leah Remini was excellent. Going to the Valley Fair mall for good movies during Christmas break has been a tradition for many years in my family.

Aki Malaeulu

We love Megaplex @ Valley Fair! We arrived a little early for our movie & had to wait for them to clean the theater. I was so surprised how quick they were able to clean the whole theatre! They were super fast. Concession lines move pretty quick & I love that there are many employees working to get the line moving along. We came on a Friday night... sometimes you dread having to go wait in line for popcorn & snacks, but these guys get the line moving so you can relax and watch your movie. I’m also impressed that managers are right there on the front line filling popcorn and being runners rather than shooting the breeze on the side. At least that’s been my observation when I go. Cashiers and workers are also very friendly and patient. I usually have a huge group with me and they don’t make me feel rushed. This West Valley location is awesome!

Trystan Blake

It was nice and clean. The seats we sat on had heat and could recline.

Douglas Lewis

The place has gone down hill. Used to be best theatre in the valley. Last time I went it smelled like poopy diaper the whole movie.

Kavnotik Maile

This movie theater has to be the biggest I've ever been to. It was a journey walking to our movie screening but hey, that's what I expected coming to watch a film at the MEEEEEEGAAAAPLEX!!! I like how they are able to hold such a huge capacity. Concession stands are able to keep up with the amount of foot traffic that comes with being a movie theater inside a mall. Definitely recommend this place for $5 Tuesday for sure.

Chris Prisbrey

Great theater! Every seat is great. They have the little trays that fit into cup holders so that it is easy to get your snacks safely to your seats. Very friendly staff. Clean theaters and restrooms. Snacks were cheaper than other places in the valley.

Robert Wallenmeyer

They have excellent movies that you'll love as well as the concession popcorn,soda drinks, etc. Their movies are only $5.00 on Tuesdays! Wow! Take the family, friends and a special date or just go yourself! Check out the movie times and have an awesome time!

Jackie Foote

Ticketing was easy,quick and accurate. I loved the auditorium size and cleanliness. The show was awesome! Volume was just right..not too loud and not too low. "Avengers .... was enjoyable.

Meleofa Baker

Clean, cool, and great sound and picture. Yummy snacks, too. Just a heads up, the snacks are more expensive than the tickets.

Scott Schram

Seems like everytime I go there is just one person working the concessions and I always miss the beginning of my movie. Manager needs to staff better or at least help out instead of just standing there doing nothing watching the line get longer and longer. Poor management IMO.

pierrot awadalla

We went there and were horrified. The movie theater and surroundings are nothing like Jordan Commons Megaplex. We only went there, as the movie was sold out at Jordan. It was dirty, not upgraded like Jordan, and even my friend had a cockroach run up on her arm. We were horrified. We will never go there, and will tell our friends to never go there.

Nate Pace

Really good theatres, great seats and screens.

Becca Green

This theater is in a good location with ample parking and includes an IMAX. The theaters are reasonably new and in good shape, and they have luxury seating available in most if not all theaters. Concessions include the usual stuff plus ice cream, pretzels, and pizza. They can open the back side when it's busy to serve people faster. Staff is friendly, bathrooms are clean and they do a good job of being ready for big crowds for major releases.

Lynn Tesorieri

Love this Megaplex. Awesome service from all staff.

P. Williams

This theater is nice and usability pretty good. The only cons being there are always people talking in the movies, but not necessarily the fault of the theater. Also, there's always small children at the latest showings. We go late to try and avoid large crowds but sometimes it seems like there are more distractions in the late showings. The snack bar inside is never open, so you have to get your snacks at the one outside the ticket stand. We usually pay for the luxury seating and people always decide to sit there partway through the movie. It would be nice of they'd do a seat check every now and then. The staff is typically pretty nice and they keep everything relatively clean. The Dolby atmos theater is great and it's great that IMAX is available.


If only they would convert their seats to Lazy seats then they would be up there with the competition. Unfortunately they need a thorough cleaning of their popcorn popper. The popcorn doesn't taste good as it used to before when they opened. Honestly, if popcorn is a deal breaker, I recommend Regal Theaters.

Patricia Franz

It was OK. I don't like the seats. They make you sit up too straight. The prices are cheaper than Regal Theatre but I prefer paying more and having recliners. Much more comfortable.

Lolo Reese

Just had to take myself here and get a recliner seat, treated myself. Absolutely going to get this seat every time now. Feet up, chair tilted back, seat warmer = awesome. This is not the Valley Fair Movies of my old high school days. Sweet !!!


This is a really nice theater with a ton of food options. Of course there is always popcorn and candy and soda, but they also have a lot of actual food, like loaded nachos, quesadillas, burgers, chicken strips and even pizza!! The best part is that they also have scoop ice cream and gelato. Always clean and just a great place to go catch a show.

Chris Roberts

Really nice theater but I went to a movie at 8:50 PM and there was constantly a baby crying which was just ridiculous. At one point 4 kids were crying. They had kids in the isles. I was watching lion king but never have I been to a theater that allowed people to just roam around during a movie and not have them get back in their seat.

Brian Peters

been a big fan of megaplex, having worked for them while in high school i love either the valley fair location, or gateway! both have such friendly and helpful staff. i am always satisfied with my movie going experience with megaplex! **try their popcorn with jalapeños!** (:

Liz Wing

Nice theatres, clean, roomy, comfortable seating! One of my favorite things about Valley Fair Mega Pled is the concessions..they have the fix ur own drink machines, so you can have a much ice or as little ice as you want! Great variety of drinks and the price with your own mug is just right $1.75, not $4.00. A lot of theatres, easy access, as well with the parking!! Never too hot or cold in the theatre. As well several restrooms, roomy, clean! I love Valley Fair Megaplex Theatres!!


Nice theater in a mall that is slowly dying. The theaters are well appointed and comfortable. Concessions have tons of options and meet price expectation. Movies are similarly within price expectations. Employees are generally friendly and helpful. There is adequate parking outside the theaters. Egress is thoroughly annoying based on distance , unnecessary 4 way stops, and limited access to public streets.

Harlyn Green

Don't think I've even had a bad time here. The snacks are good. The theaters are clean. The employees greet you here and there. Smiles for miles!

Leslie Cole

Theater was a bit dirty both times I went. Staff was polite though, and there was a good selection of snacks and drinks available.

death kid

My favorite movie theater. Serves one of the best ice cream. Also serves pizza, nachos, hot dog, etc. Self served fountain drinks. Love the prices and three choices of room/seats. You get to pick your seats before paying.

Laurine Kaleohano

Love it especially on Tuesday nights it's $5 yup dat's in ny Budget.. .

Luis Bucio

Tasty popcorn, comfy seats, plenty of screens.

Jason Meinhart

Clean theater. Lots of screens. Amphitheatre seating so good acoustics. Attached to Valley Fair Mall. They also host SLC First Church of the Nazarene on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. Kinda cool I think. My phone camera had issues with the advertisement screen outside, sorry for the funky pic.

Mr. Bear Zero

Tuesdays are always 5$ days! So me and my friend decided to come here to watch a movie gotta say the place is nice, clean and well kept up. Including watching the movies are quite nice as well as you wont see any glitches or anything messing up. Employees are also nice and friendly! Will be returning here like I always do every Tuesday

Mathew Alexander

Monday showing started at 4:55 pm so I still got Matinee price! (Any showing before 5:00) The pizza hut addition is really nice, they've got small snacks for only a couple of dollars. The theaters aren't freezing cold either so you don't have to worry about doubling up on coats!

Brittney Whitehead

I like this theater a lot. The only downsides are that it takes us almost 25 minutes to get there and the prices are higher than the Cinemark that is closer to our house. But the people are really nice and good about answering peoples questions.

Matt Mitko

Had no idea this place had an upstairs meeting room. Nice area.

Kerry Moore

Same Megaplex quality you'd find anywhere - efficient service and clean theatres. Lots of great food options! And it's located just inside the east entry way. They also have rentable banquet rooms for family or business events.

Blair Warren

Nice theater. Clean. The d box seats are kind of cool.

Jesse ̇Haggerty

Good theater. Lots of seating, tons of screens, IMAX, 3D, rumble seating, luxary recliners. Lots of choices for concessions. Though if you want the pizza get there earily cuz it can take awhile to cook making you miss the previews/beginning of the movie. You can either get tickets from the people at the counter or the ticket machine. Also they accept both Fandango and Atom. For plus size people you will fit in the seats. The arms raise up for extra comfort. Also there are spots for wheelchairs and walkers.

Amber Oborn

Nice theater and staff. We drive to this theater over our local one. We love the the luxury seating, especially that the middle arm rest can go up and I can snuggle the hubby.

Ben Marchant

Really clean theatre and has all of the latest in comfort seating.

Durriken Homewood

Good seats and the sound doesn't blow out your ear drums. Seating type and theater type determine the price, but it's fairly on par with other movie theaters. You can order your tickets online or at a kiosk which is convenient. For that convenience, your paying with twenty minutes of your time watching promotions.

Patrick Gibbs

The best IMAX screen in town, and the staff is always helpful and friendly. I also love the Dolby Atmos theater.

Nomad's Land

The tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays but not the concession stand. This is where most theaters make their money. I ended up paying more than $20 for a large tub of popcorn, large soda and a buncha crunch for one person but I don't regret it because I wanted the 'whole movie experience'.

Wade Wilding

Exciting went on date fire alarm went off. Had to clear whole building. Waited for long time seemed. Seen 2 shows was good

Miste Hartley

I like this place lots of theaters and movies to choose from. You can get almost any flavor of drink. I go alot here

Mary Warr

Great place to relax watch a movie maybe eat some snacks and sip on soda. Had a wonderful date night with my husband will definatly be going again

Lauren Ison

Love going to this theatre. Not a big fan of their pretzels.

Brady Passey

Avengers weekend!! Theater was busy as you'd expect. Not sure of they were short staffed for the day, but service was SOO slow. Theater was clean and popcorn is always good, but damn near missed the opening credits. Took 20 minutes to order popcorn, didn't even have to fill drinks for us.

skarleth Matute

Love the theaters always comfortable but can get busy depending on the time you go

mike shugart

Enjoy the theater. Just becareful ordering tickets on line. Bought 4 tickets and got charged 4 times for the exact same seats. Still waiting on my refund..

Mark Ziegler

Great theater with lots of show rooms so lots of cinematic choices. Freestyle machine is always a crowd pleaser for your beverage needs. One not spring for DBox seats. They are interesting, with Vibrations and movement timed with the film. But wow, they are uncomfortable. They do not have any give in the cushion and you cannot lean back at all. If you feel like you just have to do dbox, racing and flying movies only. All others, not worth it.

Thomas S

Say what you will about the mall it is attached to, but this is my go to IMAX theater in Salt Lake. After seeing a big budget, blockbuster release, it’s great to come here about a week later on a quiet Sunday and enjoy a massive screen and bone rattling sound in a fairly empty theater. HOWEVER, if you’re visiting this theater and plan on getting popcorn, drinks, candy, etc., go considerably earlier than you normally would. The biggest issue with this Megaplex location is the concessions. It’s not nearly large enough to accommodate the number of theaters and guests. Despite the best efforts of people behind the register, there is had always been a 20-30 minute line. They have another side of the concessions behind the ticket taker, but it’s always closed. Seems like a good idea that wasn’t executed that well.

Gabby and Mike

2nd to visit from Texas. I didn't leave a review the last time because I waited to see if it was just a bad first experience from the 2nd. The first time staff was rude and unprofessional. The 2nd time we wanted to do a dbox experience and the seats are nasty, stained, and extremely uncomfortable. The seats are fitted with red cloth but the black dirt stains are very noticeable. I ask a member of management for a refund to purchase regular seating and voiced my complaint which he showed no interest and was rude.

Scott Crowford

This place is really just a great, hidden gem. Its always clean when we go, the staff is always helpful and the place is never crazy busy when we go. Occasionally there is a police presence which can be comforting or scary depending on how you view that. We find it comforting - due to occasional herds of teens;) Overall a great place, hope they stay around!

Daniel Longoria

Nice staff , good food options and comfortable seating.

Cherié Beam

Always have the best time at this location we have become friends with some of the peeps there.. Morris is been a long time friend for over 10 years we consider him family. Lawrence is always friendly and very accommodating. He has some great recommendations. Kylee is very sweet and always helpful & friendly!

Christopher Takashima

One of the best movie theaters in Utah. The IMAX screen is incredible. I make sure to come here whenever there is a major release, like Star Wars.

Bry Hardin360

The soda was flat and the popcorn was "the bottom of the barrel" (Not fluffy but the small crumblings of popcorn from bottom of popper). Normally flat soda is not a big deal, but when you are paying $8 you expect it to at least taste like soda. It was disgusting.

Ima Polamalu

Great place to watch a movie. Great employees.

Byron Bott

You need better customer service had to wait for ice cream only 2 out of 5 smiling

Derek Jones

Great theater. Lots of theaters and close to the mall and associated resteraunts. We saw Avengers Endgame when we were there.

Thomas Pinelle

Concessions lines move fast. Comfy seats.

Gary Gaz

Good but there is always a long line at the snack bar. Why did they build the back section of they don't use it?

Mind of SamyKat

I went the day Avengers came the most recent one and let's just say they clearly needed more people working. It was so packed at the concession stands. But other than that it was great!

Lauren Beynon

Staff at the help desk were nice and helpful. Fast and friendly service. It seemed clean, the floors weren't sticky. Although, the theater we were in smelled like urine. There was also staff walking around inside our theater during the movie-distracting. The snacks and drinks were fine. Great staff at the snack bar, too.

tina ventura

Great customer service and pretty fast service time for your food

Joshua Thomas

This was my first time at this location. It is a new theater for megaplex and it is nice. Since it was $5 Tuesday, the concessions were overwhelmed and it took at least 15 minutes to buy popcorn and drinks. This is why I gave them 4 stars. The theater for our movie was nice but was narrow and you could only enter on one side. We had to walk in front of people to get to our seats. I think this is another negative when compared to my usual location at The District. The halls were also narrow. I think the design was limited by space since it is attached to the Valley Fair Mall and probably couldn't take up more space of the parking. This theater is a little cramped overall.

Thomas Plazola

Prices were great seating options were amazing and employees were top notch...will definitely be returning in the near future


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