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Where is Megaplex Theatres at The Gateway?

REVIEWS OF Megaplex Theatres at The Gateway IN Utah

Melissa Moaremoff

Great theatre staff friendly quick as they can be to get you to your movie experience on time clean place helpful staff

Davy Jones' Gun Locker

Wanted to see two movies at the Gateway Megaplex today, but was stopped at the door by their "No Firearms Allowed" sign. I don't patronize places that advertise themselves as soft, gun-free-zone, targets. Signs never stop the bad guys.

Gemini Saven

Fun little theater, with good staff and one of those awesome concession stands where you can get just about anything. They're good about keeping up with the new movies, too. My only complaint is the chairs, but even then, they're actually pretty okay chairs. They just aren't the fancy recliners, which is fine.

Lana Dahle

For a dollar at the consessions you can get a validation for your parking. The staff was friendly and helpful. We went for a limited release movie. Nice large comfortable stadium style seats. The seat backs lean back a bit too. Restrooms are large and clean. I'll definitely be back.

Jordan Bradley

A really good example of everything wrong with modern society. Everything is automated in attempt to avoid having to pay a couple of employees, therefore everything is filthy and obnoxious to deal with. Then they have the audacity to charge for parking after you pay for a $10 movie ticket.


Went to see Godzilla king of monsters was thoroughly impressed.

Erin Curtis

Everything was great! Minimal lines, fresh popcorn, floors weren't sticky!

Michelle Hawkins

Just a regular old movie theater. Happy they were one of the few showing "Peanut butter falcon" though, which we really enjoyed.

Gerson Ramirez

Always friendly staff and cleanliness is always on time

Daniel Hill

Austin movie theater very well priced loved it

al na

This is a good theater. There are $5 movie Tuesdays. There is parking in the garage, but it's not free. I've been here at times and it was super busy and I've been here times like today that were not at all busy. There is stadium seating and picture and video quality is good but there are newer theaters in the valley with more comfortable seats.

graham coppard

So we tell the consestion girl this is our first time here,. She had us wait longer than expected , then tried to hand me an ice cream that was melting of the cone, I had her make another, she offered chocolate vanilla pineapple or twist ice cream cone,. The twist was half vanilla half pineapple ,. I said hay I wanted a twist ,. She said ya that's the twist, I said ,. I didn't want this , u offer those selections and I wanted chocolate and vanilla ,. Because I had it dipped in Chocolate,. If you're a suicide drink mixer ,. Brware I like vanilla Cherry Coke with root beer," Every machine but the one my wife used spit out soda water running my drink ,. Bohiemen Rapsidy we watched was amazing ,. But don't sit by the entrance stair well , as we found Manny late comers and people going to get stuff rather enjoying as they passed or stood by the side of us looking for a friend in the back, or waiting to be seated,.

lorrie andrew-spear

Nice! Good, clean. Nice staff.

Skylar Marine

Old school theater feel with a lot of modern updates.

Christin Christensen

Great pkace, Gateway is looking beautiful.

Kieron Sinnette

Clean. Comfy. Ample seats. Matinee prices. Perfection!

jimmy johns

It's good never been

Sammie Birge

Good theater, there's always less people here then at normal theaters and I appreciate that

Austin Garrett

Always super packed parking sucks because you have to pay for it. Sits are to close together. But they are comfortable.. all and all I think it is a bad place for a movie theater.

Alec Mittelstadt

The seats get uncomfortable after a while. I'm spoiled by other theaters that have the lounge recliners!

Chelsea Midkiff

Always friendly staff. Very family oriented with $5 tickets on Tuesdays. Megatub popcorn bucket is a great deal.

Skyler Cook

The website listed my auditorium as luxury, it was not. There were 10 luxury seats but that hardly makes the whole room of multiple hundred seats luxury. Was not given validation for my parking because I ordered online. Concessions closed around 1030 pm even though there were showings until around 1am for a blockbuster film AND to top it all off, some engineering genius decided that the actual luxury seating needed always on bright blue led's smack dab in the middle of the theater facing all the fools who didn't pay for recliners. Image attached. That isn't a cell phone in that picture. People using their phones gave off less light.

Tyrell Davis

Very great atmosphere.

Emmy Carter

It's in a good location because there are restraunts and shops nearby, so it's an all in one for a date or a get together. The employees are friendly and helpful.. BUT there is no luxury seating (can this be?), I've been spoiled by buttons and recliners, thick arm rests that hold a giant coke in it, I have learned that what I really want is, to be relaxing back with my feet up watching a movie. Since the luxury seats have come into existence, I don't even sit up at home to watch movies. I've even learned to drink a soda while laying down. Now the regular seats leave me feeling cramped, and without any way to shine using my new skills. But if you want to be cozy with the ones next to you, it's great. The popcorn, however, was amazing!

Cindy Hanson

I like this theater, but they don't have the reclining seats

Mia Dea d

The seats were comfortable. Lines were long & slow. Thankfully they played over half an hour of previews so I didn't miss any of the movie waiting in the popcorn line.


My least favorite theater. Not appealing and no lounge seats

007 Bond

B+ just needs an IMAX or Dolby ATMOS

Carlos Rea

Very accommodating. Great snack bar and food. But it is expensive. Maybe the seating could be a bit more comfortable for the price. Suggesting. Thanks.

Mike Brown

Great place, $5.00 Tuesday was not near as crowded as other theaters

Justin B

Nice and right downtown. Love th he fex luxury seats they have now.

fireverse gacha

Its cool. clean but expensive and

Paul Wakefield

Good, clean theatre with comfortable seats.

its Daniela wolf

Nice staff great choice but the best of all is the movie place. So soft butterd popcorn if you get a chance to come here I recamend it.

Jacob Ber

Great movie theater. They always have the current titles and the food court is good. Tickets are reasonable. Four stars because the seats are not very comfortable compared to those at a Cinemark theater.

Ryan Jolley

This place is great fun

Tessie French

This evening my husband and I wanted to go to see captain marvel. We got into the movie and there was someone sitting in the theater with two large suitcases next to us. After about a few minutes, my husband and I went to go address the issue with the woman checking tickets. She did not seem to know what I was talking about. She then told me to ask the managers, and they were not aware of it, either. We are extremely disappointed with the security and rule enforcement here. We ended up leaving the movie because of it.

Charlotte Ferlin

Fun stuff! Movies are great as always. Try the soft serve dole whip and vanilla twist ice crea.

Rebecca Elaine Stevens

Parking was hard to find when we went, but they ended up letting us park for free, so that was nice. They will give you a parking voucher for $1 if you buy concessions (cheaper than the usual $3-5 the parking garage charges). We loved Spiderman Universe! The ticket lady was very nice.

Michele Nell

The employees are so kind and helpful. Of course reserved seating is great. Our movie sound was amazing.

Tristan Hale

Nice theater, reserved seating, friendly staff, optional row of interactive seats(vibrate) for a few bucks more.

Carlos Bible

A new low has been reached....showing ads in between trailers. Showing ads after the specified showtime has passed is unconscionable. How could anyone think its ok to show ads to an audience during an experience that they've already paid for? It's a terrible solution to a dwindling revenue problem...make the experience more satisfying, not less satisfying and maybe your returns will improve. Until then I predict Regal and Cinemark (both are trying this out) will start to lose customers at a faster rate.


Popcorn was great. The only thing missing is the lazy seats to recline.

timber wolf

Nice theater. Cleaner than most but it was a late, quiet Sunday night. Only 6 people in the whole theater for the 8pm Incredibles 2. That was awesome! No sticking to the floor when you walk through the seats, no trash anywhere, very nice. Pay for parking but they will validate most of it from what I hear. I found parking for free not far away so don't know for sure.

Rachel Hall

Best theater in Utah. Is a great experience to came here and watch a movie, is a great environment. You'll have a great experience here. The rooms are great and great seats. Their sound system is great too. We love to take our kids too. Food is great, expensive but great. Highly recommended it, you won't regret it.

Abhishek Chaudhary

The theatres are good and with nice ambience. There are only few food options and not very good. I watched couple of movies and the sound and picture quality was good. The 3d effect was also nice to watch. The only thing is that the theatre remains mostly empty and there will be only few people watching the movies.

Nicolas Zanni Morales

I really like this movie theater. Super close from downtown. I normally just walk there

Roy Brooksby

Good theater with a nice selection of flicks in case you need to kill time while your Apple phone is being repaired at the Apple store in the mall. Impromptu date.


Great theater - all the staff I've interacted with at the Gateway theater have been very friendly! The theater is always clean, too! Great deal for parking - you can validate at the front counter for just $1!

Patrick Mcgill

There was only one person at the concession, and the popcorn was bad too other than that it is a nice looking place

Antonio Velazquez

I've been coming to this place for a long time it's always nice. Good service

Brandon Nielsen

My wife and three of her friends stood in a line for an hour and a half, just to be told they overbooked the movie. They wouldn't let her see the movie at a later date. That is horrible customer service. Nobody wants to be treated like that by staff and the managers all ran away and hid from people wanting to make things right. On top of that you have to pay for parking. This theater doesn't even deserve a 1 star. I would give them a 0 if I could.

Jennifer Steffen

Nice theater with reserved seating. Very comfortable chairs that rock a little and recline slightly.


Love the movies. No ticket person though

Jack Mahana

Such a great place to waist money paying to watch commercials for a half hour

Aaron Sullivan

Always convenient seeing the newest box office hits Megaplex-style and not having travel very far to do so. If you live in downtown Salt Lake City then choosing this theatre is never a bad idea. I usually go on Sunday evenings because there are never any lines or overcrowded theaters to deal with. I wish they had the reclinable seats though. The chairs provided at this movie theatre are comfortable but can be hard to lean back.

Joseph Malone

It was a pleasant experience...can't beat 5 dollar Tuesday's

Evan Edgeworth

I've been here before and I didn't remember much but when we went here again it was awesome! The theatre was nice (Although some tiles some of the roofs were missing, but not on the main high entrance roof. I can't blame them, they were probably fixing something.) And the seats had vibrating motions and I've never seen that ever! Good place!

Sharon McBride

Top notch theatre with nice sound system and very clean. Lots of shows with variety.

Chris Roberts

To be honest this theater compared to the other ones kinda sucks. The staff was friendly but it feels outdated and now that I have gotten used to the comfy chairs I hated the old ones.

Manuel Cerdhe

Comfortable and centrally located. Attendants were courteous and helpful. Coming back again!

gregg hendersan

Seats need attention. Some armrests are wearing thin. Restrooms in excellent condition

eni tauteoli

I love this theatre. It's close to me the lines can be long but they're quick.

michelle mats

Diana is great to work with for large company events. Staff are friendly and the theater's are always clean. Even the old-style regular movie theater seats are comfortable.

Jason Wilkin

Nice theatre. Don't watch 3d here. I don't really like the active glasses technology. Not comfortable and too dark.

Jeff Prejean

Real nice place to go watch movies

Mike Glad

The theater was nice and good that was nice and big. The seats were very comfortable. The gentleman who got our tickets for us was very efficient and very nice.

Victoria Snow

Good uncrowded theater, the seats were a little umcomfy

Kayla Hall

Fun for families! Teeter totter a, swing and spacious quiet theatres. Love this place!

James Dougherty

Employees are always friendly and they take pride in keeping a well kept theater. Always a great time and experience.


I like the atmosphere here. The interior is nice and the theaters are nice as well.

Mike Calton

It's a fine theater. I don't like that you pay for a movie, popcorn and a soda and then they still make you pay for parking validation. It has average comfort seats and screen size but top tier prices for the salt lake valley.

Debra Taylor

Nice theatre and customer service is great. People are really friendly

Windy Anderson

$7-$9 for chicken and fries and it isn't worth $4. The taste was great but the portion is ridiculous.

Jonnie Kropp

You better like crowds.... that's all I got to say about that.

Alex Baca

Friendly staff just like Valley Fair location and nice clean restrooms. Just wish it was in a better mall with more shops.


No complaints it's a great location. Maybe later they can add some of those reclining seats.

Jake Wolford

Great theater. I don’t go to the movies too often, but I try to go to Megaplex when I do. Always clean, temperature is perfect, and the seats are very comfortable. The picture is always correct (some theaters will occasionally have misaligned projection).

Roberta Andruska

Amazing, immersive experience like you expect from an IMAX. Also, $3 large popcorn!

jon magneson

The seats are leather but, they are small and the leg room is bad. The service was just fine. Also the sound was a little low so Captain Marvel didn't have the power I think the movie was trying to portray.

Chris Creveling

Good location in downtown. Has all the screen options anyone could ask for, good service and staffing. the parking underground makes this extremely easy to access along with local restaurants and public areas.

Roy Hardison

The movie we was very good. The movie is the Bad Boys

Adam Buchanan

Came to see Captain Marvel. Was not disappointed by the movie. But aside from the movie itself, I wasn't impressed with the theater. The tickets weren't very expensive, and they had assigned seating, which was nice. But I guess I've been spoiled, because the theater still has all old seats. I'm used to theaters with super comfortable, power reclining seats, and these barely leaned back. There was no one to take our tickets/tell us where to go. There were also lights on the wall that were left on the entire movie. I even ran out to tell a theater employee (there was practically no one there, btw), and nothing got fixed. I was not happy about that. They were not really bright, but they distracted from the experience. And this isn't necessarily the theater's fault, but what's up with people talking during the freaking movie?! I wish the theater would do more to discourage that. I think this theater has some work to do. I would not choose to come here again if I can help it.

Blake Harris

It's a big theatre downtown. Not much more to say. They show the same movies the other theatres do.

Liesel Eisert

Great place to go see a movie!! It’s not to far from the trax station.

Austin Lenhardt

Great theater. Has 5 dollar tickets on Tuesday and really is just a good experience the food and drink is a bit pricy but not the worst I've seen

Trinity Martin

This theatre is amazing. It's theatres are great, amazing screen, enough seats for everyone, and is near and around some great stores and an all around fantastic place to hang out with a group of friends

Uichi Matsuura

A good theater in a sadly empty mall

Aster Gill

Plays the latest movies. Not as many showings of same movie as the larger Megaplex locations. Popcorn and pizza are always fresh. Comfortable seats, some imax/3D movies. Next door to the planetarium, so the theater will play some nature documentaries.

Liz G

Nice movie theater. The seats are comfortable but not like the reclining seats in some theaters. Lots of options for movies. Parking avalanche in a parking garage for a small parking fee. The signs outside the theater doors let you know when the movie will be over, which is helpful. They have some massage chairs around in the hallway, and the hallway is very spacious.

Hector Dimaz

Nice complex but a bit to messy and unorganized, would not choose as my go to theater in the area.

Derek Shepherd

Amazing Megaplex! Reasonable prices, great lounger!

Anne Pierce

The theater was fine but it would be nice to update the seats. They are pretty tight.

Cathy Arndt

Spilled drinks from previous show where I sat. No leg room. Paid parking, but will validate for one dollar. At concession stand, they don't tell you anything about what else is available. Example, I inquired about the plastic popcorn tub. I was told that they didn't have any. This would have been a great opportunity for them to up sell me on a drink, "We're currently sold out of the plastic, popcorn tub; however, since you like the refillable plastic tub, perhaps you'd be interested in our plastic beverage cup." No! I was not told about. After I paid, I saw it and asked about it. The response, "Oh yeah! We have those for one dollar more!" Duh.

J Weech

Went to the early movie today and ended up having to leave in the middle of the movie due to a family emergency. I approached the staff asking if we could get passes to come back another time, explaining that we had an emergency. They were very helpful and friendly. The manager gave us passes, plus a free large popcorn coupon and wished us the best with what was happening. It has been an emotional day, but wanted to take a minute to say thank you for being so helpful and kind. It really was needed, especially in that moment. We will definitely be back.

Void to Form

The sound was not nearly as loud as most theaters, and they sprinkled tv adds in throughout the previews... not how they normaly are, before the previews, but between the dang previews!

Derek Hunsaker

Nice sound n seats

Shawn Fette

Good people. Was a little hard to find. Went to planetarium thinking it was mega. No biggie

Local Guy ‘d’

I’ve been to this theater a few times. It is an “alright” place, meaning it is a movie theater, and ever since City Creek opened up, which is like a glitzier, fancier, cleaner, less homeless people version of the gateway, the gateway mall has gone downhill quite a few hills ago. They MUST be losing money. I bet, year over year, their ROI has been tanking, and their marginal retail investment ratio has been like below 15%. Like, I walked through and there were all these weird stores that I’ve never heard of. I don’t even remember their names, but I remember that I don’t know them. They do have a Dave and Buster’s, which is nice, but it’s not really a place I could see two people falling in love. This is more like a place that I would go to shop if I lost my job and someone slipped something in my drink at the restaurant because they wanted to take me out (kill) but I saw the look in their eye as they walked past, so I was able to run out of the restaurant, but I was totally disoriented and didn’t recognize my surroundings (Gateway) because it just is not a very nice place to be anymore. But the movie theater is still there, so you gotta give them credit. The buying tickets experience is cool. You pretty much give the people cash or your credit card and they give you a movie ticket (IT’S THAT SIMPLE PEEPS), and then you go sit in a dark room with a bunch of strangers (if you’re watching a good movie. If it’s a craappy movie then you might be in a huge dark room all alone) and watch the movie. I don’t usually watch very many movies, but when I do, I consider where I want to go carefully, and I have been to this place at least once in the past few years.

Mike Taylor

Definitely wasnt a plex server and had limited selection of films - not really mega imho. Next time I'll stay at home - at least I dont get in trouble for being undressed back at home.

Rocky MacHarris

We were so excited for my daughters first movie theater experience! Purchased tickets online and came in talked to 3 staff members about where to grab tickets or check in not one knew what to do. Was as simple to go to ticket rip stand to the theater area. Then got out and asked for a parking validation and ends up now you have to pay for it. Money scam if you ask me. But they should provide a validation for parking for paying customers. Discovery gateway gives them for free to paying customers. Probably shouldn't be so money hungry Larry h Miller and you should take care of your customers. Sadly wont be going to any Larry h Miller in the future. Hello Centry :)

Teagan Kathleen

Very nice theater with contemporary atmosphere and friendly employees. Good place to visit.

Alex Robinson

The theater is always clean and nice. The staff friendly and the parking is good too.

Kaden Heaton

I went there the second day of Avengers: End Game. So the crowds were PACKED. There were three company showings that had rented out theaters for customers when I went. It could have been crazy but they did a good job at crowd management.

Laurie Thomas

These used to be great theaters. Now compared to Cinemark they are just cramped. The only reason I came was because it was the destination my employer chose for our Christmas party. I am super happy that I chose to see Spider-Man into the multiverse again at the Cinemark theater in 3D. You guys need to make the aisles more roomy.

James Carrington

Very clean and the staff were helpful. Comfortable seats. Parking validations for up to 4 hours can be purchased for one dollar.

Thomas Butch

Incredible value. I love the ticket prices here.

Kevin Fraga

Nice place to see a movie price not to bad Would recommend this theater for movies


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