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REVIEWS OF Megaplex Theatres at The District IN Utah

Micah Davidson

I go in there for my movie to be starting at 9. Or at the very least the previews. 9:30 rolls around and finally the previews start playing. Very frustrating to me and everyone else in the theater. The popcorn was stale as well.

M Silva

It was great. The luxury seating was awesome except one of our seats was broken.


2nd recommended of the theaters that I go to, I like having a mug, makes drinks cheap but it's not comfortable or practical

jessie meadows

My favorite movie theater. I love $5 Tuesdays that include the luxury seating. The sound is amazing. I saw Rocket Man there and was blown away! Seats are very comfortable. The food stands are diverse and the popcorn is good!

Jorge Morales

Mega pled is the best movie theater in the valley no matter which one we go to bu the one at the district definitely stands out

Brittany Bennion

My mom and I had made plans to spend the day together and go see Downton Abbey today. My husband was working today so we decided to bring my one year old daughter with us. We had planned to see the movie at the time she takes her nap so she would sleep through it. We decided to get VIP because it would be easier with a baby. When we got to the VIP lounge a female worker walked up blocking our entrance and told us very rudely that children were not allowed. No where does it say that children are not allowed. Not even when we bought the tickets online. She told us that she could not give us a refund and we would have to talked to guest services. When we went to guest services they were able to refund us the price of the tickets but not the service fee for the VIP tickets. So we had to go back to the VIP lounge and talked to a different employee who helped us right away with getting the service fee refunded. I have never been treated so terribly as I was by that women who first greeted us. I wish I had gotten her name. I felt discriminated against, as if I wasn’t good enough because I had a child. I will NOT be going back!

Jackson Yen

This is one of the best theatres I have ever been to! $5 Tuesdays are amazing, cheap movies and also tons of deals on good food. Their rewards program is also amazing with tons of great rewards.

Chris Madsen

Great theater, good rewards program. Adding more luxury seating would be great.

6 Tilos

Super nice. Surrounded by great restaurants and all kinds of shops.

Jacqueline Smith

I like this theater. Not super crowded, great seating!

Jacqulyn Rae

Went to the fathom event Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon. They started it at the end. Tried and failed to rewind. Had such a hard time getting the sound and picture working that at some point they streamed the wrong thing from a cell phone. 0/10. Do not reccomend.

Bryan Langton

Fred, our ticket taker was kind, outgoing, and so nice to have as part of our movie experience.

Bob OBrien

The maintenance at this place is bad. I paid for premium seating. 1 of 4 was broke. They moved us to less desirable seating. One of those was also broken. Asked for a manager. Got some wimpy girl with a broom. No gm to be found. Not worth the extra money.

Miranda McAfee

The new luxury seating is great. Good concession options. Plenty of parking. Clean theaters.

Bronson Sommerfeld

I have gone to this movie theater multiple times and gave loved my experience everytime! There are so many reasons for you to go to this theater and its because you get your bang for your buck! You know when you eat fast food and you feel like you gained a couple pounds and you feel bad after? Well it's the opposite with this theater! When you leave you feel like it was 100% worth it! No regrets!

Diane Rasmussen

Really nice theater. Clean, employees are nice. Lots of food places inside

Owen T. Watkins

Decent theater but overpriced like all of em.

Anika Ferguson

I love this theater. Always happy with the facilities and service.

Jason Brower

A nice theater most of the time. This last time the volume was higher than normal and the sound track was a little off. The staff is super friendly and they have some good food there.

Denice Augustus

Nice luxury seating. Tuesday is $5 movie night.

Rachel Abramson

Excellent experience! Luxury seats were worth the cost, and had great service from the ticket counter, concession stand, and usher taking the tickets. Thanks for being great!

Nicholas Woolf

Amazing staff and comfortable theatres. It is kind of fun having as many options as they have for concessions.

Sheila Staley

We always have a great experience at these theaters. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The theater is always cleaned up so well after each movie. I highly recommend going to the Megaplex at The District.


HORRIBLE seats! For such a nice theater you would think their seats would be more upgraded , I literally felt like a fish in a sardine can and had to twist my body uncomfortably so I wasn't touching elbows with a complete stranger , they have leather recliners that you have to pay more for and they sell out fast , the regular chairs are the old school cloth ones that barely lean back and if you weigh more than 120 pounds don't expect to be comfortable, Jordan landing in West Jordan has a MUCH better seating arrangement, spacious leather recliners ( that go all the way back so u are laying flat) and you don't have to pay extra for them as all the seats are like this ! I will happily drive further just to see movies comfortably I couldn't leave this movie theater fast enough.

Ginny Anderson

Luxury seating is the best! Their theaters are always so nice and clean. Great service and friendly staff.

Manuel Alonso

So funny ......they made me sign the back of my daughter's ticket when we went to see a scary movie. The snack bar people were really nice though.

Mallory Corbett

Parking is difficult to find close by on busy nights. The theater itself is pretty nice though.

Boyd Petersen

I attend several events at the District Megaplex. Their banquet and meeting rooms are great and working with Aaron is awesome. It is always ready to go and all set up as expected. If you haven't seen the meeting rooms and are looking for something special, check them out.

Kaitlyn Caldwell

Usually go here. I love it.

Latisha Curtis

We came in on a Sunday. Slow and quiet. The consession stands were amazing. The tables, floor and soda machines were so sticky that my clothes stuck to the chair and so did our food on the tables. The theaters were hot. After watching the avengers:end game the soda machine and mats were still sticky. It was not a busy day and it all.

Rebeca F.

good movie theater. Be careful when buying tickets online

Betsy Crane

Sad to say that the service at the confessions was super terrible this time. There were a few disgusted customers in front of me and then I found out why for myself.

Aztec plays

Great customer service by their staff and also very friendly. Worth the drive from Murray

Vince Munguia

Great atmosphere, seats, popcorn. The best place to watch a movie and relax

Eric J

Big screens. Great sound with the Dolby atmos surround. Tons of seating. I'd give it a 5 but I just don't love their popcorn.

V Satya

Today, me and my father went to fast and furious movie @6:05 pm. We have booked DBox luxury seat doesn’t work DBox seat at all and asked a employee who works there he said he doesn’t know how to active DBox seats. We were very disappointed and waisted $44.80.

Chris Harris

The Megaplex at The District is our go-to theater. The theaters are always clean and we love the Luxury Seats and LOVE their VIP Theater. The only reason I'm not giving them 5

Geoffrey Gauchay

A good place to watch a movie. Staff is helpful and kind.

Lauren Beck

Great movie theater with the best prices compared to other theaters in the area. As if it wasn't already discounted enough, $5 Tuesday makes it even better. They're always striving to stay up-to-date on technology to give viewers the best experience possible.

Guy Wilcox

Always great venue for movies and the rwcliners are awesome

Brandon Robbins

Love the Luxury Seats! They make it extremely hard to sit in any other theater seats. Plus, cheap tickets and cheap Pizza Hut Personal Pan pizzas on Tuesdays are the best!

Candice Herzog

Employees are wonderful. Seats super squishy. Felt like your sitting coach in economy. The floor super sticky as well as the carpet. Bathroom door-stalls hadn't been sanitized in a while. Needs some sparkle folks-

Karl Bunnell

Seats are big and comfortable. There was an annoying splotch on the screen that detracted from the viewing experience.

Jim Erekson

Buy a popcorn tub. Keep it forever. Get the new one for this year. Then buy a tub with the new one. Dump it into the old one. Buy another new one. Enjoy!

Dottie Pauni

I purchased refillable mugs and popcorn buckets and today when I came to watch a movie I was told that they only refill buckets for the current year. When I purchased these I was never told they expired and I used this all last year and this year as well and was never told the buckets expire. The manager explained it has been this way for the past 3 years that she's worked here however my bucket is from 2017 and this is the first I've ever heard this. Just sucks when businesses are so shady. I'll just know how to better prep for the future. Bring your own outside food and drinks. I can be shady too.

Kirk Sanders

The seating is antiquated compared to other theaters in the area. Food selection is great. Popcorn isn't as good as Cinemark and AMC

Garrett Crosgrove

I can see this megaplex from my house this I have watched a few movies here. Haven't had a bad experience yet. Seats are alright, popcorn is usually good (overpriced like normal). I usually just sneak in snacks and soda instead of buying them. The old very tall guy who takes your tickets is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. And they serve Dole Whip which is the best ice cream money can buy. Always plan ahead and buy tickets on Tuesday cus of $5 Tuesday. It includes Dbox which is kinda fun. I'll see many more movies here :)

Carly Christensen

That place is huge but they have the best of everything love going there Tuesdays are great because it's $5 Tuesday come enjoy cab your big bucket of popcorn and your Coke and whatever else you would like enjoy and watch the movie

I think my opinion matters but,

Major Child labor abuse, minim wage job, late hours when school is active.

Colby Carpenter

I’ve been here many times. Only complaint is the lines for concessions is long on some days. Good service, good popcorn

Chad Pollick

One of my favorite theaters, mostly because I've been visiting since high school. Great screens. Seating is comfy and the movie atmosphere is great.

Lawrence M Law

Always love Megaplex. The District is one of my favorite Megaplex theaters to go see a movie. The people are friendly and helpful and joke around with you as you get your tickets or refreshments. I enjoy every moment so that makes it extra nice. Seating is great and the picture and sound are awesome! Thanks Megaplex! You do it right!!!

Dale VanOtten

Love this place! $5 Tuesdays are the best! I love the VIP experience here. You gotta love the luxury seats. A pretty good menu for food options here. They have a 2nd floor for events. It’s in a great shopping location so there’s plenty of restaurants nearby. Their reward points are an awesome way to get discounts and freebies.

Darrick Walton

Loved the movie " Gemini " and seeing it in DBox seats, MEGAPLEX Rocks

Hanah Roberts

Love this theater. I live for $2 Tuesdays but it does get busy!

Taylene Burnham Lund

Super nice people! My husband and I tried to see a movie at this theater with our 3 month old in tow. She got fussy about 5min in. Between the 2 of us, my husband and I tried to see parts of the movie while the other kept the baby happy outside of the theater. One of the workers noticed us and let us know we could get a refund. He showed us where to go to get our money back. I thought it was very nice of him. The people that issued us a refund were very friendly too. They were helpful and didn't make us feel bad for bringing a baby.

Emily Chen

Really nice movie theater! There usually isnt a really long wait time either! Chairs are comfy too!

Noah Cella

They had great service, especially when getting tickets. The food counter was fast and reasonable, it also tasted great! The theaters were kept nice and tightly. Not sticky or dirty. Clean and awesome!

Bryan Free

Good typical theater. Not too crowded. Does not have recliners standard, but otherwise a good Ade to go for a movie. I do like the larger selection of shoes to watch.

Cindy Christiansen

We had an awesome time. Everyone was very helpful and kind. We enjoyed the movie.

Katrina Prado

A clean and well maintained theater with nice staff...will definitely come back again...

Kristina Koopman

My family loves the people that work there from the concessions to the ticket person, all are so friendly and fun. The theaters are always clean and the bathrooms too. It's always fun to go to the movies.


Best theater I have gone too yet

Josh Brimhall

I took my teenage son and some of his friends to see IT part 2. Since this is an R rated movie I made sure I was given permission from their parents to take them. As I was handing the tickets to the old lady to go into the movie and she felt it was her place to lecture me on how I should be ashamed and if she were those kids parents she would be very upset with me. She continued on to tell me if any of the kids leave the movie a cop can stop them and not allow them back in. I could NOT believe she felt it was her place to lecture me on how to parent and try to shame me. I had just purchased 14 movie tickets. Do the math, that's a lot of money and I felt threatened and judged by someone who's job is to rip a ticket and tell me what direction to go. I could not believe it. This person should not be allowed to do this job.

Brad Wind

This is a nice theater. Every time I have visited it has been clean, friendly, and smelled great. The food selection that is good and the prices are in line with what other local theaters charge for snacks. The theater itself was large, clean, and smells good, and the floors were not sticky. The screen was huge and very bright. The sound system was monstrous and very clear. This place would do justice to her Rock concert. The movie itself was good, but the theater was nicer than the movie

Cindi Keane

It doesn't have the super comfortable seats but it seats a lot of people. The movie was great and you could feel the sound literally. It has a lot if restaurants and you can eat your meal at the movies.

Pammy Recksiek

Always very clean and yummy popcorn and of course we always enjoy the movies there! Luxury seating rocks!

Motivational Hangout

The staff is EXCELLENT! Especially the sweet people that take our tickets and point to which theater we go to. Customer Service is exceptional!

Albert Johnson

We saw the other side of heaven great movie I would go see it again.

Jeff Bunker

Great seats, quality theater, good food options

Jordan Welch

This has got to be one of the better movie theaters in the valley. Megaplex is known for creating great movie watching experiences but this location goes above and beyond. Huge screens, highest quality projectors, great staff. The facilities are always clean and kept up. No worrying about stepping on old popcorn when finding your seat or putting your hand on melted candy. Love coming to this location and will continue to come here.

Endless Rhymes

Great place! Theres a wide selection of food and concesions. Their theatres are huge and pretty roomy and they have great staff that help answer any question, along with a very clean and easy to figure out facility. Definitely recommend going there!

martin boss

Good service. Good quality theater. Advance seating is a plus.


I mean it's a movie theater.. 400% marked up popcorn and skittles. VIP room was neat. They could refrigerate their energy drinks.

Navi Duron

My family and I like it here but I always wonder why do some megaplex theatres have free refills and others dont? It's kind of nice being able to just get out during the movie and get the drink yourself without waiting in a big line. This movie theater does not have self serve refills.

Steve Miller

Love $5 Tuesday. Clean, welcoming and great environment

Jason Johnson

You'd think with over 20 minutes of commercials before the movie starts they'd have enough money to afford the electricity on a brighter projector, at least one brighter than the exit signs. This is the 2nd time I've seen a movie here where the projection was so dark and fuzzy you'd think the projector was made for a 10' screen a basement, not a theater. I doubt I will ever go to this theater again, I can honestly say I am looking forward to seeing this movie on my TV so I can actually see what the filmmaker wanted us to see. And if you are an advertiser here, we couldn't see your ads well either.

Jacob Jensen

The only reason this place didn’t get five stars was because of how overpriced the food and drinks were. Like $8 bucks for some popcorn that costed less than a dollar to make? I recently went with a group of friends and we made a big mess of popcorn in the hallway but the workers promptly got it cleaned up and I’m very grateful for that. The workers were very friendly, this movie theater has always been my favorite throughout my whole life and I will definitely come back many more times!

E Wright

Nice facility. I loved the reclining, heated seats!

tully girl

I like going to the movies here..but sometimes you encounter rude staff members.. mostly great service.. but buying a ticket at the counter.. not very pleasant for I buy my ticket online and avoid the front desk.

Amy Dalley

Theaters are nice and clean. A Great place for date night but would like some different good options.

Tina Barnash

This theater is amazing; highly recommend it!

Tyler Breinholt

Great sound. Comfortable seating (luxury seats). Endgame was amazing.


Favorite movie theater by far. Definitely my go-to for all movies!

Lisa Lopez

The seats are not as comfortable as some other theaters, everything else is good.

Jack Dempsey

The size of the screen and sound quality really put you in the movie. They also have several eatery options inside the theatre, so if you come hungry you have choices. Minus one star because the standard seats dont recline. Overall I like the place.


These theaters are always clean. As well as the restrooms. The employees are also clean and polite. The ticket takers are super friendly!

Linda Scavezze

Good movies go there all the time.

Loren Spoklie

Went to Spiderman Far From Home and it was so loud in the theater, my daughter and I and other patrons told multiple people who worked there that it was so loud that everyone was covering their ears. My wife and I and my daughter all have ringing ears and headaches. Very disappointed that someone didn't fix the issue.

Ian Cox

Great venue. Big, but easy to navigate and plenty of staff if needed. Clean, efficient, and... as is the norm of theaters now-a-days... it’s getting more and more expensive.

Josh Lewis

The theater is nice except for the ticket person named Mili. Super grumpy and she ripped me off. I had a free movie pass which I’ve used many a time but she charged me 2.50 because going at night is an upgrade (which it’s not when you read the ticket). Avoid that woman!

Nanette Davis

Very well maintained, clean theater. Love it.

Steven Civish

I go 2-3 times a month, and I'm always happy with it. The food quality has gone down in my opinion over the years, or I've just grown out of the basic choices they have. The theater itself is always a great viewing experience, and it is thoroughly cleaned every night to keep it in tip top shape.

Gilda Paredes

Super cool... Last night I made a mistake and bought the tickets wrongly. So they changed my tickets easily without troubles.

Kirt Henrie

We always have a good experience at the Megaplex. I can't say that I am blown away by the cleanliness and service but it's not noticeably bad either.

Astrid Sayago

I always like to come to this cinema, it is close to my house, and it is always clean and well cared for, the rooms are spacious and the attention of the staff is good.

Dean Furse

I like the new leather seats

Mary Martin

Great little bar to hang out on the patio, or watch games. Food is absolutely AMAZING!!


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