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2935 N Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043

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Where is Megaplex Theatres at Thanksgiving Point?

REVIEWS OF Megaplex Theatres at Thanksgiving Point IN Utah


Honestly, Thanksgiving point is one of the best places to bring the family. They have an excellent movie theater with a museum near by and so many different choices of food. Thanksgiving point has never let me down and is always my go to if I'm bored and don't have any plans for the day

Kurtis Allred

Megaplex is always great, although the layout of this theater is a bit odd. The screens can be quite a walk from the entrance depending on where your movie is playing.

Wendy O

The movie was awesome but the theater was hot!! Turn on the air please!

Joe Baldwin

Really effin Fun!

Mandi Avila

Great place to watch the newest movies. A lot of choice for food and drinks to have during the movie. The bathrooms are always dirty when we go. They don't seem to be checked on that often.

Joyce Lightbourn

Awesome. The movie Toy Story 4 was amazing.

Chase Johnson

Word experience at a megaplex ever. Cards weren't reading we have hadd his problem before at this megaplex staff didn't know what they were doing. Then after waiting 15 minutes for a manager to come now 10 minutes late to the movie, then when the manager came she was just as lost as the staff and proceeded to fight with us about the issue. Called our bank to make sure everything was 100% fine on our side. Manager still proceeded to fight with us and was quiet rude about the situation too. Acted as though our presence was an issue. We got a refund on everything and left. Worst management ever, anyone in customer service knows to just comp the customer at this point. Manger Bailee was not helpful at all, won't come back.


The theater and the sound was great for the movie The Way scene. The seats were very comfortable, but the divider between seats is very uncomfortable. It kept my girlfriend and I from being able to sit next to each other without something in our back. This is one downfall to going with significant other. The people working were very friendly and helpful.

Tony Knight

Efficient and cozy, meals and snacks can be ordered.

Bryant Larsen

Great place. Has a much better selection of food than other theaters. Has good specials. Overall it's just a great theater! Nice, clean, modern, and functions well.

Kristján Geir Mathiesen

Go on a Tuesday, they're cheaper. You can buy the ticket 6 days in advance though.

Just a Dude

Its ok, but with cinemark and now fat cats offering luxury seating (leather recliner chairs) for all seats I only ever go to this theater if it's the only place that has tickets left for a new movie I want to see. I feel like they need to catch up with the competition.

Christopher Barrus

Parking is awful and tight. The screens are large and the seats are soft. If I want to really get into the experience on the big screen this is usually my go to place.

brian briscoe

Nice place and thanks for treating visa employees so well

Cameron Fratcher

Come here they are kind my sister drop her popcorn and they said "We can clean that up you can have a refill." My sister did drop it 3 times and they were still nice. Comeing again.


Loves this theater usually not to busy.

Bill McGee

Used to be my preferred movie house. They changed their reward program so using earned rewards is now cumbersome. Their customer service also leaves a lot to be desired. Want a quick popcorn refill during your movie? Plan on being ignored by the teen workers. Frankly, Cinemark - with their larger seats, movie club discounts on tickets and refreshments, and easy to use reward system - has Megaplex beat in every way. I was motivated to use a locally owned business, but they gave me every reason to go elsewhere. Too bad.

Michael Monsen

Good theater. Clean. Be careful ordering food. Service can be slow. I missed the first few minutes of my movie because they took so long to make the food that I ordered.

Margaret small

Nice, clean theater, good prices, employees were helpful.

Jeff Whipple

Any newer megaplex has great audio and video. This theater needs newer projection equipment and audio equipment. Watched Avengers End Game here and was hally with the movie, just not the theater. I love megaplex theater as a whole. They make enough but they do need to update and get luxury seating thru all there theaters.

Taco Bell

they just don't care like they use too. Place use to be great. Good food, good atmosphere, but no more. Everyone knows that movie food is like crazy overpriced. But come on, 8 dollars for a soda?

Larry Bronemann

a nice place but not as plush as some theaters. All seating is reserved. they could do away with the convenience fee on tickets. The way it is now with reserved seating and the fact they charge you a convenience fee for picking your own tickets almost requires you at times to drive to the theater early to buy your tickets then drive home and wait till your show time.

John Smith

Eh. My only real complaint is how expensive it is to buy soda, candy, and popcorn there. It would be a phenomenal place to go if everything was a reasonable price.

Jay R

The only thing keeping me from a 5 star rating is the seats. Mostntjeatres have upgraded so that the are recliners and this theatre has not.

Trent Mikesell

They've really improved this theater over the last few years. The VIP theater is worth the small amount of extra money. They bring your concessions to you which is nice.

Rachel Luke

I love the megaplex and the super comfy seats that recline. We saw a movie there last week and would go again. Beware though as people try to poach the nice seats without paying!

Heidi S

$5 movies all day Tues. (All seats, except for VIP seating & some certain newly released movies. Kind of rare, but when the Studios put restrictions on, the theaters cannot give us the $5 price in like the first 10 days- only on certain movies, not all.) I like the theater. They also had a min popcorn for $2 on Tues.

Ezra Nelson

Good theater cheep food and good seats

ShadeSlayer 600

It was good there popcorn is amazing there seats are comfortable and everything is a reasonable price

Jessica Thompson

I always buy tickets before going in. It’s a nice theater. And in a fun area to do other fun things. Construction sucks though... right now it’s a nightmare ..

Joani Pearson

Worst customer service ever. Went to 3 service counters asking for change for a $20. They said if I bought something they would give me change, but they didn't. By the time I got the change at customer service to repay my friend for a ticket she had left and I didn't even get the cheeseburger either. Will never go here again.

Ryan Mullen

Pretty great place to see a movie. Parking is rough. Always have to park far away. It’s a little outdated but nothing bad. Have pretty convenient showtimes. Concessions line is always pretty rough. Prepare to get there early if you want to get treats. The staff is always great! Always super friendly and helpful.

Aaron Smith

Employees are courteous, the made to order food is fresh, and the theaters are clean!! A bit pricey for a family but fair compared to other theaters.

David Egan

This is a great movie theater. It is not as big as some others but the seating is good and it offers plenty of movie ootions.

Luci Mae Heward

The kettle corn is amazing but they really need to work on there regular popcorn, you could dollor store popcorn better

Ben Smith

Dude what an awesome theatre, this place has the best concept and design for a movie theatre. Purchased tickets for super cheap since it was still early morning time. Barley anyone was up, we practically had the place to ourselves. From entrance to seat the layout was awesome, I really thought the kiosk in the front was super easy to use and the was several to choose from, my cousin had refillable drink and popcorn containers, what a smart idea. The self serve drinks stations are those new coke machines that serve almost everything but liquor. Kids behind the counter was like “do you like you butter layered” i was like heck yeah i do and lots of salt. The sweetest thing about concession stand was it was a back to back stand, people could be served on both sides of the popcorn machine. Would like to note although we didn’t try it due to such an early show but they serve Pizza Hut personal pizzas. Hooray!!!!! Seating....Seats had this sweet setup, just bummed they did not recline, but thats okay. The seats had a sweet stadium style setup, kinda like the top of the stadium at Petco and still plenty of leg room. Well I will definitely recommend this place to anyone in Utah we had no issues whatsoever and the bathrooms, kept in clean order.

James Galloway

I went on a thursday and found it pretty easy to find a parking spot. Getting a ticket was fast and everyone was friendly. I mention to the cashier at the refreshment counter and gave him a hard time about the $7 bucket of popcorn and the 5 dollar drink he was very kind about it. I bought it anyway and felt like I was being robbed, but I guess it's part of the experience. The VIP seating was very nice, they offered blankets and the seats reclined.

Marcy Fluckiger

People were friendly, movie was good, floors were gross.

Bridgette DelPivo

A great theater to go see a movie. Fast and courteous service. The popcorn is always fresh and delicious! You also have a large selection of drinks, you can make your own combination! The theater is always clean. And having your Megaplex card saves you money, and you almost always get something free with your earned points!

Craig Shurtleff

It's well maintained, kept clean and has a good number of concessions. Plus if you can make it Tuesday then like most theaters you can go for less. It's proximity to Thanksgiving point is also a plus.

Josh Gibson

If there was an option for zero stars, that would be the clear choice. Two months ago, my girlfriend decided to set up a date night since our work hours are somewhat conflicting with our time together. I took the time off of work and we got the tickets to a movie 2 months in advance, reserved the seats and everything. Anyway, when we show up, the tickets say theater 5 and they tell us to go to theater 7. So we went to theater 7 only to find out that the movie was playing already and we were even 20 minutes early. Now, our seats were on row "N". Little did we know, row N does not even exist. So rather than sitting in other peoples seats, we leave the already started movie to go talk with the box office. They brought a manager who said he would help us find seating. He literally just took off without letting us know so we went to the back of the line at the box office to go through the line AGAIN! We were at the box office just waiting gor help for at least 15 minutes. Finally, the lady at the box office told us to just head in because there is a manager taking care of seating problems (we weren't the only ones with seating problems). So, we went into the theater 20 minutes after they had already started our movie and after being bounced around from the staff for another 20 minutes. The manager took her time helping us, so we awkwardly stood by her for about five minutes before we just said, "are these open?" And sat down. She told us that they were going to rewind the movie a little bit. That wasn't going to work for me or others in the theater. We paid to see the movie and we were there with yime to spare. They completely screwed up amd it seemed like the staff knew before hand. They definitely weren't prepared. Eventually they did restart the movie and the manager said that they will have vouchers at the door after the movie for the inconvenience. We were extremely irritated at this point and decided we would just watch the movie, so we did. When leaving, there were no vouchers. It was a lie blubbered out to prevent having to issue several refunds. Needless to say, we won't ever be going back to this theater. We had our date night planned out two months in advance and this Megaplex completely crapped on our plans and moods. I'll even be throwing away gift cards that I have to this place because it's not worth my time, money, or energy to even try to see a movie at this place. Quite frankly, I have never been treated worse by employees after I paid to be there.

Buesh Mecham

This theature is clean and always fun to go to. We have been here a dozen times since we moved to the area and are never disappointed

Melody Larsen

A worker at this Megaplex came up to me just as I was about to enter the theater (after paying for a ticket, popcorn, and a drink). He said: "Hey ma'am, due to liability reasons it's against our company policy for you to be barefoot in here. So you need to put shoes on." I told him I don't own any shoes and that there were no signs or any indications anywhere that shoes were required. He looked at me in shocked disbelief: "You don't own ANY shoes?" I said, "no I don't." Then he said, "I've never had to deal with this situation before, hold on one second." Then he came back and said "You can be barefoot just this once, but you can't do it if you come back again." I said "Okay, you really need to put up some kind of sign or something, otherwise that policy is going to ruin the night of a lot of barefoot people and drive away customers." He said "We will update that right away. Thanks." And I watched my movie. Never going back there again though. So lame. Being barefoot doesn't make you any more liable than wearing shoes with poor traction... it's a poor policy that will drive barefooters and hippies away from going here, I will be telling the barefoot app developers to include this location in barefoot-unfriendly establishments. :(

Billy Wroe

After a beautiful sunset hike at Buffalo Peak Trail, we decided to catch a movie on our way home... This had been my worst experience in Utah to date (almost 2 years). The line to get tickets was 4 people and show is and understatement. It took like 12 minutes. To save time my friend left to the bathroom, came back, I was still in line for tickets. I have her my card to get some movie snacks. I got the tickets, went to the restroom a and joined her in line. She went back to the car to grab somethings, came back I was still in line. By the time I got to the front of the line rather than calling the next customer (me) up, the 2 guys decided to have a conversation. To make it better, their manager came up to join in on the conversation. The counter was disgustingly dirty, and when they looked up and seen the irritation on my face they said "Next customer." We walked back to the ticket counter, got a refund and left. Seen or movie the next day at a completely different movie chain. I will never go here again.

Katie Lusk

More expensive than Cinemark. You pay extra for reclining seats. Stadium seating in the theatres is old. Theaters are pretty big. Popcorn is very good. They take electronic tickets which is handy.

Rick Giacoma

Awesome comfort while watching the movie. Professional staff

Mrs. RC Hams

This theater is awesome! I love how easy everything is and how helpful people are! The seats are cozy and the people in front of you don't get in your way

Bradyn Lystrup

I love Megaplex Theaters and this one is just a bonus to be close to my house. They are always clean and their $5 Tuesdays are incredible. Love the food they offer and the whole experience from start to finish. Automated ticket dispensers for either buying at the theater or printing tickets you've already purchased online as well as a person physically at the counter should you desire that. Butter dispensers for popcorn or really anything if you enjoy butter on something else I guess. Highly recommend a Megaplex theater should you decide to go to the movies.

Dean Simmonds

Wonderful place for family. Great popcorn etc. Generally clean with friendly staff. Clear, in focus images and great sound. The oversize or jumbo theaters have some lower screen obstruction from row in front. Sitting in lower rows reduces or eliminates the obstruction.

TJ Hooley

I love this place, always go here during the summer to watch the movies they play in the summer

Abi Menlove

Great service. Comfortable seats. Love the snacks there!

that fish girl

Service is always fantastic here. Aside from the occasional annoying person sitting next to you. Great food options, but be prepared to pay more than usual. $5 Tuesdays are the day to go. Loses one star because the seating could be more comfortable in my opinion.

Rachele Edwards

Always love their $5 ticket specials on Tuesdays. Lots of space in the theater. Busy parking lot but fun to go to!

Roger Timmerman

I went and saw Avengers Endgame at this theater. One of the previews for the movie was for Spiderman Far From Home which included major spoilers from Endgame. Are you kidding me? There ought to be a criminal penalty for this! Please be more aware of what trailers play with which movies to avoid this situation in the future.

Zane Tolman

This movie theater is a great theater to enjoy a movie with family and friends. It's quite spacious and rarely feels cramped in the common areas. The average seats are comfortable, though not of any excellent quality so to speak. Your average tickets get you normal seats in that they don't recline and don't have extra space compared to the average movie theater seat, but they definitely don't feel cramped, a middle ground one could say. The concessions aren't priced much different than most theaters, but they do seem to be slightly cheaper than other chain movie theaters, but not by much. Their base rewards program is easy to sign up for and it will save you money down the line. Overall, a great theater that will give you a great experience.

kyle Vreeken

Love the electronic tickets for easy entrance. Even with the busy opening for Avengers Endgame the staff was as happy and friendly as Captain American and the theatre and seats were very comfortable. Tons of food for a reasonable price. Even clean bathrooms. Couldn't ask for a better experience.


Love the VIP addition. Reclining, leg rest heated seats. Careful bit too comfy might fall asleep. They bring drinks/food/popcorn to your seat. Love VIP for the really long shows as well.

Tylee Pugmire

Great picture and sound. Could use some improved general admission seating but over all such a great experience and the level of service makes it WORTH GOING each time!

Jared C.

Great theater for the most part. Only downside is that the building is a remodel and some of the theaters and not much bigger than a home living room at your rich friends house.

glenna bitton

No one was out front at the concessions. Every one in back chatting. Had to wait extra long to get service!

Cameron Eldredge

Very nice place to have a theater experience. It was convenient for me in a wheelchair.

Jeff Doermann

Wonderful venue--delicious foods available that you can take into your movie experience. Also, VIP venues available. Beautifully decorated and always a pleasure to visit!! Stadium style seating so you always have a great view--audio experience also amazing!!

Jamey Raymond

Always good service and very friendly staff.

Rex Dent

We enjoyed the latest Marvel movie while traveling in Utah. It was a great movie and there appeared to not be a bad seat in the house. Unfortunately, my wife came down with a hemiplegic migraine during the movie making it very difficult to impossible to walk out to the car. We asked an attendant if they had a wheelchair that we could use. They immediately communicated with management and rushed a wheelchair to aid us getting her to the car. We appreciated their kindness and attention to us without drawing unnecessary attention to her struggles. Thanks so much. If we lived along the Wasatch Front we would be more regular customers.

Ariel Bautista

This is an amazing movie theater. Nice and spacious with a very attentive and helpful staff. The options for food and the prices would make me want to keep coming back. It's also very clean and the fact that theres different options for seats is great. I haven't been to a theater that has general seats and VIP seats in the same screening. This place pretty much has everything you could want in a cinema


Extremely busy. I always find it funny when I see grandpa and grandma at the movies when its packed. They are off all week long

Ben Jensen

They added commercials between every preview. Really annoying. Finding a different theater till they change this.

James Morris

Nice theater, good sound and friendly.

Cameron Urry

My favorite place to see a movie

Megan M

Not as good as the other locations! Getting to the theater and parking take time!! Plan ahead!!

Justin Hadlock

I purchased reserved seating for a movie event a month ago. When we arrived at the theater they had either changed the theater the movie was in or combined with another theater. The tickets were all messed up. Everyone was sitting in someone else's seat. The couple behind us we supposed to be on row N but the rows only went to L. One guy had purchased all of row K but it was already full of other people. They ended up pausing the movie to try and find seats for everyone and then restarting the movie 22 min in. Update: I have reached out to Megaplex and they explained the situation. Theater 5 required emergency renovation and they had to change theaters at the last min. They will also be sending me out a voucher. I have updated my review score.

Mike Bowman

I love this theater. Seats are comfortable. Sound is amazing. Food choices are many and have been delicious. Pricey, yes. But not any more than other theatres.


Very good fun. Sara L at the box office was very nice. I recommend seeing a movie here.

Jamie Loveridge

Won’t be coming here again. We showed up two minutes after a show time and because nobody else had bought tickets, they cancelled the movie. We didn’t purchase online because we didn’t want to pay the online fee when we could just purchase tickets at the theater. We ended up getting popcorn to take home for a home movie. They gave us cold popcorn. Didn’t realize it till we got out to our car. It seems like if you pay $8.30 for a popcorn, the least they could do is give you a hot batch.

Ashley B

Good popcorn. Pricey even for matinees but Tuesday $5 movies are awesome.

Kendra Holmes

I do like this movie theater. They have lots of different theaters that makes the selection for what movie to watch quite large, which is nice! I LOVE their VIP seating! I mean recliners with heated seats?! I was impressed! The only down fall is Parking lot gets crowded quick, so that kind of sucks. Especially on busy nights like Tuesdays. Over all, it is a great movie theater.

Tom Larson

Went to see the new Mary Poppins Returns with the family! Was a great rendition of the original concept continued. Love the music and way they tied it together great seating even with a packed house and up in the front.

Frank Mueller

Great theater experience. The VIP experience is definitely worth the splurge.

Bill Gibson

Staff is always courteous and polite

Dave Bates

I've never had a bad experience here. Shows start on time with great sound and comfortable seats. My company loves taking our office here a couple times a year and it's usually the best thing we ever do together as friends.

Cathy Collard

This place if great except for parking! There are not enough handicap parking stalls. It is impossible to get my oxygen out in a regular space, I have to park way way out there to often!

Andrew Woodruff

Fantastic theater with stadium-style seating. Very comfortable, and there is ample parking. Nice big screens and great sound.

Christa Hutchison

We splurged on the VIP theater due to a special occasion. The waiter dropped off my child's food and ran out. We couldn't order anything else, no blanket, absolutely no staff people in sight. Why did I waste money on the "VIP" experience? It's definitely not worth it.

Andrew Collins

Great place to go to watch movies, but if you want food above and beyond popcorn or soda plan for an additional 20 to 30 minutes at least. I have never gotten food I've ordered until at least 20 minutes from the time of the order. The whole system they have seems disorganized and on more than one occasion I've had to remind an employee that I ordered food only to find out it's been ready for a while but was just sitting around.

Kayleigh Smith

Comfy seats, good prices on tickets and great prices on concessions!

Skyler Baird

Clean, easy to navigate. Great space. The layout going in is kinda weird but that's not why I go to a theater so not a problem.

Spencer Collier

Everything was clean, and it wasn't too busy on a Thursday night to see a popular movie that had come out 2 weeks ago. You need to be aware that the slope of the seats is quite low. This means that if someone in front of you gets up, they will be often blocking the screen. Other theaters that have a steeper slope do not have this same problem. It didn't affect me much since there weren't many people, but it was still annoying during the credits.

Marcia Field

Great place to see a movie. Good seats, clean theater.

Chad Francom

The selection of movies is great! But that is where it ends. I've sat in Airplanes that had more comfortable seats. If you are sitting next to another adult male, your shoulders touch, the arm rests are small so someone has to sit with their arms folded. Why no lounge chairs? The food is plentiful but far from priced right. I don't plan on attending a movie at any Megaplex Theater until they match the experience I've had at local Regal Theaters.

Robert D Pope

Beautiful theater. It has everything you would expect.

Beth Stephenson

Love the cheap Tuesdays! Comfy seats and a good view always.

Jake F

I can't review the movie experience because my daughter got too scared of the volume to even begin watching the movie. We went outside the theater to sit on the bench and a wonderful employee walked up with two complimentry movie passes and some other great stuff for her. That is amazing customer service!

Karras VanderLinden

Always enjoy seeing movies here. Concessions are delicious, theaters are clean and comfy.

Alex Mckay

Very comfortable seats. Sound was good

Jose Armenta

Been to this theater at least 3 or 4 times in the last week and they never have any of the Pizza Hut Pizza that they advertise all over there theatre. They always have some excuse, if your not going to have it then just take it down and stop offering it. They also dont have much for kids to do like arcades or games.

Cheri Wortmann

Theater was comfortable and clean. The staff was friendly and helpful. Would definitely go there again.

Nancy Thill

Comfy seats that recline.

Robby Simpson

Fantabulous went and seen the joker very cool movie

Pam Smith

It's a great place, just crazy busy

Ben Mosbarger

I’ve seen several movies here. Sound is really good and the theaters are clean. The staff is always happy and helpful. I think the VIP theater is the best movie experience around. I would avoid the D-box seats, the novelty wears thin in about 5 minutes then you’re just left with a very uncomfortable seat compared to the regular seats.

Mickey Palmer

Great clean movie theater. Movie ticket prices seem to always increase here, but over all a good place to go enjoy a movie.

Captain McChubbz

I used to like this megaplex way better then the cinemark in American fork, but now the cinemark has replaced their hunched over chairs like all the other theaters use with AMAZINGLY comfortable luxury lounge chairs! Although megaplex has good ticket deals sometime but forfood, it is a joke. 5.25$ for a milkshake. What a rip off! Oh well

Tina Barnash

This was an awesome theater; we had vip box seats which were amazing with reclining seats and swing out food trays. The sound was a little loud for my liking, but others in my party love it :) Theater was clean, restrooms were large and clean... overall a 5 star experience!

Chase Taylor

I think they are having problems with their air conditioning. There theatre was so hot it was distracting from the movie.

Rachelle Daw

We love the summer movies. $10 for 10 movies. Older movies for kids. They offer showings twice a week at 10 am and a 10:30 am sensory showing. Such a great way to beat the heat.

Elaine Maxfield

So quick and easy. Love purchasing electronically and check in is simple.

Allene Wray

I really enjoyed watching The Lion King!

mike towns

Fantastic and unique selections for treats, and a great variety of movies with lots of theatres. You won’t regret using this theatre.

Kevin Connole

Always a good place to watch a movie. Lots of theaters so finding a show isn't usually a problem.

Loreni Montano

My family and I absolutely love this theater. We come at least once a month and this is our go to theater. Everything is always fantastic, from service to cleanliness.

Nick Newman

Nice theater. Good food.

Daymon Henne

Great theater just a horrible parking situation if you go during peak movie times. There is a back area to park in however, there are signs saying it is Thanksgiving Point property so park at your own risk. Also if you are like me and HATE the flavor of Coke out of those every flavor machines ask them to fill it in the back where the traditional fountain drinks are. Have fun at the movies!!!

Brian Davis

The best movie theater I've ever been too. Beautiful atmosphere, great service, even better

Ethan Brunson

Great place to enjoy a movie on any day of the week! Not to busy if you know when to go! Close to home, reasonably priced and very comfortable seating! The staff are very kind and do a great job with upkeep! Highly recommend going here for movie night with family and friends!

Michael Alvey

Met our grandkids to eatch Aladin. Your staff treated us with courtesy and respect. It was refreshing to see avenue with family needs in mind.

Aaron Brown

It is great to have a good theater so close! And the Other Side of Heaven 2 was worth seeing on the big screen!!

Miranda Anderson

My son and I went on $5 night. As expected, it was busy. But it would be nice if people sat in their assigned seats to avoid asking people to move. If you purchased that particular seat, great sit down. If not, DO NOT sit in that seat. This is not your world. Please be considerate of other patrons.

Matthew Gadd

It's a nice theater with nice seats but it's too big. There's too much walking involved. I don't like the way the front lobby is set up and where the ticket sales are. Univ. Mall theaters have better seats and is cheaper plus they are closer to me. I only go to these when what I want to see is not playing at Univ mall.

Scott Raney

I’m shocked by how dirty this movie theater is. I’m just in the entrance concessions area and there is popcorn all over the floor, the tables are dirty, and the bathrooms are gross. Hope the theater we are in is better.

Dug Bagley

This is the second time I've looked up a movie and arrived at the theater only to find out the showing at that time is only being shown in a VIP theaters for $15+!!!! So, I'd have to pay some insane price for WHAT??? Comfortable seats? Or wait an hour or more for the next showing of the film I drove all over creation to see. Thanks for nothing.

John A. Anderson

Megaplex Theaters are done right. Love their rewards programs. Love their seating options. I will NOT tell you the best place to sit because nobody sits where we sit, and it's the best. But these guys do movies right.

Brad Horrocks

The Megaplex theaters are my first choice when going out. I love the luxury recliners and today finally tried the VIP theater. Same recliners, which is nice, lounge, which is also nice, but I wasn't impressed with the service. We ordered snacks before the movie but didn't get them for quite a while. Yes, they bring them to you but I like to get settled before the movie starts. During the previews they boast their concierge service however when I went out to order dinner food there was no one to be found except a sign telling you to use a telephone to call guest services. I waited for a bit and someone finally showed up but she couldn't log in to the terminal and had to write my order down and call someone else. I returned to my seat and several minutes later that someone else came to take my payment then several minutes later brought the food. So, the idea of VIP service is great, but that was far from a VIP experience. Megaplex theaters are still my first choice but I'll steer clear of their "VIP" theater.

R Marx

Second favorite theatre, still an awesome one. Never had a rude individual here!

Lisa Porter

Friendly staff. Moving efficiently at prime time. Clean. Largest theater was awesome!! Comfy seats! Parking could be better.

Melanie Johnson

Going to movies at this theater on Sunday is the best! No crowds, we get in fast and walk right up to the concessions with no line! Always open seats too!

Phantasmic Games

Pretty good. Nice seats.

Stephen Keith

Can be tricky to find after getting off the freeway, but plenty of parking and great theaters.

Nathan Anderson

Well maintained theater. I love the $5 Tuesday deal.


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Megaplex Theatres -Valley Fair Mall
Megaplex Theatres -Valley...
Movie Theater - Utah

Movie theater

Century 16 Salt Lake and XD
Century 16 Salt Lake and XD
Movie Theater - Utah

Movie theater