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REVIEWS OF Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons IN Utah

Jackie Diebold

They have really complicated the snack bar/food ordering and pick up process. Staff seems frustrated and short tempered. Maybe the changes are hard on them too. Not a good experience.. need to stick with the District location for now on.

Brian Blodgett

Great. Nice, clean, happy and helpful staff. I still get sticker shock when I look at the food court prices.

Jared Yates Decker

This is my favourite theatre in town. Yes, it's convenient, but I do think the Megaplex had it figured out before all the other theaters. With assigned stadium seating and luxury options, it's comfortable and hassle free. Concessions are always fresh and the complex is kept very clean. They are definitely not THX Certified, which is the only reason I don't give them 5 Stars. Sound and image quality are not always at their best, though consistently good. I definitely keep going back!

Johnny Brose

Megaplex is always clean with friendly staff. We love the luxury seating and convenient online booking. Parking is convenient with great restaurants in the complex and close by. $5 Tuesdays are perfect to take the family to the movies. The IMAX is awesome but all the screens are well ruin and clean.


Large theaters. Reserved seating. Comfortable. Friendly service

brandon Cordero

Best is the consession stands they have a good choice to choose from. The seats are okay they are regular like 5 degree rock back

Derrick Jepperson

We went to see the lion king it was awesome on the IMAX theater. Used the online purchase option literally walked to the ticket booth then our reserved seating well worth it. They have built in food at movie theater pricing that will never change. If you want to have a great family experience this is the place to go for a movie.

Arianne Montague

Really comfy chair options, plays a good selection of movies, and has more than the average amount of snack choices. The staff was really nice, and some of them even cracked jokes. The only reason I gave 4 stars is it could have been cleaner. There were little bits of paper trash around. Someone left their spit cup behind my reclining seat, and it was not cleaned up between movies. I hope it was just a bad day, and not the norm. Still looking forward to going back.

alex n

I hate this place it took out the Mayan resteraunt I once enjoyed. now all that's left of the Mayan resteraunt is tucanos which is a subsidiary of the Mayan resteraunt. I swear there is hidden tunnels under the megaplex still located here that have to do with the Mayan resteraunt.

Stacy Sansone

Topnotch movie theater with many movies to choose from. Some theaters have luxury seating

Brent Butler

The megaplex theaters at Jordan Commons are a movie experience worth taking. Let's start with the theaters themselves. Stadium seating, great digital sound, clean, and comfortable. Plenty of screens for a variety of movies for anyone to enjoy. Ample parking. It can get busy on a weekend for popular movies, but so can any theater. Now let's talk about food options, which I think sets this theater apart from the rest. They have your standard theater options, popcorn, candy, and drinks, but they also have full fast food options. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, sandwiches, and ice cream. They also have an IMAX screen. I consider this the complete theater experience.

Faith Kennington

Very fun people were kind and I had an amazing time

Ty Smith

Good food options but be sure to book a larger luxury seat up towards the front , a huge difference in comfort.

Ella Kidd

The theater wasn't bad. Not the Jordan Commons of the old glory days but it was ok.

Kristen Nelson

Tried to watch an IMAX. Couldn't get their projector to work. Lucky gave discounts and passes. However, their concessions workers needed an attitude change or at least some training on how to treat people.

Cheryl Peterson

Every place has an off night. Tonight half the concession options were closed and the employees working the grills were poorly trained. I ordered a chicken caesar salad and was served a chicken teriyaki salad with caesar dressing on the side. Not the usual performance by the normally good staff.

Nicole Courter

I love coming to this theater, it's been one of my favorites for years. This last visit was my first being in a wheelchair. I've been nervous to go to the movies in a wheelchair. I must say that they made it a breeze! Very handicapped accessible, from parking to the doors, to paying for a movie. They have easy ramps to get up. My husband and son were also able to sit next to me. That was awesome since I figured I'd have to sit alone. I'm glad I was able to enjoy the movie with them. Highly recommend this theater.

Savea Mailo

Have always been to this theater for years. With family and friends. Never have we been disappointed. Every employee is kind and generous. The seats, bathroom, lobby, etc is all clean.

Lawrence Devitt

The theater is great. The people who don't sit in their assigned seats are not. The people who sat in the seat my little one was in, (while I explain to the elderly couple with their granddaughter how assigned seats work)those people need Jesus but the theater was great!

R Johnson

It was a clean, fun theater. A lot of choices for concessions and nice employees. The seats in the theater are quite comfortable but they don't quite compare to the lounging chairs at the Century 16.

Dennis D. Huston

Cool place, meals you can take in and watch your movie. They do have some good choices.

Seth Rasmussen

Love the style of this theatre. Just saw Midsommar.. I was impressed!

Linda Graves

Went, with my husband, and my sweet grandson Lincoln for the premier of the movie Abominable!!, I won ticket's from contest I entered on fox 13, it was an absolute darling movie all the way through, our grandson told us he was tired and might fall asleep but the movie held his interest he watched the movie, he was really into it ,was a really good boy, for a 5 year old, thank you Rich Bonaduce from fox 13 !!

Mike Secor

What a nice place I couldn't believe the food court they had and just all the neat stuff they had to look at in their Commons area

Mac Conder

The staff here is great. Willing to work with you and joke with you too. The staff is a big highlight to my bights here. Most theatures do not have reclining seats but the theatures are still nice. It's also close to trax so it is a great meet up spot for friends all over the valley. Will be returning soon.

Jake Dean

My favorite theater in the whole valley. If I ever go anywhere else I end up comparing it to Jordan Commons and hating the experience. $5 Tuesday’s are the greatest thing ever invented :-)

Francisco Alvarez

Like this place, it has everything you need to watch a great movie. Want a burrito ? they have a place for it. Want some crepes they have a place for that too. want to sit and relax and enjoy a snack ? they have that too. I like coming here when I have the time to drive there from Utah County.

Amber Clements

Clean facility and restrooms, fantastic theaters, and a super friendly staff. This is a great place to go see a movie, especially in the luxury seating. Lots of yummy places to eat nearby and plenty of parking.

Matt Easton

When I said, “extra butter please”, they took it seriously, adding layers of butter AND then shaking the bucket so it mixes around. Hands down some of the best popcorn I’ve ever had. They have great seating, lots of food, and plenty of parking. Overall a wonderful theatre!

K Nixon

Is I love this place... Always have, I feel the popcorn is always fresher here and the seats are better then the other locations... It can get busy, best time to go is during the week....

Eric Collard

The theater is always really clean and the staff is very helpful. Great place to watch some movies.

Aaron Smith

I've been here twice in the last few months. Bot shows were IMAX luxury seats. Price wise they are great. The theater however is lacking a little. Usually they only have one concession stand open during the non peak hours and this can be a delay sometimes

Sonya Marion

We had a day of free time, very rare. So, we decided to come to this MegaPlex. AMAZING!!! We watched Rambo, which was good. But even better with buttered popcorn and cokes. The seats were very comfy and spacious. Someday next year, we will def come by for a movie. Thank you for the kind hospitality and the kind staff.

Kandi Prickett

We like this theater but it always seems they are not ready for the crowds on $5 Tuesday. Soda machines had issues tonight, not enough cashiers and buzzer notification for pizza was malfunctioning. Theater was clean and seats were comfy as always.

Adrienne Nakamura

Great IMAX. The theatre is a little older and needs some updating. Love the freestyle machines!

Raji Thangaraj

The auditoriums are big and neat. Dolby sound system is good. Bit cold in the theatre. This is one of our usual places. Has pizza hut and a small deli inside which is convenient at times.


I really enjoy this theater and the amazing atmosphere. The people were very nice and the lobby was spotless. Kudos megaplex!

Brooke Monson

We have gone to this theater for years and used to love getting dinner there to eat during our show. They recently changed their menu drastically and the last several items I have purchased to eat were so disgusting I have thrown them away and gone hungry. Like simple things like chicken tenders and a churro were totally inedible, and I’m really not a picky eater. I really really really wish they would bring the old menu back, in the mean time we won’t be purchasing any concessions here anymore!

Lucy Anderson

That was the coolest movoe theatre we have ever been too

Mr. D

I only went here once when working in the area but the theatre was very clean and I like the Broadway Hollywood design. I was able to pick my seat upon purchase of a ticket which was nice so wondering if the theatre is full and getting a good seat.

E.j varela

Love the luxury seats. food was great. no wait. go today

Lacey Nelson

Parking is easy to get to. Tons of options if you want to eat something other than popcorn.

tapaita fonokalafi

The extra few bucks for the recliner seats are awesome

9th Phoenix

They staff where awesome…it's a bit like Vegas all in door what you need. My daughter said it looks like a mall when we walked in, all in all its very nice not crowded at the time. I'll be going back to see the difference at another time. Keep up the good work over there!

Mariah Allred

So at the little food place were you get nachos the nacho Grand with sweet pork. I used to Love this place and now I don’t. I am paying for the movies and then paying almost 10 dollars a nacho and they don’t even care one bit about their costumers. They did not even put even enough meat nor cheese to even cover the nacho. I might as well for $9.00 go and get costa visa or something better. You are going to lose customers. I missed half my movie because they make customers vary unhappy. They have messed up multiple times. You lost me as a customer and will continue to lose more.

Bobbi Stillman

It seems like its getting run down, the old seats (i love the recliners) restaurants closed and there was nobody there on a friday night at 7..

cat schmidt

This theater is just awkward. I didn't like being confused to where our theater was located and tripping over all the concessions trying to find it. However, It was comfortable and had good food.

Droned Aguin

This place is amazing. Food courts and sitting areas. I'm from a small town with a small theater setup and this place blew me away. Definitely one of the nicer movie complexs in the state.

The Boss Tex 117

Huge! Great place to go see a movie, good choices of food, and even the option of Cold Stone ice cream.


VIP seating only review. LOVE IT! Even has heated recliner seats and the staff is better trained at this VIP location. They make that true VIP feel. We dont even have to refill our drinks. They are efficient, professional, kind, take pride in their job, never get our order wrong and always bring out the condiments we ask for. As for the seating very comfortable they fashioned the one at Thanksgiving Point after this VIP. We love them both though this VIP remains our favorite due to the staffs attentiveness and they actually listen they want to get your order right and they are Pleasant the whole time even after the movie they're helpful we didn't even realize until they let us know that we can leave our food plates/trays right there and they'll take care of it. In a way they taught us how to do VIP movie style. Thank you!

Hazel Lepak

It being my first time at that theater I never felt so uncomfortable, employees were rude. When you hand someone something in their hand it's only right and polite to hand the item or change back in my hand, that didn't happen and also no thank you or welcome. Even the Customers there were rude. So I won't be going back there.

Jessica Ringel

Loved all the food choices, and the inside was all fun like its own little place...

Tess Obenauf

What a fascinating, fun world within a world!! We went to watch Avengers Endgame, selecting the usual luxury seats. Yes, I've grown accustomed to this rare treat. There seemed to be plenty of staff around to handle the intake of movie-goers but when it came to providing directions when asked where the concessions were located, employees didn't seem to have much other than "in that direction" for instructions. We enjoyed the stroll wandering around since we had plenty of time before the movie began. After the concessions visit, we headed back to the assigned theatre and asked for the nearest bathroom. It's always good to have that knowledge before settling in, right? Well!! It wasn't helpful to ask because each of three separate employees simply pointed and said we could find the bathrooms "marked in that direction." This place is big enough "you are here" signs would be beneficial as well as naming the entrances to return to your closest parking location. We have Google to thank for getting us back to our parking spot. Inside is quite a labyrinth with plenty to fit your appetite as long as you are prepared to pay the piper

Raymond Prescott

This place was pretty good, great actually. I got free popcorn for doing a survey. And the movie was great too. definitely recommend this place!

Penelope Krueger

Clean. Employees are nice. Huge place, lots of restaurants to choose from. The movie itself was good. The volume at times seemed a little off.

Bree Ballard

Love this theater always makes the family happy!

Steve Solen

The the theater is nice but the few employees I had to deal with were rude and impatient.

Charyssa Brown

It's a great theater with so many movies to choose from but there is construction right next to it at the moment. It'll be 5 stars after that is finished!

Tiffani Mondragon

Counter staff could be a little more friendly. It is always clean and a nice place to go to the movie

Jesse Batton

I really like this place. They have awesome chars that are really comfortable. It is a smaller theater but their screens are good quality. I have never had major issues watching movies here. It is also conveniently located to some restaurants.

Lia Montero

The VIP theater is awesome. Very comfortable and clean. Also it's great to be able to skip the lines for concessions and food. Everything gets delivered to you in the theater instead!

Eric Bail

I hate this place. The popcorn is even more over priced than normal. movies here are more. Parking is never good, Cinemark is just a better option

Pam Weinberg

Wow, Utah really knows how to make going to the Movies a real treat. Walking into a awesome food court with different types of food. Then you get to choose your seating. Recliner’s, awe, so relaxing. It’s definitely great for a date night or family fun. When I am back in town for a visit I will be back.

Danno UnitStills

We only go to Megaplex Theatres. . . For the Luxury Loungers of course. . . They are so much more comfortable than the others we've tried. The 4 stars is due to the fact that their food service isn't the best. But it's still 4 stars.

Jared Angerstein

It's a nice theater and the chairs are comfortable. It would be nice if they had more candy and snack options, it seems like they always have a limited variety. The popcorn is really good, though.

marissa cantrell

The seats were comfy and the food court had a lot of options.

Andrew Wright

I've never been to such a large movie theater before! This place is massive and you almost need a map to navigate the facility. They have so many options for concessions as well! You're not limited to the normal popcorn, candy, and a drink …

Emily Nielson

Very nice theater. Loved the Pizza Hut pizza!

Amy Reed

I have been to this location many times over the years and have rarely had anything to complain about. The staff is always helpful and professional, the theaters and bathrooms are clean and I've never had any issue with the service at all. I went this evening with some friends to see a movie and sat in one of the luxury seats for the first time. There is a tray attached to the seat to put your food on, the seats are heated and they can be adjusted both at the legs and at the back. You can almost completely lay down. The seat is very very comfortable and I would have paid the extra cost for it. Because it was Tuesday, the seats only cost $5, which was awesome. The popcorn was great, as were the drinks. I definitely recommend thus theater, along with any of the Megaplex theaters.

Spencer Plewe

I love this theater! It gets many of the lesser known movies, the concession variety is insane, and its aesthetic just fills you with the kind of excitement that befits a theme park!

Corby B.

Love these theaters. With the new luxury seating it has made it the best around. Employees are always friendly here. Place is very well kept and clean. Love the Tuesday night specials. Good hot dogs, nachos, and fresh popcorn. You feel like you're in a different world once you enter. Thank you for the trays you can take your meals into your seats with, great touch.

Lance Monson

Food has gone downhill in the last month or so. I would be giving this theater 5 stars but the menu has changed in roughly the last two months. The options left are less than great. I am almost positive the chicken fingers made my wife and I sick . Its a real bummer, I've always liked this theater. Update: food still sucks months later.

Alisa Cox

I haven’t been to this location in a while and I was out enjoying a girls night with my BFF! We arrived with plenty of time to purchase our tickets. I enjoy going up to the ticket counter and buying my tickets vs buying them at the kiosk however, they were really understaffed for a Saturday night. I waited almost 15 min before more cashiers arrived and the line could start to move. Once I got up to the counter the cashier was super friendly and quick. We still made it to our movie before it started...barely...Our seats and surroundings were clean and comfortable. Overall I would go back again, just maybe plan for a little more time.

Anne Nguyen

My favorite Megaplex! I usually go to Cinemark, but I’ve started going here ever since I found this location. It used to get really packed but now it doesn’t get as crazy. The location for this cinema is great and super easy to get to. The …


Great theatre. The luxury seats are worth the upgrade. The Mark Miller VIP theatre is great too. Somewhat similar to Cinemark Draper, it’s a smaller theatre but all the seats are luxury which is nice. You can also order food/drink in the theatre so you’re not stuck waiting in the lines!

Andrew Gallup

Showing a commercial between every trailer is a terrible experience. I pay to come see a movie not sit through commercials. Please stop doing this. My movie was scheduled to start 20 minutes ago. I love the trailers, but hate all the stupid commercials. I will never spend a dime with any advertiser that I see in these commercials. The only way we can make you stop doing this is to vote with our wallets. When these advertisers aren’t getting a return on this ad spend maybe you will stop wasting our time with them. I also plan on leaving negative reviews on Google for each advertiser I see before any movie.

Debbie Cranberryfries

Lots of parking, lots of screens, lots of movie and food choices. Generally a decent amount of staff around to help lines go quickly. Clean.

Tyler Breinholt

Great audio! Saw the new Spiderman movie, which I think could have been better, but Megaplex itself is always a great experience!


Great service here, and the theatres and bathrooms are always so nice and clean! Great place for getting some relaxing entertainment!

David Pettersson

Always a great place for movies. Seats and theatres are always clean and comfortable.

Marcelo Archiza Almeida

I've been there many times. It is always a great experience

Christine Wilkins

Not only is this a great place to take on a movie, but on this last visit, it was work related. If your company has conferences or meetings in the future, this is an amazing place to do so.

Sterling Mason

I love this theater! The epic scale and Tinseltown styling inside adds such a cool feeling to "going to the movies." I live half an hour away and sometimes it's just fun to make the extra drive to have an extra-special theater experience. Tons of screens, lots of snacks, and IMAX baby!!! Been to an opening day or two here and it's always a special atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Tim Brown

I usually don't spend the money to go to theaters, I find it too expensive. This theater is very nice there's nobody in front of you because it stadium seating, and the seats are extraordinary really comfortable. I am a member of AARP, and this theater hosted us for a screening of a movie that wasn't going to be released until the next day, and they did it free of charge. I really like the way that they work with different types of organizations in order to help them. Good job Megaplex. once I quit being so cheap, I will patronize your business before others.

L. Brown

Great luxury loungers (heated seats) and theater! Truly lives up to its name MEGA! Only gripe would be getting concessions seemed a bit understaffed for a Saturday night. Great rewards system to gain free drink/popcorn refills.

Sydnee Ochoa

Went during $5 Tuesday on a big opening week for a popular movie. The staff seemed completely overwhelmed, and everything was very dirty. I understand things happen when there are large crowds, but they seemed very understaffed. I would have thought they would bring on more people for an anticipated busy night. Very long lines everywhere for concessions, and no one was even standing in the hallway to check our tickets when we entered the hallway! With that being said, the look and feel is definitely a plus, and the seats are comfortable. I noticed that there were sponsor labels in the women's bathroom adhered to the mirrors that were peeling off. Definitely could use some TLC in some places, but still a fun place to be. Employees were friendly despite being overwhelmed. Only reason I'm not giving 3 stars or less.

Colleen Coffman

Wow! What a great movie experience! We need places like this in Kansas City...

Aislinn Macintosh

Was on old high school that was renovated. Great place to have a date and impressive movie options.

Tevan Bisby

I don't come here often but when I come here there's always clean floors, clean bathrooms and the screening areas are great

Viv Ibarrola

The VIP experience was awesome! We went with my daughter and was unique! You don't need to worry about anything!! A pleasure for sure!

Jacquie Jones

Wonderful premier of The Fighting Preacher, lots of people but the flow of the crowd and location was perfect. Great job Teresa!

John Neff

I love this theater. We were in theater 20 which is fairly new, and the seats are awesome. They have a Cold Stone and Rocky Mountain Chocolate right outside this screen. Good snacks, great seats, wonderful audio, and video that drew me in.

Lisa Monson-Potter

Always clean, employees are helpful and pleasant. Tuesday is discount movie day. Fun way to get out of the heat

Megan Mabey

This theater is nice and clean I’ll admit. They have a lot of food options, but they just recently got rid of a ton of their menu items and it’s so disappointing. A lot of their food stands have weird hours, some of them were closed on $5 Tuesday in the evening and that day is so busy. They have 6 kiosks by the front doors where you can buy your tickets and the last time I went only 2 of them were working, the screens constantly freeze or it just shuts off. They have comfy seats and they have recliners but only towards the front. They need to update and have every seat be a recliner and charge normal price like at Cinemark or Regal.

Kim Hatch

There needs to more WHEELCHAIR accessible seating. We have a family of 3 and they only offer 2 chairs and a space for a wheelchair. My husband doesn’t want to sit in his wheelchair the whole time, he purchases a seat so he should get a seat. Also, people who are considered ADA but who can walk up and down steps should not be allowed to purchase those seats. It’s despicable people do! Those are for wheelchairs or for people who can’t go up and down steps. You need to make that known to the people who just assume they are ADA can sit there.

Nicholas Reese

First couple times going to this theater I wasn't a big fan because it's a massive theater if you can even call it that. After going a few times I decided to take my niece to her first midnight movie! We went and saw "A Quiet Place" and it ended up being a very fun and memorable night. Even though I think my niece kept her eyes closed half of the time.

Adam Hess

Came for a conference. Free (kinda I paid for the conference) tumbler with refillable drinks was a plus. Using the theaters for seating was a great idea. (Will update rating after the conference is over.)

Brian Aguilar

I really like this theater the staff is really nice and they put alot of butter on your popcorn! The ambience is on point as well!


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