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REVIEWS OF Megaplex Theatres at Geneva IN Utah

Caleb Buswell

Great theater. Love the seating. The food court can take along time to get your food so plan accordingly.

Courtney Cowley

This is one of my favorite theaters in the area because the theaters are large (there are almost always seats available), there are quiet rooms for babies/children, and the service is always good. I almost exclusively go to the Megaplex Geneva theaters and would have no reservations recommending it to anyone else.

Dave H

This is our go up theater for the most anticipated movies. Imax and Luxury seating. We pass 4 theaters to come here. For average movies we go elsewhere but it's worth the drive and extra money to come here when we're excited to see really big screen worthy movies.

Tiffany Slovacek

This theater is only a few years new that the wear and tear hasn't really set in yet. And the workers keep it so nice and clean. It is such a relief! I may live 20 miles away and have other theaters closer, but this one never disappoints me. The parking is really tight, especially on an opening night or $5 Tuesday. If those are dealbreakers, go on other days when the parking may not be as crowded.

KJ Snider

New beautiful theater. I loved it!

Mike Misbach

Great theater and great food. They keep it clean and the seats are comfy. Can't think of anything else you'd want at a movie theater.

Lane Combs

Great theatre. Really good sound. Comfortable. Loved it.

Michael O'Day

The best theatre I have ever been to! Choose Dolby Atmos, the sound is so much better than IMAX. The theatre is state of the art, clean, and they serve real food thats delicious. If your local sign up for their loyalty rewards to earn 5% back in free stuff. You can buy mugs for $15.25 with refills for only $1.75 anytime you visit. Two movie tickets usually gets you enough points for something free.

Emily Porter

Always so good, great staff, clean and well taken care of!

Kay Houghton

The employees were very helpful, the seats were SO comfortable, and Theater was very clean.

Zak H

Great service and overall kind employees. The service makes seeing movies that much better. Accidentally given wrong tickets for an earlier movie, went back to fix and they where extremely quick to help us see our movie on time. Clean. Seats are comfy as heck.

Garrett Carr

I love their $5 Tuesday's. They have a nice brand new theater, with comfortable seats, and concessions that you will actually want to buy. Except for the milkshakes.. those are a disappointment.

Merrilyn Kile

Affordable tickets and nice atmosphere. Snack prices aren't outrageous either. I never buy movie theater snacks, except the time I went here. My only complaint is that patrons are disgusting and don't clean up after themselves at all. A family of 6 or so bought movie theater snacks and left everything on their seats after the movie.

Daniel Broadbent

This theater is fantastic! The luxury seats are really nice. Great concessions. It is clean and the people are friendly and they have the best popcorn in the valley! No phony butter behind the counter. There is fake butter at the self serve kiosk if you want it.


Seats were comfortable and the visibility was very great. I like the stadium seating where you're sitting above the next person in front of you making the movie able to be seen from any area where you sit no. The screen is huge and the venue is very clean and very nice

Enoc Hernandez

Great movie theater and do a better job than most theaters keeping the floors clean.

Todd Walker

Awesome theater. Great sound and picture and vibe!

Beth Norton

I absolutely LOVE the Megaplex Theatres at Geneva! I am there at least once a week, sometimes twice! The theaters are clean and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. I definitely recommend this place.

Braden Jensen

Sound quality was good and picture quality was good. The seats become very uncomfortable after the first 15 minutes of sitting in them. They're nothing like the luxury seats of the Cinemark in Spanish Fork or the one at University Place.

Laura Kelley

Megaplex is such a great theatre! Definitely go on a Tuesday cuz it’s $5 rather than the usual, which is like $12! This area is progressing a lot with all the shops! Definitely go to Founding Flavors ice cream!! You will NOT be disappointed! 2 people can share a small. Anyway, the movie theatre is great and has a lot of movie options.

Kali Cochran

Super clean. Had enough staff to accommodate the crowd. Snacks were fresh and the popcorn was delicious.

Jake S

I enjoyed a few films here recently and my overall experience was good. I would not shell out for the recliner seats again nor purchase the pizza as it was bland.

Brendon Wilson

Good movie theater, but every time I go to this on in specific there is an issue. Tonight I was waiting in the concession line, while nearby there was a man that appeared homeless asking people to buy him and his friend tickets to a movie. I watched him ask 4 people in front of employees and they didn’t ask him to stop or leave.. he then came up to me and my date right as I was getting my food and asked me to ‘help him’ walked up to guest services with me and asked me to buy his tickets in front of the employees and my date. I obliged to get him away , but am disappointed the employees didn’t stop him the first few times.

Brittney Nielsen

The quiet rooms are great when you have a naughty baby or toddler. And their coupons actually save you money! However I did like the paper coupons better than the app redemption coupons, but I can imagine this stops fraud. I wish cinemark would take a hint and create a dang rewards program that was even half as good as megaplex. Honestly I avoid cinemark at all costs for this very reason, and as a new mom the sound proof quiet rooms are also a huge draw! I feel like megaplex actually cares what their demo wants!

Heather McC

I LOVE this theater!! They've recently added a few restaurants out front, but it would still be great if there were more options inside! The employees and managers are Always great and helpful though!

Benjamin Brockbank

LOVE this theater!! Go on $5 Tuesday (any time any show for 5$). The seats and screen are just great!! Also check out Founding Fathers ice cream in the same parking lot. They are the best!

Tyler Glad

Best movie theater I have ever been to. Sound, comfort, concessions are all top notch.

Cindy Faatz

Super clean and comfy! Lots of great treat and food options!

Jeff Whipple

Honestly alittle over priced for not having all luxury seating. But I have loved megaplex theater ever since they opened Jordan commons. They really strive to have the best video and audio experience. And it shows!!! But I would suggest they get with the time and go with monthly pay structure that allows you to watch as many movies in a month that you want with no restrictions, knowing that some months you may never go, but in the summer go often, and make up the difference with concession stand sales. I really wish they had luxury seating for all, and honestly I know most people in today society wouldn't mind paying the extra.

Joshten Teuscher

I love the movies and I love megaplex movie theatres. They are always very nice and very clean. Their movie selection and times available are massive. And to top it off nothing beats 5 dollar Tuesday.

Faust Belarmino

This is by far my FAVORITE Megaplex location. The service is always great, the location is just right, and the options for food is FANTASTIC. We love going on $5 Tuesdays and scoring a great deal on tickets and concession! The service is good and they cook/prepare the food fairly quickly. More and more people are coming to this location... so make sure to come early to make it through the concessions line and on time to your movie. I think I wish they had was a way to purchase tickets outside... I thought they had one before but I didn't see it the last time we were there.

Rachel C

Employees and management do not care about customers! I'm sure you will have a fine experience as long as EVERYTHING goes according to plan - if not, they will not try to make it better and may throw in some insults as well. After driving from Salt Lake with several family members and purchasing concessions for everyone to watch a movie in a theater with a Quiet Room - we learned THEIR WEBSITE WAS INCORRECT and our movie did not actually include the quiet room. I asked if they'd be willing to give me some sort of credit or discount for a future movie since I'd now be in and out of the movie with my baby because the only reason we came to that specific theater was with the promise of a Quiet room. After their employee pulled up the Megaplex website and confirmed I was correct that the website did INCORRECTLY show there was a quiet room included - the manager still refused to work with me at all. He scoffed when I explained the situation instead of any attempt to understand and then told me that they make a point to check their website everyday so I was lying! Despite their employee already CONFIRMING that the website was INCORRECT and it did list our movie and time as a theater with the quiet room. Instead of being forward thinking and trying to address my concerns and try to have us return by offering ANYTHING, this manager was insulting and rude. As a result none of my family will ever be coming to any Megaplexes again after that experience.

Jason Norton

Great theater, very clean, and lots of food options to choose from while watching your movie. We got our tickets online and they scanned a code to let us in, we went out to get stuff and tried to get back in and the guy told us that our ticket had been scanned already and wasn’t going to let us in. Luckily the guy who scanned our tickets in the first place was there and recognized us but that is kind of a weird policy and I feel like that is super common for people to go back out and get food. There is a really good ice cream place right next to this theater. Even though the policy is weird with scanning tickets we will go back.

Matt Easton

One time I was craving popcorn, so I called ahead to several movie theatres to see if I could buy some. It was almost 11pm, and all the theatres were closing and turned me away. Geneva, however, told me to hustle and they would help me with my craving. I got there after 11, but they had already prepared the popcorn for me and allowed me to buy it and satisfy my craving. It was top-notch service! I was truly made to feel special, and I got my popcorn fix! Amazing! These teenagers deserved a raise! My heroes!

steve wood

Awesome movie venue. I love the Megaplex group of theatres and how they actually have trays attached to the seats. There's even plenty of great options of food to get right there inside (not just the usual ridiculously priced market candy) and enjoy it with the movie. Good clean atmosphere and up to date technology implemented throughout the theatres.

Beth Cameron

This is a really nice theater but everything is overpriced. A bottle of water is $5. I mean, come on. They do offer some diverse movie theater experiences like the reclining sofa chairs. As well as 4D experience with chairs that move and vibrate during the movie.

Jeremie Kawshun

Comfortable seating! great customer service! Amazing rewards

Ryan Mullen

Pretty great place to see a movie. The surrounding area is finally being developed. Parking is still super bad. Only reason this isn’t five stars. Be prepared to park in dirt and walk far. Concessions line is always fast. Seem to be able to cruise through. So if your movie starts close to when you get there. You’ll probably be ok waiting in line. The staff is always great! Always super friendly and helpful.

Sid Unrau

Great place, not adequate parking, but part of the parking lot is under construction. The way the line works seems to go very slowly when there is a crowd. The people are always friendly and helpful. The theaters are nice.

Larry Tullis

Just as you would expect. Good movie experience but ripoff food prices.

Haylie June

We went to see a $5 Tuesday movie and their system must have been down because they were giving out General Admission tickets. People had to keep getting up and moving seats since people had already bought tickets for assigned ones. Felt horrible because there was a family next to us that moved 3 times since they didn’t know which seats were taken and which ones weren’t. The employees were very courteous, but the solution to their technology problem was really disruptive.

Branana Jo

Me and my sister go out of the way to watch movies here because their seats are so comfy!

Mark Denbow

The Megaplex theatres have always been a go to and this location does not disappoint. Seating is comfortable with all seats having the option to slightly recline and plenty of legroom to stretch in your seat without bothering your neighbors. The options for snacks are the run of the mill popcorn and soda, but they offer ice cream and burgers kettle corn and pizza and many more options. The location is a little out of the way from the interstate and from restaurants and is in a development zone. Overall a great experience with this theatre.

scotland holmgren

Amazing picture quality with a reasonable price. The seats recline and have adjustable arm rests. Great sound quality and a great selection of movies. Fun place to spend a few hours with friends or family.

Stephanie Larsen

Love this theatre! It's never crazy crowded and it's CLEAN. 10/10

Ian Horrocks

Great theater! Only 4 stars because no one can compete with the Cinemark at the Orem mall.

Richard Gibbons

If not for the egregoiusly overpriced concessions and crazy overpriced tickets, this place would be a five star establishment. The staff has always been exceptional and raises the score significantly.

Abby Mortensen

These new theatres are so awesome! I'm in a wheelchair and it's very accessible, so thank you very much.

Chris Bozer

The Megaplex is a great facility that is great to see a movie. Prices are typical for movie theaters. Very clean facility and the staff is professional and kind to work with.


Besides the fact that the movie, Halloween, was awesome.. the theatre was fabulous! The seats were super nice n comfy! The screen was incredible! It was like you were literally in the screen, right there it was cool! The sound was crystal clear. All around great experience at the movies! Really glad we went there instead of the mall! Oh yeah, plus it was a few bucks cheaper than the mall for a much better time!


It has a wonderful atmosphere, and the service is really great! The movie was also enjoyable and the comfortable seats made it better.

Kaitlin Greene

Great customer service. Clean and beautiful theater!

Derek Geslison

Great place to watch movies but they upped their concessions prices recently

Kimberly Fawn

We went to see Captain Marvel. They showed the Spider Man trailer which SPOILS Avengers: Endgame that we had tickets to see just after Captain Marvel ended. Thanks guys, we'd been aggressively avoiding social media, trailers, and spoilers until we had the time to go onlysee the movies only to have the theater screw it up for us.

Justin Perucca

Had no complications. Great sound system

Lucy Kellis

Probably just because it is new- but this is my favorite theater. It is always clean and it's fun having all the new businesses grow around it! Glad to have a megaplex so nice and new and close by!

Ryan Mason

Really like the theater seating. Friendly staff, decent flow. It was way busy because we were there for Avengers End Game.

Troy Kump

I had a great time watching Alita Battle Angel with my pops. I wish they covered more of that story in the movie, but that has nothing to do with Megaplex. I like how you get a refill on a large popcorn, because I can pound through one myself!

Aaron Ashton

Wonderful place to go see movies. Easy access and it's pretty straightforward to know which theater room to go to. Plus, you have a variety of treats to choose from.

Dave Varney

Nice theater. We went to see Twice the dream. There is this really cool.guy name David Varney. Good feel good family movie.


We love the Thanksgiving point mega place. This location should have all there employees train there and then come back. We we're served raw chicken. Ticket taker was nowhere then came out of somewhere (I hope the bathroom) with his hands down his pants. He was confused when we didnt want our ticket stubs back. We have tried this location for the last time.

Eric Forbush

Huge beautiful theater. Super new and clean

Alex Smith

Movie consessions are what they are but at least this megaplex has a lot to choose from. Their luxury seating is an experience if you haven't tried it yet.

Rogers & Russell Attorneys at Law

We go through Megaplex to host company events and they are always very helpful and professional!

Eamonn Shults

Amazing theater! It’s my absolute favorite. The customer service is the best in the whole valley. The picture and sounds are phenomenal. I’m a big movie buff, and let me tell you that this is the best theater to see whatever movie strikes your fancy!

Wilfred Little

Great place. Variety of choices. Clean restrooms. Friendly staff.

Sergio de Chazal

Clean, comfortable... Awesome sound. Easy parking. Restroom was sparkle. Team made us feel home. I liked the TV s showing future show and the comercial from the plumbing company was incredible! I enjoyed the movie a lot! Very nice time spent at this location. We will be back!

Trevor Bevan

The theater itself is amazing and very comfortable, but concessions are outrageous.

Mark Johnson

My favorite theater in Utah Valley. Good food options. Always clean. Nice chairs. Helpful staff. Good sound. Rewards program.

Dee Stevens

Always a great place to see a show.

Kayla Jett

This place is enormous!!! I had some free tickets and decided to go on a Saturday night with my sister. It was a bit crazy as there were tons of people there. The lines did go really fast which surprised me. The staff were very efficient at their jobs. The food line went super fast and they were very nice. The IMAX theater itself was great and the seats were comfortable. The only thing I wish was available was to use the free tickets online or on the phone. It was a little stressful watching the seats disappearing online and coming in to get them with only a handful left and not being able to sit next to my sister.

Devin Zugic

Great theater I even have the rewards card.

Daniel Roth

Wonderful theater, pretty roomy, even when it's not the luxury seats. Food selection is good and prices aren't too bad.

Amanda s

Maleficent was so good. Reclining chairs were great.

Madison Munnerlyn

Great place for date or family night. They also sell surprisingly incredible ice cream.

Coltyn Holsdaway

Great prices and an amazing rewards program! I'd highly recommend the rewards program, we get free movies, drinks, and snacks all the time with it.

Payden McBride

I love this Megaplex theater, they have so many theater rooms and each one is huge as well. Comfortable and clean, easy to sit back and enjoy a good movie. Parking is a little strange but the area is under development so I can understand it.

kincade hallock

Love sitting with no one else in the theater but me and my wife on specific days

Brady Andreason

Extremely unhappy. Im standing in line while 3 cashier's both take orders and prep food. Meanwhile, ticket agents are standing there doing nothing. The line is rediculously long! Shouldn't this place have these logistics worked out? We arrived a few minutes late, but thought we could go through the line real quick. Then they only had 3 fountain machines open. We got in our seats after ther movie already started and missed the beginning. Supper unhappy!

Julia Squire

Just came from the movies. Popcorn was good. Staff was nice. Movie was great, once we finally got to it. Ads between the trailers? Really megaplex?!? There was over 20 min of them. I can not believe they started doing that. You are used to seeing those dumb ads before everything starts but between every trailer. You have got to be kidding me. Here I come Cinemark.

K Morgan

I love Megaplex on Geneva! Tuesday afternoons have never been better!

Ashley Christman

Pretty average for the theaters around here. They have a food court, which is different, but the one time I got their food wasn’t a great experience. Just stick with popcorn and you’ll be fine

Mike Jeli

Always a great place to go. Especially the IMAX 3d.

Tyler McBride

Overall the Megaplex is a great theatre!! I love all of different movie viewing options (IMAX, Dolby, etc.). My one complaint is that I wish all of the seats were luxury like at Cinemark.

Anthony Ochoa

The theatre is great, and I'm sure reading the reviews here won't tell you anything different. But it always seems so dead!! Which is good and bad. Good because, well, peace and quiet. Bad because, I don't feel like I'm having a great experience here. If love if they plugged in an arcade!! I see the rented out their lot to allow restaurants and shops. Maybe this will make the area a bit more exciting.

Sheldon Bladh

This is not your average movie theater. The screens are massive, the surround sound is pinpoint perfect, and the atmosphere is great. You can order an entire meal at this theater. The staff I have interacted with have been helpful and happy with one exception.

Cheyenne Talbot

Luxury seating is awesome. Heated seats and separate foot and back controls and super comfortable. The tray is helpful and it is awesome that they let you take food in.

Brodie Ayotte

Best movie theatre in Utah! Quick to get in and out. Great food options right outside. Even have a soda shop right outside so each time you come you can try a different one. Nothing around compares to the sound and seating they provide.

Benjamin Nunez

I’ve always had good experiences here. Never really a long line, especially if you buy tickets online and I really like that you can reserve your seating. Makes the experience a lot better. Prices could be better but that is with every movie theatre. Get your tickets early because they sell out quickly


Beautiful new venue! It was gorgeous and modern, the variety of concessions were amazing, the chairs so comfy... would definitely go back again. The only thing is if you’re planning on getting snacks for the movie, arrive at least 15 mins ahead of time cause the lines can be long.

Collin Mitchell

Great audio. Love the Dolby atmos. Great quick service. Popcorn was great too.

Dallin Fairbanks

I went to the theater with my brother to see Aladdin (cute movie btw) and had a good experience. With it's well-lit, wide, tile-floored hallways, It definitely didn't have the warm, cozy "movie theater vibe" I've gotten used to with the Cinemark theaters I frequent, but the seats were comfy, the sound was great, and the tickets were priced exactly as you'd expect them to be anywhere else. Worth the visit for sure. I don't know if it was because I got a bad batch, but I was disappointed with the popcorn. It was definitely more plain and less buttery than what I'm used to (and prefer) with movie theater popcorn. I'll have to go a couple more times before I can comment definitively on the overall popcorn quality.

Kyle Rutledge

Great theater but there were three people selling tickets with no line and one guy serving concessions with a huge line that lasted over half an hour. Balancing that would have been awesome

Ryan Rasmussen

Great new place to watch a movie. Plus there are a couple of great eating establishments near by so go early.

Joel Sturman

Smaller theaters like #1 luxury seats not worth it. You can easily hear people in the hall during any non-quiet part of the movie. Larger theaters here are great.

Dallin Barker

Amazing place to go! Love coming to watch movies here my family. High quality screens and comfortable seating. Love getting the refill on the mugs we have.

Jon Parker

I love coming to the megaplex, I've been coming for a long time and I've never had a problem. Their new megapass program is awesome. Pays for itself within one viewing each month. Im gonna be going to the movies more often now. Thank you megaplex theaters!

Katie Super

Very nice and very clean theatre. Everyone was extremely friendly! But I'm literally on here to leave a review for the QUIET ROOM FOR FAMILIES!!! This was the BEST thing! The seats were so comfortable and they rock, it's carpeted so I was able to take my fussy child up there and let him move around for a minute and not miss any of the movie!! You can control the volume in there too... Amazing!! I am so beyond impressed with this incredible accommodation! You are only supposed to be in there for 20 minutes but since no one else was in the theatre we used it for much of the movie- and I couldn't be happier because I haven't been able to see a movie in a long time. Thank you so much for including this in your theatre!!

Sarah Hogue

This is such a fun theater! The concession stand is awesome! They have kettle corn too! I had a great time in the comfy chairs!

Daryl Reedy

I love the Stadium seating and the nice chairs. I've always been a bigger guy and I love that the seats here are so comfortable.

Luke Atticus Kennard

Great theater! New and clean. Awesome place for a family night or a friends night out. Plenty of food, drinks and snacks. Awesome location. When it’s night time you literally can’t miss it. The lights they have on the steeple thing at the top are so bright. You can see this place from the freeway easily. Usually good selection of movies as well.

Quinn Johnson

I've never been to this theater before this visit. It's very nice! I never felt uncomfortable during the movie, the surround sound was great, and I'd definitely recommend this theater to anyone.


Good theaters, pretty comfy. The snack bar needs some work, and the lighting for the lobby is pretty drab. It's still a decent theater. As most movie theaters are -- still expensive.

Amber Taylor

Nice theater, clean place. But if you want to get recliners, like most places around have now, you are going to pay extra and there are only a few. Also, they only offer drinks from their Coke Freestyle machine. If I'm paying almost $5 for a drink, I want it to at least taste like a real Coke!

Destiny Stone

This theater is amazing. It has comfortable seats for a decent price, superb sound and picture, and a quiet room at the top back to take little ones into to run around without disrupting everybody else! The quiet room has 2 reclining chairs, a door, a big glass window and low lights that are dimmable too. Worth paying 15$ a ticket in my opinion, because I can enjoy a movie with my 2 year old and so can everyone else

Paige Hurst

My favorite movie theater! Clean, great snack options, large seats, quick service. I can't think of anything else you need for a great theater!

Rodney Andersen

Seating and screen were good. Audio sounded like 2 speakers at the front. Pretty disappointing

Louise Nielson

Nice room to get to your seats. Close bathrooms. The movie was great. We would definitely come back!


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