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1945 E Murray Holladay Rd, Holladay, UT 84117 Located in: Holladay Center

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REVIEWS OF Megaplex Luxury Theatres At Cottonwood IN Utah

Joe Brigman

Chill atmosphere; almost never a crowd if you don't go on premier nights. The seats are amazing. Warmers, adjustable head/feet and extra soft wide seating with a swivel drink arm rest. Typical prices on movie foods but their food is above average. Parking in the back is easily accessible to the entrance.

Casey A.

The angle of the chair is a bit odd but it is a nice pleasant experience because it has no crowd.

Becky Bird

Went for a matinee & didn't realize that the movie we wanted to see was in the VIP room. It was $15.75 each but we decided to splurge. You order from a menu in your seat & they go get it & bring it to you & they take the payment & bring you a Lindt chocolate ball with it. They also offer blankets also. It was fun for a change. The theater is impeccably clean & the hot dogs we had were pretty darn tasty!

Alejandro Espejo

Poor experience in VIP, not worth it. The screen projector brightness was set too high. I spoke with the concessions manager and he said he would get it taken care of. He did not. Also, the concessions people were behind and walking through the theater during the beginning of the movie which is the most important part because it sets the mood for the rest of the movie. They also messed up our order twice. People go to the theater for experience which includes good picture quality and sound. I do not recommend paying extra for the VIP since the non-VIP has the same reclining chairs and there aren’t people walking around during the movie.

Leslie Hirschi

The seats are very large and comfortable. Plenty of room in the aisle and between seats. Snacks are good, but expensive.

Kara Clark

*Huge cushy seats in sets of 2. Great for couples. "Get your seats closer than usual when purchaing tickets online. *This places serves crepes at the snack bar. *escalator up, stairs back down....or use the elevator.

Ki B

Our favorite movie theater. Clean, not very busy, chairs are awesome and the ones who work the front are usually friendly.

Savea Mailo

Not much to say, it was perfect. Customer service, good seats, and all your snaps and drinks are made quite quick. Perfect for dates.

Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

Nice place. The recliners are huge but i wish the floor was more slanted.

Joel Peterson

This place is cool! All Huge luxury seating. But the screens are a little small.


Haven't been to this theater since they remodeled it forever ago. Its very nice now, I love the recliner seats they are very comfy! It overall felt clean and well maintained. Would highly recommend!

Tyson Hepworth

I love this place! It's very cozy, only 6 auditoriums means there are never crazy lines! Luxury seating with mote than one recline option and swivel tables if you like to snack during your movie or if you don't. Top notch theater

Jeff Brewer

Pretty nice theater for comfort . Avoid the "VIP" showings. Complete waste of money. Stale popcorn was brought to us as well a cup full of ice with a little soda in it. 15% was automatically tacked on. All this for an extra $5 admission.

ND Montoya

Amazing staff! Talk about putting pride into your job. The people are on top of their game and incredibly attentive. It's all luxury and they most certainly are the reason...they back up luxury in their pride at this theater. I recommend Megaplex Cottonwood for a fantastic experience at the movies. You won't get this anywhere else.

David Christensen

Excellent movie theater. The staff is very friendly, lines are nonexistent, and the seating is the most comfortable of any theater around. The only downside is that all of the luxuries of this theater are directly reflected in the ticket price.

Patti Isbell

We are first-timers to this megaplex. Totally recommend it, a touch of class in the air and super clean. We actually had a giant popcorn drink and refilled it.And please don't judge us we had ice cream on the way out.

Tom Abramson

High end luxurious movie experience that will leave you wondering why you ever went anywhere else in the first place.


It was very nice. We have never been to this one before and decided to try it out. We go to movies a LOT and always at a Megaplex. As far as comfort goes, this one was hands down the best of any we have been to. The only disappointment here was the food selection. We have become accustomed to getting our "dinner" food when we go to movie because the other theaters have a great selection of food options. Seems like this one, the main food choices are crepes or salads. I do understand it is a smaller venue, so not as much space to cook and such, but in giving an honest review, that was an issue for us. The seating was amazing though and we'll probably come back at some point because of that... But we'll eat somewhere else first! Just one recommendation though... Bring a blanket!! It was FREEZING cold in there. I saw others with blankets. They must have known they would need them.

Mary Kaelin

The first time I've ever been warm enough at a movie theatre! Loved the heated recliner, blankets and personal service next time we'll come hungry so we can order food right from our seats. So fun!

Jeffrey Guevara

All luxury recliners. Not very crowded most of the time.

Ferrel Bird Jr

Love the seats. Love the service. Love the people. And the food.

Susan Schaefer

The luxury recliners are worth the slightly higher price. So comfy..they are almost too comfortable if that's possible. They do offer a discounted ticket for the late show which is nice.

Trisha Blood-Davis

We went to see a movie as part of our anniversary celebration; we had never been to Megaplex before, so we were excited to check it out! The comfort was top notch, so much so that we both joked "thank heaven it was a great movie or we definitely would be sleeping!" We also loved that the seats were open so we could sit closer to share our treats and hold hands. Now, on the flip side, the vinyl parts of the floors throughout the building were SO sticky, we had to wash our shoes when got home. Yes it's easy, but still shouldn't be necessary. Lastly, the concessions kids were REALLY rude to everyone. I thought it was just the girl helping us, but as I waited for our things I got to watch some of my surroundings. Anyway, all in all it was a beautiful day!

Joshua Brothers

One of the more upscale theaters in the area. Every seat is luxury, and really no bad seats in the theater. Parking appears sparse at first glance, but if you have the secret map, you'll know there is more parking behind the complex, but getting there is not super intuitive. Just go wide, and you'll find it. Snack bar is pretty standard. The staff is helpful. Only downside is that the lobby always seems somewhat dirty--rubs against the upscale vibe they are trying to portray.

Lore Maloney

Best way to watch Avengers: End Game! Concession line was short, loved the icecream and crepes addition to the standard popcorn and soda. Loved the heated seats, so wish it would stay on longer but that's minor when I'm used to not having heated seats. Seats had 2 controls to recline, one to lay back (almost all the way flat) and another for the legs. Also had a tray table attached for all of your goodies from concessions. Loved loved this theater!!

michelle mats

Great heated lounge seating! Cute, cozy theater tucked away near the old Cottonwood mall. The revamp on this theater was needed and it now looks amazing.

Surender Yadav

You can play your own movies. Seats are so comfortable.

Sandy and Tracy Jensen

I love this theater. The recliners are so comfy and a good amount of space between seats. There is also plenty of room for your popcorn and drinks. Great movie viewing experience.

JT Leish

This theater is awesome. Great concessions, short lines, and even complimentary water cups. Inside the theaters, the reclining seats are great. I've seen movies sitting in the very front row, and the very back, and both were good spots. Great place, and I enjoy coming here a lot.

Ashleigh Fernandez

Theatre is so nice and clean. The bathrooms are nice an clean. The staff is so nice and helpful. This is now my favorite place to watch movies.

Kimberly Beal

So great to have this place in Holladay. All new lounge chairs and sound system.

Amanda Johnson

My kids and I like this theater. It's smaller than others so you don't have to walk from your car to the theater as far. ( Which is great when you have a kid with a broken leg on crutches). The seats recline and are heated. Along with a place to put your drink and a little swivel table attached to the seat to put stuff. Popcorn has always been fresh and the staff is great!

Greyden Ewing

I love this theater it is small not crowded most the time and ALL the seats are very comfortable recliners with heaters in them if you get cold. Also they have a vip theater that has amazing service in it. They ask you your order while you are in your seat and bring it to you before the movie starts so you dont have to wait in line for concessions. Very clean and professional look to it and also good icecream as well as a bonus.

Tiffani Mondragon

The update on this theater is wonderful. The seats are comfortable, the staff is helpful and friendly. It is kinda out of the way and doesnt look like much from the outside but you will pleasantly surprised inside. One day I will try their VIP service!!!

Lisa Veenstra

The layout of the theater is unique. There's a giant escalator that goes to the main theater. The facilities are immaculate. Fresh popcorn. But if you want more butter, you need to ask. There's no station to put a gallon of liquid cholesterol onto the popcorn. Google sent us a coupon for a discounted ticket through Atom, a third party movie ticket seller. We decided to do the VIP luxury seating for the movie, Mortal Engines. It's top notch. You can order food from the theater concierge. The concierge is for that specific theater. They will deliver it to your seat. They give you a blanket and mints. The seats are heated and you can recline the seats all the way back. This theater has stepped up movie viewing experience. We loved the experience. For a couple dollars more, we will be back. There's a ramen, ice cream shop, bakery and a brunch place in that shopping area.

Miss Abby

I am a movie fanatic and this is my favorite theater

Mike Adams

One of the coolest theaters I've ever been to. The seating is great and the sound and screen are excellent. Luxury of a reclining couch type seat and a smaller venue so the you're not crowded with people around you. Love this place and will definitely watch my movies here.

Jacob Selman

This was my first time going here. Seats are SO comfortable and the theater is in a very good location.

Jordan Welch

Luxury Seating, Luxury Seating. Thats all I have to say. You have not watched a movie until you have watched a movie here. And you know what the best part is? They still take 5 dollar Tuesday here for luxury seating. So stop on by with the whole family on a Tuesday night for a truly incredible movie watching experience.

Kurt Retzloff

They closed early and I didn't get to see their last movie. Not cool and unethical business practices. Manager should be fired the next time this happens. It's not hard to just stay open at a theater and it's not a difficult skill set to master. That is why I say fired.

William Thomas

Very nice theater! Seats are very comfortable with heated seats that recline. They even have people come and take your order before the movie. The only negative thing I could say is that if you are someone who likes to collect your tickets, you will be disappointed. Their tickets are receipt paper.

Tandra Urry

Movie was eeh the theater was nice and clean and the seats were super comfy, easy theater to find and no hassle ticket purchases was great

Briana Marshall

To celebrate my birthday, we chose your location to try the VIP lounge. When we entered the theater we went into a VIP lounge but it was empty. There were no signs indicating we needed to go upstairs nor was there a sign to point out the elevator since the escalator was blocked off. I was looking forward to chair side ordering. Instead we were told to order at the counter. We were taken to our seats by an employee. I thought that the employee would come around and ask about refills. I was disappointed with the lack of signage on the ground level and personalized service. I would have been better off ordering luxury seats at a regular theater for a lesser price. It was not worth the special trip down from Clinton

Greg James

A smaller, more intimate theater. It is particularly good place for a person with a handicap. There are elevators and escalators. The theaters have all luxury recliners, but more importantly there is no stairs in the theaters themselves.

Marcelo Archiza Almeida

The teather is amazing. I watched avengers end game movie. What an amazing experience. Megaplex website tricked me because it did not have the handicap symbol, so when a room is full, having a blue seat does not mean lot, the handicap symbol should be on every handicap seat. But the staff did an AMAZING job of fixing the issue that was mainly my fault

Kristina Kofford

Seat heaters and lounging chairs made for an excellent experience.

Niqui Eastman

Super nice all around. My new movie stomp!

Joel Sheppard

Favorite movie theater in the valley. I like the comfortable seats and mellow atmosphere. If it cost less I'd go more.

Alex Elton

Incredible theatre! top-notch customer service, and great food choices! VIP is a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth it! GO HERE!!!!!

Kathy Meancat5

Really nice theater. Clean and not crowded two day we went.

Zach Opie

Nice clean theater with great luxury seats!

bruce manka

The pricing is just craziness. $17 for a ticket

Jordan Jonker

What a fun place for date night! The seats are comfy; they recline AND are heated! What a nice touch! They offered us blankets (which I did see them change out and take into the back to be washed between movies!), which we loved. Just a nice experience overall. Really enhanced our movie night date night.

Phyllis Hall

Comfortable recliners and we loved the Other Side of Heaven 2.

Dylan Lewis

I'd never been to a "luxury" theater before, but this was a great experience. Large leather recliners, food delivered to your seat, and the audio and video for the movie was great. Definitely going to be going back.

Mary Reade

Clean, comfortable and friendly employees. 'Snack' bar is amazing! Full menu including ice cream.

Danielle Schaefer

I always love how clean and comfortable this theater is. It's also nice and small so it is never over crowded or too busy.

Carolyn Shackelford

We were there on a Monday and the theater was literally empty.


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