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REVIEWS OF Kaysville Theatre IN Utah

Collin Nicholes

Love this place. Awesome small town, family-owned theater. Great pricing on movies and concessions, too. Excellent family fun at a great value!

Emma Tibbitts

I have zero complaints about this establishment. I have been going here since I was very little and the staff are always friendly, the prices are always affordable, and the experience is better than you'd find anywhere else.


Great theatre for an inexpensive price. We enjoy the choices here. The theatre auditoriums are like the small town theaters. Affordable treats, drinks & popcorn.

Kelsey Yeck

Always a fun place for a good movie and great popcorn!

Kevin Jordan

Great prices! Great popcorn! Great employees! Tough going to the old style theater not stadium seats, and very small seats. Tight in the hips and legs.

Benjamin Klipfel

This is an awesome little theater. It's clean, affordable for families (3$ matinee, and popcorn and drinks/ snacks are affordable.

Stefanie Christensen

Awesome old school prices for movie tickets & treats! Seats were a little small & uncomfortable though.

Mark Whitney

Great value, fun to go to a movie and get popcorn and a drink for under $20. We just need to come and see more movies.

J Bean

best place for quality price movies 10/10 would recommend

HeavyHammz Momentz

Good old time small town theater with updated sound and very updated movies the staff were very friendly as well prices were super affordable. Will absolutely return again and again and again.

Justin Youse

I give this theater 5 stars. Yes, it's older than any other theater. But during the summer they have free movies on Wednesday and Thursday each week. Their concessions and regular tickets are VERY cheap. I myself appreciate the old "charm" of a theater like all of them were when I was growing up. It was also clean. Will it be a theater that I will go to for every movie? No. But for larger families or even kids during the summer, this place has great value.

Jammie Cox

Fun movie theater, the way they used to be. Won't break the bank buying movie treat's. Best popcorn.

Cathy Siler

There is absolutely no parking. Movie theater is on a busy Street no parking available at all created for the movie theater

J.M. Stetson

Excellent small town theater, can't beat the prices!! Don't forget to yell "EWWWW!!" at the gum during opening previews ;)

Cookies And Cream

We always like to see what is playing here! We have come here countless times.

Alexis Carlsen

We LOVE the Kaysville Theater! Ive been going here for 20 years, and my family has been going here for even longer than that! Its an amazing small-town small theater. The vibe here is quaint, and just amazing! The price is just PERFECT! Cant be beat, I've never found a place any cheaper. Go, and I promise you'll love it.

Brenda Provow

Great place for $2. Snacks are reasonable. Drinks are reasonable. Seats not that great.

Chris Nibley

I love it! Just like the theaters when I was a kid! I've never been one to care about all the gadgets and gizmos of the new theaters. I care more about the ambiance and the fun. This theater has good enough sound for me and big enough screens and my family of four can see a Saturday movie with popcorn and sodas all for less than $20!! Of course, the best part is that it's family owned. I might never see a movie anywhere else.

Clayton Barlow

It's a discount theater so keep that in mind, no stadium seating or reserved seats. But it is a great place to see a movie you don't think is worth paying full price for. The popcorn is always fresh and they use real butter, seriously it's worth going just for the popcorn!

Anne Bingham

Second run theater with a great price and very good popcorn

Jay Tobey

How can you not give a 5-star to a movie theater that charges you almost nothing for movies and has concessions at the price they always should be.

Amber Stoddadd

Great place been around along time pop corn is amazing

Chris Spencer

Second run movies at an older theater. Admission and snack prices are very reasonable. It's like it used to be when you were a kid.

ian kerr

very good place to go see a movie that you forgot to see when it was in theaters. above average popcorn and low prices. but the movie theaters smell like piss. if you can get over that it is a very good place to go.

Ryan Allen

I refuse to go to see movies at the big theatres. I’d rather support local and go to the Kaysville Theatre. My family loves it here and they are always happy and friendly. Great deal!

Jenny Dahlberg

Family fun at family prices!

Doug Carling

Fun theatre, cheap movies.

Dave Gibson

Best cheap theatre ever. Awesome staff and and cool quirky local feel... very kid friendly

Tony Loch

Affordable ticket prices! Great activity for the kids in the summertime!

David Paterson

Cheap and cheerful. Films are a couple of months old, but good opportunity to catch up on things you've missed first time round. Very impressed.

Sharon Seegmiller

The theater was very full but no one was upset. They were all anxiously waiting for the movie to start. Best theater around.

Valery Schlick

Great local theater for discount prices. Very easy to take kids on a night out here and not end up paying a bucket load

Noah Jolley

Great place to watch a movie that is not out in theaters anymore but quality isnt very good

Adam Berman

Good, cheap theater that serves its purpose well. Go, experience small town style theater.

Casey Swain

Great place to watch a movie. The new kids area addition is great.

Hannah Anastasio

Love this little theater. They have the best popcorn and prices in town!! You have to wait a bit longer to see the movies and they don't assign seats but it's well worth it! This is the best theater around for the price. It's a hidden gem in Kaysville!

Chelsie Wainwright

A great cheap place to take your family or a date, I haven't been there in a while but it is REALLY cheap. My family always goes because it is so fun, they have a tradition where when you first start the movie they all shout "Ewwwww!" And it's really fun to go there and just kinda mess around with that. Good snacks, soda, and popcorn.

Codie Bonnin

Great prices, free movies didn't the summer

lisa smith

The world's best popcorn! I could leave it at that, but then you wouldn't know the true depth of my addiction! Kaysville theater is a treasure. Remember those dollar movie theaters from when you were a kid? Surprise! There is still one locally! $3 on weeknights and $4 on weekends. Kaysville theater has been remodeled inside and is very classy with very good prices! Now back to the popcorn! A large is $5 and you get a free refill. I hate popcorn! But theirs..... theirs is a whole new level of delicious! I could live there with their great family movies and delicious popcorn! I'm still trying to figure out how they make it that delicious! It's driving me crazy! Did I mention I HATE POPCORN!?! They also have a free summer movie venue for the kids!

tycee rose

Always amazing service and their popcorn is the best!

Luke Baldwin

If you go understanding it's a budget theatre you'll be fine. If you go expecting a nice, normal, modern theatre, you'll probably be disappointed.

Niko Bellic

Seats are not the best but the popcorn is good

Brandon Feldman

Kaysville theater is a fun and quaint place that really has that cool small town vibe. They offer a lot of the main stream movies at an excellent price a few weeks after they release. All the refreshments are great and are also at a great price. The theater offers excellent value at a price that can't be matched.

TJ Forreal

Great prices on tickets and kids snack packs. Somehow this theater has held on to that small town theater feel.

Kyrsten Gustaveson

This place is sooooo overpriced. The only good part about this theater is the ad before the movies. Eweeeee

Darby Nelson

Great little theater. Cheap night out. Love the Kaysville theater!

Tiff Elggren

What's not to love about this place! The popcorn is so yummy!

Tyan Creed

Great prices on movies and snacks! Love this place!


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