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1400 US-40, Vernal, UT 84078

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REVIEWS OF Cinemas 5 IN Utah

Dustin Kearney

A few years ago I would have said terrible but I must say with the addition of new comfortable seating, low prices and good screen quality, sound is upgraded. Good enough for me

supermariogaming 54

Best movie theater ive been to it has an atm a

Nicholas Ogden

The seats are great and they have cookie dough bites! The staff and management are super nice as well. Great theater with a charm all its own.

KaShell Verholtz

It would be a great place if adults didnt bring their 3 year olds to grown up films.

Sabrina Redmond

Love the new seats. Wish they’d take cards as payment.

Jeff Johnston

Very nice little theater with large comfortable seats. It's a perfectly adequate theater, although they are cash only, I had to interrupt a circle of four chatting employees to order our concessions, and there were scuffs and lines all over the screen that were a little distracting once I noticed them during the movie. Tickets are $6, a large popcorn was $5. Not a top of the line cinema, but good. We will likely visit again.

David Forbis

It is an older theater so it's layout is a bit awkward and you have to pay everything in cash. They have new seats that are very comfortable and I have never had any problem with sound.

Dakota Durham

Best movie theatre for hundreds of miles in my opinion!

Vance Norton

Great movies, seating, popcorn and service

Ashley Marx

Amazing!!!! Love the new seats.... Best place in the basin

Travis Dodge

cash only.... wonder what they are laundering


The smell is over powering. Must be trying save money because my wife and I froze in that little room for 2 hrs. Never going back!!

John Thecoalminer

AVENGERS! Sweet venue for a 4 year old to experience his favorite super heroes. The theater just replaced the seats so they aren't sticky at all. As a matter of fact... Not even the floor is sticky. The refreshments are really reasonably priced as well.

Ksren Price

Really enjoyed the movie

Katie Ufford

The updated seats have been an improvement, but they should still offer discounted prices for the crappier theaters. 3D movies here give me a headache and I won't even bother with it anymore, fortunately they offer show times for 2D and 3D versions so I can avoid them and still see what I want. Tickets are way too expensive, but I'm glad they exist at least, otherwise the cost of the journey to see movies at a real quality theater would be way more expensive than sticking to Vernal, so I guess you pay a little more than their quality for that.

Joshua Nicholes

Great theater

Jim Linschoten

Movie began on time, staff was courteous and fast, had a great time.


The new seats in the theater are great, very relaxing and great movies!!!!

d e m e t r i a h o l l i d a y

Small on the out side but watched a movie here once and the seats were comfortable movie screen was nice. The sound was loud and clear. Good small theaters for the small town of Vernal, Ut. Overall movie and snack prices are good.

Marylu Colton

It's so much better than the other theatres in this area! I love this place!

John Barrus

For a small town theater it's pretty nice. They have recently upgraded seats. It is always quite clean.

Google user

This movie Theater is very outdated. Nothing has changed in 20 + years except the seats. You would think with all the cash they are pocketing that they would fix it up alittle. The staff are all teenagers that have no clue what they are doing and have no people skills. The bathrooms are disgusting and super old. Tickets and snacks are too expensive. I wish this movie theater would go out of business.

Eric Gunter

A movie theater is a vehicle to watch a great movie. This theater achieves that, its comfortable and the staff is friendly. They do need to clean up between movies though.

Sarah Navanick

It's always way too cold in there! You would think with all the business they get they could afford to turn up the heat a little! It makes me not even want to go watch movies anymore, I even brought a small blanket and I was still freezing.

Dustin Scott

I went to go to the 9:30 pm showing of the Joker on 10/10/19. The theater is completely closed and dark and it's currently 9:30 pm on the dot.

Ryan Webster

The theater is starting to make improvements! They recently got new leather chairs for the theaters, which is a huge upgrade. Hopefully more improvements are coming.

Rick May

Good prices on movies and snacks. CAn actually still get two tickets and popcorn/ drinks for under 20.00...draw back, tie your shoes because the will get stuck to the floors.

samantha marin

The relaxing seats were amazing. Thanks for the upgrades Cinema 5

Jennifer Nelson

The concessions are cheap and the tickets don’t break the bank. They keep the theaters clean too. Try going to a Regal, cinemark or an AMC, with a family of 4 and spending less than $40 on tickets and concessions. You can’t. I once spent over $20 on a single popcorn. Erm, we spent almost $100 to watch that one movie! And you wonder why people sneak candy into the theater!?!? At this theater we bring our refillable buckets and cups and spend less than $40 every time. There’s no need to sneak in candy at this theater. The kids that work the counter are very courteous and friendly. This place is doing an excellent job.


We love Cinema 5. Always fun to go there!

Maddison Calcara

Great theater! Comfortable seats, friendly service, clean and unbeatable prices. I am always a fan of supporting a local business and this cinema is family owned. Love bringing my kiddos to see a film or catching one on a date night with my hubby.

John Griffith

New seats are nice, but it's like putting lip stick on a pig. We REALLY need a new, updated theater in Vernal !!!

Louise Burson


Daniel Penkoff

Cash only,never open In the day,waiting for another one to open up,miss the drive in. Seats suck.

Ryan Durrenc

New seats, great surround sound, very impressive, keep it up you guys

Ben Burns

They play new movies, have a helpful staff that are always ready to clean after each movie in each theater. The sears are comfy and roomy for even wider people.

Jeffrey Williams

Excellent the seats are comfortable the floor was clean and so was the bathroom clean I mean

Irene Wolf

Has comfy seats and snacks


Not quite as nice as the theaters in the big city but also not gross and it is also quite a bit cheeper. I believe it is a great value for what you get.

Jacob Weber

Good family or hang out.

Mike Allen

Had a good night with the kids

Emily Roundy

The place is great the movie was great and the people are really nice plus the snacks were great

Alexander Seitz

Wonderful locally owned movie theater. Nice updated seat with very friendly staff and usually good movie choices.

Sam Williamson

They only take cash.....come on this isnt the 1950s!!!

Terry Bigjoe


Deb Rose

Was a good time

Jeremy Clark

Everything was great! Food, seats, and movie were all great!


Good ticket prices. Drink and food prices are really good. Seating is nice and comfy. Leg room is plenty. Theaters are clean. Sound system is good. Did notice what appeared to be a couple of small holes in the screen, mostly unnoticeable. Staff are high school kids. Not the friendliest or upbeat, but not rude.

Gary Arnett

Great people and prices, and they're upgrading the seats

Fi na

Cash only Theater! Old School. Small screen theater. Bathroom horrible. Not stocked. Tissue all over bathroom. Staff is more into socializing with one another than paying attention to their customers.

Kelly Sawyer

The cashiers are always very nice and quick with getting you your refreshments. Yes, they are cash only - there's a sign on the front door that's very easy to see. I'm more than okay with that. Especially when I'm able to get my ticket, popcorn and a drink for less than $10. Try doing that at a large city movie theater. Also, I love the dinosaur heads that they have mounted on the wall as you enter. I want those for my house one day.

Dave Merkley

Only theatre in town. Decent prices. Cash only.

Tim Wilson

It was okay. Wish it was nicer. I do like the new seats.


Great hometown theatre. Friendly curtious staff. Its affordable and great fun!

Manitoba Hawkins

Cash only, but an ATM in the lobby. Unexpected layout for the rooms and concessions. The new seating is great. Good space between patrons! Sound system rocks likes a theater should.

Jori Strode

Tons of friendly, patient, workers. Awesome movie experience with extremely clean bathrooms. Absloutely loved it!

Leah Howard

A very clean and comfortable theater. Lots of parking, friendly employees.

George Harvey

Have to say nice to see the new seats in theater 1.

Phillip Lund

Comfortable sitting here.

Erik Larson

The best theatre in the basin. Comfortable seating with lots of leg room. The staff is always so friendly, and the prices aren't too high. I especially love the refillable popcorn buckets and drink cups. Makes subsequent trips to the theater with the family much less expensive and more enjoyable.

Tammi Cuellar

They usually have the good movies, but there is one screen with something on it and it's annoying. Only 2 theaters have good seats. Would love a bigger selection at the snack bar.

Morrigan Anderson

Pricey but great

Bonnie Collier

Love the new seats! Lots of room.

joann winn

Your young workers are very helpful and on the ball also We enjoy the cleanliness of your Cinema

Crystil Carrell

We enjoyed the movie and the people are nice


Every discount theater Ive been to has been dirty and gross... this is NOT a normal discount theater. Cash only and their ticket prices are normal but the cost of drinks and popcorn are phenomenal!!! $8 for a ticket on a Thursday night, $1.50 for a small drink ($2 for med), $2.50 for a small popcorn ($4 for med). Now the most impressive part - the seats (we were in #2) were CLEAN! They weren’t sticky, the floor was clean, and it smelled nice. Same for the restrooms and lobby. They do a great job!!


Horrible service , people are loud , and apperently they allow babies is rated r films And they will not do anything about a loud group

Leslie Taylor

Nice for a small theater, friendly employees, could use more attention to quick cleaning between showings. Love the dinosaur decor on one of the walls.

Caela B

A little pricey for the venue I think but they have been making some updates which is nice

Brandon Donivan

Great place to see a movie. Old style theater seating with updated comfortable seats and sound system. Good ticket and concession prices.

Ryan Draper

Nice cash only theater.

Kami Clark

It’s a nice theater BUT they play the sound so loud I dread going. When I do go I bring earplugs and can still hear everything just fine.

Kay Thacker

Enjoyed the new chairs, very comfortable

Heather Zapata

Movies with the grandkids best time ever

Kevin Gittins

This place shows great movies. However, the seats are run down and concessions are rather limited. Be aware this place only takes cash. They have an ATM inside the theatre but bring cash before going to avoid the ATM fee.

Richard Freed

I love the Vernal Cinemas! The kids do a great job running the facility. I have only came to the theater on matinee times on the weekends. The young man that runs the place on the weekends does a great job with running the equipment, and is very polite to the costumers. I remember seeing him over 4 years ago serving my drinks and popcorn, so it's great to know that he has worked his way up to management. I will certainly return. Great movie going experience. Prices are very reasonable.

Angie Boren

It's a great family or date place

Bruce North

Great friendly staff! Nice seats in the theater. Loved the movie!


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