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REVIEWS OF Cinemark University Mall IN Utah

Bruce Gudmundson

We were late To the game watching Endgame but glad we came here. The seats were super comfortable which was good since the movie was long. The concessions were good as well.

Carolyn Monson

Great movies and friendly staff!

Courtney Cowley

Good movie theatre. The chairs are comfortable the theaters are clean. Two things I don't like are first, the theaters are never a comfortable temperature and second, the theaters aren't very big which means they are often sold out.

Troy Sommerville

The workers their were very helpful and friendly

Sheila Kennedy

Best seats in town! Local to shopping and dining. A long awaited theater for us locals. Each seat is reclines and no need for booster seats. Whole family loves it! Pop corn is on point.

Crystal Dombrowski

I dont know who thought up reclining chares in movie theaters but best movie experience I've had in a long time

Tom Perotti

Just went to see the Hobbs and Shaw movie, got 3 tickets could only use 2 because a friend couldn’t leave their child unattended. After the movie I went to ask for a refund for that third ticket and was told by what looked like a member of management that i should have come before the movie start. I said I didn’t know that they weren’t going to make it before the movie started. They then said sorry. This entire exchange went on while he vacuumed. Horrible customer service. What a waste of $70, refreshments and tickets. Won’t be returning.

Ken Kempa

Fantastic reclining leather seats, crazy concession $$$ - but that's the norm nowadays.

Shayla Fowler

The most comfortable recliners and a great movie! I got 20% off snacks also so that helped save some money.

Insomnia Katt

One of my favprite theatres. Always enjoy movies here. It's not too cold like a lot of other theatres seem to be.

Trevor Hicken

Nice movie theater with lounge Seating and you can reserve your seats ahead of the movie times. Quick service getting treats for the movie! Saw Aquaman and was delighted to see that even though I was pretty late entering I had only missed some trailers and made it for the featured film.

Aldo André Romero

The experience was really nice

Jared Van Schyndel

This place is ridiculous. My wife and I couldn’t see a movie because she lost her wallet and didn’t have her ID. My wife well over 17. This is a movie theater not a bar.

Mike Hawk

The way they are setup is poorly done. Also they don't list the price of their items and when you ask how much something is they try to charge you then make a big deal about having to put the item back. But tell you they can't tell you the price with out the item.. Makes the rest of your experiance there not as fun making the movie experiance less despite having comfy seating and a good picture.

Joseph Stout

If I knew I was paying extra to watch 20 minutes of commercials I wouldn't have gone to the movies. So many better theatres that actually show a movie.


Comfy and the Tuesday $5 price is just right

Cindy Faatz

Overall we love to go to cinemark. We just hate the $$$ when it comes to tickets and concession! Seating is bomb though!

Ethan Overbaugh

Literally the best chairs for watching movies, EVER. Imagine a leather Lay-Z-Boy for each person in the theater that also reclines. Their popcorn and drinks are standard for most movie theaters, but their seats, sound setup, and visual quality are the best around.

Genesis Gonzalez

Ive always had great experiences here & the chairs are so comfy

Ron Eckhardt

Staff works very helpful in finding which theater to go to and the seats everybody was friendly and courteous

Juliana Reynolds

The have great, comfortable seats that recline! Extremely tasty popcorn and have combo deals for their snacks. Lived going to see Malificent, and Lion King! Surround sound is amazing too!

Leif Anderson

I just recently got the Fandango app and purchased my tickets online. I go in and scan my QR code grab my popcorn and wait for the movies. I love it here and really appreciate the movies. When you see the commercials at the beginning of each movie how it shows the people getting their Coke and popcorn.... This Theater is the closest thing to achieving that commercial and any other commercial I've seen.

Katie Scott

Best place to see a movie in Orem! All the seats are recliner chairs which are so comfy and by far the best way to see any movie! Definitely worth seeing a movie here!

Brian Jordan

I love the seating. So comfortable and lots of leg room.

Ryan Mullen

I mean it’s an ok place. The new seating is actually pretty dope. Tons of legroom. Not a bad seat in the house. Older theater, with smaller screens. Be prepared though for burning eyes. Maybe it’s just my timing, but it seems like they burn popcorn and my eyes burn every time I walk in.

Sherman Bond

I enjoyed the cinema, especially the seating I was able to put my feet up as I enjoyed a movie.

Dan Jones

Great theater. The seats are amazing.

Tristin Roney

This is the best theater. The seats are so comfortable! The only downside is you have to book your seats ahead of time for a lot of the popular movie times.

1hawaiianboy6@gmail. Com 1kahinu6

We love coming to this theater because the seats are so great and comfortable. Thanks you very much to one of your managers Marc, who stopped to help my wife when she was struggling to deal with several small children and carrying food as well. He stopped what he was doing and helped her to her seat. Thank you for going the extra mile and making sure everything was good. Great customer service!

Marianne Weight

Great seats and bathroom! I loved the movie, (TRL Alladin) it was good quality and hilarious!

Juan Baez

Thanks for helping me bring my boys some joy. They loved your recliner chairs. As a father of 3 I really appreciate not having to pay any additional fees

Serina Johnson

Lost my keys there and the staff was so nice and helped me find them right away. The theaters are super clean and they have the best theater chairs you can get.

Lacy K

Fun place to go on a movie date night with your partner! We enjoyed it! Just get seats early so your not stuck at the bottom.

Jerry Proudlock

Fun and cozy movie experience. The smaller theater sizes, yet with the giant reclining chairs, make this theater welcoming and almost feels like home. (If my home came with a wall size TV and expensive popcorn.) Loved the open snack bar shopping area. And the variety of food available was good. They had the staple theater items of course, but also some items that surprised me. We liked that there were also a lot of video games in the lobby to play. Theaters without games are kind of sad. The Movie club is a good value because it saves you money at the snack bar.


Great time at the theater, all food and drink is ridiculously priced, 4 drinks and a large popcorn almost $40

Trenn Brown

Love the recliners and concessions.

Mery Wright

I love this theater. It's always a little chilly in the screening rooms, but bring a cozy blanket and you'll be fine. The reclining seats are comfy and there is really no terrible seats, even the front row is not too bad.

Erik Gonzalez

The best cinema in Utah. I love the luxury seats, these are really comfortable.

Travis McCoy

My kids love going here to watch movies. They especially like the reclining chairs and that they have no problem seeing over the people in front of us.

Jonathan Williams

We love this theater. Nice seats, great theaters, good popcorn.

Kim Brown

I love that all seats recline. We went early and had the whole theater to our selves. The treats and drinks are good.

High Hopes

Love this location. Everyone that works there is friendly and helpful. The theaters are always clean and love the recliners.

Debi Pope

It was clean and the staff friendly. They have some staff there with special needs I guess and I love it. I am always happy to find places that just give everyone a go. I totally support that. I'm also a fan of the cinemark movie club that gets me 20% off concessions..if you go to movies even just once a month its totally worth it.

Jace Harvey

The movie it’s self was not good but the movie theater is amazing. It has the best seats in the business.

Brian Patino

Great place to watch a movie! This theatre has the reclining loungers. Friendly staff and very clean. Tuesdays they offer $5 movies all day.

Dennis Black

Inexpensive seats on Tuesdays. Great chairs

Tyler Mickelson

Seriously so great. Every seat is a recliner. So nice. It makes sitting in the first three rows feel completely normal. This is the only theater where we don't hesitate to buy front row seats. Also $5 Tuesdays.

Morgan Muhlestein

Big, reclining seats. Clean, non-sticky floors. There was an employee who told me to have a good night after the movie.

Daga Luv

The place itself is wonderful, but if you look deep into what's going on at this theater you'll see it's a toxic wasteland. They cannot hold onto a single employee. Almost every employee has left because of lack of feeling valued. The management team isn't happy; they bicker and fight among themselves it's hilarious and Instead of taking responsibility they throw their employees under the bus and change never really happens because they don't assume responsibility only blame. There's a galore of policies they create to control the way you look, think, and feel; if you don't do what they say they constantly bombard you with direct threats of disciplinary action. The place is a prison. It is just a job --but if your employees are dropping left and right you should probably look into creating an atmosphere where they feel valued, welcomed, and appreciated; opposed to feeling of no value, bullied, and under-attack. This place is void of any love. If your a hard worker and looking for an opportunity to grow or empower yourself don't come to Cinemark; here they will drain your mind, body, and soul.

Sara Kasperson

Luxury loungers are the best!

Reed Anderson

Good place but, parking gets full. Plan to walk a little byt, the lots are close. Good kettle corn. Use the app and avae.

Matt Eyre

Cinemark theaters are great, all deluxe seating. I do the Cinemark Movie Pass, so I pay $9 for each ticket and hey 20% of concessions. I like the little extras, like the cups they sell at the different premiers. Stadium seating makes every seat a good seat as well.

Dee Stevens

Theatre seating. Excellent goodies.

Jonathan Reid

Comfy seats great popcorn. Watched Avengers End Game. Sound was great in theater, but next door theater was so loud it interrupted our viewing. Would love to see a theater get more options for food.

Jintoku Tai

Lots of great memories here. I watched countless movies with my family and friends. The place has the best movie seats ever had in my life. It's an electronically adjustable chairs and can give you the most comfortable seating for the best movies. Highly recommend this place for watching movies.

Rachael Jackson

Their recliners are so comfortable also great selection of goodies.

Rikki W

My entire party of 4 got violently ill from the popcorn here a few nights ago. We called the Manager to inform him of the issue he basically said I was lying because “he had popcorn that day and was fine” No care nor concern whatsoever. The next call I make is going to be the Utah County health Dept.

michael johnson

Great movie environment with my daughter when I visited her at college. Reclining chairs, amazing.


One of the better places to go and see a movie! The place is always clean and they offer anything you could need from a theater.

Hayden Hammond

I really like this theater and it's luxury seats. Any complaints I have would be rhetoric that would apply to all theaters.

Jodee H

Service and price are the stars here, but the picture and sound were good, too. The seating was pretty shabby and stained. My chair had an orange-sized chunk of foam and upholstery missing and the handrail was held together with tape.

Bryant Salcedo

Nice clean theaters and the seats are cool and all but they can kinda feel uncomfortable at times, but whenever you move everyone looks at you thinking you farted because of the noise the seats make when you move.

Jacob Scott

Really nice reclining seats. The whole place is really nice, clean and spacious. Popcorn and drinks are a bit cheaper than other places, but the popcorn is not very good. Maybe it was just old, but it was gross.

Landon Call

The luxury seating in every seat is a great feature. The only issue is they aren't built for tall people so it gets a little uncomfortable during a long movie.

Steve Webster

I love the recliners. Very comfortable.

John Dahl

The theater is nice but it is easily the most crowded theater in Utah County. Plan on getting here early because tickets go very quickly.

Joel Walden

Reserved seating. Prices typical of most theaters. High, but not unusual. Parking isn't the worst I've seen. Theater reasonably clean. Good viewing experience. As good as the other big theaters in Utah Valley. Location is where it excels, however. Right next to Farr's Ice Cream, Five Guys, bunches of other restaurants, and the University Mall is close by. Great place for date night or a fun night out with family.

todd froisland

I love movies. They have great seats and great fast service. Of course you'll get the movie theater concession prices but as far as theaters go they do a great job

Preston Brown

I really love this location. Although it can be a little crowded at times just because of the nature of Utah valley, it’s super comfortable. I love the reclining chairs, and Cinemark has really seemed to step in their food and beverages. A really nice movie theater with standard prices.

Christopher Griffin

I loved it it was heated was okay movie was great I I go there a lot I really appreciate what they do that and everything all the customer service is great

Mara Monsivais

I love this movie theater. It is always clean and the workers are always nice and cheerful. My only complaint is they don't have spoons so that you can eat your frozen lemonade.

Kameron Barkle

Small, but nice location. Fun murals and great lounge seats you can recline!

Fabled Creature

My favorite theater! The chairs are amazing! Bring a blanket and get cozy in the reclining chair for a great movie experience that feels as comfy as home.

Britain Reynolds

Prices are reasonable and you get to reserve your seats... And the seats are amazing!!! All around a great experience

Dallin Fairbanks

This is a great theater to catch a movie. The space is large and well lit, each theater has lots of comfortable seating. Beyond the aesthetic of the establishment, they also excel with their treats. Although all the snacks cost exactly what you would expect movie theater food to cost (which is a lot), the selection is very broad and the popcorn (the only snack I ever want at the theater) is perfect. They even have a self-serve butter spout if you weren't satisfied with the quantity of butter the individual behind the counter gave you. Another great thing about this theater is $5 tuesdays. If you want to go on a mid-week movie date, you can get you and your significant other (or friend, or child, or family in) less than half of what tickets would regularly cost.

Justin B

We saw the new Fantastic Beasts movie and really enjoyed watching it at this theater. The seats are recliners and are so comfortable. I can still sit close to my wife. Concessions are priced similar to other theaters and is good. Lots of options for movies and concessions. It's one of our go-to theaters.

Clay Johnson

It’s a great theater experience. The chairs are comfortable, the sound and picture are great. Like any theater, the ticket and concession prices are absolutely ridiculous. Otherwise, Cinemark provides a solid movie-going experience.

Todd Butcher

I'll admit, the recliners are pretty nice. I wish they were slightly longer so that my feet didn't hang off the end - and I'm not the tallest guy out there. Purchasing tickets online is super convenient. Concessions are pricey, but its a movie theater. What would you expect? All in all, I'll keep coming back.

Patrick Quinn

Great venue for movies. Every seat is comfortable and lots of snack choices.

Andrew Davis

Great theater and seats. Being apart of the movie club is great too. Just wish they had more choices for soda

Lynne Perkins

Not a bad seat in the theater!

Thomas Davis

Good theater but popcorn and drinks are over priced like most theaters.

Colby Cooley

I like this theater alright. The recliner seats are pretty nice and fairly comfortable. I don't like that you have to pay a $3 convenience fee if you want to pay for your ticket online. This can be waived if you pay $9 a month for their Cinemark club thing they have that does come with some nifty perks. It's probably worth it if you go watch movies at the theater often.

Matthew Gadd

Awesome seating! Every seat in every theater is a super comfy leather electric recliner that goes way back and has a footrest that comes out! Way better than all other theaters in the area IMO!

Jordan DeFreese

Staff seem friendly, the seats were comfortable. Overall it's a nice place to watch a movie.


The management here is fantastic! Always a smiling face when you see him and the employees seem to enjoy their job. The theater is clean, comfortable and a good temperature. If there is ever any problem that does arise, the management team is on top of it. This is my theater of choice for any movie I'm seeing. A very enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Amber Taylor

Always clean, even the bathrooms. Their recliners are also the most comfortable, compared to American fork or Spanish fork Cinemark. Not sure the difference, but they are more comfortable.


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